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tv   ABC15 News at 600AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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about the suspect. we begin with the weather alert this morning. the snow has stopped but it is still a big nish the high country. >> flag staff nau is open will so a lot of people wondering is the snow done. >> well the snow is finished. but we still have those snow packed roads. icy conditions as temperatures sit in the high country. flag staff look at that negative 1. actual air temperature at the grand canyon. 27 in prescott. we'll be headed up into the 60s
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freezing in flag staff. hitting 30. more on this forecast in minutes. and laura you're definitely seeing those slick roads up in flag staff this morning but here in the valley it's actually pretty quiet. i-17 southbound from about glendale until you're just past the staff there. around 83rd avenue is where those brake lights begin. no crashes on our freeways here in the valley right now but we do have a the north part of the valley. it has happened again. something we've been talking about all morning. there's been another wrong way driver crash. this is going to be the i-17 here. i want to call it near anthem way. abc15's jusn pazera is live. >> chris, this is not the only wrong way driver that we've had
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we have had four wrong-way drivers on valley freeways. one of them caught on cellphone video. from the 303 at northern. you can see that car on the left part of your screen. thankfully dps got this driver off the road in time. it did not end like that on friday when a woman hit a greyhound bus. 35 people $35 people on that bus were also injure. and then again on tried to get a driver off the 101. again going the wrong way. a-dot has tried to make this stop. they've changed up sign adjust. they're also looking at sensors. at this point a-dot and dps just rely on us or you to call in those wrong-way drivers. justin pazera abc15. >> and i hear dps is reacting
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way at ohio state. one day after 11 people were hurt in a knife attack and really a car attack. while you were sleeping police officers searched the suspect's home looking for evidence. suspect abdul razakale artan. we're told the suspect drove his car into a group of meme then started stabbing people with a butcher knife. that officer now being healed tonight. a lot of people ask that question. are you safe at home constantly monitoring for threats. . >> a lot of people but little security. that includes schools malls.
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nightclubs. >> so we're at war. >> the big take away is if you see something suspicious make sure you say something. >> a memorial will be dedicated for the grande mountain hot just south of yarnell. the memorial will open to the public tomorrow. the fight for 15 is back the nationwide movement we've seen in the tas past. right now this is a live look in chicago. looks like quite a few people demonstrating. ours is taking place right now
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and bethany. many are fighting for across the country. a potential road block this morning for the arizona coyotes and their attempts to build this new arena. abc15's nick ciletti joining us live. >> we knew that taxpayers would play some kind of a role in all of this. this morning we're getting a better glimpse of that means. expected to be $450 million. now the coyotes need taxpayers to pick up half the tab. one way to do that is through collecting part of the sales tax that are generated from this arena complex. that's according to one sports blog. but the team's president and the ceo in the past insist they're not looking for a hand-out. >> we're not going in and asking
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we are going to be the group that takes the risk on the associated costs and of course the operations of the facility. >> so danielle remains to be scene how exactly the pieces of that pie are going to be broken up between all of us. ahead at 6:30 there's another obstacle to be able to finish all of this. >> it it seems like there's always something, right nick. thank you. meantime there will be another arena in tempe. the 16-acre site will be for our state's soccer team. arizona united is changing its name to phoenix rising at sea. it will come from the salt river american community. >> sure looks pretty cool. a crime alert right no and police hope somebody recognizes
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in one video you can overhear him asking for painkillers. if you know who he is please contact chandler p.d.. more charges filed against todd cullup. the south carolina serial killer who once lived in here in the valley. he confessed to seven murders. he's now charged with that many murders. tempe police is still investigating cases. asu president michael kroeb evaluating to keep the undocumented immigrants. president elect donald trump is already promising to end doca once he takes politics. speaking of president elect trump and the vice president mike pence. for the trump mrs.
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details there as he left trump tower. the only thing he did say is today is going to be a busy day. president elect donald trump taking some heat over the recent meeting with retired general david portrayes. portrayes was forced to resign as director of the cia after sharing classified information with his mistress. trump said the punishment went to far. trump took to twitter saying he former general. and meantime trump is not holding anything back. late last night he lashed out at reporters mostly cnn over voter fraud claims. the network asked for evidence of this. trump sounded off saying voter fraud did happen but it favored hillary clinton instead of him. new developments in the mine waste build up. the u.s. supreme court now asking the justice department to review the current lawsuit.
