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tv   Today  NBC  February 10, 2016 10:00am-11:00am MST

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yo son toldour dahter. ay,verybody les thos rhet he perform lastightn "fallon. >> ye. > youtube star cie pie. should. he shot to gam playing video games. >> can you imagine that >> 1 bilon hits. >> playingideogas. >>n h youtub channe fran. >> exactly. >> got lot of time. we're going to deb something phenomenalnd go ovllit. >> this g to rr worl >> o issalle w bot. >>ike a robot.t wine bot. wll tl you h this is gog to playn th ow we nee tun twitter toet aadftnd get ready tolay wh us. get your pnd hav itte readwoulyoikeomeords of wiom? dyi forit ho. >> thiame fm j.k.rowling, who otall the "hrypott" book
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untionnhich i ruilty tha good? >>yeah car. >> ote, d lot of harry poer sff o pkin incrle. she' a gatspirat >> had aig night zie went. >> i wento the redss hos bid won' day. n't k myress w re out. >> she has nobum. >> she doesn't. she'so tiny. at the ban perry who peord. eyad aonalled "if d yog. i sd thereot pyi at.sure ough, theydi thank yo to allheeoerom womasay i i die young >>t' amen arsociatio bheon waso go,t didn' maer ok at everybody linit. >> a righty. >>yes. erydy heenng - notery. n't thinky motrcare
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the ff lhoe"rs ag e til is out >> e yesterday o show.w we have itcaellen getshings >> we >> l's take a lo >>hello, tanner-inos. >>e on in >>h, geez. >> before weeat, i hav sothing vermportant to say, okay? damn, we a still loogood. >> that's okay momms here. i' having toughday, too. i have three boys to count on fo everythin but for t first ow >>'m cleing my schede and moving i wh my schedule. >> you neede right now. >>nd you need me. i' moving , to >> kimmy, y do not need to do this. i agree with dj. u do noteed to dthis. >>t'sgirl night out. i dot know if i should be shovin this thiown or pulling this >> do you ha reservions? yes! i feelike ihould be home withkids.
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>> wt to seet fosu >> looy're still having a timtoge arehe theo see ratings are like? we don'tno for re this isnews. no njecture please en askhe c if theye ren for snwo an if ty we, werehe olsen twins make an aparan? michel. >>hey saide're not actresses anyme. >> they do fhion and oer thgs >>ut ty uldetir sier who i wonrf trs. yecoul u'reright. yes! won the d at >> i don't know. i can't sol evybods prlems let mov . a ghty rebel lson. first ofall, lovehe she's fun. herethe question. did you ev about age?ould do wine w. >> i lovrebel. cod do wine t w at .
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's just s yout works. ave yod abourage? it. ishe question? we'll do the otherne late l do themth. let's -- have do o question. >> oh, crud. >> let's savehe winebot. >> da >> rn did add claimshat she lied about her aghen she movrom liaowood five years ago. evyone tughthe w in her 20s bau she playe"pch perf" >> iov rei n'arld is. the. la ye,nustralian tid disceredhe w 35 he gng to tur 3 rch. od he she tal about it on the show this did s >> sai i just didn't mention it. know authat in hollywood. there's a lot of things going againstyofr did you ev about you age llood? >>no i try notot to do at. i don'think it' gooor
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>> good foryou. [ laughter ] >>factaveo tell u, as lou and thki how beautou looked >> see. >> it's not about but that i >> your face, yourndi >>you,. franfranni h frienfor, speak o age- >> ion't kn,? ow worri aut t ers. >> wheid yirst go hoywood? >> , ye obablyut --um, ,8 arso. ied it fran. buton roundt off high t i don'thi w b interviewed by the likes o >> we we staeers at the same time. >> b it habeen m w care for re, oe started working. >> don'tou love an? justkingt r. >> i le her body language. >> everhing >> her cleavage.
