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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  November 26, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MST

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michigan, neither will play in their conference championship game. some predecks. there are the smiling faces. >> brian: mine was before the game started today. i had wisconsin beating ohio state in the big ten championship game. i thought michigan state would beat penn state. that's why wisconsin in and then i'm high on the buffs. if the buffs can beat utah and then beat washington i'm putting them in. >> steve: there you go, team. on second down and ten. it's justin davis. mcshay. >> todd: one team that's interesting is oklahoma, kind of sitting on the outside looking in. oklahoma state, a top ten team -- that's a huge win and you have to assume that if you're talking about oklahoma potentially being in there wouldn't be a second team from the big ten. i just don't think that's going happen. i think the big ten championship
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chance of being in. you need washington to lose. >> brian: todd, you didn't have the big ten championship in. >> todd: not in that one. lot going on, griese. >> steve: hard hit in the secondary. that's drue tranquill who's had a nice game. >> brian: i don't see how oklahoma can get in. they got blasted by houston and ohio state. i just don't see it. >> todd: my point is, they're that team that's lurking. if the committee all of a sudden decides not to take that second big ten team who's up next? >> brian: colorado, why not colorado? if washington loses, they lose to colorado. >> todd: there was a method to the madness i wanted to beat the snap. >> steve: you did. line-drive snap to finke.
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you're not going anywhere. i'm not going anywhere. it's your tv, take it with you. watch all your live directv channels, on at&t, data free. >> steve: happy to know everyone made it safe back from mexico city, the crew in studios tomorrow.
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sunday edition and this week on monday night football, from philadelphia the eagles and the packers. maybe a must-win for both. >> brian: yeah. i love your spanish from mexico city. can you re-enact that. >> steve: hola. here's kizer in trouble and he's dropped. michael hutchings brings him down with a sack. i was thinking about trying the spanish again from philadelphia. it wouldn't make any sense, right. >> brian: how do you order a cheesesteak in spanish? >> steve: see you at the two-minute warning. hutchings was the player. who slammed into our referee, ron cherry. one thing to get a report on an injured player, not sure we'll get an update on the health of ron cherry, we hope he's okay. took a big hit. deshone kizer, now, brings up a
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only 19 times has usc won the victory bell and the shillelagh. >> brian: first mention of the shillelagh. it's a wooden club of some sort from ireland. can't wait to see it. five different trophy games, by the way. two different shillelagh games. hit as he throws and that pass is incomplete. uchenna nwosu made the hit and kizer is down. took a big shot. >> brian: rolling to one side and didn't see the rush coming
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>> steve: nwosu got him. >> brian: hopefully that's nothing serious for deshone kizer, got a bright future ahead of him, whether that's next year going to the nfl or coming back, he's got a decision to make. we were talking with him last night. he said he'll probably make that decision in the next week or so and he's got some things that i think he can work on, todd, he certainly has the raw physical talent to play at the next level. >> todd: size, big-time arm, mobility. he's not there mentally there, he needs another year of maturity. >> steve: deontay burnett.
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jiffy lube we've got you covered. adoree' jackson was all over the place. kick return for a touchdown, punt return for a touchdown. and there on the receiving end of a touchdown. what a game, a game he'll remember forever. >> brian: i know the stats haven't been eye-popping this year for jackson. but let's just say that the utah upset colorado tonight a does go to pac-12 championship game next week and he has another great game against washington i think he should be in new york for the heisman trophy ceremony. >> steve: i'm good with that. he changes the game. he changes the way other teams attack usc. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: that's dominic davis, the ball carrier. by the way, it wasn't all roses for jackson, he did fumble the football led to a notre dame
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second and 13. keeping it on the ground to dominic davis. local product from right here in l.a. college football primetime coming up tonight. south carolina against clemson. the palmetto bowl. gamecocks and tigers. streaming live on the espn app and watch espn. hey, a reason we don't give away the heisman in september. we think we know who it is. or the top two candidates.
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watson right away. >> brian: these rivalry games should matter. i want to see you do against your rival. >> steve: davis trying to break through. >> brian: which, louisville lost today, right, if i'm not mistaken. yeah, that's another hit for lamar jackson, they lose in back-to-back weeks. >> todd: this is an open year. >> steve: this is coming into this action. >> todd: lamar is at 90% votes. another loss. >> brian: baker mayfield is playing great football. deshaun watson hasn't been as good this year as a year ago. dede westbrook deserves a shot. i would argue that a adoree' jackson deserves to be on that list. >> steve: this should help.
