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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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this is abc 15 news faking action. >> a -- taking action. >> a double tragedy. first responders pull double duty. families shattered. not the first wrong way crash today. first a crime alert. neighbors saying someone is terrorizing their neighborhood. >> he's been breaking into cars repeatedly returning to homes near 35th and thunderbird. navideh forghani says he's starting to cross a line with these families. >> it was completely gone. >> 7-year-old is lucky to be alive. she was hit by a car. >> she was limping for about three weeks. >> she didn't break free but was let out. >> putting the timelines together and every time my dogs
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there's a break-in in the neighborhood. >> her theory? the bad guy was letting the dogs out so there would be easier access to the house. his mom a victim. the criminal went through her garage and car. her neighbor also hit three different times. >> it's saddening that people don't have that respect anymore that they used to have. >> this woman was so upset she installed cameras, catching him in the act. the camera alerting her she was outside. >> here i am an this thief is running away from me. >> he got away but they're hoping he won't be free for long. >> to have some low life do that to us is sad and heartbreaking. >> if you recognize the man you see in this surveillance video go ahead and call phoenix pd. back to you. wrong way scares seem endless. three this month in the valley all ending differently like overnight on the i-10. each in the west valley.
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where adot is upgrading technology. there's the concern the warning boards aren't litd up in time. >> -- lit up in time. >> some put their lives on the line. a deputy crashed her patrol car into a wrong way driver this morning. the airbag did its job. the driver was accused of running red lights while driving drunk. an open beer can in the car. now back to i-10 in gooddwreer where a wrong way where a wrong way crash ended in the worst way. >> chris gros was in goodyear tonight. >> a fear for valley drivers right now. another wrong way wreck resulting in another life lost. troopers are trying to figure out if impairment is behind this one. >> there's a single vehicle wrong way driver. >> the aftermath is hard to look at.
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thrown across i-10. troopers say this woman, sarah castillo-cornejo, was behind the wheel of a car before it slammed into a bus. she was pronounced dead at the scene. now troopers will work to see if drugs or alcohol or why she started driving west on the i- 10 eastbound. >> vehicle on fire as well. >> her family admits they don't know if sarah was drinking before she got behind the wheel. a witness say they saw her driving at a high reality of speed. 14 passengers from the bus taken to the hospital with non- life threatening injuries. some have been released already. >> now we just heard from dps a short while ago about how they try to prevent these drivers. they are always looking for drivers driving recklessly but it's also up for people to do their part telling us that people are out drinking and
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a designated driver. chris gros abc 15. >> we've told this story so many times. please don't drink and drive. great night to get out though. beautiful, laura? >> a warm one. above average highs. topping out at 81. the temperatures will fall quickly under these clear skies we have at this hour. 73 right now. east northeast winds at seven miles per hour. still in the teens. very some high clouds roll in over the next several hours. we stay dry tonight with temperatures falling into those low 060s as we -- 60s as we get to the 10:00 hour. we will see those overnight lows, still col, staying in the -- cool, staying in the mid-50s in phoenix. glendale and goodyear will bottom out at 50.
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breezes picking up. clouds increasing. could we see rain tomorrow? we'll let you know coming up. >> the hope is someone will talk so detectives can find out why a man was shot at 24th and roosevelt hours ago. he's expected to be okay. they somehow knew each other because they were scheduled to meet. police started looking for this guy. tonight, no new developments. they're asking for tips through silent witness. alton taylor who was found safe hours after the alert went out. our hearts go to the phoenix fire department tonight after losing a brother. captain chris lost his life in an atv accident in flagstaff. he leaves behind a wife and four young daughters. we're talking with people who know this family. there are ways you can help on abc 15 our mobile app.
