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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  January 22, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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will be le the layers. i' have details on snoming in this weekend ngp in weather & traffi good morning, thanks for joini us on this friday january 22nd... i'm ira onin. and i'm joanna we... ellene has the morning off. first up this morning... today a memoal service wl be held at a mari corps base in hawaii for themarines lost at sea who havnow been clared deceased -- by e u-s marine cor mother who livesere in southern coradll bat tervi... in hor of her son erge ffrey sempler" as we've bn repoing. "li allen's" son -- was a cr chief on board one of the two helicpoters at crash off the coast of hawaii last week. allen, h other son, and sergeant sempler's step-father will a be in hawaii for toy's service at thearine corps base. no bveot been recovered yet,... although wreckage of tpts fou on the ocean flr. the community of fountai-- inues to show their
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and tomorrow there is a dinner ndraert american legion post 38 at 7 p-m. preeds will go dectly the family to help cover any cos they incur. deveping ts morning... news is learning morabout the survelanceideo tt allegedly shows e attack of onovan duran he claimse was paralyzed while in police cuody la junta. ran ans to s, but his lawyer says instigors ve deniedequests r informatn and documents reted to the incint. donovan duran first told us om his hospal bed that he w drunk thnighhe was arresd. the offi took him the hospital andhat's where dun claims they en beat him . s attorney mike mcvitt, believ surveillance cames and officer dy cameray have recd the incidentt he says the bureau investation... won't lehim see it. "to maintain the integri of the investigatn d forth, they are denying our request which is another way of saying or could be interpreted to mean,
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get our act together and clean things before we reveal the information you and there fore publ and that's whadon't li bi" witht's "rs. e stats "sine w" let po aies rease of rords from ongoing crimal investigatis. the two firs aegedly involved are still on e foe, but they are aigd to admisttiveuties. c-b-i te us they have tued overheir findings to a scial osecor ane thease. later today -- state lmakers wi lea about atudy that oked into the dead 2013 shooting at arapahoe high school. it wasighly critical stct administrs. the "interim cmitt -- onschool safety in crisis" will hear more from the study's authors at 1:30 is afternoon at theol that report claims -the school dismisd obvious warning signs by t who killed
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it ao id -- had they payed e atteion -- the trady could have beeavoided. st night, ttletoschool district board membe -- lked about the shootings inetai r the first me. they havfoht in the past to ke details of e ooti seet... buarnofinally eaking "i am dely sorry forhe ful lo the dav fily suffedhat tragic daynd roh their lessons of love and compassion for all, claire's ir wilresonate in the hallways oarapahoe hig school new perintendent bri ewert -- admits that littletoschools essentially into an "infoation shutdown" th the media and publicft the soting. defendethat decion sayi the distct hadgo sil because ofhe crinal investigation d possle lauits. the woman cuseof stabbin
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stiff nditions if she wants to geout jail. marlene rodriguez faced a judge yesty. the judge set ba at 100-thousand dollars on the conditn e ar a g-p-s device and stay away frochief eric tade. cckedvernight-- she's still inai officers say rodrigueztabbed chief tade in the hand d in leg earlier this week. investigators believe e atck s raom and unprovoked. tade will make a full covery. rodriguez's son told our partners a9news in denver thatis momuffers from ophren." me nowor weand tffic on 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers i re now wh first alert 5. our iday is off a cold start, but this afternoon will be much warmer. dress in layers, and youill be
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those layers as we warm rough e y. morng tempatures a ithe teens. when t wind picks up, wind chills can drop into the single dits. the wind a6-12 m is not huge. itju eugh to add se chill their day wille mostly sunny, and e warminwill happen quickl at 10 am, teeruresill be in theower 40sround codo springs and moment with 30s lding on arounpueblo and la junta. e arkansas valley fromuebl st tcaocity will likely warmite faster with 40by 10m. ly everyone will be in the 40by n incdingonumen and woodnd pk. at 2 pm,earleveryone will be in the lower and middle 50s. gh spots will be in the s. pect0s and 50s to holdn througabout pm. then wwilll thugh e 40s from 5 pm through about 8 pm en0s return. a storm stem bringing in fr washington to cifornia will play a big role in our wkend athe ahead of it, thearmtwill build from today into sarday. ldiritincrsing snow
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than stephen.
