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tv   Today  NBC  March 5, 2016 2:07am-3:00am MST

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1a in rockefeller r aza.a. ngratuon youadad it. >> it't' fray. >> it'sry dayfray,ar h. jenna a sh her i iinor kathie leeeeifford. sten -- it's called lush life. >> inew y were goioi to s s that. >> i als include self. th is` someone namam sarar brson. yeye, se >>his is a good weekend song >his is we're goioi to kick off your weekend. do you have a bunch of things lying ouou theheouse? d phonestoys and that stuff, we'll show you how you cane money off hat ttu. and soy pepeleavava littleroubleleetting a goo nnt sleepep ze n bee sleeping well this we. we'll get t u u e tool and if f u're looking for an inrestinway to keep in shape, these firefighters have it. it a hotprram, called the firefighters worout.t. >> y got me.
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me mayot even work out. but we ged too hhg whthem. plus all o o t tse vi, inen i c cl myom and i'm like, ni's in ballet and she's 2 1/2, arehey @ necessary? so we'll tell youou whatt to do to raise a successfufuch >> and of f e tivities havee a question for you. u're itraffic,omeone cutut yoy/off, you're alone inhe car,rno kid, howany mes do you u lly und on the steeng w wel and yel blee]? whatever your wowo of choice, do you feel better r enou're ne? dodot you feeeieveve the scicice bedinthis. they told "new york gazine" thatfeels satisfying to ream out a curse wbecause it i iso taboo and it is a a great, quicic easy way to press ha because if yoyosa oh, shoot or - >ut there are some words
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she was sitting on theotty. i wasbout togo. now mommy h to we'r a aeady sor odirt i stand , myhoho hasallen frfryack pockett into the et w wh bh of -- and i beep! >> what did she say? >> she was like, mom! s c she's copiud us a coue oftimes. >> she copied you a few times? yes. i is thrs andndhatas atatats you cck. u do not want a 2 1/2-year-old ing tochl a a droingg a book a going, be!>> they if you p your r nd in a bucket of cold water an you sweqeqa a a y can kee inongege i remember babysitting a littl kinde wahaving a gre and he yelledututhe f-bombhile i wysitting % m. i didi e esa
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eavend his parents come home, he's sayin a a a a & theye g g g t thinkt wa me. saw how czy i went en he saidhe word -- >> henry and i could not help but laugh,e were like, o ono. dhat'not t od. but ththother ason i think it is fun to sweaeais that its taboo, bshocks peoe. so if you'ree a person --- & >> who the d d't exp too e e fe >> like myother, sometimim she doesest with frihehe are aittlolr and sligly more coervavavend od evevybody --he usedd t do it us. and wook at our mom and we're like, mo@ it does work forple like`us, bufor rfal ladie f real % classy lads -- mom! >> it's funny.& ev wn kathie does it,becae she dsntursese a lo w wn she does you d a
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>> althoh she cusses a me lot. >> tha a whole difffrent animalalal i don'kn iu were pwatchingnghe oscarut there was a pjpje of whohoi @ gobergrgnd some beauty company whwh thought it was oprah winfrey. >> whihi is ridiculuus.. do t ty looooike? >>. non a a all. >> but weo r alize ----hey - pollologized and wt no but we do reaze thatt a aot of cebs lolo similar. we're gog to have gametwo celebrities, and name who is wh shaiailene w wdleynd jennifer lawrence. jennifer lawrence is o ohe right. >> that's easy. next, lakeell and anda peet. pe. >> amanda peet, yeah, they both have bangs.
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>> okay,, hsrlandom. and harringt. upon orlando bloom is on t t ririt. can we just say for a minute becauswe know w at they look like because we ha l lke em imagazinene we ed th. >> we oged.. we a a ago-elled. >> wgoogle theon t t internrn. >>ordin sparks and america ferrera. rdins on theleft. ah. >> t ty doook similar. >>slalfifier a a a ada.>> an t right. >> amy on the left. exactly. theirirye colors are different. >> oh, aeah, th a a. >> bututthe wahahais somethg. who you get misisken fo
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what's h h me? >> brookok they said@u look like the hterf,f,heaughte e here it mes, hulk hogan. >> havyoeverereaea that before?%>> no, but s is really fun, like herlolo but -- andel mariel hemingwawa , that's ininststg. >> what about u? i g ging all of t t time. theye ke, ) loveveour best friend oprah, , d i i st say -- >> ionder if that'momomohaha yore in sisisir rk- >>hink trerere simimiri. the e ys whewe -- >>tete>> a a ss -- w w w have a questn for you guyuy es yououhud like to dance? >> yes.$ joel likes to dance, o. onon ynk that' a prerequisite? i know it is forme. >> . >> or that wantstso dae. asong as they don't dae crcry ird,d,hink a guyt likes enjnj himimlf, yay.
