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tv   Today  NBC  March 3, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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trc c d traf good good mning. ony, a fra st o whamitt romy is planng to say abououdonald trumumtoday as republilin leleers openly consider r nding third y cacaidto take on trump. wier bebe nigh donana tru wili i us live totoespond. welcome ho. sct t lly@arved from tex ovnighand reunit with his fami. >> it t a great feeling to o back here on planet earth. >>hat >> what is na's ne big mission. smash-and-gr. dramatat video from a gun shop
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thjes orin and sal reha wns sevevel arstevt. fouss th s. > sure?at preure? 11-ar-old boy tes lf crse gned by tiger wos in the most rft way and even and en tiger i awe. >>from om nbc news th is wi matt lauer d sannut liv studio 1a in rkeer pzazaza >> good morning erybody d welcome to " "y. >>otng o o p pics. if a aer f ruer on thgop side are geg a lo attention today and a lot is negative. >> ourop storys abououmitt
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asasult on dald trump. the 12 the 2012 republican n prprididtial nominee planning unload d e current frontrunner. we will talk aut thawith donald trump live in a moment.t. les start with peterlexander in salt lake this morninin >>ter:r:e justot on eers frhahaspch ais a a and istengttacon dal ump lly cln. is clear thatitt mney dndndndn tnk 1er itr waenou to say is. wilca tru ahonynd a auand wihreaama's fu. harsh wo harsh wofror romney, slamming donald trumu u itinin is what know. dona tmp is a phony, a aud. his promises are as worthless as
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d l we ga y the rmrm gr 2012 caidldba h domtipolicies d adreio he h neierpement nodvme t prese a his persal qualities wou meanhat america would cease to bebe shiningity on the trump tweeting jt other despere ve by the man who should shou have easily beatetebara obama, miselling the prprprent's name. will l eser and protect awoman's right to choose. >> repor >epor`:ignaling ury hep ump move. several torepuicans soliciting c c dons, ghli tmp'somnton cece i don'tnow anytng abo what are tng aboututit white premy. >> and his past business ilur.
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remains divivid. everybody get together to keep the frontrunner from winning and destroyinghe republican p pty. >> if yoyoare at home an pportiti ather republican candnde e would tell you w would welcome you u th open arms. >> rep>> reporter: theexshowwn pitting trump p ainst his rivals and modedetor megyn kelly, t rst face-to-fafati in n months >> iave enic you eveve thoughbay cot . te romy wi announce his own candidacy nor that he is endorsi any thth"time" magazine cover has nald trumpn ththfront cover, bully, swmanparty cras e fiftone u uhecked
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ed ste as for @s f tonhtebe ben cacaonilnot bebe rticipating, hast suspende ththcaaign but s said theoesn't s pa pathorwawaa. r,nkyo mkalal cocoostf ith aldue sp" goorng tyo >> goo >> wowt tty is sayodoh thhis eechs be th ftoeaofs s frred me top donald? >> theext two weeks are e ital n jusr gafoe counin choosino thpuican nomin witi bp. miomishog is moment to say i to say i think this is the wrong choice. he is the distcte voice but part of a vement and effort to
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other candidates, john kasich, marco rubio, ted cruz will have to sp up at t is date to be rt of this effort. >> there a different strands to thistop trump efforinin on who atyou owbo efftsts aise mon tat, to moy arlyn n ororon? some republicales openly lkg about nninina thd d party y@ party candidate whqcthey acknowowdge would d l but assure a hihiary clclton win. >>he efeort is not to thk k abt the thirirrty win. thlogiics e difficul ththefforts s e to raisi money. me rhest m mbers of republicanstablishmentre thinking about it. the focu the fofos is to slow him down. th know nald trump is far and theest position tbe the republican nomomee. wh t ty are yi to do is wienough delates for thehehe othethcandidates to keep
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majoroty. if he hhe most delegat b not thehe mamaty, thehetop him at entibubuth're thye effortm ttned heoday and next two weeks an youh dedegagasa stoum >> it seems to make no sense for thother e ides tbe attacking ea oeright th g to er nald tmp. whh do trump rlies e guy whwhkes iult op or e guy o was he stage ether t? >> tht guy ostage r ght was being a g fire trying to reach the country. ifify ififhego after hard afr donald tmp w wch i sususctct they will, how ds respond? based on tweets against mitt romney you he will drop the big reaching out figure and go to the tough fighter ich his supporters do like. >> t
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tryinto ototoum t ristohesensnsere e ump vors ththng t party leade and a bubuh ricys are trying to stop? i muste on theheight track. >> t establishment will not stop trump. it has to be t t voterer this has this has to be about the appeal t to voters who sasathis shouldn't be who we nominate in the e in the endis not done here in washingtoto d.c. its g ing to have tobased on advertising and perasion can you appeal to voters to say go with one of the other three ys. dot tldonald t. . . trp p in a ding ti fororhe natn.n.>> tha yo ch. we ntiowe wiltao namdive int a a nu. > t we want to talk abt democrars. llararcln ng a a a
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tewelker has tt. clinton prepari fororhis weekend's democrat debate and d comes athe e ipdrip, dript` er e-mails@son't let up. hillarclclton celebrating her strong sup tuesday. >> yesterday was super tueay tonight is super wednesday. >eporor >> repepter:r:ith a star studded fundraiser. katy perry, n john a a more.ot a new spspght on h use of a private e-ma server. the justice department is gran i ranting i will immunity to brian brian paglian whoelpe setp the e-mail everyrydier.
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quess. cltookn t aiead pano ering. >> i hav >> haven't started on hillary yet. >> reporter:r:olitical oppppent ld trump is ready wing to play thehe-mail cacacifify fafafaff in november. >> i guarantnt you one thing we will be taing outhose e-mamas every nt of evevy y. >> repor >> reporter:linton h been taking aim atrp painting heelasnyfierer the "washihiton st" rtg fbcoulinrviehe clton stafafbo h h e-ils.thmp ss ey wld welce ththn hos o@ng e maerre. the rtrtntntf jue did noreturn oeqstorcoen >>rir,hank you isn towee r ont y isache u afarare internatiospacstio
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frfrnds. y yse just happ be h he back here eth. >>n n wi h he february i i n'n'kn what daasasas brua n n i 5 . t eere >> one >>ne iertingnge,elly t inches s ng h h time onhe internationalpace stioiobecathe spini elongau in space. the grow spurt is expectedo be temporary. joined now on e phone by the republican frorunner, donald trumpmp >> m t mr.rump, we j jt got excerpts from mitt romney's speechoday. he c cls you amongther things a phony, araud and playing americans forosuckers. youruresponse? >> he begged me four years ago for my endorsement.
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failededandidate. i backck i i cked him he failed. he was a horrible candide. heisappear in thlast month before the elect inll fairjess obama is doing all of the shows and jay leno. this guy ththth dappeared and g killed, decimad inhe election. . i will sayayhihi if youook at what is hpening and you sei won a lot of difffrenstates, maybe more impopoantly, millions and millionsf people are joining the repupuican party. . onon d on the democrctic c they are do0%. threpublicananare higr than t ty ver beenau pepele are ene batsayingththamican worker@rs mg ss mononon than 12rslo all of r tr bs. >>ant to go mi mnor secd.`.
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u? >>itt r mns a s4s4f. mitt romney wi notet elted.d. mitt romnefaed twice and really failed last time. he w w wng against a psident that shoulve been beatat. pthe president was nodoing ll d shou d shshld have been beaten. that shouldlhaveveeen an easy election. nobody camout to vote for mitt romney. i'talking g out republicans. it is well documented. i'm not i'm not just saying this. they didt come o`t to vote for mitt rney. >> you may have just answered d with that answer. . tonight at debebe it seemsms highly l l high likely thathe thr other ndidates left onon public side are goininto g after yoyo they a a goioi to save their fire forou. how w ll y resnd donight? will y y be the guy o justst lled mititromney a stiff or wiwi y be the guy who tried to appe much more presidentiaia who is t who is the rl dona trump?
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i have these guys like ts doesn'show up toote for the people of florida. i can't imagine yone from florida wanting to vote for this guy. if you take e look at what i presiden because i will have lelettackingnge from every side. becarsons nonothere any longer so now more time for the ghti. i can't stand there anact >hy can't you s i'm aboveve th? >> becau >> bececse when n ople are angles, to hit bk. presidential demeanor when i win,ut until such time you when you hitack you are no nger presidedeial, unfortunately. > oanothetopic, aototf republic publblan leaders have saidhe
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abououdavid duke and the kkk. h` you have sin ded dav ke. . n sin this. ( i sad m many over e yes. eo>> pwerepr at that >>s lkininou erenou and couout mwhe pse. 8zse, sa i't kn ws d duke i ththe times. w >> whame iev met vikeke kn who davidukuk. t t>> ts not at y y yaid. 'll telui met. don't k ow, i ow. ner met dadu i dodot know h froe andpoi iev met him. . wouldn havanytyt tdo th okkk. erybknowowthat
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t t ter th teted thahai disavoanendorsemt daduke. >> hat t t juju mqution ve thato s inhe thathis i soinyou . le say itgaor 20the. divow w d du and tanybododel whwrerehes ha. aru g it het ow savodavid andndhekkk. ha haven ing is f ti this queson h bn ked. ight excepfor one whis y er wondering it. 'tw. >> ihie >>wa s inabououou. in all frnesto gupere ma grorot t diwed.d. k it iun ta grp ififisheasa3abouasembethe wowo gros. >>thre white suemacisouyou t t nt
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> d want their . i ththk k saidseseratimeyb and mae beerheourth me d nihttiti. i disavowed righom t g. >> dalum tha youor inth we appciate yocaing in. ne >>new developmn storrorooun weesda couow ba piree from malsia aies found tst frica. tom stst tom m st brokehetory. >> next week is the two-ye anniveary of the disarance.e. this w w wou be only tecec pie debris wawaedshore ate.