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get pretty complex. but 100 hi school students in denver say they're up tohe challee! eye takingart in a nasa program sign to get high school students involved in creating solutions to real prlemsstronautencounter in space. and theek, they presented their prototypes to representis fr the jnson space center in houston. those include evhing from how astrontsan exerce without gravity to how t preserve food in space. "we're trying to filter out ethylene, because the uits produce ethyne and that helps ripen the fruit." 3738 "if they send up, periical esh h uit thaty want to be able to preserve it fo tronts teat." if their procts are selected asinalists the sdentwill travel to housto thprojts selectethere could end up being senall e
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there'justwoays tithe denver broncos' biest mef seas! th te heewla patriots ithe f- championsh on sunday! the am's beepriting virously to preparfor rival tom brad.. but coach kuak and quarterback peyton manning say they are feeling confident... peyt " well, certainly wee gl to belaying at homewe g to playn front of our great fans and there's no qstion that we're gonna ne them in a big way on sday to kp us going and hofully disrt who we're playing." kubiak e're playing the wor chas and th've been spectacular, we know we haveo play better than we did lasweek so we'll ay focused onhe tk at hand." the la time the broncos played
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beat the priots 266! kick off for sdas game arts at 1:05-m. while the brons are concentrating on getting seriou.. there's pltyf fun and laughs athe dver nuets games! take a look... at last night's game against the grizies. one mphis fathrows aup o ter the nuggetsmascot "rocky"! but the joke was on the grizzlies fan... who in retn gets sayed with a ssive amou olly stri byockynd some nebyuggets fans! the n arned thhardway... n't ss with mounin lns! stl ahead... the east coast is preparing -- for a strong blastf winter... why doze of citiesre frantic ahead of the storm... plus...
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ildring on the road...
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welcome back... righnow you'reaking a live look at washington d... just one of the areas t et coast preparinfor this weekend's massive wint storm!... more on that in a minute... but first...
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thousands will gather for the "march for li"... the event is held ery year nearhenniversaryf the preme courts 1973 roe-versusade decision legalizing aboion. this is video from last year... day... thousands will rally on the ounds of the washington monunt... g-o-p esential candidate "clyiorina" is expected eak at thevent.. and heren colorado. to mark the anniveary of the contversial ruling... "naral nay-ral pro-choice colado" will host a legislative iefing for new and veteran law-makers. atoday sessi... the organization planso t voters kw who supportsro- choice values and who doesot ahead of the upcoming electi.. it startat nn at the first baischch of nver. anwhil.. the nation guard is increasi thnumber of troops in flint michin.. in t hght of the cy's ter crisis. now the are 0 guardsmen going door to or delerying water
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ditional national guard soldiers and airmen are also teaming up with water response teams to give resints wate testing kits. so far... more than 22-tusand homein flinhave received sistce. this morning... the f-b-i is investigang a dead bank robbery in oklahoma... that led to oicer-involved- shooting. auorities saa male suspect dressed as a woman entered thbank and shot two employees.. lling one d injuringhe other. on his wayut the robber then took a customer hostage.. taking them on aolice purst in a vehicle ste troopersere able to stop the car... and kied the suspecturing a shoot outhhoagwainre take a look at this. the aftermath of a deadly avalanch in utah... officials say one n died -- and another man was injured in yeerday's disaster. it hped just 10 miles away from salt lake city. the 49-year-old victimas abl to make it out of the snow after beinburied... but died ler on. thother viimas only partially ried... but rescued d airlifed to a
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from the southeast to the northeast... sevel states arerepari t get slammebynothis weekend. the blizzard is expectedo bring up to fe of snow to some areas! washinon, d-c... baltimore. and iladelphia are forecast to get hit the hardes.. and some say d-c could possibly get up t30- inches dumpeon it! officials in tho cities d dozens more are prarg for the wors ceremony haslreadyee canceled at e white housas prection.. and coming up 6-o-clock ho we'll take you live to rga. to show you whapning therahd of this winter blt! ti n foreathernd traff onhes. meorologist sthen bowers i he now witfit alt our frid is off a cold star b ts afrnn wi be mh rmer dress in lays, and y wl be ab to ke off those ye a warm roug e day. rning temperures are in the teens. wh the wind picks , wind chills canrop in the single digits.
