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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  February 19, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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tomorrow morning join ira, [ cheers [ chee and applause ] >> steve: from stage onet univerl studs hollywood, in s anges, californi it's "the tonight show string jimmy faon." tonigh join jiy and his guts -- bryan cranston demi lovato, musil guest,he wknd, and feating the legendary roew >> qlo: 42 that's it! teve: anw, here he is, jimmy fall
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[ cheersnd app] >> jim >>immy: anyou very much! thanks so mu! thank you, l anges -- [ cheers a applause ] for having us here. welcome, everybody. welcome to "thtonight show." this i. you're here. you de it. [ cheers and applae ] this is what i'm talking about. all right. i'm your host, jimmyallon. guys, this is oulast show in l.a. l.a. of cours of course we've been here a a ek. we've been cing inn the local news here. and i saw that the godzilla el no weather pattern -- [ laught ] that w supposed to drench
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t don't worry usually anythi that des away in hollywood ju ends up on "dancing with thstar" laughter and applause ] you'll see 'em. so don'torry. they'll be back. >> steve: godzilla el nino doing thmamba. >> jimmy: guys, this is co. i read that prident obama was spotted a sak restaurant in d.c. this weewith rgan freeman and tom hks. they didn'even order anything. they just closed their eyes and listened to morgan freem rd the petizers. [ laughter ] >> aickeip. crab cakes. jalapeno poppers. [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: artichoke dip. morganis there anying else on the menu? >>roccolini. sautescarole. rice pilaf. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: broccoli. yeah. guys, here's the lateson the election. bernie sanrs was talking about how he feminist, at thdemocratic town hall last night.
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>> gloria steinem -- everybody ows oria'sne of the ing fenistin ame -- many years ago. laughter ] >> jimmy: >> jimmy: at which pointe was immediately hit on by bill clinton. [ laughter and applause ] it was interesting. it was very interesting. and over at lala night's publican town hall, the candidates were asked what type of music they listen to. donald trump says hens to classirock. john kasich says he listens ternativ while jeb sh wakes up every morning hearg this - [ "price is right" horn ] [ applause ] of crs of crse, tomorrow he soutcaroli primary, and this week donald trump has been teing supporte that ife wins southarolina he thinks could, ote, "run the table. yeah. and if he doest win, hll
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gry new jersey housewife. [ laughter ] trump impression ] you're all loser wall! huge! pope! [ light laughter ] steve: pope? >> jimmy: morgan, are you still ading the me? morgan freeman? >> pulled pork sders. [ laughter ] tu carpaccio. thai lettuce wraps. [ light laught ] >> jimmy: is there anything left othmenu to read, morgan? >> gratuitadded for parties of sixr more. [ laught ] >> jimmy: thank u very much. goodo know tt. goodo know. thisasersweet. a woman named flossie bred her 110th birthy in washington this week. [ cheersnd appe ] yeah. u've got to see this. the lol news went to talk to r about the big day. eck this out. >> she ienjoying some coffee this morning becau flossie, you you're a lite tired this morni. is that t? >> i am tired. [ laught ]
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fari activitto do at the center he, is to take a a little nap. ake a nap as many times i can. >> are you excited f your rt >> not one bit laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: are you excited -- are yoexcited about your party? not one bit. light laughter ] that woman is fantastic. this is this is prty inter. according to a rent udy of colle students, some tv s help viewers become kinder and moreenerous people. for instance, ery ti after i watch "t bachelor" i alws put more money into my daughters' college fds. [ laughter andppuse yove got to go to school. you're goingo scho. i cat belie thatur wee in l. isctuallmi a cl well, aduch a grti and,ell -- i'm sglad we had this time
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[ eers ause justo have a laugh [ ughing ] ing -- sorry, i have a ckle in my roat. n anyone -- es anyone haveny water or sothing? [ chrs and applause ] carol burnet carol ett! ohmy -- oh, my gosh. >> do >> do you ne some war? >> jimi need some water. thyou so much. cheers and alaus] you owthat my song. >> jim: ye it your so. >> it's my song. >> jimmy: would you mind -- ulyou mi singingt wi me? >> okay. 'mo glad we had this ti togeer [ cheers and appuse ] ust to have a laugh or sing a song ms we just gtart
