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tv   ABC15 News Sunday  ABC  November 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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snow coming down and we are tracking the chance of rape in the valley. we have team coverage for you tonight. we find out more from flagstaff but first we will check in with laura thomas. this one >> reporter: it has been. it started a few hours ago. heavy snow across the higher terrain. rainfall sitting northwest of the valley. here in the valley. mostly cloudy skies. as you look out there with me right now a couple sprinkles moving through dear valley, mounta an hills others not a lot of it reaching the grounds yet. heavier rain showers back to the west/northwest of us. heavy rain, pockets of heavy rain moving to courtside. then, sparking it in light rain
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valley. working to the north. pockets of heavy rain that is headed out. then, the change over to snow near the grand canyon. williams had about two inches of snowfall. here is the snowfall falling. from flagstaff down to sed owna down towards happy jack. heavy snow there at the creek. back towards strawberry. takes it it east to the white mountains. it will continue over the next several hours. we have big travel problems right now across the higher terrain. now as you look outside. a live casino camera. we found snow there just about an hour and a half ago. things are quiet inia that area. however, flagstaff, this is a time lapse. you can see the snow has been coming down. and getting just really the last peaks of daylight in as you see that snow continuing to fall there. so, we will get you updated on the snow totals coming up here in the valley and wind speeds picking up. we are still dry. the winds now out of the southwesterly direction between 10 and 15 miles an hour.
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stronger as they go through the next couple of hours. 50s and 60s outside the rain. the is on the way. how much can we see here in the valley? big forecast coming up. >> thank you. continuing our team coverage tonight, abc 15 is in flagstaff right now. we can see snow flurries moving through. looks cold where you are. >> reporter: yes. it is cold. the snow starting to stick. just a dusting at this point. and the roads over here on, looking pretty good actually. common right now. so,let take you around flagstaff. we were downtown about an hour ago. nobody is sitting outside at those restaurant tables. iffact we caught moderate snowfalling for a short time reducing visibility. then heading over to nau to check out campus, there we saw students bundled up. some of them playing freeze bee. one guy told me he is wearing hand-me-downs for the snow- weathered gear and all of the cold weather, tricky to get around in. >> reporter: someone almost
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crossing a cross walk and they just stopped and their car slid a little bit and it was -- on it was pretty scary. yeah. >> reporter: so, it could be a little slick trying to get around. we did check with the flagstaff police and pyre to see if there were weather-related injuries we are dealing with. so far they have not gotten back to us just yet. we have not seen any problems. now, we hope everyone is safe out on the roads and thank you. >> now, all of the snow is coming down in prescott. a beautiful sightseeing the trees blowing in the wind as well. more good stuff, one of the viewers gold bond sending us this video. snow coming down all around the rocks there. and a look at how the snow is effecting the driving conditions like joe was talking about. these photos coming in from david oxrider. all of the snow coming down on highway 260 outside of pason.
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now, holiday travelers making their way back to the valley tonight. after all of that thanksgiving fun. this say live look from one of our cameras showing a section of i-77, looking busy if in some parts. we are monitoring the situation as the night goes on. staying with abc 15 for the latest updates on weather and holiday traffic we are tracking the conditions throughout the newscast. more reports on abc 15 at 10:00. we will be posting updates on line for you. >> in other news tonight, 3 people being treated person falls from an upper level at a su auditorium. two of them seriously hurt. we are live there on the scene. you talked to people who saw this happen? >> reporter: yes, the auditorium was full of people at the time. several people witnessed this. several people telling me they believe an older man fell several feet. from the the second level called the grand tier. not the balcony.