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it is just enough to add som ill to t air. today will be mostly sun, and e warming willappen qukly. 10 am, temperatures will be in t lower 40s around colorado spris d monument wh 30s holding on arod pueb and la nta. the kansas valley om pueblo westo caocity wl like warm little faer with 40s by 10 am. nearly everyone will be in t 40s by noon, includi monument d odland park. at 2m, nearly everyo will be in the lower a middle 50s. hi spots will be in the 40s. expect 40s and 50s to hold on rougabout 4 . then we will cool througthe 40from 5 pm througabou8 pm when 30s return. a storm system bringing rain from washington toalifornia will play a g role in ou weekend ather. ead of it,he warmth will build om today into saturday cold airith increang snow
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,,,,,,,,,, today... a warninabouthe daers of distracted of driving! sherifs offi in oregon released this dash cam video. showing toddler running into e roadtraight for a deputy'srocar! yocan barely see the sll d in the middl t la... t luilthe dety payingttentionnd stted the toddler. e putyuilylamm on hibrea.. d enot out and grabb the botaim to saty. authorities say the year o ran out of an op door at a community nter wle his pares releaning.
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a man in frida has quite the surpri whehe disvers a scey, skinny dipper in his pool! the man woke up to find this 8-ot crocodile in his backyard gog foa swim! he called wildlife autriti but e croc toooff fore they couldaptu him! he crawledack to t beach and intohe ocean wheree longs. still ea fr andin h the american returng back
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gunfire rings out at a popular beachside staurant i solia this morning -- killing more than people! cal offials say islamist gunmen storm the restaurant and also set of twcabombs the attack a mita group aligned with "al- qaedaislaing responsili. the vestigion is stin its rly stes... 'lcoin to y as we learn more... thisorng a los angelesoo employ is recovering in the
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gorilla enclosure yesterday! t prates we sered in cages whe crewworked to pullhe 6year man out of a moat... we're tolde might have broke s le 's unclear howfell e ene in t first place. one of t amerins relsed from an iranian priss finallhome ts moing! am hekmati, thformarine o spt nearly fivyears in prison, arrived home in flint, michig last night. hekmati s seenceto ars pson ter bein convicteofpying in an iranian cot. saeed abendis also headed ck the unistes wbe reunitedith his familyext week. today... a washingtonosrepoerlso le in the prisoner exchange is still getting trtmenat a u.s. hospal in an after spending a day stuck on a ach in japan... a whale is fal back inhe ocean this morning the 30-foot sperm whale washed up oshore weesday. beacoes trieto get the injureale backnto e a...
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buyesterday fishman tied a ro arod thmasse crtureand were ato pl itk into theater using the bt. time now for weaer and traffic on thes. meteologist stephen bowers here now with first alert 5. our frid is ofto cold start, but this afternoon will be mh warm drs iners, a you will be able ttake o thoseers as we warm through the day. mornintemperures a in th teens. when the wind picks up, wind chills can drop into the single digits. the windt 6-12 mph inot huge. it is justnough adde chill to t air today will bmostly sunny, and the warming will happequickly. at 10 , temperures will be the lower 40sround corado ringand monument with 30s holding aund eb and la nta. e arkansas vley from pueblo west to caon city will likely warm aittle faster with 40s by 10m. nearly everyone ll be in the 40byoo includi monument and woodland park. at 2m, neay everyone wilbe in the lower and middle 50s. gh spots will in the 40s. why thfamily is dending for deep investition... s in layers th morning
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althgh we are shivg a bit this morningwe wilbe warming to the 50s this afternoon! we willable to shedhe lers. ll have tails on snocoming
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ming up on news-5-today. colorado lawmakersocus on teen sexting... we'ltell you about the new crimjuveles offenders might face... if n llati pses. plus outre as offics arcleared of charges aft an inmate dies in colorado.. why the family is demanding for a deeper iestigation dress lays this morni th tperares in the teens. althoughe are iverg a bi this morning, we will be warng
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