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tv   ABC15 News at 11AM  ABC  November 30, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MST

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right now we begin with an update to a pretty unsettling situation for parents and students. a lockdown just listed about 25 minutes ago. they were under a precautionary lockdown because of police activity in the area. and a double shooting at a phoenix lightrail station now a double murder investigation. a second victim identified as 46-year-old raymond woolford has died. new surveillance video show as man in a hoodie may have fired the shots sunday night at 24th street and jefferson. a 37-year-old was also killed. if you recognize the man in the video or know anything about this, call phoenix police or silent witness. and all new at 11:00, a charlotte police officer that shot and killed a plaque man at an apartment complex will not face charges. the district attorney says the officer acted lawfully and was justified in killing keith
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scott's family said he was not armed, however, as a lengthy news conference. surveillance video from a nearby store shows the outline of a hosterred gun on scott's ankle and dna was found on the slide and grip of the gun. you know how we all leave our cars running while we run back in the house? well, we have all done it but this time the woman with hur baby being stolen with the car after people took the car. the woman held onto the little girl so tight until police got there. >> we were happy we were there. it is better we were there to save her instead of her just being dropped off and having to spend the night like outside in the cold. >> police are still looking for the suspect and the silver tundra pickup, the license
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screen. tennessee firefighters working hard this hour at this home near cirine and baseline. they told there were fire coming from the attic. everyone was told to get out and got out okay. phoenix sky harbor officially dropping to 41 degrees as we start out our day. abundant sunshine. it is a slow warm-up after the cold start. we are still in the 50s in much of the valley. 55 in 54 in deer valley and chandler is checking this at just 52 degrees right now. phoenix sky harbor 55 degrees but the slow warm up will continue this afternoon and today overall it will end up being a cool day with sunny skies in the forecast through the afternoon. our high makes it to 63 degrees. that forecast is a degree higher than yesterday's high temperature. and today cooler than average. now, you will notice that the temperatures are back in the upper 50s after sunset.
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tonight for parts of the state. i will show you where those are and what to expect in the valley in just minutes. >> thank you, iris. first we have to get to new information. we learned the identity of a 1- year-old boy who lost his life in a tragic accident. members say javier hernandez slipped away from a family gathering and a neighbor backing out a truck didn't see him, backed right over that little boy. his parents were so distraught they didn't want to wait for the ambulance. they tried to rush the hospital on their own but it was too late. >> i see people going crazy. i think it was a dad who was shot. he was so angry. >> a heart wrenching situation here. family members have started a gofundme page for the young family. all the information is posted on a fire tears through a mobile home in apache junction.
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critical condition after being pulled out of the house. neighbors first saw the flames near cristman and the apache trail. they called 9-1-1. deputies arrived on the scene first and found the woman in her 60s laying on her living room floor. the crews broke out a window and pulled her out. she was air lifted to a phoenix hospital. new this morning we are learning more about the gilbert teenager killed in an offroad crash at roosevelt lake. cameron kay always had a fishing pole in hand. he was rolled over by a vehicle. a celebration of life for the teen is set for friday morning in gilbert. and in scottsdale it says devils on his hat. that may be the best clue in finding this guy. he robbed the wells fargo near scottsdale and thomas, police say. no getaway car.
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him. well, president-elect donald trump will have 1,000 jobs staying in indiana instead of going to mexico. trump and vice president-elect mike pence working out a deal with carrier corporation to stay in that state. many speculate they gave the company a tax break or incentive. trump will leave his business empire behind as he enters the white house. the president-elect tweeting even though he is not required to leave his company, he wants to focus on run country. trump and his kids will hold a news conference on december 15th to lay out the plans for the company. and former goldman sachs executive steven mnuchin will head the treasury department and being area investor wilbur ross will be the next secretary. well, donald trump will be shoring up his transition team. dewitt will serve as special advisor for operations.
