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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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.... aftetecolorado's caucus is ... . local voters are unhappy with the way we pick our presidentiall nominees.. no pitcal papaies cag fofochange. temperaturer arenly in t t 30s this mororng. the fire danger will ealoith the windnd, & thghhe winmay beco a b y th afternooo. .. it will not anything like yesterday'y'wi. hihis will be inhe0s i willave taon t tay forecast and look aheathugh this weekend coming up i weather & traffic on t 5's. good dorng, thanks for joining us on this thursday march 3rd. i'shelne cockrel and i'm ira cronin.
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been multiple grass fires in the last 24 hours -- keeping firefighters across southern coloray. at ilus onthrout nendalst east of pueblo--here crews still are this morning. ws 5's joanna wise joins us live with more.. on what those crs are doing. joanna... good morning... as of last nig, the hundred-acre brush fire was 65-pernt contained, and firefighters are expecting to have itompletely out by today. but, this morng, they're still keing a close eye on it-- just in case the wind sfts and it becomes a threat to nearby homes. vestigats blame the wind for knocking down a power line around1 a-m yesterday and starting the fire. the weather made for a tough time tamthe flam -- it took cnty crewuntiwell in the afternoon to get a handle onon rimeter. they did mage e keep the fire mostly contained to the huerfano river bed, but the thicket of ees there slowed thedown
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nsiderererhimselelluckckatat the e magegeasn'n'worse. had d is f f fbebe a ae to jp the roro, , at county road that t t t gogo et ofofof t tn it w wld ve b bn 5050ilesest t ululhahahaha gogo. d d isisasn'the e@urar erda molato lelemelt rirtp tw%re able t/ p out@ quickly. ino k e stonditis avoal and we'll bring you any updates onirirnd onle oaa dot come. rerting ven n rado spoaa wine. . g to s capit ae ok idenv.... lawmakers say ey wto me itiefor lio enti pe offn co..byan the'sna dnday. a sena cmitt aved a
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rtn misdea. cut laonly reqresamp\ \ \ ony cas an misdemeanors inlvseal c cta. ult viims.. s. d prosecutors teifd at manyonoferart t wimeor..&and th-n fross im sveivand ldfe investi in t ts morning's ection h... y repuansintia idates will l on yet hebat. candate sh dr. becacaonhel noat tight news ba itsigning he may soon end his mpaign... ter f s tay aloughhanot plitly e'aving thrace... caon s ss ee"no te on. shertheclarthgsorrow...& dung speecat connc arylan lookininead r . fo gredeial ne mitt romy has lled newnferceortoday... hwipe e te othe 2016
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urcey s o t tigjust urbere the gop debeb but exext s of his sech unknn. crs d reics t e ucof ain bueyo e thihat colorara should d ack toidenti prima rr th only hav. ros oue cr prs esnimat ap ticios , thcoumthndemtsua prtely a4-rcrcrcrc tut. cauc held ly onc 7:00 on a tsday night -- meanang if youowan't make it, you can't participate. with a primary, ballots are mailed o three weeksefore the election and can be mailed ck or drd f. ads h papas y thth woullm creapartats e had gnicant number of voters who were any y
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their vote for predede."i would say it's not ideal. mean w to extbuth the sign of it is a t araic. stststa araruld require approv by the state legislature. both parties s they'y' essing lawmakers to o ke it happen f f the 2020 presidential elon seas her trfic on 5s. chief inmeteologist hen bowers is hehe now with first alert 5. yeerday's cloudsave e eared, and the weatwill improve todaand make for more farablconditions fightini the fifis that spara reurning ns in po loo avondale. wind is light and variable rig now. it will ift a bit isorniand ow futhe thth may blow some eke from that fire back toward pueblo and pupulo west. the wind will blow at 10-15 mph this afterh some 20- mps. itill t be the big issss i
