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tv   News 5 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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ic ending to a storieded rercrcjueeksaft wis secoco ser bowl, pton manng e's do good.weta aook ck a hier. pl.. a arcouplehos fo redein con c. the`mbmbmbeat thatced actiononand d ere ce goodornith f joing n y rch... m elne cockrell. d i'm ira cron. d i'm m onin. momomoafafr the deernc won super b bl 50 peon manning iing .. a reer! afte1818so... day he's m mg his retirent official. in aut 5 houru theill be a press conferen at dove
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where weill hearrom peyt for the fit time since the annocement came out suayay morning. newsws's grererengrand there ve wita preview. today is a hisric y. 're talking about one o the greatest if not the greatest quarterback to play the game cacaing it quiui. it is gog totoe a medicircus here today...... all hereo hear from peyton for the first time since the anancemnt caca out yesterday morng. was an amazg career.....for look back he's gnt meechch what a s sson... what a careeee.. what alayer. 18 seasons... numerous recor... mvp's d two super bowl titles peytyv manning rides offnto the suns as a winner for the st timim.. retiring from the nfl. pepeon's mark on denver came four yea ago... he w w looking for aew home but the foot injury sidelines him for seven weekek... ven painful weeks a walking boot and jeans... . a a a different uniformhan he's used to. his comeback in the ay ca rigm a hollod script... inthe am tctory d alingno o o r r
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news 5 art... lorado springs police are oking f/r a missg g venile and his brothe 11 year old mamare adler- gergel and 17 year old matthew adr-gergel were reported missini,yeyeerday. police believe the boys left their reredence saturday to go off roading in a red wrangl the boys and the jeep are
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police say no fofo play is spected at this time but say ththe is signififi ant concern for thr well being. if you have informatatntabou the boys... cocoact the colorara sprprgs poli dartment. the cannabisisup - -is a no-go for pueblo... organizers of the major marijuananevenenfrom "hihi times"agazaze pupued tir it acion fthe unty saayni we' ror orgizs d usthe evevevbackapri22hrgh t4... bee thappl't suitd ofime. ane unty had u m 23o aisio.. a -- that promoters as tig tha. y re runng outf ti on getng bdsdsooked d an ckonaland ch ando forth and they thouout as say --(mas t tig to handle. hey were running of time on getting bands booked and tiets on se and suchchnd so forth and so they thought itas he best interest of eir company jt pull th permit and ok at a later%date"
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sheriff kirk tayloloand colorara state patrole spoken out nst the event.... . omoter "tommy -ah-done giodone" says that didn't play a factct in theieidecisi to withdr thepplication. d h h h try again nex year. happening fternoon.... thcolorado s sings city & council will bhostg an formaliscussion to talk about several marijuana ordinaes.. including an ordinance tha would prohibitew marijuana ubs. th meeng comom just two daysp aftethe marijujua tata for gave theirinal rececmendationsto the citcouncil. also on thagenen today.. a resotion declaring opposion to the retecation of refugeeses the resolutions cites thatathe council has significant serity conrnrnabt thth refus resettttment proroam one concern n ing the federal gornments ab v cong rugees.s( l thean burn refueses p othe uny day'ty c m is lefohi afoo ie pikeak conferenm. we he new tails sry 'ven fololwing for u.. health officialsay new water tests in both fountaininnd security widefield have found
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pfos andndfoa. the chals wewe wely used in nonstick cookware coatingsfirifiting fm other mamarials. e health dtment t ys t tts pipipines and wereranksks used tstribute the water er found non-detectable lels orevs erlow the susuted mits. weve. llp stston t wewididid shevels thth ed d xim thhoells haven't be uee. rt breaea i isecuri e aso un sheriofce sne p w injured ngurar its are ju nrriv o iormatit thisim wilbrg you uptes we n r trc thehe chiemorning teorologt ephenebowere now wh &5.5. reflag warnings ininect utheasins om 11 am to 6 p p pday.
