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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 5, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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onhis satataty night, the owwn,, five statete i i pla tonight as trump hop to marchchurther toward t nomomation despspe a bisin cklala rubio andndzryt ay relent. bernie sanders fights for a comeback. unlocking idence. thththtxtxer in daapo say could be borler. a world of high-techcucuty, a returnfashion horsepepep to tra down smugglers. step by step. a father finds a a psimple way to bond d th hisweutc son h sharing common
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"nightly nens" s srts now. >ecision 2016. th isnbc nightly newsws with jose azazalart. >ivivtates ara hohoing presideial primarieie and ucus. in one race in kentucky,bc newew now projects that ted c ishe winner. todas cte a a a a chce dond trnd hla inn to strength thei positions as ont-t-r ont-ruerssnd a test o o whetherhe ototrepublicans and rnie san can in ack. for dd trtrp, it's a test of wthere n weaea a blistering a aault from his o o pty as 9it tries to s sp his march to the nomination. we havav it all coved forou tonight starting with gabe gutierrez in p jacksovoille, florida, the republicans. gabe. >> rorter: good eveneng. marco rubust wrapapd up aally here. orida crucial to his mpaign. wiwi a v vtoryn kansas just now,w, it's ted cruz who is cking up some much needed momentum to
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today, the revolt ait donald trurp go en more heheed. >> w w have aivived country, folos.s. >> reporter: protesterererererrt inteuptititihis rarayn floridaenen mes.s. the gop front-runner campaiinin i kansas, brushing offff criticm. > republicans aree- we e@ve to bring thihgs together. >> repepter: looking to c ctinue his mar he nination on sper saturday. te cruru and marco bio are hoping to pipi upp much neeeed delegate donald trp is a phony,ph a fraud. >> rorter:r:hese a the first contes sincnc mitt romney attack the nev tmp & moment is strugg. ump playing bis ownnuleskippinghe nsvative policicic action conference while rubio g a warmm welcomen being conservative canant simple be about how long you are willing strere,,"ceam,m,ow ary you are er howowany names you call people. reporter: the floridaenatat then
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trailed tru t dayay fore t kroucrucl primary. more thannaf a a million have votot early or absentee. th womanad ct her blot feb bush. >> it's frfrtrating. my ve d fsn't't unt. >> reporter: cruz upping his groun game to squeeze oururubio and me i i two-man rara the screamou hear, the howl from washinin, d.c. is utterrerror what reporter: johoh kasich has hisishts@s@ setn miigan w wch s on tueaynd ohio the following wewe. >> if i were to just attack dald trump nowwndndall him a name, boy, it would bejust kasash has resortedo the gative. i'm witit hry potte we're not going totohe da side. >> reporter:r:t's a racecetranger than fiction. the results of thee straw p pl are out tonigh cruz winning wit 40%
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comimi in second with 30% and donald trumum congthird witi 15%. afafcididi to skip the ent.t. >> t tnkouou v vy ch. fore e dald trump as he endures thisisttack from t t republican p pty z establhment, we turn to jacob rarcrce e o fololwingru tnight. >> reporter: jose, od e ening. the trumumumampan is confidentte will be theeominin beaea the estaishment. tonight m m notote his big night.( has not done well inn caucusstates. he lost the iowa, minnesesa andndnd asaaa uces even ththghgh p polls hadadim leaeang ininhose states. today he skikied t t what ually sayay mu-aend cpcp conferenen tolyn connecec enovingn toto orlando whe he rallied against the esblishment and mao rubio in n partitular. we havore otesters than usualal athese rallies.s. sometime they arerere violent. iniorlao, you had a protesr rip up a p sign and throwowttt
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roughihing h . for theheirst time @ tdahat we can membmb,b yououou s " donald t t t ask all of the people in the flora ral to raise right hand and pledge or solemnlyy swsqro s sport the candidate no matter eeondition andnd offeriri tt bad things wouou happen if eyke t pled. p tonoght he isery focused on fda on hisay now to his west palm beach golf courur and the d ding room has bn turnene in a p pss confence arere nonoattetewhat has happenenen p pviououy on us date we know donald trumpeso . wi so far ghgh he isis not.t. >> thank you very much >>he nexple of eks are crititil for the demococts a hillary clinto tries to solidify her lead over bernie sanaers. beyo toss ( contt, ty will compet tomorrow in caucuses and will hd the next datat morrow night i flint,t,michig. kristin welker i i thtre tonight and hasas our repo. >orteernie sandnds figing for a comeback. today sikinin a note
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>> bernqe,ou think too big. your ideas a a too grandiose. i don't think so > rr:andedede coco p pltff wh the"nsas and d p nebras caucuses today and mne morrow, s stes wh lae populations of white wor class voters who favor his message.>> wewe, iff congress can bail out coks on wall reet, m m wawatreet now c help the working families o ts countr >> r rorter: hisis rategy according to top aides, have a strong showing this weekend to create momentum h hding into er states lee michan and o oo whwhe he strum pumped@d@ day. releasing thad i i spanish, f fturing a farmorker targeting lanos, a group he e& struggggs to win over. >> wororrsrshoad no rights. >>eportete hisislimb steepith con surging. tonighthe's p psed te louisiana where roughlyf the voters are african-erican, a
