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tv   News 5 Today at 5AM  NBC  March 7, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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exactly one nth after taking home theheupup bowl 50- - title... the denver broncos are losin to retirement... we have a live update on nning's announment co uin less th one minute. plus... e c untry's biggest marijuana bratioll n be e ming here to southehe colorado... why organizers of the cannabis application... mild t tperatures. thermometers are showing momoly 40s this mornin today comes%with more clouou an anything. 60s. we can have a w sty s arar later today in our northern areas, including colorado springs a monument. i'll have details and show you a brief dhof chill coming up inineather t tff othe 5' odningndnkfor startingr week out with ... it's'sday march 7th. i'm shellele c ckrell. and d m a cronon. couny... in just six urs... peyton manning will ke his
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official... after 18 seasonsnsn the nfl... e bronco'sre holding a press conference with manning at 11 this mororng at dovealaly. that's whehe news 5's greg dingrando is live thth morning th a preview. today is a historic y. we're talking out one of the greatest if not the greast quterbaclay the game calling it quits. ( it is gog toe a mea circus hehe today..... all here to hear from peyton for the first te since the nouncemnt came o yesterday moing. was an amazing career....or a look back re's grant meech what aeason... what a career... what plar. 18 seasons. numerousecords... 5 mvp's and two super r wl titl. yton manning r res offffnto thsunsets a winner for the last te.... re f fm the l.@. peyton's mark on denver caca four years ago... was looking for a n home after r s time in n diapolis came to an end. peyton manning rides off into the suet as a winnereror the laststim... tiring fm the`nfl. peon's mark onenver came fo years agogo.
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after his timen dianapolis me to annd. manning g s th the colts for 141414sons... reigting that franchise from the dorums. he essentially d the same in denver. he took the broncos to the playoffs the first year a new uniform... setting e nfl on fire as the comebaack player ofofhe year. began to swirl even before the playoffs.. when this happed.... we knew the end was near. d what betteteway to end his career than like ts.... confetej streaming down... the lombardi troy in hand and known again as a world champion. we figurut it was his lastst rodeo... and the sherriff is ridi into the sunt for one last
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,,,, ththksrere e cannnnis cup -- is a ao-go for pueblo... organizers of the major marijuana event om "gh times"s"agazine --re pulling their perm application from the county ase've reported, organers had to push the evevt backo li22hr.. becae peitn'n' submitted 75 days ahahd of timim and thcounty had unt mch 23 to ke a decision.n..
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--as t o tight to hale. "they were runningut of time on getting bands bood and ckcks onald susu a so foan they y gh w in the best interestf thr compana&to just pullhe permit and look at a later date" evenhough eblo county iff tr ndcoloratateteathaveve spspen oinsthe evt.t. omoterertoy ji ono"ays thatn't play a n r cisio withdrdr t a`plicaon. and heop try again next ye. hahag is afternoon.... the corado sininity council will be hosting an informal tiscussion to talk several maririana a ordinaes.... includudg an ordan that d prohititij cls.theengest da after the rijuana task force gave fheir final recomomndatatns to the citcounl. also on the city council's agenda today a resoluon puphing back against relocaca gees to codo sinin
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ci c cncil has signica serity cces t the refufus rettttmentrogram ononcocoeris the federalvevementntababit vet incoconghbefugeeee another. is the financial burn refugees cocod ple he communit todadas s ty council m mtings scheduled fo--ne ts afrnoon -- in thpikes peak nferenen r rm. this mornini. new detailin a story we' en following for you.. health off sayay water tests in both fountain and security widield have found low orndetettable lels of e rmntaminf-a's. the c emicalarae widely used inonstick cookware at, , , fighting foaoaand otr material the health depararenys tests on pipelelndatar tanks used do o ribute t therou n n-detectable lsle tweelel cuested d tsns however.. . fofop teston tellsls show levels thth wes did showowevevs thth exceeded mimum but that thos wells havet t en useinin weeks.
