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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  March 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MST

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dyladreyheol plun whoo! this is s@haa t republica found the antitimp? crcr himse auper saty an dnatrumum wh wo louisia and kentucky, seems to agree. >> in teded one-on-one, okay. >> cruzins kans and maine wiwiwiwiwithe dada on delegates. > ld no thee idate togo head-tad with hillary ccnton. ile, whater hapned toco ruruo?@? thth t tirdsdsd urn a roghght. also,ernie@ sande scores % in kansasnd nebraska, bubu hillaa clint tss louiana and the most delegatat for y. >> you just want topull your ir out when see that insultltestthat ges on among
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>>plus,eeblic umpmovement. >>e'ayayg the mberings of ememecanan public r suckers. he has neither the. >> m mt r rmney is in, but supporters push back. >> if mitt romney thinks that about mr. trump,e mustth about that of evey one o os th supu .> anan you thinkhe republican rara is nay?y? >> i have had tot f verytng my enfe. >>prent frank nderwood, or shoulul isay k kin spacey? one of them will be with me this morning. aoining f isi a aare,aviviro f th yorkimeo'll o obc ws,, reubcatrategigi mry matan, a a stepep hndern troit free press. welcomeoay it' "meet the press." frombc ns iwashington, this ismeet the prprs" with chucctodd. >>oodununy morning.% if the dump rump movemememe nes
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me j j cr crundrump eac wo o contests yterday, but it was ted cruz who emerged with the most delat papsme ew momeum. cruz e esily wonnhe ks cacucus beatingumy a beer than two to one marn. lsookheain caucuses with 46%of vote.e. 13 pointseadof trump, another ube-digi we@ r cru but tru alslsook t t stes st nhtni t@y imary in louisiana, but he wo that by a much smaller main polls h ditete d tr w theewly creat entucky cucucu, bain, it was by just four-point m min ppov . smller thh what manz had pictedovall crrn 70 dega last night trumpmp so c won the niht on egates althoughera tmpill holds thee leanhe dgate counbu as iortant letes
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t/ypporng mco rur john asich. whaha is becoming more dnore @ le i ifififyowant tat trump ald ump, we haveoostd & & d e. > i i nt to raralaedn mae and kansas, s suld do well in ine cause it's vererpclosetoto canada, let's fac it. i mean. >> on e d docrac sidey the y bernie s tut threeee ta,buthillar clon wononthe mmt delegate let me walk you toughit. ers atonetr than two to onethe nsas kasus uces ndee also woothe nebraska caucuses but by a small mamgin, 56-44, the clints spent lile time ) nebras,, they didn't campan mh as.. but despite t tanders kan neskeeat d fofohe oryeachs, clinton e priry b a h m
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so erall with her suppppt fro superdelegates, clinton's lead ithe gate counthas panded tov 600 now over sands. but as we sdheigws was on therepublan side. and even as ted c winin gave hope to thihiroev trump oven donald trump had a sagerelicacaers wh thnknkruz has slowed his ment. >> i woulddloveveotakeon t one-on. awoulbebe so much fun. cause ted can'twin new york, n't't't wi newjersey, h can't win enenenni he c win califi >> republicansesperate t s trump'sreiid for mohsre finally speakakg out on thsday partytylast nonee denounced its currert t-eras a phony and a fraud. >> think ofonalltrum pepeoit thllyg, thed, t showing showiwi f, the absurd tird grgrgrtheri andnd yet hisis speech only seemed to cement p's
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>> if mittttttneyththks that abt m p,henhe mu think thattabout e eery onon uss upuprter of@. ump. we e not phonieses and frauds. >> i mhink whahaaging e republicaaanansrashg front-ruer thth stage.@.% and tmp crudeinded ters th urears ago ro accepted h h endodoememem. >> ioulde id, drop yr knees, h hove pe h knees. wasbeggnhahahajoin what i now a growowububcaever trrp ca. >> 's taingg all of the coreenantsf the rlican party'splatform. >> rejejt trump and i'm enourang o rpubls to thehe same. >> i will not stop untlle fight aan thahses no savo the kk -- hesese were donald trump's$s$ -- >> and donore pouri milliononinto a last-ditch effofo to defeathim. >> donald trumpde millions whiled working americanst scammed. >> republican ldersen't just worred tatrumpould se t cinton,theyorryhat
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would phe sesetend even the house in jeopay. ccor to t t "new yrk s senate geeder hh asd publs uor rerelection that they can run d a ainsnsnrump if needed,quote,@we'p hem likeke hot rock. >> i don't remember sing anything like th to a a of inaudible estion ] i dot membayay anything like that to all you. >> some plianar sperte totop trump they're ready tobu oldalries and uniteehi whver is best posititoned. >> if you nominate trump and uz,zj thinkou get the same outcome. you know, whwhher it's death by being shot or poisoning, does it real mar.we y be in a posion wreee ve t ral a aound ted cruz is the onlyy way to sop nanad d u. rtbutrums rrublican rivals. i go anyere to speak to anye before i let a con artiti getahold of th republican party.
