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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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this video about s ongoin legal batt. when deputies showed up his home... wirth shot carrigan... and criticly injured another deputy kolby martin. it's numbing. m not cold. because the wholthing is, my heart just sunk when i heard that. now the violence is over but the pa is just beginning. you can feel it. it' mber. one bailey resident coming out of this meeting tells me thr deputy is serving someone else n. he's with thght person right now's with god. he's good man d desers to be up there. they're praying for their fallen deputy... the one thats fighting fohis life... and an entir community that's rting. pele who live in pa
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e porch light for corl rrigan. the park county sheriff is denver tonight to support deputy martin's family who in critical ndition. d set up ae on our bse do t m where you can send ur condolces to corporal carrigan's fami. we're also learning me tonight .. about the man who pulled the trigger. we ioned, in suedo t foreclosure of his home in park county. a baound checows wirth d eviction disputes in 2010 and 2011. the website "coloro foreosure resistance ition" called r tists help wthit his battle and wirth al ran for state teict two.. in 2014. heot 25- percent of vote.. as areenarty candidate. this is t the firsti the wn of bailey has be in the headlines. and many ithe to tonight talked abouthe 2006 hostage situation at platte canyon gh school. you may remember duane morrison took six girls hostag rris sexually assulted them
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the head. rrison then shotimself during a shootout with law enforcement. in the pas three months 14 law enforcemt officers have been shot in corado, includthe three deputies shot today. that includes a denver police officer sh ba burgla suspecon monday. sa county dety derek geer w killed earlier this month. and garrett swaseye u-c- c-officer killed in the planned parenthood shootings in colorado springs ke'arre stewt and jennifer markovskey re also shot and killed in that shooti on ack fr. thsuspect in that pla renthood ootingad another outbur i urt today. a judge ruled that rober dear's mental health evaluation is t ready. and delad his hearinunti mah 23rd. dear then shouted to the dia to find m because he had seet and clusfile y rember he made outbursts at another court aparance. i'm not goa agree to their mental evaluations whe they nt to take mendut me under
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like t tmuy district attorney dan may sa oe the resultof the evaluation are released, both s wil have 10 days t contthe cision. and we have continuing corage of the planned parenthood shooting oour website, krdo dot com. both sides are at it agn tonigh. er a land deal between the ci of colorado s the dmw night, r cked house for a meetg on that land swap. we've reported, th deould give the city 360 acres from t broaoor. t the city would give the broadmoor a popular reeaon are called strawberry fields. most of th people who oke tonight aragainst e deal. many are worriethe broadmoor will restrict access to strawrry fields. the city is responsible to the public to figure t whate want to do with o lands before going to a private enti the city says the sw would actu ge the city more cess to the popular manitou
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pacted by landslid in colorado springs. thcity's warng out a targetg people deang with damag the caller claims to be government, and offeece granloans. t the cas form government the city say.. callto homeowne will only happ if thehomeowner expressed interest in participating in the grant program. you llot be ked to pay anything. e gulf coast d the mid- atlantic states are cleaning up tonighter another deadly round ofstorms. three ople were killed today in stos that ripped through virginia. thousands are wiout power tonight. th comes after th others died in rnads in lousiana and ssissp last night. it's all fm the sameyste broug snowo utrn colodo on nday. storer chief meterologist rachael plath...
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into the teens and twenties for mo. it will stay dry, tomorw will be a little coer than it was today with highs warmg intohe 40sor mo. it will continue heating upnto saturday, i' show u how wa it gets when snow returns coming up later in the newscast. thol prlems are pothol prlems are ing ma wonderin-- who is resnsib for patching the holes in alleys? one viewer very rough alley behind east costilla stree
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that the city is spbl it, and ny otrs in to. t fiin alley pothes i low-priority b. neighbors would like the city to change its stce. e get a t of torrential rains. it's been way woe wi the rains comi thugthis alle i think we're on the downslope t hill, so we get way worse. especially when it snows, encourage ouclients to park back there, and it helps to have an al terrain vehicle." local contraors say they sn expeo be busy filling potholes parking lots and other ivate property. property owners are sponsible fo thcost. paso county deputies arrested 15- year-old, inconnection with a threhat utowthe ellicott sool dirict monday. the sheriff's office says the threat warned udentsot to tschool. as poste the app caed "after scho." ey bieve the teen acted alone. was taken the spr cryouth
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peoplen pueblo county seem split over e ssibily 35 pe cominto southern coloradoor the caabis cup thchamr president says any me a large event comes to pueblo... it's good f the econy. busherf kirk taylor says because of y in the completion o thevent application permit... he's conceed about epin thevent sa. ""i look at whether or n i can ke this communitsafe during a festival ke this when i don't ve cooperation from the permitees and i n't have the level of cooperation that i need from e her enties." highimes has not submitted a full application. according to pueblo county code, an application must be submitted 75 days prior to an event. a southern colodo teag, diagnosed with ara and potentially deadly brain tumor, is on top of the world night. than to the nerosity of soldiers at fort caon, heived his dream.
