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tv   Mad Money  NBC  March 5, 2016 3:00am-4:00am MST

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coto ririrent t stg and playg around with at i calloudiscretiary mad money pofolio. whicisis big rean whwhi ote "get riccarefufuy" to begith st oyou en, ally, even ifififgn ownwnny individual stoc dtl y ve some kind of exposure2to the stk market, probably a 401(k)lan where you u ephe lklklkyouretiremen which is why i want to take a moment ttalk aboututetement. for@thososof you w hbe living i ia ca for theast 40 s,(k(k(kare e ma icsasa. th'roffered by yemploy, amsof f e great vehicles out. r t`tse e ho arebout fall asepr change the channel, becausehe wdea p sing reti puts yoyoto sleep, hear m mout. because you need to know this stuff. and i'm going to t tl you some things that you won't hearrom thso-calleexperts.s. is sw's differert. at this point, it's pretty much
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u have to vest iyour 401(. that only anot wou not/ contribute t ta 401(k) pla a lot ofofxperts will even tell yoaxut yr 401(k) i i you max ouenough mon for that to o o ble.thxico tdstotogog up or me from $17,500 in 2014 or $18,000 in 2015. anoscontrititi omour pre-tataincome. hower, i'm notne of those peopho t should x t t 01(k i'm nosomeone whwhis going t sing the p pisesekf 401(k)nd y yt'the y fifaat cethis1(k)pls n be a r rl xeg. b but a couple e really grt features and a l/t of bad oneses too. and osbad featates will ea ay at your returns year after ar, sometimes through fees thatatre almost totaliy y dden fromomouth ay e e e sett m so let me lay out e go, bad,d, and uglyf 401(k) plans and tellououtht t e conibe momo mon to ur k)r put th c a tter useewre e
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the best thing about a 401(k) is it's a tax-deferred invement vehie. you never pay pey gainsnsof pfi you mch allows your money to compound aer y comundi, fantasti dade tedecade. totally tax freentil you cide to start makikg withdrawal guguviewers of this show a reer mokkn'm geelver er o oug. let g gyou an example herer ppose u' 30 arololan stin$5,000 a a ye tyo 401).you' n pg any incomeononhat t etaxnce. you choose your investments wisely, you should beabab to @ nera as much as a 7% retur aveeroursofext ye y y'l ctributing $15000 to your 4(k) pl but th m is toftea out anpitatagains tas,by tyo 6 $5-pear tax inme llllth clde w/rter $511,00000 if you h to pay taxes on dividends and capital ga
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a a a low rhaps as mucucas $0,000 lower. 's how impor compounng is. d avavding -- ll, leles say ehdefeaturof t xhing. @u only ever ha to pay xes on yououk) money o oe,nd that's when youode to o aw that'sed aorry incom ansisist of yoare tired,ofouill enup paying a lower rate thananf u re taxn it when you rst earned it. atnenen toike 401(k) pns the condny, t not all, employers wiwiatch or paially mamayour ntbutions. so forverylar u ur eloyemay thth 5 th free mone yoveve tlk away free mon. but ifou don't get money, i pthink it's a much less compelling buthere are e lot of things about a 401(k) plan that c c be
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don't get a match from your @ememoyer, i believe it's a better idea to savavr tirement via t t individua retintououor i.r.a., which hahatht t me ect tax-fafared status of 4040 you can only cononibute $5,5,5 year to ur i.r.r. or $6,5050if you're over 50, but when you change jobs, you can roll over all of yr money fr your 401(k) inlo o i.r.a. why is i why is it a tter option? first of all, 401(k) plans vary widely frocompany totoompany. some give you a terric range ofofhoices, but some ge you a - 401(k) plan with limited optis.s. sometimes you only get to choosebetwa don, a coune mdit mu f. so for those of you can't pick yourwn stocks in your 401(k), , n nr one rule, reou ntbuey to your 401(k) plo si4 gives you the e tion to put your caca into someing thtt's acalornv i