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ana las animim cououies st of thmouninas wl tete, cry, b bt,a,a,ndrowers unties. l bfmen issusuagag today. thwi is aly inineang d blinat 120 m thi msrng. thincrcrsing winerghhas held our temperatu i 40s. wi wilcoue a a150 th hher r stro10 a re ireg 0- m gtso er 5mph r noon. hihi tperararetodall b b the 50snd 60s morniilwarmm upr 30and lo40s arndam into lower anmiddle0s 10 withigh cudllerinthe n. colodoprin will ithe mid- 50s at noon wit4040 the gh spots a aund monument and woodland park and 6 s fr puebloloo the soutastern plaiai. colorado springs gs closer t 4 60 between 2m and 4 pm. puloill warmrmell into the 60s. thickenini clouds around colodo springs, monument, d nd park may bring stra ower with them. . ypra is not likelybe widespreadand most aas will remain dry. thhigh country will receive a bit more moisture fromom disturnce approaing`from the west. this will include snow in the high elevaons and rain down lor.
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er t wnd.. dozeurned outopatein one tost unan ndis. th rhtthey cou s their hehes.. ananhe r money foo cae. itt het ldri fats" annuaifofiildhd ca rrch.h. ot`e le who swed up atack inare gugu tthe ent.. whototrsrsrticatin fofoe ry f tim
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ere can helout.t. :1:1it igog to but i'll son shampoond gel. wortitito yes definitely. 20-tusand dollars were rd ye but e e ill a a le events planneneinolorad spsps the annual pikes peak food d and wine expo drew a crowdf huds yesterday. the event feures local restatrants anbars...and the ideaeas to get p pple interested inin places and foods.. leonardo zapien/enjoyiyi t evevt sot: 39: definitely makes me nto trit out. the different business and restaurants....and o ocourse tt liquor stutu too. sarah perry/enjoying the event so 37:22 w w w been taking menus and everythi so we can go in later and be glutunus later. the event includes appetizers,
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and thososwho came out say the one downside.. is thait hard not too eat totomuch still ahea. likekeost sports.. wresing has it's iuries. bubue hlhle is hopinto get the wowo about ctainii heal rks the disease he conoran e mee he has forerhletes pl... ite s thi abspri^i b whyoyosh tnkut
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tay's'sr heal family... aphigh s sool athlete is pushing for awes afr ays he hpes from a wrtlg toname. now, he wants s ghe wd out so o oerertututus know the risks associated with the sport. "dana griffin" shares his stor p --- pkg --- nats: wrwrtling tourna videoweeks aftethis wrestling tournament, high sool junior, david deloach startenoticing buon his ski sot: david d doachwreseser thoughtst acne because ititirst started on my face, all right hehe, and it was weird because i never had acne in my ir it sead to his ear, m, and legs. sot: david deloach, wrestl "it was na" his doctor d)dgnosed him with herpes.` deloach said it hurt so bad, he couldn't sleep. he was depreed. and even
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so david delelch, wrestler hey didn't want me likiktoucuc em onothing. ke, no high fives or anythihgthere'e'no cure for h%rpes. and to pvent outbreaks deloach will have to take medicine eve y, fhe rest tf hif. t: dideloach# wrtler "ierd why leleould choo le %dieiete the wrestltlg coh ys eac year they hoho a mting w)wh papants and students infnfming them about risks aociated with wrestling, including concussns and skin infecons. david's mom didn't attenthat etinand wasn'tware that herpes was a r r . sot: roni deloac david's mom "it should be mandatory at they disclose is disease a thefct tt ou h he on the stents or ster psil lvaltion o wrestlerer bore hit the t. dav delwrer "peoe need t m ncerabout how seseous geitg es is s d w/w/l affe your life." p weatr ana"c on thes. chief mog meteorolis
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fit alert 5. pp red flag warnini it r the southeasternplainsm m m m to pm day. isisdepueb, huerfano, anlaimas countnts of @hmountainasell otero, crowowowent,aca, and prors counties. nd will become an issue again todayb the wind is already incrsing and blowing a15-20 mpth morning. e increasing gind overnight has he our temperatus up in e ndl int -2mph wiigigr s throug amore increasing20-3 mph g0 noon. gh temperarareretoday will b b in the 50s and 60s. this morningl rm from upper 30s s d lowe40s s ound 7 am into the lower and middle 50s by 10 am with high clouds filtering thehsu coloradodoprings wl in thth mid- 50s at noon with 40s in the gh spots around monument and woododnd park and 60from
