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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:37pm-12:37am MST

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steve mart andnddie bricll.mantininan. the cast obroadway's "bright star"! cheers a applause ] d thththots s rie,e,ro philadelphia, pennnnlvania. [ cheers andpplause ] ay tunedith "latnighgh wi setmeyeye." thank you for watching. ve great night. bye-bye, everybody.
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[ [ eersrsnd a alalae ] >> announcer: frfr 30 rockefellel plaza in seth meyeys." toght carson dal from "the last man on earth," actress kristeteschaalll music from n n surf, feuring the 8g bwith triciccarney.. chee and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheeee and applause ] >>eth:ood eving. i'm seth meyers. this iate night." how erybobooing tonight? [ cheers a applause ] excellent to hear. who tched the oscars las night. [ cheersnd appuse ]i ought chririrock did an
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everybody. [ [ eers and applause ] not an easy jojohostg thth oscars. he w w fantastic. you guys, let's ge t tews. arrio won the first osr ofis career t@ststighth fofohis adg role i "the revenant." all l ght long, beaeaeful woman re coming up to him askiki, 'c'c i hold it?" and d en he won the car. p[ laughter ]iting 0the long awaiting prary event super tuesday is tomorrow. "y"y well, sos 'ncis,s, yelled jejebush. laughter ] "there's a lotf stuff happening tuesday!" [ laughter ] according to the n n cnn tional pol d d dtrump haha increased his lead among the republican field and is noniup to 4 4 support. but remember, it's a a a poll so 49% islso the e rgin of error. [ laughter ] ] do trump recently said that t backstage at the dat it t
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his make up with a trowel ich isisurprincritiqiq from a mao o o iehis maup byb standidi oside t cheetos factororand waiting for an exposn. laught bnd applause ] whenenededhis sf when asked this weekekd whhe retweeted a quote byascist diatorobenito mussini, dodold trump told portrts, "i want to be a aociated with interestininquotes." whwhh i say, is pretty tetesting quot lalahter ] dold this morning alal tweeted a quote that he fafaely attributed to mahatma gahi, heis. [ lalaer ] >> sh: come on, there's way. houod ow b bter. [ lahter producererhave announced the & coming "ar sequeuewill obably contain gay cracters. excuse me`for a cond. [ sneeze ] c-3po. [ lahter ] thth's right, the
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tawars" sequels ll probably contain g g characters. said yoda,periment in college, i did." [ ught ] and finally, according to a new study, less than half of young n hear emergency coraception like theorning after pillll th would havheard of t pmorning after pill, but thth re long gone by then [ laughter ] laes a a genemenenwe e ee a fantastic shsh for you tonight. [ cheers and appppuse he i ithehhardest wowking man ow b biness. frfr nbc's "the voice," "tod show," and "lt call," carson daly is b bk on the show. p[ cheers und alaus]- she e fantastically talald actrtr a aery funnrson, she's of the stars of fox's -"the last man n earqh, tetescha iback on n n "late night"otht. [ [ [ rs a applause ] and we will ve music from the woerful bandnnadadaurf. so i is a a eat show. [ cheers and applause ] i'i'looking forward to gti ittarted. bubefore we get to a a af at, donald trump is poised to win bion s s s t tsday
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chris christie endorsed him. he's also come under fire for declining to disavow the ort t whiteupremasts. for more on thisisit's timfor "a closer look." [ cheers a a applaus set with polls owing umwell aheadn most of tomorrow's p imariri, it's now or never for his opponents, specifically mco rubio, to take a stand. but instead of attackingrump ononubstance, ruo tried toto beat trump at his n me. whwhh led to the whitest round of snaps ever pled. [ ughtht ] >> he's flyingnground on hai force onand tweeting. >> i go back and i s him with makeup, and it's like he's putting on with a trtrel.. rump likese people, he should s s whoever did t tt to hihiface he has really lge ears, t t bibiest ears i've e er seen. >> he's taller than , he like 6'2 wch is why i don't ununrstahyhyis hands are the si of someone who's 5'" have yououn hihands?b [ laughter ] they'r'rlikehih. d u know wha\ath say about men n th sllllandsds- [ audiencehs ]
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[ laughthr >> s sh: when yoyomake a dick jojo on the campaign trara -- u're the dick. [ laughterpplausus so, reremberhehe also, remember when trp insulted john mccain's war rd and it seem like the worsrsththg a candate could possibly say? what's hning n n makes that seem like a ft bn fr the dowager countess. laughter ] so the presidential race has essentially become a schoolyard fight. and thatatay e elain why the original schooloarararlly decided last week to we in, chris s ristie.>> there is one who is tter prepared to provide amerera with the strong leadep p at it needs, both atatome and around the wod than donald trump. >> seth: we make a lot of fun of new jersey as being state ofir pollution and weird d ells but the reality is i4 4 so supuprts a vibrant faing g dustry. and, it is thererere that farm settinat you can best find the words to d dcribe chrichristie's endsememe o nald trump -- chicken-[ eep ]. [ laughter ] ]