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game like adoree' had the in this game he would have been there for sure. >> todd: i still think he should be in new york. he's the most complete football player i watched all season. >> steve: agreed. >> brian: jackson or jabrill peppers? for the next level? >> todd: peppers. jackson, you can't coach his speed. high 4.2 in the 40-yard dash. >> steve: fourth and seven. here's tilbey to let it fly. just in front of his goal line. chris finke. back pedaling. and then sent backwards flying. down to the 36. take look at our pacific life
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>> brian: well, it was a tale of two halves, sc jumped out in the second half with those two touchdowns. one by harris and jackson on a punter return. really haven't looked back. a pushback from notre dame in this third quarter. but they pulled away in the fourth. >> steve: again, if the committee was just talking about november, could make a real case for usc. but i agree. september has to count. that's the football more than any other big-time sport is that every game matters so much. remember, this was a team that got blown out by 50 to alabama with the way the season opened. >> brian: some games not mattering as much, alabama and auburn. we want rivalry week to mean something. and so, i don't think that usc should be in the top four.
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season. they started 0-2 in the conference. and they've said they made every game a playoff game since. >> todd: the only argument, the quarterback change and how this team has responded since and the committee will factor that in if that's change, a major change in personnel, we've seen it in years past the three losses i just don't know if they can get close enough where itou become a factor. >> brian: on that point, todd, when you look at colorado, the team i was making a case for to be in fourth position, you would hope that the committee would look at their personnel. >> steve: official's mike was inadvertently clicked on.
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that. ron cherry, our official was take on the the hospital. and that's the man in his place. the center judge. >> brian: he just got a late hit, personal foul on the sideline. boy, i'm out of that without even more fisticuffs. wow. >> steve: final 1:15 in notre dame season. and usc will be watching some tv tonight. rooting for utah. corey holmes.
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>> brian: this will initiate some soul-searching for the fighting irish and brian kelly in particular, it's been historically tough year for him. only had one other season where he's been this down in his 25 years. >> steve: only two losing seasons. that's really remarkable. played 14 true freshmen this season. the most since he's taken over in south bend. griese, they retur starters from last season. that's fewest dating back since 1972 when freshman eligibility was restored. >> brian: he's got decisions to make obviously, defensively, he left go vangorder and he told us yesterday, he has to look at the offensive side. and they've only scored 16 points in the fourth quarter their last 7 games.
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there could be wholesale changes. >> steve: corner of the end zone, with a flag and it's a touchdown! st. brown in the corner of the end zone. they'll pick up that flag. that will make the score look much better and much closer in the box score in the newspaper >> referee: pass interference, defense, number 23, penalty is declined. touchdown. >> brian: i learned a little bit about true sophomore, he played this entire game. wasn't 100%. running on one leg at times. he made play after play. he puts on another 20 pounds, steve, comes back next year he's not a speedster but he's got that size and if he gets more physical that's a piece that brian kelly can build around. >> steve: great concentration on that catch on the touchdown pass from malik zaire.
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yards and that one score. they'll go for two. with 62 ticks left in the game. zaire will flip it to dexter williams. he's in all sort of trouble. forget two points. leaves it at 45-27. on object 15th, 1988, notre dame hosted the university of miami in one of the greatest games in college football history which became known as catholics versus convicts. >> two things that were more disparate. >> never been more excited before the start of the game. >> we went to notre dame to win.