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gogo at no. >> soo hare som questns th som coupleshad. >> bzfeed d d d thisis >>hesked tm t t imitate each other's dance mos.& >> he c osses first. >> retitite, a lot of this, a a lot of thi >> she dances s ke a averexeited hooleacher. it's a lot of -- [ ughter>> she dces and she goes the she e es, ththe she goes, , e's (just -- & >>ommentary, that'itit l le it.. >> how ow ds h%hry da b b the way, and go. when i first felelin love him, we danced toitite tr. we kisse t t tttleleroy. but he had a dadce me where hewould go like this. i don't knowf he j jt -- it s li he was gambmbng and
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ananwas like -- >> was thathe first t te you sa him? >> i w like, oh myy gosh, he would probably say tt i'm l le thth mom dancer are y'all saying back tre about me? >> you are the mom dancer. >> wha areousaying? i seeou turningre >oh you knowwhatn' them. oh gross! [ lala [ lauguger ] don't ask th. pdon't asty. >> i wanto hide somewhe. i'm m rrified. >> that's the last timi've ever danced. how does jllance? >> j jl kekeit -- jo a ck, soo h k kps it ose, but he does sometimesxtend the arms a ttle >> armss out. >> i ias watching with thoho arms. it's kind of like flying, right?
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don't yolove when you on a lilile slocoununy and li seventh gdedelow ncing. >> yes, ye havavavne@ of ourur jaja. >> i doo love tha pi lov aloww dance in the house is one the funnest -- >> wecty do@amily sunda evening danarties a we p p on whaver mila wants. >> w wt does mila l to danan ? >>os"fro" d inin d swswg g sweet chario >> a a right, here weo. >> oggled. >> it's googng. >> no,is not gel. >> does anynye he@ a phone with google on it?
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weant to google ogle. >> no, it is ogle. >> does anyone have a one with alrighgh is that it? do we havee to talk abouor are wewgoi to brk? ay.... here is something inteing, you guys. >> i mean, the wheels veome off. in englgld, wn it'shat time of the month, some cocoanies have desigted ose spays where women are havingime of the month they can have a aay off and t te it as sick day. theyeyay some won ha a rerefifilt time, ty' doububd over, it's very painful, they'r cran et cecera, et ceraso n nhe thee taouthe makeup room.wehtt se for thncyou wo ou peoplovr agaiouync. so everybodyouldld beof t ul b like ahost wn i can't co in and ither n you or anyone. he one rean i think my husbanansh this existed d th he had the day off.
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goin-- oe. >> it's - yai ooool. >> no, i didn't,aidi ogle. come rereplease. i wt you to tell me whaha it saysexactly. this is davey, thi is one of our research >> h hshe o thatade ff . tell mehatt says exactly. ogng. oglili. ank yo thaou.. go ahaad. you can say it. >> congratatatns. >> that was nonoen -- >> congratulatio, yoyowithe pronunciation contest l ke it ever - -my 1/2-year- can prprounce wobetter t t t i can. we gott, i iruns in the % family. if y can't sleep, your md is racing alle time, ndut
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> does > es thisod o yoyou cl bedededu st cat asleep.maybybyo to-do lising in your mi. >> or r r rerengndnd @n@n ture why,eani yo who a gd nig's rest. nexek is eep aress ek here with the solutionsns to common slele problems w wh the deororor s sep meded at meridian th, dr. carolol ho arere you? >> great. >> this is aomn problem. how many peoplere not gting the sep they need mospeople are not getting the sleep phey need. all ofe haveusy scdu d d care nes,llll of t t demdsdandxpectations th we e ve on so uards of % 80%f >> eveone says e eht hous best, whatanou get by on? what a goodumber if you can't t t? >> you rery y n't want less than seven. onceceou'reettingngixix hours, has an pact on y yrr health d performance. (>> sometimes theroblbls can ght outside ofouwindow.
