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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  November 26, 2016 9:30pm-10:34pm MST

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touchdown earlier tonight with the carry. >> todd: this florida state team, not going to be able to play in the acc championship game, probably still going to get a very good bowl assignment, maybe even a new year's six bowl. >> joe: if clemson wins, they go to the college football playoff. so, then you go with the highest ranked acc team, to orange bowl. that could likely be florida state. >> joe: t >> todd: going to be without dalvin cook next year, but a very talented team coming back. >> joe: next sunday, we're going to have the college football playoff selection show. it's going to be a four-hour special. to exclusively reveal the college football playoff semifinal match-ups. this year, it's the chick-fil-a
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fiesta bowl. we're going to sit back, find out which game we're calling here. but it's going to be a wild ride of controversy between now and then. because things have gotten wacky in the big ten, where the perceived second-best team in the country will not be playing in the big ten title game, instead, it's going to be wisconsin and penn state. and then, you've got things in the pac-12 still to be decided, with washington and colorado. and start framing the argunt as deondre francois -- you think it means just a little something in this rivalry? francois able to celebrate the eight-yard touchdown run. >> todd: guess who the lead blocker was? dalvin cook. it's a little quarterback counter. they pull a guard. he leads up. and dalvin cook, one of the best running backs in america says, you know what? get in my back pocket, young quarterback, follow me into the
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kind of like that, francois fumbled on the carry, they get a chance to run it again and he scores a touchdown. >> joe: logan tyler bounces it off the upright to keep that p.a.t. streak alive for florida state. always a fun night with these two. from high stadium, where aerial coverage is provided by goodyear. watching over the hard work and determination of blimp-worthy athletes for over 60 years. goodyear, official sponsor of the college football playoff. and that college football playoff needs to get filled in. will clemson be able to get through virginia tech? who would have predicted that
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bedlam awaits in the big 12. colorado and coach mcintyre, he's got to be the coach of the year, doesn't he? >> todd: he's had a phenomenal year. but chris peterson, also, what he's doing at washington, how they've played this year. that's an interesting match-up, as well. >> joe: conventional thinking is if everything holds form, if the s.e.c. and the acc, the favorites win, ohio state's already in the clubhouse. there's going to be one spot to fight for. >> t committee is really going to get put to the test. how important conference championships are to them, in trying to determine who the four most deserving teams are. >> joe: and the s.e.c. championship will be these gators against number one alabama. their ninth championship meeting. the most between two schools in the s.e.c.
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bama's 6-4. of course, last year, alabama won it 29-15. and it will be a defensive showdown, no doubt about it. it has been a fun ride to arrive at this point of the college football season. i'm glad you've taken it with us. joe tessitore, todd blackledge, holly rowe with you here in the final minute from tallahassee. todd, we talked about whether or not there was a college football playoff implication on this game or not. 41 players, between these teams, came from just 15 high schools in the state of florida. 41 out of 15 schools. they have known each other for a long time. as teammates, as rivals and now
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rivalry, too, as holly touched on it. florida state, florida wouldn't schedule them for the longest time. and then they were forced to schedule them. the miami/florida state rivalry is a little bit more respectful. there's a little bit more bitter feelings in this one, between the seminoles and the gators. the schools are closer together. and the feelings are a little bit more intense between the two schools. >> joe: for year, florida wouldn't play them. wo for the older fans, it means a lot especially. austin appleby, 14 of 29 tonight, only 109 yards passing. as he cranks this up and gets it complete to lewis. past midfield.