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colorado springs gets closer to 60 b bwewe 2 pand 4 pm. pueblo will warm well into th60s.s. thickening clouds around colorara springs, monument, and woodla park may bring a stray shower with them. any rains not likelylyo be widead, d most areasill d d. thhihi count w wl reeva t moreoisture from a diststbancapproachinfrom thehe wewe. ththill clsn ie e hi eleons d n r. anhestorsyst rngffthcic in cora th morng will vrmoreoistto t t untains arnd mid-week. stl anothedisturbanc fafaher out in the pacifif will mean another roundndf moisture
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whenevas t last meme llut yr det or credit card.. d d t it ithe ehipde wi? dsre.. u' swiwing yca often thanot. right now business are supposos tbe accepting chip abled credit a a aebit cards.. but a new stuty shshs only 37 percent t american businesses are a a ato accept the ebaud fighting technology.. ilers,`,redit card cocoanies, and merantstsere
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technology bacincter.. october or f fe nalties.s. it's'sarch.. and th mns spring break! hundreds out thousand of people e will be king to the e skies and hitting e road.. anananperts say now is the time to make t critical decisionbout where to go. right now air-farereare down f f both domestic and internioiol flights. but if you want to g g the most t bank for you buck.. consider h h to na city..the avl s e lars n! y lik sinhe u- som bt deaee f fdadaere eeu ca0-rcecon avel! but theress tch.. want thesdeals.. yohaveo book by thend of thiseek! nonoif you plan on driving, , u're notlong.. 65-percent of amamicans will hitt the ad thimontaccording to retail-me-not-d-c.... that's thanks s lar p pt to lower gas
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now if you're still deciding wheryou should g g. . we'vgoa suggggtion.. oregwhere the e ue- emed spapaca it's'sle whe omers can, you guessesesithop in thepa t tfully immerse thsesees in hot-infused spa treatmen.. inclcling b# wraps and facial scrubs. the' a a aobrew so ives taki lly ewenngto a d,riing ud th@n using rt oa "bat " thatou soak . presidential contenders prinfoother prprpry.. ise mga w the ndatre prarar and who's d inhe polls. pl...... the local world mourning nancy agan. how one biogogphers remembering the former first
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arclinn n d beie nders went head to hd lastnight in michigan.. arinibharsh word-- for the ste's governorck sder", callllg for him resign. today.. caates a focused on the michigan primary, which is morr. and will face off o oe again n night.. is time fox ws town hall n -l street urubl - rist poll ----hows
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lele e %chig..s hoinllies s&#grand a dit or thne two days, while sanders will be caaigning g kamazoo dearborn and a arbor. t t replican side donald trumpgp toppingngollslsn michigan, bu's already targeting flftida -- marco rubio'some ate, where rubios trailing.. ted cruz is closing in on delegates, and says he does not want aontest conventio coolens contue t i as the mthe ath of former first lady nanan p an ncy,nef thmost ueial rst lalaf th thth, sund morning at her home i los angeles at t age of 94. ident obama, and current first lady miclle obama, said they were foate to benefit fromer "proud examame" andhe former r la "ref rin time ."ioaphe on"n" saidasirstad protectetepresident an. . . locann/ reaganaphehe "she wantetoake su t t t people who were around h husband were advancici his
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was outspoken about privately...ry much so... publly toooond twe i think e ayederportt in reagan nistration." s. wilie t ronaldgaeseseses liary simi vallll, california-- next to her husband,d,onald wilson reagan, who died on june 5, 2004 goods for former president "jimmy cter" he just annonoced he no longer needs cancer treatment! yesterday... carter revealed he is officially done w wh his mutherap howe.. ayctororwill cnue to monitor his s ndition and wi treaany cacaer if f shows up. e'e'in docts ben n n tm st whehea small lesion o his liver d four small lesions in his brain were discovered. chief morning meteorologist stephen bowers is here now with
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a reflag w wning is in e et foe so ai fro a 6toda is includes pueb, huerfano, and las ananas counties east of e mountains el ore, cry,%bt,ac andwe unes. wind will me an susuagain today. tpe wind i ialrerey incrcrsingng and bling at 15-20 mph thi morning. the creaind overnit s ur tempera i e 40 windilcont at -2mph & with higr gusts through`10 befefe increaeango 20-30 mph wi gts to er 5mph after noon. high t tperatures today will b in the and 60s0s this morning wl wawa fro s d lo40ou ntr anmiddby 10 ith h clos filterthn. colorararaprings wl be in thmi 5 5no thehi ots around monument and woodland park and s from puebloo the southeastern plains. colorado springs gets closer to 60 between 2 pm and 4 pm.
