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tv   News 5 at 10PM  NBC  March 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MST

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l r no ester ho e naonmourng....asnethe st rememkabl chte iicanitical history ded sadltoday withrdf the death of nancy rean.. we're e ng lk aterinedib life d ney tothe ite.rl f alertrtd ck to he's aoo t t op----wetangandede at threre q qk pe manning... ase o official anun his retetetom ter bnc. ksor wching neiv yourundmy. m haonon fit ew5... acm fansnsonigig to the ws that peytononnini i rering. . "ink he did d e rig g ine plug n. itreat t otoan ilwae winn i sl peop m." is ect r te foyton to o t out anan ac a os colas."
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moow mnimag wi ma tnct ic at a cree. at 3 mannini bame destqurbactoin s bow anmas th-te leag m-v-p nglain srtherosomef in teammas keken n -depth okack an'sarar yon so cn n 5 brg yothe te othis e cicion b bes public torrrr wilbeive ev stf way. lk insprings ananpuloain owers eaeaier thisve... . tss s s ov t tws five meterologist c clehoffffn fofo yourifst of the e re. 'rve bzydry,nd rmrmrm a forosousuay. ow a m me ayck the mountns gh t0's 'sh ly tst cloudy ies.s. red fl warngs focotiald utof t asa river lleyhrough 5iet@tonighwith lows t30's's
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clololoer and cnce for ray showdu theechaha theayalououout del ru are wit lessndnds pontmo. . ndy so we'll tulyave mo rlag
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a livek heteouser tiight. reblbls toght%r&g th tflora, do t tmp truz balingor t spotlight a mao o ilhaing g winning dedes puerto rico r the demoats,ere sasandananhilly ton we ad-to-adtheir late ifl m mpigan, aadof triry ithatte ebtot tete sanders s edey vri stan neka. wiivnderme $&me, buintoisisll aheain t t n n. toy's c / walstrerejo/ stl shows s inwi amand17 t-le i imich, bubo mpais prely y e raikcl.
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inry sot hin presesen o@i :32 o o ve t a ainstry he agait ththatnd usavivi t itry. sot nanar be sanrsesaldite-4 yoararlkg e e ll s4sil out -he mef yoriendstred isisnomy - bo agreed at republin vernf chig shod resign in thwa othe wa scaninnt they qcklyteads s ain. on the tf gun nt..o immuty manuer... after a qution frothe father ofnenef thlao ootis.s.sot hillary clcln d identn candidate "givinimty tn make and ers teible miake.sot senator r ie sasaers esidal cte%:-1:03 hat you'u'al aut i iis ending gun macring in amerera.hen gr wit ." ite4al this... bo did agree thaei
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repuicare descendi ov floda as p cruz fit for numbnendar ruietotatataloat. cruz is surgin aer de e wins in kansasne -- right now on 1legates s&hind tru. trshowedia at g golf tourna hhosts every with harsh rdr ruo his he state. sot: trump fr last nighgh "i thinkar r had very d night and personally i'd call f f himo droput of th ra." sot ted uz from "face thon" "there's one cian at has beat him not oe, not twice, bufive times. and that is r campapgn." mar rubio puerto rico "we knew this wod be t t rost perin the camign ma. asash is a dista fouh right now w campedn hi me state o o with arno schwarzegger. ted cruz iill seen by y publicans againsthe esblhmen but manahare stilcoming out in suppt uz, saying he a b bter choice than trump.p( sen. saam/from t of pres utted's the alternatto trp, hat least a republan a a conservive.
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republican par rk losingitut do t tmptrtrin th him becse illmoredamage ovevetiti as wve r rorted, primary voting is on tuesdayn chan. thtest n-b news s ll et journal / marpoll shows trwith aommaing ad there. happenini now..... the nation in mourni as one o& the most remarkle chapters a arican pplitical hioryrended today with the death of "nancy reagan." hererevotion to her hqsband led tototocopepef rivalepolitical influence. nay rerean died of congestive arfaure los angeles dadada the age of 94. in a statementpresidenand mrs. obama extended theirondolences saying "we wewe fornao nefi omer proudxample, and r warm and genous nancy reagan's'slijoney began on t silr screen a i% t white housu. nbc's lest holtakes through each ste ncy davis actrtss
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rereann thehmglot 19. heaslready a star, but ough she d r own holld drea she sahe fhegrteststole. hif sot t ncnc "ihinkasasorn toe married. i ias the happiest girl in t world wheni' became 'we'..." eyarried in 19...a simpl cecemo.a.a eveaped together in "hellcats of the navy"...the last o oher 11 fifis. natsot from 'hellcatnancy: "i betonk youou were beginni to play t sth sea circt." ron: "u knew bet" nancy:how cod i know? did yogivee a st-dated c cck om theon, by her own descion, her le wawa tetototo mother to their o childr patty d n,n,ndstep mother to his twchildreny rmerife janeymym. nats thename politics...a h h ng c ceer@as airst lady.first in calilifornia to governor ronald reagan in 1966... reporter "whas ronnie's gatest asset for the women votete"
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h, m.. just beingonni..i ess..." && ...a then toresint reagan in 198 natsot, reagan swearing in ter e idwawaotot would- ajust t monthso o s first s wifeasever shan... nay veime heent out d talked knohoandsof peo..myea stopp." bushe rrd steat her ch roles as the esesent't' otecr, bt iendnd par inffortsiki e ti-d-dg caai forororch s s vevelink na ototststay n "when n comom to drugs s d say n shcriced f coul an asolol abo e present't't' sche.dubd 'qen n' for r exnsnvnv i fashion and whwhwhhouse decor...d accused o 'mamaging' her hu.. ncy "'do evevething we can...." reagan "do everything w wn..." but thfact is, she never wavered as a loving wifein all