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cos the time we have t say so lon [ cheers and applause jimmy: carol rnett, everybody! [ cheers and applaus] yore the greatest. i love y cal burnet [ cheers a applause ] we hava great show for you toghgive iup for the roo everybod [ chee and applae ] [ eers [ cheers andpplause ] >> jimmy >> jimmy: she really got me good on that o. >> sve: she's a profesonal! >> jimmy: she kns how too it. yeah, absolutely. my thanks to the great
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how cool is that? but fit along out our time here in los angeles with another fantastic show. love it when this man pays us a visit. he is nominated for an academy awd r his role ithe film "trumbo." bryan cranston is here! teve: yeah! [ chee and applause ] >> jimmy: b.c.! >> steve >> steve: he's out aeady. [ cron impression ] >> jimmyhey, gooto see y. jimmy, it's eat to be re just having a great time. i love you guys. [ lighlaughter ] he's here. then mbff is here. demi lovato is stopping by. [ cheers and appuse ] >> steve: aw. >> jimmy: o doesn't loveer? that's h that's her album there [ cheers and applause ] she can sing, ma she's got it all. >> steve: shcan sing. >> jimmy: yeah, we're going to talk with her. thenaybe see if i can have her some musil
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plus, we have great music. oh, thiserfoan -this is a knockout perfoance. from grammy-winning artist thweeknd, everody. >> steve: yeah! [ cheersnd appus] >> jimmy: he only peorms on ekds. >> ste: really? >> jimmy: yep. tried to get him nday. couldn get him tuesday wednesday, thursday -- >> steve: wh about thursday? >> jimmy: no. he can't do it [ light laht ] he goes, "i'll only do friday, saturdaysunday." >> steve: only frievening. >> jimmy: fridveni, yeah. noduring the day. guys, 's ourast y in los anles. it's been a great trip. evybodhaen so nicend mades feel at home. i'm ally thankl. so i tught, ifcool with you guys, i'd like to write out my wkly thk u note [ cheers andppuse ] you guys are t best. thank you so much. hey, james? s? can i get some thank you not writing musi please? james? there he is. [ cheers a appuse ] he's in such a gat mood all the time.
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>> jimmy: thank you, donald trump, for constantly geing into feuds, going on twitter rants ansaying tha you're theest. you're basal the white kanywest. [ laughter [ cheers and appuse ] me dude. >> steve: he's the same dude. mebo's got to dot. >> jim: yeah. thank u, los angeles, for somehow having the most skinny people and the most dougut shops. [ laughter ] w is that possible? [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: and hot do. it crazy jimhow is thapossible? >>tevehow is it? >> jimmy: it's impossible. >> sve: i've gailike 50 pounds. >> jimmy: it's unbelievable. thank you, the carpool lane, for reminding people stuck in traffic that they also d't have any friends [ lahter and applause ] sad. pressing. >> steve: insult to inry. >> jimmy: depressing.
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>> steve: there's no winning on thatne. >> jimmy: thanyou,erman shthaired inter, for sounng less like a breed of dog and moreike a very vague description hitler. [ laughter and applause ] oh, i know oh, i know that gu the germanhorthaired pointer. yeah, i know him. >> steve: oh, thuy. withhe charliehaplin mustache. >> jmy: thank beverly hills plastic surgns, for maki everyone look ten yes more surprised. [ laught andpplause ] i'll have i'll have th-- i'll have the cobb salad. >> steve: i can't feely face. >> jim >> jimmy: thank you, hiking in loangeles, foreing a great way to get exercise and find a a de body. laughter ]
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jimmy: twer. thank yo in-n-out -- [ cheers a applause ] for actually bng a more prriate na for chipotle. [ laughter ] [ cheers and appe ] there you go, thank you very mu! those are my thank you notes. wel be right back with
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[ cheers [ cheers a ala] >> jimmy: our first guest is an em and tony award nning actor who'w nomited for academy award for his tstanding work in the film "trumbo." he iphenomenal in th it's availab on blray, dvd
10:52 pm
eck itut if you hat seen it. plse welme t supremely leed bryanranston! [ ch a [ chee andpp]>> this should tl you that u edo come out more than just once a ar [ eers andpplause ] rit? come on! >> jimmy: thks, buddy. >> it's a greaaudience. >> jimmy: weove it. please, we h a great time. congts on being nominated for an acamyward. well deserved, buddy. itas unbelievabl >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so welderved. is it citing? what does fl like to nonated? >> it'kind of ke having a surprise party thrown for you. you walk in the and go -- [ screams ] bryan? what? yore nominated!