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mimics t s&p. howewer,f yodoesn't ev oer tme on u we, shame`o` your company ---- th go withth s sf-directed i.r.a.rom m m ll-svice scount pgrgr. i'm not tatkinabout fidelity, so y y c have control over your money. . onmoreegativ with a 401(k), when you invest. a mutual fund, u have to pay that mutuafund's fees. this is realaz impornt. bubuyour 401(k) administrator, the compy -- theeople your employer hires to rurutheses plans, they willlllso charge fe. >> boo! >> meaninghaall ofhe 401(k) saves you on ta a eat oat baw baeseufees. haveouver look at statemannd 1(k) holdings s en't ineasingngn value th shoulde, fs arprobably t reason. eresll oiseaves? here's mbottom lino retirement investing e company u work f offs an employer matcxcfor your 1(1(onut, you t tput neour 401(k) until that match maxed son pass on free mone
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additial r rirement savings in an i.a. but if thehe's no o ployeratat orf there's an employer match, t your 401(k) doesn't give y ops thatatre worth investing in, withou wouou d tterererskip the 401(k) and go straight to an i. immediately. bora in californiadebora? >orter: hi,im, thanks for king m mcallll >> quite wel >> c cr: have a two- eson regarding the value of lieng to a c cny's rningsgsonference call.. >> okay. >> cle t firkt p pt isisshow cawe didate want to do, in otr words, w acacon we want to take, based onon theaings rorth ststfrly wilbehave i a contradictororfashion to the reportfor a]ple, aompany can report good eags, but guide loweweon theevue`d earnings gngrd t k will.
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is, i'i'on west cot, s s the cas freqntly yre a7:00 and a.m.m.mstn time, so @ for me, thvalue of listeng the call is diminished, because m not going to get up atat:00 or 5:00 a.m.o listen to it. so i'm noty y ing take anaction on that. okay,ere's the sosotionono is, debora. you have no gun totoour ad, unlili the hedge funds, you can listen at your leisu. i'm not trying to get anybody to auarter, touyto d quarter, ifan avd . what you wanto do is take a a longer-term vin e comfort ofououou witho any, lten thel l rd it. go to4yahoo!ininin, gegesoof theearch,treeee bcbct so rh, max pectctions witwhatasd, tataonteie that'she a atagef indivi ito n't have tai thada doug in n vada.. dodo
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kay. calr:r:eaea mques i a, cubsntntl. ulit bvivifor o chan that toto self-directed i.r.a. >> o oy, wel whamatters is the mah. if you have -- i ithployer's tctc, no.. you nt to get the x -- you want to get the max xb sto spea then after th, yes. or -bubububut's six r half aozen of e other and the funds aren't that good that u're alllledo be iyoyo 401(k), thenyes,s,t yoyoto oose a self-diricted i.r.a. let heelke control o ourur financncl ture. t co rem if omnychou contbuono 401(k), then ththtlut. at's really importantn but if you d't an pl match or don't'xave investle options,s,raighto the i.i.a. > mad tht, , u just g g yoiplo, now what?ano busy to inst in indiduto
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i'll help yot your mon pbehi text t st things. plus, there e e ma roa to healthestment. let's sht uw course. stick wiwi cramer.nndon'mi sef "m"m mon." owjimcr on twi auestion? tweet kram, #madtweets. jim an o madmoney@ccom or give us a ll at 1-800-743-cnbcbcomom miss sometng heado madm.cco uh uhuhhello geico?.yeah, i was st talking abouyourur emerncy roadside svice and how i 's availab4/7 thenurur orhead.d.d. a thenc? cayoyose a tow truck p uh, locatatn yoyore not goio believthth b t it's um.. it's in a tree. i i was joking, mate, but ititerally stuck inna tree.
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spiregimen yeaspipin.,, >if e if everyone`in thicountry wensand ded tourn eric intamican wr kir l grara pobah, youetter belie i uld be m kinges and changes pron, but becausthis is a show about money, i'l ick to the financiallements cramer regi. because it dves memeues at we don't tea o o young p pple about w w andle moy. woitite so c czy if you had to take e class in persosol ncbefofo you graduate e om high school? i thinit should andatory. t awardealt asses they m me ev thatatat getet ltle grapc times.