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somethlhg d abt the most rece pipphra theiecebr tt anmen is ide found f thast. ne side ste t lookokly. % ere e isiso o oanri lihich rses qu, ngas iheer? ornht ausal's sponininr nfd y. >> found i >ound in the water. it is of interest to u ubut can't confirm that it is a piece of plane or anything to do with it. . >> the conrmed pce of debris ps covered in barnacles f fnd not so far away on rni isnd. blne all gibson the american toust who me the most recent t scerer >> this is dinitfrfr an n airplane thould possibly be froro malaysia 370. we don't know yeye >> gso >>ibson is a self-descd pwealthventure treler.
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meetinthilan exchangi theories.s. bsonayhe furedhere w w a chance some deis could he driftet%but insists he d n goooking for it. i taed to o o on skype. >> i didn'n'think i would be fqing a ece of a aplane that day. i don't i don't knowhat airplane i . there havevjeen r planes atave crasd in the indian c and it could bone ofhose. >> reporter: sources close to the investigation sasabased on photographph evidencthere is high pbability it is part ofl - thskin of a bong 7 7 and the ononimsing 777 in the worlrlis malaysia airlines ight 370 thehaust the avstralian transport minister said the cati of ththbrbr mates the drift model for where dedeis should
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won't tell inor ththstf the ane . thsear the archemai focussed on austlia whicicis,700 miles to the e@st ofhere tyefoundl thth piecef debrisis >ou. we turto al and checking on winte oninter'last g gp. >> that ishe way we should go. `>> let's show you why we are inking t weave the systememheier shows and thunrstsrms to the southeast. snow breaking out t om chicagogo into lexington. we right n have wintnt weather advisoriri, winter storm warningstretching ab0 mles and illion peoplat ri for this. we watch this low prre st briing tshinonc.atth eveni heavyndmdms ar ata. wmomoo e eving ur lfor sn sprding furt by torrow s s sh hour from washihiton, d.c. to new
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weweee snofor the eaern en of masaschusetts. snowowll snowfall amomnts t to o o ines from south hill t t prichmond. washington, d.c. one tree. new york city abt inch.
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locafocast coming up in the nextxtsecos. `wewere going >>thatat 's y ylatesteather. just aad cgham a othieies nk aun shop dght t f f e hi anabsteal dodons o oweapons. the franc c arthose suspececec erinndndivrial puttg hotetetecurity in spotlight. uld clerk put somee in a room next to yoursecause
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pe yr havi hopeouvini good ursd ln... cop bototm on tpe ..i'm m criniteck yourines... ir forcececademy cad is hindar acced of xually asulting a womananast year boulder. 21-year-old d ack k tswas restacady stery. uldepolice t haed d dapri t iverty hl od. liave e t releleed m details bubusay d-n-a evidence collected dung the inveveation,n,atches warmolts. he has n n been formally charged. thademy is coopepetingngith boulder poce. two pele are dead after a plane crash in nern el paso county.
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down yterday morning on the southside of plamer lake and sparkekea small grass fire. fireghere able to keep itito about a quarr of an acre e wis says they w%r% whwh they y y the p ane neing the ou.... then isappeared ananthey s blacacsm victims have not y b bn enfied f moing teororogis-- stephehebowe joins us now with a look at our caforecast... ephe wind is lilit and vavaable rht now. ititill ift t bit this morning d ow from the southeast. that may blow some smoke from that fire back toward pueblo and pulo west. the e nd will blow ata10-1-1mph isfteron wh 0- mpmpgu will l l the bssue it wayeststdautwilltill be smalise. the sle onenof the windndill increase the humidity. that wilaid firefighrs. weill warm beneath mostly sunny skies toward 50 in colorado springs anto the lower 50s arouou pueblo by 10 am. by noon,h,emperatures warm i i i the lower and middle 5 5 around coloradoprin butlor to 60und pueb.
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afrnoowi 50s ithgh spots, th sof m on beflyarto the 60s
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[ chrs [ cheersndppuse ] >> 7:30 on a thursda mo uray, ursday, ma3,2016 we wililoseeo ustltle. >> let's g ack o@ headad mimi romy w wl share his thoughts o a presidentia race in morpeectoday. in excerpt o rynso l tmpmp ony, a fraud and sa he playing the america public f suckers. we talald to tru and got his reacti. >> heegged me fou ea ao for endorsemend h is a faed ndidat frankly, iacked him, h
7:31 am
was a hribl caat he -disappea in the lastbefoheti. the replinse ffa d dntroioi ben caca w wltayinin dsn't see a path fward for h hamamign. >> hillarylinton hosts the stutued fundrseror her campmpgn at radio music hall as bernisanderse w busy cignin maine aad $ of the democratic caucuse ere. ar-wl b htingpg thir at thth n gf cournasco-designedy ger woods. dozensfple watchg includiger - [ chrs [ [ eers a appppuse ] aces it f1yards, aol in onon the crowd goewildld.
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e mor champion giving the kid aelerd hug a onhe ba ig todegnininrols.s.thatsssy. >>s yr tak. thisorng bra h-h-d-d-ab a a a g s sre in housto caught o o camera. >> this is som crazy video you will e. it i now a feder case wit th beau o alcohol, tobacac and fire arms joining houston police to solve the crime. e banditsp are eteoe multleargege f spokeanconfirms thorit h me multiple -arrestst aecoveredost t th weapons. the crime looks like a sne from a hollywoodmovie,e, bd, bralffie andighthtng fast.
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on g achain,mashes t glass drs a apst around the metal secitygate as theriuns the engini anmo billlws fth t eepipiupch forwd. andhen the robbers w sweahi whoodsust r once inse the leap ovov-t-cers, smashing t gland ransa the place scooping up more t 50 weapons, both rifles andd gunsefore making their espe dropping weapopo ashey ru >> a pfeional eratn. thee ee tk lesshan eminu >> t tught weapons on the et. .&>> friging. >>et'set a check of the weweheragain. >> we have a bigig sto sysxem coming into theest coast and we are going to see e enino efefct ithern california.. big upperevel low in the
7:34 am
ingi aotfmoisture th willl pick up ohe wed. talan seavyai an ofnorommen thesierra. rainfall ounts we are talking soso areasp down to los aeles one t t tnchehe b youet u u in nther andal rnia sev ihes pl s eew f t drought.t. we are looki atnow pack the sierr and snowfalf two
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this is the 2016 che mu. and ells for? it srts t tnty-two five at? wow. h l l tol'same chchge look, i know you're a cow and all.d u m y knha i'lkinabbut, uh. turt made fm ilk,s delicious. mmmm, yoplai we we are back at7:39. a strange new twist llsuit bughty e en dr
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hold wnefter aitne ed of watching the secretly recorded video of en andrs nudede aknowleed h has a rentuesd wit ndsho starteddatching the video. he said hesk them a quicy e hape anesngpetortheatl martlongith e cvict stalker w w took that video on weday,heto edhat the hotel mr exceeded itsutyy of careuring her stay. >> that's a new dedelopment. that t tal i i leading peoplpl to ask,k, howulnerae are you i i a hotete "today" natiolnvgave rrpondt ros@n deded toindout.t" , good mning. ysys mor you. you lolothe a arews casend thisissb s sry thght, isn't it, t someone could track y down i a hotel get into the roro nexdoor, take advtage of you? , this cas gots thinkingng how are y in tels? are th really proinour
7:41 am
to testel ty, ande un hoteliving out personal information, even exact room numbers, n nestionasked. erin andrews trialhing adadnethisweekek her stalker hatchingn eloratplotoet io the to. ra test how spleit t g gheoom nene do weener cover at topotel chns. - my producer, caerininnd bookg para rertiont ch hotel, usingiffent credit carnd checking in at fferent ti]is. ust checking , . reportrr: catatrine checks in rst. >> hi, how areyou?u? >> reporr: the g teall iave i herme.ll ut mr let's starat thimarrrrtt. catherine checkss in. ( >> caerin you'reoing to be on the sth floor,ll the way to your right. >> rorter: she heads upstai. later, i show up remember, weweave noonction to each othehein the stem.
