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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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,, plus... colorado breaking records on super t esday. but t en tugh our ate thlargesamouou ovoters me tuc... the'a push t back to primaries... 'll tell you why... tempmpurur are mnly inin s is mor. the fi danwillasalonwihe wind toda thoth wi may bome a bit gusty th afternoon. it will not benythinlike yestday's wind wille inhe 6 6i he tod's recaca andk ahead throh this weekend coming up in athehe& trc the's. good mor, ks joing us ors rng... i is h
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ananm ira onin first th morning-- multiple g-ass fire in n e last4 hours ve beeneneeping firefefhters across southernrnoloro busy. that includedee e at b o avonde-- eof lo-- c s isni news'soanna wise joinss live frororockrimmonh re on w wt thososcrews are doing. joanna... od morning. . sf last red-dederushirwas 65-pcentontainin fifirs are expectio ha it complete out by day. but,hirn ty'tillkeg it-ju ine e e wi ss d it comes a ththat to nearby home investigators blame e e wind for knockingngown a popor li arnd 1a-m yesterday d starting the fire. the athehemade for aou meine sittoounty y until wen the teoon getet hanale on the pemeter. d mage e p e re mostlyta tthe huerfa ver bed, but the thicket ofl trees there slowed them dodo. rancheharry vold, who lives closest the blaze, is considering himsmsf luckthat the damage wasn't rse.
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e road, at cntad that e et ou have bee le cldldav. and this wasn'the only assfire on our radar yesterda crews in colado spris battttd multipl@ grara f that they were able to put out kly. we'll ntinue to o ack the latest conditionin avovoe.e. and we'll bring u any updaan akoaa dot c portinli in lorado ngs,nna wi 5. numb of cr cameut to von supe da bing cords.that'sht.. 12thoundercame out! budespite the turnrn... there's a push to get our state back to o ing presidential primaries ratherhan n caucus.
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pele.. actually only reprprents 14-pernt of democrats.s. and this c cld be because... ucuses are held onln oncnc-- 7:00 auesdight- - f yocan't maket, you can't rticipate!e! wi a prima....keolorado uso have... ballototare mailed out three wes forehehehectn and can beailed back or drped off. leaderfrom both parties say primaries would dramatically increase participation. s e haa significt eb%of rshoeranatdidi g texprs their te r r idt."ioulday it's n ideaean, itit workso someent, but i ththk k the desisi oit is a bit ai"> restoring a primimy would require approval by the state legislature. both parties sau they're pressing lawmars to make it happ for t 2020 presidtial ecti season. today...rmerop ptesideial nominee e e mittomnewi h h a ne confnrencncat the
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wspeak out e "s"s ofof 2016 esidedtial race" sources y romney is expect to slam trump tonightjust s before the g d%d%de, but exact details of his speech are unknow rado springsgsorohn er sinout abouthre chi aupup retiment.. ief chris riley announced throh an ema s stement he will retire tomorrow.... anths s onrminthe he wiei a80housd dollarce package. mamor thers ys he ep not resignation... busays he will not dcusssshyhyhy he. . . sang it's a personnematter. "cererinly a short piod d time between thahadecisionnd the tirement but i sur was ng into count issues theepeptmt and gs ke tt and d dehioice :1 we reportedesteayayay e ch a a a fie is underway. in meantime,epety chief ted collas will serve as interim chf.