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state. an 11-year-old girl lost her life near burro creek crossing. the girl was the passenger. the driver who was we're told is okay. she hit a ditch and the atv flipped. new information about the mcso deputy and his wife hit by a car wednesday night. friends and family taking donations for nick shrey and his life elizabeth who will have to go through several life- saving surgeries. the couple has two kids ages 4 and 5. investigators say the driver stayed at the scene but it's not clear if that person faces charges. some days it's tough to wear the badge. like overnight when a tucson officer was forced to shoot and kill a man who wouldn't stand down. the officer used a stun gun at one point but said the guy kept attacking him. >> it's unpredictable out there. a south san francisco
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after being knocked out cold with a skateboard. >> law enforcement is going through difficult times with unprovoked targeted attack on police officers. yesterday this hit home here in south san francisco. >> as he mentioned investigators say it was unprovoked. no warning here. the suspect behind bars. warnings out there and they are true. school records showing students, even the principal complaining about bus driver's behavior before the crash. the driver would slam on the brakes if the students were moving seats. six children died in the crash. a deadly shooting at a park feet from a youth football game in lieuville on thanksgiving is not connect -- louisville on thanksgiving is not connected to the game. two people died. others are in the hospital. police know a fight led to the shooting but so far no arrests.
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day by day the president-elect fills more positions. kathleen mcfar land has been -- mcfarland has been chosen. neither position needs senate confirmation. we got ahold of thanksgiving pictures from the winter white house. donald trump celebrating with his family in mar-a-lago resort in palm beach florida. she may have stayed indoors but there's a thankful for outside. hillary clinton thanking fol supporters -- thanking supporters who left signs. a health warning because there's a layer of ash in the air. no har necessary and up -- harness and up and off this building. this real life spiderman in barcelona. 38 stories tal.
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the french climber was arrested after he got down. live to tucson where the sun devils and wildcats will face off for the territorial cup. >> the fun -- the fun the fun starts at 7:30. fay fredricks is live in tempe. this is fan central for asu we're told. >> yeah. this is the wilson street watch party. the brewery is right there. you se the merchandising is all here. the games being played already. the big tv over here. some food, some drinks to be had. a whole lot of fun down here in tempe. fans of both teams. neither team doing particularly well this year. this is about pride. the fight as you said for the territorial cup. so we've got a little trivia for you about the cup. it dates back to the 1890s.
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college football. it disappeared for 80 years before being found in a church in tempe. and of course, i talked about this earlier at 5:00. how much as i send it back to you guys do you think it was purchased for. what you could arjly buy it for -- originally buy it for in the 1890s. >> i'm going to go with $5. >> that's good. i'll go with oh, tell us what is >> no. no it is not $5. i was just reacting to the $5 guess. it was $20 originally. >> okay now we know. >> got to dig a little deeper in the wallet in the 1890s. >> that was a lot of money. >> now it's about blood, sweat, and tears to get that. >> a lot nicer than twe apparently -- than we aparentally think it is. >> arizona state and arizona
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territorial cup in tucson. recognized as the oldest rivalry trophy game. millions of views, so many shares. was russia behind the bait? fake election concerns. detectives must retrace a mom's steps right before her abduction. are you buying through a third party website? what happens when you have to
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right now it's a mystery and miracle at once. a california mom back home safe after being ab ticketed. sherry -- abducted. sherry vanished while running a jog. investigators have talked to her but she's still healing from injuries. detectives aren't sure what just happened yet. they're looking for two armed women. no word on a motive or where she was all this time.
