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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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ail a nice de place where ey can runs a group." elated tealevels os s mile sttch t nta fe trailhrough the air forcacademy in may.. freque trail users saoied ever since.. ually he stae, at least week. we vary between north monument vaey and woodmen valle we like to run north when we're able to, whi hasn't been for quite some time yet." "i've been kinda bummed thate couldn't, especially this wint because it's a nice flat trail, i was kinda bmed it was clos for the winter, b i'm ready foito be openeck up." but walkers.. runners.. riders.. rejoe.. the trail will reopen sotime inate spri oeay mm.. "can't wait. we're here today running south and can't it for the day we can go north, stn e rt and joy the open vista at the aifoe." the county's direcr of unity services showed me h they're menning with the air force to keethe base secure while civilians usehe trail.. theyr'e gettg to work onew signs with theumr foaf security will be posd ou ery mile..
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caras.alg with a newoluner watcgroup."i think cas are never a bad ea. justven r e runners safety whens open to see if somebody ion the tra or having in a way they shouldn't aybe the sety l at e acady hasn't gone do-- it's ill at bravo the academy is not ready to commenon t reopeni of thtrai. the county tells me theyope to have a date set relativeoon... maddie? a li look outside in bh corado springs and pbl the nds ofteay sing goodbye--- but the sunshine decided to sti aroun les get ur f a forecast from lead forecaster mikeaniels. current conditions in our area drwith light winds or calm wind. nd speeds ov souther colorado... very lht or calm winds in most ars now. next weather maker, tomoow
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a cold fnt to our st, a push of dry mild air ahead of it tomorrow. the front will fring much cooler air sunday. dry tonight with mostlea ies. saturday will be mostly sunny, cool earlyn ir from late morning into late afternoon. cleanup underway aoss corado springs afr yesterday's winds. trees and fences blown down al over theews fiveiewing area. also left behi... a ge aunt of trash "kp colorado springs betiful" has volteer group scheduled toortomoow on east platte avenue... team leaders went out today to estimate the bigob ahead. canon city is also cang up after yestdays powful winds pushed through town. take look at these pictures....
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feet tall into aome yestery afternoon. it happened ne rudd avenue and 8th st. the homeowner though--was surprised to find his home only had mir dage from is massive fall. snow is hampering efforts to cleanuthis massive rkslide on i-70 glenwoocanyon. c-t crews say the sns making it diicult to get the necessary equipment in to repair the roads and rocks in the canyon alshave to be brought down. dot said this afternn that the weather impa will deteine if that 24 mile retch re-opens tomorrow,...but say there arlonger mitigation pns ithe rk..that will impact tffic for thnext 2 to 3 weeks. new warnings tonight about an r-s tax scam making the rounds in o area. tonight we're getting word scammers are targeting people in both pueblo and corado springs. pueblo police edn alt wag ait the am.. sang callers are threatene with jail time and lawsuits for unpaid taxes. a similar alert was suedod
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department and in our news five newoo we've also had dozens of calls from you today alone. thi-r-s warns th they will never contacyou like this. if you get a call email tha seems suspicious, call the irs to verify whether or not 's a scam. new at ten-- ringpolice askg you to keep an eye out r th wted fugitive with ties to colorado springs. isaias cabello is a murder suspect out of lubbo, texas. lice say. cabello is to be considered armed and daers. taking a look at stories across colorado tonight--- the prosecution defense both restintheir ses today in the trial of dynel le... she's the lomo wan accused of cutting an unborn baby fr a stranger's womb. today in court... la's firstnterviith police was played r the jury... it she clms michell wiinattacked her. shwoul't stop aneemed like every time i got leverage
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osecutors called 16 witnesses, the nse called none--and rested after lane told the judge she wouldn't testify. wilkins was attacked last rch when s was 7 months pregnant, she survied but her baby d no lane icharged wi attempted fit-degr mder, assault and unlawful termination of a egnancy. osing arguments expected nd at theolorado capitol--- updating y tonight on a at meure inspired by the rape cusaonainst bi cosby. thbillow heads tthe sena... after gaining approval in the state house day. laying iall out for you. the prosed bill wod change the state of limitations on sexual assaults from tenears to 20 years. as we fitold you---two women in ourtatelaim they were assalult by cosby yeago. they rently testifd at the bill would eower victims by giving them more timto com forward.
