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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 29, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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this is abc15 news taking action. >> they died while trying to keep us safe. now you'll be able to pay your respects to the 19 granite mountain hot shots. >> and devastation, destruction now worldwide grief after 75 people died when their plane crashed into the mountains in columbia. >> we're standing near the site that proposed new coyotes arena right across from tempe marketplace. but they might have trouble getting off the ground. new obstacles the team is facing. >> these 19 men lost their life here and i think it's important that we honor that sacrifice. >> and today we honor 19 of our state's bravest heroes. the grande mountain hot spots.
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danielle lerner. >> a plaque with the names of all 19 men will be mraesed along that trail. good morning i'm justin pazera. the memorial will be open to the public tomorrow. and south route 89 will be closed today until 4:00 this afternoon. let's switch gears and talk some weather now. the snow has stopped but it left behind some dangerous c in the high country. what's causing the problems. those icy conditions. the cold temperatures making problems slippery. all flag staff unified schools are closed today. so is more snow in the forecast? what about rain? so many questions for you laura thomas. >> i tell you the kwold temperatures are going to be sticking around but the snow and the rain is out of here. live look outside.
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still out there. even with all this sunshine. so it's going to take a day or two before that begins to melt as we filter in these cool temperatures. you had on this morning clear skies here on the valley. we hit the 40s this morning. deer valley at 55. and today temperatures only going to top out right around 60 degrees and mesa 61. glendale upper 50s in deer valley. it is going to be one of those days. you need to keep the jacketsn hours. we'll have more on those temperatures. it's a warm up. well it happened yet again another wrong-way crash on a valley highway. this time the driver managed to go three miles the wrong way. this happened near i-15 and anthem. the wrong way driver was in a ford f150. there were two people in that subaru that the guy hit.
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impairment a likely factor in this crash. you can see the far left shut down around 1:00 this morning. dps telling us three vehicles they were involved in this one. at least one person was taken to the hospital for those injuries. investigators are looking into what caused this house fire early this morning in mesa. one room caught fire near the middle of the house. one person in that home was able to get out safely. happy to say they injured. it is back to class today for students at ohio state university. students who went on a rampage injuring several people there. the suspect who was killed searched by police overnight. and kenneth moten is in columbus ohio with the latest details. >> today ohio state university is working to get back to normal. overnight local and federal authorities searched the home. >> you look at your neighbors
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children. >> investigators say the osu student hit several people with this honda yesterday before jumping out with a butcher knife. he went on the attack before the campus police shot and killed him. students of the large university barricaded themselves inside classrooms. >> once we barricaded the door everyone kind of sat in the corner. >> it was all kind of terrifying at first because you really don't think it's going to happen to you. >> but now ortan. >> the smolie born student jumped in joy across the stage. angry about the treatment of muslims posting on facebook minutes before the attack i can't take it anymore. muslim leaders in ohio urged people not to jump to
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and the smolie. >> investigators work to figure out if the suspect's motive. tonight student organizations including one representing smolie will hold a buck eye strong community event. abc15 news columbus ohio. >> and he mentioned that possible link between this attack. a lot of people of course asked the question are we safe here at home. >> yeah as investigators work to figure out are we safe. valley law enforcement agencies train year-round for worst case scenarios. the most vulnerable spots those soft targets. >> so that includes schools, malls, airports, hospitals, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. >> we are at war in this country in the community. more concern this year than the
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on on terrorism. >> so the big take away from this if you see something suspicious say something. >> well police at the university of arizona making their policies known about how to respond to a situation like the one at ohio state. it's a three step plan. run if you can. hide if you need to and fight if you must. it's a concept many law enforcement agencies do promote. right now law enforcement agencies from all across our state telling you something that you already know. don't drink and drive and if you do they're nail you for it. this is a live look right now. the dui task force arrests hundreds of impaired drivers every holiday season. in fact more than 25,000 dui arrests were made in arizona just last year. new questions this morning just about how exactly the coyotes will pay for the brand
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taxpayers would split the bill. this morning we're getting more information about how all that's going to work. it's expected to be about $4 million. that coyotes need taxpayers to pick up half the tab so $200 million of that. one way to do that collecting part of the sales tax that is generated from this joint arena complex. but the team's president and ceo looking for a handout. >> we are not going in asking for, you know, a government to build us an arena. we are going to be the group that takes the risk on the associated costs and of course the operations of the facility. >> they have until june 30th to work it out with asu. so the design, their timeline. all of that. but they alsz are saying they're going to be out of their current