10:53 pm
and you have this sh of adrenaline. then a sense of embarrassment. and everybing at you. but the tie cade award nomie," "oscar nominee," i an, th's the fst words you argrinup aa kid. oh, myod. >>immybig time. 's huge. they canever take that away. you'll alw you'll always have that. >> quite an honor. and also you get a little pell pin and a, you know, a cd to the clubhouse and you gepool privileges. [ light laughter ] >> jmy: that's not true. you're making these up. >> you can iline for the slide. >> jimmy: that's not true at all. [ lauger ] did you prepare a speech? >> um, n well, i han idea of what i would want to say. >> jimmy: yeah, th's good. i think you should be preped. >> otherwise, you t up there and you , m, oh, um, what did i have for lunch today? oh, why am i thinking about that? oh, angena jolie! arg! [ laughter ] otherwe, you're crazed wh
10:54 pm
>> jimmywell, i never get that because people are like, "i didn'think ways going t n." it's like, "well, you had a one in six chance." you had better odds than i did. [ lahter >> you didn't know you were nominated? >> jimmy: yeah. u didn know yowere nominated for months? but, it will bgreat. i would love the you eech. it will ood. you know, if i don'get --can i give atle? if i don't get a chance -- [ eers and appla >> jimmy: of course. u wanndot -- oh, wow justo it her yeah. >> i'dike ju to thank jay roac our director and our prucs for "trumbo." it's been an exceptional year. [ cheers and applause ] d keo alsohank -- >> jimmy: the great bryan cranston. that way, thank you. [ cheersnd alae ] that's pct. that's what happens. yeah. th's perfect.
10:55 pm
that would be fantasc. last te u ren the show we we talkabout this film. itike -- when watchi it, it's like i'm not even watching you. >> thank you. >> jimmy: it's really amazing. >> i'm not in it. [ ught ] >> jimmy: that's the part that's surpring. you'reotven in the film. >> that's why. it's lik "i'not watching u." >>im: no. this is e character, the real guy here. that'srumbo. he writes loin his bathtub the movie. >> tt's for a bathtu i . [ plause ] >>immy's in the bathtub. has a whiskey and typewriter and cigarettes. >> he s ncheover his peiter so much that he got a chnic back problem, and he was told iorder to alleviate this, you got to take a bath every day for a couple of hours. and thought, "i can't spend that time." so he ought his deskit him, and he did some of his best work in theathtub. it's amazi >> jimmy: in the bathtub. it's fascinating sto. i thini'm just getti a vibe from you. i thinthe interview is gng great so far, but i think you want to take it to another level.
10:56 pm
[ cheers a applaus] >> a you suggesting what i think you're suggesting? >> jimmy: let's ourirst ever bathtub ierview. les go. [ cheers a ause ] >> w. >> jim: yeah this is gorgeo. >>h, yeah. >> jimmy: this will be fun. who gets in first? >> oh,eah. [ cheers and applaus] [ ughter and applae ] >> jimmy jimmybrn, ian't s -- i can'see u. >>he
10:57 pm
[ chrs and appus] ld on ld on a send [ cheers and applause ] [ eers [ eers a applause ] , >> i go >> i gcommando. lauger ] >> jimmy: chee, buddy. congratulationon the show. i put a little in there for you. you're thereatest. bryan anston. i want to sh a cp. here acade award nominated bryan cranstonlulouis c.k. in "umbo." take a lk at this.
