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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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this is abc15 news. taking action. the sites on east family house -- the lights on and east valley house. someone stole a car with the baby in the backseat. it comes to business. mitt romney has some harsh words to the man who today might become his boss. welcome to abc15 mornings. >> it is 45 degrees right now in the valley but some other parts of our state are dealing with freeze warnings. >> southeast of casa grande these areas are all under
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this morning as temperatures will drop below freezing for the first time this season. we have some cold spots just around the valley and even some 30s with phoenix holding on to mid 40s. it will stay clear and cool throughout the day warming up to 56 by lunchtime and i had today of only 60 the degrees. i will show you which cities are in the 30s in just a few minutes. junction where fire went right through a mobile home. here is apache trail and the woman is in critical condition after being pulled out by deputies. neighbors first saw the flames near crimson and apache trail and called 911. they found the woman in her 60s lying on the woman -- lying on
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as soon as i have another update i will let you know. a suspect start early this morning with dps trying to pull over a car near the prison to the people inside the car took off and s.w.a.t. officers cannot find the suspects but they did find drugs in the car. officers are looking for stolen car but it is much more. the suspect stole his car with the the the inside. what they did next was a valley mother very grateful. justin pazera has the story. >> reporter: phoenix police are looking for the stolen car right now. those crooks dropped the baby off randomly on the sidewalk and told the folks to call police.
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on abc15. the baby is reunited with mom and dad. once those crooks realized the girl was inside the car they dropped the baby had a complete stranger's house. a woman came running up with the the the and said call police. >> i'm angry, but i am glad that they did it in a way because it is better for them to drop it off somewhere where there is people will be safe. that is the lady who got the baby until police got there until the baby was reunited. right now the police are looking for a silver tundra pickup. i am justin pazera, abc15 .
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every year. people say crooks are swiping christmas decorations and one family said someone got away with christmas inflatable's on monday and just put them in a bag and then took off. people in the street are pregnant with your decorations because they are concerned about theft. >> we love christmas. it is our favorite time of the year. in the middle of summer we aren't jamming to christmas music on pandora. >> one neighbor put decorations on the roof so it be harder to steal. a wrong way driver is facing charges after a wreck near and then. dps tell us that most wrong-way crashes are caused by impaired drivers.
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to stop the drivers from getting on the freeway the wrong direction. larger signs and arrows and even fancy technology. >> we can try to defeat this but at the end of the day it is upon each of us to defeat the wrong-way driver. >> state officials say the number of deaths in arizona is at a three-year high. back to the live desk right now folks in praying for a miracle after 14 wildfires are currently burning in and around gatlinburg. those flames have claimed the lives of three people with 15,000 acres having burned. to look at these images. the fire just spread rapidly. >> i said we have got to go and
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stay home and do what you do and get off this mountain. >> at least 14,000 people have been forced to evacuate. the smokey mountains are the home to the dollywood theme park. she says she is just heartbroken . she is praying for the families and firefighters who are working to keep everyone safe. >> these flames kansas city. the fire was sparked by a pipeline explosion. our sister station in missouri tells us it was carrying propane and thankfully no one was hurt. 19 heroes remembered. the hotshots now have a state park in their honor. governor doug ducey ducey gathered with family and you
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each of the heroes. >> it is kind of unbelievable. it means they are remembering them this way. >> the trail leads to 19 memorial markers at the spot the hotshots took their final step. it is 7 miles round-trip. we are expecting another big announcement from donald trump. one of his join the cabinet. abc15's katie conner is joining us to talk about it this morning. it seems like these guys did not like each other at all. >> reporter: mitt romney may be joining the team at donald trump. they had dinner last night in new york city with their wives. right now mitt romney is a leading candidate for secretary of state.
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a critic on the gop side. they take the stage in mesa and at the time either of them would even mention the name of trump while romney has changed his tune. john mccain is not changing his mind. >> mr. trump's comments i have not and i will not. >> why not? >> >> reporter: he says he will not comment on every comment. >> katie conner, thank you. phoenix police just posted these pictures to their facebook page to try to track down an armed robber. a woman was walking to her car when this guy stole her purse.
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and call silent witness if you have information at 480-witness. it is that time of the year when he should really exchange phone numbers with your neighbor. police say raymond salazar was caught inside this home. the neighbor said he saw the guy on the roof and called the homeowner right away. he said he was looking for a place to sleep. we have had some 30s in the valley with mesa one of the coldest spots down to 36 degrees. we have some 30s but today is seeing mid-30s. tempe is still 40 degrees with glendale dropping to 39 and goodyear checking in at 43 degrees. we have cold temperatures and i think they will drop farther so
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into work. temperatures will stay cold through the day and we will break down the hour by hour planner in just a few minutes. abc15 desert drive times is brought to you by centurylink prism. >> we are starting at your commute with no crashes on the freeway right now. it is no slowdowns on the east valley and on i-10 in the east valley a little bit more busy then typically problems right as you are approaching us-60. >> mallory, it appears that the tech dynasty -- tech dynasty has come to an end. plane for college football chairmanship and today they are looking for a new coach after a disastrous season and the finish with a better record
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storms taking a deadly turn in the southeast. more on the damage. a car launches up a major freeway plummeting into a homeless encampment. investigators are trying to figure out what happened.
