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tv   News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  February 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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new overnight.... a suspect waed on two felonies now in custody this morning. a corado springsfficer stped a vehicl.. with michael jack in the paenger at. jack was wanted onwo felony rrants. inside the vehicle... cers found adgun... and some drugs... inuding meth anderoin. he was charg with possessi of weapons by a previous ofnder and possession of controlled substances. and two other suspec wanted ny assault warrants aroff e street this morning. david ananthony padilla were arrested yesterday in colorado springs... in the400 block of laredo meadow point. police say they we able to takehem cdyithout incident. a man waedor murder in texas could be on the loose here in southern colorado. isaiasabello is suspected of muering a man in lubbock, texas ck in december, and
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there is a-thousand dollar reward for information adg to hisrrest. police s cabello is coidered armed and dangous... however... it'sot carhahi connection to the springs is or he ctually the area. we're still waiting to get more infoatn this morning about two people hit in serate car accidents last nht you're looking at video of one of t accid on south nevada where man was hit by a car just before 8 near st. elmo and southgate road. lice say the man was crossing the reet... en he fell into traffifrom the mean. officers say the driver is cooperating and was not inxided. thother acdentas at chelton road and fountai ulevard around 6:45... where another person was hit by a r. bothictims are in seris condition. police in pueblo and colorado spngs arissuing a warning about i-r-s tax scammers. we've been follong this story for you abt people claiming to be with the i-in order to extort money.
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thatenedh jail time an lawsui for unpaid taxe we had dozens of calls into our newsroom yesterdayrom affected vie. the i-r-s rns - th wl never contact you like this. if you get a call or email that ems suspious, call thers toerify whether or nott's a scam. lorado sprinit lwoman hel collinss guilty of violating the ty's code of ethics. that's accorng to an independent arbitrator w looking to hecase. collins was accuseof engaging in actns that may have created, or at least created thappearance of violating the city's ethical standas. th ausatn was related to a real estate transaction involvindouglas bre. yesterday, hearing officer boyd boland ruled there was clear and convincing evidence she violated the poli....but heuled the only punishment will be a formal reprimand... which do not cryhe ability to fine or suspend her. closing arguments in theal of dynel lane e expected
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she's the longmont wan aused ofutting an unbo baby from a woman's wo. bothhe prosecutionndefen restedhe cas yrday. duri therial... lane's first interview w police was played for the jury... where she claims the victim, michelle wilkins, was the one who attacked her. she wouldn't stop and iteed like every time i goleverage she would me ame again prosecutors lled 16 witns... but the defense called none... anrested after lane told the judge she woul'tes wilkinwas attacked lash when she was 7 mons pregnant. shsurvd but her by d not. la is charged withttpted first-degree murder,ssau a lawful terminationf a pregnancy. a state measure insped by e ra accusations against bl cosbis now on to the senate... ter gaining proval in the state hous yesterday.
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the state limitions o sexual assaults from 10 years to 20. as we first told you---two wom in our state claimhey were assalulted by cosby years ago. they recently testified the ll ulempor victims giving them more time to come fwa. a jue orred the former surgery tech acced of steang pnkilrs to undergo dr treatment. that's after 28 -yeard old rocky allen eaded noguilty yester allen ces chargeof tamperi th a consumer producand obtaining a ntrolled substance by deceit. osors y e workinat swish medical center in glewood, hswitched singe onhe jobnd tookiller intendedor patient because the stch thousands of patients needed to teedor-i a hepaptiti farwo patientve teste positive for hep b. mayor johnrscongressman do lnd senator michael bennet toured the lindstrom v-a clinic i colorado springs yesrday.
