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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 4, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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ks for w wching ne 5 at 100. [ chrs cheers and applae ] >> stevefromomomdio 6b in rockefeller ceceer i ithe t of new y yk k ty, 's "the tonight s ow starringn mmy faon." tonight, join n mmy and s ests -- gweth paltrow, tyler oakley, sical l esthe who. anatinthe legendndy y y ot. que43ninini steve: d nohe i i
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[ cheers [ chee and applause ] >> jimmy: that's a hotrowd right there totoght. [ [ [ rs and applause ] hot friday night crowd. welcome, welcome, , eat new rk city crcrd. welcome,e. welcome to "the totoght show."." please, easeseenjoy yourself. thank you so much h r being here iappreciate i [ eers ] oh, , n, you can feel thth penergy, t? you t's going to be a hot ow. you is gonna b%b% good show tonight. [ cheers a applae ] tonight is the show. we have e of the g gatt rococodsdsall time. the who! [ eers and applause ] oh! the whw, the o, n to be cononsed th hast t ght'debate, the why. [ lalahter ] y is this haeng?g? >>tevevewhat did we do? >> jimmy: : ererody is t tking about th. the republicicandidates had eir 11th date lastight. and juststhen you out
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crazier, donald trump went ahead d d said this. >> he rerred to my han, if they'rsm something els@ must b bsmal i guarantee you the'no problem i guguantee e e laught a a alause ] >> jimiy: i guare you th nobody was a aing. [ laugug ] i guess he wants us all to kw w thathe trumpower is up to codede steve: boy! [ audidice ohs ] >> jimmy: then donald trump pannounced hinew olan, , ake america g again." [ laughter it r/rlsff t t -- yeah. >>tete: got a hat a d erythi. [ laughter >> jimmy: ananasasou would expect, hillary clintocame up a t during ghe ove point, tecruzuzven asketrump why he wroro fr checks to ary for her r campaiai in . trump p id, "lkl with all th won ve to ite chchks to ery nt is syo ge carrieaw." [ laughterndpplause ] iviva, marla, a, jamaica,
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meanilil marcocoubio cled t dona trump for h h h clothing colctioiothat is being g de in china. [ audidice oohs ] but trp defended his cnese workers, saying "i treat those kids lke thth're mymywn hter ] plse ] at's nicic thateallllnice. the other bitakeawayayrom last nht's debate is sothincaed booger ga. you know i'm talking about? i dongt knkn if you saw thih or nono0but a at one poinintet%cr4 got littleomething on his lip. [ lighghlaughter ] no, people arereayinit was a a mouth boer i iwhat they were sayinin i don't ow what th i b b take aook. if you can seef you n see it. >> $500 0 llion. audience o ] [ lauger jimmy: zoom -- zoom in a a little b yeah, zoom in. you probobly can s it yet.t. zoom in, zoom in no, wait. watch, watat. it moves. watch, wait, wait, watch it movov dn. audice ohs ] no, nowaitwait, waititwa, thth gets better and`detand bebeer. watch. it.
