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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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no structures were d daged. let's rn to the weather... chief morning meteologist stephen bowersas our first look at our first alert 5 recast... stephen?? weather has our attention, no doubt. it plays a role in fighting the pueblo county fire near avondale. it also can dictate where smoke is may become an issue awafrom the fire. we're warming through the 50s now. the wind is picking upnd blowing from the south to southeast. that southeast-to- northwe wind around puebloery wellay blow some smoke from the fire toward pue don't be surprised if you smell some of that smo this afternoon. most smoke will rise a disperse with the winds above the ground. the upslope component of the wind near the ground will increase the humidity, which willid in fighting the fire. overhead, high clouds are blowing in from the west. precipitation from those clouds is unlikely. expect less wind this afternoon than we saw yesterday. that doesn mean there will not be any wind at all. we can still have gusts upward of around 20 mph. temperatures also willot be warm, though wwill stille unseasonably mild. highs this afternoon will be in
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i will look ahead to what appears to be a change in the weather pattern soon coming up. two people are dead after a plane crash in northern el paso county. e single eine -plane went wn yesterday morning on the sohse of plamer ke and sparked a small grass fire. firefighte were abo keep it to out a quarter of an acre. one witness says they were driving when they saw the plane nearing the ground.... then idisappred and eyaw black smoke. the victims have not yet been identified... right now... instigators are still trying to figure out wh caused the ple to go down. as many 70 peoplwill be impacted because of downsizing at the evraz steemill in pueblo the company isndefinitely shutting down it's seamless pipe unit at the mill because of surge
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in gas and oil drilling. evraz tells news 5 they will consider reopening the line, if market conditions improve. nationwide, peowners have facecases of people... trying to poison ds with tained treats. but in colorado... we've learned there's e potential for w dangers, with pot edibles and pets. as news five'saddie garrett explains -- many of those paents end up in emergency vet clinics -- with symptoms similar stroke or seizures. and one pet owner we talked with... who doesn'consume marijuana... says this problem made its way to her own backyard. nats of barking at 13 years old... nats "good girl soph" sophie is a member of the family. sot courtney olson, pet owne "iwas like the most stressful puy paing nighof ves." olson h hnd had just finished dinner... sot courtney "at 30 wnoticed she starte acting all crazy, like it looked
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she was having a seizure." and things only got worse. sot courtn "she kept shaking uncontrollably and ery time we uld pet her she wowhince and she couldn't stand up and it was just horrible to see her that distraught." not knowing what was wrong, th took sophie the emergency vet. sot courtn "we walked in and they we like do you have recreational drugs in the house, and we're like no, and the only thing she had done is s was out in the rd, we let her run around at night." they did blood work and found sophie traces of marijuana in her system... sot dr. john suddeth, vet "we are eing aot more cases of marijuana toxicity in our area." veterarian dr. john suddeth says most of the time it's an accident... either aarijuana edible is in the home.
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jo suddeth "most of the time it doe't result in deatbut there can be in the oon case... there's not much they could have done. they say they'll try and check the yard more often. veterinarians say if you know yo pet consumed marijuana.... or shows signs like seizure, depression, loss ocona.. brin ta vet ay. the fbsa it's the number one scam in the country right now. crinals posing as i-r-s agents make threating cal or sending emailsemanding money... usually in the form a prepaid debit card. the i-r-s does not call about tax debts withoufirst mailinan official noti. local accountants tell us ... these scammers wanyour personalnformation. "ty're trying to get your socialecity number oth informatn that they could use file a fraudulent tax return." thlodo attorney gene sent an alt tohe mia
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meone demas a prepd card for any ason, st hang up you can also reporthose scam calls and phishing emails . we've posted contactnfmati at topping ur eleion watch this afternoo-- tonight republican presidential candidates will face off in another debate... but... they will be one candidate short tonight... dr. ben carson says he will not attend the f newdebate in detroit... signaling he may soon end his campgn... after a poorinish super tuesday. althgh he has not plicitly said- he's leaving the race... rson says he sees "no path foard" to the nomination. he ss he'll further clarify things tomorrow... during a speech at a conferee in maryld. donald trump was the big winner on super tuesday - and he's poised to take another big leap in delegates nt week. and his poti - ny e
