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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  March 3, 2016 10:00pm-10:34pm MST

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candidites ing for the e o-p nomition. highlightsrotonight's gop presenejal d date inour elececon watch hello and thanks for j jii u for neive at ten. i'sayden d i'm roquir onight's top sto, fa leaders in po are e w banding together to keep kididout of gangs. news 5's jessi mitchell joinsnus li frothsouth side with more on how they're using a form of vpplelee to rate tohese youngsters. how is thaworking, jessi? paors s om around pueb joined forces with some local boxioaches to start the "pueblo boxing a a amy" a couple momohs ago. theiclass has alaladadadububd inisize, andt's reachinto the heart of the mtroubled neigorhoodod past paumontoya is used to spading word of god the mostnliky ples -- he uses this low rider to get arnd
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cacatutm theheonversiotowas ththbible.e.cen s`own, we n%edey outhe. cece't dititll by themselv. he and othererocaleade ststted a series of weekly commmmity meetinin, allowing anyone t tcome speak and sha ideaeaon ways to improve thehe neighbhoods and stop the read of gang activity. e susuroject i ithth"pueblo boxing acamy-- now made up 43 students ranging f fm 5 to 40 years insteaof leaning othe ns, want to take ththaggression out in the tea them spt. sot: "i love e ery single one of my cohes. theyelp me out eveve night, push me tomy best." :05> they meeat thihilocakara hool while searchingor a peanent t mewherthey hope e to ao teach bible study, academics,ooking andrt. somef these e ds have never been to chur, didn'tnow nothing about chur. . now they'rhere ery sunday, thking godhat ey're in is program.
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"i tryryo go t t t as much as i can totory to relieve altys of stress s and d lk to o d and stuff li thatat0:> montoya a elf dodon't j st prend to k kw what these kids e gogog thug he spent six years in prison f attempted d er, and used that time to earn a doctorate in mistry. he hopes he can helplps find their own secondhde. myife was s mess at one ti. god changed my life e ound ife can do it for me, he can do it for anody else. ththe next community meeting is morrow night at 7here at victory life ministries on spraguguavenue. b_ng academy i )stilll looking for sosoone to donada a bininforothem to o e long-tm --heolic dert is rkto find ng`gininthat can bdonad as wl. 'll continueueo followowheir progress. live in pueblo, jessi mitchell, news 5. a li look noin pueblo from our news five studio clear ies and d oler tempmpatures right now... . lele forecaster mike daniels
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an update e current conditions. currrrt windndpeeds are much lighter than yesterday at this time. and the wind wl be light totoght. tellite pipiururhagh t tn cloudsdsave moved acro our area todayt t me further west more high level momoture andndhat is what will move our way tomorrow. some eore e gh level cloudat times. tonighghpaly cloudy skies s th pleasa temps. tomorrow will feature paly cloudy ses with rmer air. continuing coveragagnow: th 300-acre brush re, south of avondalal in "etern pueblo o county"... isow 8 8percent contaiaid. it sparked@hesterday.. investigigors say the wind& knocked do a power line. no strucucs s e threatened. xx
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theastside o&/colorado springs th mning fire crewsay it haened near sa creek. thth were able to t t ut fairly quick. there was no damamam xx develolong tononht: e park county undersherifffis suspended anana sergeant has it just one we aftft a deadly shoing. ondeputytyas killed, two othersnjured whihihiervivi an icic n ne nene bailey. park county sheriff "fred wegener" says s is s skeup has nothing to do with the shooting itself, burather, what ened withithe e e rt afr r@e shti heays the undersheriffffad er in ing tethe indentnt..and there e an rnal investition undwathntt asulof being moted. corporal "natearrigan" wasas killll in ththooting. a funeral for him will be held ter this month i iarda anthe u.s. honor r agagisacacin colorado toghgh on d dplay at platte canyon high school, honoring the memory of corprprp ne carrig. heheas an alum of e pa cocoty high school it will be on displar r thirteen hours...ahour for
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we are rembering a terrible agededin southern lorado that ppenen5 years o today. united flilit 585 s on final approach into the colora springairpor it crds intotoidefield@dommunity park. all 25 passengngs an membmbs on boa the 737 were e e kied. ruer malfunction rulem as the probable caese. today... flowers and momentnt were left at theorial site, in widefield park... to honor those who lt their lis. ththr names... etched on a bronze plaque, in memorandium. r thghtstsreith h l the victims milies tigig. xxxx a very scialomenenatat e e papa couououcommmmsiers etg today,...honororg the resilicycyf the pikes peakak region in the eake of deadly shshting incidents last year. the oclalaon r bd, in papapa "through tenacity in the face of adadrsity,...epaso county residenthaveveurvived d d emerged strong." while it recognized the immemee susuering,g,.it also pointed out the heroic efforts of vlians and fit responders. ey will mark