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down from his current position as strait treasurer. stephanie gresham worked for the house in arizona and will serve as trump's press director. >> and soon we will find out if sheriff arpaio will have a job in the white house. his contempt of course case has been moved to april 4th. the sheriff faces six months of jail time if convicted. switching gears now, 19 fallen heros always remembered. they died three years ago and now have a state park in their honor. the governor gathered with the friends and family of the 19 men for the dedication ceremony yesterday. you will see plaques commemorating each of the heros. >> it is kind of unbelievable, really. it is sad but it is neat that they are remembering them this way. it is pretty awesome. >> the trail leads to 19
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spots where the hot shots took their final steps. the entire hike is seven miles round trip. and the remains of fidel castro returning to where his revelation began, being taken across the island nation on the journey that will replace the path he took after seizing power but in reverse, ending with castro's funeral in santiago on sunday. it looks like people may have partied too hard over the investing holiday weekend. we have our hands on the dwi -- weekend and we now have our hands on the dwi report, 320 arrested for dwis. most were misdemeanor, nearly the double legal limit at .15. and a lot of people were in a hurry because more than 2,600 drivers were ticketed for speeding. the flu can be serious. >> well, the start of the flu
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are protected. we are taking action to help you stay healthy. >> raise a glass and head to the post office? we will let you know when you can start have wine shipped right to your home. >> and we are under 25 days until christmas. have you finished all your shopping? maybe you haven't even started? head to to vote by
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if you haven't hit up your doctor or clinic for a flu shot, now is the me it done because this year's flu season doesn't look good. >> last year we had a horrible flu season. >> bad doesn't begin to describe it. >> reporter: arizona was the worst state for flu cases in the nation. this year's cold and flu season is now starting to hit. >> we are predicting this year will be pretty bad, as well, too. >> reporter: it can come on quickly, is easily spread and symptoms can be severe. >> if people have an illness of
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is the worst thing. if you have the flu, fevers, chill, body aches and cough, stay home. >> reporter: keep the sick kids at home, too. but if you find yourself rounded by sick people, protect yourself, wash your happens of, cough into your elbow and it is not too late to get a flu shot. >> once the flu starts to hit, if you are not vaccinated it will spread quickly. >> reporter: a lot of times people won't get the flu shot because they are worried the cost but you can find clinics like redirect health where it will cost you nothing, not even a co-pay. you just need to shop around, in scottsdale, abc 15 news. they tried their luck and they won. we are introducing you to a group of co-workers who won a multi-million dollar powerball jackpot and say they still plan to go to work. >> it is only a 55 degrees
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a man paid to protect high school students is now accused of preying on one of them,
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police are not saying much about the arrest of gary post tell, in part to keep the students safety in check. he is not allowed back on campus. take a look at this group. they call themselves the tennessee 20. a lot of others may call him lucky. the 20 co-workers won a $420 million jackpot. it took some convincing before they actually believed they won. >> i started screaming. i had to look again. my husband looked again. i started calling people and they would not answer their phone. i was like get up! >> the group says they will not quit their jobs immediately. they chose to take the lump sum of $254.7 million. they will all split that amount evenly. still a nice little chunk of change for those folks. >> merry christmas, right?
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morning. and we are losing the sunshine, too. you see that haze out there? a lot of times this time ofo of year we see -- time of year we see higher spoke particles. once we get breezes in later this week we should improve the air quality. a heads up, again, if you are especially sensitive, this could be an impact for you. no air quality alerts but you will notice the haze, too, if you are out and about later to the. the temperatures were cold with the clear skies and cool air in the state. low 40s in phoenix with several valley cities like mesa in the 30s.
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single digit and the grand canyon came in below zero at -5 and presquite also below freezing. it was a cold morning. temperatures have been slow to warm. in fact, you can still see we are running behind. temperatures still in the 40s and 50s. right now 50 in mesa, 54 in glendale and 55 in peer i don't remember ya and 53 in levine. as w below freezing in flagstaff at 29 degrees. show low is still 30 degrees. still chilly out there. cooler air coming in behind the storm system that rolled in sunday to monday. the cooler air in place will keep our temperatures below average these next couple of days. then we track the next storm system that will push in from
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tomorrow we see a few more high cloud, and a few more breezes into friday and we will reinforce the cooler air as the storm system moves in by friday. we continue see rain today. sunny and dry across the state through this evening. this evening the temperatures getting chilly again with the clear skies overnight. through the day tomorrow, a few high clouds, otherwise mostly sunny and dry. by friday we could see a snow shower or two right along the northernaire high country. that is where the -- aire high country. we will see more -- northern area high country. if we see changes or potentials for rain we will let you know. for now the best chances will be in the high country friday into saturday. we will feel more breezes and see more clouds, though, here in the valley. dry on sunday before another storm system rolls in monday to tuesday. that is still looking like the
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shot for snow showers and rain showers now. the valley forecast looking dry through the next seven days. staying cool, too. sunny skies through this afternoon. look at the high temperatures. below the average which, by the way is 69 degrees. we will see a lot of low 60s across the valley today and top out only in 30s. places like flagstaff a few degrees above average. in a bit we will talk about how cold it will be tonight because already we have more freeze alerts issued. i will show
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so, it is wednesday. that means we will help you get in shape and we are just coming off turkey day. well, we need to stay in shape -- try to stay moving during the holidays. is this a rough time. >> it is, but we have lots of workouts and a free holiday fitness challenge on our blog. there are no excuses. >> there are none. she will start seated on the wall. she will walk her feet forward, her head, are on the ball. this is great for the rear end. you can add a weight if you want, but this is fine if she is just going to slowly sink her butt down, suck in her stomach and squeeze the gluts at the top. this may look easy like nothing is going on but she is feeling a burn in the hamstrings and the butt. >> it is key that you squeeze if. >> yes. squeeze. >> got it! >> now she will walk her feet back for a crunch. hands can be behind the head or
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she is slowly lowering, drawing in her stomach before she crunches up. she goes a little higher, looks up to the ceiling so she is not pulling on her neck. of course, the abs and core is important to incorporate in the workout. >> how many of these should somebody do? >> we suggest 12 to 15, or set your timer and go for time, as well. >> got it. >> now she will go on her stomach. she is placing just the smaller stomach -- i will use this below so she doesn't slip. her core is on the ball. she will lift her chest up, a big wide circle, pinching her shoulder blades back and down and lowering back. you will feel this in your core, as well. your legs keep squeezing and stabilizing and her back. you can incorporate dumbbell, as well. you can hold the dumbbells and make a big circle, something light enough. last but not least she will roll forward.
