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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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what's the latest? >> oh, my goodness, chris, this crash is bad but it is really bad when you can see it up close. let me move out of the road. there is debris all over the road here all over these lanes and we heard the moment those calls about this wropg way driver started coming in. >>911 dispatch: a single vehicle wrong-way driver greyhound. one report of vehicle on fire as well. >> reporter: now we didn't get any confirmation as far as was that vehicle on fire. it's hard to even tell what kind of make that car is but we are told it was a 2001 subaru. now one dps captain says it happened around 2:30 this morning. the woman was going westbound here in the eastbound lanes. she crashed head on into the
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many of them taken to the hospital with minor injuries. there's no id yet on the woman. the victim here who lost her life here on the scene. we do know that these lanes here are going to be shut down for hours as investigators continue to work their way on the scene here. let's go ahead and toss it into mallory moore. yeah allison you'll have to find a different route all morning long for this. that entire section shut down right now. so smart into the city mcdough and van buren. once you're past astreya. state route 85 to i-8 is going to be a good option for you there. looking quiet on the freeways right now. i'll get some more details and let you know next. >> i know you're doing a good job staying on top of the roads for us this morning. as you wake up a little bit chally outside. a lot of us in the 40s and 50s.
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at phoenix sky harbor. but by 8:00 we're going to rm with an up nicely. we'll make it into the upper 70s almost up to 80 today. i can't say enough. it's going to go away pretty soon and we'll incorporate some rain chances as well. well it is just after 6:00 and the black friday madness already in full swing across the country. those die hard shoppers were out and about all night long. still going stropg at this many stores opening up earlier than ever before. here's a video of some of the earlier shoppers in the valley. many stores pulling off all the stops. hoping to attract those buyers. let's check in with justin pazera who is there at the chandler fashion center. justin what do you see. >> yeah, you know just a few minutes ago, dan, they officially opened the mall, 6:00
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here at h&m we kind of had a big line of folks. it seems kind of empty. that's because everybody they're inside those stores. we had 300 people last night waiting to get into victoria secret. there was a big line a few minutes ago. but folks have just been busy all night long trying to get some of the best deals. we talked with one lady who says she guessed some of these stores were opening up on thanksgiving but she h tradition. >> it it started when we lived in long beach and we used to go shopping on black friday and now we just keep up the tradition. but we refuse to go on thanksgiving. in fact we didn't finish our thanks giving until 8:00 last night. >> so the national retail federation says about 137 million americans are going to hit the malls this weekend but they still say even though stores opened up yesterday black
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shopping day of the year. we're live in chandler abc15. new from overnight some shoppers out and about looking for some deals at the phoenix premium outlet. it feels really good not have to be out in that rush. the last one or two days i feel really good about it and hey my gift will go on the christmas tree and we're good. >> wow if prepared remember most stores have extended hours now through christmas. now to the west valley. heavy crowds late last night at the toys 'r us in glendale. that's good. others picked up whatever they could including skyler arnold. >> oh, yeah we wouldn't be able
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in that pickup. clouded with some popular choices. boots and tools and a lot of other things early on. new at 6:00 we are getting a look at the numbers from thanksgiving day online shopping. as of yesterday afternoon at 5:00 shoppers spent $1.1 billion. that number going up since people are still out there shopping and shopping online. from clothes to electronics there are a lot of deals to keep track of so we decide today stream line it all for you. right now at there is a great black friday deals section including some of the best ads and door busters and all those store hours. and as you start your holiday shopping you will have extra protection across the valley. at nine valley malls. the program is in its twebt 3rd year. it began in response to a series of car-jackings years ago. now it involves 3000 volunteers all trained to keep you safe.