7:42 am
>>oteo g out pwhere heroomumroulde wiout her rmission, so i not able to just give you the room next too@ r. reporter: goonews, he w't put t anywhere near her. t things are a aut to take a turm at thishilton cain ches . >>n ro wit king-sized bed on the 19th floor. >>erfect. #p>> rorter: when n arrive later, listeo whathe c tetes me. my friendn krathcatherine na nathansosois stayi hehe% ca i in toom not her? >> got you. on the 19th floor. >>ext to catherine, ri >> mm. >> reporte thiis my r rm, 1929. cae e kar if w aeded, i w bfefe awafr the woman w ptargetg.i woowhe's i i inetese s ov re.luck this is jus an experiment. that's my producer, caejine. and she told me they we puing hehe across thehall. hey. >heo, there. >>eporter: they put me rhthtt here in 1922, acrosshe hall. >> wow. no ocalled. no one alerted me you were coni up. woe n iat you re rightext dr to .
7:43 am
mo surprpring. first,t,his radisson. >> onnhe n nth fl >> eat. >> to ur leftsi >> thanks s ch. >>8 you're welclcen >> reporter: oy, cheriri i in, heaea to herro later,r, check myriend, cat thanson is staying in t can i b right next t her? >> i was trying too do that b somebody's innhat room. >>so, wherere wil i >> 941.3131 crle t thohere iso ototoltl.l. 927. if iere sem st ke im a arsrsp a re she is. and turn ou is not an tch what hpens at this crowne plaza. >> thankou. >> rorter: catheri checks in en ayay >> afrom her? is thene nexe to h
7:44 am
>> okay, is itkay if you're across? n problem.i'm 202 and she's in201? itappened n. i'm on t sond flr and f - e seconimimday, alerk put me here and gave me her room number,1,o questions asd. happened ain. >> it's scary. >> repor the hssattellg newewthake safety and surze seriously, thehewne plaza adding "wt happeped fls below rexexns." ss say it' instructing hotel managegent to immediatelyly coly with apppicable stads anprocedures bothrely owd erated. and from hilto "we are inveigating and addressing the incident ththoughly." >> v ncerning ve concng repte wwewerereur -resus wi sy expe eve igan, hasappaed. >>it annvgavevrept kehis,s,ng t ke-u-u forhe industry t put in place policiesnd procures that willeep our d ones safe. reporter: experts say if you nt tbe completelaf when
7:45 am
tell the cle you're n ing ae and if anybody ks to be n the front dehodl rst. >> and sheayshe's got that little step s takak whehe she & diatelelgoes t frontk and changesroom >> that'a great idea or check in ikee you do, under ja daniel's. [ ughter ] ihoul't hle >>t'ato i i room. ff, ank yo jine is sayinabout re in h hlywood how a young emoji landed her u uer arres >ow aou girl use asked a group of young pe when they y ght they shohodart saving for retiremt. th we asd some oldepeoplewhhey tual art ving is ben shod art saving and when we e tually do is one he reans y ma of t arar fororetem st start as early as you c. it's going to pay off f t futute. if we all start saving a little m me today, we'lal betr eperotot
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ananuncement: t(is storm p pses s be e e biest he decade. th tal accumatn uto tee ft. adwie sh wnndinitely. and scolole cloo.. cacabell's s/sps go o ea with a cold and a nice red. made for reaea realife. cocorivg isicicin becae coringng als st to seal out water, dirtnd germs, cover with a w wer blk clear bandage from bd-aid brand.
7:49 am
,, when i grow up,i want to a t tcher, scientis dr. but learnings hard when you're hungry. that's why for years kellogogs has helped provide millllns of brafts to ks who start scol thout it. and th yr he, can allrow oururres. plants may he their lit3t3 imaginion.doesn't theheight nou... ...p.pience... day... have you seen your garde'll blbssom.
7:50 am
east felicus. walmart. > 49, let's see what carson is working on >> more a a moremojisre ming aane oo their own. fafaboasix reactn butts. 2oxfofo dtiar chmoji for award of th ar he mbmb gu, kniv. -yd gas eddased emojiji use innstataam p rding killing, mimi in the emojishoul be handled. shou t use of violent
7:51 am
yio. someonng why thele emoj areavailae. these typ o queueioio are su to ctinuess emojis ar't g g a anytisoon. >>hehe think its a>> misintpreted. tin fey ts on lllld.`.y s saiidn'tt the teth oscars. >> and john st is re. first seme e me. dodot stare at me. see me. e mekn thsoiss something that have. i'm not coagious. me to know that won't sto unfindt rks. discover cosentyx, diffenkindf dicine
7:52 am
while the jo saw clnce. do not use if yoyoareallergrg to cosentyx. fore starting, you should bebeested for tuberculosos. anncrereededisk infections d lowere fight emay occ. tellllr doororif have econr mptomsms. ...sucas fev, eats, chills, musc aes or coh. or if u hahi receiveda vacce e plan to. ifave crohn'dise tell your do as symptoms can worse ris alrgreoby e seme see me on ay. find c car skin and a a earerepath forward
7:53 am
asyour dermatologistabout sentyx.,,, ifr fali outing is mic fofoall e wrg on u may uddlg throh alleles. try zyrtecorowowful aly ef and ecerent laritin becausitrtg ster t dayouake nmo. ithers othe to latelapng multleer? iss tecfider cfera is n ai&jejen.
7:54 am
chalicctns, l,ch i b infectn thatsuly lds to death oreversabili and creaouit blood o. thmostststmosideff are ushingndma ob. tell ydoutany w ite oo cous, infeions, y dicoio,, f areg or plan toomegnt, or basdi orlan bretf lelemo abohetescredl r psinms in thus tao doctor ou er d ano l relngs. cold re cin?onlyeval it ins two aalf daysn ust fisi. penratendtarteded lo t tus and ptectct thll don'totout, knock it outfa.
7:55 am
cococongng is caring. bebeuse e veringalalalstst. totol l t wawadidi and gerer, cover wi a water blocclear bandag fromand-aid`brard. mwm: h aut dadadh h,,p,p h? girl: t rududd 'r'rgoing to d tic.c.c. ! llllthananyoararus,??,a a lelea ij
7:56 am
vononothat's'sheheood stuf the e noma cctioly yhl's.,, morninin.. we'r'rcoming up on the top of f the hour... m ircr with a a eck of your headles... e suspect cuseof stabbing hirlfriend former teacher cotopi... 37ead n street" has s eaded ototlty ason of insanity" toharges including atmpted murder "oveeeee is "accused" of helping hig)rlfriend and d -defennt "courtney ante" lu theeacher f hime precutors y the twstabbfd and beathe teacher who eventually got away. overreet's attorney saysis ntntufred head traumin a a& crcrh that he clclms contributed t h)h mental pairememt. colorara sprinolice are e looking for a pers they say tempd rob a ban.. en sd he was joking anan left ititappfned yesterday ternoon edison avenue. police s the suspect walked in and demanded money... but then said it was all joke mone hedescscribed as w wte male....
7:57 am
mustache and bea. chchf morning meteorologist ---- stepn wers joinsnss nowith a lo at our loloforest... stephen... w. it wilt a t mni and d ow from m e s utheast. thay blow some smoke from that fire back toward pueblo and ebloest. the wind will ow at 10-15 h th afternoon w wsome 20-20 mph gusts. itill not be the big i iue it s yeery, b it sll be a small issueue the upslope mponent of t wind will incrcrse the humidity. that wiwl aid firefighters. warmeneath mosy sunny ies ward 5 5in cocorado springs and into the lower 50s ararnd pueblo o 10 am. . by noon, temperatures wawa i io ththlowewed midddd 5 5 5rorod colora sprin b cloto60 around pueblo. streas will manage 60s ts rnoowith 50s ie e gh spoth of m
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
between 2 pm and 4,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>'s 8:0n "today. comingp marcus donna'a' famil th p sta and guy ritchie scocded by a judge as their custody battl overon roc ppy outcourt. >> livm , it sasard nig >> tn, live f fm newyork,, it's w wliegeist. willie ps his comedic chops to thteteten vhts an intern atsnl." >>e've gototot a great show for you tonight. kanye west is re. hey, internrn intetn, do you seeoffee in my hand? ieed a coffee in myndomttit bab > plus,, is a full housen studio 1a. >> damn, w w all still look good.
8:01 am
news for the rebootot of his belodtcom. duc singend songwrit phahaell williams is wh pew of theeewsef"the e ic >> i am so glad someoneneikikou is on thisow. >> today, thsdayrch d, [ cheers and apptause ] hi to arien in orida! we made it! >>ll t way fm -- >> pennsyania! >> new co>>ama! i'm >> whoo! >>ollege onn singbreak!p hey, matt!t! >> whoo! >> goooo >> g gd morning, eryby! itit thursday, march 3rd, 201 a hap c ohere! @ire up.