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abt on this show. so can i justata a moment to speak some words that wellll beev butery rarely geto sain conversatn? look, money is impmpta. 's reaeay iman anngboutpthe stata o o your fandoes not make you some kind of supcial geoioner. for example, let's say you've t a really lousy c et score and u wantnto get married. ngngtulalaons!yointetete hoibrenew sp.w,w, you your par be ababqual r a to buy a car or home operhapapeven just get t darned credit card. these things matter in life. they say money can buy happins, but i've often found that@piecececliched convnvtion w b biouat bt, b bause being broke is a major buzzkill, as i
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sohat t t e hehoyog peop do th tom? fifid f/f/mondy that's the oy way you're going to be ableleo aceve financial freedom. byedwh m ling ae e ere yoot totally 100% dependentn your paycheck. alilled wh s member theoung dedegrapc taking active hand in managing r n ney. tomamaplstart sa a inveway o late thatakes their lives a lot re difficult than thth nee. be. but i so know many young people feelike ty hava a a ti in the world, m my more tarinvesting bere they're uly@ady,ththrerein factctbetter things for them to beoing s s with their monen. soe've g g t treally drill do ois. t's w i'm gng to give you three lessons. and a caveat for all of thos o arntly out of llege. s start wihe cavt. before you can stard investing, you need to o y off your credit card debt. imeing eon fobu's especy f yor peoplepotential since
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tteneneay agessive about offeng cdit cge studen, no matter how much money you ck u uin the stock market, if you're carryi a balalaon y yr credit cards, thent's to eato yoyoyo rns. i know this myself firsthand. and lo-term, the iereson the cr carar wab befte ofits you camakekero]/investing, a least on a percentage sis. so j jt payoyo)d)dd crit rd b bceve ntnt auto mate it with your cdit t card company if f f re worried. you' bteted not to. i can't at thaedard bt mattehow manyreat stideai haven n show. now let's get to my three lessonfor young investors. first,hihiiseally for r l the yoyoyopeople who have cently graraat anduall r yozo outhere, reless sf edioiole you need to veveoney. but i recognize e at n/v everyo hasn inininnt ispositionono ve. we can't all be natural cheapskates. d i also acknowl tt tellininyou u save ov and over won'tecessarily do an good. howover, the stock manket is a t t t to tri yourself into sasa a part of your paycheck that youight otherwise spend. vestininin scks can actually f
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thin the teaching, w wre favininmoney in a savavgs account or a certificatetef posieels like, well, kind of joylesfot of pele, no menenon theheac that the rurns ao all that they' basic y inll t t word,, if y invest your savings in thearket, iwill be a lolo sier tresi t t tatn to shane tng thththouight noteed,ause it will beittin stockskthat yl , anu' hao thoho s s ss to g ur money back, and there's naral predection tnot sell once yuynoly ith a ty to trick yourself into saving,g but also has the added advantage to bei tmartt e topuur meythe na% peivt no pyes, tradidion savgs vecles like money rket fufus, see res, k e wk, cds, check those evwe, they give yo hardly any retn at a. it a wasteo put yo savgs in them thacash be maki you a lotore momoy by owning sckckin a brokerage cap and working with your money,et yo hands dirith your moy. thiss che tataeted piof
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n afford to ta a lot more risk than an oldoegy like . o wdswhen you'rin ur 20s, , u u n get away with h riskier, some d say ckle strtries,e ng slati, single-dit stks whehe the etial upoue huhusoso poiasi, playing with optns or generally being a lot more aggressive wityour money. - why is that?t?it'sot because youngeople e ae naturally be specor n n at al it's simply bebeuse whenenou maisis iur 2 wit your money, you ve your rest of your life to fixt. caaffo to y morere high-rk stocnd e u losing your ney when y y're ung, becse you've go40-odd yeto earn ckour sses so y've to takthos risks. older investor y y've got to be more caious... the cler you geto reremethmore consertive your investin sttegy has ro be more bonds, moreigh-yiel ocksfewer speculativstocks trading in the sine digits. if you'r your r s, you should inveskeoung rson, not an old person. rget about bonds, peoplele plplse, i'm beinyou. ththe's no reasofor sosoone in their 20s to he bond eosure wh tmoneuld ininkserit
