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tv   Right This Minute  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MST

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& fails whatwentdn.m. > >opss order a sct to stop. b he's not goingdodo it. >> what had himim running and t tm nng. t t heroes io a rvbuhererehey see - >> two eyes glowing in the smok how they de a brave save, ju in time. >dadevil's t clc kes yououatnd then you see he's doing it withoutu fetyequipment. why the v vw fromm drone makes it so much worse.e 0 > and a lprpopol on livetv. >> she's abo t pop the big question..
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>>his is the worst. >hatgss good! this video wl make y say"o >> youw ,'s wa thihiis ithelmet caca re on a gh-spepe chase,chasg a@arkerarar e id ranan thrghgh a chnt. >>-oh. >>ah, so youee wre a aut to head off on to the way. the chase is goi to go on for quite some ti we o andndbout wh other vilians who a unsusuecting. >> s sust sho pastt t t other ppoli picicp tru in thth midddd, ryin toolockhehe ne.-- eseoes on for quiuiuke meme ctops a a a you hear some shoutung f fm the police offirs. i imagine they're d dding ts driver stop. [ [ eaking in n reign lalauage ]>> h noio doit ea hesryin t bk pup. >> o
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gun and stsrts to sthe r b w n't e offeruts h gun back in the holster a a thehase is ck on. >> you can s e whyhy he doing the rn-aund i dn't realize. enen looooonewn road, i i los likeheyated a roaddd - block. >> after at, the officersere able to c right side the car when >>h! >> oh! morororhotsts fired, thearsvivi >>ininof disablel the wheels so@hat forces him to stopop >> you can tell by tay i is leaning anis tailing tt t succeede with the back left. >> s sdey thears at road a areates aon of dust. >ouan onlnl f f fw the dust. yoyo can't see thatr. >> considering this it really dangerousor motorcye mpy, becausehe rso predictable. at any m)mutean w weim up. >> the driver stuc and a of thethers c cseddn on the driv ou g withhe lmam t waitt for support because his gun w empty.
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of crystal m mh in sscar. tw offic were in allfhe cs i i ive pretey decenbmage > r rlriri,heanardnthailand. they'reeery serheit cos drugsnd these guys are probably f fing the death sentce this video was shotty a . pcustouffer who works (combia pice depame. e w wkinghroughhgirol aheppotted .an abandonedldinin onnhfire.0 heyere walking aravnd,heyyhearddmething.. a d barki. anso theal, yp whatbe d d d t tgege, w don' h fire su bububue'e' gototo gogo and fifire i i we c savthat g.g. they went t touindowwww thatatat bee b b b b ouou usu3u3u3u3u3 thththththt an abdbudi it wasn't a@a g gatathape too ben with. ey donon have gear on, so they have to go back to e entrance, t apnd nt lng for the d d becausee@ heard its crcr
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did you see?>>'t see anythi, to be honene with you.>> youeally c c't see much in here. but watch this. right here you do s s a flash o mething. >> i iee fifi. rig a here two es ing ithee smoke. pddhey saw it toto [ spking iforeign langngge ] oh, there he is! >> yes. there. so o officer picks t ts eare up, andnd thehe make their way t. did d u s how close t tt d was to the flames? >> oh, and h lood like ared t t eveve mo wasunkekekedodo soyou rec it was somebody homeleses a crashing hand? >> they don't know. th're actuay loo forheowne tdo here you see themhecking his teeth to m me sure it's okay. it is ay. now t`ey're just looking see whohe oayay pelly anono forevhone
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this video,ealid ias i fo hecec o ariri. in fact we a are. courtesy of the gugv have anoer one of these videos, whe somebeby -- no!@ >> aor te tle of isisdeo,his is somebody climbing the world's tallest tv toter without safetyequipment. i'i' saiddtbere,hyon't ey t t droithem. this timey have, and it so so muc wowoed. once we g%ehe drone involved, wewe see thissuy making his asnt erazy partnge's n clclng t t ladd, he'soing up t tside, le. the mostt terrig part, once he gets to thtop, he's jususus standingnse t tinyit tal. >> he's holding . >> i wonder if the tower moves that high? >> it absolutely will iff it's a windy w mehe a m is` right here as t camera pans around on thene and
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>> memewhile, some liv repris wderihyis orter live shototot >>ts u to the topop where he basically is hugging tha light to warn low-flying aircraft that thi thing is ththe. t' actually wse wn he g dn aittltlbitto thisrt,, just before the anannnstarar to get really small, whe heetands onhe edge of this patform. t' go at'just h and st with ts overhe edge. is v@dbsolutely incredib. i'll put tntirexperience for you g gs onur website urtesysy udes. hehe o oro rigiste.c.candur mobile app. > they have become commonn place here in our sociy, a mm as celhoneand ca drones i'm talking about. in mytstsf th world, drones are likeh alien spacecraft. ke thislageug.ave never seen a oh! they're running away from it! >> s
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ths ,re a a asususty-teller t t tling througugugugs as a hunitarian. hehehettthoughth w wt a great wayo s oo the kid thnd they, i thinin love it. maybe are a ltle terried. >> ihiha se of them t ted, but hr alsndig andjoy. that gives m goose bumps. that's so cool. >> isn'that eat? wh w wdeaor mar to bring out the one. kne --'mure knewt wowod be a crowdwd favorite. p>> as goods this video ,, i sehe o froheone. >>on't yo thgh? >> thattold b moy. >>otl. i lov whehe t camer ps ound, you're righ and you see all of e kids just smile,pthere's wondeentehin tir es ey cft . they're runningwa@fm it.
