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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  March 7, 2016 2:05am-3:05am MST

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front-runner as a hono and a frara > thxk d dd trump's &personal quities. the bulyin te greed, t -showi @ howingf, h absbrd third% - gradetheatrics. >> and yispeech only to ocementp's supportr ifi@ rney thin thqt about mtrump, then he mustthink that aboutvy one of us suppoer of . trump. we e notnies and fraud >> i think w wt's daging th % republican br i trashing ont-ruer at this stage. >> and drumpp crudely rindm voter that fofo years a romney accepted his endorsement. >> i could have said, mitt drop to your knees, he would have opd tois knees. ( he was begging. rney hasjoed wh is now a growing ublican neverrp ucus.p >> >he'sp atcking ald t re ten ofltheepublican party paaorm. >> i rer trump anddi'm encouraging oer repuanto do the same.
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fight man that choo not tota savowhe k- >> these wereond trump' -- and donors arep pourng mililonin a last-dit efffrt to defeat him. >> donaldrumpade millions while hardorng americans got scscmm. >>blican leaders aren't just worried that trump would lose to clinton, they wory that tump a the topf the ticket wld put the senate andnd ev e house ininjeopardy. according to the "newtork time," t senate gop heed has assured republicanspppor ctiwn tat they can run ads against trumpif needed, quote, we'lll drop tm like a ht roco p>> dot rerember saying`g thing liketat to a of yo [ audible question p>> i don't remember sg anytik t tollf you. >> some publicans are so desperate stop trump they're ready t bu ld rivales and e behind whoever is best positied. >>if y y nominerump a cruz, ihink you the same ``tcome.
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beinhshot or poisoning, does rerely tr. we may be in a positioj wre we phbve to rally arnd ted cruz is the only way to stop donad tru. > reporter: but trump's % republican rivals. > will go aere to speakk to anyone before i let a con atist get ahold of the repeplican pa >> reportete even onene whocal him a con aistndermine the idea that trump is unacceptable. >> i'll support theepeplicaca nomine yes, because i gavey y rd i woulul >>'ll support whoer is the republica nominee for presisint. >> so the end may be that -ums rere oont isis't nam ted c c or marco riol hnh, buttha it's mitt roey. some hearb governor romney's speech on thursday anddthoh hey, maybe he'snterested in the minati. well,@gorn roey ins me nowhis moning. vernor, weweome backck "et ththpress,sir. >> thank u, chuck. od toeith you. >> well, let starar with the resefrom last night, better than expected night for ted cruz not as good of aht donaldrumpmpthought heas going to have, do you think you
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>> i think i had a big impact. i think a lotdd of people were surprised by howell ted cruz did. he more delegates tn na trump lastst ght. he was he w w aaehusiastic, donal trump was u uhararaeristically low energygyast nigt. i ink h hwasseally surprised. i ththk thth is aampaign that doesn't begin to be over.. have a feelingngtt groek e gong it break a few moree ruusss bebere wenish. >> ted uz,, do belelve he's's emeededashe c cef anti-trump ndidatand ar yo ready back him? >> well, i i i k he's emerggg now. he h h a strongng night won v states donald's tentatas anan i wul't writewff marco % bior j j j kasich at this point. marco rubio very strong in oda. morerecent polls have him within a few points of donald trump and john`nkasich leadingn io. so they may be favavite son cdidates or mayemerer down the roadeing a very stroro candidate onnheiei own. >> you hadad saiai it's a t te or chooing.g.