10:58 pm
you live like a rich guy. >> that is true. >> well, i don't think you're willing to lose all of t just to do the right thing. >> wl, i despise martyrdom and i won't fight r a lost caus so you're right. i'm not willing to lose it all, certainly not them t am willing to risk it all. that's where the radical and the ri guy make a perfect combinatn. e radicameights thhe purity of genius. but the ch guy wins with the cuing of satan. >> ugh. >> what? >> just please shuup. [ rs and applause ] >> i'm>> i'm gonna wasyoi think i feel apong here. >> jmy: that's not a snge. that's not a se. laughter ] bryan cranston, evybody! goodk at t academy ds. [ eers and ause we'll be rhtack with
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest ione of the biggest pop stars
11:04 pm
her latestlbum "id has already give gat ngs -- cheers and applause like "cool for the summer" and "confident." you've got to hearer new single "stone cold." so check her outhis summer with nick nas the "ture now" tour. everyone, please welme my bff, demi vato! [ eers and appuse ] jimmy: >> jimmy: welcome! welcome, welcome, lcome the show. you look gorgeous. >>hank you. >> jimmy: thank you for coming back. >> thanks for ving me again. >> jimmy: oh, please. [ cheers and applae ] we love you so much. you were -- every time i see you, io, you were fantastic. buyou really were faasti fanttic at the grammys the otr night. >> thank you. [ eers alause ] >> jimmy: doing lionel richie in front of lionel richie. was that nerve-racking for you? yh, i mean, it waalread
11:05 pm
considering the fact that, you kn, i'know, i'm performing at the grammys. and then having to do a cover of somebody that's made the so extremely famous righin front of you is like -- yeah, it was just so nerve-racking. >>my: was that your fit time at thgrammys? >> it was. becausmy mager had always told me you should wait to g the grammys until you're eitherresentg, perfoing or if you're nominated. so i waited eight yes since [ light laughter ] yeah! >> jimmycoratulations on that. >> thank >> thank you. >> jimmy: i think thingsre gonna change next grammys, ah. i think -- [ cheers and applause ] i think you'll be tang something home with you now. >> really, i've been waiting since i was five and i learned wh the grammys were. >> jim: yeah. s that yr first cover song? i've nereard you do a cover
11:06 pm
of covers. i used to lil wayne's "how to love." [ cheers ] yeah. i also did "take me to crc" >>im: hozier. >> hozr. >>immy: yeah. >> and then i al did -- my first peormance ever was a a cover ofmy heaill go onby celine dion. >> jimmy: the great celine dion. [ applause ] oh, i love celindi. >>hich was when i s also five tn. >> jmy: 5 yearold? >> y. >> jimmy: 5-yearld demi singing "my heart will go on where did you perforit at? >> in the cafeteria at my elementarychool. >> jimmy: how'd go? was it a hit? >> no,t was terrible >> jim: oh, yeah >> like, he's the ory. , d it's kind of a classic sty. i'm siing. mic goes out. and all of a sudden i see my crush. i've always liked older guys. he's in fifth grade, i'm i kinderrten. laughter ] i know. i know! >> jimmy: he's really older, yeah. >> douglas mcdonald. [ light laughter ] and -- you n't forget your first crush. >> jimmy: yeah, you just changed s life right now. dolas mcdona.
11:07 pm
>> anyways, i see him and he's likeaughing at me. and i gus th is like the first timevegot sassy. like i saw him i like -- i was likeno, [ p ] yo >> jimmy: wait, wait, oh, -- >> but i was like -- [ laughter ] >> jimmy: u're in kindergarten. you're in kinderga. how uld you know to say something like that? >> my attitude was like that. >> jimmy: oh, i gotcha. >> i didn't y it. >>immy: yeah, good. >> anyways, m ke singing and i see his face. he's like, laughinat me. i just go, o! >> jimmy: yeah. >> iave it on vio too. and i just sta singing and i il. and i ar the house down. >> jimmy: yeah. do you still have that in you? is that why -- 'cai told you this when i sayou perform on "satuay nightiv" and it's can ng. you al ditll i mean, i'just -- serisly i -- [ cheers a applause ] you'reinging and you're going for it. go -- and you knowove you. you hithis note you're like -- and you hit this note and i go, oh, my g, that'sreat stop. stop now.