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worker with the epa accidentally triggered that three millions gallon last year. danielle, our friends in mesa. some of you may have heard all the sirens. this is why. an early morning house fire on hermosa vista. there were more than a dozen fire crews here. one room in this house caught fire really in the middle of the house and there was a single person inside of the home at the time of ts they managed to get out safely. no injuries to report. abc15 desert drive times. >> well your freeways are actually still looking good for your drive this morning. but we have a couple of crashes on our surface streets. one of those is going to be bell road. it doesn't look like a huge traffic impact. then we have another one not too
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boulevard. you can see from our a-dot camera that once you're on that freeway. we'll also give you a look at your drive along i-17 in just a couple of minutes. and 6:10 and we have 40s and even some 30s showing up across the valley. we have mostly clear skies and expecting sunny skies as we head through the afternoon hours. going to be a cool one by noon. we're only setting in 50s with afternoon highs topping out at 62. average high is 70. today in mesa 60 tempe. we'll hit 60. 61 in goodyear. so where it stands below average highs. phoenix hitting 62. tomorrow we're up to 63. still below average highs not only wednesday but also into thursday. so it is going to be a chilly week.
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a look at your 7-day forecast and see when our next chance of rain could be coming up. >> check this out right here. talk about a haunting image as we are on the wild fire watch. and there's a mesa woman there at the scene with the first-hand account. >> and the question isn't when to start but when to stop. there are some new arguments from doctors this morning when it comes to women getting mammograms. >> the game that some of hillary clinton's supporters seem to be playing as the democratic nominee just tries to get back to life as usual.
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deck in tennessee. a very popular resort town. mandatory evacuations are now under way. a hotel near dollywood. workers are trying to evacuate thousands of animals inside an aquarium as the fire is closer to it. back here closer to home. these images are from the drive out as the flames inch closer to their hotel. >> we were at the top of the mountain going down. we literally drove through flames and visibility was 0% right there. >> certainly a scary situation. they did make it safely down that mountain but she says not
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flames they had to be really careful to avoid steep cliffs. it is 6:15 as you wake up to a growing mystery. what really happened to the abduction of this northern california mother. as of right now officials say they don't have any reason to do you think the kidnapping story. no motive has been released yet and deputies are searching for those two hispanic women who are accused of taking weeks ago. some pretty shocking video of what's being called a flash mob of thefts. dozens of teens going through a store and looting it. they're looking for up to four teens they say stole mostly candy and snacks ransacking that store. >> hate to see that kind of thing. to our zika alert. texas is now the second state in
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transmitted there. she is not pregnant and has not traveled to an area where the virus is circulating. florida still dealing with its own zika cases near miami. sucker club paying tribute to the pulse nightclub shooting. take a look here. they installed rainbow seats. the stadium's set to open next year. >> today is a day to give back to the charities in our community. abc15's mary ellen resendez. and mary ellen giving can actually be good for you. >> it certainly can. it's perfect to give to charities like operation santa claus. also toys for tots. they're kicking off their charitable season today here at
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throughout the nation. they're going to be collecting toys. it's all part of giving tuesdays. now the marines are going to be stationed throughout the country just to help out. but did you know that giving back is actually good for your health. giving can actually boost both your physical and mental health. >> if we take people, put their brain in a man that can image what's going on in a brain we know that the reward centers in our brain get activated and stay activated longer than if someone is given a gift. >> well this results releasing of indorphins that researchers call a high. increased self-esteem and lower stress levels. it sounds like it's a pretty
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on this day which is giving tuesday. remember there's always operation santa claus and of course today toys for tots will start up. >> it's operation santa claus. >> and speaking of operation santa claus. please also consider giving to the four amazing charities. it's our 15th year helping out. we've got those charities listed right there on your >> go to thanks to everybody who's already helped out so much. >> stacy start -- it's starting to feel like the christmas spirit. i had to turn my heater on. >> we're in the 40s not the 60s. it's 60s for afternoon highs. it's going to be a nice day. nice morning again. a cold one out there as we set at 45 at the phoenix sky harbor.