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the dakota access pipeline project for now. but protesters are worried the incoming president won't either. since the obama administers wants more stud -- administration wants more stutd dis and input -- studies and input it may fall on the president-elect. things have gotten vie lement. one woman -- violent. one woman almost lost her arm. there's two sides to that story. here's a message. law enforcement saying the two groups don't >> we have always respected your rights to exercise your third amendment rights. we always will. >> cops worry that some in the group are wearing ballistics armor. that does not signal a peaceful protest. fake news or propaganda from russia? concern about how the election turned out. a group of researchers say a
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social media with fake stories. the group believes the fakery os on -- fake stories on facebook alone were viewed 213 million times. if you book a flight online do you know the refund policy? what if you have a heart attack before taking off? >> i felt a little dizzy and i went down. >> for three years robert has battled heart problems and on this day battling airlines over fl >> doctor said that's not going to happen. >> he booked a trip from phoenix to rhode island. he bought the tickets on >> they had to take the phone away at the hospital. >> they told him to send the hospital paperwork. >> it was denied. >> he paid a $200 change fee so
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phoenix took it on. >> he was on top of it. . >> orbitz says they are bound by airline policies. >> he stayed on top of them. eventually i got my money back from united and american. i'm very very happy. it was the best thing i ever did. >> thanks to united and american. united says they typically extend the value of a nonrefundable but made an exception. american says they made an exception as well. before you buy know the policies. our assistance league of phoenix can help you too. i'm joe ducey. if you've got a problem, let me know. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> we've been talking about it all season. it's finally here. not as dpramatic of -- dramatic as a showdown as we were hoping
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the sun devils are slightly better than the wildcats but they're on a five-game losing streak. asu needs a win tonight to become bowl eligible. but the coach says you better come ready to play in a rivalry game. >> the bottom line in a rivalry game is you better get ready. every year since i've been here we get their best game. we got to so. >> speaking of rivalry games the fifth ranked washington tus kis taking on -- huskies taking on the cougars in pullman. the huskies jump out to a 25- point half-time lead. washington puts up 10 points. the huskies get the 11th win of the season with a win over rivals washington state. >> they're really good this
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11 win teams. >> i worry for them because no one wants to be the loser of the biggest loser game. that's not good. >> two years ago they were 9-2. >> and high hopes for this year too. >> disappointing for sure. not our forecast though. >> great down there for the game tonight. they'll be in the 60s for us. 73 clouds increase late tonight. wind around five to 15 miles per hour. we increase cloud cover. mostly cloudy skies by tomorrow afternoon. we'll have a few breezes around 15 miles per hour. the winds begin to pick up through late tomorrow night into sunday as a storm system approaches. here's what it looks like. tomorrow night southwest winds picking up between 10 and 20 miles per hour. some gusts at 30. higher terrain expecting stronger winds. south southwesterly direction.
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sustained. 45 mile per hour gusts. that saturday evening into sunday and then more changes to come. look outside with me right now. pretty quiet. here's that high cloud cover that we put in the forecast for tonight. it will continue to work its way to the north. this cloud cover will not bring any rain chances for us. we got to wait on the storm system back to the northwest continuing to move down the coast before it moves to the east. that's when we begin to see rain and even snow chances. here's the latest winter weather alerts. a winter weather watch in flagstaff, sedona, payson through the mountains. 7500 feet that snow level on saturday drops behind the front. 5,000 feet on monday sunday. two to five inches sungd into monday. 5 -- sunday into monday. 5,000 to 6,000 feet.
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up to 8,000 feet. some higher elevated areas will be looking for winter weather driving conditions. rain chances 50% chance on sunday. light rain for us lingering through monday. a look at temperatures in a couple minutes. a gift made of tin with an impact made of gold.
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taking advantage of popeye employees. the clothes came off the crooks back and are being tested for dna evidence. the gunman got in through the back door after employees took out the trash. trust on the roads. a self-driving truck will be riding alongside real drivers in ohio. the truck will travel 35 miles during the first leg. there will be a real driver in the car just in case. this test is important because the at technology on the roadways next year to accommodate more self- driving vehicles. it was meant to be an anniversary gift for a decade of marriage. >> one man's garage creation became his business and a way to give back. >> thomas did what a lot of husbands do three years ago, think about what to get his wife for a special anniversary. tin is the traditional gift for ten years.