11:08 pm
t no no. you to another level and si lder and higher. and i go, my gosh. mi! i'm yelling at my tv set, like, stop! stop sging. because it's -- erythi's gng well. you're setting yourselup f disaster. stop singing 'cause 's perfect. and then y do anher run and you just crushed it. >> you know what it was? i d like a minute and a lf, 60 seconds, prove to everybodwhy i was on that stage. so i was like, you kw what? i'm going to go crazy this 60 sonds. and that's what i did. >>immy: yeah, douglas mcdonald. [ laughter ] >> like, suck it, donald. >> jimmy: yeah. kindgartner. yourideo for "stone cold" comes ouonuesday. >> y. >> jimmy: congratulatis on that >> thank y. >> jimmy: d congralation on youtour with nick jonas. [ cheersnd applause ] he's our boy. how's he doing? >> he's doing good. >> jimmy: what do you gonna do on tour together? yo have known eachther for a lo tim >> wve known each other sie we were 14. >> jimmy: and you're 16 now so that's two years. [ laughter ] >> i just tued6.
11:09 pm
a couple yrs soitill be the first time in like think fiver six years since we've toured togeer. >>immy: th'll be fun. >> we used to play card games, and no-- >> jimmylikehat? justik uno >> well -- >> jmy: skipbo? >> i cursed wh i was younger. >> jimmy: oh, no! he did [ lauger ] >> he wouldn't. , imaginthat. >> jimmy: your kindergarten teacheknows. >> he would not curs we would play the game bull [ bleep ]. d so i would say it, but woulcall it bs 'd be like bs. then i would say it. d 's lik "i'm very disaointed in you." [ laughter ] i'm like, oh, i know! u' disappointein m >> jmy: i love him f doing that. od. i know. now, i'm sober. we smoke cigars. at's prey much the craziest idea. >> jimmy: i have to thi becae -- we always play games or do something fun when you're on the show. i know you're an amazing singer and you also dimpressions. i s wondering if you could play a game called wheel of sil imprsionwith me. [ cheers a applause ] it's fun 'll try it. demi lovato and i are playing heel omusical impressions" whene geback! ick arnd, evybody!
11:10 pm
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[ cheersnd ause ] >>immy: welcome back! we are here with demi lovato everybody! [ cheers and applause ] now, dem everyone knowat you're a great singer, but few peopleht not know that you're actually a grt impressionist as well. >> i'd like to think s>> jimyeah, i you ar thaind, i time for game lled "eel ofusical impressions." heel of musical imsions >> jimmy: all rit, here'w works. 're gonna ke turns hting this butright here which actites the musical impressions generator. and it will land on one random singer that we can do impressionof. >> okay. >> jimmy>> jmy: and e rand song tie. okay?
11:16 pm
demi, nce u' my guest, whdon't you go fst. >> okay. here we go. >> jimmy: cher singing "bingo was s name-o." [ cheers ] cher. the there was aarmer who had a dog and bing-o was his name-o b-i-n-g-o b-i-n-g-o b-i-n-g-o and bingo was his name-o [ eers and applause ] jimmy >> jimmy: alright,ere we g louis armstrg. "mr. rogers neighborhood." it' it's a beautiful day inhe neighborhood a beautifuday fo a nehbor
11:17 pm
coulyou be mine won't you be my neighbor [ cheers and applae ] >>immystill have bubes mse. >> that was amazing. >> jimmy: wi bryan cranston. ay, okay, okayit's your turn. fetty wap doing "twinkle twinkle little star." fettwap? eatwkle twinkle twinkle little star how i wonder what you are up abo the worldo high like a diamond in the sky [ cheers and alae ] >>immy: fetty wap? at's great one! who does a fetty w?
11:18 pm
a fettwap impression. >> i didn'know i couldntil now. >>immy: that was azing. okay. >> thanks. >> jimmy: >> jmy: dave matthews. "i a le teapot [ laught ] i dot even know hoto do this one 'm i'm a littlteapot sho and stout he is myandle and is my spout when i get all steamed up you hear me out p over and ur me out oh baby [ cheers and applause ] >>ha >> tt waperfect. >> jimmyno, was n. the teapot's spout. okay, it ok, 's on you now.