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applause ] >t=ve: oh! >> jmy: ! oh! >> ste: why? >> jimmy: woo- >>teve: yoks jimmy: yeah. thatat right. itithoweup, turnen eone off, and thesasared. it was the j jeb bush of the debate. really wawa [ laughter and applause ] guys, so big tv news, yoyo gu. it looksksike "the peoeoe versus o. simpspn" igettg picked up for a nd s sson. [ audience ohs ] ] [ laughter ] ah. did yoyoguys hear about is? a w report claims that a a ife was found buriededt j. simpsstate. 're e analinknifif fofoevididce, but sxwarn th ighghgo relatatbt thim u cacacait could be ononofhosear kves op the bard. [ laer [ "h"hey, i'm gog takthe ao bubu this bu knife outse. so i'll be right back. come o k" [ light laught ] and g t thth. spotify released a birthing list with songtop
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lahter ] it includes artists a johnhnegend. i guess ladies are like, "hehe hihisic t in m mthth mess.. might as well gegememeut of f this mess." [ applause anfi b b news for gegegetoon fans. cly hintededn an intew is week ate may acti because h hesn'want to g gthrough the inprocess on cera. [ audience aws as one guy put itit"good thinng." [ laughter ] wee a great showow givet rootsight there, %veryrydy. [ cheers and applause ] 0 cheeeeee [ chee a a applause ] jimmy: oh! >>tevememene >> j: me on. eacrowd toght. oh, man.h a grt sh tononht. [ cheers s weove her soucuc sheheas a a brand-neskincare line
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the lovely, the talented gweth ltltw is here. >> ste: yeah! [ cheers ]0 >> jimmy: it's goouff. >> steveveshshs a delili >>immy: yeah r in thehehow, g7gneth andndnd i are gonna singngnout some embarrqrsingngnd r rrettttle teessagexchang in someing we called "fir textual experiences." >> steveveoohh light hter ] >> jimmy: : us frohehe amazing ce" i lolololat , i loveves gu--youtube sensation n ler oakleyeyis sg [ [heers and applause and i'm m excited for this.s. te havavmusifromomheho!! [ cheers and applause ] give me e litttt -- d u see rehesa diu sesed k? e whole place almost bken half( pevererhinglmososbr--be caref. somemeing mighfall.l [ ughter ]
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just tn up y yr tvets as louds you possiblylyan.. this is thloudest rock b b b we've ever had and they're the grgrtestand. ththond onlythe > s: : ah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: : ey're the greatete.oh, they'ye so good. steveveco on. jimmy: everybody ntastic inhe band. ey played a gigilast night at t dison square g gn. they jusdestroyed. evererne's'sreat. pi, roger ltrey, uh -- pete townsend, simon. >> steveza >> jimmy: k starkey. >> ste: zak is drumminin >> jimmymyringo's son ishehe drummer.r. r e last -- well, he'sone e it f fever, , ght? that i inow. eersrsndndpplause ] >teve: it's crazy. >> jimmymyi me, keh on waaaazazg, right? t thenenhis guy comes you'rereike, "big shshs to fill."and he's just -- he's unbelievab. you really y't'telieve -- if you've veseen the who live, get ready for a treat. e who o oour show tonight.t [ applause ] just so, so excited.( guysystoday riday.y. that's ususuly when i catch up
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i chk@my inbox, turn se e-mails, and i send out some ththk k u notes, because it' friday... [ cheers i was ruing -- thank youou but i i i runng a bit lalalala > ste6e: todada >> jimmy: today i wawaruing latetend i was just wonderinififou g gs wouldn mind,d,'d like twrite t weey thank you notes now. is that cool? [ cheers and applausus] u guyshe best. james, c i get s se e ynu note writing music, please? [ laughter ] >> svehe's'sreamy. yeah. &jimmy: veve nice.e.e. >> s sve: oh. [ lauger ] >> j jmy: kind of like a mona lisa you don't know if he's iling -- >> steve: yeah, you don't know if he's smiley, frowow >> jimim: mymyerious smile, yeah. light laughtere] yeah. mighdhbe s s. [ laughter ] >> s sve: yeye there you gogo mystererer. rerete. jmy: na la, yeah.& >> jimimanu,he fst arars ing ly, for bejng thonhere pars sizis acally mak sens
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>> ste: i'll take a venti. no, i i nt grarae. >>imim: a grandedeentiti @[ lalahter ] u get-a thventi. s sve: get out of my store. what a you doing here? hate you [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you' d like a a ku fu movie or sething..& >> steve: -- ughter ] >imim: not italian. i cod dodot like -- "whaare e u talking g ou do nototant u in my store. i've eeen you he befefe and i te you." >> steve: hey, i d't he you. at a a you talking aut?nah! cheers and applalae e ha ha , a ha, hu [ lahter ] >> j jmy: >> jimmy: it's a a as s atat ha ha ha, ha ha ha, huh? [ laughter ] [ cheers and appuse ] steve higgins.stste higgini righghthere, everybody, there he is oh, gosh, that makes me laugh.