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they've been shuffling up that offensive line, as another strike to lewis. of course, luke del rio was ahead of appleby on the quarterback depth chart. there he is. we invite you to stay tuned for the ford wrapup after the game. mac and mark and stan. curious to hear their opinions, as to what has happened today. cassidy's done a great job all night long, as well. final half minute here in tallahassee. appleby with cronkrite out of the backfield, as he steps out inside the 30. well, we call it the state
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gators and fill it in, todd. >> todd: yeah. >> joe: last four years. >> todd: yeah, that is -- that's big. you mentioned, all these guys that know each other, played against each other. in many cases, played with each other. bragging rights over spring break. >> joe: cronkrite will get the first down here. 17-1 against in-state opponents since jimbo fisher became the head coach. of course, usf on that list, as well, as an opponent. and this senior class for florida state, the four-year guys. 8-0 now against florida and miami. that has never happened before. to have four years of a sweep of both. >> todd: and this is a young
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has to work with in the next few years. and you know recruiting will stay at a high level for jimbo. oh, that was burns. >> joe: and he just had to get rid of it. and perine, just trying to make the most of it, as double zeros hit the clock. that is four straight wins over florida. for the noles. and jimbo fisher. and what a night for dalvin cook. and doesn't he deserve it? 153 yards. jim mcelwain's got business to do. getting ready to face his old boss in atlanta. but this one means a heck of a lot.
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florida. >> todd: another hug for dal vip. he's got one more game with him, whatever that might be in the postseason. >> joe: let's go to holly. >> holly: well, coach, i know for your seniors, a special night, to go out, never having lost to florida. what does it mean for you to see them do it? >> it's the first class to ever go 4-0 against miami, 4-0 against florida what these seniors have done for this program, very unbelievably proud of them and happy for them. this guy right here, he's pretty special. >> yes, sir. >> holly: he is pretty special. and dalvin, you know, they have a sign up on the jumbotron, thank you, dalvin. was this your last game tonight? and how proud of you? >> i'm proud of this team. the way we competed in this game, man. we have another go game to play. we're going to enjoy this win and i love this coaching staff, man. >> holly: i did one of your first interviews ever on signing day and you had big goals for yourself. and now you're the all-time
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this group, they did a great job. this o-line man, i have to give it to them. they did a great job of blocking for me and doing everything that i needed to do. and that's why we sitting at the top all together. >> holly: thank you, guys. a special night for both of you. >> thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> joe: dalvin was awesome, but so was the defense. they didn't allow a third down conversion. the gators were 0 for 12. some defensive fireworks for the noles. holding a team without a third down conversion? florida state hadn't done that since 1980. held florida to only 207 yards. ninth win for the noles, as we send it to cassidy hubbarth back in the studio. so long from tallahassee. >> thanks, joe. as you heard jimbo just say, the noles beat florida and miami for four straight seasons.
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program history. welcome into the ford wrapup. and what a rivalry weekend it has been. headlined by the game, which lived up to the hype and then some. even if it left one coach bitterly disappointed. especially since we saw the first ever overtime between michigan and ohio state in their 113-game history. it was in front of a record-setting crowd at the shoe on pins and needles until the very last snap. ohio state tied it up to force o.t. first and keeps it himself. barrett, 125 yards rushing in the game. fourth and goal. wilton speigh. in double o.t., ohio state going for it. barrett gets the first down. jim harbaugh thinks it's short. saying postgame he was bitterly disappointed in the officiating. they reviewed the play, and the call stood. the very next play.
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ohio state completes the largest comeback win versus michigan, since 1987. urban meyer improved to 5-0, but his work was far from over postgame. >> that was an exciting win. that's my wife. i'll get right back to you, i'm at the press conference. all right. by she said, bring a gallon of milk home on the way home. i'll take questions. >> that's one way to celebrate. but it's penn state who could celebrate a big ten east tithe with a win versus michigan state. third quarter. trace mcsorley throws deep to an open chris godwin. penn state wins 45-12 to clinch their first big ten east division title. they'll face wisconsin next saturday. and speaking of number six, wisconsin, taking on minnesota.
