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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 5, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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day, news 5 is always on [ cheers [ chrs a appus] >> steve: tuo 6b in efeller ceern the heart new york city, it's "th tonight showtarring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rebel wilson ja huston, musil gues aniel teliff & the night sweats, and featuring the legendary ots crew. >> questlove: 412, pittsbuh! whoo! >> steve: annow, he he is,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jim >> jmy: energy is alivand well here in new yk city, right re! oh! [ cheers and applause ] looking go tight. looking good out there. hot crowd. hot, crowd tonig you can feel the love here in new york city. welcome, everybody welcome "the tonit sh." this iit, by. [ cheers and appuse ] oh. thk you so much. we got a great show for you tonight. let's get to some news here. of course, last night s the first one on one debe between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. ani don't want to say in got tebetween the two them, t e guy was like, "pase lower your voices.lahter ] don't need to shout." at the debat hillary clinton addressed e controversy of her personal e- mail serr and said she h no concerns about it whatsoever. democrats are li, "yeah, at's what concerns us." i meanou -- [ lauger a applause ] why does that not bother you? >> steve: yeah. you ould be woied. >> jimmy: ould yeah. hillary so told
10:36 pm
for his campaign to "end the veryrtful smear" against her. incidentally "very artful ear" is how bernie rs a bagel [ laughter ] [ as bernie sanders ] givee whole wht with a very artf smear oveie cream chee. beieanders now holds a a double digit ld in new hampshire polls ov hillary clinton. bernie says he's taking ery ecaution he can against hillary by running ads, giving speeches, anhaving someone el start his car in the morning. [ laughter andpplaus] can'be too -- can't be too careful. check this out. a tattoo artist in vermont is offeri free bernie sanders tattoos. [ light laughter ] yeah. ey're actually t first oos that srt to look better as you velop wrinkles. [ laughter and applause ] like. oh, yeah, i see. bernanders. ohi didn't know what isaid years ago. over on the republan side, donald trump shot interview th fox news and he said he haneveoked marijuana. trump sa, "i don't want to get raid and start thiing people are saking into o untry and stea our js. [ laughternd applaus
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[ applause ] oh, and gege w. bu is now appearinin campaign s supporting his brother jeb's presential campaign. jeb says, it hopest will him he win over a very specific group of undecided vots, his pares. [ laught ] and this is pretty cool. i saw yesterdajoe biden became the first vice president to create s own facebook page. yeah. and like eryone elsen facebook this week, the te made a speal vid for ben to cebrate "friends day." ke aook at this. s j jmy: ah tws tter tn e.ght? [ cheers and alause ] two's better than on you goiends, two. >>teve: never a poor man. >> jimsome celebrity news he. i ad tham kardashiannd kanye west spray paint "i heart kim" and "i heart kanye" in graffiti on their n
10:38 pm
yeah. though when kanye w it he said"heyt 'i heart kim' next to my 'i heart kanye'?" [ laughter >> jimmy: uh, and after mattel announced thr new li of barbieolls that arcurvy, peti, and tall, a fashio website just posted ages of realistic ken dolls including "dad-bod ken." [ laughter ] ors ken puit, "and how exactly did i become a d?" [ laughter ] guys, we guys, we're now just two days away from super bowl 50. you guys exced about it? steve: yeah! [ chrs and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, this is crazy. i saw a 30 second commercial ring theuper bowl this yea costs about $5 million but all the compans oking to save money just releaa a ree-send commerciathat sa, "hot woman puppy horse rger insuran." [ laughter ] and th we all get the idea. [ applause ] yeah, we knowhat it is. it one of those. get this, i re tt the home to super b50 levi'stadi, actu h
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times r bathrooms. ah. bathro wt times are listed as "15 minutes," " minutes" and "just use your beer bottle." [ laughter ] we haveat show, u guys. give f the rts [ cheers and appe [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >> jmy: sounding gre. thank you, roots. thk you, everybo. thanks for watching. bacain next week. we have -- b stiller igonna her aneylds. [ eers and applaus] penelope cruand kristen wiig ll be joining us >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: and wee great peormances from magicianan whit who's azing. thom rhett and elle king. you don't want to miss it. it a good week. [ cheers and alause ] bufirst, we ha a ftastic showonight. she's so funny and talented. weove her. from t new mie "how to be single," rebel wilson is here, ladi and gentlemen.