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thank you, justin biebfo turning 22 earli this week. i totatay rgot to o sh you happy bihday. is it too latatatw totoay s sry @ [ cheers and appuse e e [ laughter ] a little pan flute. >teve: yeah. love the pan nlute. >> jimmy: i'into my paflut dance ha.. >> steve: you ve it, man. you lo hall pan flute. >> jimmy: dudu that's wh i'm l -- that's all -- 2 2 [ light lahter ] three days a week. >> steveveman, you love it. - >> jimim: oh, i put my play list and i'm lik-- [ gibberh ] >> steve: ha ha haha, huh?[ plause ] >> stuve: : mfir. [ light t ughtht ] >> jimmy: : know, right? he gets no love. thank you, donald trp, for saying that you dot have a sml penis. [ laughter ] well, it's not like u'
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[ laughter ] >> stete: hey! hey. jimmywe get it. et it. we getett. >> steveweweot i i i [ applau e >> jimmy: we getel ank you, the artist who kes street signs, r cleay ving sometetng a ainst han anfeet. [ ughter ] >>ve: they're tghard, man. >> j jmy: yeah. that's too much detail.>> steve: that's too much work for me to do, man. light laughterer i'm tire >> jim: i waout burying a buck kfe all week. [ laughter ] w do i draw hands and feet? >>teve: took the kidout there. >> jimmy: yeah, kids loved it. >> steve: theyove burying buck kniveve [ laughter ] immy: we probabay about,t,-- pbay 20 or 30 buck k k es. - >> s sve: r week?? yeah, su.>>my: me, it's jt like, "ooney, 's raining wh are we gogogoto do? we go -- ->>teve: ry a buck if lauger ] jimmyi dot t re iit rain it's'sasr digolol. >teve: yeahlh'cause mud i much easieto dig. jimmy: that i icorrrrt. th'shy i had a sprinkler stem instataed. >> s s: : ally? [ light laug ] >>immy: yeah. you knowowow many tis i cut e hose?
10:49 pm
50 bkniviv in myrass. [ ughter ] i cut thhose, i -- t whole thing's a ninitmarar >> ste: be ceful when you'reowg. >> jimmy: : dononowant t tt intotot. know, yeah. it'sangerous. ririt next tme, it`sike chesesthrowing starsm m like -- >> steve: huh, ha, w wt you lking g out? [ laught ]ha ha ha ha, huh?[ lahter andpplause e j: crazy, crazy how w ought thatack. thanu,etflix t ter that sa theheext episise wiwi begin tec, r giginge tebrief seconds where reme whehe am and d whatay it is before i'm suckededacinto my television. [ plause ] ohohgosh, i'-- steve: i forgrg to get up agagn. >> j: il girls," yeah.h [ lighlauger ] thank u, warks, for inthththpapas for r ople who efer to haha out in her ople's u. [ laughter after 20 minutes yououorl
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>> jim: w wgo. thk u, arms, for beieieiei nature's selfie itks. laughter ] there you go, ybody. osare e thanknkouotes. we'll be rightack with gwyneth paltrow! cheers and appppuse ] what what's the most awarded campany y tear? raing fromo ttom lulury c sm like they would be top awarded. thertter be s mewardrd behind what you are paying f/f, right. e finaaaswer chevy. thmo awawaed carmpany o yeararinin r r wow, it's like a l lury car. s shocke i mean it't'li, this is chevy?y? current t alalied gm lessees can get a sign and drive lease on this chevy cruze limited for q ound $9 per moh. find new roads a ayo local chevyealer.
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t(ne righterer [ eers and alae ] jimmy: our fit guest is an academy awararwinninactress d susuessful entrepreuo s s brand-new skin carline. this is good stuff right here. 's'sallelegoop by juice e auty. ah. goop,because hamamis gwyneth parow, so itit g.p., so her nickname is goop. cheers and applaus] but it good stuff.& it's avaable rig now exclusively at goooocom. ladies a a gentlemen, , easese lcour r good friend, gweth parow!