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mome in t ts short clip. & blp a woman rams into aunch of cars. >> and continuesoo drive. > seeeeee who tries toper ay s n>>nd he's a big, strong guy.y.find outf girls reay o wis ould dceehim. >> g game, buto hip to support that wi. >> he needs t thave done ts in heels. ifouif youe going say tegredednt beizza you iv. whwhh is why i'm i irodudung our new papa's quality guarantee: your pizza,geanonher bsololelfrfr t any rgpizza t5-togs for just9.99. online only.
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i wanted ttatahe next step in my caraer,,didn thi cod earn an ..thy unedicblschele
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ananea an advand degreony scle. plus, can taas my ses as likee eaea terer one fl f expa fr capniveity. taontrot ourcationon at cel.e...,,,,,,,,, >lo caponinbybysos. dus mps p..ld bd. ultite lotn. tite ski this isy wha in thehehh h-ee doubleockeketicks video of f thweek. th w wan is rming herar through the parng lot ofn -artment ilding, and you see shutho cars, ins to dre. [ bleep ]
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pplen eking lot all ofo this goi wn, and ty start to appro t tr, cell phonn hand,, to geg it ala o camera. d i think they'rereusts confused as all ous are at first. esekseceugh enough. as t t appac car, y e she's on cl phone. they're , hey, calm down. we got y on camera, st here'shere she f fps thehe the bird, anddhen s takesff driving again. th fro thnk thastoxi usnts. wale rusin o oene i most t k%eone rivingan tsen alal n n rsinowt wo>> thi releshak offin aer hittin t blue ca uee t scrat the buer. h did ty nor st ivin i'mith yo wmethin tearg d en. it esscalatha t, bececse i tahe
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justn you t i co't get aworse, she awaw, a then she attack >> sta gi>>he hk t wos prlem? >>yyyo try t t her under control, theyet b intheyay t unt li arved, bssntir situn, givo ks whecido tooonon it even th they coulul't stophedas. cayo inehe oututon tthstres? ditel couenn lot e. >>! >>t babyalexandrdr eongso myen bri burel wd, d trygg g ho see down heederng talkg t he cocong at her,lahing this isne tngks g her to sto ng.
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ailestararar t rcewa.@atrst,heot hinbu ahehsay,yyaittort. [ baby cooing ] >> s s opepe herer eyes >>oh, my goodness!! oh, my odness! it totallyau her attention! >>t's the pensive grab oth chin.>> i hav similil feengs when i watch the trailer. >> theorce is strong with her d. >> ji mind trick. >> we'll getere. moving on to another daddy-dahter video. this man said he took his ughter on her first roller aster ride, and they didn't know how s was going to react, but as y can see from the b smile on her ce, she lov it. >> i just l th. theyove being tossed around and scared, because they think 'she coolest thing er.
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what's really cool, jus made the height requirement, which they were wored about. it was 90 centeters, she is roller coter. there are some people out there thatay anythinghat a guy do a girl can do tt. >> uh-huh. street. >> oh-oh. why? >> because, checkhihiout. >> how a aut now? >> i alrea agree. give him pass. he ain't got no h hss to sport that winene soboom boom. >> rihanna's w wk featuring drake, and he's certainly feelgghe music.. >> yeah. dude's got moves. he's got moves. but if you're going to make this a two-way street kind of argument, you need tdo this in hehes. >> !
