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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  December 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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of bullets. streets blocked and a heavy police presence outside this apartment complex where the officers were shot. police in the morning hours to serve a warrant on a man wanted for aggravated assault. tonight the chief not releasing names. >> we have officers that demonstrated a great deal of skill, bravery and courage under difficult circumstances. i am impressed with both of them. >> reporter: one hit in the leg, the but the bullet going through his chest. craig smith haz the latest on their condition. >> the officer who was hit in the shoulder is in critical condition. the other officer hit in the leg, he will be okay. he is in good condition at this point. and the police chief, the chief told us he will be released later today and perhaps very soon. >> thank you.
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officers and families right now. washington state, another police officer dunned down in the -- gunned down in the line of duty after responding to a domestic violence call, this time in tacoma, washington. jake gutierrez. officers tried to pull him from the home. using two children, six and eight-years-old as shield. the stand off ending when the s.w.a.t. got a clear shot and took it. safe. tough loss to the fire department, saying good-bye to a captain who died in an atv crash in the high country. abc's joe bartell was there for the emotional good-bye. >> reporter: his brothers and sisters, hundreds of them dressed in blue, hearts just as heavy preparing to say good-bye to chris fitzmaurice. >> the loss is something we
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captain and a friend. he said chris rose through the ranks for the past 20 years. his passion showing the whole time. >> put his heart and soul into anything. all into everything. and he was rewarded for that in the form of his family and all of those who loved him. >> reporter: his four daughters and wife and his crew now have to find a way to move on. phoenix fire station number 20 is where chris fitzmaurice spent his community. their station is their second home. >> we spent 24 hours together every three days. you often become just as close, if not closer with your crew members than your family. >> reporter: his crew brought engine 20 to help those in need and that is who chris was, a helper. his passion is what his friends will miss most.
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person as you could encounter. >> reporter: joe bartell, abc 15. >> there will be a fundraiser for the family coming up saturday at his fire station near 7th avenue in glendale from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and all donations go to his wife and four young daughters. there is also a go fund me account. the details are on at 6:00 p.m. a candlelight vigil to remember a 20-year-old, over the weekend his body was found in the chandler lake. his family says he went bike ride and never came home. no word on how he died. we are working to find out who was killed in a suspicious death investigation in surprise. we know it is a hispanic man. officers are on the scene. they haven't said how the man died but they are asking for anyone with any information to call police. the wall is back. presidential elect donald trump
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victory tour. stopping in indiana. a company reversing course, keeping the plant open and saving jobs. trump promising to crack down on companies company who want to move to mexico. president elect choosing james maddox as defense secretary. he favors a tougher stance against iran. the feds should keep using private immigrants. it would cost billions for the government to takeover. they have come under fire after three detainees died in the last month. since 2004, 15 people died. two hour long hostage situation in jacksonville ends with all hostages releasedleased and the suspect in custody.
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credit union -- held inside a florida credit union. the hostages were not hurt. man robbing men by using social media. police say the 19-year-old lured the men by pretending to be a woman. he met one of the men and sent him a text messages saying the boyfriend would meet him first and that is when he held his victim at gun point and used the technique days later and police caught on and him. mesa makes histrewith its first female fire chief. mary cameli will take over . she has been with mesa fire for 33 years and was among the first two female firefighters hired by the city. another storm system to track and this afternoon it is already bringing snow showers up near the forest. live to abc 15 desert doppler you can see a few isolated showers out there. mainly off to the east at this
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won't bring any major precipitation to the high country but we will continue chances for snow and they will be in the forecast into tomorrow. here is a look at what we are watching in terms of shower chances. 7:00 a.m. in the morning, chance for snow and then we will wrap moisture in. we could see rain showers across south eastern arizona for tomorrow. at this point it looks like the valley will stay dry but the system will bring very strong winds to parts of the state. we will under a wind advisory tomorrow coming up. three more bodies have been discovered in the rubble of the wildfires in tennessee bringing the total to 10. this as authorities working to identify the victims. the fires have injured dozens. thousands of acres of land have burned. the governor calling it the largest in 100 years and they are trying to compile a list of people in the effected areas
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five people have been killed in two states following twisters. damaging homes and toppling trees. the national weather service counted 13 total. the storms tore through as firefighters began to get control of the deadly wildfires. feeling the pain for the victims, including presidential elect donald trump. today he tweeted my thoughts and prayers are with those effected by the and tornadoes. stay safe. do investigators have an arsonist on their hands? mobile homes go up in flames over night. what authorities are saying. >> rescued.
