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tv   ABC15 News at 6PM  ABC  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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started flying yesterday. well above average. they say on par with a first snow. drivers say they've seen the first snow struggles. >> yesterday i was driving about 20 miles per hour on the i-17. the cars were all over the place. and you know, a lot of people don't know how to drive in the snow. i kind of already know how to so they'll get used to it. >> at the risk of soaking my gloves i want to show y this is the stuff. see how wet it is. this is the stuff that turns to ice, that black ice. the best advice if you're coming up here and planning doing driving check the temperature. if it's at or below 32 degrees that's freezing you may run into black ice. be careful. >> the same goes for you as well, stay safe. take a look at this, a shed ripped out of the ground smashing into a home.
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national weather service says to blame winds from last night. amber? >> not much wind tonight. a slight chance of a stray isolated shower, 10% or less across central arizona. temperatures in the 50s for the next receive ram hours. -- several hours. as we look live at desert doppler no rain to track locally, a little isolated pocket here just to the southwest of cave creek that may be kicking sprinkles. all the action in the higher terrain. some getting snow over the last couple hours starting to see a break. flagstaff seeing a break as that clears out. icy along i-17. you can see the precipitation from cave creek, i should say camp verde south of munds park. more action to track across eastern portions of the rim and in the white mountains. these spots will keep the
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several hours into tonight. snow continues up north, slight chance for rain in the valley. dry things out going into tomorrow. a chilly week ahead. day by day in minutes. a name everyone should know. officer alan horujko is the officer who saved lives on the campus of ohio state university after a student plowed into a crowd. 18-yr- artan lives in columbus. his home is being searched right nouchlt he was born in -- right now. he was born in somalia but he's a u.s. resident. 11 people hurt. one student in critical condition. he was shot and killed. >> they say it's going to take time to know if this was truly and legitimately an act of terror.
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about home grown terrorists. they say knife attacks are easier than bombings. please speak out if you see anything suspicious. you cannot arrest me if you don't have a warrant. >> hey. hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> new information about that shocking punch. this case will be handed over to the county attorney's office. last month officer jeff benar woman. he was not fired. the county attorney will decide if charges should be filed. detectives sifting through evidence after a deadly crash in peoria. 23-year-old amber sloan slammed into a mini van in deer valley, killing a 12-year-old over the weekend. alcohol we're told likely not a factor. neighbors are saying this is an unfortunate trend that they see often. >> people are either blowing
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accidents that happened here. but this one seems to be the worst one. we need to change it. and people need to speak up. >> just to be clear, police have not said whether sloan did run the stop sign. sadly a similar case in phoenix. mohammad was hit and killed by a driver crossing the street at 19th and northern with an 11- year-old boy. the boy was also hit and could use your thoughts and prayers tonight. the water works cti in buckeye. people wondering why their water bills are high. laura thomas is in buck -- megan thompson is in buckeye tonight. >> some residents taking action on their own getting a formal petition ready to go to get to mayor out of office. >> we're going to start at the top and go to the bottom if we have to. >> jeff hancock leading the
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answers from anyone. >> i wish the city council and the mayor would see that. >> hancock thinking he can easily get the roughly 1700 signatures. >> i can't afford to live here anymore. not with bills that continue like that. i could not. >> she's planning to move because of her water woes. >> they said i have a leak in my house or somebody is stealing my water. and it's like, come on. that's that's all they tell you. >> for hancock he says the petition has held the rest of the community can take action too. >> you can make a change in buckeye. we've been trying to get the water fixed and we get nowhere. >> the meeting underway tonight. the water issue moved to the top of the agenda. megan thompson abc 15 news. a tough decision for a cop on the job for just a year.