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>> in what world is is that a fumble? >> oh, you got to be kidding me? >> 30 for 30, might be the best thing we do. 30 for 30, catholics versus convicts. saturday, december 10th on espn. notre dame won that game, 31-30. you know, the irish, they're selling the people who will listen, all the close losses, all the seven-point losses, that might work some other places and that's not acceptable in south bend. >> brian: there were some people that thought this could be a playoff team at the beginning of the year. especially on the offensive line. quarterback, running backs and playmakers. but, you know, this has been a void of leadership and that's the thing that stuck out for me, watching the film and studying this team it was the fact they lost so many seniors a year ago
5:19 pm
prosise, ful, jalen smith, that are were going to be the leaders of this team. they went to the nfl. i asked brian kelly any regrets. he said he would have been more proactive in the off-season in helping some of these downyors and younger players assume more leadership because they haven't had it this year. >> todd: he didn't starting kizer from the beginning? >> brian: he did not. >> steve: you hear about the leadership issues, we have been told, it's been publicly stated that brian kelly will be back next year. we're so quick to hire and fire in this college football business. will not be an issue apparently we're told. juju smith-schuster and usc will
5:20 pm
61 ticks left. >> brian: i think it's timely to mention these seniors for usc, we don't know if they're going to have a game next week but all they've been through, right, these guys have been here for lane kiffin and getting fired on tarmac, losing to arizona state for ed orgeron, didn't happen. they bring in steve sarkisian from the university of washington, we know his story, tragic nature of his story and then they name an interim, start 1-3 and everyone's calling for clay helton. these seniors for usc, one of the most resilient bunches. >> steve: we asked clay helton about the motivation in the game
5:21 pm
pac-12 championship status. that's out of their hands. that's based on colorado/utah tonight. he said look, a senior to win every game at home this season. for seniors a chance for a bigger and better december. what kind of bowl game will they play? whether or not they play in the pac-12 championship game? >> brian: pac-12, big ten, there's still an opportunity. >> steve: usc soundly defeats notre dame, 45-27. eighth consecutive win. they got a chance at a couple more games. a chance to make it a ten-game winning streak. we'll see what happens tonight. oh, yeah, they'll be watching utah at colorado. adoree' jackson, three
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return and a reception as well. be sure to tune in abc tonight at 8:00 eastern. another big rivalry game. florida takes on florida state. so long from southern
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we got florida/florida state coming up. in the meantime state. annual rivalry. third quarter, florida state down 10-7. spaight started hot. michigan goes up 17-10. next michigan possession, speight. bad decision into coverage right
5:25 pm
two defenners in the area. ohio state takes over. it's jim harbaugh's turn. reaction to his team's poor play. mike webber with the touchdown. they won four straight against michigan. 30 seconds to go. third and goal for ohio state. j.t. barrett. >> great pass by j.t. barrett. >> that would set needs this one to extend the game. he does. 23 yards. overtime. first time ever for michigan/ohio state. going overtime. and then here's barrett with the touchdown. >> what a play call. faked the screen to the right. quarterback draw inside. execution really good play. >> michigan's turn on offense now. speight -- lot of big catches in this game. >> secures it for the touchdown reception. >> michigan got a field goal on the next possession. fourth and one, barrett d he get
5:26 pm
>> so critical. that's why we got instant replay. upstairs, they said he got it. >> the officials get the last word. >> harbaugh said no. >> he didn't like it to all. pointed comments after the game. >> the offensive line does a fabulous job. he uses his feet, coach. >> he does, mark. plants that foot, understand the up. outruns him for the touchdown. >> so, ohio state and after the game, jabrill peppers. and an ohio state fan kind of get into it there. michigan looks like they're out of playoff contention now as they fall to ohio state. now the buckeyes, number two and they win so, can't move them down it looks like they're in the for the playoffs.
5:27 pm
ohio state has earned the right to be one of the four teams. >> problem is, though, penn state wins, so penn state beat ohio state head the head. they win the big ten east. so, they win the division over ohio state as well. now they face wisconsin in the big ten championship game. an ohio state team that didn't play for the conference championship against a penn state team that may be conference champs. >> you should have be on the mitt tee. >> that's the dilemma for the committee. what they said in the past, head to hea championships matter. so, they'll have to sit back and decide if there's one slot left, if washington wins out they should be in. alabama wins out. they should be in. it will come down to selection committee to decide which one of those teams. >> i learned a lot of things can happen in the last week. it could be a crazy week and change it all. let's see what happens tonight. thanksgiving weekend, food and football.
