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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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still ahead... heing veteransutut colorado... hw one nedevelopi center -% is working to o keeasier for our l heroes. pl....a e-wiwi ph to luor local gcery s ni ati o .... onop tit's od ia. ilost r on teeratur are in the 30s an 40s.s. clouds a a overheaea the e epds wilnot go away today, t tugh theyeyill come with socsional breaks. high temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s. i willllhow you what to expe this weekend coming up in weher traffic on the 5'3. - mni, thks for joioing othisriday mornin.. it's march 4th. i'm shellene cocel d i'm ira cr.`ouy ni-- coradoingss rile tretu toy. we fifit reported, the city made tnnncemonon
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fiepent adrs lo wre o isry. jojo... odornine.... chief ririhas en with e codoprprdeen year befo thae was wiwihepulo fpartme f seven. tother, , s career in firefightipans some 35years. riley saya "as trulyeen an noive rvine ty andomty alodede outsing n and womeofhe cocorado springs firirdepaent. the may so released a atemem t tnkinf ley r hireyear servis wi hhe best.poo ththmaearl th wk,nd cfi chi ley recven thsand dollar severance packcke. we asked t m mor for insiden why chis retiring heaid he w't discu it as it's a personnel matter. the search for a n n fire chief underway. in the meantime, deputy chief ted collas wl serve as interim ief. of ce,e'll stay on
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kt corepoinveven coloradosps,nna thananoanna..... w y. p coloradodoininolice ar okg for o sp w ck a n urg a ro.. itapisni near1sd-dodo po s sheicwas` walkininon the strt when twolen n - b bind d asted hi realthe ct h onlnor injuries. bo s spects are described as hispanic males in their twenenes with short dark ha.. if you know anything yououe asd toall poli. today..... a warnfrololadri li why ththe's been aise ininriri recently y we experience rmer temperures and mpele a outsts ficers sayre a sps t avbeg a im if yheedut youruaest homehe only take what you can carry. also... t keepeppa keys yououu thievesile them to steal yououvehie. laly.. if yououo for q kerry a
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happening today... the marijua task force will meet for a finin time e( to s their recommendatitis to thcity couil. th will be talking aut manan diffefenenitems includg zoning for -- licensed mijuana businesses, enforcement of pentiti restririns on rijuana grinoperio -- - redential zonendha tolicensing quirements. the meeeing is scheduled for -- onisfternoon -- tpis cferencro tens in mm on blegethe hep eyd atheheountntmecenter of cece the new center is workg to tegratatveteran n n ic into one building. some of the groups that will have offices there are the u s-o, t t el@por foundation, and the e p po county workforce center and division of human seices they will all be mover couple of mth ou carl cocoradoopened a simi cter yearsgo tdandays ey d to ser theolado
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ve d dy mili in anantion coms center a we cagi thehehe wa hff witwhat need newsive,e,nd koaa-tv,.....lled that building on t west side cololo ngs, h..for re than 30 y y.thbig push to fu strengeed o ocy stors! your c cice colorado will bebe visiti local s sres toy -- lklng to shoppers abouthe benefits of allowing sale of ll strength beernde inin grocery stores. organizers say allowing liqu leininceceto-- the ecomonby adding jobs andgeneti milof dolrsines. po to ft t t b fulreng banwi sales in grocerytorere-- cou go t ta statewiwe vote in november. her ana traffic onhes.