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administrative leave after he shot can killed 20-year-old derek adame. there was a fight saturday morning and that's when the officer fired at least one shot. the suspect tried to take off but ended up crashing and died a short time later. if it's still available, surveillance video may help piece together the clues. one man lost his life on a light rail plat tomorrow near 24th and -- platform last night near 24th we knew about the raids and got an inside look. now we know who's in trouble for an illegal gambling operation. two guys police say made about $2 million in a little over a year. they owned about 20 sweepstake internet cafes. they laundered money through real casinos. not much evidence in the battle over election recounts.
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trump as the winner. the party raised about $6 million for recounts in wisconsin, and pennsylvania as well. trump would have to lose all three for hillary clinton to have any claim on the presidency. very unlikely. trump making his own claims on fraud claiming he actually won the popular vote because millions voted illegally. again, no evidence of that. we also wanted to know if the arizona secretary of st to believe people voted illegally here. officials say they have not seen any official complaints. meantime an elector says he had enough. even quit his job in texas instead of voting for donald trump. the electoral college counts votes next month. but art believes trump is not qualified. you may remember we checked in with an elector here. he tells us he's been flooded with calls from voters asking
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he says he won't budge. three accused burglars facing charges. police say they left a trail of evidence near 43rd and thomas. an alert neighbor called police. no one was hurt. new information tonight at 6:00 about a bizarre standoff with mesa police and a man armed with a something. here's what we -- shotgun. here's what we know. a couple was arrested one for abusing an the der -- 8-year-old child and the other for not letting police in the home. no one was hurt. a winter blast in the valley brought rain and wind. some neighborhoods now cleaning up. >> a mobile home club in mesa. melissa blasius talked to one man who had a really big scare last night. >> take a look at this. big limbs down in mesa. part of the damage throughout the valley as that cold front
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and other property damage because of 50 mile an hour winds. >> it was kind of crazy. >> david spent today building a scrap heap. >> i had a lot of these things holding the poles together. the tarp was all ripped to pieces. >> yesterday all of this was a portable shed. >> and it was a little bit wider than what this carport is. >> he bought it for the durability. >> said it would last a couple years. >> it lasted just months until last night's brutal cold front. >> it sounded like a car going into a house. >> when he looked outside the tent had ripped free of the tie downs, uprooted its stakes, and crashed into the house next door. >> i was flipping out. >> he ran over in the rain to check on his neighbor. >> she opened the door about that much. she kept yelling at me to come
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get out of the rain. >> she was okay. and so was this beauty. but the -- that the shed was built to protect. >> not even a scratch. >> melissa blasius abc 15. rain and snow in the high country. a closer look and what to expect next as we head into tomorrow still ae head. another -- ahead. another life lost. this time a teenager after multiple crashes off our valley roads. as if smog wasn't bad could make it hard to fight the toughest health battle. is your iphone charger a risk? if it's a fake it may be. i'm craig fouhy at the big red brew house. cheerleaders here, fans here.
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it has been a tough week on the roads and off of them.
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tonight after an off-roading crash that happened saturday afternoon. he was riding with a buddy when the vehicle flipped. his name has not been released. funeral plans still not set for a phoenix fire captain. we've seen a ton of support for a go fund me page that raised $78,000 for the family of chris fitzmaurice. he was on a hunting trip when his atv on wednesday a stunning tribute for the hot shots will open. two miles south of yarnell. the park honors the men o who lost their lives in the fire. there's a trail that leads to the area. a health alert about the air we breathe. smog could put nus the a tough -- put us in a tough spot. the alarming discovery made in
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with smog. scientists found traces of anti anti-biyachtic -- by you tick -- my alarm was going off saturday morning. >> a normal start to the weekend. >> and like clockwork i fulled the charger from my -- pulled the charger from my phone. i heard an explosion. like what was that. >> this covering shorted. >> i looked down and see sparks. >> in a recent lawsuit apple power products and cables sold as general gun. 90% were -- genuine. 90% were fakes with a risk of fire and electrical shock. how can you tell if it's apple
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they always have the logo on the packaging. it will show the words designed by apple in california. it will tell you which of the three country it was made in and followed by a security number. >> the regular cords bend and show wires over time. i was thinking this was hold up. >> the place where she bought the charger isn't selling them. to spot a counterfeit go to abc 15, click on sections and then let joe i'm investigator joe ducey, you got a problem let me know. feeling a lot like winter. look at the time lapses in sedona and flagstaff as the rain, sleet, and snow was coming down. tonight a little bit to watch for you as well on abc 15 desert doppler. this after snow bowl picked up 30 inches and flagstaff five. these totals continue to climb in some areas. tonight as you look at the radar with me some of the spots
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out near prescott for example. much less widespread than an hour ago. you see the switchover at mormon lake. all along the rim to he ber and eastern -- heber and eastern portions of the rim that's where the snow continues to fall. looks like several hours of it in the forecast before we start to see conditions dry out into tomorrow. 5,000 and 6500 feet have the possibility of an inch or so and above that one to three possible. hazardous driving conditions across the high country. as temperatures drop tonight there's a chance for black ice in spots in the higher terrain. watch out for that. hold off on driving that if you can until tomorrow. here's what we expect. the late night showers continue. even a chance of a stray shower in the valley.