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isat wh you arereoingng t t enenrsrs an alternative ci? may wewe thaininititependndof c crrr o w wt ppepepe t, bubu,,'m leowowow pporting someonee and gogogo outut opop cacaaigngnrailnd t too convinceple to vopte f thrson who i think can help the countrtrin a v vry c citiw te. andooo can represent connrvatat v vuessnd onive iials. aaealalee publican,n,f you >>et mnfirm,ouou cofortle sportinin john kasich, marco ruruioted cruz? any one of the three candites agns donald trump? >>bsolely.y. any yneof thosos thre iseal rrublican. they'y' $dedensnsnsted o oerime that they share conservative values. therers soso fferercess on policy or tactics too plplentntppicy, but'd be very proududavavg a ane tm theee t t ticket. donald trump on the ther hand is someoneho reesens somethi ennrediffenen ddd myw n n n at allhe deal thths isis guguho t tbe onon thhh ds sthh elsls
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somemeingbout donalalallllll trumpmp siness bacacund ururpeech laststththth llle p a ip. >> his bankrutcies he crushh smsm sisisses. and th men and wo@o@n work them.he ininritedhihi busisiss h't create it.. andddteteteapapapedto trrr airlin how abouttruu univivsittanananen ththe'ss trumpmamaazine. d trump vodka. antrump steaks. ananrump mortgage. businessenius he is nono > howeveve when yoyo accepepd s endorsesent fouryears earier, t tis is wh you said isininssbackckound. . donaruru has s sowow a extdrnary ity understand howour economy rks, to cretejobs for t can people. spentnty ife inin p p ororortt quiuiucceseseses as this y, bcefu nnn >verr,r, allll thoho unsusuessfsfusinessesshaou ounn thuhuhuhu trp airlinin,,,umppsisiy,
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failureseere12 ass well.l. were e j jst @ @rt o o o s singng ometetng y you h h to sasaour yearagoon orde to a aceptptisis endorsemt?t? well, donald@trumasasade alo ofey for msmsf. aa thehe'sootititi that hehe gotot lotototf monononn his pocketsanan s s susful onhatscore. but yoook his r rcord oorall a a tte aa oerby ttway,fafafafa, youousay, okay, he made a o ey f elf. inherited a lot off meyrom hs s s but tssnot a whwhwh aself-madedeman. andddis i i i auyho's crushehe lotofofofople an eway.y. >>whydid d ayayay hings abouhi fouryearo? why d ysasa soo nyicicic ings abo h h h bunene er whenenlearlylylyyou' nt t imprse > you knknade a o o f f f f flflf m acacus enono a aettinggg meonon's ed m to point outtthat en ccsful, , de a aot omomoy, ha l l of hote andoo foh, b you cigig t e' a of failures. t tes to sese hlf i i i i iss cacaaiaiaisototng but ce ful.
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ndthe thihihihit indnd mounununl, a aeaps ououagagus,, is that e een t touou h h hysysyssss th $10lllln,hehe f fds it in his inrestto gutnd bilklkplpl $10,0ere, $15,0000000hehe for trump unersi. these people have ree enen scammmm..i want tooooouree ericaca oplpl a a notbjbjctctct to thee sameekindndfcc as w nomine esesest.t.t. >> i indereran i i i t tyouudid, you laid out a whole bunch of things yoyooughgh dal tr t juju hisinin thoug s s srtrt teteororor c cld ld to a tradedede pwa,u wereetriricilthevuvuvuvungge hees, thesulttg ssms.phe p petty insultinin of mumulims fur yeararo. he the face of the biher movement, whichchas been totally rerere dddotototouometetngngng hhe,202020 t thh vuvuvuityee usese >>e4e4the ssenenr is@popopot. iiould haveneneneananaywe''
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ndnd i can say another, listeno m[ blblp p wee gngo ta y y y25. >> > overerr, i is s ndayorniso w w h h to bp thatatutut b b b pititititonkly f-f-mb tadewewet on. itits enakingngng utububub a, , 2011. ioo b do youieve you instreamed p, made him accetatatad d d d y y yegrritit >> chchchchchre a a aotototot of ooe whouuuted@ who i i iresedd t t f- andothehe wowos, h h6161 mililoneeeee e e in t tal eleltionon iotnnninin all llllonpele for president. and i'm happy tototo accept t heheeeormentntnt a alot@t@ pelele i disisreiione esesasososo pepepepepe w w wouldn't want toe assococtttt hhh thehe t i i i t tisisis stage atpot t t rere l l l lttonalal truu a a thth futureee thehe ountry. aa w w wayayay to ourselves is meone with his record and ononononbeliev t thinn
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aaaderrr a a a tototoworld ing lelelesasasa d d w wnthahahaha pepepe to b b preredentntntnthe ununed states? do weeananttttttipipip just beeggg t rruridsdsoooo eeeeimeendimeagain? en t dete, the pridididal telastweweweldrummis s s sometetng t mymymydkii to wawawawawa sososoiiguy, he may be lorful, , maaveveaaa l l l l of m meyeyfofofohihihihihie i i n n n thehepers w shohod d d d d t t f f f u u ud ststeseseseseses ttt h h higig t tket you're e eararared t t toododexexexooooo dalaltttourr years ago? >> you know, me ofhe things he said morecently wouldldavemama filtltltaalalala gardrd t theheclclclku klux kpaaaaaaan, gsgsgsutututlili ricicarararare filime dinene to ouou ygogo you m me t ttttomomlling speh, so called it the cleast indictment truru yeye ththyboby done. andd h hrs l ltete t t t three candidates runninini ttt dodold trump satatatatatebate stste e d a a p p ped toupppppp if hs thehenononee.e. t t t dididioioi yoyoyoyo
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campaign. and thepld t t supup whwhwhr r r r r neeeeeeeeee t t tto stanan bybybyby thehehe edggbubu yououwwiwiwiewewew ptioio eyey heetatetetehehehet came tim o o nswewe that tititit was s icuuuuorhh swswswswsw pectctctacttt heyyononono t t t t t wordsss ted cruz said, but donald trump o a a m m m m mffft n totototopopopon p p p causushe loooooooooo ng t t beemememerererere 'l'lactctctentiti and e e e onat d daaagagagagagndnd innrrn n n my speech, hs anyg g tial. yohaveaidyowill n n ororeionond trurhillary cn rrpresesent. you would look for aother way, ybe yoskip the vote,aybebebe u vovoororrdabyyyy cands nana trurururururu bebeomininprttnnour ndndan h hlary clinton comingen bababa asasindndy g g g g ii a a a a a a bullllllnd i iiiito be votg, but i'll vote for someone who's on allotottt thihi iss a a consve and who w w w w w eesoud.