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and made a bracelet and earrings. his wife encouraged him to start a business while helping those in need. >> we give the full can of food to the soup kitchens. they empty it and feed their people and we collect the empty cans back. >> it's called canned goods. he donated thousands of cans. celebration turns to tragedy in just seconds. a family losing their home this holiday. bu thanks because of some very giving people. did they get help from outside? the search wraps up after two inmates escape. a lovely lady, florence
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this is abc 15 news taking action. >> a household reeling after their day of thanks turned to
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>> for one man it was losing gifts for his daughter's birthday. as megan thompson shows the community stepped up to help. >> this stuffed animal means a lot to little angelina. >> that's the beauty of when devastation hits, the community comes together. >> living in a converted apartment below where a devastating fire raged in gilbert. he didn't have renter's insurance so he's trying to figure out how to move forward. >> i'm kind of, it happened, i'm here, reality. so for me my next step is facing the reality, seeing what the damage is >> angelina's birthday party almost lost too until first responders saved the day once again. >> i'm sure every one of them have children and know how important it is. >> we are now celebrating angelina marie's birthday. >> police and fire braved the
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daughter something she could unwrap on her birthday. >> what else did they get you? the fire department? >> they went down the apartment and salvaged whatever clothing, presents that were in boxes. >> there's a long way to go in finding a new place for him and his kids to stay. his family set up a go fund me account in his name. there's a link on our website, in gilbert 15 news. incredible video here. a 60-year-old woman was found inside and was pronounced dead at the scene. someone else lives inside the home but they have not been found. took crews several hours to put out the fire in the hot spots. no word on what caused it. another reminder to be careful on valley roads and don't drink and drive. the freeways turning dangerous after two wrong way crashes today during a season that
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some people are instead mourning tonight. a 24-year-old mom killed when her wrong way car crashed head on with a bus. it happened on i-10 in goodyear. police believe sarah castillo- cornejo was impaired. she was a mother to two young children. there were 35 passengers on the bus. more than a dozen sent to the hospital. they are expected to be okay. they were headed to san bernardino. a up for the victim's family. a cottonwood man charged with dui. it happened in cornville. the vav pie county -- yavapai county sheriff's office telling us that he hit a van causing a car to roll. bright told deputies that the passenger was the driver.
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president-elect donald trump adding to his team. some internal debate about one possible candidate for secretary of state. kelly anne canway says he's -- conway says she's receiving warnings from loyalest about mitt romney. -- loyalists about mitt romney. some calling for apologies about previous comments. she wanted to be president. now she wants a recount. we're talking can date jill stein. she -- candidate jiel style. -- jill stein. she's been raising money online to get recounts in michigan, pennsylvania, and wisconsin. a case that can only be described as shocking. a 10-year-old's body found in a foot locker after hours.
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won't be in court until may. her husband not until august. in texas, police, the coast guard, volunteers searching for a missing boy. marcus mcgee was visiting from connecticut for thanksgiving. he walked away from the home he was visiting. officials are really really worried because marcus is autistic and doesn't speak. they could be anywhere. officials are offering a reward to find two prisoners who escad $20,000 for information leading to a capture. authorities releasing new images of the jailbreak. four inmates got out after cutting the bars on a window and using a bed sheet to rappel down. two were caught immediately. the two on the loose were convicted of gun violations. the man accused of killing nine people in an african- american church will stand trial.
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comp tebt. you may remember -- competent. you may remember that shooting in june of last year at a south carolina church. he underwent a competency evaluation. the jury selection on monday. tributes and remembrances pouring in for actress florence henderson. america's favorite tv mom has died. she played carol brady on the brady bunch. >> she has a maternal quality. she had a great sense of humor which kept us all alive. if she needed to reign us in she could get our attention and get us in line. >> she died of heart failure at the age of 82. if you like dancing with the stars you remember that she competed in 2010. craig fouhy was the there as a correspondent and interviewed her. he said she had a powerful message.