5:28 pm
on florida state in about a half
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this is abc15 news . a day filled with mixed emotions. the world talking about the death of fidel castro the former leader of cuba dying at the age of 90. we will have more on his death in just we want to give you the latest on a deadly shooting in surprise. an officer is hurt, a man is dead. it was near 175th avenue in waddell as the officer was checking out reports of a suspicious car. we have reaction from the scene.>> we have a community facebook page, when someone calls the police they post.>>reporter: it's a neighborhood where neighbors lookout and they know who
5:31 pm
this car did not belong. >> once or twice i've seen a description of the car, no one knows who it is and it's never in a driveway.>> it was unique with the spray paint. >>reporter: overnight when the car. one diligent neighbor called in surprise police to check it out.>> from there, everything unfolded quickly.>>reporter: officers told abc15 when the officer approached the car the driver seemed to be looking for something. when he was asked to show his hands he did not. with the officers arm inside the window. >> we believe he may have been drugged by the vehicle for some distance. >>reporter: the officer managed to grab his gun and shot. daniel miller woke up to a crashing noise. >> i looked in the back and i could see over my fence. i could see the car and the police officers.>>reporter: the driver killed at the scene. the officer rushed to the
5:32 pm
we are working to learn if any charges have been filed in a deadly hit-and-run crash on loop 101. overnight a car hit a pedestrian in the southbound lane near thunderbird. the victim was lying on the highway, the person was alive but later died. the driver involved took off, the troopers found the driver under questioning that person. back to the death of the doubt castro. about will observe nine ys mourning. he put his island on the international stage. tim ryan has reaction.>>reporter: caring and celebration in the streets of miami's little havana spilling over from night into day. florida's cuban-american community is marking the death of fidel castro. many want to make sure that his
5:33 pm
separated so many families throughout the years. a man who killed many, who imprisoned many individuals.>> the legacy is one of distraction of the economy and the distraction of the population. morally, socially, and politically.>>reporter: the reaction in miami is a far cry from the scene 90 miles away in cuba. flags are at half staff, the streets are quiet as people went state tv running in the shops. this man says castro's death may or may not being change but cubans are ready for anything. world heads of state are reacting, some praising cuba's longtime leader like the presidents of russia and china. others use more carefully worded statements. president obama said the cuban people must know they have a friend at partner in the united states. his successor donald trump had
5:34 pm
castro is dead he tweeted and called him a beauty -- little dictator. florida lawmakers hope the incoming administration keeps up pressure against the communist regime. >> it's a reminder of how inevitable it is that the castro dictatorship will soon enough, be a thing and a nightmare of the past.>>reporter: tim ryan, abc news miami.>> other leaders from across the world in. pope francis and vladimir putin sent telegrams to his brother. former president jimmy carter, secretary of state john kerry in our speaker paul ryan among the many releasing statements. one former arizona attorney general shared his thoughts saying he has mixed feelings on the did taters life. >> he accomplished amazing things in his own life. having said that, he was a
5:35 pm
deprived so many people of their basic human rights and freedom.>> we talked to grant woods who met with castro more than a decade ago during a trip with other us leaders to discuss free trade and lifting restriction. big changes in our weather forecast. that started today as the clouds of rolled in. temperatures stayed in the low 70s. we are in the 60s now. a beautiful color at the sunset looking downtown. the clouds rolled in after the 11:00 our. we haven't seen any rain yet. those chances will go up for tomorrow. 66 degrees and southerly winds up five miles per hour. keeping skies clear tonight. we may see a sprinkle or two as we get into the 10:00 our. temperatures will hold studies with the clouds in place through the next hours.
5:36 pm
the wind will increase, sustained winds between 10 and 15 miles per hour. gusting up to 20 miles per hour. they are stronger tomorrow. rain chances increase. snow starts tonight. all new, group in phoenix showing support for the people trying to stop construction over the oil pipeline in north dakota. we caught up with the group today. they are focusing protesting at standing rock. thousands gathered they're saying the project will destroy tribal land and contaminate drinking water. federal officials plan to shut down the camp at standing rock. police in chandler investigating a crash. an suv had a median and a light pole near val vista and riggs
5:37 pm
the driver died at the scene. his name is not been released. it's unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role in this crash. something you don't see every day on i-10, dozens of hay bales tossed all over the road, a trailer overturned. traffic diverted to the right south of the 51 around noon. the cleanup was big, they hay bales were scattered for hundreds of feet. chandler police still searching for a man who demanded painkillers at a pharmacy. you can see the man at the counter in this video at walgreens near dotson in chandler. a witness saw what was going on and got other customers to get out immediately. the man eventually took off. police say he did not have a gun. the search is on for this burglar spotted taking his time rummaging through a phoenix woman's card. neighbors say he has hit near 35th avenue and thunderbird, letting family dogs out of yards to get access to homes. one woman we spoke with said her pet was hit by a car when he did that. call phoenix pd if you
5:38 pm
good news from hillary clinton's campaign, it will take part in efforts to push for a recount in several key states. the campaign joins jill stein who's raised millions of dollars to have votes counted again in wisconsin. party officials report voting discrepancies. clinton campaign says it's not going to contest the results but it is taking part in jill stein's effort to ensure fairness. two of the squaring off in the 100 two of the top teams in college football squaring off in the 118th meeting, michigan and ohio state. more than 110,000 people packed into the stadium.>> there may not be a more story old -- storied rivalry. jim harvey and urban meyer putting playoff hopes on the
5:39 pm
overtime's. trailing 17-7 in the 3rd quarter the buckeyes fight back to tie the game at 17 with one second left to play. that forces overtime. second overtime ohio state down 27-24. instead of a field goal, they go for it and the gamble pays off on the next play curtis samuel finds it and takes it in for the game-winning touchdown. archive fans rush the field and ohio state gets its fifth straight win over michigan. 30-27 into overtime's. the buckeyes won the they won't be in the championship. >> that was a great game.>> penn state them earlier and they will go to the big ten championship game. neither team will be in the big ten.>> just such a hard game.