8:02 am
plaza. al says itit stark ather. d it,hrback thursdays on, "ethe tigege p pdd uatchg ddtrp mornin thed big gop debate tonight in the m city. itit coming down to it the . 'stle . >> cool. > just ahead, very excited. wee got a major announcent what w gng tbe dng teamamp the wtetee. out first, let's get hf s srthcheck morng's top stories and natalie's or at eews desk hey, nat. >ood morning once ain. as the candidates p ppare for nighsepepepca presidentiti ititomy iseading a chae@ to stop donald trump. nbc national corspondent peter alexander is i salt lake city, ere romneyys laying out his case asbsbrump todod. peteood m/rning. reporte natae, g moing g yo that s eec@oy a few s from now. it's goi to be aing day. you have the 2 22 republicaca presidential nominee attacking the mama bes poised tbe the rts26 ne kno m@ roey's aides that he ll not eorse any
8:03 am
not annoue hwn cdidafoprest,ute willll at donald t tmp in harsh tes. we have a lot s oe t ts s mrnininlediis -"h what i know. donaldru iphony, a hiromiarorlesss a degreerom trump university," mney wil say. "he's playing the americann publicicor suckers heets ee rto the wte hsend alwe get is aousy t.t. dold tru respondededarliej on "today. >> mittomney is a stiff. elte mitt ror faiaid twicend really failed last time. he was going against a prent at shod have been beatatatate prprident was not dng wl d shod haven >> reporter: the real quen in this antieablishment campaign season is whether anyby thinks that mitt romney ct thehef t t reic establishmt, - y anyghawi snaldtrump'srajecty head
8:04 am
all rht, per alender in sa lakty. anu,peter. > a former eney company ceo fang falhaes w killnn a car accccent just urafter his ien nonod. okla city police say aubre mcclendon drove his suv into a brge early wednene morning a hefd. e fmepeakereo sccused ofiggingngids to buy oil and natural gas lases. the 5656ear-old denied the charges. the cause of yeerdas crh is undnvgaon. > monna a exexusbaba guy tce have failed to settle the c ctodydyispute over their son, rocco. the teenager'still living with his father in @ondndon ter a jgerder hacac toon in newyork.wednesday, the judge said she wadisappointed with th sides. reporter: harsh words for@ man ah-hba g g hie ring a ctody hring- esdaover their15-yr-olol so rocco rihie. a judge warngththf t pares cannot resolve this
8:05 am
tud saidd i w y troubngng that guritchie andnadadot been ae wor the suation ou p p ptely yet. >> reporter: neither parent was in court. anher e afr g @ spearphone rihihi ata home iondon while madon is currently on world tour. according g attorneys for both sides,s,he two were the verge of ausdydygreement that'sfaen ro >> wototay the a aornenene re acabl each other. in particulut, w wh eachother. >> reporter: in december n n york s sreme court justsce orred theeereturn ew yk w mer t leftor lo. cco has been livingit ririie and going to school erthttorned t uncertaiy of theoror h be. >> t tudge said both parent had choseno liv a p plicc lifeste and t cldad n andd urged both parents to t te
8:06 am
e proceing would on to eress but o oy with still pictures wh mamanna and richie listeneng in silence thepe j saidptimistic therel bebe resolutiti. xt heang s for may. a florida man knew something was in hismmoolhehe he bubbles. 9 foot long alligator ce from course. a trapper red t in teepp end. he said he never imagined onon his houser in popo. hes liketetac in therer nice darm in the deep end. >> you cm r and jump right in the pool jt to coolf.
8:07 am
ngng outh you? [ laughter ] ulul have been aator in er >> w are wing with this? coming up next, aewdevice that promises to help you avoioi the dangers of t tting and walking.g.g. >>ne o llywywd's b bgest stsr readydy t tgiveve up acting? what georgelooney i revealing. nd willie as an intern at "snl." rsthmees double caard s vhandwithash twe onchas.. earn oncncen you buy, and d ain as you pay. 's cash back now, d ca back agaiailater. 's cash back d\j the citi double sh car ththonly cd that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase wi 1% w en y y buy and 1% ayou pay. wiwo wtoarar mak a l&cherd sid.
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if you nend ananpioid to manage your chroninipa,u may beo copateitit feels like everyonn ...excyou. opioid-induced conipation, oic, is a differert type of constipion, icy a fft apoachchch longino for a change? have the conversation with yo doctor aboulqc,c, and ask abouprescription treatment options. winter c wint can be totoh our bobies.s.90s lihecticicch.foea noonder our digeste systems can act up. enjoying activia twice aay for two weeks mamamalp reduce the frequency of minor digestive isiues.
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so my kidson't havto fore,got two jobs to pay a mortgage, and i've also got a brain. life's short, talk is cheap..llrkg g ile e u sleep. iln'n'inin i'veveot a bin? you thinresume'snough? whlllltep up when in g tghn'u wahaha oai degr. yoreonna want somee ke me. but only if have a bra. ,, get % ofevevy est e6ershipipn the caribbean hurry,his wot st long
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,,, welcom welcomaboard my starship. ahoymateys 's fl ofofnglove. d free of things i don't.. just like chex cererl. it's full of stu weweirates nd. no artificial flavord itit glufr eataup, heas! keep it down! arrrrr at johon's, the prodoets in n r bathime routine
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the shes with the shamos, e poite on codeedo help irove your baby's skin barri e yoyostulats thohnson's, e more put in, thmomohey get out. joson's . souch mo we're ck. 11 ti foren. . let's start@ff with momorn societ and a possible solution. do you agree texas andn walk-- texting textin and wkings badad
8:12 am
you caca triphile doing it. eres aew product called thurban peopop re direceing your vision by 90deee >>ppary i real no ils on when it i released. you causto tting for a mont. >> youeally never texted and lked. >> i sto s a tet if haveto. i can't stand wheneopl are coming towards me le is. >>henager onn h hhorboa and texting. >>hat is a disastst. >> evevebodydy h h had the dream wher you fin s kdf treasu in the as oneojniaaamilt tuly haened. they fnd sen rareaseball
8:13 am
the cards picte cobb considered one of the b pler of alltime. ey c cetheval narey were ia pap b at thbooue eilyy thrown tmn thtrh. 'm g thrghll e paper bsn the t tsh now. talk about tpls who ma havehe besn me th is h the l lahing. he plaor brewers. the am showing hee canan hold it therhene totd co joke. >>ft ithot. >>ll t fs le [ lalaer ] br >>th pregori >>haid the ducucay to enr? >> quk?
8:14 am
ugveoo i lik tha one. >>aking inn too mhar.h, m god mor tsese th fs teaee laug i ink you alaleewhy.>>o y. >>an ima sndinan ternwiou, ,ll y nn j h wouldn't be ae to breae. > now,ina fey's tghk on hlynd s georw clooylwilkro (ac. f,@otinna & anrented athe oscars on sunday alongsidetete carell an apparently w w wt t wiwi howowoliticic t t shot. rererehatt she told howard stereron wedneseseseses >>'m sglad iivivre bebeuse liaythroh, i was like, this is some rea hollywd bull [ bleep ]. >> righgh >> it's like, everyone's telling me, like what to do, and w wre g to fixrything ni and al, li, you're all rich, li, why you yelling at me about corporate greed? you're a a so ri.
8:15 am
leonardo daprio stas using the podium to tk abo cmate change? >> no. i k -'m always psy whenomeonean articule those things, because let's face it,ctors are verystupid. >> tina fey saying that found the hollywood hypocrisy -- sosoy a littl too much to stomach. ext, george clooney's one of the bgest stars i the world, acts and dire but i a newintervieayg getting older may force him to stay peanently behind the camera, teteing the bbc recently obody pwas to anybody rll aging. ititererererunrgiving g,g,the camerara soo bomes meththyoyoryooo less andlessssn scen s sdd that acting fun,n, but ng" " u rea undndndan w w wyou age, you can't ay on the camera your whole lilele he could be 90 --- >> rert redfd - - >> george clooney. harrison . acmeon,, george. nally,y,ynheock" jon istingeady t t sr
8:16 am
made famous by d hasllhoffasselhoff. and on his facebook page, he anunanothedd ththcast. >> l lten, i d't know if the world is ready for both of us. are you rey? >> come on, n, roc t hoff, i was born ready! >> hwas born ready. therern't o "bay" without the hoff. get rey, world. >> duane says the hoff has been in traini, so cue the slowo running on the ach. thaytcovxpddoersext ye. pthats your "pop start." >> should be fun. rsonthk you vemu ? all rea big warm-up? >> yeah. >> are you ready for a b wawa-u >>eah! ay, here w go. today, temperatures out wes eeov avagiv below average re in the northeast,ng t stay that wathroughheweeken but en we flip the itch and !byhe we g o into monday,arbout 15egrees above average stretching from the plains all the way tthe east.