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residedes are ranking policend ic set a t iue foces on. it was all parof community rvey.. and as we've t td you... to help curb the prqblem.... law enrcent leads hope tpupuic safety veerher ca thewant the govevement to focus on are road repairs and econic devop. thcac!amrs o ocomm d thited w a wkiththhentto u thi ey iring proj weather antraffic the 5s. meteorologist stepn bowe is here now w@witrstsalert 5. yey'ou have e and e wer will imove toy y ma for favorable conditions fighting the fires that srked yesty. the largest ning now is in pueblo o unty close tavdale. nd ilianrile r no will sht bit this morning
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thatay blow some smoke from that fire back toward pueb and eblo wt. the wind wililblow at 10-15 mph this afteron with some 20-20 mph gusts. it will nonobebehe big issue it was day, but it a small issu the upslopcompont of the wiill ea t humidy. thatl aid re erdawindndere the to 60 r. somef us saw gusts to alalst 70 m. temperaturur are mostly in the 30this morni wh upper 20s in a few colder spots. we will warm beneath sunune e towardrd0 in colorado spngs an the lower 5 5 around pueblo by 10 am. by noon, temperatures warm into the lower and midddd 50s around lorara springs but closer to 60 around peblo. mostreas will mage 60s this afternn wi 50s in thhigh
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yesterday we td you u r state is o o othtop acec to o ft retemen.., , buw.coloradoin h bnked as oe be p p pspto live i ithe countr a new "u-s news and world repo" nks codoprpr as 5... beatg g t famousetrororeas ke bn.....atate...and eetiesrday said tpaicular publblation is well l n the business community and thinks the r rkingould draw in momo people city. thspringngranked higin j market, vavae and quality life.. but one of theew cities to get a ecten in deraty ri"we're ftutu wlive in a ace at unsured beau, t stngndit does trung professionals they really do like to come and live here, as doeoe want to come and retete re :1414 as far anumber one...
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e'e'nothketing st ia k.k. yeday s tionon/read across acay.o i went to monument ademyo read to some ilenen now th is me kid c vid that 8th grader "sam wahl" record. sasais i itheischools brdcast journalismsmlass right no. . re across americicday is celebrated every year o& mar 2nd. on the birthday late e and illurator dr.
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still ahead... in yououheth watch... a waing r owowrw hern cad y reremareisitin vet filate.. d whwh you co to preve throppg yr fo
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milispti mthuthern colorado. uemorial hosti h "man-ness" eveve nt dn--to empze the iortance didie prenon tectr n. ors samememen aren thsting tototo doctor rularar -- but it neeee to be do.. soarchchman-ness" is fununay
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maintaining a healthy lifestyle - everythihi from wh totget t yo c cleleer or ostate checked -- to when t tget a colonoscopy... 48:45 there are a loof probms o o the -- just simple blolo pressure and do youou hahahaiabetes? those things at if we can't$checec we dot t ow that we have it and therefore we can't controit when it aa controableel drtullbe@doili ts no--anive doctcts heads n how your health w wl in thre-- d can even cut down on future costs. ere still ots available if you'd like ign - we've goall lhe intatititi for this free event ur bsite koaa dot com.n our own spts director grant meech lle the emcece weheand afonhe 5
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reow wh fialer yeyeerdaououave ea weher willro y maor me favorable ndns figiging fis that spaed sterday. the largest re b bningngng is blbluntyse to avda. wi is s t anvaabig wl a t th mningd roe het.t. atay s f f irirback towarebnd pu wt. e ill a a-15 mp th afternoonsome0-20 guststitilt t the i it s yeststdaub it wili a small i i. e upope compt of wind wl increaseheumit at wl aid refifitere. stery'y'wi gus were in the e to 60 mph rangege some of usps gusts to almost 70 mphph temperatesesre mostlylin the 30s thisorng with uppe20s in a few colr ots. we will warm beneathunshine tord 50 in colorado spngs and into the lower 50s around pueblo by 10 a by noon, temperatures warm into the lower and middle 50s around coloradoprings but c cr to 60 around pueblo. most areas will manage 60s this
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in tmorning's heth watc.... a warninfor pet ownersrsn pupulo... about a ringwork outbrbrk! pueblo animal seseices says they're experienci an infl of infected cats ming thugh. acrding to health o&ficials it's r ry a worm... instead, it's a fungus can appear as a ciular loss of hair on . usylwith cg and scalinin c cmonlfound arnd tace,ars or ps. it'slso something can spread easy to hums or other animals.... so pet owners needo be looking for this at t me. gigi your cat a quiciconceve do y y yeeeeny plala,on eir ce, , r on the e`dersrse hehe bellysososomeeitaililill ve it and ye inr air , , a crusty, m n b bvets also recommend for pet owners to be dillint about cleaning dust, dander and fur from your me to prevent
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spring cleaning is right around the rner... d this year.... heal e e say... n'justlean the shower. but t ke alose look -- at the thingsn your swer...dermatologists say -- important to payttenon t expiratiti dates on your shower items... well as how lg they have been living in youshower.. thihgs like popo, s and zors. because bacteria in em can lead to acne.. ananotheheskin infection "it's like a gia pet dish so you really need to be awe of what'sn there and keing it clean antossing thingsn a regur basis" doctor ingraham -- you items stt develop mold or r r already fefeed. and you should throwt away! experts y the most frequently
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still ahead... sports authority is llllns of dollars in debt... leaving many to question t future of sports autrity field mile high... we'll tell you what we c
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that nt. weomba iisning's nsumer watch... e tracking d d dizg "eelilil in pueb thfe dozofpeop. leard orre rertg ei as the anus they filyhutti^down seselessipipun at . says b cae of s impd don saand oil drilli. hor...- raz sahe cpanyil consereope theif d d enart coitions imove. f thiyear. thinmaetthe pikeke pepe region has bebe enormouy successf. gs has seen a - permits...