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attention fromocal and state leaders. after so veterans had to wai month or more to see a doctor. lambn expressed doub autclaims by the v-a that scheduling problemare now under control... because he says he' still receiving a lot of complnts. one of the problems seems to be an out of date computer scduli ste a neleaderip team is now in ple and members the colora degation arasking for monthly reports by the v-a on progress about tily appointmts for vets. some mal marijua is being recalled in colorado springs due to unsafe pesticides. hundreds of strains ar affect... and have already been tan off the shelves of t colorado springs businesses. it's all part of new state regutions on pesticides and pot. news 5's maddie garrett s more on t recall and w customers are reacng. ok rq nats of car t jd "i've never heard about that with this one ever."ustome j-d says he didn't know this dispensary... dr. rele... had just had a massive recall... sot jd "nthey never mentioned i"
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their shelves werey bare. sot jd "the major thetr were out so atig have been a good reason why they didn't ve whole lot of good selection in there." heays it's a little concerning... but has ways had a good perience with the buness. sot jd"oh yeah, very welrun.... i could see like about probably percent oe ople not caring and the other 50 ent of the othereople that tually care what they put their body." but the state medical enforcement division cares... putting a hold oplan fm dr. releaf and high mountain medz, which operes as vity weness.. because ste instigators found nsafe sticidon tplants.... a ngicide used on fot cod be dangerous when ated juana isficult cro regulate... foone because it ce smoked or iested other ways. t phoner me slaugh "they're not really making that differentiation at the state level, they're just saying hey ift's on there andt went to a concete that nt into food, doesn't matter we're calling itontaminate we're recalling the oduct." the other problem... because marijuana is fedally illega nreliable pesticide testing has been done... meaning it's hard to say wheer
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sot onerike "the challenge being that they mahave used these pesticides early in the stagof growth, we really don't know, d they could actually be safe but again without the science we really don't kn." the state saysonsurs suld return the recalled marijuana to the sinesses. each product has a lel othe contair thatill tell you the licee number. you can chk the labels against the stf afcted strains we have oour website gh now... at koaa dot com. before yesterday basketball game at dorthigh scho... there was a special fundraiser in honor of a fallen coach. sistant footballoachfrey lobato was killed in a traffic accident around christmas. shirts were made in memory of lobato... and were selling like azy bere theame. all of the proceeds went to his mily. the opposing team...
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furaiser. most of oufolks are wearing we before me, really and truly what ff laboto lived his live by. palmer jumped onboard d did the labato strong coach grant's their headoach lives a couple doors down from the lobatos, felt very strongly about it. you knowow this go like wildfi, it catches. imdiately after the acnt... a go fund me account was arted. it has already raised more than 51-thousand dollars for e lobato family. peoplefijire dlingith some potentiallyeadly weatr this morni. "tropical cyclone winston" is plowinits way rosshe land nation... d causg someense weather
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u-s warplas attacked an isis aining c l stery... possibly taking out one of its top leaders. the ntagon says the bombing left huge ater in the ground anstroyed severa officis in libya estimated that more than 40 people were killed and even more unded. a pair of suicide bombers in cameroon killed least 24 ople a injured 50 others yesterday. officials say two men algedly lked io the marketnd blew emselves up. so far... no group has claimed responsibity for the attack... but local offials are blaming
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the extremist group has been suspecd a campaof suicide attacks in neing countries the past ye. thgornment in cameroonays boko haram violence s caused about one-thousand deaths in the country. anal in kenya are searching for a pair of escaped lions. four othe big cats got loose from aatnal park in nairi last night. two have alrea bn recaptured... but the other two arthought to be in a densely populated area with several apartment complexes. as they search for the lio... they are also trying to fi out how they escaped... cause the park is protected by electric fences. pele ifijire weathering a ngerous cyone this morning. tropical cyclone "winsn" struck the main island of fiji today. fore it hit... it was csidered a gory 5 storm. authories are warning of life- threatening conditions from destructive winds, torrential ra a stormurges.winds in somareahave topped 224 les per hour... and e nation's government s
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emergency for the entire island. a lovely sur sunshine hhs well above average in t0's. lip into the 20's and 30's tonight under clear ies. a cold front earlyunday will bring chges for southern colorado. we'll have morcloud cove especially f the second ha of the day. temperatures will alsoe cooler wi highs in the 40'snd 50's. clds connue for much of with highs in the 50's. a stronger cold front will be moving in late monday into tuesday and that will bring innow for many areas through at least the first half tuesday. cumulations of several inches will be poible in the mountains and any accumulatis will taper off headi east to the plai. tuesday will also be the cdest day of the week with hignly in the 3s. oncee get to tdle of t week things do improve temperur wilbe moderating the 50's to the work
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we've got some goonews for all you hikers outhere.... one of the springs most polar trails cou be ing on. we'll let you know which o...