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this will be the case going into wednesday as well. sunny and dry through the middle of the week. temperatures in the 50s here. phoenix drops to 45 at 8:00. low 60s in the afternoon tomorrow. well below the average which is 70 for this time of year. 62 in glendale and phoenix. sedona at 45. and flagstaff freezing throughout the entire day with a high of 29 for tomorrow. the coldest temperatures actually haven't hit yet. those are going to come going into wednesday morning. freeze watches and warnings in place for gila and pinal counties. the weekend will warm up. ahead in the next half hour. abc 15 sports brought to you by sanderson ford. >> we keep watching on sundays hoping the cardinals will figure it out and it's not happening.
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with each loss they slide in the standings. it's sad. craig fouhy live at the phoenix stadium with a special guest tonight who may have some answers for us. craig, give us some hope. >> well thanks, i appreciate that. i'm sitting with chandler catanzaro. everybody wants to know, we want hope, something to believe in. how's the team doing? >> definitely a tough loss. that's one we wanted to get done on the road. we came out far and that'sus a few plays here i guess. if i know anything i know the heart of the this team and the character. i've been around it for two and a half years. we always bounce back and get to work. and trust in the process. that's all we can do. take this thing one at a time. >> it's not where any of us wanted to be. nine wins a year ago. at least we can do eight, nine wins now we're at four with five to go. we got to get on the streak
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and we definitely got the caliber team to do it. and obviously our goal was to win it all. and i think if we take it one game at a time and win the games down the stretch we'll have a shot to do that. all we know how to do is get back to work. and that's what we're doing this week. >> chandler catanzaro is our guest here you guys. he'll be back with me in about half hour. and then our 7:00 is our facebook live on abc 15 as's facebook page. we're -- arizona's facebook page. chandler catanzaro and the fans here. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? . we hope you'll think of the families who need your help. your donations benefit these four charities. we have a list of the drop-off locations and you can always donate at one of the largest secret santas.
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new zealand has been holding this event for years. this time they got almost 2,000 to participate. they match you up with your secret santa on twitter. if somebody does not send a gift that person's gift will be donated to charity. they stand united. and they aren't going anywhere. an arizona lawmaker going to the top to get an answer for the dakota pipeline protesters.
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so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby.
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campers at the dakota access pipeline told to evacuate not a week from now as was originally ordered. dangerous weather is coming and proper shelter is in order. >> we have councils on the ground and about 10,000 people including 2,000 veterans coming to join the peaceful, nonviolent and we expect a win. we are in for the long haul. >> the representative has requested a meeting with the white house and department of justice to talk about closing the camp and what he calls the alarming treatment of water protectors. a goal to score more goals. ac united building a new stadium. it would be more than 15 acres off loop 202. also revealing a name change and new logo.
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the team plays in peoria. the new stadium about a mile from the proposed. his years of hard work swiped? seconds. talking with a local comedian about his ordeal and what happens next. and it is the update we didn't want to give you.