5:40 pm
>> there was so much energy and that stadium. caught on camera, the video you have to see. of valley hotel and a man
5:41 pm
5:42 pm
today is one of those days you just want to snuggle up with a blanket on the couch. it's cloudy and cool.>> it's nice to see, there are changes coming up. we have snow cnc chances. we have a disturbance west and that has brought in the clouds. it will move northeast over the next several hours bringing a chance of snow especially after midnight in the higher terrain. a stronger system back to the northwest is going to be moving to the southeast. we have a couple of things over the next 36 hours we will be watching. future cast going through time,
5:43 pm
disturbance moves into arizona. that's when we see those snow chances return to higher terrain. look at this, this is early in the morning at 2 am. snow from portions of northwest arizona moving off to the east and northeast, then we get a break across the state as we wait for the next system to dive in. it will be a fast-moving one. it is hereby tomorrow afternoon, winds expected to pick up once again in the afternoon. you will see rain xi with snow across northwestern arizona. watch what happens, cold front comes in brings rain chances into the valley tomorrow evening into the overnight hours. snow chances continue across northern and northeastern arizona. this then moves to new mexico and we see clearing skies quickly behind this as we get into monday. valley rain chances overnight maybe sprinkles or a very light shower. not looking for anything
5:44 pm
tomorrow morning we may see sunshine. the clouds thicken up and as we get into tomorrow afternoon through the evening overnight hours, bringing rain chances up to 50%. this won't be a huge rainmaker. a trace to maybe .25 inch of rain. we will see changes tomorrow. temperatures will drop. we have winter weather advisories across the higher show low, prescott elevations between 5500 feet and 6500 feet 123 inches of snowfall sunday into monday morning. over 6500 feet 3-6 inches. wind will be an issue. that picking up over the next
5:45 pm
miles per hour. strong winds near 40 miles per hour in northern arizona. travel will be hazardous across the higher terrain over the next 24-36 hours. 66 in scottsdale, mesa gateway 66, chandler low 70s and upper 60s. 40s for flagstaff, 52 sedona, 50s in bullhead city. sprinkles but most of this is cloud cover not seeing rain had the ground just yet, as we look the low 30s. 20s in the morning and flagstaff and also at the grand canyon. we see the highs slightly above the freezing point tomorrow. 34 and flagstaff, 45 sedona, 64 lake havasu phoenix tomorrow 63. a cool, cloudy day. the chance of rain coming in the forecast in the afternoon and evening hours.
5:46 pm
monday morning and clearing skies. morning lows drop into the low 40s. a few valley spots could be in the 30s. we keep 60s next week. the search is on for this guy wanted in and armed robbery at a phoenix hotel. silent witness sending us surveillance video. the man held up the extended stay hotel last month at gunpoint. we told he got away with cash. if you recognize him call phoenix pd or silent witness. and rescue crews and pinal county they were able to help a hiker. the woman hurt her ankle yesterday and couldn't height down. crews showed up and got her down safely. a terrifying scene during holiday shopping weekend. one person dead another hurt in a shooting at a florida mall. shots rang out of the shopping center near fort lauderdale. police evacuated the building in locked it down.