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so she will do a pike. she is punishing her feet in the ball, lifting up, then lowering down. you can add a push up if you would like. go back up to the pike and down. so, whatever your ability is, bring your knees in. you don't have to go straight into the pike. this is an advanced move, something for an added challenge. >> this is really good. you don't need a lot of equipment. you can grab this at a store and you are good to go. there are different sizes. all these workouts or exercises. bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to these. you want to get one that is your size and works well will it comes to stability balls. under today's blog is the have a ball workout. >> and all of them are listed on there? >> yes. they are all listed under the december challenge so join us. >> there you go. thank you.
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hey, if you bought a new laptop or cell phone on cyber monday, before you get rid of your old one, we will let you know how to wipe your electronics clean of all your
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stands at five across tennessee and alabama, with at least six juried, including children. the storms are passing over tennessee where wildfires are still burning. abc's elizabeth hur is in new york with the latest. >> reporter: from louisiana to tennessee, death and destruction. in northeast alabama, tornadoes rip apart homes and business, leaving animals to roam the road, killing thre people and critically injuring three children at a day care center. >> trees and 18-wheeler beds and things actually tilted over or near tilted over. >> reporter: in mississippi trucks and barns no match for strong winds gusting over 60 miles per hour. >> we are really lucky that nobody was hurt here tonight. it could be the other way. >> it is about time for a mess. >> reporter: in tennessee the storms turn deadly as people
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wildfires sweat through a resort area. the dollywood theme park spared and parton said in a statement she is pray -- parton said in a statement she is praying for all those affected by the fire. the governor calling this the largest forest fire in a century, resulting in three deaths and forcing more than 14,000 to scramble for safety. this man is still looking for his mother. >> she cal said the house was on fire. i told her to get out immediately and we got disconnected. >> reporter: and today in tennessee there could be relief for firefighters after seeing no rain for nearly two months. forecasters say there is now a flash flooding with heavy rain expected in the area. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. we are also monitoring the pipeline fire in missouri just north of kansas city. the pipeline exploded last
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luckily it is burning in a rural areas in a field. the pipeline was carrying liquid propane. thankfully no reports of injuries. well, the holidays are supposed to be a time of giving and happiness, but a grinch tried to ruin the holiday spirit in one valley neighborhood. here is in are from avondale where people have scaled back on decorations because of too many crooks. >> reporter: well, they still have mickey and the angel, but there used to be a much bigger cast of characters here, that is, until another character showed up. >> it was like watching the grinch movie. he had the sack, walking off with all our decorations, like he is in whatville. >> reporter: it is the time of year when the brown desert avondale turns technicolor. but this is what this screw's front yard looked like this weekend.-- what this gentlemen's front yard looked
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more. someone stole nearly all their inflatable decorations nearly 107th avenue and lower buckeye. >> it is horrible. it is the exact opposite of what christmas is and what the kids in the neighborhood want. >> reporter: crooks like this one are damperring the spirit in the nakeds overall, fewer -- damperring the spirit in the neighborhoods overall, fewer decklations than normal overall. the hope here, santa is the only one that makes to it the rooftop. the cameras here are night vision which is why we were able to see the bad guy at all. we could have got more angles except christmas lights were
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if you have any, make sure the lights aren't dangling in front of the cameras. back to you. >> thank you. it is that time of year you really should get to know your neighbor, even exchange phone numbers. one valley man would have come back home to a mess had his alert neighbor not called about this guy. 30 $raymond salazar was caught inside the home near 7th and thomas. a neighbor saw him on the roof and called the homeowner right away he said he was just looking for a place to sleep. a driver is facing a long list of charges after a wreck on i-17 near anthem, a 51-year- old man from phoenix. most runway crashes are caused by impaired drivers. now the state is working on ways to stop drivers from going the wrong way with larger signs, more arrows and fansing technology. >> we can spend millions and millions in tax payer dollars to try to defeat this but at
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each of us to defeat the wrong way driver. >> it is part of a bigger problem, really. state officials say the number of traffic deaths in arizona is at a three year high. going one-on-one with the state's school chief, dianne douglas revealing a $380 million plan to make improvements for students and teachers, so where do you think she will get all this money from? >> i think it is possibility to get more from the rainy day fund held by the feds back to us. if we have additional revenues coming into the state, i will advocate that they are being spent for our children. >> other highlights of the plan include a raise for every teacher in arizona, repairing school facilities and buying new school buses. she says the plan does not address her goal to change common core, but a separate plan to do that will be revealed next month. abc 15 now learning a lot of people are asking for their jobs back and the arizona