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happening right now there's a man hunt under way forralton taylor. he's accused of kidnapping a woman near 35th avenue and thomas. investigators say he is in a car very similar to this one. it's a red 2011 chevy monte carlo with an arizona license plate of bsz 4111. don't approach this guy. 6 minutes after the hour president elect donald trump spending his thanksgiving holiday in florida but he's still very hard at work. in a tweet sent out yesterday trump says he is in progress. staffers also report trump is keeping busy trying to fill all of those cabinet positionsment wilbur ross will be named as commerce secretary. he's a billionaire investor considered the king of
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ross served as economic advisor for trump throughout the campaign. dan, i want you to check out these flames here coming from israel. 60,000 people have been forced to evacuate here and at last check fire crews there dealing with at least a thousand separate fires here. reservists have now been in. while you were sleeping two prisons were evacuated. the prisoners were moved for obvious reason there is because the fire's getting close to the prison. very large fires. our nation's capital getting into the holiday spirit as the official white house christmas tree will get delivered today. this is where it comes from. also the tree for the capital will be delivered today to
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spruce from right here in our state was chosen as the capital christmas tree. are you feeling lucky this thanksgiving weekend. one person could be thankful for more than one turkey. the power ball scombrak pot is at $403 million that's a lot of turkey. the jackpot could grow even bigger ahead of tomorrow night's drawing. new information now on why a rover on mars stopped working. it appears it has a computer glitch. a prelimina the european space agency found a sen sor malfunctioned because it mistakingly thought it was closer to mars. one person has died after a shooting outside a macy's store in new jersey. it happened around midnight our time. i'm told that one vehicle was riddled with bullets.
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the night. sounds like we have another shooting that has taken place while people were out shopping. let's switch gears this morning and talk about that most accurate forecast. good morning glendale you're also at 49. so it is another cool, chilly november morning as you go out for those black friday deals. here's that most accurate forecast. by the day we'll spend a lot of the mornings in and eventually the 60s and up to the 70s by lunchtime and then after that it looks like we'll see 77 by later this afternoon. today's high in phoenix is going to be 78. that is above average. those kind of temperatures are not going to stick around and this is why. let's talk about future cast. nice and clear right now. it's going to be nice and clear except interest a few areas in the white mountains. what happens saturday night we start to see more clouds and
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best chances for rain is going to be sunday and then into monday and more on those storm chances. that's coming up in just a little bit when we take a look at that most accurate 7-day forecast. abc15 desert drive times brought to you by century link prism. >> we do have a new crash right now up in the north part of the valley. everything's off on the right-hand side and it's actually just about clear as you can see the car has been loaded up. off on the besides closure. very quiet but you might be heading to the malls this morning so i've been taking a look at some of the side streets around it. metro center mall you're not looking too bad on dunlap and i-17. also arrow head town center. we'll give you a close are look at your east valley drive in a couple of minutes. its i-10 is closed here in
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>> shame on them. two men who were supposed to be helping families move in ended up helping themselves to their stuff. investigators say they were not surprised. more on that plus new information on what some are information on what some are calling ? but with crayola color wonder... it doesn't have to be. information on what some are calling don't you wish life could be this mess-free?
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abc15 is arizona's breaking news leader. >> wrong way crash on the i-10. the eastbound lanes are shut down. that's all that's left of a subaru right there. look at that as we give you a live look. that is just something else here. one person died. it was a female driver of that subaru. what's amacing here no serious injuries from the bus that was carrying 305 people.
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the best possible outcome that's what sheriff's deputies in california are saying. that mother kidnapped after jogging 3 weeks ago found alive. sherry panini was captured in california. she was treated at the hospital reunited with her family. >> it was just a rush of relief and a lot of tears and realizing that it was over in the best >> papini the name there deputies work to identify the captors. we're told it was two hispanic women. no motive has been released in this kidnapping. we are learning more about a u.s. service member who was killed by an ied mras in syria. this is important because it marks the first time someone in the u.s. military was killed in syria during this current
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now advising and assisting syrian curtish, and rebel forces who are fighting isis. a family's worst fears as they are moving. thousands of dollars of their stuff was stolen. this is not the first time these employees at that location have been accused of stealing. two different families speaking two different languages believing in t faiths coming together for thanksgiving. a jewish family in turkey hosting dinner for two. six months ago is when they came over. this is for first thanksgiving. >> i'm thankful that they wanted to come. i'm thankful that they're here. i'm thankful that the community has been able to bring us together. >> the family also gave the
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celebrate the holiday. you've had them sitting in the closet for the last year now it's time to break out the ice skates and head to downtown phoenix. city scape turned into city scaped. the valley's largest outdoor rink opens up on saturday. last season about 200,000 people skated through the rink. >> you know, the best part about it is you see people t even if they're posting or tagging people on social media it becomes such anticipated thing that people kind of make it their own. >> during the grand opening celebration. it begins at 3:00 with the big tree lighting ceremony at 6:00 again that's tomorrow evening. ice skating christopher's not a big fan. >> i have never been ice skating. >> go down and shoot the duck. >> city scape.