5:47 pm
not a lot of other details have been released. the mall is open. in ohio the search is on for a gunman in it deadly interstate shooting. a man in his 20s shot while driving on i-90. he was hit in the chest and crashed into a utility pole, he later died at the hospital. someone in the jeep fired shots and drove off. a passenger in the car was not hu. on the run. a reward is being offered $20,000. authorities say they cut the bars one by one off the santa clara county jail windows and using a bed sheet to shimmy down to the ground. police dogs did pick up % but they lost it near a river. tense moments for a florida man when he was bitten by an alligator while duck hunting. the man had a friend were in the everglades, they think
5:48 pm
lashed out. the animal left a 10 inch gash on the guys die. he was flown to a hospital where doctors say he is expected to be fine. a dangerous situation in italy, heavy rains wreak havoc on the country. streets in fields flooded across the northern part of italy causing major damage and road closures. hundreds of people are out of their homes. the area has been dealing with torrential rain with black friday in the books, the focus today is small business saturday. mayor greg stanton getting involved in the action. he stopped by selfies takes -- the mayor did some shopping and pitched in helping the workers behind the counter.>> we know when we shop small we shop local, that money is more
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
5:51 pm
it's a cloudy and cool evening out there. the clouds have moved in and they will stick around through the overnight. temperatures now in the 60s after topping out at 70 degrees this afternoon. we continue to see temperatures fall. will be in the 50s tonight. winds pick up over the next several hours. 10 to 20 miles per hour in the valley. we will have gusts near 25 miles per hour. maybe sprinkles and light rain shower can't be ruled out overnight. better rain chances come tomorrow. it will be in between two storm systems, one moves through tonight and one moves through tomorrow. we get a break in the morning
5:52 pm
all day. rain chances at 20%. 50% chance for some light showers as the front moves east into early monday morning. looking ahead to next saturday, the streets of phoenix will be glowing during the electrical light parade. it starts at 7 pm at central with the parade route ending at seventh street and indian school. it will be beautiful. you can catch a replay of it on abc 15 not much in the desert. the wildcats ran over the sun devils. the sun devils got taken out behind the woodshed and got the staffing knocked out of them. they ran wild over the devils and when you rushed over 500 yards you beat the will out of your opponent.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
always alluring. always hitting. always on.
5:55 pm
the 90 territorial cup not exactly what seminole fans were hoping for. coach rodriguez promised to add a new wrinkle and it surprised arizona state. they wrapped up 512 yards rushing finishing with nine runs over 15 yards, 7/25 yards and 5/50 yards. brandon dawkins rush 484 yards all by himself. he finished the night with 176 yards 126 yards respectively. it's the first time since 1993 the wildcats had three players finish a single game with over 100 yards rushing. wildcats beat up on the sun devils 56-35. the bowl hopes are completely smashed, a bowl bid is a long shot.>> we did not show up to play, giving up that many arts.
5:56 pm
arts. we played washington last week and that's one of the best teams in the country and didn't do that. you have to give them credit, they ran hard. it was disappointing and it's my responsibility. that's absolutely unacceptable. >> the university of texas as fired charlie strong. he finishes his tenure with the 16-21 record including the worst win history and being the first coach in history to have three consecutive losing seasons. just hours later texas hired tom herman from houston. the tigers have removed at bergeron. he took over after they fired les miles midseason and led the tigers to a 5-2 record including a 54-39 win over texas a&m on thanksgiving.
5:57 pm
tonight prepping for tomorrow's game against the falcons. no defense is allowed fewer points in the cardinals. while the offense has scored more than any other team. the cards come in ranked first in passing tds, in yards allowed while the falcons ranked first in yards per play in passing yards per play. atlanta second in pass offense and third in total offense. coach talked about what they need to do to clean up.>> handle the noise better than last week. it's going to be another dome and it's going to be loud. we have some guys moving around. get the ball out of your hand faster. block your guy. that's the biggest thing. don't turn your guy lose.>> just block him.
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? >> joe: the fabric of college football is woven with rivalries. and here in tallahassee, this clash of contrasting colors comes with plenty of heat on it. and on a day with some of the best, we finish it under the lights, with a game that's been part of these players' football lives for as long as they can remember. eyes that look across at familiar faces. former high school rivals now towing that line again. lofty rankings, bright futures and immediate results. gators and noles, primetime with


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