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the e s. thickening clolos aroundnd colorara sprinin, monument, , d woodland park may ing a stray shower w wthth. any rains not t to o widerere, and d st arere w wl rena d. . highghount wl l l ive bit mo moiurfrom a sturbance approaching g g the west. thth wilincludsnown the highvations d rain down lower. another m syemollingno the pacific into cifornia is morning will bring more moisture to the mountains ound mid-week. stilothestncfartrtr t inheheifmenother rndmotu r e motainthis w wkendnd
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out ile he's sll on extly e h afafr e denver broncnc tho t e s bl 50 champions... the star q a is calling it a career! afr 18easons... today he's makinghhihiretirement peyt w wl k jabou hours in dove valley. . it will be the fst time wel l hear from the q-b sinche announced his desion yesterd mornini.. news 5 5 greg dingrando trere live with a preview. is is a biday peyt nning g crsrs..t l broncocoion....anto be ho all of fofoball and all s srts. we'rtaing abt onof t greastrtckck e ay the game.....and it is going to be a media a rcus o at dove falleletoday.
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quarteteack toin a super bl l remas ththonon 5%5%5e m-v-v. he'sln twtuper b bls..e onlyuarterback twin a ng withwo separate frches. hes the league l lder passing yards, ,assing tououdownwnand wins ba querbackci now he rides off into the sunsjuju like his boss john elwadi its certainly a sad dadafor onco'sans....butne mos people underetand. "i thinke did the ght thin llllth nowow greo go op he wilwawawawaer i eoe's mis. "phis t e r t r peon to o%t and go accept all of hiaccolades." "good lu to him.m. he's a gooooguy." the prs cocoence today is at 11. grant will be here for it and we'll be covering it l le
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news 5 alert.. we are still following lopipg necy.. where burgryas ten ace.e. e paso cosjsjsjri officeay o o party was injured its s jurrg onon e. no oth infma iknt is time. we will bring you u s as we learn them news 5 alert... coloradoprings policicare looking for a missing jujule his brot 11 year old cgui aer- gegeel andndndnd oatthew r-elelerreport missing yestday. police belelve the boys lele thei@r residence ononaturdato goffffoading ia red jeep wranglere the ys andhe jeep are missinin. police say n nfoul play is suspected at this titi butay ther sigfic ant concern for their wewebebeif y hinformrmioabt the .. contact t e cololodo springsp poli d dartmen new thorning..