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[ cheers and applae ] >> jimmy: rebel wilson e's the best. she's the best. plus, his new film "pride and prejude and zombie hits theaters today. jack huston is stopping by. [ cheers and applause ] and then t music tonights st -- i can't even tl you how great it is. 's just alwayshenomenal. but these guys, la time they were on, remember they h tha song "s.o.b.?" >> ste: yeah. son of a bitch yep. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. it is one of -- i mean they played i the audi never hrd it. they just ca out. standing ovation after they finished. they rocked the crap out of th place. was unbelievable. it'susamazing. and like thelbum shot off th charts. they're hereonight. 's another jam. it's unbelievable. nathaniel rali a t nightswes. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers andppus] on of a bitch give me a drink >> jimmy: "i need never get old" is the song.
10:41 pm
needed to fail i needed your lo that's all youet. steve: what? immy: that's all you get right there. >> steve: that's it? what? >> jim: you gotta wait. you gotta wait. you gotta wait for theoods, man. >> steve: oh. >>immy: you gotta it for chrimas to come. you know what i'm saying? >> steve: and christ a the end of the show. >> jmy: exactly. and thiel rateliff is here withhe nigeats. they're gonna do a song. [ cheers and applae ] "i neeneveget old." guys, toy's friday, and that's usuallyhen i tch up on psonal stuff. you know, i check inbox, i return some emai, and of cour, i sendutha y notes. and i was running a bibehind. [ cheers andpplause ] i was just wondeng, if you gu wouldt mind, could i write out my weey thank you notes ght w? [ chrs and applause ] is that okay with you? you guys are the bes i appriate it. thank you so much. james, can i get some thanu noteriting music, plse? [ laughter ] >> steve: so suspicious. >> jim: mething secretive ther yeah. >> steve: yeah. >> jim: thinking about something. >> steve: what? [ laughter ] so cute. >> jimmy: thank you, food at
10:42 pm
hammerinthe final nail into the coffin of my new year's resolution. give me a wing. son of a bitch [ laughter ] jimmy: thk you, jeb bush for telling coe student voting for the first time that, "i want to be yourir [ laughter ] or as you yourself put it -- >> thas what she said. [ laughter ] [ apause >>immy: thank you,anthers quarterbk cawtonor popularizing the "dab" dance and landinyourself a a sprship deal with ttle dabbie. [ laughternd alae ] good for him. stevewh a tre. >> jimmy: that was good. >> steve: you love lile dabbie's snack cakes. >> jimmy i love little dabbies, man. >> steve: fig newtons. myyeah, yod ink. >> steve: yeahyou'd think. name's camton. jmy: no.
10:43 pm
little debe. >> jimmy: camdy canes. [ laughter ] >> steve: there you go. >> jimmy: thank you, martin o'malley for ending yr presidential campaign this w pbably the right move sie the picture we're using isev h and no one even notid. [ laer a applause ] it's sad. no one notices. steve: yeah. wait a second! >>my: yeah >> sve: th'sot h! immy: ohyeah, it was. thank you, pencils, for being pensh commitment issues. [ laughter ] anyo apple's cma key, for oking like the off-rp fromell. [ laughterndlause ] i'll nev getac
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>> j: thank you, nald trump, for pickg th bronco win t super bowl. not becathey're the better team, but because yoand their logo go to the same barber. [ laughter there you guys have it. those are thank youes. we'll be r back with rebel wilson [ cheers a applause ] ahh... yeah! ahh... ahh.... you probablyay it a llion times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... h! buat cigna, we want to help everne say it once a year. say "ahh". ahh... cigna medical pls cor one hundd percent ofour in-nwork annual checkup. america, let's go. kn. ahh! and ta control of your health.