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good morning, everybody. right here on abc15 mornings it is a chilly 45 degrees right now as we look at downtown phoenix. your most accurate forecast is coming up in a few minutes but first chris housebreaking
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the ipod very quickly. this is brand-new coming in from the huntsville station. this is a 24-hour day care and three children have now been rushed to the hospital in critical condition. a tornado warning was issued throughout the state of alabama. this is video damage with several also injured and mississippi and louisiana is without power. investigators are trying to figure out what happened after a car launched off the los angeles freeway and landed on a homeless encampment. one person was killed and three others injured. the crane has lifted the car back onto the freeway so investigators could
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cirque du soleil show was canceled when a technician was hit by a list and later died. that incident is now under investigation. the driver in the deadly school bus crash is facing a judge in tennessee. it is the first time we have seen johnthony walker since the children were killed. children from that school bash are still -- school bus i still in the hospital. the husband of the mom who disappeared for three weeks are speaking out. his wife allegedly kidnapped while out for a drag. he told george stephanopoulos she weighed only 87 pounds when she was found. investigators were surprised her husband went into so much
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information that was put in his press release today that were hoping to keep a tight lid on as far as what we will released to the public. >> today we are expecting to learn more about the women who held her captive. tracy morgan will avoid jail time. kevin talbert pleaded guilty killing james mcnair. the deal includes 300 hours of community service and fines. a large truck crashes right into the front of the tampa gun shop. you can see a dozen the use --
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>> we did have bars on the window. >> now the concern is where these guns are going. thousands of workers walk out of a job to fight for a $15 minimum wage. when dozen people were arrested -- one dozen people were arrested. the arizona minimum wage will go up to $12 per hour in the next couple this is all part of proposition 206. women work in critical jobs that are still underpaid. a new report reveals more than a quarter of women in our country working in job fields that are growing fast but pay less than $15 an hour. researchers say many of these positions are undervalued
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performed by women. a lot of people checking reviews to find out if the items you are shopping for our worth the money or not. there is now a new tool and it is a website called fake spot. type in an address and they will analyze the language in timing of the reviewer. they have recently sued more sellers who buy fake reviews experts recommend changing the filter from default to most recent. it is time now for your most accurate forecast with 45 degrees in phoenix and clear skies. we have had clear skies through the overnight hours allowing temperatures to really get cold this morning. we are down to 45 in sky harbor
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the north. arshne rise -- our sunrise is 7:14 with a lot of 30s and an early heads-up to bundle up. i do think the temperature will cool before we bottom out and see the temperature climb again. mesa is down to 36 and chandler as well even in maricopa it is 34 degrees. degrees. a chilly start across the entire valley this morning with freeze alerts. northeast maricopa county is included this morning and southeast pinal county in the alert until 10:00 this morning. we have more freeze warnings
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michalis -- nogales. it is even colder up north. tech up -- check out the temperature in flagstaff below zero at the grand canyon and also payson is 45. we will keep getting this cool air from the north today but no storm systems are in sight. by friday another storm moves in. it will reinforce the cooler air. and we will keep those clear skies in the forecast today. tomorrow some high clouds and by friday some cloud cover. the forecast is for now looking dry. as you plan your day plan on cold temperatures this morning.
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lunchtime and the high today is 1 degree warmer then yesterday. so we are off to a cold start and look at that seven-day forecast with temperatures staying cool through friday. temperatures do get a little warmer this weekend before another drop in temperatures by next tuesday. who could see rain and snow in just a few minutes, mallory . southbound we are seeing all green and this is southbound until you hit mcdowell. even around the durango curve. i want to give you a quick look from our adot camera. it is getting busy but still delay free. in a couple minutes i will bring down your complete i-10 drive.
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operation santa claus. we are collecting money and kids toys. drop off your donation is so easy. you can stop by sanderson ford lincoln or the abc15 studios or any of the ups store locations. you can always donate at facebook has added instant games to messenger. >> you can now use a chat app four games and much more. even challenge your friends and show off your scores. new data has been added going back to 1984 and you can also see how antarctica has changed as well as london and new york. this is a hot glue gun for keys.
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and then squirt it on two crackers or chips. -- onto crackers or chips. >> that is the technology
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a herd of cattle busted out of a trailer and they enjoyed every moment. >> they are just exploring this sacramento neighborhood trampling over fences and cowboys finally healthy officers. -- helped the officers. kansas police set up some cameras to find a mountain lion. >> but they never expected to get this image. >> i lady with a walker and a bow and arrow was really, call. >> police never did catch the mountain lion. they say they are not after whoever was in that costume performing for the cameras. get ready to grab those jackets. which spots are down into the 30s this morning next. the deadly storms are
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just about 5:00 and right now a heartbreaking story with a baby boy killed when a driver backs up and run some over. how the community is coming together to get through this tough time. crooks take off in a stolen
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next coming up. two arizona names joining the team of trump. who they are coming. >> you are watching abc15 mornings with danielle lerner, christopher sign, dan spindle, iris hermosillo, and valerie more. the small window we have. a lot of temperatures in the 30s this morning. those temperatures in the 30s and 40s across the valley with a clear and cold morning. the afternoon stakeholders to but it is sunny and dry. the temperature in phoenix just dropping 243. i mentioned we would keep dropping and i still think we could drop even further this afternoon. i will break down your hour by


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