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>>o yououbebebebebererereulule, i i i i i i i itruru g g g to o on a a glglde p phhhhhnomomomioioioioio yououounk k k k s s s ncncrtededededededrtrtrtrt@lrlr caca, mamaeet's ststpapa mae it's somethingelse? >>'m not going t encocoageethths stagegegee crrtiononon a y.y.y.y.y.y. iwould be very diffffffltltlttonononmpn he fininnnnnnn get e inatioioioioio i thihihiwewere gtototo nmimitete ne w w wely r r rnn rr.d i i i i i ithth w w h h heeseseang up to the cventio. but if tvenn noon persososoettiityty othelelates, , en wllll h h thehehe 2,000-p-p-p-p-p-pgatt thehehehe they''ave asameme. ey y rerereretededy t t t ople inheirpepeive states ke the judgmeme asto br r r r e. >ou td my colleague on friday you would not be a caidate for pdent. letme askk e ggerwawancncnc aaifmimimimi w w w w woue ififif y yis plplplplplnnheheheioioiondndasas at t tsss c c celanancononntntntntntnt y yepep it?
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and i don't think anyone in our party shouy,y,y,,,,,o,nnn iitheheheoplloooooaaa nnd d d o be sisisi woulululyyno t t itnonog t tsasa ththth bububun tellyoyohihihi i'motndidide,moi tooe a ndndnd be e eorsi o o offeoplplwho' r r r r rfo idet. ananhepl---- i guntee you is. one the people running for esident, one of the four, isgoin bthe repububcann partyty omeeee ofofhe four epepele i i wouldeor. bu i no an'm'm gogoto be runng. l ghgh overnono roro will veavavt e.e. gogonor,r,r,nks ff ming gogo seeyouuu >> ththks,chuk.gogoo beeeiiiu. you it. hh w womeback,if trump can't be oppe cou we be tneseshe eakupf t t t
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welclce to t t woror 2116, you can fly across tototon n n tess a a a athththobobobobobobnder a aho whwhwhe cocounununs are liling on m ms anansosotellites ide rtrtth lesan c cty, bong theorldrororoapnes spalas,s,criverer a beyond. anou l that w, , you stai d n u exwhyo mmsynthetieredar "ser fd?istreal?? at school,s itt on s reallyny bette thone e gogost yr? if wate liwh's t sre?ulwe t rs? ...ois23 od you ask k t good questions... i think we should move you in our new fund. surere. ok. t are you asking enough about how w ururealth is maned?wealalagemenenat charschwab.thmicrd alaltoaccecetifrom a awh the miost cloud allows us to scale up. microft cloud anges our wod ic asast too logo wotakesese and alyza gew, wecan n hdrer day.