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mont of 2010. last month alone, the we 1616 n blding g rmits issued.. the "m"mt in one month" since 2006. w w terest rateses and the improving economy are part of it.... burealtors say the biggest differce ithe gh cost ofhe dver market driving people down here. local families sayy're able to get more home, more space, and a mu betteview for a lot les money. as f f existing mes... realalrs say some are selling for 15 to 20 thousavd dollars re than the list prices. we'veplearned... "spos authority" has filed f f bankrucy. and now... thbiestion many of uhere in colado have... is whether t e company's nam wiwiea ole high stadiunext sean. despite being a biion dollars
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urna sayshe compa anticipes havingngccess nearly 600 millllion banuptcy financing.g. that mey could potentially be used to make a milil-dla naming right payment in auaust. ( experts saif s ss auority wants to be e ccessful, they have to use aggressive marketing. ".... u have to crease y marketing when sometng like this sappens. especially i iyou're ting g geconsumers to changtheir ndnd itksad--te lks buitouldk a a t worse see ce iu sportys a p caed the "tritan foballtmtmum disict", nshetataumd spli the e rights fees with the broncos. spokesperson sayay-- the bankruptcy filing has no impt on their relelionship with the company. weather and traffic on t 5s. meteorologstephen bowers is here now with first alere 5. yestdas clouds h he cleadl yeyeerday's clou havavaveaeaea
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today ananmake f more favorable conditions figing the fires thatparked yesterday. ththrgegt firereurning now is in pueblo counun clo to avondale. wind is light and variable rirht now. itill shift a bit thisorning and blow from the southehet. that may blow some smoke froro that fire back toward pueblo and pueblo west. the wind wilblow at 10-15 mph this afternoon with me 20-20 mph gusts.s" it will not the big issue it was yesterday, but it will still be a small issue. the e slope component of the windndill ininease the humidity. at will aid firefighters. yeerdas wind gustsere in the 50 to 60 mph range some of us sawustso almost 70 mph. teeratures are mostly in the 3030thisisorning with upper r r in a fewewoldes. we will warm benenth sunshine wawa 50 ininolorado spngs and into the lower 50s around pueblo by 10 am. oo temperaturewarm into e r andnddle 5 arouncoradopr bututloto
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5-3- mule grass sthourha yesterday's cloudsdsave cleared, and d e weher will impmpve toy and make for more fafarable coitions fighting the fires thah sparked yesterday. the largest fire burning now is pueblo coty close to avonle. wind is light t variableight nono it wilshift a biis owm mlosomemokerom m thth fe tareb aeblo wes the windill ow at 10-15 mph thftftfton wh 20-20 mph h ilnot he iue it s yeer butllll
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,(,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fi 5-30-- le grass re in the last 24 hos s ve been keepg firefightersrsoss southern coro busy. that includes e thatro out ne aale-in pueblo un--re c c s sllre is mni newsns u u live from ririon with re on at tsesews areoing. an... od morning. asf last night, the hundred-acbe brush fire was 65-pernt contained. this morningngth're keepin close eye e& it-t-just in case the wind shis and it bomes threat to nearby homes. they say they expect to have it complely out by today-- but they're preparededo continue eir efforts intori inveatatblble thwindor
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around 1a-m yeand ar theheir e atma for a touou ti taming e flames -- ok countcrews unl wee tern getanon pepimetete theyidagtotop e fire stly contained tthe erfano river bed, but the thicket of trees there slowedhem down. . ncher rry vold, who lives clest to thehelaze, is nsidering himsmsf lucky thax the damage wasn't worse. had thth fe been ablblto jump the road, that county road that goes east of us, then itou and dhis wasn't the only grassfire e our radar yeyeerday. ews in coloradsprings battled multiple grass f f that they were able to put out quickly. wel continue to o ack the latest c cditions in avondal and we'll brinyou any update ir anl koat come rtrtg lili in coloraspspsgs,oannwins 5. anks joaa..... t onpers