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keeping the 40s right through 8:00 and 9:00. 53 at 10:00. highs todayopping out at 62. with the average high of 70 here in phoenix. 17 in flag staff. very cold. 27 in prescott. 37 in globe. forecasted highs below freezing. flag staff at 30. 40s along the rim. 61 in court site and in phoenix we are headed up to so we have some changes coming up a little bit later. does not include the valley. it's going to be a cool one. these go into effect down into pinell as we go into tomorrow morning. so looking at some of these lows coming up. so about 24 hours from now you can plan. lake roosevelt also going to be sitting at 32 tomorrow morning.
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wrap those outdoor pipes. cover sensitive plants as you get home later tonight and remember to bring those outdoor pets inside. want to keep everyone warm and safe. here's a look at your most accurate forecast. sunny skies wednesday, thursday bringing in a little more cloud cover. they see a spripg l or two. quick-moving storm system will bring some breezes for the weekend with highs in the upper 60s sunday. morning lows in the 40s and out there. let's switch over to the roads right no from our century linkrism traffic center. we've just jumped up to 28-minute december ert drive times from the 101 to the 17. thoez clays really don't kick in. i-10 in the east valley we're starting to see some slow and go. now i haven't seen any crashes in this area.
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our a-dot camera. you can see that it is heavier and in the distance it looks like there's a car maybe a stall adding to some of those delays. >> mallory i have some new video just coming in. survivors being rushed to the hospital after that plane crash in columbia. >> listen up all of you bing
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6:25 and a small new york town is seeing an invasion of sorts. we're talking tourists helping to spot hillary clinton. remember this woman we showed you. since this picture went viral stores and hiking trails near clinton's home have now turned into popular tourist spots for her spmenters. some describe it as a political pokemon go. should the u.s. military be
6:26 am
no we're not talking about an independence day style battle with aliens. the nightmare scenario that has some mill fair officials concerned. disrupting communications even access to drones, bombs, and missiles. we do have an adapt that monitors our acetaminophens fshlgts the next story getting a lot of attention online. for streaming services netflix and hulu. from a growing number of cord cutters to our knowledge no arizona cities are going that yet. good morning america is going to look at this one starting at 7:00 a.m. right after abc15 mornings. >> i'm justin pazera in the abc15 live drive. a car slams into another car on the i-17. another incident of a wrong-way driver. we'll show you that crash coming up. >> and out there right now we're
6:27 am
no rain. how cold will it be as we get into the afternoon? it's going to be a chilly one. stick around. >> and the 911 calls moments after that knife attack on ohio state's campus. >> plus your drive on loop 101 right now slowing down as you're approaching i-17. a look at your desert drive times.
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we've always believed the holidays should be about joy. where days are filled with magic, not madness. it's why we have amazing prices on thoughtful gifts, everyday. let's bring back the holidays. the average age of a homeless person is 9 years old. my dream is to help kids living on the streets with education. charles what's up man? -whoa! how can we help? -ah man! wait, is that a basketball player? yes! -wow! ut to jump out my chest man. charles you ought to be proud man. i'm just extremely grateful they were here giving them some encouragement- that's something that these kids are going to remember for a lifetime. did you see his big old feet? look.