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aurora theater shoot james holmes was transferred to anototr prison partlcacae anototinmattacked him. e e ta hlala octerat aanitpron. newly reasedocumts sw w inte pd his way throh an opedoor and hit holmes in head. lm w w wot seriously ht in the attack, but a prison employoy was injured. the pron maintainsnso mistakes were me, but saythe cident is one he reasons y holmlm was transfurred to o o dierent facility in jajaary. officials rese to say wherer holmlm is located. he is serving life in prison for killing 12 and injnjing 70 others at an a aora a vie theatein july y 20-12. a shocking situaon... a death row inmate released from prisosn texas... is now accused of holdldg a woman captive in his coloradad home... and abusing her fonths. ininstigators say she was being heldn a home in the small town of gagaway, about 50 miles from grand juncon. they say t spectct claude wilkerson... red and kept a 26-yeye old
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months... allegedly sedated andchained to d..... whe investigators sashe was repeedly sexlly y assasasad. the mesa county eriff's office says aunway gi hped they say intialpld e n-----t away, d alerd authorites----o went to thhome to investigat = met with mr. wilkerson a d the e ungnlady...identmtied d at there was sosothinwrong...uldndf put (ps finger on it inititi knew by theay she wascting, the way she was interactg withthr. wilkersosothat something w not ght the susuect wareported,fed from death r in n xas, nea 30 y yrs ago, because of a a a tenicality in his se. is now w ing heldn n e mesa county jail, on a million dollars bo. . xxx a former colorado correctional office... has plded guilty to attempting to sexually assault inmatete 57-year-old "grery smith" wawa sentenced to 1 1 days s jail and 20 years probati... prprecutors say hearassed and intited inmates at the arrowhd d d ectionalalenter, where he had been
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xxxx vetens in our community will soon be e le tget ththhelp they need at the m/unt carmel center of excellencecece the w ceceer i iwowoing to integrate veteran services into e building. mef the groups t t twill have officesherere the u- s-o,o,o, el popor undationon and the e paso county workforce center a divisioof hum services. they wilall oving over t next couple of months. mot carm colorado opened a similiar center five years ago in tnidad, and sayaytheye[e proud to serve the colorado o spngs communty veveran,n,is famamy e actiti duty military in trsition can come to this center and wn give them m warm handoff withhatever ey need newswsive, and koaa-tv,...called thatuildinon the west ofolorado springng hom..for mpre than 30 yea. the pueblo community showed up to give input on amtrak's southwest f at a public meeting totoght. thththathereat t t health partnt to talk abobohe
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the countyas been raising money to makpairirto the existi raiailined amtrak isn the process of addidg 78 new miles of track. supporters say adding a pueblo stop would help both the local community ananthe railwawamake money. i think this w wld be huge for toururm here. we've got the bulliders asasciation. 've e t the state e ir, the cpililst there's a lot of things moving here in pueblo. organizers for the southwe chief campaign encourage supporters tvoice thei inionsnso elected officials. thez say the entire line is in dang oshutting dn wiwit reundidi. new formation tonight: out the new w und ofofo stutlworker layoffs ininueo. we firstold d u about this sterday...evraz anounced a temporary shutdown in part of it'slantnt we spoke witthe e esidt of pueblo's steelworks ununn o sa it cotake monthsr even yea to restor thososjo. rancncpay, he ys,...snsn ptl the coany callit a permamanttd his rk bstomplaint& hek ccation 're gettg enough
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the union and theye readin re ithe nenepar anananei tvhan wh they're hearininfrom the c cpava oe ion d ere's s lilile tratm t t a okmafor evraz ld us n emailed atemt: "w"w(w made adjustmentto o crewinlevelst the seamlele mill ovest year in response to production demand e to the downtntn in the oil sectot lininwith cururnt demand levels, we arereemporarily ididng seamls mill, which h pacts approximately 70 employees." police tell news 5... they are seeing rise in crcre ththur warmeme temperatates... as more peop get outde to o enjoy the ather. offirs say there are steps to avoid bea victim. if y're headed out...leaea your valuables at home andnly take at you can carry. dodot keep sre keys inour r...becae thieves will use them to steal your car. and if you go for a hike..carry
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looking ahead d r you no e bridge along g st t rockrimmon, betwtwn allegheny and eyeyagagagriveve. . ll s sn n ut dn sososows can replace it. we're told iwas clososmah 17th... rougthllinnday jn.. yoex lanosur inh dictns for s seral weafte dedeurs will b bin place. xx in your capitol watch: a news five investigates, followup. therers a new push by lawmers to allowisablelestudents to take medical marijuananana hool. jack law`wasasseselast year... but, no colorara d dtricic have d medical marijuana popocies. e lalaak behehd sayhe is tryryg again to introducece legislion reqeqre schools to come up with a policy. jejeie stos d her@son jackson are one of t t famies affected, hes in d-49, b b stays me often to ta his medion. 49 says thth are worried about long federal fding ithey allow students to take a fededelllegal dr in