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after governor doug ducey forced the resignation of the agency's director last week after being accused of unfairly firing good worker, buying booze for day time parties and other misjudgments. >> we set up a hotline for anyone that wants to dispute some of the things that happened. there were also changes and necessary things needed that happened already. >> more than 250 people have called the hotline. it is not clear, though, how many, if any, will be rehired. more headlines across the country, a mystery surrounding a jailbreak in california partially solved after a inmate was caught and another is still on the run. the men saw their way out of a second story window, then repelled their way to the ground with a bed sheet rope. well, dozens being told to throw out their leftovers after more people are sick after eating the same meal served by a church. three people have died.
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people including homeless, senior citizens and anyone looking for a meal. well, get ready to shell out more money the next time you go to vegas. caesars is confirms it will start charge -- confirming it will start charges valet fees. the rest will be following suit in the new year like the flamingo, planet hollywood and others. on the map the roy is the one that will -- rio is the one that will still be free, hour. well, jobs are going fast but the pay is barely enough to make ends meet. a new report and it says about a quarter of women in the workforce.
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valley are available. there is a job fair that starts from 2:00 to 4:00. you can still stop by. more information is on well, in the nation the most critical jobs are still underpaid and people struggle to make ends meet. nearly a quarter of women work in 22 job fields that are growing fast but still pay less than $15 an hour, either government jobs or jobs inside the home. a lot of them are undervalued because they are traditionally performed by women. are you out of the thanksgiving leftovers? it is time to should be, but not until you know what is on sale. >> the smart shopper's deals have the best deals around valley store this is week. >> reporter: safeway has an awesome deal on luzerne egg, $0.49 for a dozen large eggs. and safeway and albertsons have
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the deal but it still ends up cheaper than the deal on itself own. well, if you are looking for a good lunch spot t food box says they have the best burgers in the state, cooking up burgers on an open fire pit using charcoal and mesquite. >> oh, yes, browsing reviews before you buy online, a sale- right? wrong. the what could take your money. >> cold mornings ahead and the
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now we have breaking news for you right now. air 15 over a house fire. this is on 13th street and bell. you can see jus really all of the extensive damage right there. there were early reports that the occupancy of the -- occupants of that mobile home made it out safely. fire crews are making sure it doesn't spread to other homes nearby. but firefighters were going into the home a few minutes ago. ing see them working ongoing -- you can see them working on it. it is smoky in that area at bell and 13th street. nancy pelosi will stay put as the house democratic leader,
11:46 am
years now but the arizona congresswoman is not happy with the results releasing this statement here saying, it is obvious that the current strategy doesn't work. millions of americans don't feel our party represents them anymore and it says so loudly in multiple elections. well, scottsdale police need your help to solve a missing persons case. 31-year-old kristen craybell was seen leaving her apartment in last year, 2015. investigators believe it was foul play and someone out there knows something about it. if you have information, call scottsdale police. well, lucid motors plans to open up a near plant near casa grande. the governor says we could see 2,000 new jobs. 400 would be available as early as next year. and when it comes to your car, see something-say
11:47 am
people to complaint about autosafety problems. the national transportation safety board is proposing a new rule requiring automakers to put labels on sun vicor, telling people how to -- sun sunrisors, telling people -- sun vicors, telling people how
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we have a consumer alert as you check off your chiropractic list. be careful of fake reviews. >> amazon has been fighting battles for some time, including sellers that buy fake
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the site analyzed reviews and amazon and yelp examining the language, the timing and the reviewer. >> all together whether the algorithm says it is authentic or not. >> experts say change the amazon review filter from default to most recent. not all reviews are quated equal. the chicago cubs are keeping their presence in t east valley strong. the park in mesa is officially open with seven new acres and four made after cubs hall-of- famers. the charities donated $100,000 to make this possible. you know, tamales and sushi, if they are your thing, head over to food city at 91st avenue and thomas. today is the grand opening.