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colorado colle and denr ar tangirivalry outside tomorrow night. the battlen blst jus houraway, asheght lits ofrs fie are cal for th tms the tigers gettingtheir first practice on e outdoor rink and ski ithatmosphet nly get more eleedorw night. ach viland a t tigers say today was pivotal alming thr nerv and getting dowbusiness comga time. we're gog to give them lot ofimto soak erythingon friday a hopefully that's
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evybody is so excited i'm no going to have to say aot come satuay forhe gam i think the rsfive m what atoingbe all about,s st getti tho nervesutnd jt playing the right waafter that. oncee're playi it's going ke any oerthingset goi at 6: rr n, we wilbe t d ha highligh on news-5 wke. itas spehtt doherty high school id. facing-off against tir rivs,palm high and honoring fallen san coa the amonoring jeffrey lobato, anssis football coh atoher hig school....whwas killedn a r accit bere christmas. both teams selling t-shirtin mory of lobato, doherty's readin we before me and palmer readg: lato rong a nith school's say ows how connecteoucommunity really is. when ty do their pinknasm for breast cancer for basketball, weport it. we wand too this, they said let us know wh we can to help it's two schools who love to get ter it on the fieldsndhe cour b it's also two schools coming together for a worthy cause. overwhelmingrowd on hand tonight. great game - 1st half... palmer's nick dem---bee---zack
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and falls for the terrs.. off e rebound - doherty emmanu burleson dalven brasheer... coast to coast... kept t spartans up doubl dits. palmern is one all night... tynavelas-quezor the 3... got them within sen. but doherttoo st on thisnight... brashe with the ive d the one hand layup doherty wins 66---52 doherty gets the wint home66 to 52 ov the terrors. rivalry night in monument....lewis palmer and palmer ridge hyped up fothis one. 1. rangers get us going, m strasburger the ep three....good. 2. joe decoud n be outdone, knocks dn three of his n.....rangers on fire. 3. isaiah sanders....looking to ke it close, the drive a the yup. 4. bujodeud wouldote denied....another arching three.... thrangers roll over e bears.....74 t58 mphoing unin fort cars on seni night. rams having to fight off the trojans tonight. t---j lucero for the drive and the score. rams working transitio.. jo kaval---e to jackson air-n... ea bucket. then kaval the finger roll... rampart n senior night..
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fi dgestl gh across lorado--- we saw that yesterday wi two firebrki out norhtwt of dr. refighters in "superior" s one was a two acre brush fire ey were able to contain by the afternoon. the caus the fires is still being invested. in lincoln county, investigators say they know what sparked amassive grass fire yesterday....a discarded cigarette. it burned two-thousand acres near punkin center,... that's about 45 mil east of colorado rings. more than 12personnel were brout in to fight the fire. no buildings bned, but sev fences bned down. mother nature isn't making it easy for c tg to cleup this massive roslide on i-7in glenwood canyon. c-dot says the snow is making it
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and bring down other ask rocks in the canyo c-dot says if the weather cooperates.... the 24 mile sttch will re-en today, but it might just be tempory. cdot hasong term mitigation plans in the works tt will impa trafficor the next 2 wes. one of the springs most pular trails could soon be back on. stretcof t santae trail has be closesince last may because of heightened security at the air force acamy a flood damage. news 5's kelsey nnedy s more on how reopeni the trail became a topriority anhow kers are reacting. walknats "we'rexcited becse we like get out and go riding. and it just kethis nice tension that you get get out anget good miles i" "it's just a really good training trail. so i'm a coa, and coach a number of triathletes and this trl is a nice wide place where they can run as a grou" elevat threat vels.. clos sixile streof the santa fe trailhrouhe force ady inay fruent trail urs disappnt ever sinc ctuallonheanta f at ast ly we vy betwn north monument vaey and woodmen valley.