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on are so easy to dance in. >> try heels! >> no. >> all ght, en. >> a lot ofple are fding thisideo py cool..yocactuauaye, is t tens of millions of views, and hundreds of thousands are shared. >> this guy does have some skl. bu there is a reason behind that. we can check out his instagram right here, where ashley sayse is aan instctor. >> oh. >> and you can see all kinds of othe videos andphotos, and so look at the size of his thighs! i think the rson it'srendg ch aong guy, but thehame tim -- >> his game is strong. >>nside a public gymnd just doin akon ff mirr but thihi videos lik fi aoss the inteteeb. a cflage clearly works, becauseehe doesn't realize that - >>ight behind r,t'ma ten theot forget ther anybod. >>atgt plpl, mix bmxouain
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> consisirationon ed by:ve. that's a fact. but t isholelele"b"bnd havmore fun" thinin.. stananng b bfofofun. wha bruyfrom e i feel like i'm ininsh gold bond eczemaelf frusustrating g mptoto eczema. mykin's back. > a a ful ofbmxidersix in at t heavy helelngng motain bikeke, andtir it u up eei@ttter g gre rolling hills bowl of new fd,nd you g g thi >> alwsoioi anit justbmx.x. in t t set'bmx, mouai bike andndsmx and a a three i
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>> farm jam is whatouget.t. th fruitmi, whohas largrg plolo ofand decided put a ade a s slot fd for this ui trackndnve a bubuh offuysp too c on d he a blbl oh. orgot thaittle dash of ingrient c cd bread bowl. itit just makes i --he c rt ahi ealled farm jamsthell together and'smpmpition, but it's nottlike competition likee x gamas. the guyuy arellut judgg each o. it looks so much like aim feival. wah`his t rck and whoosh. ow. >>trle. >> c y imagi hing that much property whehe you he r bull,rere goioi to juststst someil som stf. yo thi you guys w wto come dodo a bng some friends?s?>> b they' coo n zed.yo seeo many extreme srts
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the number one place to be.. ihi age of@ social mea,pictctes bng taken all of the me. no mat what you're g. thisticuca pture being taken,sctually kind of ia atteastoror t ts gti atnd othe ble. as the picture is about to be tan, you seeeehat somebody suen appears rhtehdhe h >>w. 0>> who has been dloye a &&&stow back.>>ha camfl is working,g, becaus she's complely unawar hehe there. >> t t picture is taken and then th big reveaita ki h!h! she gets up,, gives him big hugand bicallyly stays there for t of t ts video while evere , iss grt. it's like- >> not right no she not. all of these homecomgs are
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ysurprisinnd a ry ionajuikhis n nt exexnn casehihii man's marine son@ns cinggackk home. but he's reveali his return like this dad sits down to loooo at th nu aisrera waing for his serr t y realiz- >> , y'all. >> took theong wayay around the booth.h. >> w tr comes to ask for the oror i tur o o it's his n. >> by the loooo ofit, that serv is gti quite the tip eallyikes the sasawich. >> a as video, as well, for the remnder of ,ad andonhuggggg wle time.. >> thadi't take lolo! she's on live wither man, becse -- she'sbout to ppophe b bon. i ie yo much. beehy hha ateboutoet really
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p when it como it there @ isis ann ern dete. th decision nevev needs to be ma n. th is, ,he gatt clo erde. causususn a l lcloc when it actitates - - it draws outt the timenigitalrmat. isck i m me up overr 40 woodenn pieces that 22-year-old art student put together a a a project. is pblyheheos aul teiece've eve en my >> nvenswis >> i i thaha liken etca-skch tyty of screen? is thathat tha is? that's exactly what it is, nini. sically,t ba and enraw e ehthum in rn.ou sai hwas a aen i'mm goi to catchff -- >o you op are jouan lm 000
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award-winning performance. b bg! 7 >> should a woman propose to a man? >> ye, heckah >>su. >> ok. we stand split a athe table, becaus i'm with you. buts happens. >> the couples helen and mark. february@ 9th, tradionall ks bachor'sdb.'s whe w croposehe it hapns everyry lea ar. so nce e ery four s, we will n j jge you,u, ladi >>great. so now i have t wait four yes? >> well,his is s sci today.>>it >> run for your life! p > live tv!
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they ar le onn i-'s rng prra she is abobo to p phe big queseson... >> i le you so much. >>uh-huh aou're myzou ma. andvery leap -- >> yh. >> soul ma? e eyes kp d dtingng to ee an >> well, today i've com to a you, will youry m>> i have too thinibout that for abit. >>oh,ow ieedo thiutit! ats a a . good grief! l l l tetevion. >>oh! he waessing w yes. s is why women shouldn oposo n, bauseseen ke aok h has to make a g o o of it.. so you know what, yeah. wonust says. tyoyot u uo do? we're notoioio the
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>> everybody is so reeved. >> did you ever dream helen uld do somomhing likethis>>, p@>so @ah i' going to go on record for sayahihe m
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>>ngraons! congratuon>> adios much,,,,,,,,) tod's sren
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