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that's a game changer. chee and appe >> jimmy: our first est stars in the new movie "ho b single." which opens february 12th, valentins y weekend. please welcome rebelilso ladies and genen. >> yes, >>es, yes. rebel. come on. that's wt i'm talking abou
10:48 pm
>> jimmy: everhing good to seyou again. thank you foco back on the show. >> it's go to be here. it was snong here inew york today. >> jmy: kind obeautiful right. >> yeah it's aweme we don't getnow in sydney. >> jmy: no. >> it's something white lling on yike bird poo >> jimmy: exact yeah. have you been back to australia? >> was back for chs. >> jimoh goo do it sn? no it don't sn. >> n no. >> jimmy: diu enjoy it. it's either bird pooor your own ndruff. [ laughter falling onou. >> jimmy: what did youo for ristmas? wikhang out with e fa jimmy: ah. >>m and i ught myself for christs a boich is -- i know, generous. >> jimmy: you bought yourself a boat? >> i'mery gerous. [ laughter ] >> jim: you are very generous. what a nicrson you are. >> yeah, but didn't real w hard it is to own a bo. jimmy: oh it's e rst. >> you he learnuse the boat. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah. >> learnow to do ropes. learn how to park the boat. >> jimmy: park the boat. >> learn how to clean the at. >> jimmy: it a lotf work. >> i know. >> jimmy: you might as well st rent the boat. yoown . >> i didn't really quite thi
10:49 pm
>> jimmy: your family, do they get the boat as well? >> yeah, b most of them are pregnant. [ laughter ] so no, it's super anying because th're not like able-bodied le. they just sit there like, oh, i can't put out the fenders cause i'm pregnt. [ ughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, ey have a go excuse. yeah. you n't inviteheback on. >> no, youy ne like able-bied seaman. >> jimmy: yeahwho know what they're dog. >> to help cae like it ly got annoying when i haveo do a a lot of wor >>im: yeah, it's notun. >> no. >> don'te me wk absolutely this my boat. i ught it for mylf. >> yeah. >> jim: helpe out here. but do you know how ark and everything? dock? >>ook, i did have a cras >> jimmy: you did? [ lahter ] eah. >> jimmy: see,his not go yoshoun't ve aoat. into my neighbor's at. but their boat was ptty crap. so i dn't tell them. >> jimmy: you didn't even tell them >> no. >> jimmy: no. >> it already had so scratcheand stuff.
10:50 pm
>> jimmy: yeahwhat's one more scratch? they won'tven notice. i always do that with cars tpo when they have the bumpers. i . hainoff the back of it. you might as wl hit these people. and you . >> yeah yeah. >> jimmy: ey're fine with at stuff. >> it kind of adds to thwhole thg they've got going on with ving a crap boat. >> jimmy: yeah exactly. "how to be singl" perfect movie for valentine's day weekend. >> i cannot wait. i cannot wt. >> jimmy: yes, yh. yowant this movie to come out. whato you ing for valentine's day? anything special? >> well i'm goa be in loon with my feowst dakota johon and we're going o the btas. jimmyoh. >> that will be classy. jimmy: oh yeah. >> an awar show. i'm not winning anything, but i just thought i may as well go. >> jimmy: no special dates or ything? not doing anhing. >> no. i ink i ha a problem with dating i me, i ha this thing where you're not sure whether 's a a date owhether 's just likewo friends mee up. >>im: right. >> yeah, and so like iaven't been on a date recently. i just wasn't sure whether it
10:51 pm
something romantic. and halfway througdinn like, he starts talkg a lot about business, d i'like "okay, thi dinitely just a fries thing. ah, thiss definily jusa fries thing. >> jimmyye. >> and tn at the end of the date, we're walking to the valet and he went in for a a kiss, but i'd already ought in my mind, no, it a friends thing. so when came in, i juswent ah! [ laughter d it was the most rrng -- like w did i have to that face? why did i ha to make that noise? >> jmy: yeah. scream. the valet man saw it. >> jimmy: ye, you screamed a a man face. tried to kiss you and you go ah >> ah. >> jimmy: no, not good. and so i just got in my car d dre away. >> jimmy: yeah, that good yeah. we love kota. last te she was on our show, shshowed us a game, it was a a very fun game. and u brout us a new game that you played with dakota -- >>eah, we pled thiyear in new york on the set at like 00 a.m. inhe mning. it's a game called chubby bunny. >> jimmy: okay. ai don't know wtherou guys kw it.
10:52 pm
t marshmallows [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay. >> so we've gosome marshmallows here. so basical, you have to put e marshmallow in your mouth and say the phrase chubby bunn and you got to see how my mahmallows you can fit into your mouth >> jmy: ok. >> whileti being able to say the words. >> jimmy: chubby bunny. >> yes. >> jimmyokay. do you want to go first? >> mean requires a t brains, thise. >>immy: yeah. [ laughter >> yeah. okay you're go first. don't t it, just hold it in your mouth. >> jimmy: chubby bunny >> yeah, that's one. >> jimmy: am i doing it right? >> yes. chubby bunny. >> jmy: th is gonna get tricky. >> round two. [ laer ] >>immy >> jimmy: this is not asasy as it looks. >> no, it'really hard. it's freaking rd. >> jimmychubby bunny. [ laughter ]
10:53 pm
im: two isd.>> t. >> jimmy: two ar >> chubby bunny. >> jimmy: very good. do i do have have all the way in >> yeah it has to be in yeah. yeah, get it in there. [ laughter ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: chubby bunny. chubby bunny ?>> yh that count at counts. okay. chubby b chub bunny. >> jmy: i heard it say it again. >> chubby bunny.