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new video into the live desk tonight. an offer involved shooting in casa grande. tonight we are seeing it unfold through dash cam. five different videos. none of them show the actual shooting or the officers involved. the suspect, a father of three, came at them with a machete. they tried bean bags and a taser but say they were forced to shoot and kill him.
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a valley comedian not laughing after thieves make off with his life's work. >> for more than 40 years brad zinn's job is to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. but right now he feels gut wrenched. >> this is really a gut punch. i'm still kind of numb over the fact that somebody would take that away from us and not allow us to do what we do. >> 47th and thunderbird thieves stole a trailer with $10,000 worth of his equipment from his driveway and slashed his tires. >> i can replace the trailer. what was in the trailer is almost irreplaceable in terms of what we use for our show. >> including a steamer trunk he calls the centerpiece of his show. a sound system, a banner, backdrop curtains, and a side
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comedian. he's entertained everyone from vets to the elderly and kids. >> i feel like i'm supposed to be doing this. so i want my trailer back with at least the stuff in it. >> in phoenix abc 15 news. he has three shows in january and hopes someone will recognize the trailer so he can continue performing. fingerprints, and his phone. police arresting marc esparza for breaking into the name brand exchange store in mesa yesterday. an officer found his cell phone. he admitted to the crime saying the goods were at his mother's home. new pictures and video. police hoping it will help catch a thief. he demanded prescription meds. he didn't show a gun but he got what we came for.
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is call chandler police. frj your safety on the roads -- your safety on the roads. adot receiving two grants. one is for truck inspections at the border. both pilot procorrects will begin -- projects will begin early next year. a phoenix man on a hike in california found dead today. the 41-year-old had been missing since wednesday. no word on how he died. we know the area snow last week with temperatures below freezing. the first snow of the year falling in the high country. some messy driving ask some happy skiiers. jason is in downtown flagstaff with a look at the beautiful winter wonderland. >> look at the roads, shiny. all that is the snow turning to ice.
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stuff to stop the traction. but people love the snow. >> flagstaff is arizona's snowglobe. >> every day we wake up and hope for snow. no one likes to work at a ski shop with no snow on the ground. it's not encouraging to people. >> for much of arizona more used to sun, snow is a novelty. mingling with the locals you'll meet folks from the valley. >> i've never somebody who's never seen snow that's older than 5. >> i'm 21. >> flagstaff police say they've had 21 accidents since the snow started falling sunday. adot telling people to look out for black ice and take it easy. the snow still falling in parts of the high country tonight. here's the desert doppler. snow showers pushing to the east and southeast in the overnight forecast.
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along the rim. as our skies clear out some of the coldest temperatures so far this year. it won't be tomorrow morning. it will be wednesday morning. and these spots now to our east and southeast under freeze watches and warnings. parts of gila county and pinal county for wednesday morning. let's talk about your pipes your plants your pets and the people too. protect those from freezing temperatures. you have a day to prepare it. the freezes will hit wednesday morning. here's some of the spots. san carlos to 23. globe at 28. and near superior near the freezing point of 32 on wednesday morning. we're going to talk about how low we'll go tonight. how cold in your neighborhood. and what to expect every day in your seven-day forecast still ahead. three weeks after donald trump won the election a recount now coming in a swing state. from a live desk, wisconsin
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dun in a -- done in a week. there's no evidence that any voting machines were hacked. jill stein is behiept the effort and -- behind the effort and filed a lawsuit for a recount in pennsylvania. she'll be doing the same in michigan on wednesday. michigan declaring today trump has won the state. 16 electoral votes. the numbers show him beating hillary clinton by an 11,000 vote margin. he's the first republican nomi he has 306 electoral votes. clinton leads the popular vote by two million. trump is vowing to end the u.s.-cuba deal unless havana is willing to make a better one. obama is not worried but says it would mean an economic blow to cubans. cuba begins nine days of
6:36 pm
even signing an oath to be loyal to the revolutionary ideals. supporters packed the place where he delivered his speeches. also signing condolence books. but reaction to his death isn't the same for everyone. >> we lost a great figure of the cuban people. a transcendental man in cuba and in my opinion of the world. >> now that he is going there's an opportunity to get -- he is gone e get behind the people in cuba to secure a better future for cuba and the united states. >> on wednesday castro's ashes will begin a three-day procession east across cuba retracing the march of his rebel army. more flights to cuba announced tonight. american airlines completing the first trip and launching service in charlotte on
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jetblue, united, delta planning flights this week. uber drivers want an uber big raise. what it could do to the price of your ride. let your fingers do the shopping with a full night of cyber monday deals to be had. the one mistake that could cost you big.