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hi a c artrtst undermine the >> i'lg supuprt the r rlilin n >> yes, becacae i gave mword i would. i'll support whoever i i ithee reblcaca@aomom fofo presi.t.% >> o in t t endit y bhat trump's real oppisn ededed cruzor marco rio or john kash, buterhaps it's mitt romney. soso heard g gererr ro's speech on thursday and though heyd, maybe he's intntsteded i he mion we, governor romney joinsns me n t mong goverr, ba "meet the press," ss. >> thank youl chck. good be with you. w letarite rets om lastni a bett tn expecedightor ted cruz, not asod o a nig dold tmp out h w goi t thavo yoyothink you had an impact? >> think i had a bigimact. i kotf we rpy how well t c c did. gotmore delegateshaha donald trump lastp nig. heas
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gong it f m rules before wewe finish >> ted cruz,elve's emerged as the chief anti-trump caidandar you ready to back him? < ll,i thinkhe emerging no he had a stronght en tates to donald'sentatete an i idn itff ma rubio orhn kasash at this t.t. mamama rubub vyy sng o rerecent polls have him withiaa points of donald trump. and john kasich leading in ohio. so they may be favorite son andidates or may emerer down ad being ary ngngngng dididi o t teirwnwnwn >> youu s sdttttt a aimimim f f f osini.i.eeaandat / h 1 1 itksh t f f@f@ choosing. is that when you are goingng t# dors ateati officially? >> i m ll atat tt point. iteends of courr ont hapnatgh yu ow'm in tar pporti on ad g the camprara a try to.ince peoeoe to vote fth onho i think can help he country in a very critic tim
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conservative values and conseipve is. a realrepupupuaaaff y y l. lete confirm, are you@u omfortle support jo kasich, m mcorub oted crer? any ononofofheh cadidates against dald trump? autaneof those three is real repubn. he nsttver time - at they sha conseative valulu. thers me differences popocy or on tactics too implement polic but i'de ve proav any o them m th top of the tickt. donald p othoer ha meonhoeesents something entirely different. and in my v vw is not ll t re . this is aguyho etends to be e thing and is something else ntirely. >> you u now, i wanan to go t t t thing uu ton rururu sisisisisisirororoininin yoyoyopepepelastststststaa eteteeeeey ip. hisbankruptc hav c cususussmaa businesses. and the men and women who work for them. inherited buness. he didn't create it.
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how aboutp ump univsit th therers trump magazine. `and tru vodka. and truu ssaks. andmoga.. a business genius hs t. > ver,wh uccd hihindorsementntour yeyers eier, this is what q q said about his business backgrgrnd. >> donald trump has shown an extraordinary abil to undstand hohoour economy wos, ate bs forhe ecan peoul pepe my lifein the privat sector, not quite as succesul as this guy, butuccess nonethtle. >> governor, all those unessfsf bususesses tha y y tlinedn thursday,rumum aiines, trum uverty,trmp vo t alll urre2020 as well. were you just sort of saying something y hah to fyars in order ccptis endorsement?t?>> well, donald trump has made l of moneyfor f. ndhere's no question that he'sot aotey his pocke[s d has been suesesul hat e. but if you look atispecord ovellllnd e rereother by
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okay,e made a lotot of f elf. inherii@d a lototf money from his dad, but this iss not guy who's a selelde man.and thisp is a guy who'scrushe aaote ath >> hydid you ning t hi fru yearo?o? why did you say so nye things about h h business career impressed? you kno he'sa l of eyimlf ai'm usnoughn aettg whersoonendsed mo point out that he'sbeen successful, made lot of mone ps lot nd so foth, you canan ignore thehe cte's a ofaure heririollse in ts mpai as nothing but success successl. he's n n a loser.he's lost me ddagain andrush a l t tof pepele in the process. thing that i f mo ununual,l,nd pepep trageous, is that even thoughe says he's worth $10bibiio he finds itit in his interest to gut a bibi people of$,000 here, 15,000 there fofrump unsity. thse plee r rallybe scammeded i nt t t make sur the american ple noto
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a president. >> i undddthat. bu i want to go -- you did,ou laidut a whole buhf thin you thoughtisqualified trump, notjust hisusiness background. you thoughthis sport for terrorists could leado a trade war, yowere prritical thevulgaraugge he usus the inulttg of musli... he was prrty insulting o musmsurearago.o. hewa the faceof the birther movement, w wch has beeotally discredited. and got to play you something ere, in 2011, liste to this vulgarity he used. > essr i imant.% i could have o say 're going to tax you 5%5% and i can say othe lten to me, [ bleep ], we're going to tax you 25%. > governos s` morningso h to beeppthat out, but wh hoibrankly f-bomb he on it's beenaking t roundnd on youb again 2011. o bac dyo bvevaou mainstreamed p,ade him acceptable?