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the eblo community is showing support for a possible train stop in p`eblo. the county has been raisin money to make repairs to the existi rail line, and amtr isn e procof ainin78 nemimi tck. suters s sdda eb op wldp bo t toc anthththilma monene i thk is wouldhuge for tourism here. we've e t the bull riders s sociation. we'v'vthe state fair, e chili fest. the's lot of this moving herelo. orornizers forouthwest chief campaign eououge supporters to voice their opinions to elted officials. they sayayhe entire line is in danger o oshutting dowwithout
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l l rossri scolhaveeelebratin dr. sethy.. and happening toy. players fr the switchbacks ll read to stunts at global village academy in colorado rings. plays y aret"mue goezmarty mayb" "wam thoson" willdbe icatatg t. g withgy, t`e s ma, plers read to studen srting 2hihi ternoon.. thgo of ad aoss amic--s ehihin ad, and playwith the tm say y ey hope theyeyan insnsll students. lookinah.. happening torr.. a new teen cter in southern colodo wl ficily open its doors.s. a grand opening ceremonytarts att the trlay monuntayayemon rbon
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d d llll a tour of thenew orzeay tentewill p more 0 thousand middlanhi school kidsdsith a ceray locad in ac. elasan of tete hoolctivities. stilahead... in your hethy family... rms-on is in f fl swsw ra wel t%ouyou n doto proroct your`childrenmh
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and k% tm outp thehspal ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, in today's your healy family.. ren sorn col 's r- - v as which is virus th looks like cold at first but cacatulyause tis anpneua in en righno abo halthe kids at memori central have so type of bronchitis oror pneunia.. for kids under t t- bronchitis cair ty rways ell... mpms mtaild
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aftea ys -itge wse th thir ur day y minoie tngs li tm viroubleatin breathing harder where ty have retractions s ere they pull on eir skin around ri or ck ananthat tells that th're usg their scs toelp breath d ose things yt wafo know wh itime to got to o doctor or th hospital. for treatment... doctors caprovide suppt likehe oxygen, suio aluid d d e e wayo evene spread .maururpr kids wh thr hands frnt-- a d lethem m are things like cu.. weather and trafd c on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is
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,,,,,,,,,,,,, this mornins health h. ki amoalospil gea ecial visit cheer them up! wasll smiles yesterday as rlem gtrotot eus mcclurkin" sd ese e ki some coolcks nd d phot,. he says it'sart ofn inittivehis ar called "the great sist". we're just trying to put smiles on these kidfaces who may not have had the best ofin recent history.. and also pt of the itie weisit schools andalk toto kids aboutnti-llying it waseally cool shshfefe awful yesterday and was inedll day denite lifd her sps -
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and she ves baskball so it woed out perfely e obetrotters ve been arou for 90 afs. anneee'll be the oadmr wod arena -- as rt of their tou sty we swed how pot ediblecan angeus for gs.. t s also somethi me mm. at aotusat -- than be poisonousor our four legged friends... we all know chocole is bad for them... bua common sweetener found i someing most of usushew... can be even re dangerous! "nole zymek"as the story --- pkg sot:eni hargrove conr, dog r a contaer of m my g bag a a tum in , about 25 to 30 pieces... weuskindf toer, ncerougog av bellhe." buan hlale iwas rse. sot: :eni hargrove connor, dog owr "she wasn't stding on r own,
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fall o or." je had nid wwrl 9 anear r d daugs membed rdi sur-free gumontath tenexyli whi iexemely xi ds. they rushed dancer to the vet... i hargrk connor, dog owr "that's when dr st@ haveeay bad izd this was on my girl's lapspshile they were holdg her." sot: dr. raegan wells, veteririan "per blo sarroed to @ erouy w lelelc." dr. raan wells c f dcer. she ent o ysn icu. dr.raandstenaan eceivingngroune k intenscareupport f helive" oftetis whens s lil poong, ,hell ffiver flure sot: jeni haro connorl dog owne "we kind of ited for t vt 72 hour mto happen and d just prayed and she made it." 2 weeks later -- dancer is still medation totsupport herer liver. t: d raegan wells, v%terinari "sust a wowoerfudog and we're ththled that she's ck home with hehefamily." learned a bigigesso. have cnoogner "xylitil is exenely leleal, / / ely toc c ogs." s s now wants toake re others are aware of the dger by postg this video on fabo sot: jeni hargrove cr,og owr lt like we dididt ep our dosafe. it's just like cld. enou hleouou