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>> graceful. you do the spins. the twirls all of that. >> all right. >> isn't the ice going to melt? >> here's the thing. i think it will be okay for a little bit. let's talk about that right now. a live look outside. this is at the airport. phoenix sky harbor. right now a little hard to see because the sun isn't going to be up for another hour or some of the busy place for the next few days. many people coming in today. leaving today. we hope you're staying with us because we are going nice weather. maybe a little bit of rain. meantime here's your most accurate forecast right now. 51 degrees at phoenix sky harbor. by noon all the way up into the 70s so we like that it's going to feel good. 77 by 3:00. we're going to have to say good-bye to those above average temperatures. here's why. again, 78 is today's high. 77 is going to be tomorrow's high. another nice day but we're going
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clouds. more breezes especially later into the day saturday. by sunday 64 degrees for the high. take a look at that. that is a 13-degree drop as that storm system pushes through and we're going to pose the 50% chance of getting some shower activity too. sunday right now is looking to be somewhat wet and monday we're going to have a 30% chance. 62 degrees by tuesday. it all clears out of here but we're going to stay cool after that system. 63 on tuesday. 64 on 605 on thursday. so yeah getting ready to bundle up with overnight lows in the 40s. and download that free abc15 mobile app so you can track those changes. we'll have a quick look at another hour by hour forecast. late give you a check on the roads right now. i think a lot of folks who are heading out are going to the mall this morning. because take a look the. majority of the valley completely green. i-10 eastbound this is going to
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at loop 303. coming up in a couple of minutes i do want to give you a look ot our a-dot camera. this is for north valley drivers. loop 101 eastbound. everything's off on the right. has been the whole time and traffic as you can see super light this morning 20 minutes after the hour. a memorial for one new york police officer. andrew ducey proposing to his girlfriend along with the nypd band. he was shot in the elbow last year while responding to a hold up at a bronx grocery store. what a moment for them. new at 6:00 the chicago cubs will shell out $388,000 to the windy city following their huge victory rally after winning the world series. roughly 5 million people attended. they left behind a major mess.
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the trash and broken fences along the route. dan remembering florence hender sob. the beloved sit come mom passed away over night. if you have any thanksgiving leftovers health officials are passing along some tips so you don't end up getting sick. and listen to this. su gets back to getting hementy. your sweat could hold the key to having good health.
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well their text messages and selfies won over the internet. you know the story by now. here's the rest of the story. he met with her whole family you cling the grand kids wanda thought she was texting
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>> i've never even seen her before and she welcomed me into her house. >> i see how important kindness is and so now i really think hard about doing that and being kind and doing kind deeds. >> has to be a nominee for the feel good story of the year, right. since selfies are what brought them together of course they posed for a few selfies before dinner. well a safety alert this morning for anyone eat the thanksgiving leftovers. the cdc says november and december are peak months for illnesses from a certain bacteria that grows in improperly stored leftovers. if you don't eat it within four days though make sure you freeze it in airtight bags or just throw it out. researchers are looking to test your health in a brand new way by using your sweat.
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the skin patch is going a step beyond the fitbit trackers. it will measure your glucose and chloride and give you early warning. president elect donald trump making quite the splash online with his make america great again christmas ornament. yeah, you'll be hanging that on the tree. it's being sold through his website. you can have your very just $1 ? it's operation santa claus ? ? the count down to christmas is here. all donations stay right here in the valley. for the drop off locations take a look. abc15 studios, sanderson ford or
6:27 am too. and we have a crash loop 101 near 7th avenue plus the roads around the malls are getting busier. i'm going to map that out for you next. . >> and i'm justin pazera live at the chandler fashion center. it is black friday. out here folks trying to get the dooels. 127 million americans are expected to get out to stores. >> glad to see you warming inside because it is chilly
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we are reporting yet another wrong way crash on the valley freeway. let's start at the abc15 live desk. >> dan, this is something else. i was listening to this unfold earlier in the news room. this started at 2:35 and now it's deadly. and i want you t the images as we were on that scene. investigators using ladders to get into the bus. and the car that smashed up it looks like it's hard to see it right there it's just a lump of metal right there. that's all that's left at the i-10 allison rodriguez is at this very location with the newest information. >> good morning chris. >> yeah i'm told there are 1500 feet skid marks from this crash site right here and the
