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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 4, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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tonight, trump's about face. heeverses whate said just last night in tt raucous debate about toure, and it's hardly his rst change-up. what does trump really believe? new evidence. the o.j. simpson saga back in the news with a new ist. a knife found years ago on his former estate. why police are only just now testing it for eviden. hotel horror. followindays of tearful testimony, a jury will soon decide whether to award eri drews $7million after a stalker secretly taped her inside her hotel room. and stopping peanutllergies. what docrs say you could be dngow that might prevent a lifetime of ptentially deadly complicationfor your child.
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right now. >> announcerfr nbc news world headquarte in new p rk, this i"nbc nitly news" wi lester holt. 2go evening. republicans voti i i fourrimary and caucus states tomorrow may b,rying to prsress taaway om lt nigh bata in deoit. d e schoolya bierantaun that we've n/w ce to exexct, the deba did resurface some consteio on keyues by front-runnnn donal trum and he f llowed p th up today y th r surprpsi aboututacecece whilp'mpmpgp has erviou miseps, it's yet @ anototr rerebd wowos s ndacy p :inues conond his s iticicicd fudddddd pontntntntntnt c's ty start us o o tonighththt orr: d d dd d trump in micicgaga today. >> i'm goibe so presidential. i'lllle soso presidentialalhau people w wl l screreing loosen up! >> reportete bututho is thehehel nald
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'vneveveen successfsfsferson who 't't'txixi u haha totbebe flflau learn. >> reporter: the front-runner still throwi jabs at his opponent. & >> you draudud the peop of fla, little mco. reatht, breathe, p the. l lng t.. >> reporter: still hardrdo n do. s shohois any of 9dhdhellilike it is? >ell, in iststsi i d meanan aqaq thininhaha to o stayn afafann n fofoa whil >> repepteterump's flip flops, head-spinning, for gigi@see r r refugees a am and then againstt andndnd fofo taxin companieses whwh moveeee overseas >> what are weweot gog to eat anymore, oreos! >> reporter: but against crititism that his owowline of ties and shirts are made abroad. >> ty devalue their currencies, and they ke it iossie for hing makers inin this country. >>epor last ninidefending tataetininthf mili of tererriand d waterboarding saying the litata wilt t follll h hrdrdr. >> they refuse. they arerereo rerere me, believe >> repeptete but agaiait it today teing "the wall street journ quote, i wilnot order a military officer to disobey the law. >> to o greaextent a
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voting for him without knowing what he migh do a apresident but bally saying ts is sne i like. >> reporter: today mi romnesayinge codn't hold ba his disdn. >> but the timcame when donald trumums ouage d reacd such level that i i simply had to spea out. >> reporter: a a although his opponents claim ump has insults instead of policy, will lose to hillary clinton, destroy the partrtan perhs the country -- >> this is a time for seriousness on thes iues. you have yet tswer a single serious question about any of th. rter: none of them refus their eventualupport >> i'll _uppt th republan nominee. >> y, because i gave my wd tttt would. i will support whoever is the pupuican nomin for bpresent. >> repororr: donald truwas supposed speak k cpac totorrow, e coervavaveathering stead abruptly cancelling it today foa rally in kansas morrow. so0f0f this campgn" reived mixed ceptio a amila gather. ky, thank
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for trump's remaining rivals to support him ife's the nominee as you heard them promise. thththll, of cours pet don't come thaut they may have less thth two weeks to stop his s momentum. nbc's hallie jacon cpacach mo. is at cp witmore. hallieie reporter: goo evenene. lester. here3s a lot of talk about that never trump movement, but better name for it for some may be nevev u uil november as all anti-trump candidates plplged thr toyalty y toonaltrump ififif is the/nineeee still, a a three will l fit ferociously y er xt 1days to y and d event that from happening. short term ted cruis lookokg at`louisiana, libebearian-leaning maine and hoping r strohowing an t, bu is marcoio w wh three stops tha state today a,one. both of them, plus john kasich, hopes chigan could be a state where ey can trtrd topple trump,