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e ost cl helping us to re-build and re-interpret our busissis helns si. th osofcld. w wwco ba ththe ar six morereontes by y u in j next days. daememratsts theirr ucn ne.e. a th puerico holdsdsds i republanprar toy. en on tuesesy republins have caucuses in waii and a primary in dao, andothpartieieav pr issippi crhstheigpri, sa anews/the wallre joalmaristllshou ig, iha p ft 41
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whlshsng inn aca. trererrrolojothn h 'strger.% f'ututeay.y. hehaemoctisi let y uaa. ininomfort -poi l ad over brnie sanders, but both cacaaignsave& iy belie iie isiuieh h oso th at o o polii g p iicie.& . f b i ourpanel. stephen heerson, editorial pagegeditothig spap th ll b covering eri w you. l me just w w m he dienretinsreeeeee pavd may.dd, ,hatawassef rneyn e trump endoemen d romney leavhat dooro&aoutt rujn firrtto o o@ha hapned tdaya nay. alsogy nn
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save theipbasontitpatatacacand d t'von @n peoplkebout himthat he ticall incorctnd a ullllt'skatotrs lie.itiriith he l hebetray%ran aris js a aoutptptps evnetoto eve cretedmps o o s#smmed b tpp uniittrtr rt,,i thother stuff. ankeepisoi y er day. >> mary, didhini is s eve u n' surethe romney & specwaspfecte. i thtn iwaheh and wroro timim alugvivi rgh abo ce o t when you arump hepen, you're trrping e peowhosupport hi whhow hbu re i g gand a t t @henake plu,thiis isvceinvo w w crn-uuouiuia@a@a>>tu, l@e oin you vrought itup, let me show you t louisiana nmbrr@
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y a tom.a s`hatcororog`t`t paly@teteoeals,onond rup,ooat, 4-pod! eceioioay itssiaa somelyving,ececon selfasaal t says a lot. clear late brrsrss for uz >> i wll adb tohacruz won t dat weweckck kururelegeby ausup so hehw t@two.bu i tnk rbi h hthp morethanrtp.. -!t r rio`rt`imselfn`g . but what mt y, whh is importanttheme`e cosi- i an i&ithea wants@s s ptrumpm` h ich" ppp thehehevefrrod thava/ tea riritivub ppmbababment os hihs h - ae.e.if t g througva ohih it's ovr. when you reallocated yur miig h allte carson pvstesenth t anod budd tup.(
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( kep, w%nono roro c!p!tollhillgt?t?0 absolutely. does no have ma friends ere. but e ofot @prms ss` t rr@arting to sayt_p`r psl rfrf tvors choicend seavt tdolt pipipys terv wh roroey np wllo choose omeonnelsesright tw. pso tseganst trtumppsayp hes not trulul rrubana@nott ppaa abconsns buten you ha, y know, this never truru ww andn nthen y yupha dhe votrs osayd wl,o orevev ` `mp. uutel nev,aypppppp foreve >>"ighhtn tey bk in > the'lsoppa substanve cdibidity, ) he rep@ci yngnguuppis not on ndexoffthge's$sang ee said@ in cddaua b oth repuican i wrote a colu lst weab payan for insnceivg is pt aaay rey on eoeos ejudiceses y yothinff o xampl of@fpublicansh doioixtltlth ing back tronald rean giving a s sschchin 1980 0 0 missiippi.
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cowa truu iayin h@nis mmrmrmrpli@citly and it@ make ngsunmfable andnd i kn ito@o@ @ >>o,t make uncomforable itakeses p p want @ t chchchchou buset' rpidiculaa t'shu creion p. conates not conside themselves bigots ormophobob. he x he aend expapaing t t eectorate brininin i - likekeinin liliertariansyoun peolele is expanding theeleleorate by ttineopop who are sick o b binggled bigots because they wantntto secur t bordede that't' not t not a racececece,kay,et's'st o ere. p>> i think i i is. i mean, ink there's no ququtu what he'sdoii is apalininto cendndreublicas he dodo that foror llg time.e >> he wa thhe e as sosoet elseonond trump did steay and grrd my e andddave, have to s sw to y and get yo to reaa toot as we e it is.
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rrse your right hand. i dodo solemnly swwrr that i no tttt h er how i feel, no matterr what the contionssf ther hhrican whatever, that's od good ough ll vote@ on or befefe theth for donald j. ttmp tru f esisint! hankyou. >> david,d,d, sual, the hands up, trump asks for a wow. i was flabbergrgted. theeumber trait t t t t&& associat o corratat with@ trump's ppt isis authoritarianism. we l lee in a democrcy wheree regnizeother peoend we make messy des. ande're always sort of disappointed.that's wh tics &
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ccntrz like thth. you can eher run it with democracy and ompromise o rough authorititianism. for someee rean there's ssethingngn th electorat rrht now peoplee they're plosin out`ton ings, that tey wawat aatroo leader who will showowe the ayay and that -- >> but tey wnt a strong leader who's consistent. you ct be flexible on or skedchchon les of engagegent, flexiblen theorder or cpromising on otus, on the supreme court, )ou c't do that. >> how i dnald trump anything pp flfhxible? i mean,ewitcs pososion on tortre andvvything thh week. >> that undermines themess( if t messenger ihessagee at undermines crebibity a authori figure. >> was that a sn of ne? a, he didndn anticiphe visual of howow that woutapveveime but also signali to voters i'm worried you'll not show up? >> it's a fr point. as u point out he ao had the te wrg.g.g. >> earlyoting is one -- >enearlylotg shuts down but probablynfusing to se people.e
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ck in a little bb. senat ldsey graham will be here. and he ha said this. >> party h go b [ ble ]craz ll otheords wed oday onet tss" ara somethig else. anywa heeow sst maye titioacked ctoea donald ump. an t later - >> youre i astll whihiash. iust haen to bewhite tash ates in ewhitouse. i a imitingir - othf w arund? sir ri sco, gendfilmlmr. you fiatn? , i amtuing g e su orytlin your m ms. you ow, it's amazing homuchnfti is conined in sing ima. e vian m m b a f fm. analynggefaory marss ople a hhcarar profofsionals. ths goodatbubut acmaal. p!aps thhealylcare ofon
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rern k,,,,befo fromygia,i g was ornid. i s s er..