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acofolitical opportunism and self-intntesas bzen as this e. because t`ese are actual things chris chie said about trump before.. >> i iust don't thinhe's'sit topresidenof t t unid states. >hy?? >> i don thihi his tememrarantnt isuiuid for that, and i don't think his expepeence is. whatou need is a presidede who's had the experience and the know how to do this d not meone who's just g gnaalk k off the top of the head. i just d believe that the skills tt your talking about --that dalh`s -- >> o oy. >> -- are tranerable to a gogornmental setting, i just t. these memeand these chalalngeses demand a grgwnup. we are not ecting an entetetener-in-chiefef >> s sh: thas ght, "we're not electingn entertainer-in-chief." ish isishy chrisisisistse endorsed t guy who just did this. >>t's rubio! cheers ] ] that's wt it is. atat what it is.s. [ lahter ] >> seth: it's like he's playing a game of a-hole charades.
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shocked that chrhrtichose to endotrump over a more -establishment caidate like rubio.@ but it turns outhristie had a reas for not backing rubio. according to t ew york times,o lele christie a voice mmessage seeking mr. ristie's suppo. but made theheistsku oasring chrhstie thahe h h, , , e, " brig f fure in public service." anthat was a mista becau chririie, , toto the memsage deey disrpepefuan tronizing estiing y y 44-yeaeaololwas tellinhi about t s future. [ hter toe fair, he's an old 44. i mean, he did leave a voice mail. [ lalahtht ] grandma. gra. grandma. rubio? [ laughter ] but christie knew trump would never espect him likikthat,t at least not unt t f f chanan t tmpmpadadwhich s after a ralay in texas on friday. ( >> getejn the plale and go home. >> you got it. >> it's over t tre. you go hom >> setet go home. [ [ ughter ] home and gegegeur [ bleep ] shine bo laughtererndndlause ] t christ wasast the only p endodoement umumceived lasas week bebebee david duke, the former
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voiced support f momo candidatefopublicicicfice w itantly renounce @ susuort frfr rhe former leader of the kkkkkr any wizard.[ lalahtht ] but t en trump w wededbobo & duke, h% g ge this e esi answer. >> wilu ununuivocally $ condndn david dukekendayhat don't want hisototor t tt of other white supremacistsn this election? >> w w w w so you undetand, i n't knknknnyththabout david duduokay? i don't know anyththg out t t t u're e etaing about with whe susuemacy or whihi suprpracactsts pppou wouououend me a list of the grgrps i will research them i thought there s something wrong. >> seth: they're w wtetete supremists.. ughter ]thers somethqnon something supremely wrong. course, ic trump n,e babatracked on his n mments tod by y aming themn tenical diiculties. 'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad ear piecthat ty gavee.e. d yocould hardrdeaeawh he was saying. >> seth: he said davukand d the ep klux klan? thght said daisduke and
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[ uger ] ani wiwi nisavow the wu-tg clan. [ applause ] of course, trump has disavowed dadad duke and the kkk now.. becaushe's alrlala accomplishuh what he's's's out totapen ristsnow yoyohave prent to brast i blic. trump lets just enough racism slip that racis can listen t him a d think,yeah. 's our guy." ughder ] buas bad as that was, that wasn't the only shocking thing trp said thihiweekekd. - bcause at a rally on he also prosed dangerous new limits on thehfirsamendmt and freedom t t pre. >> i'm going open up our libel lawswso when ty write purposely n gative andndorrible and false articies, we can sue th a w lots of money. >> sevh: sueewewapers and make lo of moy? well i got bad news for you, pal. newepapers don't he ananmoney. [ laughger ] that's like sug radiosha or hammer. laughter ] so tru wants t tmake america great t ain by ripng uthe thing thatade amicgreain the first place, the
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now you might k, "would he really do th?" weerps ae es ihow manyimes trump has praised pother tualicta whoave @ also restricted freedom of speech i itheir cotry. > whyre you so comfortable praiaing vladimipun? you've called him a strong adeb. mn, i think he is a strong leader. i me, you would lili me to call him aealeader. he's a strong leader. saddam husseinilled terrists. he would kl. ere were no terrist wldill them iiately. he didt do it litilly corr pheoundrorist, thth w goneithive sec, okay? youook or korea, t-- i mean, he'sike a maniac, ay? and yogotta give himredit. how many yng guys, he was like 26 or wn his father dd, takekever these tough generals anall of the sududn -- u know, it's pretty amazinin when you think of it. how does he do t tt? he goeoein, he takesesver and he's t boss. it's'sncrediblbl >> the best thinabout is even when donald trump's praising him for beg g ort.