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meteologist sthebowe is here wh h"rst t t t 5. a red d w wningngs in efft the heastern plalas from 11 am 6m to thththncdes puebebhuno, and las imas counties ea of mountains as well as otero, , crowley, bent, baca, and countifi nd wbecomeissue e toda thnds readincrsi and blowing at 15-20ph this morning. the inineasisi wind overnight t has held o temperares upphn th40s. wiwi will contnluet 15-20 mph ththigigr gus rough 10 am before encreasg to 20-30 mph with gusts to erer0 mph after noon peratutus toy inhehe and0s. & is morningrom r s and lower 40s around 7 am into the lower and middle 50s by 10 amamh high clouds s p filtering thn. coloradoprinil in the mid- 50s at noon with 40in t hikikipotsround nunt and ererhe w..
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er t wnd t td t toartici one t mt t iq ccer ndisers incololodo th r r..thllame tpves.. d money aood ca a p pof t "t baldrioundatiounsefor childhd caeresrc me oe le whohohoweup at jack quinn'ar regugurs to the evt.. ile heerrtatg thve firim. rongrdear shavaf:5eawato help out everody. caerearch isnderunde
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33it igoh, i'avmpmpgeit? yes defily -t-tusanllwais y.. d the l coup morents nei& ingsgsg this.. e so vie appiti afso ost food drks in sorn c coror brt huns peoe.e.tohe pikes pfo a wine e poday. e evfeuredal rantand rs. et peoplteten ne places and noods.. onardo zapien/enjong t t evt sot: 39:34efinkes me wa to trutut e ffbussstrants....andf se theliququ stuffoo. . sah peenngnghe e so22e'taki menuerngwean n lateanbe glunus` weo lat u glusereb e uded aetizer ees,ertswine and liqiqr.. and those whcame outhe one downside....
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still ahead in your healthy y family... there's more health risks to ininan j jt injujues... why e t athelte is pushshg to get the wororout t
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in today your healthy family... a high school atete isisususng for awareness... r heay hgot rp from wstliournamenw, he wants to get theheord out --otsttsnow thsksociedh the or "danfin"n"res ory. - g - natsestlg urname video wueks after this wreling tourment, high school junior, davideloach started noticingd mp h ski soso davoacher "i thtt waste becae it first started on my face, all right re, and it was weird because i never had acne in my hair." it spread to his ear, arm, and legs. so david doa, wrestler
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herpes. deloach saidt hurto ba he e dn'tleep wepressed. and even rejeed by his friends. t: david deloach, wrestler "they didn't want me like touch them or nothing. like, no hh fis oranng." e' ce foherp. and torevent outbreaks deloach will have to take medidi eve d, for e rest l f avel, er "inderstanwhy opleld@d choose like to d i ite." the wrestling coach sa eh year they hold a mting with pares s d students informing them about risks associad with wrestling, including ccussions and in infections.s modidnat meg an't areret herpesas a risk. spt: roni deach, david's mom "it should be mandatory at theyeyisclosepth disease and e effect tt it could have on the students." as for david, h wants a stricter phycal evevuaonf f esesers. bebore they hit the mat. sot:avid del, estl"pple edbee coernenet w ou
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weather and traffic on the 5s. teorologist ststhen bowe is heow witfifit t erer5.( flin for as plns fm 1111m m 6m todaya iss puhufano, ananlas s imas c cies east of the mountains as well as oro, crowy, bent, baca, and prowers counties. wind will become an issue agai todada e wind is alrerey increasisi and blowing at 15-20 mphphhi mornrn e ineasingngind ovnight t has ldurememratures upn the 40s. ndndilcocoinin a a150 mp witigusts s ug10 a foncasto 230 th gus to ov 5 5mph after r noon. gh traturetoy ll be e in the 50s and 60s. th morning will warm from upr 30s and d wer 40s around 7 am into thlower and dd 50s byby0 am with high clouds s lterthe su lolodo sgsill e 50s aonh s in the high s sts around monument and woodland pk and s vr pueb to tpsohsrn ns. lorodo gclo 60 bet pm and . puebil welinto the60s.s.