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story you'll only see on 13. nats - jos hetheringto n is soaring through the ranks. in a hands-on tourf fort carson, he s equipment and mesoldiers he's admired fo years.0: i'm really hay that they let meome t. 0:26 i don't tnk josh has had smile off hi face from the moment weot here. tt smile isne h moth dbie stuart dsn't take grted.rmy teenlip 84 - bei a enager is hard, but being a teenager wh cancer and you're t que sure what's ing to come down the ack. thas not easy. josh was agnosed with an aglea- blastoma multi- form brain tumor last summer, after suffering severe headaches...and eventually seizur doctors removed the tumor, b he still undergs raaiton and chemotherapy sot: it usuay happens in 35, 40, 45-year-olds. not a good prognosis. usually in adults it's consided terminal. buwiths there's a whole host odifferent outcomes for him. the secret to his successful recovery so far, optimism. mo he nts to get up in the morning with things li this. something possible when ur dream of beming an ar sdiermes true. soldier: we jumped all over it, there's absolute no shorge of volunteers andup: wn fort carson found out josh had a passion for tanks, they were o happy to show him ar. sot: tshow off what we d buthow itff to a treous mao's be throu lot was azing r ou ldiers tdo. mo i coulnever do this, i could never give thi to him, but otr people made is possible. it's crazy to know there are oer people out there willing to do this for him. and it's obous this smil.. josh sot: i am thankful u guys let me into this secret area... their efforts to m his dream come
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his parents call today's wish ... e best present he could ev receive. forecast.. coming up. al coming up... apple c-e-o cook..defends his company' pushack agait the f-b-i. why he says... personal pricy comes above acking the code to th phone the san bernarno shooter.
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mot wa saturday! your forecast is
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wilbehilltoght, with lows in the tns and twenti. torrow will a touch cooler, with highs only expected to into the 40s. ll stay dry across the state, with a fewore clds in pl than we experienced wednday. your colorado springs 7day wednesday. ur colorado spng7day forecast shows temperatures rming through saay, encoolg the
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your pueblo 7dayect shows mperatures warming into the 70s on saturday, staying dry rough monday. your canon cy ay for ows teat gettg into the 60s onatury, sundaynd monday. your tell county 7day forect ows teerates in the 40s and 50 through the next week, a chance for showers on mond and tuesday. thanks rachl.