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medicineneup, you ke b bache and poisonay fm yoprs d rely t t sthg need do if u' g g t ttathspsi _ having a dog.b still ahea.. in nour nsumer wch... ththpost offffe is honorijg gvr super-bowl champion "denver bronon! we'll tell you how you can get
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st..hat'ne. omomba. inhis rning's nsum wawah... right now there's a push to recruit more women in the litary. specifically for combat jobs! the marine corpsstimes 200 women will move to ground combat jobsbper year. buthe speciaoperatn an exs all vmbf f n olor 'ss.ght ththnavy is collting suission packages from prpective e al candidates. if you're interested... they say wen could start
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and officer training this fall. we have new information this rnrng... abouthe new w ununofsteerker lay in eblo "evz"uncea teorary shwn ipart of it plan.. we'v'vlearneitld te months or even years to restore ese js. that's accordingo the the presidenof pueblo's steeeworrsnion... o alsoays that severan pay isn'an option until e company calls it a permanent utwn his wos' cais lackf f icat they're not getting ough formation n om t compa or thiod ey're reing iwsper d ng it on t tn what they're aring omomhe companyr the ioand dhe's a lerutiith at speswomafovr n emateme "we haadjunt o inlevels at the seamless mi ovethe pa year in on tprodtion dand,
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ininwint dd vewerarily id the seamless mill, whh impacts approximately 70 employees." we're still ueeing ls of bronri across lora... wes r the tebiper bo 50 n! now the the postal service is celebrating the victory with ctiblenves takeoo starti thiweekend... fans can buy these new strked envelopes from local post offices. th feature a hquality of bosye-tbrcocogod e per
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our p y at 5-30-oro rirehief c riley etreti today asase t reportthe ty made the announcement t esday.y. news 5's'soannnnwise i ilive a e fireepartmtmt headquarters colorado springngwith more on this sry na... gogo morni... chchchrilelebeen w wh the e colodo sprprdedet r three yearar anbefo thas pueblo firirdepartmentor seve algether, his career in
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ar riley ys "it h t tly been an nor and privilege rvivg the city and comomomtylolosidede e outstaing men anwomen ofof the coloraprgn fe e dermrmt.y soease em tbing ieri r s rerears of services and shshsh him thed.we ske tthe yoea is week,onrmed riy wieceive a80 oundndolr r rance packe. we a aed the mayor for any inside on why the chief f retiring. he said he won't discuss it asas it's a personnnn matter. e sesech for aewirchief is undnrnry. in t meantimepy ief asasile as i ch of cououe,ll t of this stondringou t statn ai kdom. pog g ve icolora spngoannse, news5. anks joaa.& mornini firircrcrs will he back out to battla 300 acre brush fire burning in pueb coun. right now the blble near da i i-perernt
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fighters will continue to work iso co flfles. crth're signififant progre.. been porting. stuarthaten storsay sparked wednesday when wind knocked d wn a a wer line. new information this morning on tht ll out at the ouy shshiff's office.... after r deputyas kilild in t the oduty last week. we've lened d under-sherififif has beenuspended and sergnt hasuit. pa cy iff red wqg-ner r wegenene says thishakeupas nothtng to do th t t shooting itselfbut rather, what happened within the departmene after the shooting... where one deputy was killed and two others were injurud --rvg an eviviion notice nr babaey says rsheriff had n pog ter the cint... ananthrgnt qui resusu of being g ted. there is an internal investigation underway. . corporal "nate crigan" was killn th shoing. a furafohiwi bheld latethisth in va in honcooralarrigan.n.