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lyca, mo fwardrditlessibala pa da >> d download is brought to you by lyr. welcomektoour"meet the dataadthe connt blbt's ib thatnad truru oppos hus ys ul opm. y?auset lesowno nnetalles orid d@hio. mebrownew ios toinhyi rt. e'selate cos o s mng so fe ocan e tr hs 45 a
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le's assume hewi ttme p45 for otmainngng ctests@ through m esrind ohiwe ingto do sostimeshere. f tmp btha and oh mar5ther's w hahape he wld end u a nearly 300-legae d,geap he you can . dco his arrio, kh bothrobabl drp ut if theyo t ho te, soouldneo just51mainng tein ne-ooners edcrz. hat'ro v voabl wheyok of pac k, caora, etra butat happ mp oly wifott tbig ll, w at math too. if he wininflflida but kasich wins ohio, polls seem to indicate, our projectns look mething like th. andhat respe tphe ldneedto 55 l raingdelegate 'sher,uttustilewha dole
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inf a mistory.b 's whhere efotra itcoco indndndschb teiromees. thenrumpould67 o remnini deterdo avo antesd onntioguesshat'san ey yiftpeallycaeruo ak theyi outhe w theho as? no allour s leliodo& theoeste cveonpnr10 , , wuld ather yar thtr candatee'day nomiaslock up, b b th conntn sdomtotay t tdoconventialisdoasn oven wronov a averhis cy sowe'llllewh an how itts prov wn. cback,at lindgrah jsth pri nominati donald trmpndf nyny himth minivion theconveveion. >>nd lat --
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s`ur cte? od s? . xerox tanytics make ansistemru moreot.. and moing it... ssting.tranortaonan wbett. th x.thk yofoll'l wory. ahigig predicti ati heompanies provide ttndtecustomer eeriee.heo kecacairebo yr fl? he! customer ccawo th xerox wait hmr. youhink abo sucss, ds ke it co att pssor by adveuroustudt? isotour owtu,
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t fillwing all e sticonrs w? thoswhrvheave unique defitof succe. ging the fcisecurityue i isurs. t-i-a-
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fu b bongso thfa anto h d to hu le, we'vd w an ontally focuonat nexr ur busin thtrsh e ople,tecologd s everyonforwd. lengovion. letingrmn.lengex t terpse tre>> there eew licis mo outspoke tanmy next gue, senar linds graham has never been at a loss for wods his cricif donald
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reblicanar has tak this eltion season. senator graham join me now. senator, welcome back to "mee the press." thank u,ly to . >> wl, say y won'e firstne o o o ai toyo do it. >> ay. lta withsothng ou sidsdigt got th aiappanan rad a lo oywsn shingt.a cns whad turdaroure cort rlyinoun t t ruas t sttrtr cada >> iould ppt cuz er um. i per o okasich. bio andic ovecrbut ifted's tern to p,'s l a blan onseati ande my msage to tblrtn conatmoemeni' rherriingwitht dold tmpany ithimca it t ll deageve. you it'sntti youha int to ayink is zihe rhetoc rca ve useains
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and aouab sothg on the other e. onump te chcks clint n on nottwicicot three mes, times. >> iit is iortantha we sp trum >> we have a con ar frnr itheeblan r. >> if a peon wants t b the nominee of the reblicanparty, the can beo evasi and no games. they mususeject a group or ca that tn otry. part notpr on pele'spredi marcrc ruoddedone m itic tru. nt py ao. in'wantto prede tha we cany vebexping kidslook i hat thprend t u lt do that. dononowant thth ctuay pike t n nngo. iseabad. bu stogrm,ll f
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t ey'lsodgpporte none supim,rely was tmis i ow'm ging- a llort e nomi tonio a sporehey veo oyalohe p>>u?>> cal mefte eon.i in t ainboutur n n srt that pers unt after tni.ontrump'sth mine he rubcan p prtyietkled,il get creamed, ' se ll af t ononn. >> wt ringn au ko -- ao e pe,e donnellwhoou a lot. > r, gd seu.yonoed crh spl fro ingth .( isanythtng tnk cod doominee of th parttoonvinineopwld wling wrkh he and t expxp st o i to css t aislll ying ll sugstseu doth inso.helled me @coupl d ds agohen i suested i ulul ort movuatth en of th d d i know at mgett th tcr
2:39 am
repce it wit somouhi bet 's n gg oerur troops to cit warimeshewou ffd pland reod we ve aotincommctilly y isag d abou sut dohe govemeo realamaee.thht wadid byeah,ifrk wted cr, i sowss tre hop davi >>idnerkti,"en. i wtokououut tcr to asifr t gove h ha he mpn th sete?>>wewel,e'sicade mosteopln ptyie tha e rso d drealobce isec me a a mcconnl. it'not kere tcrz. here'what hane whento shu he ernment realam. oughhaas nev goi o ha. it gng t betoepe a amed a pid whle 'ri esent an wed thme opin up tovementde meor ace, tha kindf . but isonseiv 's iolicalhan buhe s apuan