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mas its debu you'relled e more thanne retion on
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repuican presidential candidat are anotr debate tomoight, as sup tuesday approaches next we. in your decion 26 corage.... dorump o tomoow's debate wit momentum aft the nevada night. so confident, he's alrea looking for in a running mate. sot ump: "i political because of great passed that's for ars and ars. we're somebody that's
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rubio took a distant send behi tru in neva. trp got more votast nit than rio and third place finisher senator ted cruz in. democratic ndidate hillary clinton picked up a big endorsent ahd of this saturday's primary in south carolina. senate majority leader harry reid says the re ohis coegues should support clinton over senar bern saers. facing an uphi battle in the t soutrn ar sande headed west r missouri and , sur esday cots that uld offer frieer rrain. in an exclusive interview with "wor news tonigh anchor dad muir... apple o tim ok s eang the software the gornment asked for would put hundreds of millions of customers at risknd "trample" civil liberties. the fbi asked the tech giant unlock an iphone used by one of the san bernardino, california shooters but apple fused and vowed to fight the order. 10:39:240 but in your quie momes, do
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prevent a terrist attack by breakg into that phone? davie things areard and some thing both. this is one those things. will also air on "nigne" and "good morning america. st of you will like is... you now ge more options when youant respond to a post on facebook... thsoal media giant is testing terniv ike. 's aed aha," ng" an"sad."you ju have to hold the "like" button for a send or two foth ternatives t po. coany sayss ying eep thgs faliits audi
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brcos waiting for a decision from peyto maing out s future but so is brock osweiler...i get thfeelinthe onwa to resign oeiler and believe he is the fure but out of resct they waiti on manni ..y will get ansin t next t weeks.e oncos believe oz is ready to le their team. thcaptain gabriel landeskog and thavs hosting the sharks tonight.. inhree days the a will play outdoors at coors field agait the red wings.. 1. in e fi peri ...yowaysrememb your firsshawn ma nkthoff joe i.. it goes in the net .. in the 3rd.. the air force men's basketball team is ying to make it three wins in a row tonight..thely guys lead their game against
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most of the second half bu wod lose tonight on the road 661... the basketll team was trying t pu off an upset tonight against arizona.. 1. lewis lmer grad jo scothad his be gamef the season...scott goes hard to thbasket.. 2 in thend hal. after the missed shot ..scott is the with put back he finish with 26 points.. 3. arizona with a chance to tie at e buffs 75-72.. as buffsatio storms the court in boulder tonight afr cu upsets arizona../ class 5a boys basketball playoff action featuring loland a mpart.. ) in the 2nd half ... malik salley drives baseline - hits theloer . ramsp 15 ... 2.) next psession ..salley spots threballorner cket . 3 e g man .. jackson ehrlin stepping out hits a 3 from the top of the ke ... rams up 20 ... 4.)
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the man jam .. ramsruise to victory in the 4th ... final ore 551 ...they willplay cherry creek stay in district 20 - liberty hosting westminster ... 1.) 2nd quarter ... cameha spots up and hits from distance .. 2.) k this out the fast eak ... j clk junior we nifte lay-in and the ul ... 3.) westy led for a lot of ts game - thks tshar shooting fro elijah mtinez ... 4.) buthlancs would battle finds spe for the lay-up ... hia - wier to put ... th fe overndex. thanks rob. corado is up next. tomorrow on good morning colorado. 'l
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candidates theyrep for the next primary. i'll have your mplete recast sta at 40 a.m. tomo stt ay th good morning
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update progres recap breaking news ton. reports of a bomb threat at the noh ga of the air force academy. police have the north gate blocked right now. an air force academy military dog alted securityo a tential threat. we're working get y mor formation.. keep it set to the neorks of krdo.. rig here on t.. on the radio.. and online atrdo.m.
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captured this co looking cloud over southern colorado tonight. it's your and w abc's "jim kl live." >> dicky: from hollywood, 's "jiy kimmel live"! tonight, cf gordon ramsay from "underground" eemoett-bellndusic from wolfmother with cleto and the clenes. d no no one objts --
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>> jimi'm mmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. than tall of yor cin welcomto hollywood. home of the oscars, which are rightcr the stet home of the wal of fehi rht i fro o o budi. me of dozens ofomess spider men who liv litally on osestar are u pa atttion to elections? how can you not? it's dald trumpgainst a reasonablexpectation --e's nowhe no kidding around favoriteo become the republican nominee for present.he w theevada caucuses last night. he dn't jt win, h destroyed. he got more votes than marco rubio and ted cruz mbin. it's ge.
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it's humiliatinglylose to unanimous. trump won inve d graphi he won white me whitewomen, ite ricpeople, ite poor peop. rural whit, urn whites. he got one vote from ahise gu wch was nice. [ lauger ] trp actuallyven won the latinote whhsamg. it aming, right, lermo? >> guillermo: it's crazy. >> jmy: i have t say it mes me wonderfeople reay come hereromexico for better life or if ce to get away from thei relatives? maybe ty wa the wl to keep eiaws ou laughter ] you wod support wl that kept y motr-in-law in another country, woun't you? guillermo: yes. >>immy: this was p' third straight victory followingins in new hpshirend sth carolina. and afterwards ske passionate to an enthusiastic crowof sporters.


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