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>> jimmy: talking abt. hardty know you. thk you focong back. thanknknk for havininie >> jimim: lookorgeous. oh, plse, i wa to get in this and talk about all the stuff. i'm cited about this. 0congtulations. >> thank you. >> jimmy: : u're always doing someing. you're always and i just -- you know i'm a fan. so thank ymuch for cing on. thtp past halloween, you kno i have twoittle kids as wewe. >> yes. >> jimmy: and d nnie - [ laughter ] we dressed wni as rgot tenenbaum. as yr r ararr from "the royal tenenbaums." >> i saw it on instagram. and it - -- >> jimim: anhe's -- that's winnie. >> aw. [ laughter ] >> jim: thth's cute. >> lk k k heheyener. jimmy: y s, pututhaonon hersfl i thinkshshwas gonnnn-- >> a she's g- wait -- >> jimmy: ah.& >> where's t one oh, yeah, with the cigarette. >> jimmy: ah, it's a candydy ciciretttt itgt a candy. [ laht ] 'sandy cigartes. shloved eaea them. buthanyou fofo-- thank you for inspirinher to do that. >> oh that so cute. >> jimmy: because we hav stephae buyier who is an amazing sign, workon the sh a does all our costumes. she totally ho up with, like a fake fur coat.
10:56 pm
nger and eveveththg. ah. thth the ltle baby fraraie, pwe dressed her up as rrah fawcett. and that waser. thas h h.. [ laughternd applause ] wait a nute. th is you and your dauauter dresesd up foralloween. >> s s did the makeup. >> jimmy: shs thbest. phow is apple doing? >> she's the b bt. >> jimmy: she realal ifun. and moses? yeah? >he's'so pieces. >> jimmy: ye, they're kids. they're good kids. thank you. >> jimmy: thez're so ne. >> they're gooookids. jimmy: i have full-on convertions with your kids when i talk to t tm.e e cause my brain oy pgoesesp to that age rfectly. gegealg. hool-- h h old a they now? >> they're currently nine and budunearly 1 1 1d 12 anyny minute>> jimmy: yeah.thatat -- that -- at'sy & aicapa. laughter ] so i is rfect. we hit it f and jke ndnd teljokes. it'supep%fun. heloou.. >> j jmyyey ve jimmy: ohit gd. good anth're ing ll and are yo >>h,y're great.. >> j: : t 12s at a trtcky page, that ke, hre you embarrassisihem yet? >> oh, y yh. i'm like, oh yes..
10:57 pm
the yeye. >> if shhad seen mcome out here and goof around, she would have been mortified. [ lauger ] >> jimmy: kereally likik "mom, don't do that." >> she's'sise, "gosh." >>immy: no, "that's gross, . [ laer ] mom! [ cheers and apppbuse you know i'mrom the -- thty ve --" lahter ] ido anything, like if i --irst, was like if i was goy i did like a ird dance i the mall or somethihi, which i ge that's ememrrarsing. but noi'm like -- >>immy: i lovevehat you just do that. if i m, it's li mom. [ laught ] stopop >> jimmy: stop singing the songng([ [ ughter ] t it's jtin beiberer [ chemrs andnbvplausus] i'singngg -- no, she doeoeoe sound that.t t shes d. >> she love ew. >> j jmymyshe loves ew. pshe es ew. w. >> jimmy: y ah, , s really good at dog that. laught ] pthisis- at2-yeyeo-d you ( were sayg youoaly d a a joat 1 >> i d. my parents alwlymade mhave jobs aer sool. >> jmy: ye >> and s smyirst job was in manhat i i n't knowow thewoed
10:58 pm