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i couldn't believe it when i heard it but then i saw it. look at this, the aftermath of a wrong-way crash. it's happened again. this time on the i-17. call it water woes for residents in the valley. what is being dub now to -- done now to help everybody out. >> the new argument doctors are having a first, though, let's talk about a weather alert for the high country. the snow has stopped. the issues have not. >> all flag staff unified school districts are closed today. for a complete list you can head over to cold in the high country but still chilly here too laura. >> it is and it is very cold across the higher terrain. showing that those snow showers
6:31 am
problems on the roadways: and a little bit closer to home down here in the valley. we have mostly clear skies. 53 by 10:00. highs in the low 60s today. how long we stay in the 60s i'll let you know coming up. and we do have a new crash right now. this is going to be i-17 southbound. it sounds like it was blocking the left lane. that's why you're seeing a lot of heavy traffic there. they just moved over to right-hand side. there's the crash and so you are going to see some heavy traffic. probably right near about green way is where that begins. those delays closer to the stack looking a little bit better. i'm hearing word of a new crash on loop 202. talk about scary stuff. a couple minding their own business driving on the i-17 then all of a sudden they look
6:32 am
crashing head on into this couple. this is where it happened on the i-17 near anthem way. justin pazera is in the abc15 live drive. he's been following this story all morning for us. justin i couldn't believe this happened again but what about the driver who caused all of this. >> yeah, that driver he is okay this morning but man what a scary situation. we just got on i-17 at new river. this is pretty much the same place that dpsbe driver got on i-17. we're going the right way. he was on the other side of i-17 going the wrong way. head-on into a subaru. an older couple they were in that car. they were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. dps tells us the driver of the truck they believe a guy in his 40s or 50s. he went three miles the wrong way. listen to dispatch as they tried
6:33 am
>> a possible wrong-way in the northbound lanes. >> how many calls have you had on that? >> 1416 the vehicles collided now. we have visual reports on camera. >> so dps do believe that that guy was impaired. i-17's shut down for three hours this morning. it is back open. live in the abc15 live drive justin pazera abc15. >> justin like an epidemic here. on the u.s. 60 at rural road. you can see the far left lanes shut down around 1:00 this morning. dps confirming three vehicles were involved. i don't have an update on the extent of their injuries danielle. well chris, services have just been announced. he is the phoenix fire captain who was killed in an off road crash. we learned his funeral will be
6:34 am
link to a gofundme page for his four daughters. we have all of that at 50ss maurice crashed on friday. investigators say he was at the wheel of that atv when it took a turn too fast and rolled over. neither of the men involved were wearing seat belts. an arizona man killed is back home in arizona today. two other soldiers also lost their lives during operation inherent resolve. he was serving his third tour overseas. you cannot arrest me until i know i have a warrant. >> hey. you can't hit a girl like that. >> hey. >> certainly can't forget that video. it is now up to the county attorney to determine if any charges will be filed. earlier this month he was caught on this video punching that woman in the face.
6:35 am
classes resuming today at ohio state after that attack on campus. >>911 dispatch: 911 what's your emergency. >> there was a guy who crashed his car. >> well 11 people are still recovering at this hour and the fbi is investigating trying to determine as they say is this an act well the somolie suspect. well it's not just the money that's the issue for the new coyotes arena in the east valley. >> the time ticking for both groups. they will have to move quickly if they want their plans to stay in place. and abc15's nick ciletti is in that. >> here's the thing. the coyotes would still like to lee their current home in
6:36 am
2018-2019 season. according to their agreement with asu the coyotes have until june 30th to finalize all of their budget design and operational plans. the construction company would have to move pretty quickly to make sure the arena is finished. they also need to finalize those plans with the city and the state. the plan right now is to have 16,000 feet of the arena coyotes. there would also be a hotel and possibly some retail venues. also to try to increase attendance. so for the last 13 years the coyotes have been ranked one of the lowest team when is it comes to attendance in the entire nhl since they've been in the west valley in arizona so they're hoping for an up tick with that. donald trump is back at it.
6:37 am
twitter this morning. this in regards to the american flag tweeting out nobody should be allowed to burn the american flag. if they do, there must be consequences. perhaps, loss of citizenship or a year in jail. think this is going to get some feedback. well back in 1989 the supreme court ruled that flag burning is protected by the first amendment. president elect donald trump moving forward with piecing together his cabinet. it appears he selected now this is key because price has been a long time critic of the affordable care act and he would be in charge of replacing it. governor ducey shaping our state's supreme court. first he won approval to expanded bench and now he has named two judges to fill those positions. court of appeals judge named by ducey. democrats and other five
6:38 am
it will cost the state about a million dollars a year for salaries and staff. >> no laughing matter here. a local comedian targeted by thieves. over the weekend about $10,000 worth of props were taken from bradson's trailer and a lot of those items are irreplaceable. >> this is really a gut punch and i'm still kind of numb over the fact that somebody would take that away from us and not allow us to do >> he's now hoping someone will recognize this white trailer. if you have any information please call police. new this morning asu's research park is having a big impact on the local economy. the park has a $1.4 billion impact. the companies that host generate more than 16,000 jobs.