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besmall sue. the upslope componenenof the wind will incrse the humididy. at wl firefighghrs. yeststy's wind gts were in the 50 to ph. oaw sts to a aost 70 mph mpurreosy in th morni wh r 20 in a fewolololspot we will warm beneath sunshine toward 50 in corado s ringng and inin the lower 5 around pueblo by am. noon,peturerm into e lower and ddle 50s auncorado sin bloseto 60 aund pueblo most areas wl manage 60s0shi aftetgoon with 50s in the e spots, though some of us m
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,,,,,, ths noet igok.. yesterday was national read ssssmerican day.. and yesterdadawent monument acadto read to the childldn. thisiis so k camamam atth gr m recorded sam is in their hools broadcast urnanasm c c right now.. readcrama a celebrated eryryear arch 2nd.. on the birthday of late write
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,, ming u u.. ttina spoight on men's wellness. a local hospital is s s ing men in southern colorado tke charge of eir health... plus... a health warning foret owners in pueblo... ts are seeinmore cases of f rticul iti.. 'lllllou whaha d d w vot e
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@ in today's your healthy lyw'potlightinnsealt thern corado. morial hosl is hosting a marc"manesnt n esy to o phasize the importance of f sesee prevention d rly y teiofor doctors say sosomes n en't the best at going to the doctor regul -but needs totoe done.... m "man-ss" isis f to hig the importance of maintainina heheththlifestylyl --- everything from when to get yo cholesterol or prprtatete ecke-- twh to get conoscopy. 5 the e loof prlemsut -- st simpleod pssure and do you have diabetes? those things that
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controllable level dr tubeayinttttthin nown gi drs a heaes up on how your health will in ture and can even cut down on future cts. there e e still spots available & if you'd le sign up -%% wewee all tion threreevenon website koaa d d com our own sports directotogran meech will be the emcee. in this morning's health watch... a rninfopet owowrsn puebeb.. aba ngwo o obrea pueblo animal services says they're experienng an influx of infected cats coming through. according totoealth officiala 's n really a worm... instead,
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ts. usuauawith crusting and scalin-/ comomnly found around t face,ars paws. it's a ao something that can spread e eily to h hor other anals.... oo be our me ve y yr cat a iccer, y see any place otheir ce, their ears, their nose, , underside of theirirelly, sometimes theiil will have itnd you're looking for areas hr lokinda ustyma or n n bitchy vets also recommend for pet owne to be dilligent about cleaning dust, dandedeanfur r fromour r memeo prevent t ngwowo fgettttg in. tata ather live lookour nation's capitol. . bo0 mis. the united states departmentf labois expected to release the last numbers. last week 272 sandmens applfounun nefi thousand peoe from the previous wk's mbers. watch.
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the vraz steel milil in lo. . l fect dozenof le. . we've learkers are reported l l lg their jobs.... asas tel u u they are indefinitely shutting down the seamless p pe unit -- at the . thth st's causof a s in imported steel and a slowdown inas and oil drilling. wer... "eaz" saheompanyconsereoning the le -- if -- ananwh -- market cocoitions improve soaf this housing rketthpipis region has be enormrmy successful. colorado springs has seen a 61- rcent increase in building s... comped to the first two monr of 15. last monthne, there were nuiuiininrmrms su.... e "most inonth" since 2006. low interest rates and the improving economy are part of f it.... but realtors say the biggest ff is the high@cosof t d%d%detet drdring peop dowowhere. local families say they're able
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a mumu better view for a lot le m mey. as for estin mes....r.r.rors s y soso areseing 16 2020hoanlls more than the list prpce weather and trtrfic on the 5s.s chf mornininmeteorolol epn wers ihe nowit firsrsrsert yesterday's clouds he cleared, and the weather will improve today anmake forore favorarae conditions fighting the res at sparked yester the rgesesfirereurning now i` in pueblo countytylose to avavdale. winds lighghd variableight non. will sht a bit this morningng bl fm the e ut thatay bw somokero atirirckareb andpueblot. the wind will blow at -15 mp this afternoon with some 20-20 mph gusts. it will not be t t big issuet waw! but illti