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cory clement with his second rushing touchdown of the day. wisconsin wins 31-17 to notch their third straight ten-win season. to the iron bowl. number 13, auburn taking on number one alabama. third quarter. jalen hurts finds stewart who does the rest. alabama didn't allow a touchdown the entire month of november. up next, they have florida in the s.e.c. championship game. south carolina, number four clemson. deshaun watson finds mike williams inside the ten. and williams carries a defender on his clemson rolls, 56-7, to clinch their fourth 11-win season in the last five years. number nine colorado taking on number 22 utah. utah down 20-16. joe williams stripped and takes it into the end zone. colorado wins 27-22 to get its first ever pac-12 south title. they will face washington in the pac-12 title game. so, with the buffs win, usc's chances at the title game are lost, but they haven't done much
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adoree jackson, a punt return touchdown, kickoff return touchdown and testireceiving td the game. now, while it's been a day filled with surprises, controversy, disappointment and elation on the field, the day started with a few headlines filled with emotion off the field, as we saw three big names in coaching get fired, get hired and stay put. charlie strong, fired after going 16-21 in three seasons at texas. he's being replaced by tom houston. and at lsu, the interim tag has been removed from ed sporgeron. louisville and kentucky. kentucky wins it 41-34. lamar jackson, four total tds, but three picks and a frun ch time fumble in the loss. and college football can't stop, won't stop. wyoming has already clinched the
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but they're down big to new mexico in their regular season finale on espn2. and byu and utah state in a close one over on espnu. that's it for the week 13 ford wrapup. i'm cassidy hubbarth. see you guys next week. (door slam) ooo! (laughter) ? smile for the camera! ? woo! we all live for football. and we're headed to the playoff. life is a sport. the ford escape.
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tonight a michigan van full of children crashing in peoria. first responders rushing to that scene in deer valley. now completely blocked off as officials rush to the scene.
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are the children doing there tonight. >> officers on scene say they're hoping for the best tonight. but those children are in serious condition after their van was hit by this white truck that you can see pass investigators still on scene right now. the driver of that white truck may have run the stop sign. in all five kids, two adults inside that van were rushed to the hospital. we're told those kids range in age from 6 years old to 18. investigators say they're looking in were sitting correctly in the car or using car seats. but one child was thrown from the car. one woman who lives next door says that she saw ambulance after ambulance rushing to the scene. >> i pray for all of them. this is the holidays, this is hard for all of us. >> reporter: they're looking into it as they always do but it's just too early in the investigation to say and bring
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going to be restricted from 83rd to 91st avenue. when we first got on the scene there were thousands of people here lining the police tape. many telling us they want something to change about this intersection. many saying this tragedy is the final straw for them. now to a breaking news update on a deadly police shooting out of surprise. officers identifying the suspect killed as 20-year-old derek adame the man you're looking at here. the shooting avenue and wadel. adame got into a scuffle with the officers there. abc15 mary ellen resendez has more. >> we have a community facebook page. so when someone calls police
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posted there. >> i had heard about this car looking suspicious before. >> reporter: so the neighbors called police. >> from there it all unfolded quickly. >> when the first officer went up to the car the driver seemed to be looking for something. when he was asked to show his hands he didn't. at one point the driver tries to speed off with the officers arm in the window. >> we believe he may have been drug by the vehicle for distance. >> reporter: police say the officer managed to grab his gun and shot. that's when daniel miller woke up to a crashing noise. >> i looked in the backyard and i could see over my fence i could see the wrecked car and the police officers working on somebody. >> reporter: the driver killed at the scene. the officer rushed to the hospital and now at home recovering. in surprise, mary ellen resendez. >> reporter: police say they will release the name of that officer involved in the next few days.
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if any charges have been filed. bps tells us a car hit a pedestrian near thunder bird. that person died from their injuries. deputies say the driver took off but was later found. a family without a place to call home. crews were able to keep it from spreading to near by homes. thankfully nobody was inside when the flames broke out. tonight the family who lives the home is being helped out by the red cross. flipping over to weather forecast. cloudy and cool in the forecast today. this the start to major changes for your weekend. >> temperatures now in the 60s with the cloud cover out there. southeast winds five-miles-per- hour. they will be increasing as we go through the next several hours. we're begining to see that in chandler out of that southerly
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hour. here's the plan for the next several hours. a few of these breezes as we get into the overnight hours sustained winds out of that southwesterly direction 10 to 15 miles per hour. close to 20-miles-per-hour. this as a disturbance through. you will see some returns showing up on the radar. we're only seeing a sprinkle of two in the valley. that will be changing tomorrow. overnight keeping a 10% chance for a couple of sprinkles here for the next few hours. tomorrow brings a better chance for rain but look at this. we're just looking at maybe a trace to a quarter of an inch at most valley spots. not a huge rainmaker for us.