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soon be dodging troopers. look for all new attractions at all three universal theme parks over the next several years. or stay close to home. phoenix will be flowing sad for the 30th annual -- glowing saturday for the 30th annual parade that starts at 7:00 at central and montbello with the parade route ending at 7th street and indian school. if you can't make it out to say hello, you can catch it right here on abc 15 at 4:00 p.m. on sunday. let's talk about the most accurate forecast. maybe you are getting ready to go out, grab lunch, do shopping. it was cold this morning. we cooled to the 30s and 40s across the valley but we have been warming very slowly this morning. despite all that sunshine our temperatures still in the 50s. still a bit chilly and 55
11:51 am
we will continue the gradual warm-up into the arson. by lunch time only a degree or so warmer, 56 into the noon hour. then today's high temperature barely making it into the low 60s this afternoon. that will put us below average. a high today of 63 in phoenix. 30 your average low and 69 the high. 62 in levine, dear valley is and in anthem our high is only 61 degrees. some areas will only make it to the upper 50s here this afternoon. a cool day on tap in the valley. really, it will be cool to cold across the state. we did drop into the single digits in flagstaff this morning, now back above average but only 36. it is 38 the high at the grand canyon and 36 the high in flagstaff and upper possess for
11:52 am
we will top out in the 60s in central arizona and a high of 63 in phoenix. the 30 year average is 69. that over the next two days will drop to around 68 degrees by 24 weekend, but you can see the next few day, at least tomorrow to friday, we will remain below average with our afternoon highs only making it into the low to mid 60s each afternoon. we will get a little warmer this weekend with the temperatures back in the upper 60s. that will put us around average but the next few days are staying cold. by friday we will see another push of cooler air as the storm system rolls in. right now we are not seeing rain chances. it looks like the valley will stay dry but you will notice breezes on friday and more cloud cover. the high country will see a chance of rain and snow up a little bit, but only 10%. it looks like the valley as of now looks to stay dry as the storm system rolled in.
11:53 am
monday to tuesday. the valley looking to stay dry with that one, too. in the meantime, cool afternoons and cold morning temperatures. no freeze alerts for the valley. we have freeze alerts in the south counties and tucson, or cal, tucson -- oracle and tucson. temperatures will get cold with spots dropping to the 20s there. casa grande only down to 29 degrees tonight. by tomorrow morning a frigid phoenix dropping to 41. a repeat of the temperature this is morning. if you needed a jacket this morning it is likely you will need one tomorrow. not as cold up north. temperatures in the teens in spots like flagstaff. we have 30s and 40s across the valley overnight tonight and tomorrow morning with clear skies. jacket weather tomorrow morning, a cool afternoon tomorrow and temperatures in
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well, now to the results of the poll of the day. we wanted to know how far are you along in your christmas shopping? about 60% said you are all done. 20% said they had more to do and another 20% said they haven't even started. >> overachievers in the crowd. >> and let's recap our top stories for you. phoenix firefighters are working this mobile home fire here, trying to keep flames from spreading. we have more here from 13th street and bell road. you can see the thick smoke pouring out of that mobile home. the good news is it is believed everyone made it out safely. do you recognize this guy right here? tempe police found more than 40 videos of other men all taken in bathroom stall, the locations listed there on your
11:57 am
police say he was caught red- handed by one of his co-workers holding his iphone under a bathroom stall. >> let's check in, what are you working on for "the now" at 4:00. the massive wildfires raging in tennessee, we continue to follow those. we have a fascinating inside look at crews fight the flames. >> and he is the dog capturing hearts but he still hasn't found a forever home. we are heading to the humane society to he adopted. you may remember he was the last dog that wasn't adopted after a big event, blind. hopefully we can find him a forever home. >> fingers crossed. a cool day on top, only in the low 60s. a high of 63. low 60s through the end of the
11:58 am
?? from all of us at sanderson farms, we wish you and your family a merry christmas and happy holidays!
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