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honor s onisplt plat cn gh hoil epe thn dety a alum. . will be o o olay for thirte hours... an hour fofoery year carrigan ed at the sheriff's dertment. the're ior this rninonorear shooter james lmes was transferred to anoth prison. wly y leased docentseveal was ptlbebeuse otot in aackehi itapppdla octobobt a canon city prison. according toccuments. . the e&te phes y throh opedoornd holm in the head. . holmewasasot seriously hurt,t, bua pris employee was injured. e prononays no misiss were det t e inntntone ass whols wawa tranerred a ty ijay. fials sesawhe holmes is located now.w. hes serving life in pron for killing 12 and injing 70 others for the july 212 attac hon of the resililicy a strengththf the e kes peak
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st yeaea.. e e out. y lliciaiabebenown "mamah ur a aonomer y". el pascounty comisons announced the proclamation yesterday at a meeting...saying "throuou tenacity in the face e e rsity,...el so county residents have survid emd ng ilileyognid thimnsirg,... mmisnerslslsou the roic effor of f civlians and first respoers. timeow f weather and traffic t ts. meteorolist stephen bowers is
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looking ahead yoyo.. the bridge along wt ckrimmon, beeeleghenen and grey eagle driri... witi soon shut down so c c can
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we're told -- it wililclose rcthth. roror/e foloowg mondayay in.. anu u u ex lanosurur oth directioio for several weeks after. detourlllle in p. in pueblo... ith s e ndg geth to keep locids ou of gan. antheyeye usg a rm viceceo teteo thte. storororwiome local l xingngngches to start t thblo boxing academya coup monthththo. their class s s already doubleta in siz--owade up of 43 en rangg om 540 yea old e etatoc s sool whchinfofoa permanant where ho talsoch b s, em coong a a a. . ds have ne enenur, dndnnono nothing abououchurch. nonothey're here every sunday, thankingngod thathey're in this p pgramam "i try to go there as much as i can ryo reevl pese
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that." p the boxing ademymys ill lkg fofoondo aldfor ththo loerm... and the police department is woroing to find a a xi rg atan be&nated as well.l the xtommunini gang & even itanit at at ctcty fe misiss. still ahahd... a diurbingngtory o o of western colorado... where a a rmernmateld a a woman capti andbused herepeedly.. l tell y how s was fiableleo get lp a dung months sf horror..... plpl.. insultsts. kes ananbs as the o-p p candiditesefe off in the r whhous avthghlighghf la
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,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, welclce ck.... today.y.
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rereased decades agogo. bk ustoton codo.. cucuofofol ahossomananapti i is s asi her f#r#ronlns! investstators say lae win"... was keeping the 26- year-old woman in his h he e gateway, abou mesesrom and juncon. . lice s -- over four months. the e e n was sedadad and chained toti bed... where she was repeateded sexually a a alted. thmesa county sheriff'ofce@e says a rway girlng at the me.. helped "lkersoth ve she eventually lefe home a alerted authoritabout what was going on. that's when a deputy wen the house tonvnvga. t t th mr. wilkersoand the young lady....dentntntd thatatatre w meing ong.coul't hihi fier on iti kbye way she tie wa she was interacting with mr. lkerson thatomething w not right victim evelly le wit thdeputy. heidentity hasoteen reas. right now ilkeon" is b held in the me coujail...
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tetes -- 30 ars s o becausof a technility in his case sthtas onee e st heatedededatesthe e 16 presidential election... th 3 of the t remaining g-o-p candidates fiercely attackin ea other. spe allthensts.. deahe cdada and on several pressing sues.. "tracie popop" has thehilili. inrt p---- trumbi:00-04 this little y s liededo wewe beyond the bickekeng... b cr :05-0naldarnoto iru.tit's's cplicthe nameallili trum:09-1.1. excusee. excuse me. i've given my answer, lyin' ted. the insults and acsations trum4-4- dot y about . don'n'n'rrabou l l ma iil welllet's hear i binaldldntleleemenen ye doo bebe tth. cruz :214 i don't thinthe peoplef america arinterereed in bunch h h bickering schl ildren. there was... sutance in the foxews channel debate. most of it directed at the frontrunner. cruz30-330
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hillary clinton to be esesent 2 28? t :7 7 acally it warororo it. as motshaenend trtrisew hlah antrump :4 you ave blion yeye llll yo num d a up,ir trtrp uxplainenewhy hehaed posions on syrn refugees and gut worker vas. trump :51-54 i'm softening the position because wewewee to have talented people in this cocococtrump's refusingngo o ase a a new york times tape... that reportedly shs hi backckg ofbuilnghe wall wi mexo. bu admitititru 1:0;;07 you haveo e toave so@ exixility, somnegotitin. rco bio and john kasich h agreed - we now need tops in libya a, go after isis kasich 1:13-1:1515 we h he e b bthereron the grou i isignificant numbers. what did trump thi o othe debaba? um1:17-1:2:2 it's'settiti boring.g. t/ d in we il, i did thk it was g gngng bmorereic meanwhile... form republipridentiaj nononee "mitt@romney" is weighingngn on t t race e the white house... ery he sed dond um.