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peoplwho supported me who i'm suresed t bomb and other words, had mlioneop tf m m in teneralal election. and i'm not edorsing all 61miii people for president.anan'mappy to aept the endorsement of a lot o people who iagree with onome issuesa some opleho i won't want too associated it the things thehe say. t ithis sge at a point where lookingt donald trump and theuturur of the country. nd w w say to ose is one with s record and soone bees t tgs he believes which in my view would ad t t aecesnd to - rader andlead to a rld beifg less sa, d wan tha pepeon besisi of the unitit state do we w wt that cipip you jt win o o t for kids to see time and timeagag en debate, t - presidential debate stst doldmis sayg set i onanmygrandkds to watch. sothis guy, look,e may be colorf, he may have made a lot
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nt oth>> but in hig iket you're embrassed thatou sto nextoaltrur yeyfs ago?>> you know, some of thehings he said more recentt w wld have made it difficult particularly withres the clue e ku klux kla klan, things about muslims,in paicular, i would havavad a difficultime standing next t himm f fr years ago. >> you made tha compellinin pepeh, me called it clearest inctctnt trump yet that anybody hadddone. andoursrs later the three candidates runnmngagainstt donald trup at o a debatat stage an all pledged to support m if he'sshemi dtdisappoint you? i thin it ct ey had bee askedthat f the vy beginningf th campai. tve pledgedouppo whoever the nominee was and they had o stanan by plplg t you with f exce theyey hesitatedhen cameime o answer thatquqsqsos it waadiff for@ them loyoo iespecthe fact % at they honored their wor a a ted cruz said, but d dald ump is a a mondnd more difficult
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because he says, look,s going t prsisitial,l, he'l'lactxx penenal and evenhh d dte ste andnd h rean to che' athing buesidedtial. >>you have saidu llot orth donald trump or hillary clinton for president. yououuld look for anototereway, ybe you skip the vote, maybe yoyoyote for a t trty candida, is donald trump becoming presiden sesinn your mind than hillarylinton becoming priden bot of them are pretty darn ba as lindndy graham said, a poison or belt. and i'mgoijb to bebe voting,bu ll vot@ r someonho'son t ballot that i thinknks a a reala cvendhood me us oud. and i may write in a name iff i ican't find su pepeon. dyy believe there shohod be,e,ftrumpngo n ii pat to omin yy thik thehoulbe a conceed third y efft repcans, it's e nution n y,maybet's somethihi else? >> )'m n n goin to enenurage at this tage th creaon of a new party. but i thtnk it would be ve difficult for dondlttmp in
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i hi 7're gng to no mm@ne w weally rresents our rty..and i bel wpen in prococs leading up to the cvention. but if the conventntn has noonee person gting a majtyf the delatesthll have the 2,000-plus delegat therend th haa to me asaysme. thy were eected by their people in theirespective states make the judgment ass who lde our nonoe.e. >> zou t td colleague on friday you would not be a candidate foprsidevt. but let meas yoyo way geral sherman was once asked. if nominated,illou ce the nominanaon, ifif your name plced in the nomination and was ectetatathis clelan conononononldou acc@p@p@pit?>>uooo c nyg ththppenng ion'tinkyone iurur ar shou no,o, evenn if theeeple e@theayy wand tbehepsident, iwouly no toit. one's going t t say that. but i can tell you xs,'m'm not a caidate, i'm not going to be caidate. ( i'm koingngng be endorsing one of the peoplwho' running for president. and one of the people ---- i c c guarantee youthis.s. one of the pepele running for
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going t/ beeth repubcacaca rty omee. three of tour le uld endoror. but i'm not runnini and i not going to be rng. >> l gh r miromn i willl veveve it ere. governor, thanks ff coming on. good tosee> ankks,chuck. od to bei yo >> you got it. hen we comeck, iftr fat be stped, could we be tnessing thehe brp ofhe republican party as we know it? mitt romney seemed t thihihiat. welcomto the world 26,ou can y across town in minutes or acrosthe obeinndern ho. whwhcommunities are living on mars and solalasatellites ovide earth wiwi unlimimid clean power. in ls than a c ctu, bong to the world fm seaps to space planes, across thunsesand beyeyd. ananif you t tught that wasasmazizi, you just wait. , those new glasses?they are. do i look smarter? yeaha little. you're min money nono are you investing? well, ve bebn n n g some research.