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ow wh th. any rain inot likely tbe deseread, and d stptrere will remain dryr) ththhihi country will cecee a t t re moioiure from a
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,,,,,,,, ill eain your`cocoumer watch. spri break )right arouou t t corner..,. and experts say this week is the be time totoook yourravel!
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ca to ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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watch... it's been five months now... nce retailers... crit carcompies s s veveeeeereirir use new w ip cd tetenolo at the sh registete.. to help fighaud... a nesu fin l ls an lf of ernees have ope w chnogy only 37 percent of businesses arrry leac chipabitnd debeb card.. thiss according to a sury the "s-hecker group." & companies ato not t fer t e technology to consumers... could fafa palties. if it seemli you're paying re at the pump laty... it becausarargaen or t e pa o we.. king ts the first t siict sesece l lt nethe e tionalvege is s w doar-8.. still 70ents lower thth thitime last year. the main cause of e increase is the rent bun crcre oi pr. and. prpres mone iseven morenless oil costdrop quickly.
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whererdozens of fnerics will be traveveng to o r spri breakak ara! e zensf ics llo r rethisisonth! ! and expertsay now is tim to make somerical decions traveling to for spring break this mon! anrty w heim mak it dnsnsboutre u u nt to spend d uracatioio if you want to get theest rit w aifafas are down for th domesticiand international flights. experts say one of the top destinationso gegethmo ng four bubu thiar.. pana city.. where average e tel rateare just 1 1 1ollala nigig. and ren thu-s. so othbesteals you can find are iflorida ans vega.. e can save up -pcent otravet pertsathe ketotingng these des is to book bthe d of this week! buif y y p driving to your spring break destination... you're not alone! in fact... 65-percent of americans willit
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month accordinto rereil-me-not- dot-com.... th thanks inge pao loices.. if you don't knowhere you want to go for spriri break hoabou"bspze"bw faar flocking to egon to try it ou! ta aoo it's the n n nn's rst be spa called "hop in the spa"!"! customererare able to lly immerse emselves i p-infused spa treatments incling bo aps, facirundn b ak it involves king locally bred beer, rendeng it into a lid,d,rinding itp d then using it as part of a "bath brew" that you
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,, weather and traffic on the 5s. meorologist ephen bors is re nowh t t a d flag warningininifect r the utrninom11 am 6 6m da thisnclus pueblo, , erfafa, & and d s anounts ea o the mountas s w was otero, crowley, bent, b ba, and prowers unties. wind will beco an ise again toda the wind is ready y y easi and blowing at 15-20 mph this morning. e incrsing wind erght s heldld temperatures up i the 40s. wind will contue at 15-2hph withher r roh 10 am bencreasin 230 m with gusts to ov 50 mpaf no. . hi tperaturedawill b in t 5 and 60s. this morning wililwa from per 30s anlower r s arouou 7 am into the lowereand middle 50s by 10 am with high cloududfilterinininn.n. ra spr wl be in n e d-d-0- at on w40in high s ad monument and woodlandand s from puebo the soututastern
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first up this morning.. exactly one month after thdeer bncos took homeheaser bl chon.. yton m mnings calling it.. a career! aftetete seasons todada making his retirement fici. in about 6 hours there will be prs conference at doveve valley... where weweill hear from peyt r thrsmecehe unce ce out nday
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manning of course.....but all l bronco nation.....nd to be st af foballnd a ofrtrt welkg about e ththt greatest quarterbabas to t play the game.....anit is going tototomemea circus out heret ve valley today. at 39, manng became the oldest arterb wuperanree ly 5imim m-v-p. 's t bow.. lyraercko win n ring wi twoepate anches s the leleueeader in passing yards, pasasng touchdodoand by a quaterbrck. w rides o into o o susuet, just like his john n way didiitrtainla saday for br's f f.bne m mt ople u uan "i he did the righthing pullinthe pl now. it's g gat to go on top and he will always be
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st pplmi" the e act ght time for peyton to g g outnd go accept all of his accolalas." d luck t t him.m. he's gd guy." prescoco tays at 11ant meecll be here fort and we'll be covg it liviv ad lib toss back new this mornini... the alclear r g gn . after a icevice promoms mo tn a don resints to evacuate their homes. happened last night jus after 8 8 ar the 300-block of north rads.. police were ed out aftft a resident found a suspicis devicecee arkansas rver. oererarard they
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so ny y eay sinc we ecuat t"theridge of lifefe urch". authorities from fort carson's exexosives unit as wl as the eblo bomb squadaresponded to thscene. to s na the device. residents werelled back in thr homes juststfter midnigjt. it's stilllllear exactly what the device w.... we'll continue to bring you any updates we len th today... crcrcrare assesing damagagaftete aphouse re icololo hapnesterda r ivar "cad "m"mterey". veigatsae fi brokeou theaundnd rm insi aal fire fhtweble to quickly extinguish the flames. no injnjies werereepted. new dayb.. cocorado s sings police are instatinan rbe that d dg ug d happened yesterday inhe 44undred blolo of east pikes peak anue..., cording totoolice... the victim says thth were trng to buy marijuana from the suspect..