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inkillers... plded not guil today in court... the judge also ordered 28-year olrocky allen to get drug tment. he faces charges of tampering with a consur product and obtainina controlled substance by deceit. prosecutors say he switched syng on e b d took painllerinnded for patitshile working at swish cal ce in englewthe inveigatn has leto thousands of patients needin teinfoh-i-v itis virus. soar two pats--have st positive f hepit b the lindstrom v-a clinic i colorado springs getng some attention from local and state leaders... after someeterans hato wait a month or moreo see a doctor. mayojohn suthers, congressman do lamborn and senatorichael nnet toured the clinic tod. lamborn expressedoubts about claims by the v-a that scheduling problems are w under control... becae says he sll receives lot of complaints
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out of date computer schedulingystem. a w leadershipeam is now in placand the members of the colodo delegatioare asking for monthly reportby the v on progrs about mely pointments for vets. a jore o marijuana in colorado springs... e plants --- gwn and sold re --- contained unsafe pesticides according to state agriculture inspectors. hundreds of rains are affected... taken off the elves of o coloprses. it's all part of new state laons onesticides and pot. ok rq naf car sot jd "i've never heard about th with this e ever." ctomer j-d he didn't know dispensary... dr. releaf... had just had aassive recall... sot jd o ey never mentiedt. but says, it mes sense. eir shelves re prettbare. sot jd "the majority of their strains were o so th might havbeen a go reason why they didn' have a whole lot of go selection in there." he says it's little concerning... buhas always had a good perience witthe busiss.
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"oh ye, very well ru... i coulsee ke about probabl 50 percent of the peop not carind the other0 percent of the other peoplth actually care at they in thbody." but the state mecal enfoement division cares. putting a holdn plants fro dr releaf a hmountain medz, which operat as levi wellss becae ste instigors unnsafpesticidon plants a fuicide usn food crops, t could beangerous when heated. marijuana is a dcult crop to gu.. e beusitan be smoked or ingested other ys sot phoner mike augh hey're not reallmang that differentiation at the state level, they' just saying h it's on there and it went into a ncentratthat went into food, don't mattere're calling it contaminated, wee caing thproduct." the otr prlem... because marijua is federally illegal, no able pesticide sting habeen don meaning it's hard ay whether some peic are safe or not. sot phoner mike "thehaenge being tt they may have used these pesticides early on in the stage of growth, we really don't know, d they
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without the science we reay n't know." we tried several tim tod to ntact the owners obo siss.. and never got a response. the state says consume should returnhe recalled rijuana products to the business... ea proct has a lablen the container that will tell y the licee number... so check the labels wi a lis of affecd strains we have on our website right now... koaa d com today the mariana task force met in colorado spring.. working on tougher city regulations. this is a sty we've been tracking for months now... laws on growing mariana within city lits wereassed quickl.. and the taskorce inow looking atosble chge that cou binoded. incled ith... thnuer oplan that cabe grn in aouseld awell zoning changes. we'll continue to bring yothe latest developments. a speical furaiser tonight a doherty gh school--- in honor of a fallen coac assistant foball coach jefey lobato was killein a traffic accident aroun christmas.
