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tv   News 5 Today Weekend  NBC  March 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am MST

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comi up onews five today weeken four carrash leas on ped ansevemore wh police samahave cd d ashs j jt wageouo1o1toso tt we ceaea waitititfor hos... why pvlo p pice y it took them so long to respond to two car r h. and a shooting in southwest anana ooting in sohwest colorado springs ornig. . police caught with one of the victims....b it wasn't a hospital.....iat a wamart morning w to ve todayayeekend. it's satury -- march 5th i'm gregingrando -- and i'm jessica van meter- thanks for joioioi us. ss to wx @ another well aboveverage day
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our warmt areas will g c cse to 70. paly cloudy sks s day with breezy &windimeses we c somguguover 30 h. firereger concerns look remain just below warning criteria for n, buwe could have some isisateded flag warnings issuededater. ill a good ia totovoid rning anananything that uld spark a fifi. tonighwill s spartly to mostlyloy th lin t
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p just before midnig last night... colorado springs police and the el paso county sheriri's
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borormi l coloradoprgs police and the el po coun shereff's offic responded to a shootingnon gold camp r rd. while theyere the... a victimimhod upupt t local wal-mart with suspicoi injues. the victim was treated on ene for supeicial juries that turned out to relat t tthe shooting. . no suspects have beeee identified... d the sheriff'officel l ndndng the i iestition. . . el po o un wildlan firers are mitoring 2 res rninon mai t rn e lalaesis bning in tuey cek t tining ar. burd d 0 acre.. and at last k fort carsoso sas 90 p pnted several f)rererscht overninit... eyl gin water again ter onhis mornin a second, smaller fire, burned out 4 acre both-- caused by training exercises. the mountainost says-- it'll conduct some prerescribed burn starting sunda- to clear 7
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of fort carson. they'll also burn 11-thousand acres down at the pinon canyon maneuver site. xx checect isthatke ouyesty on bruno ccle arerd trozon ik is vio n by color spspngs fififighters-- momes after they respondnd. it was so intense-- it spreato a neighboring house. because it was such a dangerou situation firerighters ren't able to imimdiately go inside to look for survivors. anully... they later found no one was home at the time. neighbors say they heard explosio. === mary louise gonzalez/ neigor "i thought my hoe was on fire, and second of f l i wawathinking all my littabies at ker, a a hopefully ty go ousaly and nng would happ to thth becse i did t osswalk a r th. ent ar school haha toy insideau of f f sme e d ash, ho be picked up by their parents yesterday afternoon. an air force academy cadet, accuseof sexual asasult has en und "not guilty."
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wrapped up yesterday.. and cadet 2nd class zacher chb was "acquitted" on nll charges. the accusasaons stemmed from an incident that allegedly happened in october of f 14. xxxx ave w rmatiois mog, aut w jamesolmes s moved to aer prisoso documents released this week show holmes was attacked by another inmate bk in octobob at a canan city prison. the inmate aeglyushehi y througan open door and hit holmes in the head. . . holmes w not sioly hurt, but a pron employeyee was injured.the pron says no misiskes were made, but incident ione of e reasons whlmes was ansfsfred to a dferent faty in jai.i. ficials fese ty wher ow, , t we're told out s. holmes is s%rvg li ipr fofokig ndurg th-1shoong aora vie e ear. im a tar a aen pueblo are l l lng for ansrs this mning after police took moren n hours to respond. the victcts say thth c cd
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naowland spoke with ofofcers... abouwhy it took sosog. her car is comometely totaled, s ca the te fell off! it happened the intersection of staord and cambridge just ter ree heftnoon on thururayay she e`id, wn't gn acuck ront of he andhe swerv totoiss hibut she ended up ttinm anywayay so anaelica roque's cousin -- the driver of is totaled car.... called police right away. wee called over seven times, we've had people stop across the street call d thenene'vead me ire and ask i evernenek, ty , yoca tole ye t sa b30 anighgh licece s we jt wanto get our cars towed sohat we can lea we toothesncerns straigh pblo liceananth say, itn isise ofer even i oer iute to go deal with that acciden they cou be taken away a sent somewhere else because e
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have a higher priority call and when you have a shtage of staff and not as many officecu on thetreet, that's s ing to happen more times than not sgsg eric gonles tells us the policeepartment should be staffed at 2 2 o&oicers.s. instead, they only have 175 on the e reets. jury@yccidents are going to be prprritid, b-injy accidents e be lower, so trefore, no the nonoas itant's justhat thmigiw omhingore rtt t at needs two offirs at it and they're going to redirect those officers evenhoh she sn'tnjur isess noelieto que.itoloue' sitin our carwasting top rselvewarm jt not allyr s th takak isisob cy when has en'teing helped, it's not fair r poce t fir poritiny ci isafean alwa move e ur vehehleutf the way.