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llllr h h ado spring.. itapned last nhdund near powers boulevard and d atte avenueue. this morning all les a open for affic... but the arar wasaslosed fofoover hlast night whi crere cleared the scene. the victim c cdition is unknown this time... the crash is under investigation. vevopi t tmoing... investigators e ststl trying to figure out what causea small plane to crash in palmer ke. two peop werkilled yesterday mornin plane wen wn. . their idtiese be releed y thal sed a small s re figs ableo get ther controt fairly quily.. one witness told news 5 they were driving when they saw the plane comemelose to the ground befofo i idipaeare.. and black smoke was seen. p there's$new information thisis g g thehepect -- acacd tabbg his orteter r to.. ead n stethaplde gy
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atteerfr fofoininupupor y... "overstrtrt" is "accusus" of ing his rliend and aegeg co-o- de"courtney y ante" lureththher h hom - uors sathe o stabbed and be the teacherho evenenally gotway.y. ovovstreet's attory says his clientufred ad trauma in a car crash th he claims contributed to his mental imiminem this morni an air forcecademy cadet is hind bars, accused of sexuaultina n last year in boulr. 21-yead "jack rmolts" wawa arrest at the academy yesterday. boder police say t t assault ppened last apl in t university hill neighborhood. liceceavnot releasasan tai buy n-a ence collec theinstign,atches warlts. he h h hot beeeermly chard. the ademy is cooperating witit boboder police. w today... corara sin polare looking for thperson who attempted to r a bank... then said he was jokg and left! it happened sterday afternoon
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colorado" on edison avenue. policeay theuspect walked and demanded monon... but enaid it was a m aoke and left without stealing any money. he idescribed as a whi male.. about six feet tall.. with dark hair..a stache and beard. police@ere invesgang this an attpted robry... ou kw whything about thth.( yore aed pe. tioreaer aff the 5s. meteorologist ephen bowe is here now witfirst alert 5. ststs ouds h hclead, thweatwi ive and d d for vorablconditio fighting the fires that srked sterday.the lalaest fire burnini n n is inueblo county closeo o avondalele wind is lit anvaabaf right now. itl t t mor d blrothutt. at blow me s frothatire back toward pulo and pueblo west. the wind will l ow at 10-15 mph this afternoon with some 20-20 mph gusts.
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was yeerery, butwill still be a sml issue. the upsle compont of the wind will increase t t humiditynyn that will aid firefighte. . yestery's wind gusts we in the 50 to 60 mph range. somef us saw gts to odmost 70. . tempuresreretl thth morni with uppe20s in a colspots.s. will warmenea sunine to 50 olorado ler 5d puebloy 10 a by noon, tperatures warm i thlower and middle 50sround colorado prings bututloser too 60 around pueblo. most areas will manage 60ss afternoon with 50s in tht@hihi sps, though some of ususay onlylyriefly warm to the0s between 2 pmpmndnd pm. sie marijuana has become legal olorado.... re getngnao pot
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,,,,,, since marijuana has become legal in coloro.... pets aetti ls measisi.. d more freentl d d y,any e ding uin ncclinic....wi symptomsimito stroke seizures. one pet owowr we talkekewith... who doesn't consume marijuana... says this problem made s wato her own babayard. courey olson a a her husband d justinisd divner... en they noticed d eieidog "sope" shaking uncononolobbly. thththoosoie to the tmerncy ve... whe it wasasiscovered sophie had traces o /mariana a her stem "we walkededn and they werke ou he reonalrugs in t t hse, we're like n e e t s had donon she w ithe yard, we leher oundt nit." "mt tit d't sultbut thcan be cases e tma an tt
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it can result in death. if you know yourururonsusu marijuan... or shows signs like e izure, depressisi o olossf f coordination... u should get them aet ght t ay! ilea asacfor esidt continues to heaup... e candidate is@signaling that he may soon suspend his aign.... ..