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date, that's march h 15th, the home state showdown. rubis s w a, kasics to n ohio. if they do and pick up valuable delegates, en everybodytays in the race since all - ree see naow although unlikely@ paths to vicry tween now and th summere th you shouldn'n'expecto see them team up to try and take down trump tataically. but if trump winboth p florida a d d ioit okoklikeust a matter of time befor he hits that mag number he eds, 1,237 leletes,o march 15th, ther trump thprumptiv minee or w wok :headed to a contested nvention in cleveland. fopeople who cover litics it's catnip, t for the gop it could be a watershed nt that reshapes the epture of f e pay, leste and one pother noteteor y. late tonightere at cp b b barson p foally suspending his campaign, offifialal mak 99fo-man r r r plester? llieijason tonight, thank y y. ( the latest jobs report is out and last montn exeded p ::exctctio, ththu.u.& fd 2,nene in febebarartiti eeeet esesmama
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e unemployntntate rereined sy y y 4.9%. much othose new jobs weredded in health care, retail and bars and restaunt >>jo arererect atlary clililili cuononodayn buonon&. 99again waserer& ivive e, sererer er c se clilton agerero move f feyontnththntrsy, and she pes thatatordsds- om f fmen%ai granted immunity will helper do o .nbnbs krkrwelk plaiaiai>> reporter:ith the :igan primara on esds @voi tday inin arp cucu i&i&ax breaksor compapapa a outsing jobs erer s safafevevevevy y atat american workers are the best in the w d. all ey neeeeee a fair chance. > reporter: but her private e-mails s s conoinin tom la nbas cfirm erlier bryan pagliano who help set up her private e count wa d mu to4
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llininwhwhe thehe e ((( y`have bn n n e as ere e nlnln intion t the e-e-ilil wewew ever hackckngngngc'c' johnhnarwoodowt has be opering g d giving format or wld you cdcdthththtapeopop whoke for r stata a departmemeerereroppypy t t t z zoudddd top secret atio no. eportet5 todod p donald truru sing ppmas s bernie nd onlhope. . >> t onlthing thahah n if is ink llllllllwjththegegegto the e-mails. >> reporter: meanwhe, sanrs keptpthe on the ffenen hiliz cli wasas ononheheth sidofof ny of theseptre && reuprtrtg nafta.a. >oztelinton&& dsmsmsed d e ititism and savad sharpest attacks last night's gop debate. tcocomymymymy shouou be e t t topop&
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- prhas wawa basiab rtrtugug. . >> reporter: clinton and sanders will face off at a debate in flflt, micicicn on sunday pectctananrs t n beben ta mode, but secretary intotohohoto be e cacaful l t totoititit@ttttt back too hd alienate his s s pporrsth trs she w sheheoeoemakekeke the generaration. seses >ririen, thanks. >afnenely 2 - ararhehe.j. . . . simpson case ibaba in the headlines with a surprise revelation 000 a k kfe was fndnd yars ago o simpsps's ate. thth pototttalal evidedce was kep invnvtitorsrs handndununununout a a ntagagag night ththifi@is beininexamamed b b li, bubuso are already y ststg g g doubout whether it actually be the murder weapon us in the double murder. nbc "delele" rrerpondndtdsh nkiewicz h h monon the w wpwpiv thi stilopen case. >>epte todayayhe lalalconed that ofofofirirfficers 9had this knifi in njnj poesesosor some time, evenug investigators were only able to take
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st janua. it'r' s totour lab. g g g to ststs ititndmjne ititototll fororsicscscs clogygand dna and hairirames, 9and th is ing g speak ter: the story police are bng told voonst rkererfinding thth all l ldlng knifef e they w we inin work on o.j. spson's's's's rmer prortrtin l.l. a aer it buyuyuyppp&& they g ge it tw dpoli ofoicic working off duty at a movie shacross thehest&. c cimsh w w t/t,t e seseaslosesese and d d hungnonoto @ the e ife fofombof y s s ought t our atn at this tiredffffer ha andeity bebeev@r@r@2 s ssibib takaka omlmrmrmcoveveveom - roroqoghamame backthe 0s. onceceard aboulu we fold d recocococothat frfr him. >> would y y please ststd and fahe
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mpsowawawaied f/r 1994 5 ede of e ewifefeicolel r friend r goldman in a case e to every p set in america. in an interview airing isisisisy, fmer t rosor marci clareaea to elinin"" irhe e e e e sense of loyaltltof inven inrotoctinan afrin-ererercon who obd ma it.t. he was succecefu he hadadade itititit< thth did not wananto see m m k n down. >> not guilty. >> reporter: the defet was acquititd deite gnifict t idence agaiait t no rder weapopos everer found and d the f sees "the peopop p versusus.j. . mp has rprised inithe ratis as mananpeopop seem to want`tneneore dose of a s s s that won't go away. this is not the first tititi knife has madad tpoce.(other ives he been& itted d er t arar but this is the fifit one said to come from the simpson prprerty. >> the ne-month h h h criminal trial is ovov, he was acacitted.