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> elcoco bababa ere are siximo contts by - e way coming up in just t next f days. today, democrats hoo t teir caucuses in maine. annhene putoic holds its publicanprimary toda then on tutudayepubcans have caucuses in waii and a primary indah a both@h ieie havav mariei ssissippi andnd michigan. michigan perhaps is the big prze, and so we have arand new nbcnenes/"the e ll street jojornal"/marist poll to show you ths morning, it has nald ump way out in frt at 41%. ted cruz and marco ruo sitting much farther behind. and john kasich who is hopig fo a big boost from michigan, weweaaim languiuiini in last place. we know there are other pls at indicate he'sstger. we'll fi out on tusay.y. d on t f f demratiti@ side let memehow ou numbers, hillary clton comfortable -poioiead over bernie sanders, but bothcampaigns have indicatedme they believ this racis m mh h ose r than wh our ponge ing pling indicices .
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bng o panel. sten heeral page editor for the big wsper that will beovering thth biimyri t fres. steeelcomeyou. romnene fee like there'e two ( diert rereons hereeeen dd nd d, what w yr sce of omey oththtrump edoen anromn lavavng t op ooouoarunnnng?>>rstn the r r reyeyt hanenehuhuhufinally. fifalsomebody'sbeginning a trmp. an me ev fiolder i i th wao saveveveeirir paayas toontinue atatananit's not a tack on things people like aboutut him th he's polititilly incct and a a bbly,hat't' wha v like. 'sttathathh bbrays people, he's a betrayer and nssist,nk ly about himself. i thinkeveryone's gtohit thisnote. they've gotredidid examples of peoplecamm brr ivetr, all ththththth ssff. and keep this going dayy aferer y.>> mary,idou think it was
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sp wa efffffive. i thk it was tht wrong messr wng timg alththugh davis rght autthe sstance offit. becauswhen youack trump person, you're trumping the people who suppt him. when youhoww this busiss recoco isn't good and a a that potererstuu, then you make people think this is evididced in the l vote went to cruz i plouisiana and -- >> ll, actually, let me sh you sinou brorohtht i lt wou the louisiana numbers. this is from our friends at 538 they re ae to commre. tt isha accoig g g he arly vote totals, donald trup, loooat thpolead. leay elf, louisiana has some early vototg,g, elon yisese a total tie. hat sa alo clly late breakers f rcr. >i w a ao tcruz won he eleg wepi o delegates,so he won thosetw
9:22 am
momo th romney hurt trump. but rubio hurtimse inoing it. ttt did y, ich is mportant, the ti for choosing is ow. aa i ithth party wants to stt trump, th have to op kasich. and they have to stop rio.dhey haveveo stopthem ghttt ow, saving rubio e embarrassnt of ling hs home state. if trump goeshroughlorida andoh'sover. euuallocated yo ihan vo, a rson votete went tol anybody but trum rit. >> a a aost of tm we crz.z. he's a r rl deal nrvate. i on't know what's the@ lem eey, we k k kththroem on capitol hill, right? >> aut he do not have many frndssrererebut one of the oblems us the rtytininto saytopmp es not offer t ttene choice end s selucdo i ininyourininrview with tt romney not willhoo seoelsririht w. sohose against trump who say he's no ty a republican, nono really a conservate, buten you ve you ow,is n n n ru crod.
9:23 am
say, well, noer tru. if u lllleer, i s ve ht. get b>> tere'splso ubsttive ibity, y have ppli ngum is onof us andet l o ininine's saying areaid in cod language byther republics. i wrwre a comn la week aboutan fnse sayg th isno a py preys on pple's prejudices and y iou thk of lots of empl puban d extl going back to ronald reagan giving a stas rights speech in 1980 in mississthgoes on l thee time de was. ump iss sayg tse things ore pliy a it makes things unooablelendow $ it doo o. >> no, it doesn' make me comfororable it mak ke youacacususust' rricous and it's thereationn trump. conservatives do n conder thels bigots orhophes. he e
9:24 am
peplel trump is expanding the lectorore by getting people who are sick of being calleigo becausthy wa sece dehas hs@ no a ce y, l o thre. . ihinknk it is. i mean,, i think there's n questi what he's doing is appeg totorand rens ave tat f along . . >>by the way, therwasas mething else donald tmp did yesay a a gmy e, dve, i veto show it to t you and get yo to reactoo wewewehe it is. >> i've ner ne this befor can iave a pledge, a swswng? raise your rightd.% i do solemnly swear that i no matter matter how i feel, no matter what the conditions if there'u hurririesesr wharrr, that's good en
9:25 am
befor the 12th for dodald j. rumpmp tmpor prsident! thannyou. >> david, theviaa the up, tmp asks for a >> wo sflbergte eb ontraitat ciat ocorratath trums ort is uthoririm. l le in deaere recognize ot pe a we akesdea we'lways s isappoin that'wh politics is. th ws r ount likthy canheh rith mo a cpro o thhauthorariasm. rome reason thre's something in th eleat rhtow pleere logutinghat t waaoead who wi ow mhewa wt- uthey wa stng lear 'snsien yo ca fliblenr y on lesof enmen
9:26 am
cpromisingnus onhe .supremt, y can do tht. i dldmp aythin t ee?i an, hee switcheitio to d evythh wee ^t undermeshemee. ifheng is ag at undermines his credibili a auorityty figure. wasasthatat sign offfweakness? a, hedidn anticipaa the visual of howat w wld stand overimeut also gning to voters i'm worried youl n sh >> it's a fair point. as you point out he also had the datewrong. >>ar vong is one -- >> when early voting uts dn but probably confusin to some people. we're going t take a pause. back in a little bit. senator ldsraam wii h he has said this. >> my party has gone bat [ bleep ] crazy. >> all of the words we used today on "meet the press" are something else. anyway, he now sayay it may be time toack ted cruru deat dond p. d thener - >> you're ght.