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o wasur isnini a w wd x ofofnders backbarsn colododoprin li say 2yeld "zazay whititead." was arreed o saturday... ter r ficersrsere called out to a disturbance in the 0-block of "cooper qvenue" 'stet n for g r rister as sex offefeer, , t those waan did not allofor out-of-state tradion. he hasaseen livingngn colorado for the past fouououars anal didn register as a aex offefeer here either. he's now fing felony charges. time now for weather and traffic on the 5 ogt epepn n wers here wh t a rear it t for the e ututastete plains from 11 am to 6 pm today. thncncdehuhufa, , d d imas cnties stslf f mountainas w wl asasasro, owley, bent, baca, and prowers countiti.
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today. e nd irey incrngngnd blowi a0 mpmpmhisni crcrsinginerght has ld tpereup e 40wind wili ntinue15-20 mph wi higheguststthrough 10 am beinto 20-phwi guso overmpafte no high temperatures dawilllle in the 50snd 6 6. . isisorning will warm from uppepe30s s d lolor 40s around 7 amnto the lower and middle 50s by amith ghuds filtlting e su lodo sgs wl in e mid-d- anoon wh 40inheghsparoundand odlad 60from pueblo to the southeastern ains. colorado springs gets closer to b bween 2 p%pd 4 pm. puebeb willlwarm well tohe s.s.s.thiclos ound lododoprinmonument, , lak mag a st shower with them. any rain is not likeke to be widespread, and mo areas will main dry
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t more moisture from a disturnce approaching omhe west.x thisill include snow in the gh elevavaons and`raia dow wer... anototr r syololol o othpac inalifora thisisis ing wi b m mm re ounsrounun mid-we.
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springs... u know just how bad the pothole problem is.. and we've learneneews have fillede po@oles this year-- than they did during this same timemein 2015. the e ty tololus- far this year -- crews h ve filled about 7-thousand 4-hun potholes. this t t yea--hat nuer wy 68undred. e cidmits th cre a el sayare goin getors fore eyeyet better. fillllg potholess acng to a smptom it's like tang tytynol a headachehe its not getting to the root of e probm, taking ca oe e issu g tthot of the probm is pavav according the city, paving season w wbegin n eaeaest" in april. e city has new money to o ve --hanks to b blot mee pasaedy vorsasasyear 2015 n he cit ll0- thouspothol.
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ifies..( asacandidates s ose thgap on the frontrrs....( us... a man goes on a a ven-n-. vivient e-e the etof n nk. w it came e a drararac end...