>> jimmy: itit probably illel, y yh. b it t s a toy ore lled p whistle toys on madisoavenue. ananit was my first t >> j jmy: what d d y do er l ts of dusting andnd aranging toys and going up and down to sesend bringing stuff u u and enomomody's parents uld comen and say, "oh, how old e you? ulsomeone so and s s eght-years-d like t/tplay with that?" d it w great was a rlly od job.. >> jimi i ve that. > yeah. >> jimmy is -- is apple -- aru u ing to make apple e e rk? por ask her totoork. >> i- yes. i thk i 's reay import pele twork. >>my: . >>hectually does a lot o babyitng.. jmy: that's it. that's w wt u do. >> and s sakes seseously. >> j jmyally? >> a thet part w h h fit byting job was for twin glslshoere fo. d itas 8:00 m. t t 8:00 p.m. anshe tookt rely seriously and she worked d super ha andt the end of e e y she came home d d e was having nervous breakdown. like --- laughter ] >> jimmy: tougday at t office m m. , my god. fix me a milk. oh my sh. [ laught ]
10:59 pm
>> and thas the firit ek she did . she walked in and ouou ba-ster wathere d she s lili, "nina, i'm sopsorry." [ laughter ] >> jimmy: geit. "i'm the worst. i meme iwas s st -- it was great. itas pretty gogo. >> jimim: we clearly you h he a great w#rk ethic here. here now this is -- this is gooooby juicicbeau. >> mhm >> jimmy: this is -- you'v been workiki this fofowhile. i gogoto say the quality's's awesome. bebause e get thingalthe timeme we play th a stute like that. didn't know much aut fial stuf i leavat to wif t ththths all alitgoododstuff. >> t tnkou. >> jim: and what made you just finally go, "i got to do this?" it makes sensese ell i'm -- i'm -- you know -- i coulul't find uctstshat re luxurious and rely effective and h@l withthyou ow, wrkles and alatat were organic. so -u ow iery in healthy food and welesesand stuff like that. and i think this is an exteion of trying to e e ll and i'really proro of them. we wked fofo13 mths nonstop
11:00 pm
chemists and everythtng ununl we got them feeling really beaufu p>> jimmyblbl is -- shion n n n s tat thth. this ike- pelelere le saliliting t tt is.. my y d, it's filly >> oh, thank k k. >> jthgirl the ----rerereing g t righ now. o . my: and i wag g mu ai could d , i c dgreat! guysysan ut,'mssuming. >> definitelel >> jimmymyanyo wititskin. a aone with skin. [ lauger >> jimmy: anyoith skin can use it, so that't'a bibibial.that is good. but i was reading, and i wasas looking at how organic it is, and some o othem have presestiveve like food preservatives -- is at - >> all thehereservatives a food grade food grata. ( sosoi mean, u d eaeait, techcally if y y wanted to. >> jimmy: ah, i was ing ask. like can -- >> you want so? >> j-m:myeah, ich ono& should,i -- i'll some. >> it'so delicusus >> jimmy: is it delicious? let memery yt. [ laughter ] is thth is the real deal. [ chrs a a applause ]
11:01 pm
>> jim: not bad. not bad.d. put it on your face, rather. by the way, there is -- the smis's not even much oaa a fragrance. >>o, just a a ttleleleanan pfragrance. >>my: juststntugh -- e eug to mame the french f f a$&$& a littleit --- [ laughter ] >omewhehe betwe ran a bath soap.p. [ laughtht ] >> jimmy: nch and ba soap. but i'm excid for you paltrow. is is a big deae. >> thank you. thank u soh.h. >> jimim: it's if you wa to chk all this stuff ou the whole collececon. it good uff. i want to -- w at do you call it? wa to play a game th you. >> yay >> jimmy: this will be f. i want to like - -welle e it every time you're herere we always doomething i always try to ke you sg if i can. so i'm gonna try to make you sing something..>> okay. j jmy: gwyneth paltw, evererer [ cheersrsnd applause e goop b bjuice beauty i aible noexexively at mo with gwyn when we come back everydy. [ cheers and applause ] olling for a g g wit brndrone? n't t ame you.