6:31 am
can you believe it. that was a 2001 subaru just left a mangled mess. troopers telling me this crash happened just before 230 this morning. the woman driver got on the 10 going west in the eastbound lanes from the 101. so she did drive about six miles before she hit the greyhound bus head on. there are 35 people on board expected to be okay. and it could have been worse. >> one benefit to this particular crash is the weight of that bus and the impact that that bus is able to take on. but that had been another passenger car or a pickup truck, the results would have been devastating for the second vehicle. >> now i've also just learned here that there is dash camera video footage here from the front of the greyhound bus but that could be days, even weeks before that's released but we'll continue to ask for that. this morning in the meantime this entire stretch of road is
6:32 am
going back west and even towards the east too. let's talk about how to get around it. >> yeah, let's head out there. you're seeing very slow traffic because of that closure out in the west valley. from 303 to astreya i'm going to say mcdough and van buren. use that and you can always get on the 10 once you're past astreya and past that. state route i-88 is going to be a better option for you. >> i just want to show you right here some of the wrong way crash statistics right here. the last several years between 10 and 15. this only goes toen 2014. this shows the days of the week. fridays, saturdays, and sunday, the most deadly. you've got to check this out at you'd hate to see another
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crash. a lot of places waking up in the 50s. 49 in glendale. looks like we're at 50 in gilbert and 49 in mesa. it's chilly right now but we will warm up nicely by the end of the day. after that into it 70s. today's high is going to be 70 a degree. we will see a big cool down coming our way. i'll have the details for you in just a few minutes. right now investigators are trying to find this house fire in gilbert. that's the good news everyone's okay. we're told the fire started in the attic during thanksgiving dinner. the flames so intense the roof caved in at one point. after a deputy and his wife were hit by a van. at last check the deputy was in serious condition his wife in
6:34 am
she is one of the tv's most famous moms. many grew up with fond memories of florence henderson. sadly overnight she passed away. she was surrounded by family and friends we're told. you'll of course remember henderson from her days of starring in the brady bunch. we have learned she died from heart failure. florence henderson was 82 old. meantime prosecutors could announce charges as early as this morning. wayne state university police officer collin rose was shot in the head while patrolling the school's campus tuesday niegts. authorities do have a suspect in custody but they're not releasing that person's identity. collin rose was set to be married in just a couple of months. in kentucky police are looking into the motive for the shooting at a youth flag football game and some of it was
6:35 am
facebook live. let's see it. i haven't seen it. [ gunshots ]. >> oh, my gosh. i can't imagine. that's crazy. people nearby hit the ground as the shots were fired. two people died at the park. four others were also struck by bullets and taken to the hospital and louisville police are investigating and as of right now no arrests have been made. all right chris, the whole holiday weekend valley pol keep drunk drivers off the roads. our crew joined a scottsdale police officer for a ride along for a dui check. police trying to get an intoxicated woman out of the road. they also pulled over several cars for not having lights on or making illegal turns. >> where are you coming from tonight? >> my house. >> where are you headed? >> to get some food.
6:36 am
like a big meal? >> well the officer with our crew they went with -- they did not find any drunk drivers on that ride along. they said overall it was a pretty safe night shop until you drop. that is the mott o for all those shoppers. many were out overnight. still going strong this morning as abc15's justin pazera braving the crowds. are there crowds there justin? >> you know, i it is starting to pick up. they opened up at 6:00 and in the last 30 minutes we have seen more and more people start to come. i have to say the halls kind of look sparse. although a lot of people went inside the stores trying to shop. some of these folks got here at midnight. i talked with one of the mall managers and she said 300 people were in line just saw huge
6:37 am
jc penney opened up yesterday. toys 'r us opened yesterday. they are still open right now. the retail federation says about 137 million folks they're going to be shopping this weekend. that number up just a little bit from last year and even though a lot of these stores they opened up yesterday thanksgiving or black friday, i should say it's still the biggest shopping day of the year and i just talked with one shopper and you know what she realized those stores opened up and she has to stick with tradition and she has to shop on black friday. it's a fun event for a lot of people if you're still looking to do some black friday shopping we have perhaps the most important list. it is the stores with the biggest average discounts. wallet hub looking at 8,000 different deals.