8:17 am
cold tperatureng 's what's gogn a a illieeree w w talalut hi intns asnln fi tbout ts annoce. >> we have been t t tngbout me for t trereal. pthin i i i let the lady o o o ouoho > sinceeplanted our wte house kitchenarden and created
8:18 am
o hinspired to grow their own guard skpnz c c h h(they thinkbouo food t t t eaea plalao g out andisititom ofofhehe lklk m sotiriri pororoond tot tha t toror thth amamang workhey arere in starts totmtm hasst.( the f rsad hng the roadrthe this sggnonon o one of he fst initiatives thehehite hoe kitchdenlanted sennzears srkin a abgbt weleless thaha eedhehe let' mov itiative. now she is traveling bripging oror ol scols,ac yarnd conventional spacesesshe surisedwo scsools and deservingg milili so w w ur gararn ouldeent.
8:19 am
closelynd swinging by a few stops to lend her areenmb onhe ths ey co >> s s svice wstling that sh to nd. the white house garde - - y cheut t instagram.go t t kitctcngn.n. now to upo thjojojo areo willie's ship.p.p asn" >> m mnsns w t weekk ththsa m mccarthas st reize i m m hav come offs bit ger. liv from n n norkk it's sarday night i get to be anerer "snl." get toeethe cast. here is ci st.
8:20 am
youre ann they det toug me. >>hato get to dototo >> you are going t gett ffeenono whatelel? it's a crazy >> c cards. e life line for all ct members and guest hos.e maeunninghe pamentntince 1990. if nee a card for live froroororop- >> writing the cards is one thing but being the guy holng@ the show on you h liv on saay n nht i set ee altogeer. >> a lot ofzou t tughtht the cul-de-sac was one of the scariest. >> y'a arere twisted and iike at hahas@at t hear show ofndnd how many o you experienced a jum scare? >> yourereetting it >> i@ feel likik that i almsstsss bngn there othe ca>>stes a almost as iconic the stars. the warobe departments r
8:21 am
withhehowwor 2 2ars. he w e to dress mep n a speal gn >> do i hav aice in t e matter? puts o over theotar >>an you not ged hththh?>> nothing toit. >>hisoes on her a you are likekeor ete. esterd i was in new hampshiree coverinih presidentialrimary and here i amy. ncnc i peeled seut of the leord i sneaked into o e ating heart of "saturdayight li,thewriter ro. >> p a see how thth land. supermarart spree. >> we are back witein d ofpearspree. geteao snthree, o,
8:22 am
>> i bet they d't like monys erer ther > are there other ideas o stuff to put in the cart. thi i wb funny if puts a bunchf tomatats in there or like you can d d der ts. that's funny. >> is there just other fny stuffelissa can say when s is shopying? >> i think wldl be gref melissas like i bught . coups, somemng like that s nd cofrr anhing >> that would be awesome. >ake as long ass you . >>kend updatsd othe0in w t iti
8:23 am
these days it is colin st ch che. pe i whout kn. >> what a a youororng ? >> just -- >> c cck iout. >>sure. 0 >> wouldn't mak the coror ur sh? i feel like i haveard some of these already. >> i will letetou g back to work. before i go i wte ait preenay i f f fededou lh u guys. theouch is -- >> jt spend your sunday with ititndd let me knohatou thin mondayrning. jilly ajill >>8 will. >>eu youmorr >>hiss t.
8:24 am
get my nam t. ririt. auge nks to ebody at nl." it isar tetoo walk into that kingd and wander around. the shoho rur this weekend. i want to thank everybody tre pt d deha inn wardrobeb who puts y in wowowosss mium pink eotard for his own usent. >``k lthe. ink. thk you. >> i thoughd youou rfieldoke was s funn tnk u. >> now@ let's go too cacaon. >omingupt a f hou heret orae room.
8:25 am
8:26 am
-her. hope yououvi hoououhaha a aursd rn. wecoming u uonheottom m hour... m ira cronin witita check of your headlines.. ir force acade cadet is behindars, acccced of sexually ulng g womom lt ye i der. 21-year-old "jack warmolts" wa ararstedt emem erda ulder lice sayhe asslt happened last april in the&& ununerty hl nenehborhood. poceave noreed my details but say n-a idcece teduri t investigatioi/ matches warmolts. charard. thoope witit boulder lice. two people are dead after a plane crash in northern el paso ty thsile engnge laent down yesrdayorng on the southsidof plamer lake and sparked a small grass fire.
8:27 am
p to ouquteof an acre. one wiess sa they were drivg when they saw the plane nearing the ground.... then it disappeaead and they s s ack smoke. the victims haha not yet been identied... . ief morning meteorologist stephen bowers joins us now with a d ok at our l forerest... stephen..... wind is light and variable right now. ilbithis mor d blow from the southeast. that may blow so smoke fro thqtirbackoward ebnd pulo w windill blowt 10-15 h` th aernono witsome20 mpgu t be b isst t was yesterday, but it t ll still asmalis e e coent of t wind will increase the humidity. that will aid firefighte. wilrm beneath my sunuyusks towordnnnn corataprndo &. r 505 arouou pueueo bybb am bynnpe int the lower and midd 50s arod coloradodoprgs b b cser r r 60 a aund eblo. streasililna 60ss afteteoooowith 50s in thhigh spot though some of us m
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
> 30 on a thayororng. thou th young man righth t i ut nsatio rising ar, sothin le 4lion subscriberer to his channel and unng. s t amb biard charts. >> ao ahead full house fan ar stilloingd f "ller "
8:31 am
they justnnounced seatwo.>> dte . >>8 another hugug s s pharrell williams with theow down on e neweweason of "voe." such tremenden alrey.ooite neous. >> l y wt wee on weendtarting wisn aro t great lakes. ht snow along southeast coast. northe ilwd cenal eat lakes. sunday the hvy rainn mov intoo southern califoia.
8:32 am
all the w down takingpesin ophappy. they a so happy. tt, back to you.u >> thanknkou ver much. hard to belieasnor th 2 yearsincece final episode of@ "fulouse". the world hasa bn b byb catchinin up wh theh t tners and xnd faly including beloved unclele jesse in the rebo "fllr house." for yrst atalk i thk youou c c >> i gave like 1,000 uncle lks. you fofoot two important words. >>av me
8:33 am
ww@. >> john stamos welcome back. > make a promise let's notpysicalh other. >> you slapped me nextti. i issoo tveouhere. >> ts whole word ofle hot leaked. you werencouraged bthe inial reaction hopopg it wou lastnt the show came out. w. we did the shows andy were sweet andcu. was worried because the ancitieallyui up from thee finied. . >>8>t t ting e erywhere and prenewed fo secon season. >>'mer grgrgrgr k i makes people feel coorteeg that h/hse and theeharaer like you are comfort food. >>hat's nice. . i'mm aomfoable paiai o slippe. p>> i aimim s f aot of peoplele the original ow. what was your time stamp show?
8:34 am
uoan tt takes you bac t pe >>ppy . i dideneral h hpitata f but itee ohose type of si cm sioms.s. p ^ouaid'meverne uncle toupent a lot of time i i your c ceerer the ow t ting to shedncncje m@u did it was o to emacacakimim agaiai >> >imim has passss. . i remembebe the fst guyuy i i ed was m m anded gogo theaea i c ce out hereendiduite a few b badady shows a ielel like i'm'mn a lovot so much. . it memnsoh to themt m luct ianaka peoplee happy with that. >> i want to alogize in adeeecausu t nex tion is s s se qio i asu st timeou wer he.
8:35 am
twsom on. isstil aiab ssil t talwelclce. i was g gng t tee ashy last nigh a begeg r. av them heoodd feeeeng about it. t's a bit of ann baasfficheheor you. nou@u have another show "grand fathered." itit toing strong. do tnkre lotf rs who nev ghe chance forne and i have thesese @ portunities? >> every day. i am living in n erir o atefness. as n%n%n beenn better. i we up eveayayankful. >> settleene tng fort . are you sll plang wh them om time totime i just w w in fridala week. ii h hee topromote "fuller house." tomomoow nht y78 i. rere snd sounng betetr than i hea
8:36 am
>> ioded ives wit yoodoru. yseave yo > and@lerouse i sonnetfli up nextx gat birthday party
8:37 am
8:38 am
fit th"today" bc mess o ssn their birthday and we will be therereorhenup. we are bacat celebraring a big rthdhd. parenting tm iurniyear o wit j we tackled all kinds of issues from th teo th's day to raisinds. is mngnge are allut
8:39 am
ea for towgreatat rties. aman, good morning. >> i iav the 1 yr old birthday. you cannss uphe h hhch >> s we did thi v . ftulueied knots all aroun thiselastic.c( no ng soorle and after thehe pararyou u its for dressup. >ou h he the idea of letting the ks p i kdy . w wvevere entertaininin 1 year olds uli tyy a a happpp when t ty get to @sit. >>ouo >> youavelinged o sippy cupsps >> i glitter but mak ngkazin if you
8:40 am
thilay. i add head bands. tptp hea bandak that >>he theeches. iss. >> bub meid hpy soo sy. a bunchff fm th lltore andre yougo >>nkouoh.h. > e gre ideas. let's talal about t t year-o t. oomorng. >> we hlizabeth o areampi for yea. >>uch aem gu git gap camp res. amon ststksglm togetr fo andr wilrapsd tcand a ung that geck will it right toghe so s nraft andakay. >> w love thate flies in att.