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[ cheers and appppuse e >> jmy: welcback. we're hanging t with ourural gwyneth paltrow right there. [ [ [ rs and a alause ] pnew beauau line e re goop. check it all out it's all good uff for yo skinin t we always do sometetng fun. i bebeed y y to do ts, so o . thank you. we alslsasasd our viewers toto lplput by sending usom awkward first xt exchanges at ty y d wi aotenal yfyfend irirend. ani t, we uld re em together. but then i thought, you have pchch great voice, ) d like t them with you. >> oh, god. >> jimmy: we'll make it t [ scattered cheers ] yeah it's time fo"first textual expericece eersnd alause ir texexal exexrien >> jimmy: >> jimmy: you guys shod know these texts arar100% real.
11:07 pm
hey s hey smiley face hi who's thth it's am hello hello [ [ ght laughtht ] service eor 409 pthe subscriber you are to reach lonexis pleasle thisumfromomr coacts rs alae >> jimmyrt thasorna re's t tehe. hel p hello >> hi there.
11:08 pm
>> nope.p [ laughter ] i can see itt in your eyey >> i've never seenou b bore. i can see it@ in your smile y y're not all ve ever wanted >> jimim: oh, my g g. ta the hint. [ applause ] ta the hininin unfortunate. let's do ather. hey hey h i heard you had a bit a crush on me eai do do you maybe nt t#tgo out man boobs after school lahter ] >> jimmy: mondnd. i meant monoay nototanoobs. [ laughter ]
11:09 pm
is that a yess hello hello [chrs and applause ] w w wt a yes @j >> jimmy: alright. hfre -- here's another. he's another o he. here we e e . h h h broro eye winky face haaat [ light ughter ] i said hey brbrn eyes winky face [ light la ] havblue eyes dotot pot dot dot hey blue 0hey ue eyes facece
11:10 pm
>> nice e e e reg. [ laughter ]>> jimmy: nice try, greg. >>w. >> jimmy: nice try, greg. let's do oneneore. th one just t ort answeet. it real romantic wwellllelel wellllel well well wewe wl happy valentine's day hut shut upup [ chrs andndpplause e >> jimmy: mostststeautiful "uh up" i've ever heard. my thanks to gwyneth paltrow! goopy jujce beauty is available now at goop.m. stick around.. 'll rightack with tyler oakley.
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[ [ eers andpplause ] >> jimmy: r neueas one e the most la channen yoyoube and wawa pnamed one e "ti" magazi's 30 most fluentiaiaop on n the teet. you cacacurreny sem competing on season 28 of "thehe azing race." oh, i'm exciteabout this. [ chrs ] it airfridays at 8:00 m. on cbs. ladiesesnd gentlemen, plse welcome tylur oaoaey. [ chee and applause >> jimmy jimmyhi. , it a pleasure. it's a pleasururmeeting you. >> thank kou. f> jimmy: yeah, i'i'a ababfan. >> likewisis >> jimmy: i want to let evevyone know how bibiof a deal you are. oh,h,od. >> jmy: i'm sorry.y. just p pg your e q yoububchananl ler oakleyey eril sscrirs an550 -- chcheers ] million s.