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lowe's having the lowest average discount. check out this website. it has a great guide to find coupons and free shipping too. dan this just in a new library has opened in hildale utah. this is a big deal because it's open in that mostly polygamous town it marks the latest sign that this community apparently embracing government efforts to pull the town back into american society. after its leader warren jets was sent to prison and it was just five years ago that thousands of dollars and books were removed from a schoolhouse leaving the only library in town empty. well it is rivalry week and we are just hours away from the annual duly. the sun devils headed to wild
6:39 am
tuscan has a preview for us. >> well this has been a season of misery and frustration. the wild cats have not won since september 17th. their longest since 2003. the wild cats will try to end the season on a final positive notes while the sun devils need a win. however we all know for games like these records and history don't who will take home the oldest rival football game in history. we'll find out tonight. from the arizona stadium carlos herrara. i think it's going to be a close one. we have fans at asu and u of a that work with us here inside this building. so we'll see who comes out victorious. looks like we'll be at about 58 by the time that game wraps up a few hours after that. let's talk about the rest of
6:40 am
we'll get to 72 by noon and 77 by 4:00. so it is going to be a nice warm up. kind of like what we saw yesterday. nice clear conditions. it's not going stay clear for very long. sunday into monday we'll start to see some of those rain chances and that's also going to have a really big impact on your temperatures. that storm system's going to make us go down. that 7-day forecast we'll get to that for you in just a few minutes. let's give you a check of the roads right now. justin pazera gave us a look at how chandler fashion looks inside. you are going to see price road really stacking up right now. not affecting your drive on the 101. baseline road is also pretty busy as shoppers are trying to head out there as well. maybe priest is a better option as well. if you are heading out. beth that our freeways very
6:41 am
the crash we have up in the north valley and this is going to be loop 101 eastbound right about 7th avenue but we'll give you another look at that closure coming up on the 10. speaking of the roads we've got a followup on the breaking news we are following for you. that wrong way crash head on into a greyhound bus. we'll take you to the scene. phoenix city council set to vote on a new project it's going to be a multimillion dollars makeover. also they are loud. kids love them. the certain types of toys.
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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one person is dead. i-10 eastbound is shut down in the goodyear area. the driver of that pile of metal that's left behind there you see
6:45 am
crashing head on into a greyhound bus. 35 people on board that bus. it's amazing that none of these people suffered injuries allison rodriguez has brand new information from the scene. a rental car. koifrming some big changes in the works for the rental car center at sky harbor. next wednesday, the phoenix city council will vote on approving a city design contract. over the next 10 months they want to look at demolishing some they'll focus on the pick up and the return garage as well as the lobby where you get to go in and sign all of that paper work. everyone needs a little extra cash this time of year. you can add to your wallet. a lot of people throw out the notices thinking it's jung mail or requires too much personal information. they don't all. you really need to look at some of those applications. a few minutes aall it takes if you want to see if you request
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database. we've got that link on wells fargo wants to settle the fake account scandal out of court. in court documents just filed the bank is asking a judge to order dozens of customers to resolve their dispute the privately. wells fargo has agreed to pay $185 million in penalties and $5 million to customers. a safety alert before you your holiday shopping. yeah, this is the kind of danger you might not have been thinking about. they're loud. these toys are on the arizona commission for the 11 and hard of hear ago's annual list for the noisiest toys to avoid. 20% have some level of hearing loss. the commission is asking parents to do their research. >> and we're not saying don't
6:47 am
you are shopping be aware of what if it includes some sound level you might want to test that. >> can you test the noise level by downloading something like that. it's a sound meter app on your phone. a piece of tape over that speaker to reduce that sound. well let's count down to christmas. you might see some of your neighbors putting up lights today and in historic downtown glendale. on the largest free holiday. it all starts at 530 tonight. another big light display turning on tonight. every year hundreds of thousands of twingling lights. the lights will be on from 5 until 10 p.m. through the end of the year. those are are not the only big holiday events of the year.
6:48 am
lighting ceremony. the special tree imported all the way from italy. they'll have treats, hot cocoa and much more. >> you have spin dazzle happening at the house, right. >> sure. and it's free too if you want to drive on by and take a look. >> or should we charge. >> nick ciletti charges for that accurate forecast. >> i should be. it's going to be another good one today. i guess i here we go. chilly morning so far. a lot of us in the 40s and 50s if you've been outside you've already felt it. warming up nicely today. we're going to make it into the upper 70s. this is a wonderful time of year to be here. and then we're tracking some rain and some cooler temperatures after this. this is your hourly planner. your most accurate forecast we're going to dip a little bit into the 40s in phoenix and then by 10:00 we'll get to 65.