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but t ump's prai for dictatots is actuallvery telling because that's all trump cares about, , power. d judging by his skin he's almoststull, it is time to unplug him. [ laughter ] his campaign long ago went from tertaining to scary. it's kindaike the movie "snakes on a plane." sure, the idea is entertaining t an actual snake your acal plane wouldlde terrifying. [ laughter ] anthatat what's happening now. the plane is amecan democracy and the snake is trump. and right now all sane people everywhere are saying is -- >> i have had it wititthese mother[ bleep ] snakes o othth mother[ bleeee plane. [ chchrs andndpplause ] seth: w w y y, sam jackson. we all f fl you. isiseen "a clolololookok [ cheeee and applause ououuys seth: yououuys 's's'sy y y y exting.. year r r lele dayayayerican exexess has s en g ginu u u few w w m m mes oyoyo nbcbcbcbc shshsh now itititururururwiwi m more
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americic e e ess. and d d very h h h t t t t tave e e is extra time, that we don't have tgo to commercialse as many youounow thththcars wewe last night. ananad max: fufu roaoa c c c cup. ananododhere see "max: fury ad?"?"?" cheersrsrsrspplause e sisiacadady awawds a a i was - - i i i i i i i de f f t t t t t t t bubualalalitteteweweriri fororme.. because i, you guys don't ow thisisiss s s s ly in n atat momomo eyeyutscscscsc [ light lauguger ] ] so i w w wroro bututlso, youou owowow hururmymymylilithth i i i 't i i i. gueses adidi to o e e e rectctctmymythe e ason thth cut it was s wasnsnsnadadenough. [ [ [ hththt id s sd us thehehep.p. thank you to george miller for sending this cut scene fro ad m m rd."" keke cheer] [ cheers ] >> what's going on?
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mort joe i ) to so. gasow r wewhim8! ] [ gruntingng seth:ey, hey, hey! i'm sorry, butould we maybe uum .0.b d mr r@ tripipo o mobuquic qution, dodwe e vegog.. [ laughter ] >> whaha>> i iiels a little silly. and,d,g(m bdg hlne irspsible, tt when we e er wf7go g g gile,drive aft o muse @hat telly s oot o t f re. p[ laughderx 0 pok, t'sify.yy why do ogo ttoto? >> g gololeihh h: a a a at e stex lot of every time we drive to s toto in our`g scle cars? >> gasoline! >> twowoor two, , u g%g% ani mean, i get t , the cars& ( ok cool. >>othingrongitit
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this is what'm tking about, a perfect example right here. [ laughter ] does the guitar have to oot t fire? imeanancome o jeremem the name's doof waror.. >> setet well, i kw u 0when you were jeremy [ lalalaer ] >> i notototototde immortan joe'srderer pat me u boys. >> great. actually, i'm so happyhat t u broughghup t t war paint. [ sigh ] >> you're the worst. >> sh: oh, ) knononow, i'm'm the buzz kill here.0 but do we o papat r bodies whitetevery singlgl morning?g? >>t isis tributeteo immortan e.e. he is s s one whgrabbed the sun! >> he is the one who gbbededhe n! >> s i heard it whensaid it. [ laughter ] ] d in generali thinwe couou chant like, 50% le >> why aren't my w >> why aren't my war boys susuedpup? do y notisistoide with me,
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valhal >>e liveo see e u immomoan 'sat thiwaboy y enghtening us on h things shld be donene >> we need gasole! >> seth: necessarily. is is about your wind boa again?n? [ laughter ] eth:irst, it's not awioa, aind er, you know tt. angu, why can't t give it a shot? we would save thousands gallonof gasoline. >> okay.y. let's cture thatat yoyore on the fury road riding your wind board. >> seth: wind glider > gg zardambuh u.u. yo???ey havharpopnsnd buz .>> setet i iaje thwind whh i will hness a gli sy. andn th ram yh their cahat arvered in spikes? >> you knowh's sry? everybody wawaa ar what's ary?imimchange. >>ast ar wcallinit warng. >> seth: haven't'tou died yet? is a my!