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a special fundrais was held --- wh all of the proceeds going to the lobato family. shirts we made in memory of lobato... and sold overwhelmingly before the me. the opposi team... palmer even maderts of their own--- to ntribu to the fundraer. most of our folkare weing we befo me, really and truly what jeff laboto lived his live by. palmer jumped onboard and did thlabato strong coach grant' their head les aple doors down from the lobatos, felt very stronglybout it. you know how this goes its like wildfire, it catch. immediately after e accident... a go fund aount was started. atas raised more than 51 thousand dolrs for the lobato faly. l ahon new a ten--- new developmts in the battle between the federal government and apple--- pl a top g-o-p connder cas for a boycott of the th giant. and wee tracking where the
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of the south carolina primary and thnevada caucus--- what the polls saabout a shake up
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video of a huge elk herd in estes park, co. a look from cameras ross thearea.... highs today 64 in the spngs and 71 in pueblo. cuent mperatures all over uthe coro... salle pictes, e orm roug t win yesterday ntins to move away fromolorado... a storto ourest will bng
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but still dry over t lower elevations. hour by hour, sunshine most of the day with chilly air earl then md temps from lat morning into late afteoon. highs tomorrow wilach e 50's, 60's and 70's. 7 day st f the springs hightomorrow 6ucoler sunday with dry skies. a storm will bring a chance of moisture late monday into tuesda muolr tuesdawith aghof 3pueblo high morrowh colder sunday wi partly cldy sks. mi monday then aew swers possible late monday night into tuesay. gh on tuesday ly 40. canon city and woodland park, drd warm saturda mu colder suay. a ancef moisree monday into tuesday. much colder r tuesday. it will finally feel like february ain. rrencoitions in r ea. y th light winds or calm wind. wind seds ov souern colodo...
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winds in most areas w. next weathaker, tomorrow wi b. a cold front to our st, push of dry mild air ahead of it tomorrow. the fronwill fring much cooler ainday. dry tonighwith mostly clear skies. saturday will be mtly nny, cool eay then mild air from late moing into late afternoon.
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a compromise bng offer the federal goveement to tech giant apple... we'll explain how this olive branch could be the key to
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ght now--- t body of le
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scalia is lyg in repose in the greahall in e supreme t. president ama anfirst lady michelle... just two of the many mourrs... who id their respects today. a private ceremonyas held this morning for family, friends, and the eight remaing suprem courjustes before the casket site w open tohe public. looking ahead... vice president joe biden and wife jill are expected to attend tomorrow's funeral serce. rning to yr election wat tonight- replicans turning up theeat in south cana.... eaof trow's y. thlatest poll numbers... sh the crowded fld is still shaking out abouthe same. donald trutill leads ted uiz. but only by five pois. that is thsame leahe had in to cruz. marco rubio is holdingteady at third... withressure buildingn rubio to overte cruz. jeb bush polling at 13 percen-- sitti in fourth. thdebatevetecruiz's eligilty to besidn is ng fm the mpaignrail to courtom. canaan boruiz isnder t
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and now lawsuits cllenging eligibilty have been filed in several states including illino, indian new york and alabama. donald trump has alsthreated legal action cruzaiains he is elible to run for president beuse his motheras a u-s citizen when he s rn e vacan lafy tonighcommts madby pop s yestery rding dona they now insist that when the pope saisoonwhwants build a wall, and not a bridge, is n christian, was not personal attac the commen came ter a week long trip toexic...including a special massear u.s. meco border. anwhile... nald trump is now urng supporters to boycotple productsntil the company agrees to help the f-b-iock the i-e used by one of the san bernardino shooters. what i think you ought to s boycott apple until such time as th give th security number. i just thoughtf th. ycott apple, the off-the-cuff comment came as trump was king questions during
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island, soutcarolina this afternoon. and there may be a compromise in the works between apple d the justice depament over the i-one flap. new tonight,...we've learned the justice department has told a judge it's willing to allow apple to retain possession of and destroy the ftware needed to hack the phone. as we've reported... the phone is owned by syed farookormer emoyerthe san bernardino county depament of public health. apple c-e-o tim cooks fighting the order... callg it an ovreach byhe government. his company espond by next week, and hearg on the matter is set for next month. we are less than 24 hours away from democratic voters taking to the polls in nevada. th'll caucus tomorrow ---and hiary clintos on big lea the pol over beie sanders is dowtous2 poin. bothushing hard that state... fighting for the latino elecra former preside bill clinton will be in our area this wkend toampaign for his wife, hilary.