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wee gngo py o win bot tionnow. fi i time pay atten. we show howo do is d of a 12-yea girl is kingsse his dauter showpate forschool. dropped h off late t reason was because he was at a spristeen ncert. >> wither. >>ith he hek his twoaughterso that instd ofaying sometng , hold the trh. he tr >> and itasted 3 1/2 hours. we'rry. y e apparently af ahe school that yoreing yourid out to a ncert late the the k s la. e queios - thi ire th win b ces in. euestionis,s it okay t yrid of schl f entunlad ho? i oka to te your kid out ofchl for a event unred to scol? yo s yes. y? ma yca. >>ay yes becau m pents di iore whe i was growing . anknd i took our kll ov the worldhen w h an
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expeence osidehe croomthat wld be hug huge! uld changeirlife.definitely.iooe't just come wihe schooat myts were oldho because ty rdidn't -- weevissed school. we used have too if we eeli great. t stuff. i say look, yourido to scho think abothis, thgh. the tookhem to a concert out lhatght,n ty came s so iteels liket's okayo show late. >> that wasn' the estion. >> i'm just addg t m argument. >> you henadour argunt mrgen ist'sot okay. just d th. gootwter. goo klndho o our ttter in yo haveo #teamhoda. >>no,oudon't.
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>>owthising? omeon, people >> look atthis >>hatappens is as youh ur wine g fillup. come , le! me slove. no, we a stopping.were not pi. ok, why don'tou go ahead and takeour kid out school fo erything? maybe dney worl >> i didn' say th. theemor that the k has with the parent wilar exceed ose coue ofoun the classroo >>yes! ce , people. who has the money and meanso keep takg tir kids evywre martsn'tave the dn'haveheoney but ey found w tkeserhe. >>ooh,t'o exti >> tha aos looks liken utter. >> i sividly remember myom saying "l pla okie toy."
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our d unbaikitedo? neutge hrobot ter l. thluroniac plumpskinel wit tehyio anlockit r sule,hydredn. hydrost. from neutrogena gril grillechicken an bush baked beans. >>mom totay rgoto give us vegetabl. i know. it awesome. >>boyah. blow it up. bush baked beans. slow cooked coing tour secret family cipe
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theye talleatingtheir vetaes. boo-h. >>bl it up. at bushaked bns. the ggie kids love. try ounewestlavor, asiabbq.availafoalimited me only.> >> o look atth o sa ho>>no. 'rey ose. we'rey clos >> clo d't g , as you know. >> eamhoda. >> says the caucus. >> actrs, advoce andauor whos asams a her ice. >>he flashy girl from flhing, known as the lovble fran fro
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n lding her voiceo "transyl "transylvania tw" ta a look. >> i hope it's acceptable. >> well played. it'sgreat. thk you. we just haveo baby proof that. johnny, du know where you put the rber gu >> baby proofing a guillotine so y you cut youinger off. it partf thfu >> how muchun d youave doing th? >> it wa a blast. mo glad they ilude me in e seel. it a wonderful mie. this ithe second one. no it's aille on blu-ray. it has all the same vivid le to it when y go tthe theaters. 's genuily nny, you c see. ther so ny gat coms in it a the writs. >>hoome of e other tors lent theiroices? >>evin jam and,cour, adam sandler.