10:54 pm
[ owd [ crowd anti ] [ applause ] >> j >>immy: and you get ot enjoy marshmallo. thank you. this is a ga. i will be playinthis again. [ laughter ] [ mumbles ] no. lets talk about "how to be single." cally it's people o ar ngle. >> yep. it follows fr main girls are single inew york city and have diffent metho of copingith being single. >> jimmy: and greacast >> yeah, dakota johnson, leslieann, alison brie. >> jimmy: ison brie. a hot bunch ohoguys who we g to ss >> jimmyyeah, come on. >> pretty good dayt the office. >> jimmy: and it's you being really fun. with have a clip. here's rebel wilson and
10:55 pm
take a look at this. >> in every male/female friendship there's total number of drinks and if you hit that, it means you will definitely have sex. how many drinks does it tak get you wted? >> 2 1/2 but maybe 3 ii've eaten. >> okay, a tom is justight so you can'tit 11 drinks betweethe two of you not one for you,ot ten f him. not six fohim, five for you. >> if i had more tn five drinks, i'd ho uwi you. my drink number i27. i wouldnven touch myse on lesshan 24. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jim: more with rebel wilson when we come back, ladi and gentlemen. [ cheers and appla]
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[ chrs and applause ] >>immy: thanyou ve much. hey,elcome back, everyone. i'm hanging out with rebel wion right here. [ chrs and applause ] her new moe, "how toe single," is out february 12t it's perfect for vantins day weekend. we love hanging out with you re, and thank you so much for coming on the show you know what'sny, speaking of haing ou la night, i was hanging out with this per cool cck, an e looked a lotike you. [ laughter ] . >> jimmy: a rl? >> yh. but we, li, had this aweso time. just, like, two sing ladies out on the town. and then we just mada music video.
11:01 pm
guys want to see i [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'd ve to see it. sure. let's take a look at thisic vio. >> jim: oh, cole rebel, why does eryone thi it'so good to be in relationship? i don't kw, senia. don't they knothey're missing t on theweso. single life sile life single single single life a staurant ion't share no mea singllife single life i buy whai wante these [ bleep ] heels single life sile life i canike eber's post without feeling guilty single life single life i own 10 cats love my stories single life single life everyone ows our taxes are simpler ingle fe sing life iyour horness grows you could write to a prison sgle fe single life andry pizza is personal pizza so get your single ass off streets yeah boo's got the single life
11:02 pm
life come on booty booty booty booty boots got the sing life i hang out with my fries anhaveex with em singlli single le lauger ] i can he a baith striend singllife singif [ laughter ] i can ride by myself when i'm at disney singllife singleife ihurts to pee b of my std single life singleife [ lahter ] if you have surgery no one picks youp and on e-harmony yo sl ts sucke and no one fds your deadody in t tub >> jimwhoa. so t your sexy ass out in the club booty's ghe single life booty's got single li bootyoo booty oty's got single life single life >>ea [ ch app] [ explosion >> jim: wow! so, it's -- music vide it's what people do. i can see the resemblance. l wilson, everybody. [ chee a applause ] ow tbe single" is in theaters february 12th, valentine's day weekend. jack husn joins us aft the break.