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temperature, snow. we have winter weather advisories throughout portions of the high country. some brought to tears in sadness others in celebration after the death of fidel castro. the former leader of cuba dead at the age of 90. cuba will observe nine days of mourning. but for others like in little havana miami they're celebrating. remembering castro as the man who separated families and drove many into exile. everyone though, castro putting the small island nation on the international stage. one leader is sharing his thoughts and experiences with castro. raquel cervantez joining us with more now. >> reporter: he met with fidel castro, calling castro a fascinating person. he says he has mixed feelings
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as a very intelligent and established person. on the other hand seeing castro as an oppressive dictator. he met castro on a trip with other world leaders to talk about a lift in trade. >> he established so many things in his own life. having said that he was a terrible dictator and had deprived so many people in of their rights and freedom. >> we talk with locals who have a connection to cuba. they share their thoughts on the leader's death, back to you. president-elect donald trump taking to twitter weighing in today. posting quote, fidel castro is dead. trump says he hopes to move away from the horrors of castros rule so the cuban people can finally live in the freedom they so richly deserve. during the campaign he criticized the obama administration's effort to
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weighing in. pope francis and vladimir putin both sending telegrams to fidel castro's brother raul. the campaign will join green stein who raised millions of dollars to have a recount. there's no voting discrepancies and the clinton campaign says it's not going to contest the results itself but is taking part in stein's efforts to quote ensure that it's fair to all sides. meanwhile, the secret service is considering renting an entire floor in the famed trump tower to ensure the safety of the future first family because they won't all
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in january. melania and their 10-year-old son barron will stay in manhattan until he finishes school. and trump says that he plans to split his time between washington and manhattan. and that price tag will be picked up by the taxpayers. they're asking for tips through silent witness. taylor kidnapped a woman in thomas. she was found safe about an hour after the alert went out. right now police also asking for your help catching the guy they say robbed a hotel and it was all caught on crystal clear video. surveillance video sent to us by silent witness. officers say the man held up the extended stay hotel late last month at gunpoint at the
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we're told the man got away with cash. so if you recognize him, take a look here. call phoenix pd or silent witness. threatening messages and references to president-elect donald trump, police now investigating mysterious letters found in california. and trying to help children in a mental health crisis. the changes one lawmaker is pushing for tonight. >> we have winter weather
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a somber day in tennessee. today friends and family saying their final good night to one of the six children killed in chatanooga. students, parents even the principal complained about that bus driver's behavior before that deadly crash this week. six kids killed and we're going to continue to follow this developing story. right now, a mosque in southern california are asking
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after threatening notes were left on three different mosques. the notes filled with hateful and threatening remarks calling muslims filthy. all three letters refer to president-elect donald trump as a leader who will cleans the country. police have taken the letters as evidence but say they do not have a lot to go on right now. >> and they taped the note to the door that also said, watch your back kkk. whether it's a joke, it's not funny. you're putting people at risk by doing this. >> a mom and he daughter at a home in aurora colorado. someone spray painted their door with the n word and kkk. the police department is now investigating but they have no lead. the local naacp is also stepping in to help the family that was targeted. >> tonight new concerns on the immigration debate about 200 organizations urging president obama to abolish a visa tacking
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trump is considered bringing it back and in a growing petition the group says quote, it's an effective counter terrorism tool. the government responding to a watchdog report claiming 19,000 green cards have been miss handled over the past three years. we're talking duplicates or some with incorrect information that could wind up in the wrong hands. the head of the u.s. customs and immigration services says the agency never issued cards to people who are not eligible. he errors and insists this is a very small fraction of the total number of cards issued. all right we're going to get over to weather forecast. we get back here to arizona. we're talking some snow maybe not here in the valley but other parts of the state. >> we have big changes and already starting to see that. you can see more snow over the higher terrain into the next couple of hours. we're not looking at the broader perspective we have a disturbance starting to move
10:04 pm
out near vegas right now. you will start so see light returns. nothing but a few light sprinkles. tomorrow will bring the bigger changes throughout the state and valley. look with me right now. you will see those snow chances light snow accumulations will be possible as we go through the overnight hours. early tomorrow morning across northern arizona. we can see one to 2-inches with those elevations little bit of a break tomorrow morning across northern arizona and even here in the valley. those wind speeds will die down a little bit before the second one moves through. this one will pack a little bit more of a punch. we will see snow chances return by tomorrow afternoon. so after about midday to the grand canyon you will see some rain mix in this there. that will try to move into the valley. this will be tomorrow late evening for us.