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>>ow much time does it take fou toonofhose thin? youknow i'teh a hu par soor m bas i comeor a dathey wante there in hair a bse they sho behind theen. i never had theuryf vernd -- i'm grateful. >> you had lun wh barbra streisand? >> yes. >>hat was gng on ere? she has a foundation f won's health, rit? >>yes. she srtedt cedarsinai i los anles,arbrstreisand womes hrt health ceer. shenvit tounch t tal abou ttellabou. >> d calou the phone? they eled me. in the subject you sarbra streisandt'ke, okay,pen that. >>. >> ime, i'm aut t cancerncs m
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wasn't reay as arisedn womeseart alth 'sppening? t wes overflowing!>> oh,d!>> t w is the wae should p oute bottle goes into one . keehat stuowing. t a te itng the fl >> y're gngll the hh ta,ate e. >> y kw wh#hoda. >> is too late,da. >>ou know fst i had t getovha isitting luh wit barbra streand. where did go >> to the bellagio hotel i vehills. >> i lov hotel. >> theood delis. itindligh everng w preset. her manicure was perfec >> of cose. >> and you can see in the picte,he lked very relaxed andig maup.e' rllovelynd very unsu ouknowo oe
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pa th, youe bara reisan and whas thss you'eari a l me look at y nai and yourair a let mook at iks lid her ownmakeup. >>e that. >> all these thing girl thinksut w she's ding with barbra streisand. th s srted s that ronatith mo womie ofealu a c mbined. ou're right. os wt this i about. >> re tomorr i doinghe r s fasonow. >>ourealki nway! >> ye and i sdbut, you ow i'm at least like fi, 15 pous overweight. she saiou'r going tose it you have six ek i have n lt thing. y loogorgeous >> are youo to the -->> y >>
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ou ?the redg,to >> not's t. >> mine started overing e minutes ago. "hotel transylvania two"s avaie in allres now. > cutie pieas a fun new adventure for his ns. let' py after this let's g or there t some of th.wo for togs twenty-four seven. i am the butler. these dogs sd li cra. it's like ing side of a snow globe. it tesn awful loof time to keep the house clean. i don't kn wto do. (doorbell) at's thiwier sweepeandusters. thiss ni a easy boys it rlly sticks to it. it fits in a the tight spaces. is is al great does that ok familiar to you? i'm no longer the buer i am just one of the guy i recommend nare me tamins.beuse i trust their quality.
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no. plea.ow what ea ells lik bach. the me bleach th knosdown dysente. anclnsp crimscenes. you wanto spend 3 cks on luidoubt, be myuest. u ntle, gea ea withleh t. oxeansle. he he i one of the biggest stars the world. trust us if you hav't heardf hi ye your ks have. >> youtube sensaonutie pie. his real name is felix s scharber scharber >> what's he doing on this youtube channelouight ask? >> yourorst nightmare as a parent, playing vid mes. now heants his fans to join
10:21 am
>>y! >> soeople aatchg y >>f cose. did it catch like ldfire? . it wasery sl. t. >> howong hasteen auge y of yo >> i lov video games my whole life. ilways love the idea o ing g play online sur youo all. i alway wand to do ut that was yrs ago we stte >> a youaking aoo linthisy? >> it's aming. myobs to play video games, a b all paren sayill nerexist. extl extl y he this new sw cald red pewde." pelere supposeo trtoscare you? tt's right. i wacng to horrgame ther w go. s.
10:22 am
the nextevel witre-le hoorames that io throh. ha scareyo at'sething tcare pewd pie? >>o many ings oladt's oveecause it was a terrifyg h. >> if it's huge h'll ha to keep i up, right? >> oh, gosh, don't say that. >> can people see this on utube?youtube? >> check it ou >> i d't underd all this stuf >> sure you >>no, ido ieally wh i could. the advti o e? dyoak a mone >>yeah. ye we're happy ye aob find something you le and it. say. brushp on your ballad for lentine' valentine's y.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, it's >> it' wines day dnesy. readyo py our weey trivial game "w ew?" valeine's day is sunday. we thoughtt would bun to have y sing alo with popularlove songs. >>yea! >> yea. ho icrs the see0 ro. rock. to give out $100 tose who
10:26 am
whoon g onef her sigd ok hereo helus ken. od mornin >>ood morning. >> a y the romantic type? >> i am. >> ready, rea to pl. >>hi, ds. what r your names? nn. bail. goi t p a sg ll"fis t lyri" fini the lyric tohis du by the prince ofoul mvin gaye a't noounighnough aioalleownoh aito river wid enoh to kp m from gti tyo be [ di >>hawasfaating.erodwas s i dierentke'st. >>ye. that is aamous song by marvin gaye and tammy terrell. ma ppl kwiaossnd th premes. a l o pple cered that >> definily
10:27 am
>>ayho whour a wre a you from>> kimropennsylvania. >> she'spnext.nish theyr tthe fst mberne hitor the temptations. i guessu' s at c me m fl this wa my girl my gir my gl ye [ ding ] >>ad fdabo. baday four , ho. >> iknow! >> smoy binson wtehat songnd many ppl mht inkte it withne ec wom i min but h tuallydmdhat w itit my wen aund the wod, includingyo >>ou mn a women? a wome ok,hoda your me? >>er. fish theyrico one of la ar'sos pop wedng song aording tooty. re we.