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days to tryy op hihi y? ecectallo t winner ta all stpates florida and ohio. let m breakoo aew scenarios lain timeis so short. hers theelegate count a of this sunday mning. so so far o e tru has won% ofof leg awarded so fa that's majity. that's pretty mporttt. t's assume he winsthat same 45%or oheining contests thrgharch 1 beideslori and ohio. we're going do estimimes her if trump winsnsoth florida and i m 15th, here what happens. he would end up with aar 300-degate lead, huge gap here as you can see. df co h chces, marco ubub, john kasasboththrobablyout if tey los t hsts tmpmpmpld nene to w% ofreii deleatein aonenen-@ersususustededz. that's probably v dblbl whe uthini placesp lke ne k, caiorninini et cetera. what happups if trump on
9:31 am
wel,e did that math too. he wininflflida bu kasi ns hilseemo di, ouctions look mething g ke th. and that respectrrr then would need 7n 5766 of l raintete th toughehe but acacally ill somewtt doable. and if trump wins ohio but rubio wins ida, by the y,y, it kin of a amilalaor ut he's w t tre's trou tr and it cos i i ruruo and kachch both wi^ theirr homeme states n trump wou need67%f all remaining dffgates id vo a contested convention. guess what, it's anxtremely ava lift especially because rubiond kasich, you think they'reroppppngf they win their home states? no way. all four stt in, theel the conttedd convention nears 0%. aa, ohmy, wouldelandck t ny oer yewith any other candndatee'd say this minati was locked up, but th convealal to
9:32 am
prveonover ove this pzclcl so well se when and how ts prongg ag when we come bbk, senator lindy gram jnss on the perils nomimitionald trump and off himim e nomatn athe cvention. and later- vegottoke to the right and here yoare stucuk i -thank you for calling. 'l wh or ye rht..rox predictive analytics help companieieprovide a betterd faer cusmeexperience. llo mr. kent. can rebo youflig i'm here! cust carrk br. witherox.x wawa iere!? sg! xersonedloyee poals help cpani ma befs sile and cessssle... from anywhere. la dancing? iff jumping! maces`can wo ththerox
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>> thehe are few politician re n t ext estnato lindsey aham has ver been at a loss for wodsnis critiondtrurthdirection of the republican party has taken th@is electionason. natograh js menow. senor, welme bacto "meet the pres" >>thananyou, i'll tryotot to ss sadlyou wouldn't be e fit o o on air day to . . . >> ay. >>ettart with sosothii you said tuesday night t got ecruzcampgnappy anan sed lolof eyebrows in inin. nd consering wt happened turdrd, arar you gegere commrtable rallying aded cruz as the stop trump cada >> i wldsupptuzer ump.. i pfer ruru overkasich. rubio and k kich over cruz, t if'selrnative pp,e leareblicic ccservative. and here's my mesge to the publ n conrvivmovent. ratrri losing without donald trump than try to win wh him because it wi do more damageerime. >> w, interesting
9:36 am
intntto play i thinknk i benama thetoc ma republicans have ud ait doaltrump. letplpl colionor it and ask you ababab something on e othth idid >>onaltrump h h wrten checks to hilarar clinton not once, not twice, not thr mes, t times. > i think it is ihatt mr. trum >> we have a coco artist as th nner in the republ party >> if a rson wants to be the nominee of the repuan arty, cbe n evaon andno games. they musteny groupr cau t ilt on bigotry. thparty dsot prpr@n peopprejudices. >> marcoubio addedone morcricic of t tmp. i want to play o. i dod't us to he a president that we conany have to be explaingour kids, lo, i know that'st idt dididbutyo ll't do thth. i n't that. we actuay had aredent li that not longago. iwas rea bad. narr all fouou of those indiduals, youu know whatthvell p p tdodo
9:37 am
>> s sport h, yeah,. was that amisiske? >> ion'tkn'm g g g- askf i'lll support the nominene after t onvention. tre in apohere ty have to be loyal to the party >> doyou? >>l mefter thee nvnvtion. i'm'mnono goinin to s s anything aboinee supporting that person until after the convention. donald tru's the mitepublican party willet killed, will get creamed, well deserveveit. call me ate t t ovention. > i iant to briri in audiotape kol -- a aouple other people, kelly@ o'do yee a t. >>seseser, gooto see you. you know t t cruzuz betterhan st oe d fro workinth is thehe anng you think he coulul a the nominee of the rtytoonv peole hou b willi torkrk with others and to expandhi st ili torohe isle? anyyhing at all thatuggests he ld@do at? >> yeah, i thinkso. lled me aouple days ago wn suggested i i ul support himov trump.