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weomo ckhis)momoing'elec tc e democratic predential ndidates are clolo in their race for the white h hse.. even though hillary clton is still aheaeaea b bnio sanders by 17oints in the lesnbc news po... boamamns s t race lyser!asnigh.. bothandidates squared ofin a a debate in flint michigan. where the city's water crisis dominad ththdiscussion... both clinton and sanders are calling for michigan's
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s er aapapause he vot againsthe money that endeup sininthe auau ininstry. i thininthah is a et bigig differerce. sanders: well, i- if y y are this economy..... both sanders and clinton debate agn in just three days.. miami. meanwhile... ththpuicanresidentia candidadesinon ida... andrur mberne, anruo trtr stay afloat. right w. d cr isurging. winng g&anan mainer thehehekend -- he's only 18 delegates behind trumpmp but the billionaire frontrunner is still confide after winning in l lisianandeny.y. t: p frgh think rubad bad night and personally i'd call forim t to drop out of the
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ted cruz from "face the nation" here's one campaign that has be him notnce, notwiwi, but fiimes. and d atatcacaaign." mamaruo won puto rico's s prim.. but 's sllamblr ga kic sll i ia a didiananfour p pce. . moowigan imy. erumis lngng ing to thepeatest nbc newsll ght li in n ahe vesting afa oras shotn a a urch parking lot. ststne d after he spokok a ed cruz" rally... authorititave noidf ths fact nn okti.. th morng the pasis revering in the hospitil. policeceay h hwas shot s seral times yesterday right aftea ch service. police a hoping sueiance video will ld them to the` suspect toy... the suspect behindeadly, hoururlong crime spree in new york... is in critical condition after ini shot by lice. authors it a a srtyeer3-ar-o
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hborornendac fehours taed tr of liqr ore. d t m on fir killinm. momes late.. dillon lit another man on fire... whohed and wen to thhospspsl holalar... whenffics fodion,.heprayed them with accelerana& uid..... d afr refung to drop his kn.. police@ehot him m ven times. he w w t t tported to the ho. thsuspect's family says dillon has en trereed forpsychologil issundndas not been taking his medication. todada.. the viviinia police officer ot anllurinher first onhe. wille laidito@o@ iher@ homewn. officer "ashy guindos" own omirgito massachusewherwabo d is. htht. ns ghereocal funeral me f a memorial. asaseve been reportingng. offifiguindofatallot nineays ago whredi dtsc dispe.twtwotheofficerslso o o red in the shooting.g. are recovering this morning.
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on the 5s. meteorologist stephen bowers is here now wfirst alert a d fl warniin effect foe souttelainfr a 6 pm toy. ispuebebebhufafa, , and las animas countieeast the mountains as well as otero, crowy, bent, bacacnd prowers counties. nd will l come an sue again toy. thwi is s recreasi and blowinat20 mhimorning. the incr w wd overnight haheldperatureup in e 40s.. wilcocoue at -20 0 h withhests thh 10 am fore ireg g 0=0= m wi gustso overer0 mph ter noon. high temperatutus today will b in the 50s 6. this morniill warom d lolor s ar 7 am into o e wer d middle 50s by 10 am with h gh clos filterininthe e n. cora spr will be in the mid- 50s at noon with 40s ininhe hi spots around monent and woland park and 60s from pueblo totthsoutheastern plai. rado springs gets cler t t 6p between 2 pm and 4 pm. eb wl w winhe6060 icnguds ararlorado singsmoment, and woodland park may bring a ray showerith h em any rain is not likely to be despad, and most areas will r-ma dry.