6:39 am
abnet, godaddy, and amcore. chase bank looking to fill 200 positions today. it is happening at the chase tower in downtown phoenix and if you don't have experience they want to hear from you anyway. starts at 9:00 a.m. this morning. and the sun on the way up this morning. you see mostly clear skies out there and it is cold. 30s at this hour. mesa 39. 41 in dear glendale at 30. and we'll stay in the upper 50s and low 60s all day long so it is going to be a pretty cool afternoon. storm system moves off to the east. take snow chances, rain chances out of the state. but we will be on the backside. especially coming up later on tonight across northern arizona. but here in the valley we're topping out at 62. so it's going to be a pretty
6:40 am
we'll have a slight chance of rain returning by friday. a very slight chance of rain about a 10% as we stay well below average. highs toward the end of the week still in the 60s. and we have a couple of crashes for the i-10 drivers. it looks like a car may be slammed into median right there. dps on scene blocking that off for you. so make sure you squeeze to the right to get right by tha another crash for east valley drivers at loop 202 santan. it's in the westbound direction at gilbert road. sounds like it's blocking the left side of the freeway. so far traffic is pretty light so i'm not seeing any extent of delays at this point but i'll keep a close eye on that and let you know. you are seeing delays out in the west valley. from 75th avenue to the mini
6:41 am
but sticking with the roads right now the city of phoenix putting your tax dollars to work as they complete their largest road work project ever. now this is all part of the 2015 transportation initiative. all right. and we've got to talk about this deadly plane crash because there are brand new images from overnight. >> are you ready to ring in the new year? don't plan on that huge block party in tempe. why officials are planning a new kind of celebration. >> and it's giving tuesday. but we want to take action and
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soccer team on board. let me show you that's the new image just being put out. 81 people were on board this plane. 76 died . there was one survivor found under the fus seconds ago i learned an injury might of actually saved a player's life. one person on the soccer team survived. he did not travel dan. >> tough days for the team ahead there. what is happening with the water in buck eye. they seen increases in their water bill. >> last night the city council voted not to raise water rates. the bad news though, the city still doesn't know why everyone's bill suddenly spiked hundreds of dollars and they may not find out. so here's what they do know.
6:46 am
water issue hot line. other accounts are being credited. the city says it will not shut off anyone's water. talk about a tale of two cities here. right now commemorating fidel castro's life and death. tens of thousands are expected to pay tribute to castro in cuba's capital. the funeral is sunday. but from there the mood is more festive in florida. over the week crowds filled the streets in miami. the leaning tower of san francisco might be sinking a little bit quicker. we've been following this as engineers are trying to scratch their head. to sink and to lean. the european space agency has been monitoring that building from space. they have new data that shows it
6:47 am
rate. 1.5" in year's time. we've heard all of of the recommendations of mammograms. when should you stop? now this answers the focus or is the focus of a new debate between doctors. they argue there is not enough evidence. meantime others argue older women could benefit from mammograms since the breast cancer increases with age. well no horsing around. just on foot and the mcso possy patrol on foot. sheriff joe arpaio started the program 23 years ago. you'd be surprised home people don't take the basic precautions to protect themselves and valuables while out shopping. >> purse on top of the
6:48 am
doors open. trunk open. >> you can ask any security officer for an escort if you ever feel unsafe. >> well a big change for this year's block party on mill avenue. so that means there are no tickets or big performers. so black friday, cyber monday has come and gone. >> today is actually giving tuesda your hard earned dollars really go to the cause. you think they're going to. abc15's mary ellen joining us live. mary ellen how are folks supposed to know if a charity is legit? >> well you know the better business bureau actually has a website where you can actually run. my computer. where you can actually search for that charitable event.