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the 2018-2019 season. you need a new home before you get out of the old home. we'll keep you posted on what we're hearing out here in tempe. reporting for abc15 this morning i'm nick ciletti. tragedy for brazilian soccer team. the plane taking them to the championship match crashes killing dozens. what we know about the crash and those six survivors. >> should there be for mammograms. the new arguments doctors are having about your health. >> california cities went to tax streaming services like netflix and amazon. are you on board with taxes like this. even if it means you'll pay an
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lot of recommendations about mammograms, haven't we? they say every woman should start getting them at 40 but when should you stop? some argue there's not enough evidence to endorse mammograms after the age of 75 but others argue there's older women that can benefit from mammograms. >> well looking for a get away at one of the best places in town. aaa arizona unveiling which resorts and restaurants which ones are the best in for resorts the fairmount scottsdale princess and the ve nooegs. those are all at the top. all have earned the prestigious five diamond awards. >> scott hol mer is on the road. he started in san diego and
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tonight's final concert is at shadow mountain high school and benefits team lifeline. you may remember we sat down with scott last week. because of his own very personal struggle. >> back in '08 when the market crashed i made some bad decisions and at my lowest point i put a gun in my mouth and was going to pull the trigger and i've gone to make a difference and use it for some good. >> and of course we wish him the best of luck. doors open at 6:30 tickets are just $1. celebrating a music legend and partying like it's 1999 all at the same time. how you can honor prince. >> and only making it into the
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a valley father is mourning the loss of his son whose body park. crews started searching for the phoenix man on sunday. this bad weather too. rain and snow in the park there. temperatures were below freezing. searchers found his body in that area of the park yesterday. vince's father was holding out hope that his son would be found alive. >> let me tell you everybody that we know, everybody that our friends know.
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it was unbelievable. >> vince's father says vince loves to be outside. an autopsy is scheduled. so investigators can try and figure out how he died. new developments in the mine and waste field. the u.s. supreme court is now asking the justice department to review a lawsuit. a worker with the dpa accidentally triggered the 3 million gallon spill last year. closer to home some drama desert. a possible lawsuit could be in the works. the scottsdale city council met last night. the goal is to build the museum style property on the mcdoughson reserve. neighbors say that is preserved land. >> and i wanted to believe you. but i'm concerned. when i retired 10 years ago i was hoping i would never have to
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politics again. >> the actual construction is still months away. prince fans got a listen of never before heard got to listen to a never-before-heard song called moon beam level. you can hear it yourself in paisley park in april. you can buy a four day v.i.p. pass. single day passes are not available. a small snoshg town's dealing with an invasion. it's not bugs, rodents or and they're all hoping to spot hillary clinton. remember this picture of a woman who just happened upon clinton hiking in chapawa. some are describing this as a political pokemon go. ? it's operation santa claus ? ? it sure is that means it's time to take action and help out
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kids' clothes for an amazing charity. >> we just want to jam out to. super easy right here. stop by sanderson ford or lincoln or abc15 studios or any of the 120 plus ups location stores in the valley or you can always donate at wolves, foxes and bears with all the snow the park is opened 9:00 to 4:00 every single day. >> love those. look at that little guy. >> so many people enjoying the snow. >> definitely. those icy roads. 56 degrees here. so it's not warm here. >> no it's not. it's definitely chilly out there. that will continue. not going to see a big warm up today. at least a light jacket throughout the afternoon. we have the clear skies this
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that's where you'll see a little bit of cloud cover as you look off behind the superstition mountains. we're sitting at 56. we'll be topping out today at 62 before we fall right back into those 50s as we get into that 6:00 hour and then a cold night ahead for all of us across the valley. satellite-radar mp that storm system continues to move to the east. that takes the precipitation with it but it will be bringing in cold air across the state of arizona as we go through the next couple of days and another quick moving disturbance brings a little cloud cover maybe some high country in the snow. that not until friday. let's talk about what's happening out there. 30s along the rim. 56 in phoenix. 55 in bull head city and 30 at
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right there in flag staff. window rock at 30. 43 in payson and again we'll warm up just a few more degrees in phoenix. topping out at 62. overnight temperatures single digits north. this is where we find freeze warnings that go into effect for tonight. so you can prepare today as temperatures dip 22 degrees. san carlos. globe 28. roosevelt lake also going that freezing point and superior will be right there at 32. so this afternoon you want to make sure before you sun sets you want to make sure you get out and cover the plants. again with those temperatures below freezing. first freeze of this season there. 44 in scottsdale. 47 in apache junction. 46 tomorrow morning in tempe. it is going to be a cold one. you need the jackets tomorrow.