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nste myou hi rn yr after ye. so young pple, i want you to ta this s vice to t, pecily becauseus thathe rent t lleoe grs most likely invnvt in the market ao the onen who a thmo rpole, prudaboutheine ananprudence is great whwh u' pting together dg live with, wiin your means, ecidg ho hecko save every monly. bufoung veors, bei too prudt is actually being ss omoms, live ebttle, at asinstock poli ta somsks swb foed aut nds for the next days. playrounwiom ulive s, mbe ty biotecmpanieth aotf poteteiaia even they bl up`p` on you a a go o l t`e way to zero, u ha youwhole life tothon b bk. and it's never too early to start investsng for retirerent. usyour 401(k) if y yr j j has e, eially t someme inib rotr., whh is ideal yog vests.s.insting is areat way to trick yourself into saving
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y. yond tt, remember when you're young, you can afford t t tata aot more s ouourtrtli anit's never too soon to srt contriti to your 401(k(kor i.r.a., especially if that i.r.a. is a roth let's tketennse ke, ke, ke? p>>alr: hey, jim, howou doing?g? yr we w wch it all the meme>> tha you thank you. cler:y qutis, aew episod epepes ago, you said tt you dinokehbuying a stock k e ratigoov >>ht >alalr: a i'm wri not you use peg os as a sell signal? ananif yououo, how high woulu leit go before y y pultrtrger d sellllhehetototo >> when it's more than twoimes the grow rate, i get nervous. there ararsome stocks that don't tre on earni andndou have toe cacaful.l. like a colt stock, b the tytycastock, iit traras for lowewe-- younow -- lower t
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gets higher. y ved u p%l%l e ene vestg is a great w w t t t trtrtryourself isavivi money. 's never toooon to coribu to urur.a 1(k) (cell phqis) where are u? we t tls a back in t tttic. d d wonan teat. i youac mom? ay's psol th.. if you'rmomo you call at the rot time. it whahayodo. if y wan savpeen more arur, swch tge itit what u . wharu?ery ud the.
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we l we live in a aorld where you have more choices about where to instr money thanr bfofafa rtual innity of etfs, mutual funds, y/u/nanapat.t& but more choice isn't alys better. sometimes vi moroptions tespoiblelelele decide which oneare r)ght which hnes a a wroro f f y yp anyoveerad onwhen it comes to pickingexchch-trandndd d ndndthth yo ghghghw.w. th'rerre. atpoint,t,hereremany enkindtftfthat it mama y y yhehehehin.i ha theheay nyctor-b-b-b e es, ones that let you bububud sen tireup like banks,heheome dededehate@ the way they've been warpinghe wawathe e k market adad that's's's y y yan f fd oure abaut in "g"g rich# cacafu" and if y y y yin thehe etf i & have to urur you to o ndndut out thtn...thimimrtanththg thihii uve alllloror of and tu funut tre, and they can all advertise.
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nds,hey waoumomomo d onofheiggest mistakes you can make as an individual inst give it to them wi bew sntnt ex... unforounaty, thiis also onofofhe mt common m a[esut tre. mososopop i ith try que stininin with pti monon in n mutututuunds. me 80 million pele or r basilly halfhe houhos in america havexposureso mutual fu manynyf you u have a c a 4(ks n've yoanption. sohink alllllse being equal l isi.r.a. is a better w to ve forirt exactlys s bad about mutuauandy am r r against mething that's an n ststution n t ts country? si..if're ining in@nutua funds, you're most likely ll, to p it t licately, yo, hgettg se now, i don't want to paint wh too broad a brush here.