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injuries aot a aactor in the crash, both h rts can n change informioschedu time to go to the police departmentnt together.... they do not have to waitororlice to arveve mohan a hured people gather at thl-k memori inhe stete city last nigo remember devin cla. he was one of ththpeople sho a pueblo baballowa figh suny g. funel foclk he y at1 a- tangn cris a centnbl norresave beade.e. e communititofueblo is ta a stagainst gan. ty actistsd a meetet stigt viorlife ministries - -oking g rally ort for gegeg kids offffhe reets. j recececarted a seseesof wkly community meetin -- lowingnyonone e eak ouand share eas on howowo ipprove ththr neighbhrho ze showeup.v. including reprentatis from d- 60, the pueblo police department, ankids of l apes. the grgvareneed to te meo wi tir cheneichch nd spwi their children, a a thyog youthavebewiing pe witeach other and d me out with information that theolice need to get this
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the group is also rkto ght gangs by teaching boxing. st night... they asked t t tommunity for help fding a bubuing for it. it m m n feel li it..... but the ty of coloradoprin saystseeewewhavevefifi me pooleshiyear theheheduri t ts s s ti, last year thc)ty tells us ews veve ll aututndrees so fars ar. is time last year-- that number w w 68-8-ndred. e city as its s ews are e e ovwhwhmed-- ! d thingsgsre ing totoet worse--bebere they better. filiing potholes is reactingo a symptoto, 's like king tylenol l r r headhe.e not getting to the root of the oblem, takincare of th ipsue, getting to the root of f oblem is paving. vivieawi i apriand thty h aot mo to e thkso llotsu 2c
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citizens in turkey y u u u th m m mng after a raiaionhe country'top seing newspapar. popoce say they ized the paper.
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explion onataxi i , ,thaiaind's cap ababt 70 pngs were on the boat when the engine exploded as
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poce say no one was killed b b its believed at least 52 pple were hurt. turkish police used tear gas and water cannons to car out a raid on e country's p-lling gewspaper. hundreds opeople hah gathered outside the newspaper in istanbul to protest thacon. turkh auorities ized controof t paper ia wideng cckwn ain sutef a s-slim eric.. who is an opponent of t rkrk's present. thousands of inmates l ledp in puer rico's prs stery cast early lls u rroban prentialmary t t, joas t aarubio wereron ll. anthe vos wi c. . r tuwas ro atst5-hu t t is'sr even-thousand prs are registed to vote. dog in peru has a taxi driver t ts moing r r lpinsats life. dogouc tur ofhe chiliiviv. evenally... man to reh so rocks... where the driver heleld pull it to safety. it suffered minor leg
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but is expected to be okay. toss to wx anather well above averageay with hig in the 60's. another well abovevera day with highsn e 6060. ouest eawi getsese70. clos toy zydst weweweee some ster fireanr cons lk jvevew g eria for nowbut we cocod hahe se e ololed red flag wninguuededater. stila good ea tavavd b rning and anything tt could spark a fire. toghdhwill stay papaly to mostly cloy wiwi lows in the 30's. sunday will be another partly to mostlyloudy day wiwi breezy wiatat. highs ay in e 's a 7
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system passing through monday to monday nikit with s sw chances for the mountains and rain for the lowow e evations. nds stay brewith this & ghs ll b bin to nene0. 'lllo e e and 50's tsdayith anothe chce foright rain foarararrther soasystem m skirts orea to theouth. afteththtemperaturur r round the 6 6s to end to workrk
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there's somo new ways cebrate thon
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very u uitit. hehet is... do or die time for allllhe remaining uthern colo teams in high chool ys and girls playoffs... and we start tonigig in 4-a pueblo east traveling up to sand creek tonight. eagles got us started....jailen minnich to kassidi d, toto the line and drath e.agcaut 2.2.2 scors ttleba d fhthtr thbod, fdsahver 3. ebloas n to
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salik winston down low forhe buct. 4. but the scorpis would pull awaw....good passing finds shy armstrong for easy lay. sand creek g gonono be the ea74o o mesa ridt t meig, stinhoamy. 1. kyshooin t cr for's go 2. shoo time usinthat 6'4 heht....gets theass d e lay-.gririlieske a le. 3. britanieen throwup deep ball anains it. 4. angena jackson finds kiaa nonono t quickay-i-i but the grizzlies unable to put- away holy mily....they fl to 52. st. mary's hosting the pinnacle timberwolves at home. 1. kaila bababaot the pirat going, thep three, just part of her 18 8 int maryry up 50-10 athe half!