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>> there was a study done recentlylyhere they loooed at 16,0,0 peofor eight ars.s. found those peoplplpl livivg in commuties w 500,000 peopop ore tually,s - very diflt fhem tet thth sleep t t needed. they were m me likely to get le than six hours, and they uld wakep conon anit. >> goo we l le in n yoror city. >> i i't tolutioiojust bck out shadesound machi? >> a very simimesoluon,nd what you'rporting on youou hes. >> oh, the? they w ndor s sne who iiving a big ci maskksp a rtants aalcl>> tweso pce reo exal ti. he rahe has t b >> shoz - s's a busy girl, herukband works. rah, what's yourssue? >>y mind iracing wn i get home, i can't get rest.
2:24 am
an help! >> wto you u ink? >> tt is really comm prm. most people saits becausof the distractions of thday are missing anantrusivivthououts come in yourind. t actually, one of thth t ts that's haeneng, the beded has actually bece aor euralattete i your mind.o" dfere tha i you- er and'r'r u to okokhhee sst, you see theheake a you wan tooo ok w w w shouldheo? >> you c c get an exive inteor dececator to rede the room, or sime thin l ne a lighulb to change the colors he roooo you can pick the colors you want, so you can have -- & ange thembience. >> it does change yoood, i have tsay. p>> youould have romantic time in thiu colo too. >>ow, that is cool. >> any other --
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>> my iriends suggested taking drapel -- dramean or nl pbeben drill. >> those medications, they will help you with s se setionbut eroemis, they haveide efefcts. ateopleereoing whenhey ach for oko pipihey don' biehat the themlvite teniqu canonhehe prs. >>owo? go bacto sleeee p>> we have jerd d re, , has sues too becauseseour shift changes. yeyet change tl l r. >> i i woarly mnings anan erght somes. so i iant k kw ou adju yr eeeeeedu cordgly when it is tatahahaing. thaproble manynyfs hnotradnal rk les, and w tos c upit fatie unter-meur unlmryo gting toet n b.
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>> you're a keepso shing co lled coffeeapter consece urs fu youan get a a whammmmif you te e e caffeine caffeine,r the coffee, and th youake a 20-minute e asome out ofhe napapyou willre ale. >> the coffefe doesn'te fe for0 nutes. >> setimes do it on ailas. >> yeah, y have a sip, a a you a double whammy when youak up, t caffeine and dhe alertness. and people ve spouse that's workrkiffere shifts, should u just slele ianother plac your ouse is up ith midd of the night? >> it's rely okay tha what you have do. you canhange the wirg. 60% of new x xes have his and edoms. 6 wow. >> tt is sad. >> i like leep next to himim sorry. > get ready to rummage through ur closet. we'lllurn your unwantedff into money your closets. >> she juslled to o y
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toda > day's video for webtastic will put a smilen yo face.
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> it i >it i itry day iday. jenna bush her is he. whihe kathie lee is taking som time off. we're about to@ give you aery od reason to stataourpring cleaeang this weekend. >ay, i lo to cleaea but jd ynow -- >> wait. d you say you loveeo clcln? >> i do. lov t t clean thihis out. alalof those o o clothes, kids , electronons d thgs y u have not used in y yrs could be worth dollar@2,000. >> our guest took her family fr in debt tfinanciaiay y h. >o you're livininproooo >> i am livgproof. yeah, w yeah, we were 0,0 in de >>here was a momenyou u id this is too much >> yh, i ld out all y crit card bibis my bed, and i sa we're $40,000 in debt, our r was tod, a turned
2:35 am
alst lost ouromeo pforereosururand i show pplow o o o website. >> you're e ing to teaca p jple $- hfre at homepepe to dodot.t. have lot ofofhis r homes that we can makekeon off ofri >> i box u---- >> ks clhes. >> ian box them up -- somememes s get rid ofofhean givehem t/t/oodwill.l sometis i y what if i ve other r ds? yeah,ut you can sell them, you cacasell them sily. yoyodon't ha to ionline. forrkids' othehe get abox or a bag frohread up.c.c. and yoyotake of your cloes u uut thth rht ith ba you sp p em, en they pay you. >> andhey'll tl us, metiso o or r ot haha stains or somomhing they't'te that. >>hat's ri theyey have to be in good conditioio bu it' super easy to do that. >>right, stoys a another
2:36 am
to? >> yesto seluseds yoyo n do it at gage sasa, but swap.c will veou thesese boxes, envelos,ou cut your toyntheret send t t emnd you cetoney foror youroys without having to thwarage sale. >> what ty of money do you get for something kekehi >>ou c get fm $25 to $50 d not hang to dodohe work it isisuponnient. >> cthes. we allave e ings we have n wo in forer. ororor shoeses we don't ever wear >>t does feel g gat to clean n t ur closet op i dng it r right now, tting ridfff t ts you d't ne. yeah, cleleererer steal you joy. ndame branothing, things ke antopopogy,y,ana publ. name branddotng, cch bags @hael michael kors, sell thehe on bay. >>it @asy???