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[ arguing g >> the science d d >> the science does nab you. h: you yy u nt sioroem.thj rdsdsde nct.t. [ in ilce!!&!& hththt 'r'rgointo go ti hik w board. set really? >> yeses i gtell the mechanics to scrap`what they are workininon withthhe cars and e warigsgs >>h:re youure? totlyyou know'se r nean pitoy a tmyead w'rsp blingng >>eth:h,ean,n,f cose >> w wt doou t&/a recyclclg program? >> set i think thahawould be great. >> lika color coded -- >> seth: yes. >e papers, grgrn for ttles and ns and red f tras >>etedor tra y>> sh: oh,h,y god. u ow, een wring these memos to you forrs. and i never ought you ad em. i'm so hap and touched to e th the mesesge is getting across. >> no, no, i'm reading them. i'm up i imy skull sitting on chaiai reading your memos s ud do iup t tredinghe
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e youros're e .>> seth: you[ bleep ]with me - en't you? [ laughter ]coughing ] [ cohing >> i'm so o c`. >> i'mo sick. i'm so sick. we're all so sick. enough! time! yes, we'll leave this boy here th wblade il ride eteal on e hihiwato valhla. chchrs ]
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>>eth:leetholeot wd in isis plse > annouer "teight with seth s onred d the ueash everydydfr amic express thca thahagives you u rereanh back,kit's backebythe rvice and curity o o membership. [ ch andppe ] >> seth: juswa >> sh: it wasn't mad enou. that was the pblem, i wasn't mad enough. everybody y ve i iup for t 8g band over there. [ cheeee and applause ] so h hpy to have them here. alsoso happy becauseititit in weeon dru fm an edleband the "bckeys"patriccarney is here.[ eers appppuse ] >ha you fororaving me. seth: tnk you so muchch being hehehis week, patrick. [ applause ] you guysysour r rst es tonight is of the busiest people in n levision, , host the "today shoho" "last call wi carson daly," and "the voice." ich h bk for ittenth
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eaelelme bk the show ndcaca dy.y. chee a ae s how arere a aouou >>nk 8g band, patrick, awome. you guys are the best. >> seth:h:t's a niceceight. you're here on goooonight. itas very -- it was nice being ( babastage i met your lovely wife. >> thank you. >> seth: congratulations you just got married this year. >t took t%t years. >> seth: ten years. >> but w wnally did it. we got married.. >> seth:h:ouple for ten years. now--ha k et you hreds.>>'ve t jan. >> sh: yep. >> my oldest is heith me tonight. p>>eth: so, y y just put off wedding for basically no reason. >> as long a ahuhunly possible. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] anwait a good wedding wh u finalllldid d . t was inusthe wa12usheh: wow. [lahter besrt a autt was, sprpred m/uhers --actual, our r nts,eall and told tm about 48 hrs before so jus]% december 23rd, ey were at my hou f f cistmas. and we were e st like ohe have a little gift for you. and they open it up, and it wa wedding invitation of cououeu for the pasdecade ey%rlike"wn aru gonna a rrie wthgoa ppen?" d ty juto f ababt fi years d then we -- it's they opepe
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was happeni, you know, in our hotown in two days. and it was just us. >> seth: oh,stic. >> a it t ok all the control away from them. d, it wawarely -- waseally great cecemony. >> that's wondfufu ughter ] ] >> i highly recommenenit. >> s shais a beaul sentengher >>hlcod dtdt .-et also,t mu be nice cause thfactctou guys s e a family, you u ve three kids. friends prob d dt have thr feelings hurt th wer invite e a wng le --he bngyo lives >> mjustla you-- you' gonavkihere onceou he a kiki there a no frids. [ laht ] >> s yeaohgotcsoha-- veny. thererefriend p>>eth:h. >> the's o oy -- there is only spouse andndffspring - - >> seth: that's good -- i'sosyed thear that, ause we're hing one like, realaloon. @>> yeah,h,hoever you've wantnt you can shake th ahe mi youava kid. >>eth: hers e reon you also c't iitopn tuatn. , nobody wtso go to a wedding kids are ther >> no, n actually, the ing about th kids w w, we felt likehey -- it l le, let's just little lononr. g g n n hed lilililiit. 'cauau they'eto o age
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sokson, oldeswasisi dthisle . eyeylly ing t grp of it. u owd fous, e wh ol idea is to stay together as lolo as you cc and today's day d ag it' difficicictask. setet yes.s >> we thgh you know wh- and thiss convenoial. you kn, i rk at e e "todayw"w"ow. it'sraditional pla. lo twes erer ewof t tod sw, 30earshyreyo" ris also the today show. >> seth: s a -- she's a food blogger. >he's a coong correspondent nono >>et so she's -- on e ow. and so pe would be ang at you, y >e dododoff togher like this. and like i'd check twitter in the commercial. they'll like, "whwhdon't youo marry that woman? she'e'aming, y livg in j"[ ughteranu thtrut---->>etououe.u weivinin.>> i wasin eth: b b tt's great. 'leeacomhell. 00lalaht >> seth: s i wanna talk ten -- this is the tentseason of "the voice." >>es. >>eth: iredie,lowny. t t a fifif vcechair? truth or rumorhat ths a fivoice r, that like itself? >> ts is true.