6:36 pm
this. >> that's my message. you're never too old to learn. look i've never done a ballroom dance before. and i was doing the cha-cha jump. >> a lasting impression to be sure, craig. she had a wonderful disposition. >> she was so personable. down to earth. kind. appreciative of the attention she was getting. >> she was inspirational because so many peop if she can do it i can do it. >> she never aged i don't think. she looked remarkable. >> still beautiful. >> thanks for sharing. turning to weather now. a warm one today. low 80s in the 70s now. tonight, tomorrow morning not quite as cold. mid-50s as we get into the 7:00 hour. 67 at 10:00. some changes tomorrow as clouds continue to increase even a few
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maybe a sprinkle or two as we get to the late evening hour. better chances sunday afternoon. isolated through about #2k6. then we bring -- 6:00. then we bring in the cold front. light rain possible sundays into monday. more on when snow, temperatures in a few minutes. big sales leading to big problems. violence on black friday. the shopping frenzy and electronics. you are not going to believe some of the big sellers.
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lots of folks up early today trying to grab the best deals. in some places that enthusiasm turned dangerous. new jersey police staying tight lipped about this scene. a 20-year-old man shot multiple times. he died at the scene. his brother shot in the leg.
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take a look at this scene. a large fight at a mall in modesto california after the doors opened for shopping. security guards had to be called in to break things up. deals on a whole lot of things including apparently marijuana. it was in high demand. yeah. apparently in states where recreational use is legal some dispensaries offering promotions. it's being called green friday. washington state saw a 13% boost on black friday. another big item? guns. stores selling guns and ammo typically flooded on this day. not driven by the christmas spirit because gun laws prohibit buying guns for somebody else. it's the day fans have marked on their calendars. live as they get red di for the -- ready for the duel in the desert.
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right now a lot of unanswered questions after a deadly shooting in chicago. offerers say they shot a man after he shot two other people. that man's family says the wrong man ended up dead. officers say they were on patrol when they saw him shooting a gun. before that two people were shot nearby. one killed. police believe mitchling was behind the shoot -- mitchell was behind the shooting and opened fire. >> the rise in homicides and officer-involved shootings on many minds today. calling on people to boycott the magnificent mile. they're protesting the mishandling of police-involved shootings.
6:46 pm
been enough. the big question today. wildcats or sun devils. rivalry week. less than an hour away from the duel in the desert. the sun devils in wildcat country tonight. fay fredricks is at a huge watch party in tempe. >> let me tell you something, it is the oldest trophy in college football. the fans tempe tonight, they know it. [ cheering and applause ] >> asu fans fired up. u of a fans as well. equal time on abc 15. many fans of both teams in tempe at this watch party put on by the four peaks brewery. most games struggling this
6:47 pm
rights. >> wildcats. it's the best thing of the year to beat someone on their home field. >> just bragging rights. i'm here in phoenix. i work in phoenix. these are asu guys. to go to work on monday knowing we came out on top is what matters. >> yeah fans of both teams want those bragging rights. craig as i send it back to you i know you have us covered from tempe to tucson tonigh under an hour left to go before kick off. >> thanks fay. see this right here? that's the territorial cup the oldest rivalry cup in the country. there's a lot on the line tonight. for wildcats it's ending a losing streak and a spoiler, putting an end to the sun devils bowl host. for the sun devils it's about beating an awful wildcats team.