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said representative singer we don'n'want your tax dollars anymore e cause you're part ofof state money laundmcheme. so if thcoern is right on one side, it hasasbeht on the other side too." thecololodo associatif school boards says they lie laws need to change on feder level before medical marijuana cacabe allow i schools. times, we saw flashesf bickering amamg the ndidates, at t/tight's gebate in detrt... b-c's steve handelsmsm mashe latest in your election watch. it was nasty. p versus rubio. . donald truru / r presidential cdada "thihilittttuy has lied so mumu." marco ruruo defend cal donald trumpmpmpnato sma. sen. marco rubio / r presididtial candite "if there is a a one wve deserved to bebettacked that way, it's been donald trp." ld trump / r esidtial cdidate "and he referredo my hands and their small... mething else must be small. i guartee ere is no problem, i antete" whoooo :09 the next f fht: primaries and polls... with tededruz.. nald tmp / /
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presidenti candidatete "just for the recoco, i've won . 's won what? 3 or 4 ???" sen. marco rubio / / r prpridential candite wo thirds of the p pple who have castheir votes in the republicrimama of caucus have voted agast you." donald trump / presidenti candidate "a national ll wheree's at 14he's at... and i'm 4se mao rubio / r prpridential candidate "he ses to hillary clion." donald trump / r presidtial candidate o i don't. tata/ sen. ted cruz / r prestial candidate e you wrote 10 checks to hilla clinton!!" johkasich whose home stata votes march 1h gogo john kasicic r / presidential cdida beat hilly clinton more an anybody, by 11 pots." the next f fhthtdiditrump on tape tell the new york times he wou t deport 11 llion miants?? sen. marco r`bio o r presidential cdidadada"t"t"t's a difference between flexibility d telling ople at youeed to to get them to do what you want them to do." " sen. ted cruz / r esidenal c cdidadadahy donon y y release`ehe tapas?" sen. tetecruz / r presidential candidate 'v'vgiven my a awewe lying tedn i've g gen my ansver." whoooo :030 mecalling. d an effort totoake down thehehe frontrunner while tere's still $ me. cruz, rubiand si, at t t
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uld supportrtrump if he is the nominee,nd, trtrp, who has threatenen to leave the party he's unfy denini the tiononsaididif one of th others wins, he would supvororor him. m m eve handelsman, nbc news, , detrtrt rlier today, mitt romney, ,he republican nominee for president four years ago,...called trump, "dangerous and a fe" trump`shot back,...tharoeyeyey is a "choke arti", losing president obama. f f the democratstshill ary clintotoanbernie sande w w w debate sundadain flint, michigig advdvce o othe primary. the search for sdiers is on. still ahead.... many women the military hire for combat job and:d:new caseseof the za vi surfacinin unitete states ere it'sn detect....rst t's check inh
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he cololado sps fire chief is ststpingng down find out how the department
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chchstopr riley... he e ads into r rirent. a look from camera o ab....d texas highs today the0'd 60's. current tempaturesll over southernrnolorado.... next w wther m, a coldront arriveveearly tomoow afternoon with breezy nortt wiwis but nonooisture. by ho, , o%ds w wl move
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tomoow, with good ming mpatur wilbemean totobefore the cold frfrt s.s. hihi tememratutus tomomooo in the 's60's and 70's. day forecast for the springs, high t torrow 65. . a litt cooler saturdrd wh breezy pm windnd sty windhbunday with hfire danger. a storm mzstememrrives monday wi a chahaha much needed moisture. muchchooler mondndndnduesday. pueblo high tomoow 73. a little coor sasarday with breezi wininin the afternoon. windy sunday and wm with a hi of 74. a few light showers possib monday pm with a high of 60.
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still tuday y th mostly cloudu skies. canon city high tomorrow 71. cooler areezy sardayay sundnd will be windy and warm. a few showers possible monday. woodlala park high tomrow . brzy and dry s surday. windy and warmer sunday. snow showers p psible monday afternoon into tsday wh much
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ha to believe...ut there's a ne f f m m@ @ ow in anchorage, alaska,a,.yes, it's true. so,.....e polar exprespullll into town today,y,y,o help start the famousitaroddog sled racac there wasnsn enough s ,.so ns of it was s spped in from fairnk normally, anchore would ha more than five f ft t sw byby now... buthey've only had half that. e e s on satutday. x x
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a special rise visit by the
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ththmiltary is now recruruing women for coat jobs. the marine corps eststates 200 wowon will move in ground combat js per ar. u.s.