8:41 am
dlitsth can i nht t. hak smor >>peamnd yealddotx. we etsted t rshmal. she willrizzlen t and domehacrackers. s but a good ack.k. nic. trtrlx?x?ikenpentati wher kidid c takox a llm . ave herey ss, h h bars andndarshmaow and didi tentnt th is our bsitit pupu bks inints peect. >> thank you ch. >>hank you guys ank u so mu. had fun. t'ssoo back tosavannah.
8:42 am
themeor 10 yr old birthday rty rt emoejee eemojis. >>t ihe second language. our big dra is the bighoto wa. wel create emoji balloons. we g thestction paper and they are going to put those togetherndak this fun back drop. it is do it themselves. p & and t these really fun emi sticrs. we d d invitations using emoji so@hat is fun. they are going to gra fro foro ourmoji lln,n ou have the wbllll >> a then weeakethehe r rllll om t t groce s sre p pps and foammjngs.s. they can tak the snap easy. paper platesnd construction pape for the phototo wall.
8:43 am
emoji. we me them into sandwiches and yellow cups w hear >> tnk >> thank youou so much. >> it's yoururn g to comom up next, music
8:44 am
8:45 am
pharrell williamsss p 8:45 witthvoic o "tod" "todayay pharrelel williams has foun tremendou suess. howl tea pellai on seasoso ten.
8:46 am
wewcanan o offerou prime st in the cluntirir what doe that mean? >> a atime anyone sayss nasil your coh? nashll ny nashville they think teamblake. >> it doesn'tatat wt thhey came o t tre the a planningneo@ do. when they sa thattword > doo y h h aec weapon like thethinghat y yave ov the o oer coaches? >no `st plelee comn my team. >> he pys thee ma. >> we h a areat momenenheheis wom-e haderhere, she a gretche wiln songu guy all turned forl her a a she g gda a g ges chchinaisndheook onn your face was priceless. >> i h hrdeople k kt sayinin
8:47 am
i c c't watch mylflf>> ias noticin we playedd this clip and you w wee looking evywherere you don't'tik t t look u. d d youike heaeang ursele on vce no >> inot >> howow does it make y y feel? >> nbaassed. >> welcomeoowod. m a prer. iny md wnry voicec it's like don'tay that. d it's like if you called somedyt somy a vicmail aboutiviv them adadceou crin. >>ou wouldn't want toea>> y a proder. at is itike when you hear a voicend you hav y s like 16, yngirl singing "good bye yeylolo b bck ad." when y realize that voi isco from a5r o
8:48 am
ihi emily is 17 she is shi el. kek bngn t t sho has remiedede that as h hans that it is special. erea y yee someone like 15 o 16 o 17 and they are emotionally n aa urs the vois b t voic havee dept whyreouble tmunite and convey it@ soll? j sck u. ths ebili find the people. i don't know where they arefig t tse pele. you watch men? like some catch o fire andutt it out. >> voices froro god.
8:49 am
get that om. singing -- >> toowoq on a farm. >> and y are goi you never heard of robert johnson. i don't knknho or whaha is. . >> whereoes thaha comefr >> upstate new yorkk sng like folk music. >> we havee chrisisna bk but then gwen is on blaks t anadse what it@ like? are theyike -- is it f on e set? e ty lovy do >> is popng of d i is so beautiful becau ing tre i watch the both of ememoou a lot. you hate t see you frien go throhhi s s he it's lik amirae. hing tnd i hado idea.
8:50 am
sse a i'm likewh >> awesome. so sai he didt know either. >> you would neverss it. >> thank youo ch. we're so happy to see u. >>hank youoravgme. ch the n rou of blind auditiono.
8:51 am
8:52 am
fifit this"today" onbc itirtn oday" i prolysent to
8:53 am
er a a aor tye vahas pformg sisie he was 8 arsrsr ol rtl debebedsalm. ni hhehe. . you act,t,ng, y song wrwre. you a going to singon@ us c "y." tittle a bigrapapcal? >> i wrote t fong aut year agag now and bei youound ( `vi n nnndeaahahaahh dng with m life and i iletefne i a ung. >> heim babacall >> aouoioiinggtt wo ye d d it whatf we lef t/tay tffe lososo o o m
8:54 am
flashing hing nd the stars plplpl my youth run run away n n forever my yth i i i yrs my youth w w iff we clolour eyes
8:55 am
atat thehoto booth and the stars explode'llll bebe froof 7
8:56 am
mo.. e mingngonhef ..m ininita chk your headlines.. e suect accused of sbbing his girlfrffnd's former teacher in cototaxi... 37-year-old "seaerststet" has pleaded "not guilty by reon oinsanity" haes includudg attempted murd. . is "a"ausof lping gigindndnd alleged co-defendantntcourtney
8:57 am
hihome. prs y twabbe and be the teacher whoeventually gototway. overstre's'stty saysieufadrauma in a asthe ntributed his mental irent. radoprpr pole e e lookini for a person they sasa atteted to r a bk... thth said he was joking g d left! it happened yesterdaooat "ba of lodoonedonvenu ce say the suspect walked anmanded m m.. t en sitas all aoke and left without steteing an ney.y. s described as a white male... abousix feet tall.. with dark hair... mustache and beard. iemog olog-- bowersnss nowi a lo at our local forecast... stephen... winds light and variablehtht& now. it wililsht a bit this morni and blow frfm the uthehet. that may blosome smoke fro ate ba tpuebnd pupulolot. wind will blow10-1mph this afternoon with some 2 220 gusts. it will nonohe big issue it was yesterday, but it will sll be a small issue.
8:58 am
th wl aid regh. wel warmeaosy nny y ies towawa 5in corado springs and into the wer 50s arou pueblo by 10 am. by noon, temperararas rm into the e wer and middle 50s aroun coloradoutloseseto60round pueblo. st arere will mana 60s this afoon th 5n e hi thoh some of us may
8:59 am
9:00 am
9:01 am
between 2 pmnd 4 >> you >> your teamells me three seconds before t shohoth we can't owoit ll-- >> he elm >> c ke pickckckup >> can we p pkkt up? >> w w pick upp the tab. >> t contr roooo isn'tuying itit it. >>ill doomething for char
9:02 am
>> go to you. t gng tothth came >> me an one camtaononon >> y >> you c't win this game. >> no. >> wveta hers. >>es te agt my dear. >> iillindou doairs caca people. there u here venn television how ng? >>ott.i goit. >arn it i glaerer chdren's versiononec thereal veron- >> do t playt fofoyour children or i'll have totoaby sit them.>>his ed o wl. >>t've tv. 'ttait a whole other you never knoni what'soi pen on this ur..
9:03 am
e-ml me a sit tu. >> maybe theyld gonne ememes. >> they can fi o u owowhentnet t wo >> iyouant to see is -- are y y >>re yure ulwa 10000000ma >> i'm on medicinehat makes lo >>e is t bigger deal. willie got a chance to wk -- >> yes. >> work, wo, work, wk, work. >>bebeyohahadone t er td ve ed. >> w as anenn "snl." >> everyone`is coming at me. guess who's t ing to crack? pme. wiwiie, mybest on thiel t ahahantn atl." >> i ias td by o teao ask you a few estions.$let's showtirst and il t touestions. . >> wre are you guys ooting is? >>d, ny.
9:04 am
like mdays there is e o f stuff melissa y when she is shopping?% >> think it would great if liju walksnnd she's l, i broug coupons, thing likekehat. >> yous nefee e anytng >> that would be awe >> t tt would re. >> o ogo >> iike e e gagaield joke. e'heleiece late w meenehi ea i got a l o tweets. your jokek were teible. at t poin iti w aite were doing. wel show t t f later. ploren mi, g b h h lowed t g iitit cameras for a a full dayau'et aook atsn that steoe havepneverer s sn before. >> he's considered one of the most powerfu p televeon.n >> he is the top.>> he's the top ohehe foooo chch solutely tslalaexplplpl willi
9:05 am
riety of costumes that -- lilien -- > my go >> what peoplelet home don't know, wiles theesguy, ho h@ hs a line i sandbout cin ts lili stumate won'x t >> tits. >> we@ave anmine mila >> i i . >> they told me you weren'in.ho ouha ctu t hea of wardrobet "snl," dal richards, a g gu >>enou. >>e's t mosescted in aff wardrobing. >> right. e said -- >> not anymore after heade u that >> hide eteople his ..iyu, i'moing to let you lolo youan com in o ndite putng th . id d have a choice? he said, no, g in the costume.