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60s across the valley. today that is below our average high. take a look at your most accurate forecast with me. a few clouds returning as that next disturbance moves in. 10% chance for maybe a couple sprinkles out there friday afternoon into early saturday. we'll have some breezes return as well before those upper 60s are in the forecast sunday and monday. flames behind her and cliffs around her. a mesa woman forced to evacuate from these tennessee. she shares her story coming up. >> and do you love to bing watch? be careful. it could eventually effect you.
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well today we are helping a little pup find a good home. loving some scratches right here. this is ashley with the arizona humans society and you have a little special guest here. >> yes, this is sophie. she's about a year old and she's had a rough start. as you can see she's got a broken leg. she's actually rescued by our emergency animal medical technician a few weeks ago. she'd be hit by could have definitely had a much more difficult devastating phase. she's been recovering in our second chance animal hospital and we're going to be treating her for a few more weeks. she's doing really great. >> well she manages to get around pretty well in that cast right there. she's adjusted. >> the animals are so resilient. >> and you were talking about
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and i've toured it you guys helped out a lot of ain'ts. >> yeah, just this last week alone we've treated over 7100 animals and last year over 11,000 animals were saved thanks to the care they received in our hospital. all of these animals that we saved just thanks to the community's help from donations to chance and our emts are medical respond to thousands of calls. so we're very busy. more than half the animals that come into our shelter are injured so we really do rely on donations to help our cause. >> yeah, and it's like a legit emergency room pretty much. >> yeah, and we see throughout
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coming in. >> so if somebody wants sophie right here you said she's not going to be available for a little bit longer because we've got to wait until she's pretty much held up. >> she's a very sweet girl. she's only about a year old. just let us know and give our shelt are a ring. and in the meantime if you can help us during the holidays. today's giving saturday and there is shelter who can definitely benefit. >> you know, even just $5 would help with medication in our hospital. $10 would help provide life saving care. so even the littlest bit goes a long way. >> ashley with the arizona humans society. thanks so much.
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in our community. well still to come are you ready to ring in the new year? don't plan on that huge block party in tempe. we'll let you know why officials
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well talk about destruction. this is all that's left of the
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75 people. a lot of those people on board were members of a brazilian soccer team. >> investigators are on scene right now of this crash. six survived. abc's elizabeth her is in new york with the latest. >> crews begin removing bodies from the crash site where you can barely make out this was a plane and survivors. according to authorities there are six survivors rushed to the hospital overnight. many of them members of a brazilian soccer team on its way to a tournament killed. calling the incident extremely sad. the circumstances are still under investigation but so far we are told the british
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charter company. and this is a look at the flight radar showing the final moments the plane circling several times. the crew reportedly seeing there was an electrical problem before the crash. one of the players allen roshell seen here with his teammate is said to be one of the survivors. >> authorities say in all three soccer players two and one journalist survived and for the 75 victims, brazilian president just declared three days of mourning. elizabeth her abc news new york. ferocious winds just torching resort towns in tennessee. just to get people out of the way to safety. thousands of residents and
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have been evacuated. if you're not familiar this is a wait smokey mountain region. three people who suffered severe burns have now been transferred from a knoxville hospital to eye burn unit. rain is in the forecast interest today and tomorrow so firefighters are hoping that wet weather will douse some of those flames. and a mesa woman forced out of gatlinberg and these are some the drive out. >> we were at the top of the mountain actually going down we literally drove through flames and visibility was 0% right there. >> happy to say they did make it safely down the mountain. she says not only were they watching those flames as they drove but they had to be careful as they had to avoid steep cliffs. an arizona hero killed while
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home this morning. two other soldiers also lost their lives during operation inherent resolve. staff sergeant mckaren will be at arlington national cemetery. he was serving his tour overseas. you cannot arrest me until i have a warrant. >> this video still tough to watch even all these weeks later. but the decision on whether to file charges is attorney after this video surfaced earlier this month showing flagstaff mrifr jeff bonnar punching that woman in the face. so what is happening with water in buck eye. will even lower prices for homes who use larger amounts. the bad news is the city really doesn't know why everyone's bill suddenly went up hundreds of
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find out about this. here's what they do know. they have called the water issue hot line. they have been remedied but other accounts are being credited. the city will not shut off anyone's water without investigating that bill first. over the weekend about $10,000 worth of props were taken from brad sdim's trailer. a lot irreplaceable. >> this is really a gut punch and i'm still kind of numb over the fact that somebody would take that away from us and not allow us to do what we do. >> he's hoping someone will recognized the white traitor. if you know anyone please call police. so new year's eve will be here before you know it.