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expeses onlyly smama nuer of women to volunteer for it's jobs. and the is llecting submissisi pacges s om prospepepee al candidates. say women couldldtart enlistedednd officerraining g this fall. the first caseofika rus hasaenenonfied ilaho. state health officials say two opleot sick afr traveling overas. twsevelslsbeen reedn lorado. thththpltraveledzi affected countrirind sinceoved. zika is most commonly sprere b mosquito mosteople don't show a symptoms but the virus is linked to birir d d dts. w w w ght: major u.s.s. aiaiinesre vying for approval.. totart flying g cuba. amican, alasas, deltlt soutest, united and jetblbe havevellllubmitted applications t tthe governmentt to4fly commercial seseicec the government says it will l allow 20 dly rountrip flights toa, and 10 other airpor in cuba. xxxx we c#gtinunuto track american astronaut sct kelly's return home. he flew into houston, early this mornrng..... ere were plenty y hugs fofo his family andlose friends.. ==
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i thought abououa a t ring thisear, is that there is no greater pryrilile than serving ououry, hover d wherever you might do it. thth mission is the lalast evememt in o couy's space program, but it's not be the last. there will bre. it iour a ofry to e elorewe mt never stopoioi this. m%m lele, we must learn, and we must discover. kelly's twin brother, mark also onand.. the two will underer medic stst to sdy anynyhahaes to scstt's health durininhis prprprged@time s sce. kelly hahaspenenmoimiiin space than mny otherermerican astronant. xxxxxx ki at memorial hospitatagot spesiasit toy fromomhe harlem globetrotters. "zeus" mc-lurkin" showed the ds somfancy bababall tricks and posed for p ptos. he says it's just part of an itiative thiyeararalled the "gat a aist." we're ju trying to p s sle on these kids faces who y no have had theheest of news in cece history..
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visit schoolsland t tk tokids about ai-i-llying rely cool she felt awfwf yesterday and was in b b bllllll andnd definitely lifteteher spirits -- somemeinspeceal anshe loves skball so worked out perfectly y the glgletettters will be t t broadmoor world arena next week. g ges ithe season -rerere d itito!?! maybe mororif they play like thth ain a signf things to come
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you k ow i never would have ,, in your hearman. kobe bryant t aring his thoughts peytomanng and hohohe should handle that evev important retiremen cision. & gameseseft for r e avan
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ayoff ancecehey n ste e . y de a rkye toto sure thezin theheun calv pickard gti t s foe avs 1. he'd'dp p rly.abndko..can my ptain,ifts i kside....1vanche. 2. tyson baie helping the cause....finds mikkel boedekerer ththnew y, with one--1vs. 3. matt duchene wouldututt ay, turns the defensound anh liftftit home....3-1 at that point. avanchbounce bacwi wiw-...3-2 t final f center. av fororickard mhim the number o o star of the night. er sce ive been drafted thteamambeen fst class the fans have be firir class and its amazing to winn front of them and we need t tkeep stringg some wins together to
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so it's esome. retiring froprofesonal sports is ea said than done... sore forced to it... guys like peyton manning a being forced into because of time. same thing happened toob bryant. the lakers future llllf famer ay hisinal game in nver last night and he was asd t s rerement decicin. travel... . missinfamily.. mainly s rs ononheody. s desi is no dbt the sa pro thaunng thru 's mind right no you caca makthe decisions on ououididinfluences@1susuesses s or failuer this is a persrsal decison... is is a very emotional decicicicio u have t tke thatrom withth... . right..... u nt cheatat game,ou canto that so nt havthat desirereo come bacand perform m n, so im not. rerts surfachat the broncos arent necessarily goinin
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decide bth9th deadline.e and that p psical... well is more of a rmality. march 8t8tishe itant day. soundsike the brbrs are king way`yn brock weiler. nationon repor surfaced totoy thatatheroncos havavmade sizable ofrsrso osweiler to s their quartek. rerertar oeiwants as much h 17 lllllls a seas.... epbrs want tkeep him e 12lion they want this s ne... eytot done by monday when exclusive netiatatg righ end. free agencncgins on marcrch.h. six mths away from tir first gaga of 2016ut airorcece back on the field for spring pracce. faons dododohaha tfill aonof holes oeiei side of the ball so theybe way ahead of schedule. the freshman classs piing up e slack ankekeg everyo's play aa a gh level. for us it reitjates what we know, , cacae we g to teach thembobo iand sharour skills. so spring is always a very important time for t team. seeimg youngeruys
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e older guys are getting bett because is like ban saididwe're stng to ach all these younr ys0and when you u n teach at tells you you real understd thteteal. septemr 3rd.d. the e rst home game of t t 2016 season. anor wching news 5 at 10:00. tomorrow mning join ira, shellene and steen for newew 5 todastarting at 4:. continuous n vs s -h-hrs a


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