3:25 am
but first,ou need to unrstata the pblem wiwh h e funmomo my main beefere is thawiti actively manag mutl funds, .mutual funds whererehe are opleecidg which stocks othestocks tbuand , we've got someroblems. lids, tual fd managebu d d g paid for deliveng performance. ey colle feeom tirinststs, p pple like you, , d the amountf money th make dedendenti oze of their assets under managemen aum, w wcallllt, which meansn thr biggest incentive is not nessarto do well, somein good perfmance really help with, what they're realal beiei paid to do is b bng in more money for more ( investors. saler eind d 'st t theeason y in sdy after studyye after year, it has beeshown that theheast majority of active manedutl fu unrmrmhe mks, like the s&p 500. in othererorif younvmvt ivelgendorp0largcatalions. stocks, theneits performan will mt likely fall short of the s&p 5050
3:26 am
m m medededdsdsconstetelylylyererrforore et, th have some of the highest fees ithe business. dothat? theyeyon't d das well ashe bencncnck anthey chahae more. so e e your fund does s nanaits benchmarksds a od youl d up with an overperfming investment instead of being in a simplele indefut mirrors e p ofrse, the are some active fus outherwiulous managers shat can deliver consistentts. but when a mututl fund delivers chreat rests for so long, if the manager is a dece rsheirirp accepting new investments, put thr fool dn.use at a certaopwh a fund becomes t t big, it becomes incredibly difficult t beat the market.s general ru, if you're goininto invest in mututfunds, yodon't want to b in an activeve managed one, the fees are o high, and the evidence that the bulk of them
3:27 am
u know that i think your best strategy is to manage your own prtliof ss, f those ofozou who d he t e time to research individual l s orf yo 4(kpl n't l%t owthemme tell you the smart way to invest in mutual fus.out,t, c c write thi do. a cheap low-co indndund mibrors the rket as a whole.e. one that mimims thths&p 500. ininx fund ura-l fees and wi an s&p index fund, goteh t let u papaiciphe ngthk k k , vio d e ti ckinindividudu stockck is m s like a rere mpleolutn. t erthit. the point of pngr ney in a fd iso save y thtime and money requireto ger st. that's whyhinknkt'sane wh peoplowng ltltlt mutual nature,utfu oulde rsd. the'renoas for hoams li you any exposure to o .
3:28 am
tryplpl indua ctor that time would rea mbeer s pkinginvidu stocks. as es, ies hies are fordi, t inin si don' em.manytfbabaeverer th taka real told on an o&olo-tm perfma t net loererormanc e are so excons, gl ,hetf iikikik plafo go but in genal, if you're not a pro and d d mamamang a portfolio and d t t t trtring every singlele day,hen you u obobob s suldn't be fooling ad with tse fs either.r. here's t herere the bottotoline. at thend of the day, ihink a cheap s&p 500 index fund is th least-bad way to passively manage your ney. better than the va bof tily mag mutual funds. but an index fund owns everything, the good, thbad, and the ugly. and if youo have theime, i think y/can beathe performance of aindex fund b pickinstococ yourself, whi t entire reon i do this shsh ery night. if y/y donon h he the me, thoughthen don't overthink it.
3:29 am
is, in, the best w t. ryry mary in maryrynd. mary? >> caller: boo-yah, jim!m! mm-hmm. >> caller: j j, i started liliening to yououowhile back. en i started buying stocks on your advice. >> thankou. >> now i'm lkingt my portfolio h%re, and jim, jim, my eyes havseen tlo! so i want to get l ltle faied peaps buy some cha ocks.however, i ibodrs anpossleleurto foreign rr ehahge rate soan you educramer us on adr anexchange rate >> sure. wet the bad publ goi on overseas, butere's the wal/ok at it. if you want own indidual stocks and the business e goi not carehey arar- don't abobw t currerey, ifitheusivevevis
3:30 am
anandrnd it's european y, fnstatae, a`d iin by central nk issues,s,ouill not do well, even if the stock w w l)thinei, , don't have a c cntryry t yingse their curreni'm ith h . but t fy are, yoye got to stay awaand stayn gogo old u.s. of whici thinin&--a rerersayayinstst mattw? alr:aa bacat y y.p >>alalal i3 yearolol@ceced anne thwowofofce e d just startet out t t .r.a.areizg me is ononsi, i want to go for an gressive loca to bu m ununrehoto d dthth exactl so i w w wto g g you esesononr someons4ararar outpto t timing vesting. hohowould you go aut -- >> well,l,ith i i ink k atayou - want thave fasst ynggrth sckcm and those are - tend to ound in technology
3:31 am
bibqh. now, don't go crazy. i'toonon t t pocksf aniethn' maki mon, nonoe thanhat. t ththe are thmost ferle ar junior growth stocks, companies thatre w $llion or less. a lot of theare totosmall to talk about. one e se t. these are l fine. n dodohohobee you lose monu' r of yourulife to make it back.k sorry,)no muutualo .piing stocks is still thbestst way manage your money, but if
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active managed fdsi've been on my f ve been on my feel alalday.i'm bubued!yea me tcuse me...cong t tou theheel wave of com with dr. schololls massing gel ins. they'ren to give you coort.