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r bi win oer uthern statat >> go to thth pololnd vote foror our nt president of the unit states. >epopter: and clinins als okg fororor cacaaiaiaig in mimiigan today and relein two s touting her economic plan, a messagehat 0mama sona hertrategyororng to top des,tay t t course. >> wwerelways loloing to archchnd the m statess because weenono by rking har and aching out to eve vor, t tt't' how we're g gng to win is nomination >eportete c c ha asseddan twici theheeleleses that sandershas. maming gvery state and every y te this weekend esntlb >> any win today f f f brnie s sderss big r his campaign. fundamenenlly, doesn't change the math hillary clinton h h a big lead and t tt inues to groro >eporter: clinton d sanders will@ face off in the debebe i i --flintomorrow night. it will come as
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the mayor o flint unil aew initiatitititideal with the water crisisi here. exct ttndrade be a key focuspsith mimiigan s s po o igh in on tuesdadada >>nk you. > fororen t battle for delelates d the road t the nomination, i want to bring i i our polical director and the moderator of "meet the prs" cck todd. >> good to see at's remder here weeecid which states ma, who is a cououe latingnstatee ing accumulating states, weweilleeed cruz ha aood nit.t. it will be interting to s s if afterouisiana is overerer is expected to bow be a big donald trump win. noti what i'm not tatain abo herere have cru winning kansas. likelyo win maine. do wel p p pps inn kentucky. be theh econon place ndndeen louisiana.a. we're not talng about marario
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and the one thingwe e have seen inhe l lt few days is that despeehat the rereblican estaraishmhmt wishes,, thqh rubio would be the successful alteteate totrum eeeseh i i you ely stop trumum rereican, the beststnd perhaps only vehihie aft thiss weend mayayay t d cruz. >> chuhutodd, thanks so muchch chuck w have more campaignn tomorrow morning. his guest will includeeormeme vernor and pridentialante mittttroey. 9 w wl spepe with kevi scey whoholays theereside in ousesef cards. california is undelash flood watches tonight. more frorodydyn eyer. >> good evening. afr a veryy d d february across the st ast, we finally seeg anonoer ro of storms. a series of stormrm parading i off the this could be the last hurrah befef w get intotohe dry season. are lookingng forrd to a a of this in lou, tooh o
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coulddead to mudslidesnd debris flow we'r looking agent the potottial of seveve stotms, pssible, laterer totoghghand through early morning o& ndnd. befofo we g a bak an tnhe n nt round of heavier rain p andsolatedtrononr ms moves in sunday ght intooony morning. e looking at the worst pt of this seririrofrms t ma its way throughgh night. that means t heavie r rn,est chancef stronger storms. weld end up with fiveoevenenncs rain, he is pearl higher elevations. the snow is a big sue through the higheselelatnsns through the searierra. o to fouou feeee is kely.. this is t t tnow p pkk yoyo want to build u to make it through dry months. is is aotential lasturrah`` a aood tup wgo throughgh wkend. 9 >hanks so much. in maine, a man is under arrest tonight for a murder tha happened almost 36 years ago.o. police say the 55-year-d man was
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0of joyoyckckin. police had interviewed him 22 timesover the instatatn. most recenen last july. they say he initially confesseddears ago but changed h h htoto ltle times. she was 16 y yrs o when she disappeared & while jogging near h& home. we turn to o e continuingngattl o or epepg what'sn an hone secret. while the fight between the fbi d apape over a locked hone used by a s s bernardi terroriri isting headlis, mama say thephones mahold critical informnt pete williams has more. >eporter: pice in louisiana say an iphone may hold the answer to a mystery, who murdered 29-year-d bttany lls, sho and kilild by seone cameoll her apamentmn monthsgo asking toto her car. 's's dbl hocide. e s prurnant. ctors c cld not save e baba. think about her every y da
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mother barbara says important ces may be on t tt iphone.e. >> she told me tha e negativengs h h hne t t ter she p p o h phone in a d. so s kept a diy r ph_he. orter:r:s loed,d on her faly kws the pas code... apple t tdole that b phoho had upuptedsoftwa, exexaction c cnot be cotete 's the same answer ple gave i agents who want o unlock one ofofhe iphones longing to a san bebfardino terrrris ckededphonesou contain critical evidence iall@ kinds of unsolvev cases from chilil abuse to kidndnping, even murderer the district@ttorory saysouisiana investigators have 60 loed pnes they cannot open. we can getnto a bank safe, t biggest, badadst s se you wanan to make, we