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itmpmpsiblblto g g. itls witdyuard likthststy cup i >> setetu would juju walal to stateair and mamabe luck that, "the voec cir would be there? the request comomin le crazy for r oice" chair totoe at some event a photo-op>> seth:ifomody' omgh#r, cou the "voicechr for thr dadaers bazv? >>esyes! laughter ]yeye if you n't afford beyonce, "thvoice" cha is your r rge somewhe. on lowerier r money. and it does, it trels arou. booked for like ten years. >> seth:h:t's nice chair. but i kw w mebo, if you need one. r -- set ild le e.i wolomae e bi >>es. >> s maybe il put my wifif in tt chair. p>>es [ laughter ] >> seth:h:hen she'e' just tuaround.& or i'll turn around, if i want to -- keep the by?ughter and applause ] >> seth: y y should be in the chchr! thth's amazing. it a b [ au ] i'm with your family in the other room goi, "weird, seth hasn'turneneound."
12:02 am
seth's wife ha't g gten a chairn. seth: this vawawawd d me. wy sulcomeacas.. >> set y do he voice" in l.a. >> we got a steal! >> s%sh: if blake gets my , heart breaking. especially because, if bke raisedy ba and i g it back, would btoo muchf a mar mend it. [ ug ient y th blakeln. >> youbaby have like would have aipn its mouth. >> setet he e d show me thth way to hr. "oh, g that is more efficient." >> and now he's with gwen n the by would havavlikeininhatoo confin>> i d kitin oferugh.>> no chaiyou. no chairor you. >> seth: okay,y,o chair r .>>n n ow cat liit. >> sh: y oot l., boue here. y>> set thr t years you obviouslhave gone back and forth, had to lili ia.&&>> yep >> seth: true tt you liveat one poi iricky martin house? this is t te. set okay. >> iannanarefereis b sayiyi this wasn't " "vin' la vi loca" superstar. >> seth:kay.
12:03 am
mid-'90s. >> seth: this is pre-that? >> ts "general hoital" rickrtin. >> seth: okay gotc. to ts d_ ricky. he in n . ethis s keth wawasomedyho's$sseseou @coululford yn.>> oh, i cford "l"l"l' vid--" no, i i uld fordrdo o asasor to rmenudorickusus moto l.a. with bun dj's working at a radiation. all er t tntry. m moving in a trucix y six station i'm inan ansco,own an j je. ana bunch of us get a a b in loanles. worlrlmous k-rock, i'm playing da sf, i'm plalangll t tse great bands at the time. so i thihi i've died and gone toto heaven.. i never think i'm gog to b anything. sososoet tgrjoin my 0 i'm oh lease t hou inollywood hil, weava bmw. we havdied a gononto heaven. we a making thath money. but this house we've rented was ricky in hse. >> seth: andid younow that. d d --because we get h ma
12:04 am
meo r hous d , onrash o k-rocki d re a a of all -- we lled it caca d d medodo i would read alricky's n il othe ai >> seth: now reading someone's mail, that has to be illegal. >>utnough -- [ laught ] dnhit. pi didn't think aboututhat.t. re eugh time gone , w i'okay. >> set yeah, ) m mi uld assume like, mail though thas federathough.. that's a federal c >> but everybody -they loved him. >> seth: now does that -- at a rid wali 'cae obou throroyears yo come- your profiasasone up. has it staedo si i ithaty you llllevereceive fan mail l l like ricky martitiwas doing? evenre l l ldaoca. prpr >eah but nobodydyn mail anymore thiss ck in n e e w wre teenage e rlulpuei perfrfonanli hearts t. set i iuesshat'truth. there's such thing fan mail probly anymore >> it was real fan mail. >> set y yh, tre's no way toto perfume tweets. >> but to answour estion, rent his houga one d.