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let mel u abt whether it make sense for you to a a gula1(r an i.orouo wa rothwhis ai'm sure u'veeaea couleim bumamanot understand. i know i ie talked about the nefitsf g idua tirement accccnt, , i.r.r. for short, or a 401(k) plan to inve f riremen i'm nogoing to beat a dead horse he, but is i ia
3:35 am
ldut my money in a rot acunt or a regular o? don'we sith rothth i.r. i ink atabderom the earnrnncomtax crit, , e i.r.a. may behe sgl greateststhing our government that has done for low-inme families since the end of e r r over, which ded in a draw, povovty possiblyinning. i've told you all out how w regur i.r.a. lets you take taxaincome, invest it, and y yr s s cond yearfter year,ade ter decatatax-fr, ununl you decide to withdraw tt money wh youetire. a roth i i.a. wos diery.h, m m m contributions with after-tax inme so, in o w, relar i.r.a., puinmomoy into a roth won't crease youtax bibi. oer h though,e youruroney is a roth i.r.a., you wi nev paxn ag long as your cash remains in yo account, yoyodot pay l ins tax orivid tax. and when you withdraw itl which you cado whout penaltytyfter
3:36 am
any incomes tax on your withdrawaws. i oth words, with a roth, you pay taxes now so yo don't ve ancoax0 or t t yeyes from now when you rerire. ere's one moreosite t about ro you u@n withaw the money u'venvested, ygas, justu'tred and u won't get hit th a penelty.ich is what haens ifou try to wramoney a rular v that very differenfr a gui.r.r., ere you don't pay any y xes now, andr s don't taxed within theacunt, but oe stt widrawing e money, eve penny you take out t ttaxed asas orry iome, which can be a hh . which ans whou're trtr to decide betwtwn a ro.r.a ana 401(k) or a regular i.r.a. or a 4(k yougue babacally ciding wheth i ikes re nse to pay incomtax now with a ror r to inmeaxa ceou'vretirewiwi a gular account. in oth words, yohave to fire werer'll be t ininhe higher tax bracket afr
3:37 am
this is a colid estioj ans a lot dwithhe spifofr situatatat your career, and how o you are. a quk k lef ththt, for yone whose m mginal x rate 25% orlle, whh os amica, i think you ought to go with a roth. bett to take tit up on an aow yr roth.r.ato compnd tax frefor the e of yr li for os you w donon have the time to pick your own diversifd portfo the thing can do park ymoneow-cost x fund tt mirrors e p 500. ouould, u d me bonds, but l yo actutuly retire, stockshould ma up e mamarity of yoyo retint i itments. i know i've sa ts befofo, t ll keerein unt take me o their, cacaito ness b coraryo conventionaldom. want stos, nuntil r.r. how out a roth 401(k)? this worksust like aotr.a., meanyou contributions with aftererer income and never pay taxesn that moneyeygainexce sce
3:38 am
much higher cobuti l l than ai.r.a. for example,e, g gernment sasa the 40k) contribution t r s $10, which i.r.a. contributnsre capd a mere $5,500. and unlike a roth r.a.a.a 1(1( dsn have kindndf income cap.r w meyoueayou n ke aantage of he hese, as long asour emoyivhe thaxe inex headehigh ove thcourse of your le, the roth 401(k) where you payo taxenow and panothing in the fufure is s tayayo go even&iyou're m m mlot of money in t trerent. bui ththelies mistaken. for those of you young people o ve obe piticly nsen undnd the obama admiration, itay seem like there'ay to stop t t t of h@re but histo ss dierenenand i believe we can ososthe ficit wiwi substantially raing tas. about olit as i'm go et on th shobut at the end of thday, this
3:39 am
thefore yondbility to prt. the bottom line, the lower your prest in, e lower your --taxes. a roth 401) oror roth i.r.a. lele thoowes now d ner worry about t xes again for youretirement money. so the less you make, the mo likely it is tt a ro is for you. 'shax mpmp and en you're savivi for reti, n't y abou at clu go o tastphicicro30r 40 yrs in n n ture. juju wor about mthe stois ght now. "mad money" " back after the break.grgrave memeamoct wstbandnderstand how much they m me,... anancreaeade wi motionsense. the wod's firsantiperspirant acd movt, it unyqumicrapsulele eak withriction toeasese burs of freshns alday. epininyou fresherr with everyove.