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beware if you're calling uber tomorrow. drivers planning to join a an hour. it includes restaurant and other works as well. they average about $19 an hour. driverings say they don't fac -- drivers say they don't factor in other expenses. new developments in last year east racially motivated church shooting. dylann roof can represent himself at trial.
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attack for months and they are seeking the death penalty. this plane loses an engine after takeoff in san francisco. they heard a boom and saw flames. the flight was headed to tokyo when the pilot landed safely. a call for help to make sure this 2-year-oldgy raf stays warm -- 2-year-old giraffe stays warm. look at this. he's dubbed aussie picasso because he can paint. tracking snow in the higher terrain. if you go tour mobile app or -- go to our mobile app or you can take a look. in the meantime by tomorrow the sunshine returns for your way into work. mid-40s and upper 50s on your drive home. what we now know about the man accused of intentionally
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students and faculty at ohio state university and then attacking them with a knife. picking, packing, shipping. amazon's busiest day.
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heavy hearts and so many questions after today's knife attack at ohio state university that injured 11 people. new details just coming to the we've learned a university officer killed the suspect within one minute after that suspect, that man, drove into a crowd of people and got out and started stabbing them with a butcher knife. we now know he was a student born in somalia and a legal permanent resident of the u.s. one person says it bears all of the hallmarks of a terror attack. the investigation continues. keeping you safe this
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eyes watching out for you. >> not just inside the stores but outside as well as you walk to the car. we told you last week that mcso mall pose was starting to -- posse was starting today. one of several malls where trained volunteers are patrolling. no horses this year. just on foot and in cars. >> a little concerned this year. we've had about four violent acts, killings at malls. >> the mall patrol program is in its 24th straight year. it doesn't stop there. with six hours left of cyber monday silent witness reminding you how to be careful online. >> don't just put in a product and go to any search result that comes up and click on that. if you're going to buy from a merchant go to their site or download their app.
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trusted website. >> sales are expected to jump 9% this year. this is amazon's biggest day. the retail erroling out 75,000 -- retailer rolling out 75,000 deals this morning. the best part? apparently it's easier than ever to keep track of what you want. >> we have a new watch a deal feature. you download the app and you can set it up to let you know when in go on sale. >> she tells us the hottest items are everything star wars 4k tvs and the new elmo. toys and electronics the hot buy over the weekend. many couldn't wait to get in the stores. the crowds jumped by 65% compared to an average weekend in november. despite the rush shoppers spent less this year. the national retail federation shows a drop of nearly 4%.