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able to, which hast been f que someime t." "i've been kinda bummed thate couldn, especially this winter because it's a nice flat trail, so i w kindaummed itas closed for the winter, but i'm st even fothe runnersafety when it's op to e if somebody is on the trail or behaving in a way theyhodn't behavi in a way they shouldn't be maybe." behaving in a way they shoul't be maybe." the security level at the
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anthe acady is not ready t comment on theffial reopening of the trail. hover... the county tells us they hope to have a date se"relately soon ad lib the politil raceeatingp as the o democraticandidates
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'll giveou t lateson thebale forhe whiteouwelcome back a welcomback a thanks for waking up th news 5 today weend. i'm gr dingran. it's saturday feb 20th. first up this half hour -- a quicok at at's making headlines th morning. righnow fire fighters are batting a masse struure fi on highway 24 near cascade. one ofur photoherss on e ene now and he says it looks like fire fighters are starting to geit under control... but it did catch some grass on fi and started moving a hill. know the the house was fully ed in flames....but we haven't anything about injuries or a cause. we'll be following this story throughout the morning... so stay with news 5 for more information. a suspect wanted on two felonies is n in y th morning. a corado springs officer stopped a vehicle... with chl jan the passenger seat. after searching the vehicle,
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and heroin. so in addition to the two felony warrants he was ready wanted for....he now fas new char for e a gun and drug colora sprgs city councilwoman helen collins has be fnd guilty of ethics violat by indepdent aribtrator collins was accused of engaging in actns thama have creed, or at least created thappearance of violating the city's ethic stdas. that was reled to a real esta transactiolving dolas bruce. yesterday, hearing officer boyd boland ruledhenlnishment a formal reprimand... which do not carry the abity to fine or suspend
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a lovely saturday with abundant sunshine a highsell ove average in the 60's. lows slip into the 20's tonit der clear skies. more clouds for sunday, especially for the second ha of the day. temperatures will also be cool th highs i40's and 50's.
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former president bill clinton will be in our arethis ekend... campaigng fohis wife, hilary. 's pnning to stop in pueblo later tonight today to rally supporters. it starts 7:45 -- at the "pueblo coention center and memorial hall." then tomorrow -- he' hold an evt in colado springs at 15- at colorado college. both eveare free and ope the puic. count news fi tbe at both events.... we'll ha complete coverge r you throughout the weekend. t other side of the isle....republicans turning up the heat in south carolina.... aheaof today's primary. donald trump still leads t cr... buonly bfive points. that is the lead he had in io before later losing to cruz. marco rubio isolngteady at third... th pressure building on rubio to overtake cruz. jeb bush pollit 13 rcent--- sitting in fourth. and the debate over ted cr's eligibilty to be presidents moving from the campaign tra
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cadian born cruz is under the microspe... and now uits challenging his elibil have been filed in severastates including illinois, inan new york and alabama. donald trump has also threatened legal acon. cruz mntains he is eligible to run fopresident because his moer was a-s citizen whehe was born. the can is clarifying mments made by popfrs on friday... regarding donald trump. they n say when the pope sd mee who want build a wall and not a bridge, is not chstian, was not a personal attack. the coents came aftea week long trip to mico...including a special mass near the s. mexico border. meanwhile... nald trump is nourging pporters to boycott ape products uil the company es to help the f-b-i un the i-phone used by o of the san bernardino shooters. what ihink you ought to do is ycott apple until ch time as they give that security number. i just tught of that. ycott
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the off-the-cu comment came as trump was taking questions during a campaign event in south carolina. speaking of the ipne iue.... the may be a cpromise in the works between apple and the justice department. we've now learnee justice department has told a judge it's willing to allow apple tretain possession of and sty e softreeeded hack the pne. thphone is owned by syed farook's former employer, the sabernardino county dertment of public health. ple c-e-o tim cook is fighting thorder... callinit aoverreach byhe governnt. himpany must respond by next week... and hearing the matter is set for next month. democratic voters inevada will be headed out to caucus today... and both bernie sanderan llary clinton are campaigning hard. "sw woatemocracy is alive and well re in nevada, cheers ." "i am not just making speeches.
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everythi." recentls show hillary inton's lead over bernie sanders has shru to just 2 points. both candidates e trying hard to win the state... and votes from large latin electorate thalives there. thbody of late supreme court justice annin scalia is lyg in repe in thereat halin e supreme court. president a and rst dy michelle paid theirespectsyesterday along with many othe urne. a private ceremony was held for family, frnds, and theight remaining supreme court justices befo the cast site was opened to the public. vice preside joe biden and wife jill are expeed to attend today's funeral service for e former justice. harperee... auor "to kill a moingbird..." has died her hometown of monroeville honored hemery yesterday ter they found out. two acbows were pled on the courthouse doo...
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residents say theyanasily point out locations depicted in her book. that book n her the "pulitizer prize for fiction" in 19-61. lee lived very prite life and ffered stroke in 2007. was 89 yearsld.