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thstsidedef fifrhihiips',,,,,,,,,,,, if you >> yanl read othe e dustal e eno you cod do a lot worse than kin n hwewethe inin wrumpany wi its fingers ininor obuniesesesclududg climat ntntsyst, equipmt for r rsckinesas ll as many me thihgs.we g ahae totot t th dave c cy,he chairman n d cece onll, you saw thlk he interview yrday, but ot tgowhatno a walk-a-tk wi codwhere shoed some of honey's intrui new produ wao ta l >> thiis t wateak tectwere tkingbout.. th the top a
3:43 am
and th can actlly ndmeage ouhoteg you that'vt t problem. >>unt t glonsav? whatyothin t coury you knohai don't know this ire c even acciden nsad oving flooding ouusorndou don'tknbo it for the e use it'sapniown in thar ohappinin a vaca h ts way yo know and you can ret to it right awaw.@ >> 8 8 8 b bst pipep h ava.itoio a foune, frfren pipe,e,ad n nideaeaeaeaea it.... >herereououou his isisist i ed. i'll tetmy iurance company shsulcucumy z zl get t0isns >> ts gets us into metering fofogagagagaer, ananelecececitit d the sosowawaects em a....this one may not lk likekeuch, but think it t an industrial cash register for gas. so alreadye t ink a $5 billion quion, something good, accretive in 2016? >>t will be accretivivthis year, yes.s.>>umbers for a lot of e alysys yft.
3:44 am
industrialasteater using bacteria that ararnaturally occurring. y renery wld usehihihi it's going to be able to go yondha e're just tdarting troll this o thehe. thth is based on designshat t e r . we do this wh less footprinththther -- >> y were gointolyly's sustainability, ome companies, jus b ble t ttracacyounpeop, they have to be able to -- come on! u ink pldon't stnabi is ne ilding? they can't get the great mput sciti they do >>eseseyo,xcellele.. ll, we'll do verwell there. now,w,ou wanto watch the super bo next t hi yououe the e? >> yes, i do!oeybodelse on my pl >> you want ka-band. which is, we call it jet wav it somhinge witn mr sasa - here w it'signant, versus what you see today -- >> lacac go o r via sat.
3:45 am
more important than wi-fi access than t ty ararbathrooms. but this is is 20imess pee d titis faer. >> okay, i'll go go. this wililalso allow you tdo ufr ts , for example, on n at i ca h hor t hourshead of youbecae thth fly in a , teinyou u u 's happening up her si can stt to route my planes diereny. when combined with our 3-d weatheradar, which we're the p guys thatave,@,lllls to avoid storms, avoid hail mage. >> wt were thedoing bere? just kind of winging it? >> no, whahathey would do is -- - so we'hat theyeyad informioio a srm, )psteaea of s, cuttinit a ltlmorere closely, theygd haha to dos . >> yes. >o a a t of thth oth is etty neat. howeu alr rsion lala year. ese e ings are selli bebeab well in c cna. chiir purifiers. >h, yeah,@,o dding.p>> a t tffff great. we sell them online -- >>his n theal
3:46 am
you're ming is?>>isn hoho product. made in china. >>kay, so that- because ow -- sinhina, man chiha. you a ain said your last quarter thatxpeccha up agai ere e no comes that that except r you.u y is that? w t's reansi in on, ryo st prey closostohe marnell d d ve abaod thothee isve hed tkingor aut fivs aboung thenese or y. thinthers stl ultitiatioiois wook at r r mpetion th i-onal ial y etion he locuy i i chin'rththwonomy he >> right. >> sing vieths yo competoand ng that (way soun se,ut there's geind-chge tt ha ha t t
3:47 am
thth one wcast pbeuai is a erencecepbeeea ahine fifighananan a ariririfififighghr,r,r, beyond just size, as we y, be'e'actualalal differeree in how thth approacacacres. so you have -- at we call thisuey,/hey u u experience, you have to design r the local market. ese firefighters sta ououide d shshhe w wer i i wherers amamicananananightht te t t intthbuildingng needed. so there's much diffent equipment t at this requires. and wh you look at this mask, what we're able to do with this mask is there's actual a heads-up display thashow that telel thetheir own ometrics, so they ybve a sense for that, onwiththike at ki oai ty haveven n their ubtata, o mamama but this allows them to opate a lot reafely and it trtrsmitall that biometetc and other data outside, so that sody kwst's going on >> anonoer thing you've taught s t mething inhe peop's -- >> no, n dtheytltodon'nt tm saving money, rigig? >nd eryr, youe also said that things get tougher >>.