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be happening. basically somewhat cancelled. this year it will be up to individual bars and restaurants to put on their own events. there's one thing happening this holiday season. you'll see the possy volunteers patrolling all of our major malls and cars on foot. but no horses this year. that's a change. and says his possy has helped stop many car break-ins and helped to you'd be surprised how many people don't take precautions to protect their valuables while out shopping. >> person on the top of the car. loading packages. person in the basket loading packages. >> while you're out shopping if you don't feel safe you can ask a security officer for an escort to your car. to expand the bench from 5 to 7.
11:36 am
fill those positions. andrew gold and solicitor. democrats and other five justices all opposed adding new judges. it will cost the state about a million dollars a year for salaries and for staff. the city of phoenix putting your tax dollars to work. they are about to finish their largest road paving season ever. that's about 4 times what they typically see. this is all transportation 2050 initiative. well bingeing on netflix soon might not be so chill. >> and arizona's prosoccer team ready to show up for you.
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we certainly hope you'll join us this saturday as phoenix lines up for the 30th annual phoenix electric parade. all the fun starts at 7:00 right off central and montebello. if you can't make it that's at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. phoenix are you ready for a little soccer. our own team right here ge switching things up i should say. maybe a new logo. joining us here it's frank with phoenix rising. you've got to tell us phoenix rising. >> we changed our logo to phoenix rising. big change for us and we've announced the stadium site and a training facility. big news right now for us. >> so tell us about this new
11:40 am
stadium. >> yeah. so the site has been picked as the 202-101 junction. a great area for fans to get to the state yum. which you'll be great for them in scottsdale. very excited about t. big things to come for this club. so it's good. >> is there a big fan base here. >> there is. if there's any exhibition games usually very highly attended. three years. we've changed the name and the logo and the feel for it and i think it's going to go places now. i'm not sure everyone knew about the team but stuff we're doing today and yesterday's big announcement. >> i would imagine with the big stadium people are going to know about you guys. >> yeah, so we're basically
11:41 am
and obviously as it goes along it's going to be great. >> when do you expect to have this done? >> well at the start of the season which is march. >> oh, my goodness. >> the pop up doesn't take that long probably three to four weeks. it's basically like a golf grand stand. >> we're looking at a map right there of where the new facility is going to go and of course you brought two new facilities. >> this is blade gav the board right now. >> and i like the shirts. i like the new logo. >> the only group we've got right now is this fantastic and we've been working on this for two months and the things i've done in the two months have been fantastic. frank with phoenix rising. >> i think you guys have some
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ahead. thanks guys for coming in. hey is your iphone charger a fire hazard. joe lets you know how to tell if yours is a fake. >> and chilly out there right now we're setting in the 50s.
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we are keeping a close eye
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sitting at 19,132. impacting one of the country's biggest airports chicago o'hare about 500 workers walking off the job and demanding union rights. those workers ranging from cabin claims. all of them work for minimum wage. they were hitting the streets demanding cha these workers are from fast food change. uber drivers also joining the fight. uber has said in the past drivers in its top 20 u.s. markets actually average more than $19 an hour. drivers complain of expressive fare cuts and no accounting changes. have you had a bad experience at a hotel or
11:46 am
congress is sending legislation to president obama to make sure you won't have legal reprocushions. the bill is in response to signing clauss and then suing if a bad review happens to be brought up online. dunces of california cities are in the process of adding a binge tax for streaming services like netflix and hulu. to make up (4) 700-0000 net frix subscribers in the u.s. this could mean a potential tax pot of over half a billion dollars a year. netflix saying this has dangerous precedent. >> if you have a website or app or utilities anything can be utility. >> to our knowledge no arizona city is thinking of doing this just yet.