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thslcomponenof will incncaseididy. that wilild d refighters. yesterdadas wind g gts were in the 50 to 60 mph rge somef us saw gusts to mo teat a mosy he 3030thisorningituppe20s c/eger r s. we eill warm benth sunshine toward 50 in coloradsprings and intohe lower 5 5 around ebloy 10 am.m. by noon, temperatures rm into thwed dd 5 auncorado sprin but cser to 60 around pueblo ststre wma 6 ternn with0s in thhihi spots, thougugsomemef us may only blyarm into tht 60s
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as we've been tracking... sporng`g`gds retailer "sport authority" hasffically f fed r nkru. and now... onbieuofhere in colorado have... is whether the company's name --
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stadium next season. despite beg a bibiion dolls @lenver rvsiness jourl tny antis s ving access s nearly 60000illi i bankrurucy financing. they could potettially use thaha to make a millioimdollll naming right payayntn august. experts say if sports authority wanttoccesul, , have to use agagessive main ".". yoha to o eaour & marking when somethingngike this happuns. especially if f u're trying to gut umererto change r minds. it looks bad--chapr looks babut t would look a lot worse to see that name come off thatdium." or autri paygrp called t "memeopolitan football s sdium distric, whicicowns the sdium and splits the tseewi the broncos. a okperson ss the bankruptcycyiling has no impact on their relationship with the company. co up...
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mexin ug ll ap... y th want hitritioto thu-s pupuon the fast k.. plus... we'll show you washington s clevev way of getting g revenge on criminals in his neigororod heres methg u n do. one e mer'speciastinkm - delive -- fopoh pites. ws fe hathat after
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,ake stck a island off the cst of doa.weirir bhery yeytery morning -- on news 5 today... this morning we have new details about that q qke anly -- noeathor despre dtion has b portedn afrm the u-s geological survey says the 7 vo8 que ruckck5 mimiep andut 50miles from sumatra, indonesia's largesesisland. large earahquakearrelatively commd ndndon. . it ipartrtf f e ring of fire... anis prone to fruent earthquakes and volcanic uption vestigigusia say ittoeatol l he bris foofe asas aa
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malaysia airles flight-370> yesterday... american man und what looks ke a pce oaine wrecge o the coast of st afri. . invevesagh eaeay... they are not ruling out that it came from the missininjet. flig 370 disaparedn rc 8t 20101 wg ala mpuro ijinwith 239 people on board. xicadrdr lor"el chap extradited to the u-s as soon as poible. hixipr ards wont t hihisl..accordrdg his atty. altilplanoriofcial mit t ards wake guzmzm every fofo hours for a head coun guzman's attorney so says he is wil to ead guilty to charars he facn part ofof deal to g lighter r ntence andonfinement
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vowed to fig extradition a& as possib..whh uld have t m thth ar. t gululul in e u-s as soon as t t months from now. a wawaington mananotltired of pop pirapig f parohis on heed everything... called police... installed meras... but e thievekeptoming back. ... he and his dogame up wh a way y getetevenge. rigged it so inside the ckage e s soupy messy dog poo" sure enough a thf was cacaht on aurilinii off th t b heon'tvaluababs in. ju le "present" om cory's dog... "iigged the age sosohe can on open it oneas way and en they do dog is gonna ywhe cory says he's putting together
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the porch ieves. if@zou have a similar prm...fian'txa r5commenthatou do o isisisstd sououoest is to police.. and report it. weatr r d affi ief rning meteororogt hen n werss w firs5. yesterday's clouds have cleared,ane weher wi improve todaand d or more facoitios` fighting the fires that spspspd
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ing in pueblo couy close`vondale. wind is lit and riable rht will shsht bibi morning and blow from the soheas thayaylow some skem that firback toward pueblo and pueben weses wind&wl blowowt -1mph this aftnoon witi some 20-202mpgusts. it will not the isst t erer b b ill s b a smalsue. thupsle compen t ti will increase humity at will d fifirsyeststy's windere inthth5050o 60 r. some of us saw gusts to almost 70 mph.