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pi......qulay-in rigthererertimberwotrble for th ra st.ary's wins 831. manit#spngs and manual in the first ununhe 3-a urnt. right th..hey gyeri tohe races and the q qckmustff to a ft start. 2. megyeri agaiai this time the pull up jumper finds the net. 3. then, angela jensen, the steal, gewneb and heket. 4.4. final secondfirst arr, a washingtonfor ththe! yes! er beater puts them and they'd stay up. mustangs crue to the win57 to9. 3 seeded manitou b bs against t kent d dver tonight. mustange up 24 ahalftimend theyeyored it one from there... davyn adamscheck dish to ce seen---knecht for e fa beaea bucket. then rileyanzo cleans up inside.. mustangs ner tootheir foot off the gas... they beat kent denver.r.
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broseiewsupe bowlwlchams" nners stery at srts authity field. says--thanu cocountry." e other-- - orld chchchons." ep an eye out for those nextxtime yoyore driving through deer if you're looking to show a little bronco's pride of your' unique way to do it. these are "super bowl championship envopes" --thanks to the u-s postal service. they can be used for iling....but for most they are something thlalato hang on to as souvenier. ju a hea up...they are not stocked d a post offices... but you caorder them online. the price ....10 bucks.
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fiveoday rst w,,,,,,,,,,,,,, x lached a rkekekeom floridla--rya adsatellitor luxeru based "s-e-s." on re-ent. spe-x tried to lanpa of the rocket on a dron platform... bufailed. here's a fun fact-- we esed an s-e-s owned satellite-- to bring yhis video. x f,ags hartrtd wisamsg g b giralli
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of its properties. sisiroller csters will get a "new revolutiovirtuauareality"y" experience while three others will get a "superman virtual reality". all rides will h han a limit of 13 3 ars and above. well talk about some smart kids.... students from the colorado springs science, technology, engineering and math.... or "s"em" club... designed and built a "leaf blower hovererard"d" they fired it and let some other kids t it out... whwhe showing th how irks yesterday. the progm is spons ba grfr locd s l abshing ds can reawo oble witthtools om mathththcice. eltaryrytus also g bldhe owmini horboards we bs.nd
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e j simpson muer trial has been over for more than a decade.. but some possible new evidence has just surced. 'llet you know what is.
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coming welcome back and thanks for r kip news 5 today weend.igm gr dingran. saturday maut first up this s lf hr -- qulookt wh's makakadisorning. onrn afr te nhtshn colorado springs. hapned on south academy near miltotoproby parkway just before 1 police say a southbound iver crossed e median causing a four car c csh. one person wasilled... and thothers were spalized. offfcers say speed was a likely factor. a shooting investigation is on-goi this morning. it happened around midnight last night gold camp road. ile police and the sheriff's ment were responding... a victim with surficial p injuries related to the shootiti showededp at a local wal-mart. no suspepes have beeee identified... and the sheriff's offi will l handling the investigation. el paso county wildland firefighters are monitoring 2 fires this morning causeby training exercises on the unt.
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the ey creekraing ea as t erce ntaiaid. fifighrs will resume w dropagain te this rncondsmr fireburn abt 4 acs. sswx anhewe above avera day wi hig in the 60's. our warmesareas will get clo to 7 rtly cloy skies y wme ouee se gugus over0 re dger ncerook rereininust low rng it fowbut coulha somisateded flagarnis edater still oda vo
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inour ection wathi ing.. per day ove.. but anr ununries d usesget underw
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some are cal it "super saturday..." kansa.. keuck.. louiana ananmaine wi be voting on the repubin side, and democrats in kansas... louisiana and nebraska will be hittinthe polls as well. trump is expected to win most of the states if not all of them on the republican side, butuit's not clear o today's big winnerer will be for the democrats between bernie sanders and hilllly clinton. gop frontnunner donald trump cked out of today's conservative political action conference...and he did it on twittete c-pac was quick to respond,...saying hisichoice sends a clclr message to conservatitis.ump said he hopes to attend ne yea...if hes president. the remaininrepublican candidates-- marcw rubio, 4 d cruzuzndndohn kachiwl dress the confence today. ben cars dropp out of the rare yrday. inddion to "super ay" e dedeat pdential idates gearingp a for g debate in ign n sunday....ere e e war is wiwiiky bebe h topic thbattleetwnilry a a rnd takece....ju two befch vs
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the supreme court blkea louianthat could for but e t tste's tionon into c. . jues effecvelyeverse loweurs cionon yeyeerday-- atowed t law beneded it reqreoro pr ortions toavdmtingprilea hoal....whis t. the cldpero a silain tas that bng contete. year'ser coveral case erneintestthe j mpsosotrial. a knife s at son's's ome ere hi-wife d her nd wereredanff cims askif-dutyn a shoot ar the home 12-yes ago, when a construction worker gave h h the knife... t he's just now rning itit . police@eay the knifes not consisnt wh h e weapon used to kill theh. but e discovery re-arki intest in the`se...