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watch your social media feed. a consumer alert right now about holiday scams that could be targeting you on your smartphone. three big ones to watch out for. a text message saying that you won a gift card. it takes you to a website where you enter all of your personal information. the other scam facebook egreeting cards. that infect your phone or your computer. the bottom line be skeptical of any offer for a freebee that sounds too good to be true. it may be the first thing you did this morning. pulled your phone off the charger. well if the charger's a knock off it can also be a fire hazard. >> my alarm was going off saturday morning and like clock work i pulled the charger from my phone. >> until this happened... >> i just heard an explosion. i stopped a second like what was
11:48 am
covering started. appl spour products and lighten cables sold as genuine by the company says 90% were fakes with design flaws that create risks of overheating, fire, and electrical shock. apple says for third parties the proof is in the packaging. apple certified have the made for. it will show the words designed by apple in california. we'll tell you which of the three countries terrify made in. >> all the regular cords they bend and show wires over time. so i was thinking that this would hold up. >> the place where she bought her charger isn't selling them anymore. if you've got a problem let me
11:49 am
holidays. it's happening in the phoenix chase tower in downtown phoenix. if you don't have experience they want to hear from you anyway. grab your nice shirt, your shoes and your risumis and get there before 7:00 tonight for your opportunity. >> new this morning asu's research par is having a big impact on the local economy. the park has a $1.(400) 000-0000 impact and the 320-acre site has 51 tenants including amazon. so if you like sweater weather you're in luck today. >> yeah. it kind of makes you want to go shopping. >> i want to shop every day. i was there yesterday shopping. >> outside right now we're in the 50s. we'll see those low 60s. winds a little breezier right
11:50 am
so 62. that's when we hit today. phoenix coming up in just a few hours and then we'll cool quickly once the sun sets here. air quality forecast looking good today. if you're going to get out do anything outdoors. maybe a little golf. going to be a nice day. going to be a cool day. but plenty of sunshine and really some night winds in the forecast this afternoon. here's what the satellite radar composite is looking for. we had the rain down to the south. that all out to the east will continue east as the storm system moves out of here. even further into the northeast. maybe just a couple of clouds here and there passing through. so it is going to be a cold and clear night. that will be the biggest story this evening are the very cold temperatures that are on the way. you'll notice as we get into tomorrow and wednesdays we're keeping things clear and we're keeping things dry. maybe you need to wash the car. here's what it looks like. sunny skies.
11:51 am
10% chance coming up on friday. afternoon highs staying in the 60s. so again go ahead and wash the car this week. but again the forecast and the biggest story is going to be the temperatures that are on the way tonight. 30 in flag staff. 41 in sedona. 39 out the door and payson with the 50s here and tuscan sitting at 53. lows tonight looking for first 50 in globe. 30 in flagstaff. so temperatures won' whole lot. and you'll drop to eight degrees tonight. 4 in window rock. and globe and many spots and parts of northern pinell county. even extreme northeastern maricopa county will be hitting the freezing mark and that will be some of the first freezes of the season this evening. it is going to be cold. 39 and care manufacture free tomorrow morning. 52 today. this afternoon and then you're
11:52 am
41 tomorrow morning and wickenberg 45. and anthem 61. back into those 40s as we head into the overnight hours. take a look at your most accurate forecast. a chilly week ahead. we'll keep those low 60s in the forecast. brings a very slight chance. maybe a couple of sprinkles out there but most of us will stay dry. a few breezes saturday morning into the afternoon and then we'll see those upper 60s to near 70 degrees as the late weekend into early next
11:53 am
i am totally blind i lost my sight in afghanist. if you're totally bli, i am totally blind
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24 or visit abc15 poll of the day. >> now to the results of the poll of data i we wanted to know if you would pay extra for streaming services.
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>> as we come up on the trefl am hour. a memorial for the 19 granite hot shots killed in the fire. unveiling plaques with all of the names of those killed along the trail. the public can see it tomorrow. >> elaine chow is president elect's labor secretary under president george w. bush and the first asian woman to serve on the cab well you know the saying "drive hammered get nailed." and that is the focus this holiday season as agents across the state launch a dui task force campaign. it is like a real-life game of hungry hippo. >> a hippo actually attacks a
11:56 am
>> geeze. didn't see that one coming. scary stuff there. the man was traveling in the kruger national park in south africa when he spots the hippo. takes out his phone to start recording it and then boom. the hippo charges. actually took out a chunk of metal with his teeth. >> oh, my gosh. holy cow. why didn't the guy just drive off. i'm surprised the air bags didn't go off right there. you can see today's stop stories at 2:00 every weekday. this next story is pretty funny and strange. others decided they would spend their money on digging a giant hole asking people to donate money to the whole. they raised more than $100,000
11:57 am
a deeper meaning to the hole. >> at least there was a good reason our producer was seeing if they'd donate. >> look. >> i think we just wasted 30 seconds right there. >> let's talk about the forecast then because this isn't going to be a waste. >> there we go. that's what i like. >> let's go later. outside today 62. 63 wednesday. 64. cover return thursday. very isolated rain chance not looking like much at all. few breezes going into saturday and close to 70 by the end of the weekend. a cool afternoon. enjoy it while you can.
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? >> announcer: today, forget complicated recipes. we're keeping it simple and going back to holiday basics. clinton's in the kitchen with "scandal's" bellamy young. carla's serving up a show-stopping dessert with the "cake boss" himself, buddy valastro. and michael's revealing restaurant secrets to help you have a stress-free holiday. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] whoa. it's a good audience today. good audience.


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