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for rain. you will see those rain chances will continue northeast. out east toward the white mountains. along the cold front that is going to be bringing some much cooler temperatures as we get into early next week. we'll start to see some clearing conditions early next week as well. these will be fast moving over the next 24 to 36 hours. as we look through there right now. we have winter weather advisories. prescott even out white mountains, show low included. right now those snow levels are around 6,400 feet. they will be dropping as we get into tomorrow morning about 6,000 feet and late tomorrow night into monday morning. those snow levels will be dropping to 5,000 feet. that's what we'll be expecting. 5,500 to 6,500 feet. above that three to 6-inches possible. we will have hazardous driving conditions.
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blowing snows. 20 to 30 miles per hour. gusting to 40-miles-per-hour and even expecting ones here in the valley. we will have breezing overnight they will pick up as the second storm system pushes through. it'll be monday when things start to improve throughout the valley and the state. 64 in mesa gateway and good year you're at 61. the clouds really holding the temperatures we're not following as closely as we will be for the next evening. winds already gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour. winslow at 30-mile-per-hour gusts. 40 in show low. those winds are going to be staying strong tonight for northern arizona. overnighted lows in the 30s. we'll have 50s out west with 50s here in the valley. then tomorrow, we're up to 63 here in phoenix.
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that freeze, mark for a high at 44. behind the front on monday we warm up to 61. in the low 40s even upper 30s before our next chance of rain in the forecast by next weekend. >> laura, thank you. the only thing you can count on in a rivalry game, it's nothing. >> that's the only thing that can count right. team could have run wild.
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at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford
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we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone.
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one of the most anticipated games in the season. two of the top teams in college football squaring off in the 113th meeting between michigan and ohio state. with more than 110,000 people packed into the horseshoe. added to the drama for the first time ever the big game goes into two over times. the buckeyes fight back to tie the game at 17 with one second to play in regulation. and forced over times. in the second overtime.
10:11 pm
but instead of kicking a game time field goal the buckeyes decide to go for it. the gamble pays off. on the very next play that happens. takes it in for the game winning touchdown. buckeye fans rush the field. and ohio state gets its fifth straight win over michigan. 20-37 in two overtimes. the buckeyes and wolverines now wait for a possible berth in the college football play offs. >> you're facing a great team. three teams in america. i'm not sure what people expect. it's going to be a swing. and credit to our rivals that was a great game. we found a way to win. >> let's move out west. two of the top teams in the pac12 facing off with boulder. never relinquishes that lead. to pac12 south champions after a 27-22 win over utah.
10:12 pm
different pac12 championships in the last 12 years. number one alabama hosting number 13 auburn in the 2016 iron bowl in tuscaloosa. controlling the ball for over 12 minutes until the game. with scarborough leading the way with 17 carries. bama's defense does no touchdown to 14 plus. alabama remains unbeaten with a 30-17 win over instate rival auburn. >> sun devil fans are furious today. still reeling from last night's blow out loss to the arizona wildcats. arizona rushed for over 25 yards. that's the side of the ball that todd graham spent most of his time with. social media calling for graham to be fired. the devils went to tucson
10:13 pm
but came away with a humiliating loss with a 2-8 team that hasn't won a single pac12 game until last night. >> very, very difficult to watch. so let our university down. let our program down. and that was very, very difficult. just absolutely didn't show up at all defensively and just gave up on big play after another. the seniors tonight let them down. have them go very disheartening. >> one of the toughest things for a coach to do is go meet with the media minutes after a humiliating loss. >> i know never want to do it. go cats. i'll give it to them they did well. getting involved to boost an annual tradition. how one phoenix official celebrated small business saturday. >> plus if you're hitting the roads tomorrow.