12:05 am
woto gacinhe - me n thame house >> sh: oh th se hoe. >> t casa m >> seth:eah, hope e ings g g well enoh r u g that house again. > thankou. i i ank you. seth: and thaha you so ch r being back on the show 0 conglationevevythihi. >>hanknkou so much.. >> seth: cson daly everybo thntseasonf "t"t v vce" my and d danights on casoeearson g "t sw. "lasc!llr at iaf e t." it'lb% onit.we'lbeightack. with krist sch [ chch and appppuse ] ri fourandits chose a priuss their getaway car. bravo-niner, in put of a yota p pus. over. how hard is it to cah a prius? er. this thi is s tually pretty fast.t.ver.
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' evicom pgrsive n be yours f. enen gra?? o!e are givi it away for just 3 easy paymymts of $4.99 plus ta ththlines are blowing upup we've e t deborara from poughkeepsie. flfl ah, no, it's flo. you guys realize anyone can use the "name your pce" ol freen progressive.coco right? [ ughingngngvously [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on televion.
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[ cheersrsndlausus] set welmeack o e e thj odour xt guesthtlayed obssive fan,n,el i i"flight of tht(nchords," and voic evil gegeus gde schooler,ouise, in "bob's burgers." starting sunday, y y c c seeeeererer inin episodeof t ver funny x seeshe last ma on earth." let's ta a lk. >> w wt, carol, cal.there's something i have to tell you. this is gog to be e rd to hear >> then i' move in closer.r. >>ododand ga are boning. >> cheesand rice! >> t tdidngn do anything wrong. a a melissa had already broken up. i have toelelmelissa.
12:10 am
todd swore me to secrecy. >> melissa'sy st friene, a she's gegeing g neagaiait. >> and i'm your hud. okay, so promimi me yoyowon't say anything okay, i promise. >> let msee ose s.s.p.h. >oooocatch. sase thshowkrn scal!![ alae ] s sh: so ce t >>h: so ce to e yolookovovday.y. tha i'm arg g excsi piece jelry e ker'na a. e's ce, d d ge all of bds elusi fgrdma. sh: wow laer ] how old lice? 4 1/2. >> s sh: wow! >> yh, she's aius. >> s to get a necklace made
12:11 am
[ lauguger ] >>aybe we'll edit is part out. [ laughder ] ] >> s yeah,hereou go. , i want to -- i talked a li bitito son sudeik about this, bui wa to talk about forte, yr`cocotar, ll forte.e >> oh, he says "hi," by the wa >> sh: oh, thaha you. >> which iught was strange because i thoughmaybe you guys had each other'shone numbers or something. like, "why do i haveo relay the hello?" [ laughter ] setet yeah, like youland i don't see each other eugh foro you toav do his houseeng. y he idt, le,ee mes. heheday. i', "i'mngdoseth he wikoh, et 'hseell hi '.' i'li"t"thim yoself?"[ laughter ] >> seth: yea >>ight? but hehks, "hi." >> seth: i hatself in vance. please tell him, "heo" back. [ laughter ] >> you gotlrt. >> set all rigththk k u. , this is forts look. th i iforte's look at a party.& recently, h% shaved half of he. [ laugug ] >> yeah. >> seth: you worwiththim enough, becacae i know howow obsessivforte can be. did hehave just the head half? ors itull body half hair? >> i believe hcommitted. >> sh: fully >>eah, you kw he d/ds.