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ars. withons rhe zik atmpens in r, t risis....thths olpipicoittee nound neplo keepp tabs on american athletes and staff. this is video from last weekend of arotest-- calling attention to the proroem. the usoc, that's based here in colodo springs, established an "advisosy group" made upf elite medical pressionals come up with ways to pveve and control infectias diseasas. e colorado springs marijuana task force has delayed its final remmentions on pot rerelations. the oup waw!planning to hold a final vote on suggesesd changes to marijuana be preseed to city council for cosiration.... but theyecided to work on it for another we they did give yes votes to at least two changes. e makes zoning rules tougher... ananthe other r ds criminal penaies for people violating the rules ofofrowiwi medical majuana at home. those recommendations ll now bebeent to couil. the debate is on icolorado... over whether or not to allow
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grococy stores. "your choice colorado" gathered signgnures from shoppersrs monumentesterday they're asking for peopl suppa november blo meure thlu expanliququ optis inroces. opnents y ging the cohohoouldursml bubu t orrs ty dot thk that's t case.e. pa aempts to modify the state's liquor laws have peatedly fled. in order to get thth on the vember ballot---92ousand signatures would need to be collected. xxxx check out some of is new art on displ at ceennial hall in loradodoprings. it was featured in a speci reception n st n nht p p on by el paso county. the art comes fr "cottonwood center for the arts"-- a non-profit organization basedn cololo spris. it's a commutyt_ro whose aim is to provide ininction n d "space for artists" to c cate new and inresting things ====== i think thers something fo everybodto go ahead and d eck k out ani think all of the artitis were nicely represented. it's just absolutely an amazing experience as an artist to h hsuch a wonrful collaborative relationship with the political arena.
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reception n st n nht wasasart of its effort to hight art opportunities and d lent in the commmmity. pueblo skym stayg and brey this enut w wreookingng ahead jain chfofo
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another well abobo a arage day with highs in the 60's. our rmest areas will get close to 70. partly cududskies totcy wi breezy nds times
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danger concerns look to main just t low warning crcrer for nowowbut we some epepated r r flag wnings sued later still a goodod ido avoid burning and anything that cospark a fire tonit will sy partly to moly cudy withows in the 3030 sunday will be another partly stly cloy y y wiezy wiwiwies highs stayth's a 7our sthancfosome ra/s/sllome thth systststassi thrday intoony nit t snow hces r thtas andd raor tleononwis ayayths ems on mday llin t nene0.0.0.'lll40's an's wanher
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fafaheutut a a atesksksk o o areto saftethat, tempesebound inin t 60' eo wk k osy
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methin do thiseeeend.... how about shaving your hea carlee hoffmfm will explain how yocan do it for great cause...
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welce back to 5 around down this weend is thth super ow indndr morcycle and swap p me.. there will be over 150 veoror. a tattoo compepetion.. a charititauctio. . p live music a aod tickets are 6-10 d dla and iwille e the mortgage soluluons fifancial po cenenr today alsosot 9 am is the inrnational women's y celebrations in colorado spring. is event aims to empoweromen featuringnart disp by local l womethere will be livi much a brunch buffet and
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thpinery at the e ll ififou wt show w f yo singing skills t sky sox national anthem try outs will be ld today startin nooooat the chahel hillsll in npnplor vel nter urt ign upou g skysys.comom it tofr ain the 15ththual bicksfurais itotoy yeday to gethe dai toy i joined by kthth hnsosoo is ferndnd nene s s baldriris thanks s smuch for lettttg us come out how are you doiog today? h did you get volved with this fdraiser?
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donaonto the chin' llis mni.. weurur a 2olgirl i uth carona who wavavg so trole gti dress.... so s call 911orp. hapd in s carolina. a nearby feme deputy respondeded anansaid the girl's pants s weren't quque up to hehewawat ananshe coul g g ghem on. e putyelped her out and e lile girl th askor a g. deputies with the e eenville tyri's o&oicicsaid they wh all thr cititins were as ad te them as this little girl wawa
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,, reme y alwaygee te locewanathel da ok-o-dot m.and ure oi for mor l news tonig at , 5- and 1010
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zooming in from outer spato see what we a a doin' tiny little astronauts readto get to it intergalale scientis hbndio ty're bte tes aeam rids up quest ard they s sreports projethreoin' queioinsteere is nototn'n' maka a esd do yr best atheheng tata - ut, flga. ! he adofosc fries thappy bla off to another world seetly exploring hen thanupon the ear nothg's ever borg they t have lalaed in ur room be testing in theheitchenor exploring in the bathroom have you noticid something missin' t's another rcoversupeet day xperng ale y heinr planan's rere hme eer boomer f


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