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smart shopper deal of the day. >> for a great price. dan spindle has the deal. >> it's chilly out. you got your sweaters on, boots, why not get a nice cup of tea. we're at loose leaf tea market. this is town and country but the location in ahwatukee will get you a great deal. you traditional black and green teas. a certain assortment, half off. this is breakfast, two ounces. they're going to limit this to eight ounces per customer. two ounces gets 30 to 40 cups of tea. a great value. normally $11 to $20. again, half off. you can check out handcrafted tea blends they make themselves. they get products from all over the world. they've been around 14 years. any bit of information you need
6:49 pm and check it out. i'm dan spindle abc 15 news. . i feel bad for jason up there in flagstaff. you know what happens, you've been through this you're doing a live cast and then your mouth freezes. >> not always just in cold weather. just saying. >> just waking up. >> but definitely in the cold weather and they're going through a lot. >> a lot to track. the snow, not seeing anything in the valley. no rain for us up in the high country the snow continues to fall. we're going to be tracking these showers near eastern portions of the rim for several hours. also starting to see some new development near the flagstaff area. they got a break, now some snow starting to come down again at this hour. the is nowhere near over -- the chance is nowhere near over. we're not drying out until tomorrow. storm system pushing to the east overnight and into
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then some drier air coming in from behind it. chilly air. temperatures stay below average throughout the entire week despite a little bit of a warm up through the middle of your workweek forecast. 35 at 6:00 a.m. a cold start by valley standards. 55 by 10:00. low 60s through the afternoon. about eight below average in phoenix tomorrow. right now at 56. temperature hasn't changed much in a while. high today was 57. so much moisture t clouds sticking armdz -- moisture, the clouds -- moisture, the clouds sticking around. cave creek at 48. rest of the valley in the low to mid-50s. the winds making a difference up north. a windchill of 18 in flagstaff. 17 in show low. actual temperatures around 28 in both spots. tonight temperatures will drop
6:51 pm
out towards window rock as well. freezes in payson, sedona and prescott too. low to mid-60s in places near central and southern arizona. then we will see an all day freeze in flagstaff for tomorrow. 29 degrees the high there. closer look at the valley. 40s overnight. low 60s for the most part for the highs tomorrow. we are going to warm a little bit toward the middle of the week. 64 wednesday, 65 thursday. then friday and definitely not as big of a storm as the last one but a stray shower not out of the question before we see the 70s return on sunday. 'tis the season to decorate and what better way to ring in the holiday season than with a 24-foot tree. governor dusey flipped the switch on the blue spruce. the first time it's come from the apache national forest.
6:52 pm
of phoenix will be glowing saturday for the 30th annual aps electric light parade. it will start with a real wedding. if you can't make it out be sure to catch the replay on sunday at 4:00 on abc 15. more holiday fun coming your way in minutes. with a two-hour kesha christmas at 7:00 and we're back at sock. -- at 10:00. i'm craig fouhy at red brew house. chandler catanzaro is our guest. talking with him next for our
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welcome back to big red brew house craig fouhy sitting beside chanz. chandler, you're the kicker. the guy we scream at. we don't like when you miss. what's it like being a kick ner the nfl -- kicker in the nfl. >> you got to accept that and focus on what you can control as a kicker. i think that's huge. i take pride in my preparation and how i go about things during the week. and hope they all go in on sunday. reality is that the harsh reality is that all of them don't. not all of them do. so -- but i take pride in my preparation and try to control what i control. it's kind of a tough deal. i've gotten used to it.
6:56 pm
>> we started video of you kicking a 60 yarder in buffalo. >> that was neat. it was unexpected. i was warming up to punt because i think drew, my buddy drew, went down to that game. funny story i wasn't warmed up but it worked out because i wasn't really thinking about it. and went out there and drew told me to cut it loose, nothing to lose. it was a little right to left win and it drifted right in. pretty cool. >> chandler catanzaro is our guest. coming up at 7:00 on our abc 15 arizona facebook page it's our weekly countdown. stick around for that. we'll see you on facebook at 7:00. >> lots of fans out there. never too early craig to talk super bowl. and bud light is talking about it. launching a contest today. free tickets for life if you find one of the 37,000 gold
6:57 pm
with a hashtag. the contest runs through january 13th. tonight on abc 15 at #15k. protecting -- at 10:00. protecting from terror attacks. plus no big artist in the new year's eve block party. not what it once was. much more tonight at 10:00 on why this change was made. and the difference you'll see if you're planning to ring in let's look at the radar. some snow falling up there. not too long ago since there was snow in phoenix on new years. lots of sunshine through the middle of the week.
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