12:12 am
mmitment. i know s s shed because hehaved his eyebrow. i i tched him shavs arm an leg. and thencording to the make upupepent, he ok the ectric, lledpen xeanjustent r it ow! [ laughter ] bse he had to ask f a w razoanthli,e"y jboughthtneshe s like, got forte's pubeit[ htth, rig. that's fai" eth:h,t's t dyts to usat razor ((ag i don'thit's usable. th -i rembbeuse d own . oue knn me >> seth:know y f f ng tim and hestdeho"m!m!men,f,l rber sayi, , "o"oy gogo th kri sl. t yoyo oin t fir episodof "mad me 8> yes serers sh of f u. obviousl y y know, one ofothth eaowof ourureneratioio and you pl a stcbod d operator >> mm-hmm. >> seth: what was "mad men" " experice?@ -- ell, that's fl $>>8>,>roe @ ree eeeae, thas phahihr>>etett't'crcry. >> yeah, i keth:hat mimied >> ltltldid d d d ate
12:13 am
herere[ [ [ [ [ [ &&&shshshs s ing g m millllns and i w w woioioioi to try. [ laughter ] >eth:h:h:hihi i is sa to say you gugu did better thny actual stch bobod operatorororfrhehera.. >> i ihink that might be safe to say, you know? mean, , at is happines like, mae somemef thth fouou love.. but t they find, likikthnew heights ofof career? >> set probably t. no fau of their ow >> yea >>eth: the feeling imposed on them imposed bsociety.y. lauger ] what was yr "mad men" expepeence like? did you have a good time? >> i had a areat time.i mean, they dress you up in, lili, you kn, from the underwear out. sohe bra was, like, all cone-shaped and pointy. they really got tot. and th gave you the cigarettes to smoke. i've never smoked before, so i was just, like, puffing away, just, like, showing off, y know, like, switching and puffing and switching and puffg. anmatthew weiner came up, and he wasike, "cut!" he comes from behind the camera. so he just, like, getsown,
12:14 am
like, "you don't smoke, do you?" [ laughter ] and i was like, "what you me?" [ laughter ] he's like, "why don't you just leave yours in the ashtray? all right, let's go again." i guess you inha, and you're noconstaly making smoke d just, like, g ing nuts with that right? >> set you were cartrt smoking? >> i w. [ laughter ] i was forcing smoking. seems weird. >> maybe that's my character.- >> sh: to be fair, at least at the ti, i4as only the first episode.@. you didn't know hospecific and e, lik sof attentio deilhehehow would haha igig. >h: you mig thought, like, "'mad men,n,this is a show about crazy pele." >> i didn't know what it was!! >> seth: yea y can't'be blamed. who kw what thawas?s? it like,mc. amc had done nothing showing reruns.>> s sh:h:ea [ lalahter ] y y know?w we were like, "okay." it was, like, shot in a weird p o omadin.n.n. we wererlilili"oy""" >> seth:h:hen heheheheovov andnd sasa, , on'tmo,","ike thyou u o`ld have e id, donovovov ink thth is going totoe on tvtvtv
12:15 am
ye befe ititid get on tv becacae he had to, like, finish "the sopranos" or whatever. [ ughter ] yeah. >> seth:m,m, thank you so for comin t sho itit always a pleasurururusee you. laughtet>> is that it? >> seth: t t t tit.[ lalalaer ] well, a#tuallylyno >> welel i d't think so. seth: you know at?? willllll stick arounun >> i t t w wl. >> s sh: all rigig, sticic ararnd >> y y alws trtrewe up. seth:h:ll be back with
12:16 am
new schick h h new schick hydro versus the lube strip. with a hydratingel reservoir thativesou40% % ssion. it's desigd like n nother razorr toroct froirtation y, le stp.p. schick hro
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sh: h >>, i heard meio before that it wasaseap day.& >> set yeses pndoure exced about i i i i i i and i love lp dah: 9ou do?& eaeaeaececse i ith day out of year women can ask men to mar tm,m, m mn, w wre 's, lilenonoweird. >h: oh, i d dt -- s sis is a araraononbobwp p p >> yet did nototnow th p >eah, andust & nderereref b@je u ki m m f thehehththth cououaybe, you k ow, live outy eams and kmeeoeoe ininhe audncnc ifheululmay h: yeaure. [ cheers andpplause ] >> thanks, seth![ chrsrsnd appppe`e`` [ apapapse [ [ ause
12:21 am
- [ laughterer om ment we ma a w condago, i just that knew i wanted to keke the hapt n in theheorld [ lalala ] ll yar itforororo ansns--(-[ lalahter ]@ (i sthjhjhjou suld know i'm verergogo at sex. [ [ [ hterkn the pio. andndown,ide to side, curly-cue, in ththair,r,offifi stste, fralin and bashan backwards ucinalfredo.uguger ]th's$sllllllllem.. and knknheheheh pce'one r%le. ers wne e le. u owowno kissing laughtere^ it'sersonal.l >> okay, okay. >> all right, , will y/y mry memee. aaaah! [ chrs a applause ]x yay!yay!y![ chch applause ] hi. >> h h >> hi. >> um --an i havavyourur-
12:22 am
i dodot wa youououthink that you're my y cond choice. >> o& ugmt a a applaus] >> because you are m m m m oice aftft my rst choioi. >> okay. [ laughter ] o oy, i wt yoto look deep in oy eyes. really loooo araryou loing_ pi want you to lock id in there. [ laughter ] are youllocked? y are you therere all right.t. i wawawaou to clcle your eyes, but dot stop lookingnto @ mine. [ laughter ] u can figure it out, a right? you got this you got this. >> okay. >>kay, now, , our mouth ansay,ah" wawa to looknd see your throat. [ er ] oh, yeah. h, y y mighte developing a nor casesef strep that ther laughter ] i don't care. righgh >> yes.>> will u marry me?? >> of cour >> o y yes! oh, god.