6:49 am
degrees. let's talk about your most accurate 7 day forecast right now. we'll get to 77 again tomorrow. the difference with tomorrow is we will start to build in more clouds and take a look at sunday. 64 degrees is the high. that is a 13 degree drop and notice too we're going to work in some rain chances. by monday we'll hold on to those storm chances and get even lower down to 62 degrees. 63 on tuesday as we finally start to see some clearing. we're going to stay cool 60s. download that abc15 mobile app because i want you guys to be able to track all these changes as they happen. well most of your freeway is pretty quiet right now. as you'd expect on black friday but around the malls that's where we're seeing congestion as folks try to cash in on those deals. scottsdale road very slow as well. so i mean it's what you'd expect. give yourself plenty of time and really kind of seeing some of
6:50 am
75th avenue especially as you're traveling northbound there. also want to give you a look from our a-dot camera. loop 101 eastbound at 7th avenue. well if you are in the market for a furry friend you can get one for free. free pet adoptions from black friday through cyber monday. so if you'd like to adopt a pet you can do so. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? to take action to help out those in need. it's part of operation santa claus and you can help out one of those great charities right there on your screen. we're collecting money, toys clothes and food for those charities there right non your screen. >> again, you can drop off your donations. you can donate always online at
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court fi of sander son ford and lincoln. a deadly wrong way crash on
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i'm allison rodriguez live on the 10 year saraval where a deadly wrong way crash involving a greyhound bus. i am told that the woman who
6:54 am
is from glendale. we are working to confirm that with dps right now. we're told there were 35 people on board that bus. they are expected to be okay. we're also told that there's dash cam video on the front of that greyhound bus. reporting live on the i-10 here allison rodriguez abc15. another story to update everybody on an mcso deputy and his wife still recov now. the deputy was off duty at the time. his wife is suffering life-threatening injuries. the driver did remain on the scene. doesn't look like any charges will be filed at this point. >> live at the chandler fashion center where folks have be here all night. in fact folks have been all out across the valley hoping to get those black friday deals. the national retail federation says about 137 million americans
6:55 am
friday weekend. that number is up slightly. again, folks out here in force trying to get those deals. live in chandler justin pazera abc15. we are getting a look at the numbers from thanksgiving day online shopping and sales are up 14% this year over last year cht this is as of yesterday afternoon at 5:00. shoppers continuing through the night. shoppers spent $1.1 billion online. from cloesdz to electronics there are a lot of great deals out there to keep tra we're streamlining it for you. right now on we have created a guide to black friday deals including all the best ads, the door busters and store hours and as you start your holiday shopping you will have extra protection around you in the valley anywhere you go sheriff joe arpaio kicking off his possy patrol on monday. the program in its 23rd straight year. it began back in the 90s as a response to car-jackings and now
6:56 am
trained to keep you safe. let's talk about that most accurate forecast one last time. a cool start this morning. alternate of us in the 40s and 50s but we're warming up to the 60s by mid morning and upper 70s is finally where we're going to top out at 78 degrees and it looks like for the rest of the forecast it's going to be really nice for the weekend at least and then we'll see temperatures stumble into the 60s with some rain chances coming into the picture by sunday. and i want to give you another look at that closure the freeway. so your smart routes this morning to get around that mcdough and van buren that can get you into downtown if that's where you're headed. if you're headed down south. also want to give you a look from our a-dot camera. the only other crash not a big deal here. everything's off to the right. this is eastbound but around those malls that's where you're going to see the congestion on the surface streets this morning. >> our news doesn't end here.
6:57 am
hour. iris is off. got a little game happening today. >> red and blue is what i'm sporting. so i say bear down cats let's predict a win by two points. >> there you go. >> kick and a field goal to win the game. >> going to be a close one. >> i'm going to end up saying
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. found alive, the super mom who vanished without a trace while jogging three weeks ago found bound on the side of the road. a thanksgiving miracle. >> we are very ecstatic to report that sherri papini has been located. >> her captors. cabinet showdown. the battle for secretary of state and the backlash from trump loyalists still angry at top contender, mitt his tough talk during the campaign. as donald trump boasts and tweets from his thanksgiving celebration. and they're off. black friday mayhem unleashed across the country overnight. >> whoo! >> more than 100 million doorbusters fighting for those blockbuster deals.


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