6:48 pm
would help out with recruiting. then again jeff emailed me last night and his brother a u of a grad suggested it will be a white out game. they will be waving white flags of surrender. >> maybe. >> you got to have something to play for though. that's the thing. everybody looks forward to this. >> bragging rights on the line. a bowl game for asu possibly. black friday almost over. but getting started. a record number of people plan to spend money tomorrow for small business saturday. it was started by american express in 2010. today governor dough deucesy -- dewsy -- doug ducey says the more we spend in arizona the more we keep here. cyber monday is now days
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saving you cash. our smart shopper team has a list of the top deals. plus simple tools to help you save no matter where you shop. >> the first rule is knowing what's actually considered a good price. shop savvy is a great app to help you. you can scan barcodes or type in what you're looking for. you'll also see reviews from other shoppers. amazon and google shopping are other simple ways to do research. type in what you're looking for and see what retailers are chargeling. of course you want to -- charging. of course you want to check store adds and flip is a great way to do that. one of our favorites is retail me not. coupon codes for thousands of stores and each coupon is rated by users to show how often it's worked or not. a section that helps you find retailers that offer free
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don't forget to check out to find them. now that you've done your homework which stores will have the best and worst cyber deals. deal news did the work for us. those articles on our site at holiday gifts for your kids? many recalled items up for sale mostly online. officials say they can pose a serious danger even catching on of a pickup truck. toys r us has temporarily removed the toy from stores but it's popping up online. >> there are third party sellers online that don't have the oversight to realize they've been recalled. >> at least 44 toys recalled for unforeseen hazards. stay up to date on recalls. it was a warm one out there today. the warmest of the week topping
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ten degrees above average and pretty far from the record of 88 degrees. thank goodness for that. we don't want record temperatures in here. fallen to the low 70s. cloud cover works its way in tonight. east to northeast winds five to 15 miles per hour. the forecast for tomorrow, clouds continue to move in to leave us with mostly cloudy skies tomorrow afternoon. maybe a sprinkle or two during the afternoon and evening hours. no significant rain expected tomorrow. temperatures due to the clouds a little bit cooler but still above average as we sit in those mid to upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. here's what's going on. a couple disturbances moving in. one tomorrow brings in the cloud cover. not quite the rain or snow yet. a slight chance for a little activity across northwestern arizona. it will be sunday a cold front
6:52 pm
across the higher terrain. two to five inches of snowfall. eight inches for locations above 8,000 feet. more at 10:00. for us in the valley a cold front arrives on sunday. that's when rain chances look most widespread. 50% chance sunday evening through early monday morning. not looking like a big rainmaker for us. most of the rain will be on the light side. winds will be picking up south southwest winds in the valley. ten to 20 miles per hour. some gusts near 30 miles per hour. stronger in northern arizona. near 40 miles per hour. again we have the snow chances that will be in the forecast. especially sunday into monday. that's when a winter storm watch goes into effect. all locations in the blue color we could see four to eight inches of snowfall as we get into that monday forecast. 30s in flagstaff right now. lows in the 20s.
6:53 pm
me in the 50s. ahead of the cold front. extended forecast takes us to the 60s sunday. leaves us in the 60s all next week. christmas officially arriving at the white house today. michelle obama's nephews there but where were her daughters? >> these are our replacement kids. this is what happens when you get teenagers. one'as these two are up. >> that's the truth isn't it? the tree was donated by a tree farm in wisconsin. there's that jingle. now is the time to take action and hel out on -- help out operation santa claus. we're cleking donations for -- collecting donations for four charities. stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or any ups store location.
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for every $5 one entry to win a 2017 ford or lincoln.
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let's take you outside this friday night. this is the i-10 eastbound at 67th. slowed to a crawl. people hoping to beat the post- holiday rush for this weekend.
6:57 pm
look who's ready to go. >> i feel good. >> you're ready? >> i stepped on my toe. >> our cardinals countdown on facebook. join us at 7:00. we'll talk to the coach. >> somebody call the doctor. my toe. tonight on abc 15 at 10:00 our community mourns the loss of a phoenix fire captain killed in an atv crash we're hearing from those who knew him best. change the rules on drones. if you're thinking about getting one as a christmas gift, pay attention. that's tonight at 10:00. changes to the forecast. more clouds, breezes tomorrow. a sprinkle or two tomorrow night. maybe some light rain coming up on sunday.
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? (man) today, children everywhere are making preparations for an event of world-shaking significance-- the annual visit of santa claus. informed sources report legions of junior citizens are making monumental efforts not to cry and not to pout. meanwhile, letters by the thousands have been flooding postal facilities at the north pole. doggone thing always conks out when you... well, hello there. uh, my name's special delivery kluger-- s.d. for short. oh, i've got lots of letters for santa today. and every year, they're the same. some ask for toys, but a lot ask questions.


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