10:28 am
comeon. tak me io yourovg ar >>! iss m uerhe l of a oundrs [ di >> allrigh >>veone knoingtut of the par today. >> poor hoda. they can still geter book o amazon, though. >> ed eerhan, on h new bum. it's u for a big awards at t mys. lole. tota>>nd so i hoda veable. i wh we had -- maye wohave ahance. at's yr ne and whe om >> k f newles. >> fh t l t thi clasc so,ne o llbos to tenssic ofll .go oth'mot wha you
10:29 am
so iillwove you [ di ] [ ding ] thaise sr spanednn. if don'trt out in th rit k y'reot goi to ke it. >> you're finished. dol parton wrote that song. exactl feature on her 1987 album jolene. ive hithitney houston, 15 weeks atne on arts. "bodua from "bod ocourse >> one of the biggest sou acks ever>> one mo>> we h time for o more. ght. nish the c.what's youre a w yofrom? >> frowilkes-barre, a. fin thegmlton jo's popular opeouon m i he y't md w wonul leshile u're in theorld [ ng ] >>da??>>'mo ppy.
10:30 am
finish the ly. u sang ery onefthem. heck wrong withyou?t over he so i can spank o>> thank u, everybody. >> thank y and thankou and thank you. >> you'll love theg coming up from coury cue, thomas rhet thank you, by the way, ke >> sure. and find outappens whenoda andenna hit the streets. e u viru the flu rus. it's a really deal. and with fever acs, and chills, m knows it nee a big solution: an antivir. n't kid around with the flu,all your doctor with the first 48 hours of symptom and ask out escription tamiflu. atck the flu virus at its source wh tamiu, an aiviral that helps stop it from reading inhe body. tamiflu in liqd form is fda approved to treat the flu in people weeks of a a older whose flu symptoms srt th the last two da.
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so why wait feel comftae? trussil. the numbfor itch. >> here ere is o tngeno an lovebourodawo she has lot of heart.
10:35 am
ha ge warmed few heas in n york city. >> it will be upo youhen you see the piece. jenn and i thoughtt would be fun to showomhawoing people a little bit o lo. >>ewor leirof e' gng t pdesmany as posble- >> fre cu. >> first stop 6 aven. >> wha dyo nt? lae.ea no sur. owuch i? $1.50? >>ottoy! wto g ery muin?rng. moing. >> a muffin. tod is fr. do uonr w wreng th? >> par otheow >> no jto pule o urceea. gngoay fpele's commute t work >> yes. look it >> hereou go. >> is areeusride>>etr fre rnd tp cket. h aoo d ark haday. happda
10:36 am
>> isim t hd ntho ou ladueen of ael school inhaem e we e.uriness t h bught us here>>exope kids >> ce on >>e'rehere! >> surprise. hi >> hi, gu. who likes tore? raise yr hd if youikeo read read. >> who wan tir ownool book >> who wantso be happy? ecau i'mappy a bookf their verwn to take home to helpnspire som great ki. thanyou. >> you made my day. >> what is happing? >> group hug. >> get overhere! >> group hug! g over here. th itheigst hug we've ever had. >> say chear eese >>heddarse>>hest hugs, t eetestmiles from new friend next sp, new york preyterian spital. >> this could bey favorit
10:37 am
we' gngo aiv thks t pplho some relyreatrk i tit ianeier lunchsetpn a secret loti aurs in t peatric unitather fha they think i ataffetg. ,ys! hi ho a yo jeand wteo come a say thankyo >> tha you guys smu. >>ouuy work sardllhe me. for t nurs here today, theresuch ahis a free lunc >>ehs,ou get a ou gr. instd, y gwich youet a sandch. thank you forthingou >>h, c on >> can'telieve n it is >> theiggest selfie you've ever seen. as if our d couldn't get any er, jt as we were leaving -- we haveood news?