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, d he was fnd responsiblbl don't see ananne osecuto.j.j.j. simpmofor ything related his case agaiai snoop night. . >> repte tonig muiple sources are exessing s#sicicm about thife and abouits possible vae in the casin partecaut t y physically be too o smalalto have leftft wounds on ththcts s pararbecause ittaizing, because e surfaced at pecisely the time atathts caseses once again on everyone'e' 0 lips. lester?r >> josnkwicz night, tha you. and a ramming reminder, "dateline" will air "the pepele versus o.j. simpson, p he j jy never heard"dthis sundayayt 9:00. eastern. > osing g g ments apped up le toto thehen a`drs s - vil trial. e spspts r rter is mandndnd$7$7llion after she was secretlz lmed in a hoxel by a man ter convicted of ttki her. and beginning monday the case will be the handndof the jury. wewgetore from nbc's morgqk radad. >> eriandrews is a 0victim. >> reporter: eri
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ng its last atatmpt t c cvia a jurypl emotionay dadaged fromhe stalker video at was secretly recorded eight years agat thehville rbilt marriot >> the trauma hahaens s day afteteday, andnd itititevereroi ttt stopop epepr: her lawyers arguing thatat thrmrm ownwn ment companynynyy g withthonvictct kemichaeae p barretet shoululpay y !andrew$75 mimimiiodiress and ss of ivac rlier thth wk drewsays she still haunted by i ily. s>goininto be on the ternntil i e. >>orter: but the hol l ys it did not give barrett her room number andas nipulalalain givg him the room nextt to pandrews. it also argued that andrew career has not suffered. ch >> mr.barretts a al, thers no questi aut at. unsel is trying t titi m cts to the crimimal, but ey had noththg d d dth that guy >> >eporter: seven da of testimorom
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leading up to this. not'sefttp to t jy, seven pmed fien theyrereivenenen guidance on w to assess damagbut no fid fofoa on how mucho awd,d, pecially when it cos emotional injuriri. nnessee lawyer jim todd says evennn i a ry does side wh andrews, theyyight nottgree wititthe 75 & llion she's asking for.r. >> ik for an i make 50 granan year.. a a a of moy. ll ge her 50 grd, y@u seeeeha i'm saying? the e e is goininto puputheir pepectcte of what money is on th cas >> reporter: the jury \ has chosen t derateten moay and court wiwi resumum at 9:00 a.a. nono i ith do o oooo in favf in drews,hat mean they will have to spthe amount of damages. er? >> morgaradforin nashville,hankou. > > > wly unsealed y boi krtinawn had several ugs in her system when she was fou facac d vn i i bathtub, bututt does not makeelearf h h dead was a suide, accident o ohomicide. 9rphine, cocaine, rijuan
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,,, we're back with encouraging dical news in the batt against a growing problem in the u.s. dangerous peanutut alleles in cldren. new research out tay uld giveew hope to parents of high-riskpk . itndndhat expopong chdren early, very y,ay help them avoid peanut allereres all together. nbc'c'erica hill has details. >> there yououo.o.o. >> r rorr: 3-yearld cole schorer was bo wh a gh risfor a peanutllergygybut instead of keeeeng peanuts t is diet >> y like those things? >> reporter: cole's father, an allgist, introduced them whwh he w w just 6 months there waw n ntific evidence one way thehether & about how to introdu anuts imo o justecid may as ll just give ito hihi >> reporter: it's the
5:48 pm
took witoldedeson calvin now 6.. fofoyears s nvenonal wisism was that h hh-risk childr should d peanuts, the mos prevalent food lereen before the age of 2 2 >> how about o o moror >> rorter:ow research@hs shshg whatathe schroer family leaed early on. p >> there a80% ductcteat allergie indidual iants a babies tt were posed peanuts rlon i ilife, so that's very volution reporter: t new studies published d the "new e eland` journal of medine" rtr support the thinng. the first foununmo high-rk k ildrdr who rerelarlnsed peanuts frfr the age mons until age remained alle, ev afavoidingea for anotheyear in a second study, researchchs found exposureo othe fofos at young age, inclinin, - yort, same a ite should a ect againsns alrgies. >>y citi to ik thth wcaha pproroh on eventingllergies, papaicicarly food allergies.