11:03 pm
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[ and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a fantastic acr. and stting todayyou can see him in t newovie, "pride and prejudice and zombies," in theaters nationwide. please give a warm welcome to jackuston. [ chee and applause ] >> jim >> jimmy: jack! >> hey, buddy. >> jimmy: great have you on thshow, my f thank you foravinme ba -- this a who new tng this is a "the tonightw" now. >> jimmy: i've gwn up. >> incredible. >> jimmy: well, this makes you a third generation huston to on "tonight show," rig? >> mean, that's >> jimmy: angelica. >> my granather, ihink, jod it back the '50s -- >> jimmy: with jack paar. a third generation doing "the tonight sw." thank you souch for being here. i mean, that'siting. [ cheers and applause ] >>hank you for having me. >> jimmy: hopefully, your kids ll, if they chse to do is, will be on "e tonight
11:07 pm
>> imagine them. i just had a little boy after myite girlso he's 1/2 wes. so he growup, or she, ei way,hat will be pretty cool. >> jimmy: yeah. >> four nerations. >> jimmy: absolutely. wa, 2 1/2 weeks?congtulations. >> 2 1 weeksld. >> jimmy: come on. [ applau ] ah, yore aad. >> i know, it's nd of odby being sort of traveling and doing some press for this movie at t ment, but, not that he cas, because -- >> jimmy: babi don't care. he's ke, "where is dad?" >> jimmy: he can talalready, ye. yeah.>> jimmy: fantastic, yeah. but that's amazing you havewo kids. meanit seems ljust sterday, we were -- >> you too, wh the hl? i mean, we were workin together t years ago. o woulhave thought? not child. we have children. >> jimmy: know. we have two kids we worked gether. we were movie, "factory gir" yeah, exactly. [ lahter ] >> right? >> jimmythe'a picture of us. th is bin t -- [ laughter my acting career. >> that's me a that's jimmy. lauger ] >> jmy: actly, yeah, prefect, yeah, exactly. had this is my real hair,
11:08 pm
ort of got a bit spoiled in that film. the fit film i evedid. and i assumeevery picture i'd ev dain would beike thatne because -- i mean, we got there, and it was a riot. it was a littltoo muchun >> jimmy: we were best friends. >> we were everyone's st iend andtayefriends. and w amazing >> jimmy: yeah. >> it was pretty cool. >> jimmy: we would like -- we stayed at me, was it like a -- >> me and you were in the casino, inially. >> jimmy: that's right. >> andhen left the casino. we went to stay with everyone. we stad in, like, so holiy in >> jimmy: yeah. >> andt wa-- you were waki me up in the morning. we were going -- and then you took me to the races. to the horse races. >>my: i did? >> you have no idea. >> jimmy: no, i don't rember noi tookou to the racetr >> we d a great night the remember. laughter ] >> jimmy: i woke up the next day atome sort of a a racetrack? >> i gethis phone callyou we, ke, noing ha changed. i was ke, "kill me, kill me. easei'm dying." you were like, "let's go! les go to the races!"
11:09 pm
>> jimmy: and we did [ laughter ] >> we went. >> jimmy: it was fun? >> are you kidding? it was t bes >> jimmy: that's all i care out. was it fun? yeah, exactly. but now we're dads. >>arently it was f. i thoughwe had areat time. >> jimmy: i remeer it. it was testime. are you kidding me? loved it. [ lahter ] i don't do the races anymo. yeah, m dad now, yeah. >> we take our kids. >> jimmy: we do. i will take the kids to the racetrack, yeah. >> take the kids. >> jimmykidsovracetracks. >> it's prefecfor ildren >> jim: yeah. >> it's perfecfor ds. >> jimmy: do you fd you've chand to be the dad at a? or no, you're the same guy. >> no you kn -- i'm a total sucker now. i'm,ike, a big softy. >> jmyyou are? >> i mean, you know this. i mean, you kn this you got two little gir. i mean, your girls kill you, but, i mean, my daughter, she's almost 3. i can't do anying without crying or watching something. i'm a wet blanket now. >> jimmy: really? >> it's embarassing. i'm, like, doing action films and at the same time'm of, like, crying at "the expendables" or something. [ laughter ] [ talking over each other ] >> jimmy: you're in th giant new movie, "ben-hur." congratulations onhis the --
11:10 pm
>> jimmy: i mean, th a gia, gianiant mie. yeah, iwas a rely big film to be a part of. >> jimmymorgan freeman as llas in it. >> morgan freeman's in it. and tobyebbell and an inedible ct. i mean, big film. mean, it's quite a daunting prospect. g sandals to fill. >> jimmy: yeah, big sandals. >>ig sandals. >>my: and yohad to lose weight f this? >> i lost alst 30 pounds. >> jimmy: how? >>y thway,t was really, really hrible because we shot it in me, of all pce the ple, with the be food, the best drink and i had a -- luckily i had a chef hping me out. t, he was an italian chef who ved cook it was his favorite. ia is just the most woerful man. he just woule and probably cry ithe kitcn because he walwed e any seasoning orth like that. he was very apologetic every time hfed me. [ laughter ] "i'm sorry." [ laught ] >> jimmy: "thi nightmare." yeah. >> "very disgustg." [ laughter ] jimmy: "bum me t." whenoes that ce out, next year?