11:17 pm
>> j: at's big, y. >> that's a few people. [ cheers andndppus immy: your first b#jk, "binge", was on "the new york times" bt-seller list. you went on soldldldldorld tour. -you made a documentaryrybout , , loved. it was cle-- about t ttcalledsnsrusus >> y. myah ts my stu. >> jijmy: [t a aou u -- youe goo timeme and you're having git, giant year and y'rjust getting bi and b bger. >>eah. >> j jmy: i'm happy that you're here. >> thankou. no, this is like a aream come true. my mom's probably, like, at home tweeting along. m re. >> jimmy: ishe live tweeting`g right now? >> live tweeting -- >> jimmy: momo #tyleronfallon. 's hpening. light ughter ] she's s ngle handly gettin it tnding. >>mymyoho thank you, momom [ plause ] come o o i i i k it's funnynybee u talk t* kiow, and th're like, "oh, i think i want to be a youtuber when i grow wp." >> it's s azy. >> jimmy: and i gothth w not a joli- >> wn't t job when i was g .>>immy: . ewhwhtaed people weren'n'doing it full time i starxed just to ke in touch with f fds. jimmy: allyly >> yea jimmy: no, i'm interested.0 w ma friends? >> well, i had thr friends. [ light laughter ]
11:18 pm
no one sends me deos of how they'rdoing. >> i iad just gone off to iversisi at t chigtate. jimmy: cool. [ cheers ] >> woo, yeahbhh white ananit was just,t,ike,e,e talking to tamera showing th aroun d rm room. d thth was it.t. ananthen a few videgs later i had like ten views, and then 50 vieiu. and i was s keke"oh,god!" [lauguger ] even backckhen nobobo was doinititull time. so inever really occurreto mememet th could be what it t was. >> >immymyisn't that gre that you goexcited that youot 50 vws? >> oh, my go i stl get excited for 50 views. >> jimim: but you have 550 ion views now. >> now i iet a little e t more cited. >> jimmy: but isn't that crazyzy yeah. >> j jmy: i ve that. it's's good story. bebebebenew i seseyou inin up everyere d you're great. >> tnk you. jmyah.. and saw y/u at t t -- you did the red carpet at the oscars..& yeah. at the "vanityair" oscar party. >> jim: e "vanity fa" party. which is the placeo be. >> it was like drere come true. >> jimmy: yeah i mean, you u here's a cture have of you -- >> oh, godod 8 j: you and lady ga.
11:19 pm
>> jimmy: how eat is she? >> shehes ----he's my ulmate number one. >>immymymy top ten, yeah. >> i'd te a bullet for her. [ laugug ] which i don't want tell her, but m like, "gaga, if yo ed that." >> jimmy: she's ththcoololt. >> but we had, like, crossed pas s many times anhad never gotten to introduce @myself.. thisisas theirst time ere i was ke, "i'moing . i'm goininup, i'm saying hi." and i was lie, "hi, i'm tyler oaey d shshshes, "i've sese you. you're obillards." and i walike, "oh, no!" >> jimmy: you're on billboards. 0lili really? you just get nervous. ( >> yeah. so that was like -- : embarrng >>xpd.>> notarrassing, but just, likekemy queen knows who i am. laughter ] that's'sll. that's i need. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: "my n knows s o i am." at's a greatat- th's's's'sing now on twitttt. y queen k ows s o i amamis a a great thing. it's from "game of thrones." p>> e ecely >> jmy: but here y're e ing this, w. so then thisiseads tnow one ofofy faritetehows, whwhh is "the amazing race. >> yeah. jimmy: whikh is just i -- no spoilers.s. n'tell me. >> ion't tell you ananhing. >> jimmyyeah. but i'm loing at your eyeyey >> i'm'mot allowed to. >> jimim: yeahahi know, but i casee -- i'm gon communicate it to you. >> jimmy: yeah, i cakind of
11:20 pm
okay, you're almost thwinner, but thing gogo wrong.. [ laught ] >ho k kws? tune in tonight. >> jimmy: who knows, yeah. exactly. @but t i s s bibide. @thal likial memea a people othis one.. yeyh! so, it's alldlnterert people. >my: gamers. >> yeah, there, like, people that arerom behindndhehe scenes, people that are older, younger, viral videos full me. so a lot of justli, internet pple. buonce you get on the e ce, well completely y rgot about what we's just t kekeyou u t inin there, ,ou c cpletely foet thatou're turving g your phone. >> jimmy: ohohyeah, you're unplugggd. you're not allowed -- >> no phone. so, the first y was like -- jimmy: d yoyofreak t? >> felt likeke was misisng limb. day two, i was like, "this i i heaven... m am, like, living my y eam." my: yeah. >> it's ni. jimmy: but diyou u ss o o on anyop culturereomenen? where you're le, "oh, i got to tweet!" >> nothi tooad lth. but the only thingas athe tin weilme iwas back in novembernd t adele album came out.s, , ,as like -- i just nded
11:21 pm
@[ laught ] so i was -- no matter where i s in the worldi was king the locals not fororelp or direreions, i was lili, , ave you heaed the adele album?" [ laughterer priorities. >immy: ah, yeahah my queen kws w w i am. are you on spchat as well? 8 a is this your pickup line? [ ughter ] >> j jmy: yeah, yeah. is wowoing.g. it's worng. >> jimmythank you. i use that on everybody. that how i met my wi. [ ght laughter ] >> love is beautiful. >> jimmy: ah, yeye, yeye. but i wanted to know iyou wanted to do -- thth h he a new feature on here call face sw. >> can wdo tt totother >>immy: ye. >> andhis feees ry tima. but,t,kay. >> j jmy: right,o th i igood. we just a -- we gt in there. yeah recognizing. >> oh, godod jimmy: it's not rececnizing f fe as a hum >>ou want me ttrtr jim: yeah. can n u dot? >> i'm a s s sdia mol. oh diyou u th >>immy: yeah >> o o ionon like this one bit. jimmy: know, but t u got to press the thing button. >> do i? you push the button.