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99>> repepter:xperts recommend d nsulting wi your physician fore i iroducing popontiaiaallergen home i gotot. eporr: t t t p schroemimi is nfidid y exsureorked fotheir ys. neitr s develope a peanan allergy s a father reay de me bett t tt i ended uprobablbl ing the right tngng in terms of givinin c a calvin peanuts early. >> reporter: peace of mind for parenen and child. ericichill, nbc ne, w yo. upt here togit,hat itakes to get l ltle snow one of the world' most fams winter ents. ( bud d llins s died faaswhwh if ont-up c cld prt art diseas one. wiful thinking, rit? but there one steteyou can ke elp prevt another serious disee. pneumoccalneumonia. if you are 50 or&o,one dose oth nar 13 cine can n lp proteou from pneumoccal pneonia, an illnepuhat can cause hingchest in, diffulty breatng, and even putou in the hospal. evenf you ve already been vaccinate
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,,,, he is feing the weht of thworlrl again. ott kelly se amememan record th 9hisay`ssioto :the intenal spacstatioiout todaom ctello
5:57 pm
hire-entry to planet earthad be lvore efulthan he peed. @gple.%& & >>epepepr:r:acbe t t groqofor than 48 hours, scottlly sayse'e'still stststto l l linininin e "g"gomomg g ck tot avavaviv hader g gry. epepr: afterer :: yeaeaininpapa he-s-sar m m m m m m titiededededededys,,,,, . mumumussucuc moreore anane wasasfter an ieiefiveveonththth issue. >> ilso have an issue, you know, my skin because it hadn't toucucananhing f long, l ne y gniciciccontmtt, erer very sensitive to- alalst lilililiurning feeling ever i like sit lie k. >>eporter: doctors say he mlso ha trtrble eeng a first as he readsts to a normal day-nighgh cycle. s muscmay y ve weakenedn spe and bones ofn become more bttle, , d he sayse actualal g gw onand a half i i ihes in spapa because the spinal cololn sn
5:58 pm
nk back his rmal size. >>ravity heheyou being ck down to size. >> reporter: aig part of this mission, studying the health h effefefeof long ration spacelilit for a futurerear mission, compari otwiththis twin n brothe former astronaut mark kellyly back on earth, bh men undergoing exhaustive medicicic exexsoth i space and on the ground. mark kelly today. they have already taken 30 samples of ood.d. >> todid. >> reporter: jt totoy? >> 30 tubes.& >> reporter: !longngis 4-milliomimimimi urney his tweets with snnin photography yvicklkl went vir. back orth hihi first meme was a nana, ananafter a year withoutut shower he dreamed of jumping backnto his pool in houston. meanwhile, thahawhole gravitthing taking some time. >> i tried to oot some basketbalal sterdry, and i i dn't get anyf themem inhe -- in the net. >>eporter: settlg & backn afr a year up there. tocostello, nbc t
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> that wilildo it t t for us on a friday nigh m st ht.t. for all of uat nbcbc ne, thhananyou u r watc good nht have a goodkeke.ouou for watching.. goododight a a ae a good wke. e smoke seen the smokseen for miles across town. a possible explosion---a fire destroyes a colodoprings homee ttg the lalast abo at happened. mimi a ali d one e s sing. the push continues to allow fu-strength liquor salein g gri ststststs why someay, ''ll never work in cololado. hello evyone and thankfo joing us for news s at 6. i'm lisa lyden. and i'i'i'b ququ we begin with new information at six. manyill be gbbing a six pack fotheveneng, but notot at your locacagrocery store.& the grp "your oice colado"
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that,.,.allowiwi fulstreth be and wine to be sold wh your mk ananeggs. this is a story we have be acking f f fonths nono ne 5's brigroves is in@ monument where the group was earlier day. your choice colorado reps d a whole splay t up for grer store go-ers he earlrlr today. but thpuback is growing...the e oup keep codoocal.. says chaing our ates liquor laws wouldurt brew pubs an distilleriesesnd of cour liqior stores. ep i i ind if the bill doe pass srocece s4ores sitltlwluld not be able to sell hard liquor, so y would still to tliqu oresth. r 's test nt lore owrs. an exist on n0% ofpa a we ar pcentnt what ownerave lock sellst his liqour stsre in monument. "you've got people that ha


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