12:23 am
[ apapause ] aa! @gosh. [ [ ughter ] [ [ ughter ] re, takekeke heretatatahihihi >> okay. >> here you go. it's a brownieie - [ laughter ] takeka bite of it. [ [ ughter ] >> w. nk you. the cr ingredit love. - [ [ uguger ] ] and the other et ingredient is acid. [ lalghter ] papd d d e mit be a ag in ere. >> i'll check baba in a couple hours. [ laughter ] willarry me? >>esesyo honor [ chchrs and applause ]
12:24 am
ah [ lahtht ] [ laughter ] . >ez.. >> so, i don't wanto propo to you. [ laughtht ] but i want tpropose to the man next to you. laughter ] bui'm feeli kind of vulnerablelee. so will you help me out? >> sure. >> just ll that he's a a vka? [ laughter ] to him normal talk t thim normal. [ laught ] >> you're a hunknkhunka. laughter ] >> thanas. >> so, where's y/ur r r te for tte guns? [ laughter ] where'sour holsters for your guns? [ laughter ] >> ion't know at to say. [ ughter ] p>> is it time for r sert? because you're a rl beefcakeke
12:25 am
becacae e u are a realfcake. [ laughter ] >> i sll donon knoatato say. [ ughter ] >> okay, do you ththk he likes it? plea ask him if hegel marry . t you,aksure you getet nsnsight. [ laughter ] "mry m"you marry >> will u marry me? noo! [ [ ughter ] oh, no! i lost it! [ chchrs and applause ] @oh, my gosh! i can't t lp i think i'm g g ask the whole auauence to mamay y . seth meyers' aududvde, will you marry meme chrs a applause e aaah! thank you! thank youo th, u might want to leave
12:26 am
mylf, we're out to pconsnsmate o o engagimimt fettuccine aredo style. you know w w wi'm sasang??& >> seth: n le totoatch.& i like to wa you knowhat i'm saying. seth: krist s#saal, evybody! last man on earthth premieres sunday, rch 6th, on fo we'll back with music from nada surf!
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chee and apppp [ cheersrsnd applause ] >> seth:htonight's musical g g g will reaseseheir lastest aum "youwho you are" this iday. performi "co to secl" plpl welcomea surf. [ chee and applae ] ces make clothes me`thmana the house makes the heart
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about how hard 1 it is tartt or stay on t tck or don't dream or do whr you wa owawawaot to what i arred to the dio tooke the radio radio de m m hat t n i dout dre at can we do what c we but listen to stories etched oglorious is s e d d u in other sce don't mind if is g oninin it's hotttt dodot
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i don't mind if u're not what cai do what can i i the a)rwaves ttook me radio took me e dio rao made m han i i butreaman we $-wh c we do 7 but lisn storiwretch or glorious isist me and y y oer sces re i found here i fou my ey it lovovg th t/tk me isundays out lking e mile the e n kes mama cold to see
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a littlld s clear @cold to e clearcold to see r a little cold eeeelear aitco to eaea the air ves they ththr wavethey took me the radio radio ma me what can i do but dream what can wdo what can we do but lien to ories wretchch oglorious 1 it me and yoyo in otherercenenehe i f f he i fou my es it's loving that t tk me
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o o ooh ooh ooh ion't md pon'tind if it's rainingg i dot mind if 's h h i don't mind hat youore thinking i dodot t nd if you're not seth: nada su! preorder you know preoroer you know o you are now.
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