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rally supporters. that event starts at 7:45 p--- at the "pueblo convention center andemorial hall." and on sunday -- he'll hold an event inolado springs at 1:15 in the afternn -- at colodo colleg both eves are free andpeto thpublic. count onews ve to be at both and have complete coverge for yothrohout t weekend. haer lee-- renowneauthorf thbookto kill a mockingbird"--- has died. hehometown of monroeville honoringer memory today. two black bows were placed on the courthou doors as well as each bookstore to honor the author. residents say canasily point out locations depiedn her bo. that book-- won her e "puliter pri for fiction" in 19-61. lee lived a ve privatee and suffered a sokin 27. e was 89 years old. c-c and d-u are tang the rilry outside.... ....the tigers getting their
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colorado college and denver are tang their rivalry outside torrow night.
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hours ay, as the bright lights coors field are callingor thms thtigers getngn thei first practice othe outdoor rink andoang in the atmosphere that willnly get more electrifiedomorrow night. ach haviland and the tigers say today was pitatoming eir ne and getting dn tobusine cgame tim weg em of timto soak everhing in on friday and hopully that's enouor satury. u really can prepa for it, everybodis so excited i'm not going to have to say a lot come turd for theame. i inthe fi mines what that gngo a out, is st getngho nerves out and just playing the right way after that. ce we're playing it's ing to be like any other game. thin g g a00 tomorrow night, weil and have highlighton news-5 weend. it w spe night doherty gh school friday. faci-off against their rivs,
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e te horg ffrey loto, an asstant football coach adoherty high school....who was killed in a car accident just bere christmas. both tea selling t-shirts in memory of lobato, doherty' reading: we before me and palmer rein lobato strong. a night bo school'say shows how connected our community really is. whenhedo their pinknasium for breast cancer for basketball, we suppo it. we wanted to do this, ey said let usnow wh we can do to help. it's twochools who love to get after it on the fieldsnd the urt, but is also two schools coming together for a wort use. overwhelming crowd on hand tonight. great game - 1st hf... palmer's nick dem---bee-zack throwsup high off e glass anfalls for the terrors.. off the rebound - doherty emmanu burleson to dven brasheer... to coast... kept the spartans up double digits. palmer in this one all night...
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got them within seven. but doherty too strong othis night... brasheer with the drive and the one hand layup doherty wi 66---52 dohertgets thein aho, 66 52 over the terrors. rivalry night up in nument....lewis palmer and palmer ridge hyped up for this one. 1. rangers get us goi, m stsbgethe deep the....good. 2. jodecoud not be outdon knocks down a the ofis own.ngers fire. 3. ai sanders..looking keep it cle, the dnd the layup. 4. but e decoud would note deni....anotr arg three.... the rangers rollver th bears...74 to 58 raart hosting founin fort carson on senior night. rams having toig off the trojans ght... t---j lucero for the drive and the score. ramsorki transitio..
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r-n. easyucket. then kavaleck wi the finger ll.. rampart wins on senior night.. fil fromampart, ms win 59 to8. ndreek girls visitg vista ridge. vistgot off t right foot... steal off leah davis... kate roa runs ime for the bket. but the numberne tm in 4-a are too . iana squires with the shot... davis for the rebound and the t back. sand creek stays on top of 4--a with a win over vista ridge tonigh scorpions get the road win, 66 to 45 at vista ridge. we'll wh the pr ets ba ait in to. 1.emanuel mudiay, the steal and fe to gary harris for the dunk....nuggets still down ou. 2.
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the ll fds kenne faried for the lain. 3. ried would keep finding the basketsweet pass and pull- up....down5 to 61 att pot... 're l goin sacramento..... 109---100 nuggets trailing mostly clear overnight with lows in the 20's and 30's. sturday will be mostly sunny and warm with his inhe 50's, 60's and 70's. much coor sunday with increasing clouds. thanks f wing ws 5
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