11:11 pm
>> jimmy: you have a big year coming up. cause now "pride and prejudice and zombies." >> naturalrogression. laughter ] >> jimmy: yes, absolutely, yeah >> jimmy: but itoes al work. >> it's amazing how it works. >> jimmy: it's hario. >> i always do it for small because i had the act same reaction when they senit ove to me. they said, "oh, it's 'pride and prejudice and zombies.'" and i'm englisso grew up with it on the curriculum like "pride and prejudice." i was l "th is ridiculo." >>my: yeah. >> "this is never gonna wo. and this is where my career is these ys?" [ laughter ] t there, bhen i ad it. i'm not joking, it was so brilant. such a greatarrie the two because rllis "pride and prejudice." >> jimmy: yeah. >> with a few zombies. [ laughter ] >> j: have you ever played "chubby zombies"? [ laughter ] rlly fu. you start with two. start with. >> srt wh o? my: ye, yeah, yeah. >> oh man, i just saw this. >> jimmy: that's great. and you got to say, "who can say 'chubby zombie?'" >> chuy zombie. [ laughter ]
11:12 pm
marlon brando. >> "ubby zome. [ laughter ] >> jmy: "i'll makeou an fer yocan't refuse." [ mumbng ] [ ughter ] >> let's just keep goi. [ mumbling jimmy: i've played th game before. laughter chubby zombie. laughter ] >> jimmythat's fanstic. >> that's boring, though! jim: that's because you lost allhiweight here the movie! [ laughter ] >> i'm starving. >> jimmy: i can't believe i'm a dad. [ laug ] hi, kids. daddy's saying hi. [ laughter ] >>s that what you're saying? [ mumbling ] [ cheers [ cheers andpplaus] [ mumbling [ cheers and applause ]
11:13 pm
>> that was inne. jimmy: but you're in foa trt wh you see this movie. it's jachuston. 's zbies. 's "ide and prejudic" who do you play? who do you play the film? >> i play george wicamwho is, like, the baguy, theort of nemesis of darcy. but he's t most changed from the orinal. he's the moschanged. >> jimmy: yeah. i want to show a clip. here's jack huston de and prejudice and zombies. take a look at thi>> you y and the egypan a bht th upon us. he tt lieveth in me, though he were dead, yeshall he live. ans cried ouwithoud voice -- [cro noi ] >> no, don't! >> jmy >>immy: yeah! [ cheers and applaus] that's what i'm talking abt, my man. jack huston!
11:14 pm
zombies" is in theaters now. we'll right bk with a performance from nathiel rateli and the nightsweats.
11:15 pm
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[ cheers a applause >> jimmy: oh, geady, it's goa be fun. guys, check this o. next week ben iller will be here. ryan reynolds will be here. [ cheers and applause ] ryannd i are gonna play a a game of music beerwith a a couple speal guests. beure tune in for tha plus we have pelope cruz,
11:19 pm
[ cheers and applause ] that'sexweek. are you excited about this mean this is good stuf [ cheers ] atome rn up your tv sets and go czy. they made their televisi debut here on "the tonight" show last ar on behalf of their self titled ablum and we are in -- they are in the mist of a world tour. performi "i need never get old." these guys- i'm telling you, tu youtv set, tu i ad, clap, ha aar. this is ro and roll. right now. ladiesnd gentlemen, please
11:20 pm
,, can we be the oh just think of the te thought of le strange said you never kw while i try my bes o cover r eyes it a common y to blame and hide the tth i knothat some will say it matters but littlbabe but come on and mean to
11:21 pm
i needtry needed to fall i needed youlove i'm burning awa i ne never get old tak ting our time ah just standing in theain meaning wh youai ah and mn it tme
11:22 pm
od never again come on and sait now say it's a game know that me will y it matters but ttle babe but come on and mean it toe i need iso bad ah mean it toe i need it soad i needed t i need to try eded to fall i needed your love i'm burning away
11:23 pm
needed to fall now i neededouve i'm burng away i need nev get old sd i need to tryneeded to fall now baby i needed your love i'm burning ay i need never gld i need nevet o i ne never get old nd never get old need ner get old i need never get old [ cheers and applaus] >> jimmy >> jimmy: come o ds th. comen that'si'taing about. look at that right there, they loveou
11:24 pm
need neveret o. gentleme
11:25 pm
[ chrs a applause ] >> ready >> ready? >>immy yeah. my thanks -- a little left to go. >> okay. >> jimmy: my thas rebel wilson, jack husn. [ cheers and applause ] once again nathaniel ratelf and the nightsweats.
11:26 pm
>> one, two.
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