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whwhn the mid-90s the then foer president revealed he'd en diagnos wh alzhmes diseas the partner who w wld rely l h sidid visid threpuicanional nventi to e family's pad a caus sot nanc e've leds too manyer families havavarne of e ible pain and loss at must be eurededs eachay brgs aer rr hihi vegoode." rold 19898 ncy.......say:hank y all u do. thk u fofoyo love. d thank you for just b bng yo she stayed close to her ronnie, even in hela. she it a t to bere whenhe rerean library hostuelececonon year debebeb... to visit t t huhdd's ing g ac..a a ve sry, , the rynd. ster holt,s a rese frorocololodo springngfifefighte
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r nrmel mtnre thfiro oututn e y ronside of a w no wur uncar hucucmaas caus w iltoght about jor juana eventhas supposed tbengngo o eblo 've ned e ication to ininthcup"o punthas be withdrawn. 5 lena howlhas e story.y. abup -a -go for eblo.. "ty ruing g t tim ttinndok titiets ald such s fofofod sohey y ght as t inst of eicotoust p% t t pert ananokt a lar date" ganizeze from igh times magane" put theispial evenmiication into pueb cnty lat february. but thwork, was ofci wawn th rning... cae of the te unch 6 "ially support thehe cicion fm ththprotional dpoint, ing promoternd
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nsw,w,t't'exemely rd tpull t besif ts& t havinovgme t omotth adequel" as e e ededorze had to pxhe ckril toughhe . use it wasnssubmd 75 heheti. . e unad uil march 23 to keecisio.. a rnaroo t@ handle. heveu cabrrenue inhemuni aoue thpporornini, it l rteng, ilso unnd t binesde of evenhopu cy y shki tlod colodo sterove okengast t event.... protererom g gays that dn't play a faor in ththr $0cion to withdrdr t application. he says the evevt would gh mons e un. :07 kin otionalxpose enhame eb a pose. ery l nue,bevege nue" movfod -- h h h pe lry againext year. :12 "ie gh t w to me ndweely loorado, nd th vee ofseesevtsetr r caabelelel n w for evn pulo, na anewfiv%
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finout his evt willll be m med tdit lotiti in coro this yea the uilab forment. enen peleleleerssachuse pa their ects to locaillld in they on hirst nit vgigia poceofcer. funefor r fir "ay inn" wtace rrow. . ofcer dootkied lasasn he rst shifas prie wim countyofililo a domestic di toght,t,rongs in gh eduon 'ver w wded colle itiois shi coer -e nuerw miniratorstpllegeg and universiasrie groves, evens schoolclclm b bbattling c they're addddg g ar of bureats to theirnknknk trillili dollalaanebt put colleges bacin t t t spotlilit. we know state fundg cuts forc schchls tgegerid extrtrtricicnd raiseuiti .bowe' seeing
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i i n'ke t fact that x stsdts he b bmore of f e e csidereby thgatewato t arica ea t a r-r-olleedatecomt t r ny highoadtetete amdadaof free col he past 25 y yrs, tutuio ouubunununsititi naon hasasore thanubub anit ireased almost as fast aivate schools -- crti s s shohoorany famies cs higr th i itososote thques ia trd.d. we h he hatoe re facty d f hee you're n g ga itexperience sin 1987,. collegesnd univeies ha hireremo0-and new meniratorsr ofonalmpesesat'savagedmi d ery businiss day. while, falures shoththheroin numr ts a fti t fas grown nlnlhalfth rate. i'd prerth'dut pe orlet kee formed owhat'm pg for.& schoolsloneinto admsts nec/nsti w arin t m o30il
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renovavaonono student mostit w pfo tstents tudes find theheelves ng f f c`aeleyl l ver usus makes you wond wre a that moisng to. zepnts colo ste er i lgshe e miheumrs arod mp a a ireasing, but explains it' resnse neveegns a stt ndnd h it t t olol oresint hls, rmm fairlyllll nlentsave swtsith rcononcted&babaomom cafefeai atehat ey red.d. noududtstststsd foododou` has bndorin aho a a cosmorer mone in aitn, newecegme hh congand marketinll t equa. bue fedadaevls th some initutio h inead stn n ming
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rtrclinsor ira the mbererf rte afffby nely 1-thouspepepet. the hohomis 14-hundreddh d acike and ththunersi onv welelel -erce . tht mbubs meatmallll ll ucawn se in p rt s s s by nearlyercent and colodoollegegey 47 rc m brie groros for ne 5 invevtates it's one of the most unique ways raise money for a good cause ----e pele sha their head. dozens of peopop d it today atat "jack quinn's" as rt of the "saint balalick foundation's" annual fundraiser r childhood cancer research. some were regulala for the eve while others were doing it f the firsrsti, d at includes both guys and girls. john armrmrong/3rd year shavee sot:28:56 great way to help out evybody. cancer research is under funded in this country ananyou gotta evhing we n totoelp ou 33:18 it ig to be tough, but i'llllale ononmpoo and l. worth it? o yes denitely. at today's event alone, they we hoping to raise 20-thousand dollar thererare e coup more ents
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hundreds and h hofofeople pipid into the world arena today for 21stnnual l kes peakood and wine e eo. thevent featuresesocal staurants and ba that brout a little bit of everything from appetizers treeee and desrts, to wine d liquor. e whole idid ito get people interested inew plac and new fos, andndeople sasait worked.d. leonardo z pien/joying the event sot: 39:3: definelkes me wa to y it out. thehdiffent business and restaurants....and of cour the liquortuff too. sarah perry/enjoying the event sot: 37:22 we' bn taking nus and d erytng so we can golater and bebelututus later. people say the o dowowidto the event is is hb not too eat o muchch legend retires... on news five at ten wee taking you through the e career of yton manng... ase gets reao walk away from football. but fifileles takeke live look outside.e.