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bit morestur a dibance oach t west isill ininudn gi@es aninn n lowe anher rololng o thpaintoalifa mog ll b be m/isturere to thentntnt arounmid-week. stanananr sturvrncnc fafafar ovt picl mean righghnow... funeral arrangements are beingmade for fofoer f fst lady "nancy reagan".". who died yesrday a athag94. a speson s m. reagassed awrom ngestive hea failut her home in los anles.she wi be ried nexto husband... formerdent ronald reagan-- at the rormld reagan prpridentnalibra in si llifor ncnaga ied fo54 years l f#rmdentntie 20000after s b btle lzheimer'sis. ododrmer president go news for former president "jimmy carter" who just
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er treatnt! yesterday... cacaer revealed d is officially done w wh his immuno-therapy howeve..phe s ss doctors will continue to monitor his condition and will treat any cancer if it showsp. veeen rerein.. orents lau wa smalsin hived s lions ininis brain were discovered. . news 5 art.. st into our newsroom.. cocorado springs police are looking for r missg junile and s brother. 11 year oldlmacgcgre adler- gergel and 17 yearld adr-ele rt missg y sterery. popoceelve the boys left their residencncctctdada gogoff r rdinga a d je wrangler. ththboysysndndheheeep are ssssg.. police say no foullay is suspected at t ts ti b bay thereris signific ant concern for their well being. if y have information about the j@ys... ntact
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stllhead yearlater and are stil-- few a awe... how w mily members othoson bod missing laysian airlines flight 370 -- arremembering their ved ones.. as we near the two
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, wewee ba. today... the taban are claiming
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and os jureip hpenethni.. pope y a a anped fiusf a courthou... and th detoneduicide bomb localice say -- two licece officers and twowohildrer%were g those killed. alsohis morning.g. isis is claimimi resnsity foyeerday's suide bombing ar bagad that lled a least 61 p pple. ficials say y e e mberammed his truck full of explosives into a mimitary checkpoint. thth is justne oseveral re aks by isis and oen sunni tanttaetin aranangoventljings. tomorrows the twtwyear anniversary of the mysterious di@pperance of malaysiaa airlinen flit 370... and families of the people on board. ntinueueo push for answers -- while rring their lod ones. yesterday... dozens of f mily m mrs ated a ceremony to mark theond anversary the jet'sappranc theyeleae llns tagge of all 239 ononoard. relaves appealing to thories s eep p chinfor e yoyoyoune e ne
5:52 am
today... the united states olympi mmittetewiold a meeting g dpscuss s e zika vus. ths-o-formedinfectious disease advisory gup last ek to help identify best practices toighthe dse toe vi raised severalaloncern surrnding the 2016 summer olympic gamein rio de neiro - whehe thdisease is evalt. weve.. rio orgaze say augususis brazil's cl season so e infected mosquito populationon wi be smsmler.... they also say they a e dng daily inspections of ompic nues. report you wonee enhe 26 summer ompic he'sport yonee wh thesummer olympic meff yeer.. dozenscoups rticpad 9th analifyi coitinla. les raov h hly coue of obstacle meomar menanot aseir a ch and amecan cole
5:53 am
setting a british cord of on minute and 40 0 cond foall ththr ha wor..thon al l eeee ke a look his.... . three new members of a threatenen spees have been two amur am-oor' ' tigressese-- gave rth to these three healaly cubs over the weekd.d.on the mhers has aea andod he cuho.. so h sr issisi i along with her tubs. because she e es not h he enough milk f all of f e neneborn tige, one of them m m eing hand-fed by zoo employees.p. time now for weathth and traffic on the 5s. teorsthewe is owh fit alerer5.
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fothe s/ututtete plainfrfr 11 am to 6m toy. isisnclulus eblo, huerno, anlas animasountnts east of e moas welllas oro, , crley, benfnfnaca, and prowers counties. wind will become an issue ain today. the wind is already increasi and owing at 15-5- mph this mog. thincrsing wind overnight has heldur tperatures up in e 40s. wind will continue at 15-20 mph with higher sts thug10 am before increasing to 20-30 mph with gusts to operer0 mph after no. high temperatures totowi be the0s a 60s is morning will warmrfrf and lowe40 7 ntntthweand middlele0s0 amith hi clos filterg the sun. coloraraprgs wilbe in the
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farther out in the pacific will meaf another round o omoture
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ic ending to a storieded rercrcjueeksaft wis secoco ser bowl, pton manng e's do good.weta aook ck a hier. pl.. a arcouplehos fo redein con c. the`mbmbmbeat thatced actiononand d ere ce goodornith f joing n y rch... m elne cockrell. d i'm ira cron. d i'm m onin. momomoafafr the deernc won super b bl 50 peon manning iing .. a reer! afte1818so... day he's m mg his retirent official. in aut 5 houru theill be a press conferen at dove


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