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in aew colder spots we will@warm beneath sunshin
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ght t w leles take aive look iil... a a a eekendndill mama for some spring-like skiing conditiois...
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hern coloro busy thth includes one at broke out arnde-- just et o&pulore c sll a th mornini. news 5's joannnnwise joins us verockon with more onhat thoscrewarardog.g. jona... good morng... as of st night, the hundred-acwas 65-percentontainedand firefighters are expecting to o have it letely obyoday. bus s rn ty're s sllg a close eye it-- just in case e wind shifts and it becomes a threat to nearby homes. invests blblthnd f knki dowa power line aroundnd1 a-m m sterday anan ti the firir the w@ather made eor a t tgh time taming the ames -- it@ took county ewuntil well in e afteootoetandle thpeper. ey dantoeep thfirestlyontainthe hufafa r d, bu@ thihiet trs s ere slowed them@down rancheheharry vold, whlives osest to the b bzezeis coididing himself lucky that the damage wasn't worse.
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road, thatount t goesast us, tn itld ha b50 mis s could have gone. d this wasn't the e ly grassfire on ouradar sterda crews in colorororspring bad ltipip gir th they weble to p out quickly. '4l continue to track thth latest conditis in avondale... and we'l'lbring you any y dates on airibndndnline at koaa t coco. portinlivecolora ris, joannwisenews 5. ksoa...6& t n/w one person iininhe spital aft aoll over crash colororsprings... it hapapned laightroun 9... ar powers slard and plat avenue... . th mll lesre o for trafc... t thehehas clos for over an hour r st ght while crews cleared the sce. the victimim condion is knknn at this time... the crash is& undeinigation. lolongngmirng.
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ane crcrh in northern el paso co. e single engine bi-plane went wn yesteay morning on n e southside of plamer lake end sparked a small grass firefifighters were le tep touquararr of a a acre. one w tnesessays they were driving whenhey w w plane nearing the grouou.... thenent disappeared a d they s ack smoke. the victims have n/n yeteteen identififi... . right now..... veigigorare still trng igurouwh usedhe pneo go down. new information this morning on the susuect t cucud of stabbing his girlfriend's rmer teachehein cotaxi. 37ead "sean overstet" has pleaded "not guiuiy by reon otytyto chargesesincludatmpmpd lling upor y... verstrtrtr is "a"ausededof helpg his girlfriend and alalged co- defet "cououney plplte" re the teaeaer from his ho. precs tho o be and beat theeaer who tualalwa overerreet's ataorney says his client suffered head trauma in a car crash that he clai
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impairement. this morning.. an air force academy c cet is hi aed alssinwoman last yeararn boulder. 21earmrmd "j"jk warmoltstswas s arrested athe academy yeyeerday. ulder police s y the assault ha last april l in the ununsityill nenehborhood. police have not released many detat y d-evivence colllltet%during the investstation, mates w wmolts.he has n been formally charard. e acadylylylooperatingngit boulder police. new toda radoinin p pice are okg for rson they sasasa attempted to rob a bank... thenaid asing and left! ipipippened yeyedadaafterfoo at the "banknkf cocorado" on edison enue. and demanded money... buaid d was a ae money. male... about six feet tall.. with dark hair... a mustache and beard. poloce are iestigating this s s anttemptpt robberyry. if y know anythingngbout this. .