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following your consumer news. black friday came and went but the shopping season just getting started. today it's small business saturday and mayor greg stanton got involved by stopping by sassy cakes by nina. the mayor did a little shopping and then he even went behind
10:17 pm
>> we know when we shop small and shop local that money is much more circulated in the local economy. >> small business saturday created by american express to shopping local in 2010. from small business saturday to cyber monday. if you're looking to book another vacation. monday might be the time to do it. it was a pretty slow summer so experts say cyber monday deals promise to be really good. look for flash sales only available for a few hours. by the way apparently you're not supposed to tell your boss because a new survey found about half of workers say they will be shopping at work on monday. never us laura. >> never us. >> no i didn't get caught doing that last week. abc13 desert doppler pretty quiet right now. rain chances they're headed up and snow tonight across the high country, more after the
10:18 pm
>> megan thompson live in peoria at the scene of a deadly crash. police still pouring through ??? always thrilling.
10:19 pm
always hitting. always on.
10:20 pm
happening right now. investigators are going through evidence left on the roadway. this after a truck collided with a mini van full of children. megan what can you update us with. >> reporte w with police. of those five children three have life threatening injuries. they're fighting for their lives at the hospital. this all happened after the crash in that intersection. that white truck. police say that driver may have run the stop sign crashing into that mini van. two adults also in that van were rushed today the hospital as well. the community, many hearing the sirens or hearing that evidence hearing the police car come by. a handful of people saying this intersection sees so many
10:21 pm
put in here. saying a stop sign is not enough. one woman says her son is about to get his license on monday and he travels through this intersection every day. so scenes like this are just terrifying. >> people are either blowing the stop sign. i'm not even sure all the accidents that have happened here but this one seems to be the worse one. we need to change it and people need to speak up. the first focus is to figure out exactly what happened in this crash likely be out here until midnight. we know those five children are in the hospital, two adults as well. we will keep you updated on their condition. >> we hope that everyone will be okay in this accident. officers say an suv hit a median then a light pole. happened in val vista. the driver died at the scene. his name has not yet been released. police are investigating
10:22 pm
have played a role. peoria police and several other agencies are increasing their presence on the roads through the dui task force. they're working to make sure you and your family are safe as people are making their way home for thanksgiving. >> people are in town visiting, families get together. sometimes there's things happening. over the last several days there's been several dui related crashes. >> if you are planning to be out on the road. the message from law enforcement as always drive around the world, people are reacting to the deaths of fidel kass -- castro. all in different ways. some delighted others shocked and in mourning. raquel cerzantez spoke to locals. >> reporter: we are hearing from locals who fled castro's cuba to a state official who actually met him. at cuban foods restaurant and bakery in phoenix, the owner
10:23 pm
restaurant and prosper because his family fled cuba years ago. this customer says his family knows what that's like. >> did a lot of good things but he did a lot of bad things. he passed away. my grandparents would have loved to see this day and they weren't able to appreciate it. >> i think the reaction was finally. just seemed like the guy was, not going to knock on heaven's door probably some place else, for a >> reporter: former arizona attorney general spoke with castro to discuss free trade. he says he has mixed emotions about castro's life. recognizing he was extremely intelligent but calling him a terrible dictator. >> he established a lot. i know he did some good things for the cuban people but over
10:24 pm
>> while in some cuban communities people are celebrating his death. others have a different opinion. >> i'm not celebrating that he passed away but maybe we will step forward and change may happen. >> reporter: that local i spoke with says he hopes he can visit cuba to see where his family comes from. >> raquel thank you. castro's death is expected to spark more interest in americans traveling if you still want to go to cuba you must still fall into one of three categories. visiting relatives, educational
10:25 pm
a sport competition. before you go you will have to say you'll be taking part of one of those three situations. the average person just looking at it, it may not look like there's a problem. the fact is the storm damage can be under the bridge. it can be under the water. so you know don't take anything for granted. >> yeah, great advise. you just never know. because it's the holiday weekend a lot of people still out driving. flying across the country. we have here closer to home. as you look on the satellite radar composite on the national radar pretty quiet out east. back here closer to home starting to see those changes. we have light rain in eastern arizona. a few sprinkles there. heavy rain in parts of california and even in vegas has some snow showers and rain moving through that area and strong winds. all of this heading close to home over the next 24 to 36 hours. so as you look at the futurecast, we'll put this into motion hour by hour.