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ont-erho a aud. aleletrum@aul who ats amerera' fufure... stssing that ted cruz, marco rubio or john sich are better republic presidential nominees. romney ao ok jabs atillary clinton.n. stressing thth a t tmp motionounsurhe victor@ st tod c w wbegin diggg onmina pe fnt mhiasar t c cy d statat rereval plan... the are at least 8-thousus linenethd e e reed..after e city'saterupply,wantamamted the lea pi so today.. seral u-s resprerentives from the house and senate ar heg to f fnt tspeak withmilies ated t cits ter isis. todayb.. closing arguments are set to begin n"heherin drews lalauiui.. ththbroaoaasteisisuing man whetly toooonunu videos ofhe a nhv lot i 2-08 andnewewislsthho management and hotel owner.
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we... andrs ui for nlilinc sif prac fltionnadistress and isiseeeengngmillion dollars. me now f weaeaer araon the 5s. memeororist hebowersrssp
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dadaers atiolice rs in south carolili alalcaht on camera... dashcam video showpolice pulling over two shoplifting s-spects...
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hefteingng estioned - -drntnta patr car! ca.. engesisi. onoffir shot theriver in e m. she was charged d th shoifng anan'hit andfrununun day. we'll learn more about astronaut sct t lly's memen spe.this mororng... nasasal ld brig... st daf ker o eart kelly hiin bth wilundeo teing..... sorcheanter dend toll o gravity" tooon astront's bodydy asase've breporting... kelly spent 3434da abobod the rnational space station... lly says wle his missionas an impor o, he k it ju onofy reor theu-s ace program. stl ead...
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peopqum! 'l' ow y hisressiv
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you t want to mimu! welcome back toyn.. an@egyptian student living in angeles... is facing deportation... after making`geath thrhrts against spubububn presidentiti candidate "donalum thth-ytudydyg a pilot t ol wle on a
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he posted a ststement on ceceok s sing he wou be willing to kiltrump anthth world wod thank him for it secret service agentquestioned the student... and he was arbrbteteby immigrion officece. a deportation hearing is scheled for today. athis sight fpthe asof mexo! marine biologists spted an no whaha swimming with her normal- colored lf the bright white wle, which h h actually a "gray whale" has been ven the niname "llon of milk the masasve maml -- was first spotted years ago as a baby. we've own you other albini als likekeigigs ey bututhe aron f domented - me mms! ynknk imimsiveve take a look at this whale! this beluga at a japanese aquarium is impressing people with a pretty cool trick! thwhale can blow rings in the water and then swithrough trainers spent t yea teacng thelayf sip-year- old his w trick.
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ter more than years of rve firig radoprgs fe chief chriy is rir we'll ke a look ck at his impressive cr a statwide push to get liquor in local grocery stores! how ororzers sti outut today... cnce op tit oda... d ho will osour economy! temperatures are in the 30s and 40s. clouds are overhea the cloul not to away toy, thoh theyeyill come with some occacaonal breaks.s. high temperes llin t s 70llw wh tct thisn we& affic on the 5's. go morning, thanks foroining us on this friday march 4th... i'm shellene cockrell. and i'a a on. our sty 6 a.. corainirie ris riy --


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