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his k ds... next today... prosors hope to learn more about what led up to the deadly shooting in lamazoo miigan -- that l%ft six people ad. the acacd nman "jason
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will have a a obab cau en thimorng. it wil acun n eeatrney determine whether a preliminary exam of evidenen will beeld ne w w b brepoinin ton"n"s ix ununf f ..afr shooting 8-peont in this morning's electi watch... republicanreredential candidates wililface off in yet another bate tonigigig t... this time they will be one idator. n rsons he wl no attendonhtox news debate in detroit... gnalg that he may so end his s mpgn... after a poor finish on sup tuesday. heas n officially said he's leaving ghe ra.. but heas said there is "no pa fwawa" tomination.n. ss hel heclarifthgs torw... during a aecat a conrencnc inininand. e whhouse may consnser placla sme crt stice "antincaajith federal appeals court judg a source clolo to the process ys "ja kelly" could be nomimid for the high court.. kelly gradd withredent ama from harvard lawchl in 19-91. she currently serves on the u-s
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rads, , wa we'veeen rtinin..esenobhavowed mimilia'acemt t beforeleavffic.. asliave wed ock any nominethe presididt t tswawa meanwhile. the sueme court remains deeply divideas it cqcqidids s first abortion case since the death of scia. yesterdadathe remaing e)ght justiceseard aough texas l -- that could have sweeping implicata^nscross thth coununy. the law forces all doctors who m tis alsvehospital admitting privileges... nd tt clin grade hosl-like anans. ght w three woman on the bench and one n n e questioning the impact the law could have o oe access poor womenenave to clinics. a decisionsn't expected unl ne. today... a panel of three federaludges will hr the nfl's s`peal in e flatate sc commission roger%goodell ur gsuspen o otom
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nfl laers e aski theourt to rrady suspon saying a lower- cot wawrong to r re that the leae bungled a pre of dlated otballs -- gan jaary 2015. if the leaeawins, brady ma ve to ououe stt ofofhe upmingeasoif the unionins, it is lely he will pl. either way, the case is likely to be cited in loraw -for years to c ce. righnow pon n toare looking for suspechesa stole of gurogu store. ta a looooat thihihi you can seabout 10ple breaki the glass on th frt t or, , , g a ain around the handleleand connecting it toto a trk. en... the drer g gthe engine tearintht doors mplelely of that's wn e suspects sed ore. li they stolre than 50 gs. ed.. vemore a oru
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totoake a dip... water! that was the reality for one family in florida, they y und a ssive alliin their swimming pool! the homeowner r ys it w s a close ca, yingngdn't diaty notice thehear ptile inheer. til subblesesin toheurface. . that's when he realized the 9- foot long, 300-pou gator was at the bottom. he called wildldfe officics who cand ctured the beas me nor weaernd traffic on the 5s. meteorologist sthen bowers is he n with first alert sterers ds he cld the atr witi
5:46 am
favorable nditio fhting g the fires that sparked yesterday.. thlaes bururngnn i uubl c cseseavle. windnds s s d vaableight w. a bit is morni and blow from the sosoheast. thataylow some smoke f fm at fe baoward pulo and pu west.the wiilblow10-1-1mph is anoon 220 h sts.s. itill nonobe theig issue i s yesterday, but it ll stiti be a small issue. the upsle componenof t wind wincrease the humidity. that wl aid fifighters. yeststday's wind we 5060 mangegesome of us gusts talal 70 mph temperatures are mosy in the s mororngith s few cr spops. will warm beneath sunshe toward 50 in colorado springs and to the ler 50s around pueblo by"10 am. by noon, temperatures warm into wer and middle 50s around colorado sings but closer to 60 around pueblo most aas w wl manage 60s this afternoon with 50s in the e gh spots, though somef us may only briefly w wm into the 60s