2:37 am
you take a picture a you can ll it i aew seconds. shoes are a eat onon oes are also gre. do o sl well? >v y i just sold a p pof riftfthoes iod for $45. >> wait what? $45 online? ay t t only place? >> y can sl onosh mark as well. >> y would never think about appliances. >> yeah, g ge them away or toss them. ere is a company called deagagcom, ty come pk up your stuff and s sl it fou. and s sit the profit. >> are tyll over the couny? jusus in a few states righ now. more on n eaeaerside, but kitcheansml applncuc, atateticqument. ththgs thatthendfhe garagesaleou donotw what
2:38 am
>> yeah. i aays rvouabouold phones andhingng becae theyave infmationn them. they seveouox, th seoy boxith prdi bebe it t s igg teriald evytng u puur old pnein thth>> 4on yououet worriedbo evhing thahas ononhere?% >> you just pe it clcln,ut the e bel and ship it out. computers and ectronic >> boo. ve s sng used bo ou'rdone readidi them, u don't ed to crea utter. this th i awe -oo for dedeutri. t t emn x anship tme tomamamandhehewill sl l nd ship p emut f f you. >> what? >> i ithheyobuy us boooois twhat -- >> yea that's what it is. >> all great tipsps thankso much. >> thank y. > ngngure youry are well rounded without o or commitit them. >>nd the weekeke warrior
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if y y
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it's hardor raising good, responsiblekids. >>ou want them to ell prounded@d@nd successful. but whll the presso be good at erythththhe days, the pressure can be overwhelming. >>ere are ps on how to rse a suesid. here is dr. borah gilbob i le is.aahave a 2 1/2ear-old,rly the, a a she iin a a of f acvities.. when d du dededeth'r ready anwhat is age appropate? >>he t wests way --- theest wayy to decece is w wn she ys,, that w so fuan i do agn? cae i y gn r, wheeerr f snt t uy, youknow,ouai antete d d wre goingpto sti to it , yocan
2:43 am
uffou maynk she likes, e's s t gogo ke and t stuff the do@ like kee uragin , tore e bett. >> t's dadad band sasapy h ht,n day y o, h-- made him waito hit two. onay threeeeyouit re so sometimes a kidoves mein you j j i at tmnd suddenly they diike it. is thereveve a right tim f a -- s setimeshey y ke methg, and then theyant out. >> i iasesperarao qui finally m m w li, s s s talend l me qt. >> ithey me a mmit say you gnfor ccbecaur childays want to theheteamamyo makekemitotoam, m a ev of nishtt r itment. they donavedo or up for the xt sson,nish wt yostarard. i would 1 othti .havet
2:44 am
ramy a w n n tting te t u o sime-t an stop. >> k@%em so overscdud. >> i feeli f fily is and i don't ve tt. you havtotoook at play xime as importantime. you have to not think at are th ey not doing, b whato tt t do thewn meme avsome roomorreaty boredom. > i't it pot for famies to sit arnd a a hang t gethth, without thinking, now we betr go dthis? >> on tay fm activi to the other. >> we adults s s wneedo brbrk. we have our r ds like this. ifour kid isxhaust and ying i'm so tired. mental health day is oy. >> a don be afraid of their dodo time. >> ihink we fear the down time. >> aotkids wanto lrn, eir pas want them to l another langua, and youcwoer
2:45 am
atyou in. > m an, as early ououanan s sthatids arnatul learnersnd they wi sk it upupnd briri it in.ere is limitionsnst th takeon sohe elierantart it,the tter eaon'ttoan s 9 m ms ol >> andome sa at 2, what are good tities, a 3, what are good acacvieses can you g us, what age should we start the activities and all the wthrough,tre se good activieso enroll them? >> a grown up and lass is ne a time. if you say go this, think mahing theirirersolity to (atheyet d-- >>heit. thehoulul chot ? w m mun than being good ait sign them up r somhing if yowoulu@wahedot ifhewey erage. >> and they can burn out if u put em somhing i soon.