11:19 pm
[ lahter ] >> jimmy jmychristina aguilera singing "spongebob uarepants." >> oka here we go! here we ! hey yeah whlive who lives in a pineapple under the sea oh sp oh spongebob squarepants absorben absorbent and yellow and
11:20 pm
oh spong oh sngebob squarepants [ cheers [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: oh, my goodness! oh, my goodness! that is unbelievable! game ove game over. i n't toat demi lovat erybody! [ cheers and applaus] check check her out th sumr on the "fure is now" tour with ni. we'll be rig back with the weeknd, ladiesemen >> come on sponge bob sqrepants yea
11:21 pm
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my felericans... ey say w a nation dided. that's notrue. we agree on a lo like paul rudd. everybody loves rudd. i didn't know this was going toappen! you know wha everyoneoves? emojis. no. beer! that's whye're forming t bud t party. just waitill you see r caucus. wee got the biggt cain theount ooooeeeyyyyy! i'm really ired right now. america has seen theight... d the's a bu in front of it! sfx: crowd cheers, fireworks what hapns when lobster gets grilled, baked, and pairedith en more lobster? you get hungry. and count the sends unl red lobster's lobsterfest is ba wrgesvay of lobster dishes of the year. like new dueling lobster tails with o tail stuffed with crab, d the other with langostino lobster mac-and-cheese, it's a party on ple! and you kn every bit lover's dream' lives up to its name. y,is believing.
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53 state win tile... whoa, whoa, whoa. lien, fo to apologize, again. ost years numbers. it saysight here thca. t-mobile doubled there lte coveragen the last year. d thore e wers than verizon, t-mobile reaches pret much everyone they do. i'notakingibility ts one... uhh,erizon gt wrong... yes! not me!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest is a a multi-platinum acade award nominated artist who took home two ammys earlier th wee congralations. [ cheers and applause ] performing "in the night" off his album "beauty behind the maess," se welco the weeknd! [ cheersndpplae ] all alone she was living in a world whout an or begng y girlas livg fe foe feeling but i n't mi i n't mind nd all the wros she commted she was younand she s
11:27 pm
she loving all she had was the ci but i don't mind i don't mind oh oh i know thashe's capable of anying it's riving uthen u wake up she's always ge ne gone in thnight she hears him callg the night she's dan to relieve the pai but she'll nevewa away oh baby obaby n in e night when she comes crawling dollar bills and tears keep falling down her facee'll n she'llever walk away
11:28 pm
ms. lauryn hill! he sang a song when he d it heas cd and was so unforgiving now sheceto the song ominute l thti all the te all thtime t made her weak when she ar it and it g and it got her on r knees like relig li religion she was young andhe was forc to a woman all the time a the time l the time and know that she's capable capable ofnything it's riving b when you wake up she's waone gone gone
11:29 pm
him callg in the n in the night she's dcing toelieve the pn but she'll ner walk away ithe ght when she mecrling dollaril dollar bilrs keep falling llg down her face she'lnever walk away in the night she hears him callin in the night she's dcing to relieve the pain but s'll ner walk away ithe night when s comes awling dollar bills and tears keep
11:30 pm
she'll never walk away in in e night she hears m cainin the night she's dancing to relieve t pain but she'll ver walk away in the night when she comes crawling dollar b dollar bills aears keep falling down h fac she'll never walk away she'llever she'll never wk away cheers [ cheers and appuse ] >> jimmy: ohmy goodness! you are -- com >> thas for having us. >>im: thank you. the weeknd! . lauryn hill! [ cheers and applause ] "beauty hind the madness" is available now.
11:31 pm
that's what i'm talking about!
11:32 pm
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11:35 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: 'seegreat weere in l.a. it's time to go back to new york, but we had a a fantastic time and i have a a feeling we're gonna be doing this aga. [ cheers and applause ] my thanks toryan cransn, demi lovato,arolurnett, the wend! [ cheers and applause ] ms. lauryn hill! [ cheers and appuse anthroots right there from philelphia, sylvania, ladies and gentlemen. [ chrsnd applae stay tun for "late night wh setheyers." thank for watching. ve a great weekend. ho to see you next week.
11:36 pm
11:37 pm
[ cheers and applause ] announc: from 30ockefeller plaza in w york, it's "late nig wit seth meyers." tonight -- paul giamatti. fromdirty andpa" actress and comedian, aubrey plaza. ew york times"olumnist, frank uni. feating the 8g band with joshre [ chrsnd applause ] ladies and gtlemen, seth mers! >> seth: good evening,


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