9:38 am
what i'm getting withth ted cruz. wld rereal ac a replace i i withometng t n gin to order ourur o commit war imes. he would defundpld parenthood.. we have a in common, tacticalli disagree with ted about shuttingdown t t veme to peal are. thougt ititas a badad idea, but yeah, i c c workith uzi in that showshere is hope. >> vid. >> david brooks, " " "york times,"senator. iwananasas youututedcr as a senator. aside from t governmentnt shutdown, what s he accomplished ithe@? (>> ll, he's basically made most pple in the party believet eh rson don repeal aare bauseof mend mitchmmmconnell. itits nolike i prefer ted cruz.@ hehee's what happened. when wewant tott do t gnmto repepeobamacare, i ought that as neveroing tttttenenits g t beerdto repeal a la named aftft arest i ey're stillpride. anan when tet said that me gp thehern made me for obamacare, that kindf
9:39 am
t ted is a cservative. 's re ideolical tn am, but he is republican onservativiv andonald trumpsi h he rubi ws floridada i hope k kich wi ohio. bu if i hado sppoo t cruz er donald tmp, i wld beus i think he is epublicananonrvative an h might could beat hilly cli. >>step>>senor, ethenn hendern of hehe dree press. four years ago yourur partytalklk out the need to sort offxpandt more of these n n voters to pport yourrpa>> ah. >> whatee prospects for that with eieh donald rump a ted cruz asth nominee? >> so heth ted, noope with thdond.n 'r in demographicic death iral. at did weeaea in2012?2? hispanics don't l lkeurursge on immigration o o self-dertrt8h8hpwi n't think they're going to like forced deportation better.
9:40 am
we've had with hispspics and yongomen a m me them ore. in thatt regard ted cruzwould mue epe. i cannot ll t that donald trump would do to the republican party if h carried o bannnn beuse he as ran campaign on race baitin and religious bigotry, that cannot republican onrvatm. >> ary. > ator, you said i -- y wtubio to w florida, stoinohio. if u'u' ready to take your po, yohao take itt now beuseift transpires then p will beur. ande're not goingo h`ve a contested convention. itllbeaos. aneft oneing o cruz's consti- - consistentt conservative record. scus, supreme cort. >> yes goodoint >> all thingng hinge on suprume court. you take your poison ow? >> i think rubio and kasich have got to decide among themselves can they be ateve to trump over time. to memet't'clear that tedas
9:41 am
hean beteativeto tru. the best thing i think could happen is f prtyunitit beio aflorida and make sure ethat not onlybeat m, ump in ohio a afri tt weha canante that can beat himthereafteranright n it seem that td cruas be cas to be ade. >> that's very intestingng ere. quickly,enator graham, on supremur minati od --ou'v conoired two pesidenob justices. what's wro w having confirmation hes? >> i d think it lp pihild the next prdecide. the per i admire the mts me. iounominated me, ouldn't vote forehihihi year.r. >>f@oup nmiedyou, u wouldn'vote for >> there youo. >> tat's aew >>ll let t t n n presidt sewhat happe.s>> > at's's new@wthiii we'll cl it ininyesque nominated, i will not vote
9:42 am
we m me it thuitut a beeng. noeven-s-sd delay. hannyou, sir. >>wewee headed i ithe right dec. k ght. latern t bbds the democrats,bernie@ sander won tt threetestst ster nd y this atumahave gotten toher for him. ll exexaiai sorn natate mada. tfirst, kevin scece also knorere underwowo tetetix "h"hof cards." n at&t susinspert sure am. staff cld uoulp ayinouchh sters. &t can help youostay coec am i sing dole?0 no ma'am. ur at&t 'buy o gone ee' keker for your staff to send enminds yr cuomers... ...and share promotionon socialalediayoknkn m seeing dollar signs. you should probably gegeyourureyes check good onene tometrmomo
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i'm kristi hi i'm tie. ani'm ss and we are the bug chicks. we're a na-buses window10 rlly helpus get thword aut how awesbugsgsre. kids l lrn to be bravancu and all k)ds speakhelanguage of f g. "hey cortana,ind my tyvi ! is i goo ifoureryrytoeach a kid ababa s. just sketch it on the screen.