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warm and sunny for saturday, but things will beery different for the starofhe work week. wee t wter ather ahead your firsaler5 forest a lovely saturdath abuant nshine andighs well above average the 60's. lows slip into the 20'and 30's tonight under r skies. a cold front early sunday will bring chges southe colorado. we'll have more cloud cover, especially for theecon of the day. temperaturesill al be oler with highs in the 40's and 50' clouds continue fomuchf moay with highs in the 5 a ronger cold front will be moving in late mdainto tuesday and that will bring rain/snow fomany areas throu at least the first half of tuesday. accumutions of several incs wi be possle in the mountains and any acculations ll tap offeading et to e pl. tuesday ll also be the coldest day of the week with highs only in the 30' once we get to the middle the weekhings do improve. temperatures will beoderating
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it may bbruary...butts nice and warm why not talk about doing some boatg.
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preview of the colado springs sport and at show coming up in5 around tow you may want to check out "the thorn" this weekend at the pikes peak center. this play tells e story of the passile combining martl arts and aerial acrobats.. tickets range from $21 to $67 dollar. if youant to learn about healthy ving go chk outhe dragon spirit holistic healt and physical.. it is a 2 daevt starting today at 10 am ticke are5 for adults the will be
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activities for the kids.. this eventl be held at the mortgageolutions financial expo center.... on monday the colorado sprin philrmic is offering a new ki ofundraiser-- local celeity batending-- team will compete to see who can make the most tiponey and 10% will go towards t philharmoc admission free and all you ouoor enthusiastet ready t colorado springs sport and boat show startedn fray and i stopped by the get the detai. i amt thcolorado springs event center and im joined by tiphanthanks so much for tting us come out how are you doing toda odow areou great so the islready a l goi on so tell me a little bit about the boat show thiseekend? ll we have got all kinds of boatwe have erythg from fishing boats to the pontoons so the pleasure crafts we also have all kinds of out fitters and hunting and fig eqpment d boat pmend all kiof f d out going thin for the faly and its nojust for people who have boatshere is so some her thingset uas well as seminars can you tell me a litt bitbout that? the national wild turkey ration has a bb shooting range also the colorado parks and wild life has a boating and
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gae also have special guests kyle and ben bell from mountain men they will be here all weekend we have extremsport packages that you can register to win for ao a richard petty driving expeence from the pikes peak international race way thatou can register toin for alghsounds like a lot fun d a lot to see and do here.. ifoure interesting in coming out the show continues through sunday tickets are-6 dollars e address is listed there your screen. reporting in colorado springs carlee hoffman new5 back to you looking at i-25 and circle. jessa's back right after this
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, cam 5 os remember you can always get the latest local news and weather all dalong on k-o-a-a dot com.. and be sure ton for more local ne tonight at 5-30 and 10. thanks f watching news five today.
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,,,,, zoomi ifr oer space to see what were doin' y little astronauts ready get to it intergalactic scientists earthbound on a mission they're the britestof the best a teaof frien upon a quest a aboard they send repos of projects they are doin' question and investigate there is nothin' to it me a guess and do your best gathering the data find out, floogals. go! ty're a band of cosmic friend tiny happy iens last offo anotr world secretly eloring when ey ld upon the earth noing's ever boring ty ght ve laed iyo roo btesting in t kitchen or eloring in the baroom have you noticed something miss' t's anotundercover sur secret day erimenting all the way they think r planet really gat hercome fleeker boomlo advenres evhere they go
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iny happy alie they're floals three twone let's go [buzzing] - what's that nois [gurglg] what? - h? - at - okay, evck - coming - diya get that, junior floal boomer? - u betcha. , wait-- no,not that one. sorry. - in your owtime. oh, hold on. - okay, boomer. arking] no.- gtinge. - [elephant trpeting] - we're losin' light. [bzing]- ah - fascating. - every morning and evy night, that ect same sound. - i particularly ke that. ing] sound. - it seebe coming fr qdrant "z of the bhroom, right around here. floogals, time to gesomenswe. let's roll. ! [grunting,roang]
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better get up there and explore.- lculating best pbleway of getting up ther - too , o steep. m. - . und on[gntg] [yelping] well, that was steep. - aha! great jior oogaomer - proem.- oogalsleexplore. - he [gruntin flo, cck iout. i've been accingmy sles inase we ever dede meet the hoomans. sual sle, he smile excited smile, gfylesly ile, tiny smil ne just as many teh as possibl - boer, you knowt ever meet the omans. for n ey kw we're here. i knsae. les gea mo on! runting] - ot t- t t is clear.


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