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gone into fullack mode to stop h campan juggernaut. ted cruz znd marco r io are baling to catch up ... and won't be easy, with sixteen coests over the coming weeks... brian mor "moore" has the story from whington. -------pkg ------- war of wordsetween the multimillionaire who won the gop nonation in 2012 - and the billionaire who's hopingo win it in 2016. mi romney: s/ mitroey / r former preredential candidate :10 - :16 "donald trump is a phony, a fra. his promises a as worthless degree from trump university. applause " and donald trump. s/ donond trump / r pridential candidate "mitt romney is a stf." it's nothing less than a fight for thheart and ul of the repuican party - with the viable field now down four caidat taking the stage r tonight's debate in d troit. roey is giving voice to party insiders whoelieve the brand is being hijacked by someone who talks like aepublican ... but has a history of plang th sides of the political field. s/ mitt romney / r former presidential candidate :41 - :49 "mr. trump has changed his positions not just over the years, but er the course of the campan,
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daily for three da in a row." butrp's strong sup tuesday showing demonstrates he's got plenty of supporwhere it counts at the polls. donald trump / r ppesidential candidate : - 1:07 "y"y look at what's happening g you seveon a lot of diffstates but maybmomportantly, llions and millions ofeople are joining the republican party d going out to vote." the publan party - fighting to win, with without donald trump. --- rerter livi tata--- d if the republican inders are going to stop trump - - based on thels and the iuary calendar they have about two weekektoit. m brian momoinhiton, now back t)ou. republics are lding out hope th eveif trump takes an insurmountable lea- he might not grabugh delegates s clin the nomination. mocrs ananrepuicicicmay not agree on much of anything, but they do agree on thihi that colorado should go back to a presidential primary rather than on have a caucusus e huge cros tside demoat
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appear tpat participation was , , t threcord number 122-thound demomrats actually esd only a 14-percrct turnrnt. ucuses are honly once -- at 7:00 a tuesday nht - - meaning ifou canan makit, , y0u cat participate. with ariry, ballototar iled out threeeekc bef the election aan be mailil back or dropped f.leaders s parties say that would dramacally ineasesesetecitatg. e had a significananan of voters who were angry & that they dndn get to exexeses their vo for presidede "i would sasaitit notal. i ieie, it wworks to some extent, buink k e signit biarchaic.">reststing a primy d reire apapov by ththstate gislatate.e. both partihey're pressing lawmakers to make it happpp for the 2020 presidential ecean.n.n.nnpn ter the break --- ( we'vepgot t closer look at where coloradodoprings rankshen n
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t first yoururxtenend recast wiwiwieteologist stephen bowe stephe betil hehehellish f our r ekekbut w dodo the wewefnd lo? i will s s syoyo@
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r the brea
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avononlelestl burnin the midday hou the weather willome in to pl th aftereron in bobo gan bad ways. one good tng i ithere is far less wind. southeasastoorthst ulope wind. sle winds helplpo increase humidity, and thth will aiin the fi fight. ononss- than-goooonote, however, is that even with ls windthere will still beomwind. it wl blow at 10- 1515phphhis afternrnn. gusts willllo upupoward 20 mph. whwhe at isn't abad as yesterday, it certrtrly dodot makaheheire ght any easi. ththt air thinin e fi will l se rapaply and draw in air araund the firere that wilcrease the win ththimmediate vicinini of the fire, whwhh h n alal complate the fire fig. our tempererures are in th50s athe noon ur.
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ward 60 aroundolorad springs wiwi mid-6 aund pueblo a caon city. upsle wi llllavav at least a a a clds, t sun n ll shine through the breaeastusrm io t f 60s thth afternoon, even if it only happpps brfly. ppect 50s ihigh evatitis arou monumenenand woodland park. ililgin cooling 5 pm, bu50s linger ththugh 6-7 pm. thenene wi cool through the 50s and into theheid- 40s by 1 pm. thhigh"clouds ststamininin from o west aren't an sue for tod. ere morerehickerudud st of ver ah and nevada. pltymoisture s seaeing off e pacififiwill help brg so high-elevation snow d lolor-elevatn rain t t ceral and weweern colololo tomorrowownd saturday.