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here.
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. . what caused a series of fires over night in mesa? no answers. right now it is called suspicious. four mobile homes burning. two destroyed. and three people barely making it out alive. but there is no word on who is behind it. one of the tenants was being evicted today and now investigators are looking at what sparked waiting to hear back on the identity of a person killed in a pedestrian crash this morning. air 15 over the scene this morning. the area closed for several hours. but it is back open tonight. remember this from last night? filthy conditions a at home with 70 animals inside including dogs, snakes, birds, you name it. sheriff joe arpaio says the animals were raised to sell to pet store.
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never mistreated. all are now being cared for. the department needs supplies. like food, heating pads, litter. they ever what they need to care for dogs and cats but this case is making it tough on them. if you would like to donate there is a link on starting today the fbi has the power to hack millions of computers and cell phones and all it takes is the department of justice says it is needed to help them track down cyber criminals. a senator promising to introduce a bill to repeal it. the pentagon forgiving debt owed by thousands of california national guard soldiers. they have been trying to recoup enlistment bonuses paid out to soldier.
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a new rule that would wave vehicle fees for family members of soldiers killed in the line of duty. it applies to all vehicles including trailers, the change goes into effect next month. judgment day for a law maker. her punishment in a food stamp fraud case and what she is saying. >> the happiest time of their lives but the glow didn't last
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>> one year probation and 100 hours of community service is
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stamp fraud. she dropped her reelection bid after being indicted in june. she said through this process i learned i made mistakes, i should be held accountable just like anyone else. from the abc 15 live desk suspending operations of the airline that crashed in columbia killing members of the brazilian soccer team. 71 people died. six su the plane was carrying members of a brazilian soccer team. they were on their way to a tournament. new tonight a woman says she was forced to choose between her religion and a meal with her family. the woman wears a hijab but the waitress asked her to take it off. so she left. >> i wear it all day. i see hundreds of customers and
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that ever. >> management says there is no headdress policy for security reasons. a policy they stood by for a decade. new tonight newie weds heartbroken. thieves got away with their wedding items. the couple got married all of their gifts were packed inside a van and parked in front of the home. when they got back they got bad news. the van was unlocked and someone took off with thousands of dollars worth of gifts and money from the guests. >> i can't put my finger on all the feelings that it brings. >> all of this happened in october but they are coming forward now to make a plea to the suspects hoping to get back
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items. [ talking at the same time ] weather department -- [ talking at the same time ] [ laughter ] [ talking at the same time ] >> right now we have a storm system that we are tracking and that is why we have been seeing the clouds stream in throughout the day today. at this point as we look at the satellite you can see breaks in the cloud cover, especially to the west and southwest. to the east and northwest, high clouds in play and we will keep a few in the foca right now we are looking at temperatures to drop into the upper 50s by 6:00 p.m. and low 50s by 8:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. we are at 60 degrees with -- 60 degrees with winds at 6 miles per hour. valley at 58. scottsdale and mesa are checking in at 59 degrees. looking to the north, flagstaff a couple degrees above the freezing point. 30s in show low. window rock and grand canyon. with temperatures to the
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bullhead city and lake havasu. winches picking up in the bullhead city area. -- winds picking up in the bullhead city. 20 miles per hour. they may stop 30 miles per hour tomorrow with gusts as high as 45 to 50 out there. saturday you see more breezes across the state. even our forecast in the valley looks breezy into saturday afternoon. but tomorrow wind should stay less than 10 miles per hour with gusts near 15 and to the west, northwest, that is where the winds are howling. north, north of east wind, they will be accelerating down the colorado river valley. so intense there and really not anywhere else across the state. just that western edge here and you see it in tan. from bullhead city, lake havasu, parker, yuma, all those spots under a wind advisory throughout the day tomorrow and snow showers in the high country and a chance for rain showers as we wrap in the
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arizona for friday and saturday. flagstaff at a 30% chance for snow tomorrow and a 10% chance saturday before the forecast dries up through the end of the weekend. tonight partly cloudy skies, 15 in flagstaff. 27 payson. 26 prescott. lots of freezes tonight. casa grande 35. high of 6 38 for a high in sholo and mid- 40s in payson, sedona and prescott. our morning lows and highs still below average for tomorrow. we weak around 63 in phoenix. and 62 in mesa and 61 in fountain hills and upper 50s for carefree and cave creek. glendale, avondale 62 after morning lows around the low 40s. here are the changes into the weekend, the breezes on
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be warmer too. back up near average. upper 60s through the weekend for saturday and sunday and next week a storm system to track. more chances for rain and snow across the state for right now, right now looks like partly cloudy skies in the valley and breezes breezes and a cool down by wednesday. it is operation clause. >> collecting money, toys, clothing and food items. donation at sanderson ford or lincoln, at the abc 15 studios or any ups store and >> i am sonu wasu, a pilot project that is underway, it may want to make you want to come down and hang out here. next. >> a an idea hitting beauty stores everywhere, the valley couple behind it all.