9:06 am
>> no, t tt wasas akitomin that w >> we'lllleehis whohihi ming >> s. >> t t is the week tt kan tre witit thole meltwn. >>issasacctry. >> kanye wt there yet. . thmusicc s sw up u friday. >> youtole the >> s. i'l s sikik tt no >> bmimi>> be mine. >>llight.xcititre w for the returnallfur fri fromindingngne withew "indidgdo" 13 yearsfter "fininin nemomo t`e , branneneneai ta l lk. >'m lking for my family. >> are yourazy? >> it's s dank -- too dangerou >>y ptun >> ho u ey halong? >> hto b >> w wt'happin
9:07 am
heheo. >> hey you. >> hi, can you help me? >> huh-h- nogogo >>anno wa >> canbnt wait. m oldt,h whe heeasba wd tha "finding mo" would be mesmized watching that. llen degen, p@une l a h hd.inheaterse7 rkrkhe calaldar. >> my ds w wen born yet when it camout anhave gonck. >> j jt >> just kekekewimmin o thths cocong up in june.coming up rinobibisuse a floda fy. sitor themmg ol on tuy. look what kind ovisito wa skrag and laura craig andau liveve nr aolse. craiaisaw bubbles he
9:08 am
golfalalbut insteath g, nine f ft algator. ththalligator mama a hin thepao scscen, got ththugugh e screen and intthe pool. a trapper used a l lso to reve e gagar. you ink u arayth screen. screen. >> thehe traraeras br fe. the gor is like d't it is like a tropical paradise. >> i h >> i have snacks hold on. i had a a t. y sh. >> ninfooter. >> looat tt. thatat prey crazaz` > we talk about m&ms. annirsararof laas sryry cominup >> sent up to a facthe in new jersey that m m&ms. we have new flavors for you guys to try.
9:09 am
we we he hoy nut and c ili t.rrrrtr currtly a ailabnewk ci orldo, gaga >>ur faces a on these msms 8>hes llie's'sace.e. >>'m'more of a tdition rsonhen it ces to chocolate. >> there is >> tse are al m&. `` pretty good. >> al, yours, too. ee lotss eeeessfm&m. s. ey're calolo. >> w wt's going on rirht n n? faceboototoyske. a bunch ksiks lolo yesty. weteere liket 315 yesterday. ok today 32 thatat a big jp. solego t take. hava yououver seen that r fore? no. unbeevable. so plee we will send you -- we can get to 350 today w wck
9:10 am
onhem.% icicllllveve friritening. we have hehey thunderstos s soh. we he snow devevopg chchago into indiana. d re is what we are loloing at. wintther advisor storm watches and wa20 mlion oplet risk. ststhes overer00 miles.heres e storm. slight s sw deloping m mwest. a a thunderstms back tonigharou rush hour a mess in atlanta. so if u arflying in or out o t forget about i . lar th evening snow develonghingngn, d.c. ba to indiajapolis and as we move hening rh hot' snm wawaingtonp to new - rk wh heavy showers and thunderstormacculati snow generally two to four inches to e sosoh of new york cityre qui tre it is. frtayne seeing snow@and m me pow, heavier ow r)rhmd to soutllphphadphia o to o. that's what is g gng o. around the coy.
9:11 am
your neck woo. ,,, >>what what just came o? >> w be owg you. >hfew girir gst busters. >>ho >> ihought ww a a a r.r. >> ntrlers y. >> thiis big a couple of lked d g ures. >> we'll get to that cing up. a goodime to get your house on the market. bless you.
9:12 am
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one one of t cool perks of this place is you c c eat as much cerealals s want. it's like i'm into work to get somom alrighty we just lili cerea we make it, eaeait, lo t, live it.
9:15 am
and w inelious ccolata ot notprprget but it's busierhan evev. >>efore you buyuy orr selelny home, there are things you know befo g gng the most for y yr mone here t tell us a authem realtorike aubrey. youu look likeltor w trust.youotheookoi on. but you ao say tis a strongket. is spring is the timeo rike >> d't beeefufu byy he athe tstamron.thegke iseady here. iiaven'tad a day off in more than amoh. at how by a right n. inntorycroshehe cococryrys at anall-time low. mortga rates rememn azin -yea fixed loan 3 and5/8. wewee i i a a posion w wre rt
9:16 am
ed to go a a buyn this maet a appos tooent becausit's not acion. >>yo to an o on house or viviing.g. what's theifst tng y y y think about? >> i tnk one of the first things lookor i in the housus indd order? esseially,y, you seeing a housus that l/lks like somebody wanted toyel i or haheyot pnough timn it to dothat. if they d th, theyt to ge thefiers. turn aroun and walkway quick. >>hat thehee kitctc >> caned up. there are a lotfed ags. you talkboutriciou home rit, go toigh. what'sdvic there? >> thive it' a er's et,ou d't w to estite yr`position. buburs now arema tha we'vever seen. i thihatt wt'ngn with that is, ifovovprice, ll lengthen ur daysn market you'llnd up wess monoy. s srt.
9:17 am
wh should i he as asll? what you're l for. theehing with t@ost impactx r you as a s slers wallnd flflrs. pthatat really makes adiffffence. thihi tt just theweat equity,utting painton walal vd changingflooring, that will sona with buyuys and giv youha for a good sale. >> you see the ctter there and whatou've don isared i i t. a niceeent ujo simple but clean. >> cleaned upps. got rid of theeeay tacky boer a t ceiling. weweade itt loooo like ace somebody would want to y. >> if ianted to upgrade a tctcn orrbathro, whahas a a cheaay to it tithout a notion renovation - rnovation? >>o withthid lel o wpo ass opp to or something .
9:18 am
a house sell aus how much should we d on upgrades? ishere a entage >>otlly apepepege. have to spe money to makak ofhe time i hav myy ieies spe0,000 toto00 to prere tir house for rkrt. >> thi a bathroom makekeer. s sms relativel simple.e. >> it is. they used ceramic tili a opposed to marb >> iantoo kw what that y has bn doing in hisb. p>> these a reallt' >>hat's gng on. mike ubre g gd to see you. >> thaha you, ke. pup xt,ourr first los prised. the new gbusters mov. >> it'((( sood!>> al has already seen .
9:19 am
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the yogugu made from your m mk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplmm, yoplait. ,, [music] no, , , nonano,,
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y! whicicis why our products arereoo. angel soft. ve extraextra.a. when i grow up, i to bebe teach, a scsentis or maybe a dan but t arnini is s when you' hun that's why for years kekeogg'g'has helpedvide millions of eakfasts totoids who start school without it.d withououhelp,p,p
9:22 am
let's g t' getetouplans staed with jump-srtrt>> finally g g. >hllllhe enttaininnt ws you don't wan tomimimi we haveer here. >> gbusters ot trailer isou >> s. >> check ou that's okok. she seems pepeeful >>'m e gilbert. doorf -- this is going o so go.. lookokok at b ballyou have $the f fradadsho te over. th t tiler is onlininnow. you cacain itit we'll post-it o o our facebookk page. it's prettttgoodod >> loo so good. so eited a it >> it'soi to ug anhe goodnymovie. na fey init.
9:23 am
stk a a a desk j j in new york. ts an oortutyo be coesndent i afghantan. it's a dramed it hasomedic moments. brough to you byyhehe d dectors of y, s spilove. 's got chemistry going on w wh the bodyguds. it's ann interestiti look at life behi t t scscss coverin the war. >> intererting storyle. >> good altff. evybyby, #`if all as okindoo zoo t can'n' his s movieietttritics lo by thehewy. it's parentskiki it basicallyreimagines in whinimalsivin citits and hamsterplay businsmen and bunni play psps ris elel is the chieff poli. 's'sun f the family. >> gre ssage, too. >> great m m mhat you can be whwh youant to be. le thth. music a shakira. >> she has a lead single off the soundtrack.
9:24 am
fun to danan to and work out to. e wantete her hips to be 0 curvyier lookoreerer gogo role mol, shakiri. >>atkininibout sic. newne by ray -- it was amazinon ke a sumptuous roc album. it's'sis sixth s sdio album so far. he's launching a a-city t tr r i i in june. it's rea good. >> muchnticipat return and 'realking abo h hse of cas rs nton abbey." what aombo. >> wano bin wch sean on h h h of cards is on it kevin spacece plays the president an h h wife clre a a onhe outs. sheants to lnchh h%r own litical carere. she hireses a newharacaer who plays her politic sttegist. thers
9:25 am
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9:26 am
packed wh 12grams ofrotein and addedugarar so shean watcher calies d whwhe she's goinin
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lookokt look a a the headlis. donaldtrumsivals are expect totoyangpn him dururg tonight's republicandete. mittttneyyeadidi t t charg wiwiin the party t t try to stop him. romney i i s st lake cy beling trump a pny and f whos p picies would eanger thnati and i i econy.y.y. > newewew resrcoell you abououon health eec alhohahaariversit sound oneerink disrupts t hrt's normrm rhythm forboutneo threhours incncing the riskof heartrtac or stroke.. wiin 24 hos,oderate l cum improve blood
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9:32 am
par 3 golol course wh t der ods watctcng. look w h h do tofnd it fro81yas out. that ie i one a a ri c cwd wentpts,s,sid ger w gav the kid a well-d%serve hug and pat onxhe back. at is incredidle.,,,, > this
9:33 am
m&ms. >> tod > tod m mile soen fo a that's been a --dyn had the tough a aignment of einger ww through a chocolate factory. >> m&m'say b bite-seded theit cannot i ioated chcholates have a big and coloul hisry. >> thee thmost popular cay inhe world, soldn more than 100ountriesn 22ye popping cors and ever expanding ra^ae of flars from clasc - >> i g for the pla jane. >> to t t creative. rawberryryhort cakakand now the cay thth melts in youru uth h t in your hahahas celebrbring majomileone. >> i is 75th anniversary.y.