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weher rpd traffic on the 5s. ief morninghmeteorologt stephen n wers is here now with fit alert 5. yesterererclouds have clclred, and the weather will improvovtoday and mama for mor favorable conditio fightg the firereat sparked yesterday. the largesfire burningngow is ininueblcounty close to avondale. wind is lighthand variable right now. wl ift bit this morororor and blow from m m k utheas at m m blow some smoke froro that fire back towowowpueblo and pulo west. the wind will blow at 10-15 mph thisisfton wititsome 220 mph gusts. it will not be the big issue it yeststday, butt will still be allss the upslopopcompfnt of the l ininease the humity. that will aid firefighters. yests ndtststse inthe to 60 mphphange. of us saw gusususo alst 70 mph. temperatures are mostly in the 30s this morni with upper 20s inin few coldededeots. we will rmea sunshinin toward co o rings and into t t ler 50s around d eblo by 1010m. by noon,n,n,petures warm into o e e r r d mimimi 50s arounun lorado sprin but closer to
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w e r thees ski po with wsive orolis rleeeeof overl a prty d d week in the unins t adin the ekd thou chae slhtlyvethough t fas t an abuance of neow llts s gbe eat ekento h the sles the las7 yskeystone a copper unins on had ainch of ow wlelendnd brkenr had 2heof frh poer.loo a a a vela a keyghll n 30ndid th slhthancr raci sw in evening winds to 40 mph... sard mostlsunnskwi hia few greewaer%b win stl stup30 mph.. on sunununmostly sith th anceor aaiow in theving..similar coitit at bothreenridgdg d cocoerountains wh highs s in t0's d 40's ofr anorheevening thenurst su
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and fegrs waer th sunday and sorthfirst othe th ignochan t... remb you can alwayaygegethe ski cdinsn website oacom m ckyou u wean rd u to sy sautn ththop. aftwo ate coy ekthe teapapueay brkinrnrge. susmit county coroner says 26 arld dieofoferco athkithit a .. asot wngel d la thursday... a yold man struck woodenost whe skiing at beaver creek resort... that skier w wearing lm... t di at hospal. stl ahd.. american austronaut scott kelly is bk on earar... and under the microscope.
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enews r.... e whhomacoer relatereourtrt stice ntininlili wita federal appepes court judue. a source close to the ocess says "jane kelly" could nominated. kelly graduated with psident oba fromvaaw ol in 1. shtly on e u-urofppean ceda pids, wa
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president obama hahavowed to nomimite scalia's acemen bebere he leaves oice. anwhwhe... the remaing 8 suemecourt stices are weig i i i a case ouof p that cldhapepeheheheure tiigigs alacro t u-yeststday the court heard arguments s out the law... which requiresesbortion doors s to have admitting privivivest a hospital within 30 miles.... ananal requires the prpredure be dononin an ambulato suicenr.the justesreueioning t imawould havonon or wen's as to c cnics. a ruling on thth i't expected & unl june.@ today... prosecutururho to learn more ououwhat led up to the deadly shog in mamimiant t opleea the cu "jasolt.. he a abse conference thimorning... it w wl be a discussion between toeys to detmine whether a preliminary exf evidence will be ld next week. as we've been reporting...& "dalton" is charged wi six
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wewee jawinin sueillce vidut of georgia, wheheheheonveence stororclerk s determined to o not bebehe victim of an armed robber. the e n goes to the counter to make a purchase, and when she opens the regier, he pulls gun. they exchange some wordsthe clereraps s e gun in hisistheytruge d shim with t cash register drawer. runs awaw and she g gbs a mmer, ready fof, poli ati loooong for the sp ather c t t chmornteologstsphen borshehe now with t 5. yesterday's clou have cleared,d,
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improve today and make for more favoble e nditioighting the fires at srked yesterday. the largest burning n n is inueblco cse to ondalele wind is lalat d riable righthtnow. it will sha a t this mororngg and blbl frorothe southeast. that may blow me smome from thatire ba toward puuuuu a eblo west. the wind will blowt 1010mph isisiser wso 220 h s.l t heheig i s yesterery, but it will sll a all issu the upslope component of the windndill increase the humidity.y. thth will l d firefighrs. yestery's wind gusts were in the 50 to 60 mph ran meus susts tal m. tempes aretly t th mningith r s in a cder we wl beath sunine toward 50 in colorado spspngs d into t lower 50s around eblo by 10 am. noon, temperatures warmnto the lower d middle around colora sprin but closer r 60 a aund pueblo.