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ththcontinental divivi, , we wiwi not s anythg moro thahaha the clcl here in southeastete colorado. ththhigh pressure ridge buckling the jet stam north othe of us wiwi ge upome groundnd allow the jet stream to flatten over us s tomoow a a saturday. by midday saturday, , , rsofengy pp wiwi be ebarinthe califoia ast..s an early sign of a chanan in n e weather pattern
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bring sosooticeably coldereriranpepeaps evev slme moistutu to s sthehstern n lodo. aufufuweweher wiwiwiinis# f f e week and carry oveveinto thehweekend. ghs will be in t 60s 70s througthe weekend. significant cooling g ginsn momoayayay bececorer notiablen tuesy. thth cooler air will comomwithth some precicitaon late moay and tuesesy. now itit t t%4%4r this week's sku#report with news fiv meologt.... caee hoffman overall a pretty dry week inhe
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ightlyven nhough there was not ananbundancef new snow itststill goio j a eaeaweekekd to hit the slopes-. t e last days keysto and copper r untains onon had an inch oflsnowowhile land a breckenridge had 2 inches of f f h powder...l.lkiki ahead at lovand d k%ystoto highs will be the 30's and 40's friday y slight chance for ra nwiththngsnowown the evening d gusty winds up to 4mph... turdrd mostly sunnskies wiwi highs a few degrs warmer but winds still guguing to 30 mph.. on sunday st sunny with the chanceoror rain/snow mix the ev...similarar conditiot enridge and copper mouains with ghs theand 40 on ay and a chanan forornow in the evening thenenaturday mostly sunny.. gusty winds.. and highs a fefedegreeeerm then sunday wawa and sunnyor the rst haha of thy with slslht sw w ancend night... remember y#u can always get e test ski conditons on ouw
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for those of us whlive's nrprise that colorado springis rankeas o of t e best placeceto livivin the untry. a "u-s-sews and world report" ranks colodo sgss h... beinout famousetro are like bosto seattle...and d.c. at a meeting w wnesdsd, yor said t ts rticicar publblation is w wl known n thebusiss community... d d ks the ranking could aw in mo people to o o city. thspngs ranked high hhhh rket, value d alaly life... but was one ofhe f f cities gea perfect ten in desisibility do p pcece "we're fortutute wve ia pce qh h unspassed bety, , eat cost of ling and it does atact yoyoyo professionals they reay do likeo come and live herereas doeople wawao coco retire here." :14 asasar as number one. people wananto come and retire here." :14 as number one... our neighbor tthe e rth, denver,
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a lot to lovabt rado. rosoun yestday was dr. suess's birthday!! and many of the news five team members cebratedreadad acro americaca", enjoying some classics. rob anlisahared some tim withoungngtudents athehe primrose schoo... reading "cat in the hat"t"ndh ocksksn fox" mike danis s readadome dr. seuss sics to kids at columbian emenenrychool l eblolo su acrcrs america day is celebrated every year ononarch 2nd.. on t b bthday of le writit and illustrator dr. seuss. and shelle went monunt academy.. nothis is some kid cam video atth g gder sam wahl corded. sam is i in their r hools broadcast jourlism class rig no.
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we're king a aloser look at
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w -- to help us s and in tod y yy family... spotliliting mens heheth.. memoriri hospipiis hososng a rch an-ns" event next dndny emphasasthe importrtce of disease preventionon and early detection for n. ctors say sometimes s n aren't thbest at goininto the ctororegarly - -but it neeee to b bdo so marchman-ss" is a fun w highlhlht the importance mainining a hethy lifestste --- everytytng from wheneno get ur cholesterol or prostate ked to when to get t colonoscopy... 48:454there are a lot of probleleut tre -- just simple blood pressure and do you have d bbetes? those tngs that we can't c`eck,k,e don't know at w whave it and ththefore e can't controllll when 's at a a controllabab level
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n tutuberg says doinlitttttt ingk non- give docrs a ads hoyo h hlth thfutu and cananven cucudown ofuture c c. there e ill spots available if you'd le to sign up -- - 've t t l the formtation for this ee event on oururebebte koaa do com.. our own sptstsirirtor grant meech will be the we'll igack thne last check of your trs
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ststhen bors..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, imagine findndg a 9 foot alligator... lurking at t t bmttom ofour backard pool.. that's elylyhat happed t t a family in floriday... ththomeowner r ys it wa actually a close call. because he didn't immediatel notice the lgegeeptile at the om ohis p ol.... untitiheheaw bubbles coming up
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thatn heotic the- pound gator... and d lled wildlife e officers- instead of jumpipi in f a swi.. p thanks forpending part of your afternoon with u for cocoinuous news ups alal day when you'rnot watching officers -- stead of jumping in for swim.
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afternrnn with us. for ntntuousews updates alal day wh you're not watching t-v,
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i'm a cronin -- for the e ws >> anner: thllowin is paid advertrtement
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