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shs next onewswsiv tave be b hbeen by,ryan warmet ainor ysund. any snow a murststbaba he mountains. ghs t t0'an'sith rtrtlyloudy red ag rnin forountong d soh ofherkans ri vall through 5m. iet niwi low t. . ckcknto e 50 on nday th cloud cover@rnd cnce for a few stray showers during theheecond half ofhe day, although latt model runs a aoming in with less andespotentia moisture. windstay breezy so we'll
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warnin for s sararar esday will be the coolesday of the wk with highs in e 40's and mostloudy skies. earing by wednesday with lot of sunshine and wainin temperatures for the rt of the week. highs will be ckckn the 60's's heading intotoext weeken
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ofofn era. pepepe mamnilingt qu
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lecareert s fyveport,,,,,,,,,,,,, musi
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uniform?? puyton mni... the lendcaca cg end 'vbeen wtiorhis nomeor a. will nereen he peyn main lendall st.... sh henged thee nono cal it a caer. sea..whataree..atat plar. ssons. meds mvs ano bo es onniffntthnset a f the laste.reringro pe'son dr ca ears. wooooor q new h afafr his in apol to nd. nns olts
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ignining tfranisfrfrthldms. hessenallyidhe se deer took thoncos to the playoffs t firststeain a n unifor.. tting the nfl on firas the cocoback p,pyeof the year. thxt year en better... thwing 5 %touchdown papaes... an ningle onord. heolds dozenennfl passin records... he leaves as thefl all time leadinpasser and most passing g tohdownsnq enenis timcos... his bu wililbe waiting in n e pro football hl ofofame. manning g gan to show his e this season... thmostgonining of his whol cacaer the injuries banano surfacbefore t rseasonegan... but the fo injuryrsidedenes s him foseven weekek... seven painl weeks in a walking bt and jeans... a much diffent unifofo@ohan he's used to. his comeback in the e offs me rht fm a holly wood ript... guing the teamvictorand aliging em t t anothesupebowl..
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began to even fore the of. but when this haen.. tgw ththenens near. ananat better way to end his carere than n this.s.. coti strmingngowowow the lombardi trophy in hanananan known again as a wld champion. we figured it was his last prodeo... and the sherriff is riding o into t sunsesefor one last me. nns ctn the ndndth of f e oncos n beseenn a daily y sis. chk t twitr cebobo nininianalof theheeammat e sharinmemoesrom e sh about mo than whate did)on thfid... he l ldebe t communityty with erything he does.. he's aery respectabl vi a a a highluteded athlete and a butomeone yon alys talk to and ate yourersoy and
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3yeyeyeolnning was the uartbao win a pe supe love wchinthese nuggets... nnggets. playing th noththg totoose ggets... thth's t tugtsneed more o o wi one tod at the psi center. withime e nng ouin gulaon... mavericktrying to inbound. emmanuel mudlay picks uphe ose ball. dieso keetfaed w es the game - h ed to ovovtime at 106-6-al rk n ^izki.... r three... ggetwn three with twow minutes to play.. dj augusti.. great trade!! hits this ree ananties t gamat 111 augustinoeoeit again.... 2828onds left t thelock... tigaga again. hecocod the last 8 pntin
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nuggetstwin wild one 1--14 over dallas. final und of the woror golf clsic in mmimiay... ps pla. . two n raown at tnd hole 12,arar. bubba watsts goes s birdie on n the 12-th.h.h. bubba takekethe l%ad at 11 undith six holes left to go. 18, par 4: adam sco for par on the8-thth. this is for the win and it falls intotohe cup. . scotwinsnshe w-g-c cadillac championship wh a scorof 12 under r
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ththitors tohere ons ax te
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