9:34 am
ory? i'mer in hackt cetete , new jersey, one of the largrgtt a a a fak ris in country. q^ roce 1 m&m's everer day. i'm assuming there's serious chchate to be tasted inside. >> se us don't kw a world without it. >> theyy stataed in 1941. theyeyere actually the aincld of foreses mamah. theyere first used as a ration for t soldiers during world war ii. the package wot the b b that youunow toda but it wasa a cardboard tubee tt made it e ee ye s sier for the sdiersto to consume.e.>> the@ cute rtoons he's the cdy man. all the worldov m m's.. >> he does ist. ( >> they d exisis >> i think it's growp a l. if you look at the c cracters as
9:35 am
>> one thing hasas remained thepsameme >> m&m&s toy i i2016,ilk a s t the sam as they did 41.that makes this s sni spuakinin off t tt same great ste, it was for a a littl product research. ste. pretzel. ot pct arar. te chote strawbebey tce.e. mo >>eaor . let keep in pt inside loooot whe th magic ppen >> a aer a q qck wardre chchge, i got a raree tourfhe floo >> i canme the chocolatete the air, we muste g gting er to the faory. >> n x up, mix t t t t ocole.e.e. therereill vats @ atenj he. >>t toive in. >> thenming the >> you know w bad i want to ll aund in the. ou ver wto stick your
9:36 am
one more pnut. ieed to op. >> then t hey a thatolor candyell. finally,agp he m&m's. the ones i wasn'n' ableo get myy s-on. ere was only oneore stop had d cple idea@n a new plogo foro the compapao nsider >> it's a h hdful of me. j did tmath. iiteralalalte100 m&m's. >> ni this ian'ooki tt great to me rhtnow. >>e're going to takak m&m st challee. this i a classici >> everyone knows ts game. >> w nevereard of. wh do do? >> 25econd on t c cck.
9:37 am
then t ththg. >> it didn't start yet. >>nd >> sound effects arere ridiculousus >> timeme i i t tjudge. i'll be the judge. keep gog. the, two, one. & let me see. wow, al. one, two, three,ur, ve, six. >> a . 'm notoing to --( >> y sulul not do it. coming up xt, willie lands a dream internship at "tu night ve." s behind the scenes? that's rig after ts.r t t isiu the cdy man 'cause he mixeit... need somlp, guys yeah. no.
9:38 am
lost withth a dream lethe s shine through t tlift yououspirirs once ain 'cause lolo makes the world el good ndels ood oh yeah and ielso gd d the candyan cane he mimiith
9:39 am
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"saturdanight live"? our our own funny ma willie. >> it was`` briefefgig. i was lky enough to intern during thehek melissa mccart s hosting,g,a,a, west was pemi i was exciteand d me in hot. maybo hot. live frfr new york it's turday night >> i >> i g g to n intern at l.l. i g to meeeethe cast. >> how are yoyo >> no hugs u are an intern today. welcom to snsn they don geto hug me. >hat do i get t d day? hang out with you a lot? >> no. toffee and who k kws w wt else? it's a crazy place. >> my y rst task, cue cards, the lifeine for l cast mbers guest`ho the maestro running the dertment since 1990. >> i feel like if you need a cue ca for live from new y yk come on. >> writivghe cards is one
9:43 am
the show in your hands live asaturdayight somethininelse altogether. >> a lot of you thought cul-de-sac ione e the seous -- >> i lovovit. you alarartwisted. i lihat. >> that is great t t t!r. show of hands, how mof y @experienced a a a -- >> you got that? >> i like th's almost stressful as being on that side the camera. >> costumes are alst as onic as the starsththwardrobe department t run by d dchds has been witihe s swor 27 yes. he wasxcited to dress me up in one of h specialalesigns. . >> do i have a choice in t(e &maer >> no. >ood.d. >> p p t ts onver the leotard. go througug>>ot getting your he.. >> there you go. now. nothing g it. >> this goes on here. and you are l le ady y r primetime. yesterday i was in new hampshe coveng a
9:44 am
am today. >> once i elededyself out of e leototd i nk intthe beatg art of "saturday night live", theheriter's room. >> cool, il pitch out ideas. see how they land. >> superrk spree. t's read it. >> we are back@witthe final rounun of supermket spre >et ready to shop in three, to, o o. ! >> where are you guys s ooting this?p >> g gfield, new jersey. >> g gfid, bety don't like mondays there. >> l l's do pagag 3mamae.e. a a thehe`ethdeas of@ stuff she can put in her carar >> i i i if f ererare nch of tomatoes in there or like dryer dryer shshts. that's fine. >> otherunny stutu melissa c c
9:45 am
melisssswalks ininike e brought coupons, something like that. you guys need d ffeer anything? >> t tt wowod be awesome canan g g g flat whe? take as long as you want. >> okay. >>s s ng as s u want. >> weekend update is kind of an institution within the institution "snl." they he enenoing it since e first t ow i i19. with chevy ihase. these days iis colin jost and mimiael l le sayayhi.. cool if i i sitown? >> y u cacacininithout knocking so -- >> sur a a eh! >ou thinkaybe -- woun't make a cutorour show? >> i feel like i have heard some of these already. m letting yot back to work.
9:46 am
plpj i fured i would leave i i with y guys. > thihiing aboututettiti screen p)abecause thisouou is wobbly. >> spendour sunday with it a let me know w`at y y tnk nday morning. . >> jilly? >> willie.e. dn'now i@t n- >his s gat. p hool is thi goa grshowonig.p>> kanan west t here. >> i iern, do you see a cocoee in my ha? i need coffee in mhand? blbl btle. give me n n orlrans.s. thankn you. off thehe stage. caca o no. ley, please leave. thana yo >> so gogo. >> that is ame. thank you to lorn michael and e c ct and crc for openi the dodo the show rurnshihiekend d wiwi hosjonah hillnd musical guesfutu thihisasaay ninit. we a back afr th.
9:47 am
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,,,,, nearly nearly sixixillion childre ha a severererod allergy. how can you tell the difference - between sensitity and alley.y. - intotorancnc here with the answers i foodd editor and an allergist. good morning, guyuy let's talk first about food allergies and bust myths and have some factshehe. let't' start wh t firh versrs fact.
9:51 am
yoyoproblems we askediewers toeigh in. % believe it'myth. >>t is a mytbecavse e ur dy has respototoood doesn't meme a foooooolergy. a food aller refers an peffect in the e muneneystete >doctorouxplain the didieren betwe allgy and intolerence to a food group? >>ot of peopl confuse it. a food a aergys wn you imne system overreacts and can eate a l le-reaten reacti the otherer is a des oblem. >> here we a lookingght foods most assssssted with food allergy. what reactions are w wtaing about when y say seve a trurufood a aergy cananause thing, throwininup, 's v vlife-teatening. >> shock. >> this isop eight. you n be allergic any food. 's rare but these arehe top
9:52 am
move to our next t statemenend at is stomach issu may ba result of a food alley y 20% say at is s myth. is thanswer?- hat h cause when u haha stochssssssitit is your digestive tract respspng to that. it doesn't meant's anllergy >> a lot of peoplelere f f fiar with conpt octose intolence. they havgas, b batg, crampabnormalls doesnnhey're aergic to. >> lactose isn the only s atando at p>> likonions, wheat. lemes. a a thtoooo tt youl shsh aid or shld y y getex rid of them all together >> somomhing you have e alal yur d dtor about and sugges keeeing a ourn o perhaps ying teliminate and epn smaller quantities. seef h hps. >> limiting somemes not iminatg. >> a good way to test it.
9:53 am
n never be outgrow is thact o ois that mytht 90% thin thk 's a mh. >> it is myth. while nol be outgrn many can. milk and eggs, soy andheae. others cacaot, e eeciay - peanuts. >> ctor, yououe o othe frontlines o oth whwh are s se allergie that you haeen good effec o children oowg?g? >> htorically abt % of chdrdranutgrow milil eggs, soy, wat. eyen to b b b onhe oth hand,eaantreeutss a sea h utut. thaou. alwawa a great segment.
9:54 am
9:55 am
is is " on nbc. @ >> lolo
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myyy beautiful >> from >rom nbc news this iss oday" with kathie lee gifford d and koive from stuo 1a in rockefeller aza. hey, evy, it's thirstythuray mar 3,201616 nna b b her iss f f inr katate lele that is you by oice he had aicerowdoutsid he's uer thi artis br of an a a neekn and he's gng to pepepem live f f us.


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