2:46 am
you c't say, you have too to ballet s, pea t, i'm inggor coee,, and they'y' eakingout. >> milagsiter likepeace, m.. >> tswewe that she'scoiden b b there are a lol of kids who weren't. we don'tant totoreate anous s ds. wanem to feel confint.. whwhh mnshey'll wanoo @oer. >oo it'w'e about at yohan whaha thehe - - es. as the meg to learn from i >> get offf e coh, ssuit s'sightre. 'mngsquese to whauit. grab a wat bote and get
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rk-outs. t tt' a gd ing. >>e're excxced. uh , hello`geieo?... yeah, i was s st talkingabout t ur ergency roadside service and how it's ailable 24/ and then o c c oveeated... wh are the chances? can yond a tow trulease locati you're not goingobeeve thist's um... in i shas jg, me,
2:49 am
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are are you u ck and tirir o your se d exercise rne you ar wee jus the ing.>> oee warrior retete wk-out wlet
2:51 am
ririt i io shape.e. here is justin exin, ,"d you na yourself that? th group fitne managererr at new york city's cnch gym, wherere youan do the firefighterss work-o-t. >> a a also here is therunch lalar. wer. >> the wkout wrerey alfirer,imics tm thth awoulul hav to gool roy. >> and it' notsy. >>e actually work in teams. p>> ts is70ound mmy. the a a fay d d d ik. a loof cardio ana streui thela the tays s move th d. so peoe d'te upper dy strengthnd y .% so you l --
2:52 am
oh yeah. you get low a ahen youou ive with the lower body >> by the wa t i hard. cause tre's an exercici t t you doo wrere youou just k kkr out like at. ipossle. >> do u nttry w toide it. >> i'm not rinin thedummy. >> you aoing to@ ride the mmy!y!p>> paul can clb it because he super strong. wt do you mean, we're not? >> hoda could do it. y y have to hit t bell,o we hava po there is a l of ys to do`ot, you okok one, tw three. >> are kidding m>> iuredut'm g
2:53 am
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not t ay. some celebriti have been tr tkeep up withthhe >> elebs are doing photo shoots with siloseso the rdashians. we wasked isokay or not to copy kdashian photo shoots. hereres at we had to say. >> iuppose is ththhighest formf flalteryrybut peonally prer oror >> ks alys o but --o it is not okay, howeve er is one exceptn. u can never hav@oo many redos ofim k.ouring sne
2:58 am
>> ye, that was g odd civilization. >> what are ose? >> i don en ow ant to giveeig thaou r jnaush hahar foror being he next week, have sally field and tiawood >>and > anwel l rring in e kitchen.>>d r y h d a performancby granger ith. >>ave a great end, everybody.y. a wou o omond. nice lking you > my my missions s mple. to make you ney.y. i'm here to level ththplaying fid for all insts. ere's always a bull mark somewhere and i omise toelp find it. "m mey" starts now. y, i'm orame weome welcome to c cmeri. other peopto usyq t t
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my js not just to entertain yoyo b`to educate and teaeh yo al i i803-bcr t memejimcramer. y o hahighbhchool diplomhas almost ctaly ken a urn chemistry, a cose in geometry, some phphphs, probablnd ht of clndan om cge s sthre ngngs anhaha dp unrstandin quantum physs.but u ow tteaculun higscho finaial litecy.n beon m a leararthinabout personal financial plannini orohow to balance a a rned checkbooklet ale ho invest youruroney wisely. ney is not talked about in education.n. 'sike thd il of e e ucatatl st and that's why i'm'mn n cotant mission to teaea you about every aspe of managing your r r be abl ba a
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coto ririrent t stg and playg around with at i calloudiscretiary mad money pofolio. whicisis big rean whwhi ote "get riccarefufuy" to begith st oyou en, ally, even ifififgn ownwnny individual stoc dtl y ve some kind of exposure2to the stk market, probably a 401(k)lan where you u ephe lklklkyouretiremen which is why i want to take a moment ttalk aboututetement. for@thososof you w hbe living i ia ca for theast 40 s,(k(k(kare e ma icsasa. th'roffered by yemploy, amsof f e great vehicles out. r t`tse e ho arebout fall asepr change the channel, becausehe wdea p sing reti puts yoyoto sleep, hear m mout. because you need to know this stuff. and i'm going to t tl you some things that you won't hearrom thso-calleexperts.s. is sw's differert. at this point, it's pretty much


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