6:49 am
business bureau. you just have to enter the charity in the search line and then push search. beware of the grinches just waiting to scam away with that giving heart you have. just because people take donations doesn't mean they're legitimate. make sure you're not taken by the door to door reque donations or e-mails. e-mails get sent out and shared. ask the person to provide document nation of the charity's non profit status. if they can't turn away. and don't limit your donations to the holidays. most of these charities you can give to all year long. and of course we want to remind you that you can go to we've got the link on you can also if you're looking
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us remind you about operation santa claus. it's a joint venture between abc15 and sanderson ford. we also have a link where you can give online to that at live in phoenix mary ellen resendez abc15. it's cold out there. you see maryellen has a coat on this morning. 45. upper 30s out in parts of the valley. bundle up this morning. later on today needed. we'll have light winds out of that west southwesterly direction and air quality looking pretty nice this afternoon as well. 17 in flag staff. 38 right now in globe. we have upper 40s in tuscan and again those mid 40s here across the valley. forecasted highs will be below freezing and some of those high forecasted spots. at the grand canyon. 43 in prescott.
6:51 am
here in phoenix. take a look at your most accurate forecast. below average highs really as we look at the next four to five days. they'll be close to 70 as we wrap up the weekend. first the slight chance of rain coming up friday and saturday. and a few breezes as we go into saturday. well that crash i told you about is now clear from our century link prism traffic center. we are seeing those desert dve 20 minutes from the 17 to the 51 you're slow and go most of that stretch. you're not seeing any crashes in the north valley. in the east valley we are seeing those heavy crashes. westbound right near gilbert road. blocking the left side of the freeway. and this one on the 10. let's give you a look from our a-dot camera right now.
6:52 am
broadway curve. all the way back to loop 202 santan. that could be a much better option, guys. 6:52 and your top stories are now just minutes away. >> arizona getting ready of the day at subway, there's never been a better time to try something deliciously different... ...because every day of the week, you can now get a featured six-inch subway sub
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i'm justin pazera in the abc15 live drive. it has happened again.
6:55 am
a driver. the driefr was impaired. this is the fourth wrong-way driver this week alone. the fourth was on friday. that driver was killed. 35 other people were injured. live in the abc15 live drive time i'm justin pazera. and shock waves sent around the soccer world. killing all but four members of the and it may have been caused by an electrical failure. killed while working the yarnell hill fire back in 2015. plaques will be placed along that trail on state route 89. the memorial opens to the public tomorrow. well you know the saying out there "drive hammered get nailed," that is the focus
6:56 am
just a note the dui nation campaign starts today. near that site where the asu and the coyotes would like to build that hooky arena. a team would like to try to collect some of the sales tax revenue to pay the other $200 million tab for this. we're alzheimer's finding out they have until june 30th. we're live here in tem morning. nick ciletti abc15. 100 homes damaged or destroyed by wild fires in the gatlinberg area. workers are trying to evacuate thousands of animals from an aquarium. >> one last look at our forecast. it's going to be a cool one today and really the rest of the week. we'll be in the 60s. low 60s for highs. could see those upper 60s for the next couple of days. during the afternoon we'll have a few clouds return thursday.
6:57 am
>> and a couple new crashes. that one's blocking the left line. the middle lane is blocked and then a look from our a-dot camera. quite a big response here. i-10 westbound slow to loop 202. >> remember on this giving tuesday if you can give happy holidays from crayola. so when do i start? chemistry, baby! ?air marker spraayer!!!? the holidays just got more surprising. you can find these great gifts and more in the crayola aisle.
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say more with kisses dele. good morning, america. breaking news, a deadly plane crash. at least 75 people killed after a flight carrying this soccer team plummets to the ground. just miles from the airport. at least five people make it out alive. emergency responders searching for more survivors right now. state of emergency, mass evacuations as dozens of wildfires tear through the southeast. prays, we could use your prayers. >> an aquarium with more than 10,000 animals abandoned as orange haze surrounds resort after resort. the growing fires threatening dolly parton's theme park. 100 homes burning as firefighters pour in to battle the blazes. new details about what may have turned this honor student into a terrorist -- going on a rampage with his car then slashing people injuring 11. >> he was trying to hurt as many as he could. >> the hero officer who stopped


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