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w at astrocoelel is bk eth... researers will beginesting his healal. . and colododktate university is playing a le in thth! researcxers -- ilulung a aeam fr fcos be e ing y anhis in brototr and takinglood mps, to e if time in spe haaffected scott lly's ing. the e udy ll help nasa prepare ture mnema mons -- as thohe ontsl bediexed te riod in sce tata ak ats! a cute and cuddly recoco for a labrador retriever in nort carolina! ! she birtheoppipuppies this week! that breaksthe state record of 16 pups. the dogo owners say they were comptely surprised t happy to sily grgr and d youe wondererg at t world record ir litter
5:49 am
a texas air force sergea a xas s r force e rgeantnt tug home fm erseas surprises kis s in a very crtive way! he showed up athscho` dressed d a disguise! a look! ththstudents in his son's cloom thedrounmastst sergnt jesusas ina scot c... th as ta p cture..... he removes his head and d surprised s soso after that... the rmanisitit h er this ti. bua just as iceless acti as she runs into arms! hererra retus`after servinin7 mohsn south koa. , ill ahd...
5:50 am
part of at missingngalaysian rliner... whwh investigatorsayinin out t asarhewoear
5:51 am
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,weweome e ck veststatin australiaiaay ittoo earlto tell whethe debrisisound offhe coa o o africas tually from the missg malaysia airlines flig-3-3. yeyeery...
5:53 am
et afca. inveigatororsaalthghghs s eaely. ey a notulg out th it camerothg jeflight 370 disappearedn n 8th, 2014, whihi flyinfr kuala lumpur to o ing withth39 pele on board. carcrcated m drulordrd chapap gmaysyse wants toto be extted the u-s as on asose...thas his s to says thison gugudsdst the mexican facility he's in right t w... won't let m sleep! ficials s ve a awlededd on gs gman ery fofors fco zman attney saysel apo" is willlling tolele tyo charac ith.. pof d g g a lighr sentence anbonfiment a medm-ecurity y isis. take a look at this! a lcer iuado ewokananash h gh into the air in sevevev fireyey explososnsns scientists say the ash above the volcano ached higher thah 13-
5:54 am
t now w area is alalal as e eertsayy ll cocoinueor r r rext few . e o o letung ooaha. wh"roat t irirn thehcal gege timeow weaeaer andndrarara onhu 5 5 5 meteoeologogogststhebowers is he nowith first alert 5. yesterday's clouds he cleaeed,d, and the weather will improve today and maor mor favorablnditioio f fhtin the e e thed sterday.y. the rgt tbububngngow is p county c c c tg g avdale. windnfs l)ghghand variableleieieieie no it witl l ift a bithisisornqngng ow frfm m m sosohehet. that may blow some smoke from thax fire back towarpueb and pueblo west. the wind will ow at 10-1mpmp this afternoonh some 20-20222 mph uu wl be bueueueueue s i iwillllll asml l ( the upslopen t
5:55 am
that will l d fififightmrs. yesterday's s nduse in the 50 to 60 mph range some of us saw gusus talst 70 m m. . mpererures a m mtly inithe 30s this m mnininoitupupr 20s in aewewolspsps. wewewlwarm bthshin 5 coradng and tohe 5 arod lo bm.m.m.m.m. n, tperararermnto e wemimile 50s coridodopringm butloseto@ 60 arounpulo. most areas will manage 60shis afteteoon with 5 3n the hi
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.... aftetecolorado's caucus is ... . local voters are unhappy with the way we pick our presidentiall nominees.. no pitcal papaies cag fofochange. temperaturer arenly in t t 30s this mororng. the fire danger will ealoith the windnd, & thghhe winmay beco a b y th afternooo. .. it will not anything like yesterday'y'wi. hihis will be inhe0s i willave taon t tay forecast and look aheathugh this weekend coming up i weather & traffic on t 5's. good dorng, thanks for joining us on this thursday march 3rd. i'shelne cockrel and i'm ira cronin.


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