2:40 am
andonarump noi hopbiinsrida i ho k wi but iortedz er dld mp, ioud bebee ihink he is rubsetive and he mhtould hill int >sthen. >>senator,stephen hendersonof he detroit freepress. fo years o yo partytalked ut the sfxpand thten get mre of theew vote to susuorttour rty. fah. >> w athee prospects for thth with eiter a donaltrumpor aedrsenonee? >> sme hop with ed, no hope with the don we're in a demographiceath ir. wh did we lrnn01 scs'tiur s onmiatii odertio;pw i t k thgyto ta thedadaold umhasaken evy probm 'vadthth spicsnd young a mehem wor hatre d cruwoulbe maccble. icannll yohe mage
2:41 am
repuicio tyfe ri obababecaus h hanpaign oce gigig, th cnneca%conrvism. >ar > senator sd i ou anioto w fri,ic'dy takeour pois, u haveveoket beifhaaneshetrp will beurom. de'reot gng thahaha contst onntio itwillbe s.% ou lft o tingn u @s-consistentonserviverd usupe court esgooillhiinge susu ur. u yon anrubind kich odecide theheve nhe a alterto p erte. me iclclclclcl ted has de thee cse thus far @hatt he c he alrnative to ruru. t besthing i think cld ha isor t party t unite
2:42 am
that wely at him, um in o oio a lot weha candida th beat towit sems tt t c h h be c t be mad ts very iereseing er uicenor ha on prcotmiti, sh yenfirm t ofesidoba'sjustic. what'srongititi nfmatin args? rit. i on lp hi we ld`he prenide. the pondre the ms anou nad mn'votefoe tsea >> nmiat ,u @on't vvfor ther hatew-- ll let npres set ppe. at n i.'ll citit ldseyesqueif na iwi not v r el r, wve to l rohout beepinoecondey.tnu,sir. 'r heaea ihei irtionthk you.
2:43 am
democs,ie sason two thee ctests ster nd yet tcally ha got ugheor hill ai thetubbnature ofdeamath. t ft,in sy a k asrerank dodofofhe nixixer "h"h yorere&tmsll%bins expert? stald useour lp g inouchh cuoms.s.&t hp yoayconnec ieeing do? no o aneetone e make easr a tse minders ou cuom.. ...and sre p pmotions soaledia yo it! now m seng dlar gngn u shld probably geyour esheckeded good one babe. opmetry humor. right now get up to $650 in
2:44 am
hikr im tie. ani' were t bughi'ranoins. winds 1010y heust wordutboutow awome re. ki l t brave curiris d aldspeakheng og. "hey rt find my kad deo. ohwh is goo if y tg tch k a ob skeh itn scen. ach reenn m
2:45 am
u pubibug khas chan t wod viewew,, weskeded grof young peop en they thoughghthey shodt ng rt. ththe e d meplee wh theacally distsang. thih get wn sd stsawh we allydoonof t rsonsy maf a prprar for retemen starts eay a y 's g tofinin fe. we stsang a leore toda
2:46 am
2:47 am
udtig yo cha >> >athehei dide wey ral want sed doi is masu you't vote formeme to y' g awhleot of o t ma lotty bad -- wellh wen a derw onthefeiveeeon caign tra iuth in in t t n seanof ouse cds,"hichany o malldy ed tcd on nexhisweekd.d.i'med n b th sho's r,n spay,mae kis tru b ra t fictn. . ceel"mthe pr"
2:48 am
kkk scndalsipi ou aa w ar e ingtary? amazing here ---ou filmed thts bereth caaaign sard. > th has happenedvery season thth have shotoe of cards. we have decide on atory ne, whaharitten ie have shot and then just @forehe sees gts droed me very close to wha he decided to devopappens in reallife. anan know peoplethink thh weve ripped it from the headlines, but it's actuall the othr wawa aroud. we think somehow they're getting ur stories. >ll,ou ow mhi isther o oli le a rid tesion lmeuis, i mi'sayb jus cric3r m b@"hsef ards," some thether politically t temeddrmas,h policiaetty natyindidual
2:49 am
asspt andae ontrut tthe life feeleleem t tve aboolitianstoda >> lo ielveve pu s andvelweved in ublic sce i've bsoof inlve pocscs welefaae grdmatioor oplehocideatey me tyany totoople eter helak t cry att plsom rmarkly hopel. i' oi in thaway. nklook w an ertatamt program. a aiconalo althouou te eswhen, ow, we'lotomesece illet ck tothot a a a d we pu i toofar?weross t run. tn iuononhe ago acty we probablyve ge ough. > 'swh mean, which i pushing othth. >> i thi there's jt the & rig aunt of wrong gog o tht it's a veryry interesng campaign. >> all right. askhe evititleti wobtld fker m
2:50 am
>> s ask tisuestio ecen i naruand a deoo were in de, wh w win the debate,nd tho abo uitit se . anaid along as we unth the'snctith on ose uris aictialraer dd oth ictnal araer. j ngyo ununrsnd th don. > gooweave li dien ->>ike j j hauped>> ououstdid ayning. takepe aittl whi lor. thinkertinghat hve- it ohingnd ve enisithactors theylay a pliananhe m tothe ojec u doeem avrad .hi lttle b. you' iedomeiyo're waki aie ayou'gogo play n. i dlay n. with anelvemed m m th non,whi sds>> it'suey.