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center with serious injuries. another person treated for minor injuries. it happened during the intermission for the show "beautiful" here is what a witness said about it. >> the lights came up for intermission and all of a sudden there was a loud thump and not even 20 feet away from us and we turned -- and a scream and we looked over and someone had fallen out of the little -- over head balcony. >> reporter: we are told the show intermission. firefighters say asu will now investigate the cause of the fall and we are still waiting to hear from asu about it. >> now, a scary situation. now, new at 5:00. 2 people hit by a car in phoenix. a man killed. a 12-year-old boy listed in critical condition. the police say the two of you were walking on northern when when they were hit. the witnesses told the officers they were crossing on a red light. we are told a driver stayed on the scene. officers do not think that he
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a body found in a spot where dozens of cars pass boy every day. a community lake in chandler. megan thompson at arizona avenue. what are the police telling you in this? >> it is a 20-year-old in the lake. for family and friends the police have information tonight. identifying him as brandcenter. pulled from the water. he was last seen than a 10 minute walk from where we are now. that was last sunday. family social media saying he went for a bike ride and never came back home after that initial meeting. it had investigation is going to continue tonight as to how austin ended up in that lake and unfortunately we did just talk to his brother. he was on the scene mourning his brother a few minutes ago. he just said that -- i asked him how the community can help
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together. his family is working on that and we will absolutely bring you the details of that on how you can help, we will bring you that as soon as it is available. >> thank you, megan. we are getting brand-new information into the news room about a bad crash. tonight, pea oria police say this woman, slone, is facing charges. we also just learned that -- peoria police say this woman, slone, is facing charges. we also just learned that one of the died. 5 children in the car, the 12- year-old died from the are injuries. they do not think slone was impaired at the time but it is possible she may have blown through a stop sign. new information on a tragic story of a chandler mother killed while crossing the street with her two young children. we learned the gofundme page
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its ghoul of $85,000. that funding goal now raised but meantime her daughter, audrey, is expected to be released from the icu soon and her son, ryan is at home still recovering. a scary situation this morning for phoenix police. a man jumped out of the way there when a car came crashing right into his patrol car. this is at 35th avenue and baseline. we are told the officer just stepped out of the car and that is when another one came slamming into it. the driver of that car taken to the hospital injuries. the officers think impairment possibly played a role in this one. all right others switching gearing now. early game on on the east coast. not really kind to the cardinals. we have it first. >> now. when your opponent is. when you shoot yourself in the foot things will not find your way. they drove the team down on the field on the opening
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the falcons swr-s with a 72 yard drive. remember that shoot yourself in the foot comment? a pass interference call and the 3rddown for the falcons gives atlanta the first and goal and of course the touchdown. the next possession and a chance to take a 14-7 lead. but on the second and goal carson can not -- now, carson and the snap flying over his head. the cards settle for a field goal. the card falls fall for falcons, 38-19. now, shoot yourself in the foot thing. >> i love that is the title of it. >> it is. just keep making mistakeace that are costly. >> yes. fill us in more. >> okay, thank you. chaos in a high profile area. what the police are still trying to figure out in connection with a mass shooting in the streets. searching for a missing man from the valley. where this man was last seen.
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should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea. police searching for a motive in a shooting that left 1 person dead, 9 others hurt. shots ringing out in in the french quarter. 2 women, 8 men shot. one of them dying at the
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2 of them behind bars right now. increased police press tphepbs that area because of a football game that wrapped up nearby. a all new at 5:00, search and rescue crews searching fora a missing hiker in the cold california wilderness. teams are searching for a 41- year-old. he assembled on be in the national park. he was supposed to return from a 5 day backpacking trip on wednesday but has not been seen since then. if you have information in the case make sure you police. all right. now, weather forecast now. a lot of stuff going on. it was cool to see the snow in the live shot ooh. >> snow across the higher terrain. sunny skies yes. rolling back in. >> yes. changing quickly. tell quickly change tomorrow. but first, rain chances coming in. let have a live look right now. 61 degrees in phoenix. topped out at 66. the temperatures will continue to fall. winds sustained at 14 miles an hour.
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this hour. we will lock for rain chances to go up across the valley. you look like me right now. quiet, dry in the valley. changing, light rain falling. over to yarnelle. moving through the southeast. heavier showers out near courtside. these are moving to the southeast and of course as you get across the higher terrain right now we have the that heavy snow. i will show you something interesting as we go back here toward a few thunderstorms just to the north and northwest of you. that moving to the southeast. you so those lightning strikes not expecting a lot of thunderstorm activity but maybe a couple of lightning strikes can not be ruled out. a couple rum bells of thupbder in the next couple of hours. flagstaff continues on fall. i-70. now, sedona, snow falling into the white mountains. this will continue to be the
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several hours. and as you look at the future cast let's see, hour by hour forecast showing that the snow chances continue for flagstaff through 8:00. then, our valley rain chances are going to be in the forecast as we get into the next couple of hours. as the cold front continues to move off to the south east. we will keep the rain chances here in the phoenix metro through the overnight hours so we get into the 1:00, 2:00 hour as it continues to tucson. you see windslow pushing off to the east. now you can not rule out maybe a shower or two here in the valley. on the backside of the system. that is going to filter in the cooler air and keep that very slight chance of rain and snow showers across northern arizona. peaks of sunshine. now here is the plan.