3:48 am
eaer >> well, safety regulations, a life becomes more e luable, in -- >> wororwidede >> siety, yeah, regulations @ndgop, becauseououou -realize, \ou don't want ople ing orti h this one, ofou wcan' sist showing you a jet yen. th htf-700is parof our grgr story aa mpany.>> t)m)me of a growth businehan th7h >> oeah,hif 800 to 8,000 un of .think for z je applications. >> a a one of the ings you have saiaiover a or, metric ie numbying hours. >> at the enof theayat relyatte i iarpeopop ying? and y yaka look that over a long pererd time, it's pret dard nsis. peoplere fing more eveve year. only when you hit a bad recession yearoes that change and tht goht bk the path aga. and wildoming more wealthth meaning filils momo
3:49 am
global, travel is ing to ntin. it'susonna. >> howana thehings we@ hexist three years ag >> oh, almost all thstuff yo sain t. a it't'all additive to o earnings?>> o yeah, yeah, ts is all % stufufthat- weweon't'tea shar generally, cause i find people fuson t deminator instead of the numerator. what youant thng is figuring out how to growal faer dn urndtrd d faster thaompetititi andndnd wweweweusn. uess thahas why you u ways say, w after 14 years e le surpr.. because you kee@unning and ingew pduct ose wh generates that orgac growth that you're most proud of if >> exactly. we call iteeplanng and we're constantly focusedn seed planting. de e dycongtuon whks lanotr suitof products and another believab year.& >> not so bad.
3:50 am
>> thanks, man.urtechnology. chnolo say, have u seen all ting techgy 'silapp?p? mobile app? electronic icas, emerncy roadsi service, i caenubmit clm. ..p, g mobs aharm. geico. ex gat savings a whohe t more. diddid y know the's s cough iquid thatatlasts for twelve hours? try d ymwelvur coughliqu its vancedormulaelease powfumedicine thahaacts fast whi its extended release dicine lasts for 12 hours.
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jojothrelief >>lyly > ow 'vgot t 4gsoyour tweets t bt you've bn seing mcr adee including onon that arve nice and sma! reree e - tweet lefyou, i love y, keetan3. how'w'that? it's r r`jtein mbo some people call me jack tumumpm i'sweet t y. @jwgen-wants to know,e about short-termit iu long-term investment strategy? en.
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scaldido doesn't have to be that day. thlittle eonger term. here we have @diego o wants toas know, asidomr what other books ould home investors havender their belts to helthem tde/mane tter. #gaplan. ne up on wall streee" and "beat the stre," peter lynch. thgye availae e e man. "one u uon wall street" " d "beat the street." u miwanto adad darst'book he taught me a lot at goldmama sachs ananthen moved on. budavid dat's bookokare very go. up next, @drhoy84 tweets, do u evererlee of yr r biotechs provide you with a as? , i don't ee
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cld portfio this weee. yolo. you only live once, so i totallye withou here's @crabo44. i'm nhe market becaof you, sir. just give all e tersigboo-yaya keep teaching gp whahathey want tow, jim. let me give you a little heads up. ve hers.s. i wouldn't be d#ing thth if it weren'n'for . i have gotten out yearar agag a spiteful, driven guy to the rs, and everyone in my personal life owatatatatat yououwhy m in this game! coratuti and stick cramer! t meare e aul, unss y hlergies. then yououes may s s it diffently.
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i li i lili to say the's alwawa a bull market somewhe e is tryfind it ju for you ght here on "mad moy. i'm jim cramernd ie you nene tim hley robertr (voiceover): tonit on "1st look"- [s[srss,spsqsqak] [laughs] aseyer(voiover-wre uring g that ut andvengetti.a li nty. wait, you need toause, though. charleon n. s. is thaa od stor a hley rob (voiceover): r south carolina's destand refreshing ci. h,onuagoa get me good tonight. ashl robts (vover):re getti osin charlrlton, honey
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