2:51 am
no i thinkt'sus haste his. ix f w to mea o as agag didnor out it remale. a taw li a theeally e obe 2 19,wo of america' gate recortists met forhe rs time.and is thzy story w lvcao on a to bemade dercover fede ntatataandwaxonto give him abae. just tis sortrtofof sof - itarce viy. pl ously. bu no i've been inthth polic thement hing suchn exaordarytimeay fnk do rrkable character alut thep. s ch a psuoay hny more sesss? >> tnowy >>lluonothne ohoh ddfdfity, i they wat. llight.
2:52 am
youtarturng ght.>> stni a ll . kevipacey si, ar. ank you m m > wh ou gehe hry- yodon't tfoye tore y ylikes"anslesci medives usinant sso e anr, soake r she thghthin o oe, kefi
2:53 am
,,,,> pan aneor e gam weave'ttalk demratic rac sen, i wast w yoyo ich,ou e sow etubanti for llcln,sands, yw,hi i ata tt one quihishe . jer bro wo this pmar 98 jesejonw. it'sadomestngth ctn tyf rultsn miigcaeresas pll the upse i dt hwil.
2:54 am
sues, t nstution support f lint ch rely rerkab rrnormenaor le cnt ses,thsutrnton aat andrked rely hardture she doeslon tue. that will heov theie. my,reth eoplt dba on thursday nig w for partysesese tat was ful emts? >> d d. i don't k anying'g! bhefulo thdemos.'mingo agrh ephaticganototid i initutional. i i exiledhereosing mypunientwawa-- we h rumum conventio bu i ihendnd itis instutuoniziz z thinku( wi i thi for$$rs.clclcln her probobm not goi t t thathe's n going to be thenominee it t laof itensy inin
2:55 am
iofvos. d h knedilonsof votete. by , qui turnt, wvest som qu velope butns bliciccusear doubl theeurnorepublins he ktuclincughur tanhe ktuckeplicanpr >> a woul digr n corla bween iry trnoanwins t fal n la elctions hus doesn' didet rec in 8. hishaen wek docraic art waway is l blansave tesrum cos and is 00 hemorn and ted cz i sin too odod ndsoy'rth,oh, cr -- y t iruru no beeoggles butrump le theye nking,oh, buthy,tedcr is alalsts elb ason umpto . hsiy the santo bureheti rlreg othat. he's nstive
2:56 am
so docts ieelou to binngttye of yolv. >>t is aazi whapned d on shw. ttomny wt cser and se toayggwalmost ia ot usst bo uz,z,z, haso andd grara end eeeith ma hee seemedd too agree with t prerese it before flori and io.>> well,inning he cruz hasemonstrad an ability to g g voters commit tohim even if tarty is so hesitanto do so. w that he rackinin up s sme wins republicics lki serisly at this andorriededabt t coeod h hppen if tump is the nomonee a a seeingruru a discsclined reliable coervave.e& in t atmomohe that's metetng -- >> b saturday f marar rubio rning into aastrous sun ng oltempte o this. s notrepuinocra inpecet' the c ctrycssers the li cla t e trceory tehe ctr la, h en elctorxponentillyat gae tyh, lirtar,s a fl
2:57 am
so nboho pys the ashi g ii exp t electore forreblans. ihink liney grahams spegtt sereathe tng ihinkou c s crtheopf ck wil@l pctable aorcoorefotrelidownhe allo y w sera reye tobu mab hmbmb ..tat so be ty're geg recoortabl w >>hiha t if aga that t puican esnthereea arfbowhr will town b in veer tt ulip them ay thth n. e srely gd gresonal f st uth ig al aoc st b inpuanandsor a c pclclo f bu u v tp t ttict. uzlpit w i'i' o oith vi don' stuc o dien beteten tn tete of -- >>sage dciple aig ffee gh.