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now, a trace to a quarter of an inch. not a big rainmaker here. very, very slight chance tomorrow morning. then, a lingering chance tomorrow afternoon. winter weather advisories continuing across northern arizona. 1-4 inches continue to be possible with this. this is through tomorrow morning. for locations between 5,000 and 6500 feet above 6500 feet. 3-6 inches. we creating blowing snow of course the hazardous road conditions we have been tracking for the last couple of hours. it will continue to deteriorate as the sunsets. wind gusts right now. 23 mile-an-hour there. 36 in sholo. air temperature in flagstaff, 29 degrees. it feels like, with the winds it it feels like it is in the teens there. very cold. feels like it is 32 in sedona and the upper 50ss here as the winds pick up. 19 for an overnight low.
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20s along the rim. 40s, 39 tomorrow morning as you look across the highs lower 60s. the storm system bringing in chilly air right around 33 degrees. in flagstaff tomorrow afternoon. 40s across the valley tonight. 41 tomorrow morning. now, we keep the 60s so we are not going to rebound much this week. morning lows here in the valley. midweek, upper 30s and 40s, next chance of rain in the forecast friday and saturday.
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right now, enjoying the conditions for another day at in the snow. here is a resort in flagstaff. showing a couple chairlifts. you can see the snow it is a butty. we will it continue to see the conditions up north throughout the nightism the crazy week of shopping about to continue. cybermonday just hours away. but, as you know by now, you online deals, several retailers announcing they are getting an early start. one of them is target. the store offering 59% off of the entire web site and in stores starting today. the discounts will be a ployed at check-out during the 2-day sale. also getting started is kohl's. they are calling the kick off event cyberdays saving available at kohl' and the
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wednesday. you can get 20-60% off items like clothing, shoes, home decor and jewelry. iment time to take action and help out. we are collecting money, toys, kidded's clothing and nonperishable food items it for the four charities listed on your screen. dropping off your donations, easy. stop off at ford, studios or 120 plus ups or donate to just a year ago the cardinals had their 9th win of the season. looked like they were going to the super bowl. >> wow,things changed. handed the 6th loss of the season today.
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cardinals of the season in
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than destiny. a disappointing day for for fans, finding ways to fall apart to win for the falcons. it cost them a touchdown. forcing them to setel for a field goal. 2 pass interference calls on patrick peterson led to 10 points. now, pal mer, shutdown on a promising drive in the first half. the cards defense gipping up 3 touchdowns and the offense 7 points in the final 2 quarters. arizona has the 6th lots of the season. reminder you can join me tomorrow night at the brew house at university stadium for the cardinals countdown and monday night football. live at 5:00 and 6:00. in addition to the cardinals countdown. now, cardinals kicker chandler
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the rams, takeoth saints with the top overall pick. now, goth, getting it. now, 32 passes for 214 yards and 3 touchdowns. drew breeze is outstanding. finishing and the passing. 4 touchdowns and the saints flooding out all of the stops. now, throwing a 50 yard touchdown pass with high tower. the saints get 49-29. now, winning 6 of the last 7 game by fans in miami as the 49ers take on the dolphins in south florida. this one comes down to the final seconds with the 9ers out of timeout looking to force overtime. time running out and a second goal at the dolphins 6. they scramble. gets hit. they lost franchise record 10 straight while the dolphins won 6 straight.
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hosting the 6 win nuggets in downtown phoenix this afternoon. the sun scored 15 points in the second quarter and they find themselves down by 20 at halftime. they climb back in it. pulling within 4 in the final minute. now, eric, leading with 30, 25 of those coming in the second half. but, the suns can not complete the comeba, they fall. 120-119. now, friday night against the oilers, now, home at home series. now, giving the coyotes a lead at the 16 minute mark at the 1st period. 41 saves. now, tying the game with a goal in the 3rd. 6 minutes later, puts them on top 2-1. the coyotes beat the oilers wo?-1. arizonas has now scored a point it in wife
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oilers. lais the longest streak. >> yes, something positive. >> yes. for an arizona team. looking for something positive. >> yes. let's turn to laura then. >> yes. more positive. yes. that is right. >> if you like colder weather it is on the way. tracking the rain. rain chances, 50% as we go through the next several hours, high country, snow, tracking it
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight" from havana. the death of fidel castro. the dictator reigning for decades, defying the u.s. nine official days of mourning here in cuba have now begun. the flags at half-staff. tonight, cuban exiles in miami celebrating in the streets of little havana. while here, we meet so many families who now mourn their leader. and what they say about a future relationship with the u.s. also, the cuba backlash. new questions about the renewed ties with america. president-elect donald trump's team calling it a one-sided deal, suggesting it won't last long. and president obama facing some backlash for his official statement. the recount battle brewing.


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