6:47 am
afteth 50s in the high spothoh so of us may only briefly warm into the 60s
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to.. alumts begin ith n-f-s appeal in th deflate gate scandal surroding new w glanpapaiotstsuarterback om brady". the n-l is appli a ruling at ortneneeispon of b bdy r rin "defte ge" brady wowothe appe when a jue ruthcted oply- susg ady... and he never sat out those 4 s toegin last season e l ststds by the ings t'investign of deflate ... anananookiking for that 4 gamespsionbe upheld... next season.n. astro s isk onar.reah erllintiis alth... ancoloradotate uniitisis playing a role in thth! researchers--iludidi a t tm from ft collins will be tustininkelly and s twin
6:49 am
samps, to see if time in space has affected scott kelly'agg.studwillel prerefu msi ose astronts will be spding aexteed timriodod in sce we wilbe right bk with t t five tu need tknow bere g antter has eview. s t ay
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, rere t t f fe thin to know ouo. rinoe rs is he
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ititappeped last night a aund .. near powererboulevard d d platte avenue... this morning all lanes arepen fotraffi... bubue eaas csed d hour r hirews d thscen the e ctim'sdion i unknown at this time... the as und ininstation. t no.. inveigats are il igouatausea plane crorthern el paso county wednesd. two unidentified occupants were killed when the single engnge plple went down onhe uthside of plamer lake. colodogs police are loing fosuect lk i d demandey bubu sas ae anfthout lingngngin hapapneerery y@y@n @ t "bank of cololo" on ededon anue. he idescrias a white male... about six feet tall.. with dk hair... a stache and beard. police are investigating ts as an attempted robry.. if youounow anything about is... u'resk to ll police. nit publ presideia ca wil ceff in n t ananr r deba...
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aftea poor finish in theuper tutsday y imaries. althoughe has not explicitly said he's leaving the race... carson says he sees "no path forward" to the nonation th tomorw... duri a speech at cononrence in marylyld. former gopopsideneiaminee nes ed ncoencncfor toda we do kn he will sbothe e tatef th16 esentiac sources y mneys exex tslsl tru tight, just urs before the gop debatat but exact tails of his speech are knn. weather anantraffic the 5s.chief morning meteororogist stephen wers is here now with first aler yesterday's clclds have cleared, and e weathehewill provtoday d makeorore favovoble conditions fighting the fires that spd yesterday. the largest fire burning n is in pueblo county close to
6:55 am
wind iligha*d vavaable r rhtnono ititill shifa bit t isorni anblow fm the so. maylome smoke from m thatatire back towd pulo and pueblo west. the wind will blow at 10-15 mph isisfternoon with some 20-2mph gusts. it will not the big issue it wayesterdad, but it will still small issue. the upslsle component of the wind will inease thhumity. that will aid firefighters. sterday's nd gusts were in the 50 to 60 mph range.e some of us sawbwusts to almost 70 mph. mpmpatures are mostly inhe 30s this morniith h per 20s in aew coloer spots. we wl wa b%nth sunshe to 5 corado spngs d totohe l 5 around eblo by 10 am. nn,peratas rmo
6:56 am
imagine finding 9 foot algatoto.. lurking atathe bottom of your back yd d ol.... that's e ectly whah happpped to a mily in floriday... the homeowner says it was actually a close call... because heidn't immediately
6:57 am
ttomf his ..unl he s bubes comup to t t turce 'shen he nicic t 3000000 gato.. anlled wiffirs -stead umping in r hi swim... stst connectcd with o-a-a dot coall day.
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trc c d traf good good mning. ony, a fra st o whamitt romy is planng to say abououdonald trumumtoday as republilin leleers openly consider r nding third y cacaidto take on trump. wier bebe nigh donana tru wili i us live totoespond. welcome ho. sct t lly@arved from tex ovnighand reunit with his fami. >> it t a great feeling to o back here on planet earth. >>hat >> what is na's ne big mission. smash-and-gr. dramatat video from a gun shop


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