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and chge their worlvivi. sk a a qup o o opeleen tthght ey should t sasaetiremenen thenene asd me oer p whwhy actual stt ving thisiswehewe sd art ving d en we actuly doone of the reasons why too many of an'ttep feten just start aeay asou can.i4's going to pay off in the future. ife all start savingnga litlleleore toy,we'lalbe b bterpreparedro
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> at they'retrying to do didi us.hath really want touc in doing isis make sure you don't for they've gone to a whole lot of trouble to ma me look p ptty baba-- well, that was priden frank underwood on the defensive
9:46 am
caroln n season of ooe of cards," whic mny ofl you may havereaaa bing tched oneelix this weekekd. i'joedow byth ho's tar,r,kevi pacey, as many are is tth becoming stranger than fiction. mrspa w to "meet the ess." >thanu fo havg me. >> we don't want to do sers here, but let's see, this season,n,sou ac, kkscalsipired p,leh thnr arou dong aoctary 'sazg h- and you ld tp fothisaaignarard. >> ye is h henenvery se thwe he sh "hus
9:47 am
ha di ds a,, ave thisisbc spspiaia rr rerert. we have co@nfd t(e( death of former first lady y reag. sh94ears d hollylyod to theehite u andd beyond,,y reagan andder hususnd,, frmerpresisint r rald@ reagagwere de byid oe adadnture of a lifetime. ster httas a look back at her fe and legacy. >> nancyavis was anctress hsellshehmht rona ane mmot in 1949.9. alreadydy a r.r. thohoh she e adadher o hollywood dream she later saidid s found greatt role a his wife. >> i think i was born to be married. i was the haieirl in the world whecame we. they mrried in 1952. a s uple ceremony. pen appeared thererin hell - t of the navy, laa of her 1 1 >>eeno think maybe yoyo were playi the southeh cirit.
9:48 am
howould i know?didiyouive me aostted chchck? >> from tn on,n,y r n descriptn, her life s dedeoted to her huhuand,d, as motoher to tir two childrdr, pattynd r and s spmother to his two children byy former wife jaja wyman. thename politics and her lolo career as a first lady. first inalifororor t t g gernor nalddeagan in 1966. what's ni greatest asset for the nrs? > >> my ronnie, i guess.s. >> then to president reagan 1980. afafr the president wass s st by a uld-be assasasa twoonths to fst term,is wi forever shaken. ve ti we out a
9:49 am
my hert stoped. >> but she carrie steadfaststn n herhosen rolesasas heidt'sotector, best friendd and ptner iorts- ike the ti-drug campgn for which she wawa forever lind. n thimemeoougd alcohol,llust say no. >> she was cticized for consnsnsng a asasologer about the president's schedul dubbed eennacy fofo eenve aste i i faion and w wte hou deder and aof managin her husban >> doingevevythi we can. >t f ft i s never wavered as a loving wife in a a he ways knewdd when in the mid-'90he formesident revled he was disethth zhs diase,heheaneo wou@dd rarelyeave his si viteded th replica national cponventn sha her mily's pain and ause. we've learned asoomanyny ther famies have learned of he terbl aonel thatus endureds eabrgs anoer reminder of this very long d-e. nancy,y,et me s thank you fororll you do.
9:50 am
and thank you for jst being u. >> shehetayed close t herron i evevn in he laayyrs.shshmhtta pt to bere when thehe reaganibraryho yar bat. and vishehe husband's restingplae sto to the very end. holt nbcbc news. >> i wan to b innbc's are mchell joining us by phon andrea, lester sasa itbes it was an eplove sy between thohe two. it was a a extrrrdinararlove storor weu also say i'm krp i'm flooooedededh a flood of meries cae she was i ththk t tmostst quenal firs i can imagine in moderer history forallf erl missteps and fofo the presscriticism o xury and designer gowns a a igner ina, white hoe expensesesuring a recession in
9:51 am
rs term and th the second termery clr t tostt important aserer h pushed movedhe presidentnt in vee signifint wayssowds conversations and discussions wiwi mikaele goacv at the first g gevasumm. bebeing thaha ta w w betttt pthaha the@ #intion of th cd was is a presid w h sd% he could not tlk hem because t soviet l lders kept ing on thm. pbrh nefefnd others. she saw theopening,awawthe -oslindndho framed ll of those c c c csatiois an the cialaloments despite r an itit -%-he was much momo eoeocah hnd. she p pyedhe role behind thescenes s at eeaead her to him andentuly tonation. sheas very impornt political adser andnd figur
9:52 am
fit election in1980 whenhe led terew hpmhireth fifiing manyop staff mbers. she brought in jimkker dors not hard li conservatives, willing mpromise. ththre w wso manycho we seeeeinurptvt campaigns. she love gossip andp fun. g g know an actor, went to the reagan ibra, ok rere talked to h on thephone - rececely.. pididlk her wn margaret thatch died a few years ag she very frail and didn't want to out in publcc. she wbltoveve arou easily. b she remaed plugged intilost theery end. wasextraoinar impact figu inererolitital and social lives. > thi the ar thos who woduggst t w a aso nunuerne protector. if anybodynterhim, you ad too ugao o to him. >> in fact, t tt led to the