10:26 pm
stick around for the forecast. shots fired at an interstate. right now the search ramping up in ohio for whoever pulled the trigger. a man in his 20s was shot. a passenger in the car was not hurt in this. two california fugitives are still on the lose tonight. law enforcement desperate to offering $20,000 in reward money for information leading to an arrest. authorities say four inmates escaped by sawing through bars on the window at the santa clara county jail. they then used bed sheets to get down. two were caught right away but two others, the men here you're look at still on the lose. they're considered dangerous. they're still in the san francisco bay area based on
10:27 pm
recovering tonight after a scare. rescue crews telling us she was hiking toward the superstitious mountains. but while up there, she hurt her ankle and could not get back down. in the valley, a group showing their support for those >> the group met in phoenix near central avenue then walked downtown to talking stick arena. they're hoping to do this every fourth saturday in the month. working to raise awareness to all the people out there protesting at standing rock. >> not just us but for generations to come. everybody needs water. water is life. we all need to get together and realize that. >> thousands have gathered in north dakota protesting the pipeline which they say will
10:28 pm
contaminate the drinking water. federal officials plan to shut down that camping area soon over safety concerns. more than three dozen pipeline -- police say they were asked to leave several times because the mall is considered private property. take a look at this, hay bails dumped all over i10. dozens tossed out when a trailer connected to flipped. drivers were forced into right lanes south of the 51 exit. a big clean up for all the crews there as the hay bails were scattered for hundreds of feet. it's on your holiday wish list, drones are growing big in popularity. but you may not be able to fly them exactly where you want. abc15 confirming the city council is taking up a proposal this coming thursday. their hands are a little tied
10:29 pm
want to ban launching or landing drones in any city park north of rio salado. they also want to raise concerns about recording on private property. you must pay the faa $5 to register that drone. if it weighs more than 5 pounds you can't fly it any where near planes. drones must be 5 miles away
10:30 pm
10:31 pm
developing now, an investigation reveals long wait times in hospital ers for
10:32 pm
crisis. in washington, d.c., legislation that could bring relief is stuck in the senate. as roth stone reports, the lawmakers are pushing for change here since families can't afford to wait any longer. >> so it is cruel. it's cruel, it's abusive. it's third world. it's wrong, it's immoral. and we're complacent about it. >> congressman tim murphy is reacting to a scripps news evaluation revealing the for beds in a children's mental hospital. delaying treatment for hours, days, or even weeks. >> we stayed there for eight days. went to the er and waited i would say at least 25 times. >> we've waited, three days, five days and the ultimate was 21 days. >> congressman murphy is signing a bill that could
10:33 pm
by families. the bill looks to reduce the need for beds. and offering loan forgiveness programs. an effort to close a shortfall of more than 24,000 child and adolescent psychologists nationwide. >> treatment delayed is treatment denied. >> reporter: overwhelming support for murphy's bill. it passed almost unanimously over the summer. and with lawmakers returning to work, it could die by year's end. not because of a lack of support murphy says but because of a lack of time. >> we've only got a few weeks left and i'm afraid the clock will return out. >> senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has not given a
10:34 pm
come. if lawmakers don't sign the bill, the bill will die and the governor will have to start all over again next year. a warship named after gabby giffords is on track to be used in the u.s. military. it passed several trials before the ship is delivered today the -- delivered to the navy. it's now galveston texas and head to san diego where it will be stationed. we have snow for the high country. it's getting exciting. we're hopefully sending a crew. >> that will cause some travel problems with the snow coming down. maybe try to get out of the valley back home or headed down to the valley. big changes moving in. starting right now. so we're in the low 80s yesterday. 70 today. that cloud cover really left


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