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up next on world news. >> tonight, reaction to presidential elect donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier saying he saved hundreds of jobs and parents notices guns missing at home and rushing rushing to
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turning alleys in to art galleries. places full of life. that is the latest pilot project launched in phoenix. abc's sonu wasu is in downtown phoenix. what is this all about? >> reporter: we are in an alley off of first treat veteran to and washington, by -- street and washington. looks like a typical alley,
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out these walls. colorful and vibrant works of arts and this just the beginning. >> just looking at this i can see why you are like it is all dirty. the sidewalks all cracked up. >> reporter: the man with the vision. co-founder of the group this could be phoenix. he was inspired by travels around the world. >> madrid and barcelona. these are places you wouldn't realize were an alley. check detroit. nothing dark about these spots. this is in philadelphia. here is seattle. so many ideas. back here in phoenix, this is what it looks like now and this is the vision. pretty cool. who pays for it? >> private business owners or the group putting it together. in most cases it will be
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>> reporter: no taxpayer dollars involved. many groups already expressed interest and from what i observed today the murals already making people stop and stair. >> caught my eye. >> reporter: did you know this was here? >> no idea. >> no. >> reporter: now this alley has been adopted. it is a work in progress but there are many other alleys throughout the downtown area. they are hoping businesses will step up and get involved. >> thank you very much. new at 5:00 p.m. a couple took a bath robe and turned it into a company. they launched makeup eraser. they got the idea after she discovered her robe worked well to remove her makeup and now they developed a cloth that is sold around the world. >> traps the makeup.
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and traps the make up. when it is washed it releases the makeup. >> christmas gift for steve. i like it. the company is on track to sell 6 million this year. it has a warehouse in north phoenix and employs 25 people. tonight at 6:00 p.m. what this guy did after getting attacked by a shark. >> you out online but what does it take to make it into the fbi academy. it is not one to mess with. and a school district warning parents, kids are being targeted on social media. what the students are being asked to do and why department of homeland security is now involved. >> what days give you the best care fairs, all the -- airfares, all the information at 6:00 p.m.
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save on your next vacation. tomorrow morning, temperatures in the low to middle 40s. lunchtime 50s. partly cloudy skies. and highs several degrees below average tomorrow. warmer for the weekend. breezes saturday and next tuesday as well as as a system brings cooler air our way. >> where are the 70s? went from like 80s and 90s to 60s -- [ talking at the same time ] >> average now is 68. got to deal with >> went from 115 to -- [ talking at the same time ] >> world news coming up this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app,
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age them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby.
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tonight, breaking news. reaction pouring in at this hour to donald trump's victory tour. his stop at carrier, announcing he saved hundreds of jobs from going to mexico. but just down the road, another factory set to close. critics pouncing. will the president-elect now make the same deal for every company? also breaking, the lockdown, the parents who discovered guns missing at home. they rushed to the school. the hostage drama. the bank robbery suspect holding 11 people at gun point. police moving in. inside their effort to end the armed standoff. the view from the disaster zone. the death toll now rising. and this evening, the announcement from dolly parton. and the abc news exclusive here tonight.


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