10:38 am
luca luca marone. i'm cancerfree. >> probably the only pson haier than him is you. m hapor your family >> love y'l. >> h couldn't wait to shareis rprise with the nurses who he says have come lefaly. >> oh, you didn' hear >> thas amazing. >> it is, without doubhe most pcis gift of the day. >> ve, ve, love thatpie. >>hat was one of tho momts when we g toeet that young boyt you tho- >> tt was unplanned. just walked in? >> hedi joanne jus hande me one. not every you get a tweet like is. >> careful whe y sh >> it's not my phone sot' okay. he it is e go closer? it's a tweet from traw.>> sing what, hoda? >> he wroteicng bush "today." stayumble and kind he has a songhat's calle "hum and kind." >> d you pick that
10:39 am
>> i have aouofimes and methg sapned but wll listen t it on t way t. >> he i mtingeart a eountryithis soulful voice. >> another awesome singer, thomas rhett will sg his last hitfter this.moms often ne a helping hand. afteushi lierine al care helps prevencavities, strengthens teeth d rees tooth enamel. it's an way to give listerine al care to theotal family. listine total care. one bott, six benefits. to your mouth .antaing age six,lierrt r d extra cavity protectn te i'm likeoxer in a ring. a small boxer. u dopect and , wham i hi'em with huge crmy goodness! alght d tw brinit, girlfrie! ch, creamy100% natural cheese.
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>> annou >> announcer the city concert series on "today" is pudly sponsore sponsored by -- thomas rhett having the vy first number o country singl of the year. >> with his sma hit ie a ppy man," the top selling dital countryngle. >> can you belveat he sgha aittleearlr. e s pnumal "csh a burn some of the songs were
10:44 am
rhett aikens a is joined by h gorous fe, laur thathe vi >> it is, are y still pching yourself, thom? i am. >> it seeike you ce outf nowhere and now everyone knows your name. >> especially a sg that waso personalo us, to have it asv asuchuccess as i dids a ecial thing. people can sense the authentic feeling behind it. >> you're going to sing aew one for us. rash and burn. >> carry it aw. o o i guess is oveaby deja vu again whd have thought that time don't stop andir t world keeps spinning
10:45 am
into a solitary ain't like i'm the i'm the only o that's in the shoes thatm do you hear tha i'm right back at theound of lonely calling do you hear that it's where i'm a it's the sound of teardrops fall falling d down lamming door and a lesson learned i let another ler crash and burn i know that it might sound jaded and i have to say i think le is overrated i don't lik throwg it away i know you could probably tel
10:46 am
right where i wen wro but somuys't he allhe luck if others don't sing s songs do you hr that m right back at the soundfonely calng do uear that it's where i'm at it's the sound o tearopsfalling fallin down down a slamming door and a lesn learned i let another lover crashnd burn that's ri anoth lover oh, anoth ler csh and burn we e we g now
10:47 am
thend of lonely calling o you hear that it's where i'm at it's the sound otheeardps fallingown down slammg dr and a lesson learned iet another lover crash and burn yeah i let another lover crash and burn yeah ho whoa >> yes! yes! >> thomas, thank you. congratulation again. >> appreciate it. >> all the be. >> we'll b back in a mome. first this is "toda on, what, hoda? >> nbc, baby.
10:48 am
>> that was great!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, > hi >> hi gang. n' forget, next tueaye're gog to giv i awfi lky viewers wl win a prize. >> go to and click coect. tomorrow we havig show. ry reynolds. >>exadalive. then we have jen y godchiren. >> yeendand kyli wl he. > and le stories from uples who have made it throu
10:49 am
bye,verybody. hersers ande] >> announcer: today o rachael ray... >> rachael! >> anouncer: make yourself comfortable because everything isasier wit regis. >> thinkf yourself. >> anouncer:e's lending a hand i titchnd showing cor. >> wow,t is in your coffee >> announce get a peek inside
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and no are you rea for rachael! [che a applae] >> racha: rachael peoe freak o -- [ceranapau] oh, >> oh, yeah. >> rchael: so -- >> thank you. aebvious're getting two hosts trice of one toda lik two for yind of thing. gis is with us toy. peope are so excited, especiallyver here in the audince, i thoug they were going to come tackle poo re >>you mn those three old m? >>acha:ow you been, i ven't sn you since the holidays? >>een good. went to canada w to lifornia. been busy. >> rachael: visitin with family.
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