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we canet io anythingnghat's o there. >> r rorte not a lockck phone? >>ot a lockephphe. can bea itteath but i not going to that phone. 8 reporter: barbara and@her seren washington w wn apple' lawyeye teifieie beforore ngress a s 00creati stware to defeat avv i ione security would make allphones vulnerable to cking. e see ououelve a a bebeg in an a ra an armsace with criminals, cyber rrorists, hackers. this is about the safefe and surur o every i ione that is in use toy. >> reporter: the family offrittanan lls says thatt riri comes at high price,e,locking them from s sing some of t lastords eir daughter rote that might help find her r ller. pete williams, nbc news. hen "nightly ws" continues on thissaturday, low-w-ch but highly effective. the growing`gse o o horses alonon the
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weapons. moro than 90 later, they arere relying on horses to protect the bord.. theses aren't just anyy horses astter explains. >> rororr: suv down in theexasioio gran valley. the hor unit for the u.s. border prol begins theight shift. thagents ride powerf mounts that oncecean wild. once e started working wi the horses, i realized they have a lot of heart. eporter: tse horses are songer and mor a a and are ectltl suited too gud t t rough terrain along theheh u mexican border wherere vehiclesanant go. five years a a undeb operionnoble ananhe border trol in south texas began adodoing wild rs from the bureau ofof land manement which periodically ptured them to control t hes on blic lands. he moved inin a
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repororr:r:any are rr p- zison ererheye t horses ovevea d rereto foon period. i is life cngin y bond with an animal that's deenter dedet on u. >epepter: horses lected byhe border patrol face specialized aing. agents learn how to de them bebere they both heaea oututn patrol. most othe time, the hrs patrolnit workssttight when therug ammigignt. smers are most actiti. when the horses have@ a great advantage because thth are so t. gegeaw tse two men arrested on fmland afr smmg rio granderom mexic beggprprpr by the& horsrs unit. >>yyad no clu we were here th didn't see u untit we were rigig on top of the >> repter: t t horseseshat grew up feingredatototore particularly attunoo thei envinment. >> you scanning withight vision. you seeour horse's ea perk up. that tells y,
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>>hey protect t t agenen itit their p p per.. itlly ther >> rorter: o the night we went alon the hor p p2plni joined a s srch andn helped chase down nine migrants fm centr america who were eventual captured & the border. in a aororf gh-techhrontier security aeturn t the o way of guarding t t bororr sometis wowos best of all. mark pottere nbc news,s, xas. when weeback,
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tcene in ida a3 apace falcon rke bstst f last nht o way y suc successfully launching. nsteaea o landing on a platform, ite do t hard and crashed. >> it't' eve day o brothers h the lolo loloeryyith two @ cketet
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was won by james and his t frnds. he boughthe ticket & a bvevece eto while twere o o a fishin tp. so what aboul his@s brotr2bobobo got lucky, too. walkg aw with his winninin check of . scientitis say ey h he found a ghost-like ocpus, ey believe it's a new specees nearhe hawaii islands. it w w fouou on a rock 13,000 feett deep. it apppp t t l lk pigment cells. > up next, fherr
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finallytonight, morerehan 50% of parents believe thatat social and communicatioskillsls e thmost important ctor i i thehehe children's futuree success. th's accccdio a popoponsored by pierson. with hhat in mindnd we have`ehe story ofne father's dedicatioio to ing hison - communicate by findididi somemeommon/grou 8reporteru whwn he firsttarted running ththe decadad ago, & -yeaeaold joe d so forrtress @lili. today, it'sbout something closero hihearar h 13-year-old austic son. how was tt to have ur son join you?
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hang being ableo - do that and do it foth togethereras greaea >> repter: theyy bonded ove spt, evenenf t t t w w challe. when first arte ing, i would h he to run right sidede put p my hanan@in the sll of his back and literally push him. d he had a wking stick that he had earned foror hikinin 25 milele as aa c scout. he has alwseen ascscatedy trtr. i sa,e're going t bow a be arain. >> reporter: he boht that that? >> heeout o o of . >> repepter: t t joined aunnilub throughhhehechool in texa lrnin the nefitststeyonon p physieie >> think he understandnd teamin that he was part of a ou he has support@from other peopl other than his family. all the teqehe and his thehepipis entedboutut how much mee pcommune we to >> reportetegnosed
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oftentruggleso speak and connecting withis pee has been difficult. >> this program came alg just in time. >> rorter: now,e has setng in common with his classmates a they ralllld d ouou him. asmom, what's it ke fo you see him haveehese suesses? >> it feels rllyy od because he is a lot of work sometimes. and it'seally g gd wh thingwork. it's like, that's an a-plus d. >>epepter:r:se a-pl dayayararjust gegeing started. >> heid, db need more medals. i saidld w,, y yave@ to runore s.s. youuant to run more ces? fs. >> reporter: nbcew auin. hat's "nbc nightly news" for th turday. thank you for the privegee ofouru llllfssh at nbcew thanks fo
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good night.tcngewew tcngewfif oyo sard.
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