9:53 am
don gan.mebly, sheentun theh present, eventuali (pidentnt b hadto tete don reganhat h h w fired for hanngng on e fst lad if you cananimaginin i don't thihi there's been a morereowl f frst lay, at ast in modern history. hanging up in angganst the first lay. but she broughteopop in.. she brought emocrats, the late roberttrss,ormerrhead of democratic pty, a.m. aassado to rsia. sherought inig to talk and better inform tidt so he was not isolad in th whe hous sheteim phaps cessively from too m travel aftt his first pretty mhwe-vds distrousip to europe in 82when he was poverschhulnd barely got 0through a three-countntay ending in sat dinner in wisor castle after sarting
9:54 am
b t t fact is at she, inistr prprprved his presidency in realizing that he neededore te. that t r him to godo chi, hededo rst gogo to haiiifor a few dayspsnd acclimate@ and thenguamam a accmate further dwith pplen menand see the tros. anag to organizehe whi house andshe was feared by the stafth getting the santa @ barbara duty if w re e e nonouffer between you andndheheallsrom the first lala. t s s i the inrest o o her husbd andresincy. ave to say, finally, t tat thatkaawithth the love letters to nancy ater s ddth, his ring, h hiy reflected a peron of increreble telligenceins
9:55 am
other assumptions a out ronald aga a hisfofulneses ich could d di beenny sign ohe alzimer's. he that leirir@r nd that his intelligence and sevotono he are what rr remember andnddfinally, her fighting for rearch foralzheieir' r agait the consnsvative party grain, even esitting resident eally fought forheae, scientific research. s washe first perso who finly y teerededer husbaba with her other's help, richard dahas psian, towards thinking different aboutidsergnong the ourg --she really did openonald upo all rts of new easchr t tar his iginallelggs i think it's becausef f ras ll, of course, h h good ints that it b bame cessl psiy. andrea, if i ask you to stay with us,orth just joining
9:56 am
it's 5a thepr11:00 in new yoyo. the pasngngf foer first ladyd nancycyeagan at the age 4. 're toldd she ded in her bel-air h h h ncaloja.we do ow more cicistances than that. she wawa in f heh in latr ndndad not been seenn pupuic foomme aa, as we continueueith you, ink the phrasee just say bme synyus her. sheoined that phraseta abo herbattle against dr and cohoho aaicon. not ter specifically but that she@supported ator ople. thah legacy thinhe white houss shok oni pgreat p psion. .& --hatas also part of, let's be clear, it waspart recalculation, she had to do something impornt and substantive because of e ublicity in the firsrs few ars.s.
9:57 am
the wteho c withhattegy to tackk what was becocong jor drugugproblemm i e country. e did iteefecly. pshe did by re out to h holwood frids and to others. asy ll-proded as a public svicempmp a s h it - just say no dugca her thme ofhat, thoho y in theiriririrm ofhe presidencn. that said, i think evenallyly the most equential ontrution wille in foreign policyeeuse i w w s s w w ally encouougeded herer hususnd to begtalking g th wt wa then thleader of the sooet u@n aftere be unablee to bececf thth elrly difful stagef mikal goachev'red source.
9:58 am
sovietet empirend a,ang with the military pdeplplments a refhe agan din that led to the endnd of the cold r. and the end of -- inn 1989, the berlin wall coming down andalll thehether development that sformed d ropepe the world. >> turnini aw fromomesesc ntti picith andnda, she trulyly@ywas a ststleicoco probably thefifit of gre ritijaueuenned assi. of couung r wte use years. she made designene bliekkkeill blbls. peoplpl lked as a efleonof o ot homt tureredurighh eran the ite house. p>> tt's e. bill blass going off all the designen paid a prer tt, eeciaecau thecountry asuffering with h hgh neloym a rl ression. she eventually rlaimed her,
9:59 am
rt extete throuou jus and nonoand a tritnal n n 131 years aftgain lastgh the gridironigger r jirnlistounalists. and she showed up to the surpri of t jourlis who shedisdained. sheshowededupessed as a cr% man n raggedylot ag a shsw, s sw tune from,, igussssit s a a barbra streisand mov, second hose rose fm second avenue.. she won oer the press corps. > she was an actrs
10:00 am
thank youchanea.some of r ststions m now go >he a >> aeds ovid amazinaining. > i think abouter as people who have already figured t hoto serve. mmitaryllshaha besialo >>iring veterans is a great si case. ty'rerere bes oyoywehey're flexible, hard-working, and they' used a glal workplace.


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