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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 6, 2016 4:05am-4:30am MST

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(aience la) (audience lahs) (sckin (smacking)
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,, (child crying) (aience applauding pbt mu nextour folks atheag l l invent some amg nechgy that allows beerpranththnehbob (whirring)g) (audnce laug (wrring)
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(aududnce laughs) (wrrin mashing) (sing) (audience laughs) (smashing) (audience ebhs) (audnce plauding) we'll be rightht back with more gags
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ever since dorothy went back toansas,/ thscarecs despr2for a gig. yeah, you're dngngngreat, dede (audiee laughs)p awing) (audieiee laughs) (gru (shot firing) (cawaw
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(audiee e ughs hot ring) (aiee plauding pbeamu xtleles altake aande at this feather-r-ained prank. (aududla) (boinging) (boinging) udienclaughs)
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(boinging) (audience ughs) (boinging) (boioiing) (sea)/ (audience laughs) (audience plauding (upbeat music) weinkled ait maprank u ts plant just to see what kind of f fny gag would pop up. ienclaughs) (audughshs
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(audience laughs)r udience lala)p udience laughs) nce applaung (upbeat music) xt, is this kid outsidflng a kee whene ouldlde men)a rkrk
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(smashg) we's becau h rkinfo, , rse. hirrg) (s mashshg) (aiela (smashing) udieielahs mashing) nc (smashin r (audience laughs) (s(sg) (audienclaugug)
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i er whagoinin n@hehe totohink of all that time i wasted cwing on myoes. rber puffsfs nortifial flavavs.
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it's a lovely day inhe park a.all l u want tdo jt sit ba andelax anenjoy the easa vie and well, , atus doesn'work for(audience la)p @ud ience laughs)
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@ (audience hs (audience lalahs (audience hs udieiee applauding) pbuusisi/ xt, no rats wewe harme the filmi of gag.@ i can'n'say the for oubystanders' nerves.
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(audience`laughs) udience ughs) udience ug) (audufnce laughs
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(upbeat musi next, we maksome folks think a dog s swalwebihoho. wondf fhey'l'lbe crged intestin roaming chargeses hone ringi) (aience ughs (phone rininng) (audnce laughs) (phoho ringigi)
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og werg) (audiee e ug) (audieiee applauding)pbt mu xt,`whknewho f wageing in themo s bes what a differee e decimal pot makes.
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(cash rester dinging) (audience laughs (aududnce laughs) (audnclaugug (cash registst dinging) (audience laughs)
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udnce ding)
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(audienahshs nce lala) (w(wpivi (audience laughs)) (crying) (audiencncncughs)
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(a(aie (aience applauding at's ourhow. anor watg seyonee. (upbeat c)


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