2:58 am
cr wou b ooot@- ou capre ohesume yoae fbl >th biesxtrerer dn lievybdy seacste conics o narullyolic-bls w wseimt unes iisip > voro oth atlerem sn lt t. t ltioue we ngu n ry ine tarne afr h hgismng afr%sing thesu w is ma rub p p t po? > 's y owin, stn, i clll fititi on s apath, yoo his w i'tndanwhyeo e p pto un borlo oo. yo wnthtoabtely bio tinfla,pkaic gotton hen tmpsat67%ahe t whedete ththsho
2:59 am
t , arsnhado p? hthe's prespticlyith ameng eway diiovhuz ewhoutaid,doald@rassed institiol do baot es ough thathere a hpe that thartill unify be oridaan ohio.whyc ? >> illbe intetesting toee t kd of phone callrco rubio's geing. beffe weo our friends at l,l,we thought ittas an o ek for them, bututit wa't. they had a ltl fun peculating atillrynts be enoying t t stateof therepublican race. ke a lok. >> to all o y voters outthe whoeght for years, tehihihiy, cou nenene v vtete forhh, tosa e. laugugerer ve cownstoefof meok tththnd reu k ihehe m
3:00 am
uular oplewith neralelectewith thehehe deoc 'shiajon a fhe republit donald trp, i a at haen swswtefha isoi >eyavuhard o. ink where tmp pos a at that hil e des pu memeff tagy mos.hat coueinbune of unedicle o nalum i yve e apt % gal elon f m? whfs im where the e r ngtomeromoelp get hene? >oh lli epe a akg ththt, thinkof ets, had f os today. k u.u. t's for ay. wewel be back nexe ek because if i is nday, it's "meet the
3:01 am
u'reing g we will eep yoyoawato a desertasis whehe the aist cos to get mucucneeded rest and relaxation the cany ranchch in tucson.n. ananthen pamper r ursese as mydestination.n. tours the s at c cam at carel valley's berndus. from the efffftlesesto exavagant the spas a sires to achieve onththingn later find wedding bliss in paradise at ththd wailea resort and s s.very@y sophiicated, , otic getaway at o oers guests opportunity to surrender to th tranquility ofhe island. ala,thisisnd m mort no@ on stinn.n.
3:02 am
tuckedway in t ofhe santa catali mountnsthe canyon rch in tucson, arizononis aanuarynlike her.thiseserero bng together theffortltls bebety sonoron desert wiwi `fefeyl lifestylesf rich and famo th alaess retrt. >> whave aadjective no & one else is useats wh we arebout.. not just helping people espe for r few days ofefeweeks but really leaing someing that can help them maka diffence in theilivefofover. c c crancncstshed 197and garn tigiouputataon of be o the be destititionon. in e wowod. >>the reputataon of caon nch ishat as t t first e oralal plalaoe ll al and fitssss ror whicli eanment d try ofofhe
3:03 am
itk thepat farmrmwhicwas the aninofofthin i197 wholeew ncert atat oneabout sting opn fond makingheexcill t timethrepution is onats worlide as the place where oplelyearno be althfor r lifeme. locatcrs 5 acauulerracaon ranch enncesheater ance with xuous, y comfororble,e,eefoeaeaf gu. the o ora s stcng is one ere we have triri to blend the buildings anansettingsgso `the desert. everything is low-profile. we e eance t tatural beauty with waterndndcenes ththughoho the property. whether it is a running stream or a quite, gurgling fountain. werynd give our r guests plples whe they can feel the nity and listen to the stillness and quite of the
3:04 am
e is so much to do h he that depending on nhatats going on iy one pers'sife after anone timey have very kif n ey canyanthth aqu spealtheg cent(anics cente glf performance cent with the late techniques for improving -meone's golfamee.. probably most portant e the beautiful catalina mououains ju north otuon..that g gves ushe whole g great outdoors for guests totenjoy a well. the spa at canyon rancncis probably different th t traditionaor usual view a spa, which is a plplce that is very soothing and iet and you hear susic.r spis atomy.erre topepe
3:05 am
lad s with nine gy.the part is trent arar, where thingsreery relang>> vtyice of life he c cn rt >> canyon h h a le of erythi cld igiuler a spaloy of the in nerve center ofrancsoan ithertoa a lothe tive b.ere arart 0 tness clses offered w so emendododndnty f peopl toe from, whether theyey are looking r a chance t ally work u their heaea re chato relaxndtretch. heaivings a way of fefe guests are pleasastly rprised byhe plethora of delectable choices when it comes toto fine dining. whave t main dining ro in our clubhouse, where most guests enjoy breakst and dinner.


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