11:22 pm
- [ lighlaughter ] >> jim: all right, stop. it's pretty gool. >> that's horrifying. >> jimmy: , itit lolo.o. [ [ ughter and appppuse e >> j jmy: i lolo it. r oakley, everybody! subsbsibe to h youtube chl l d tu in to see him o "the azing race we're otfofoyou, buddy. >>hanknk >myids :0:0p.m. c c.the who m for r nt!& sticicarou. itit gna bgreaeaa [ chrs appuse this... is a cat. d th... a livehotocat. live ehotos s e more than just photos thth comomalive when you touch them. and then ty go bk to still whenenou l t go. so every timimyou take a picture, you t more than just a photo. you get to reliv e moment. because it teleporor y throughaspace and time. i'm kjdding.
11:23 pm
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i'm done wi bill anety!y!y! we'll even cover your c/c/ss to stch o $6$6 per lin 0? reay? yup! so switch today. [ cheers >>im >> jim: : r r xt g gststare & one e the most influential ck i ihistory,inin or 100 llllllrecords worldlide.they are crely performin ac u u. ononononho hits tour.
11:28 pm
ho you who o wh o are you who who who who w w areou who who who who& who are you who who who i wokokup in a soho doorway policeman knew wy na @ said d u can go sleep ahome tonight ififou c c get up and walk awayy i ststgered back the unde@rounun and thbreeee blew backrememeer throwg punch ad anpreaching omy chai
11:29 pm
ho are you o who who who i reaely wanna kw who are you ho who who who come on tell me whare you who are you whwho who who because i really wanna kno who are you who o o who iook e tutu back o of town back to e rollin' pin ipipltittle like a dyg ow with a streak of ritititin pi std baba and i hicpped d looked bac on my sysyay en hrs in the tin pan god there'got totoe another way well w arereou who are you who who who i reallylyant to know who are you u whohoho who w w comen tell me
11:30 pm
who are u w who w who w w w ally want to know who e you$ who o o whwho come e tl ll me telllle , who
11:31 pm
are you who are y hoho hoou whwho who whwh
11:32 pm
who who o a e you who o who o who a you who who who i allyannano who yo who w w w come on and tetetee who aryou e yo whohoho me on n real wanna&owyo who who who w oh who the craare you who are you o who who who i i iw there's aplace you walked where veal fromhe tes my heheheis ke a aroken only feel right m mknees pit out like a sewer hole yetestill reiv your kis han i measure up tanyone nowow after such a a
11:33 pm
well who are youu whwhare you who whwho whoooo men ana telllle who who are you who who who who lleally wanna know who are e u who who oh t f -- aryo - who are yoyo who who whohwho o come on andl me telle tell me who are you who who o o o ut i really wa^ga kn who are you whwhwho o who me on and tete me telelmel me e youu who whwho who ll i jeallllwaow who are y who really wanna knono who i really waa know come on and telllle
11:34 pm
p [ cheerc a [ rs and applause ] immy: come on! oh, my goodness! oh, my goodness! , myoodness! ohmy gooooess! the o! [ cheers a a appuse ckets for the e o hits 50 are onale no we'll be rightackl e&erybody. oh, , goodness. oh --
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