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the alalclear.. ter r suspicus device pts rehan ze resints totovacuththr home it hned last nhtus afr 8 ne00-bck nortra..po wcaedft a resident found a auspiciou device the arkansas river. whwh officics arrived they belied it was a threat... so nelynearby rid acte thieomort cars's explosives unit w wl as the lo bomb uad spond e ene. to secure and detotote the device. . residentntwere allowed back in thris st aftft mnight. 's sll unclearhahathe e vivias l cocoue tbrinu dadas as we lelen n em. today... crews are assessing damage after a house fire in & colorado s sings.... ned sty on iviv.. c cmel anan monterey. vests say the fire broke ouininhendryryooke ofl! ckil.... htre atoquickly extinguish the f fmemememe
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ather and traffifion the 5s. chieiemorning meteorologogt stephehebowere now wh first alert reflniinffff foutrn plains from 11 am to 6 pm today. this includes pueblo, huerfano, and las animasounties east o #the mountainas welllasastero, ley,y, hrowersrs cocoties. w w wbecome an issue e e n todathe wind i ialready y eang and blowing0 this mningng the ea wind ornight has held our tempererures up in the 40s. wind will continue at 15-20 mph with higher thug10
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mph withththtso 50 mp ter on. highghemperatutes s day will be in the 50s and 60s. morng wl m uppere30and r 40s wund 7 am into the lower d midd0s by 10 ithihiloudfig susu colorado springs will l in e mid- 50s at noon wit40s in the spotoundonumand woododnd park and 60s f2om pueblo to the southeastern plainscoradopr gs closer to bet 2and 4 pm eblg will warm well into e 60s. ththkening cudaround codogsmomean
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sh wthem. anin not likely t wespread, and most areas wl remain dry. . e hihi countill l ceive a bibire moisture from a urbance apprching g om t t , new totcy... colorado sprin police are ininstigating an armed bbery that happeped ringng dal. the vis tototoole they were tinto buyarua frhepe ithe hundred block of pes p pk avenen. the victims say the suspect pulled out a handgun a stole the money. none w injured.`
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hind bs s is uorng in rado springs. 25-year-old "z"zhary whitehead" " was arreedn satu... afafofrs were cacaca out to a distuance in th 200-block of "cooper avenue". police hwaed out of miig -- for faing to register as a sex offender, but those warrants did not allow for out-of-state extradition. whitehead has be living in ra for the pasfo y andi regte eit heheowacinlony ces. if y d in colorado sps... you knkn jushow bad the pothole problem is... the city told us-- so far thtk year-- crews have filled aut 7-thousand 4-hundr potholes. is te last year-- that numb was onlydy8-hdred the as th crewsre ovwheld-and y y gs ing se--forehey get better. filling potholes ireacting to a symptom , it's le taking tylenol foa headache. its not geing to the root ofof e probm, taking ca of the issue, g g to th o o e obm ping.
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begin "in earnest" in april. still ahea. a dramatic end ta violent ime spin y at s's famy saying about his mental health.. plus concerns continue totoise over thzika virus.. how the virus could affect the 2016 smer olpic games in
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,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ghghghghgh police in idaho are investigatatatafafr a pastor w w w w ot in church p pkiot...... st one dayayftftfhe spoke at a a "ted cruru rally... . try yhyri' (lswlilil)tho tststslinknk thn[n[h]asr,, identifi as tim mingn, is covering in thhospital. he sfered multiple g gshot wounds poce s s he was shot r ter a church servivi, as he waleavavg ininisisar.. popice are hoping surveiance video will lead them to the suspect today... the viinia police officer shot and d during her firsday on theob. wi be laid to st iher hotown. offir "ashleguindon's" body was flown from virginia to massachutts s ere was bo and raised. last night... dozensatred aal funerame for aial.
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officer guindon was fatally y ot last satutday y ile e sponding to a domestic dispe. two other ofcers also injured the shooting.g. e rerevering this u u ing. toda.. the suspt bendnd deadly, hours long crime spree . new york..... isn critical condition aftft being sh by police. . authoritits say it all srted sterday when 2 2y1ar-o-o amam llon" slhed his s ighboror neck a a face.e. a fefehours later hehetabbed t t owner of a liquor store... and set him on fire... lling him. ments ter... didididiit another m on fire, luckily at manansurvrvs latete.... whehehffffers und dillonon.. s sayay them thththelerererui... police s s stedillllpppseseto d dhiifif heaspoed tthe spital. the suspt'fa saydillon
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not been takakakhis s s cacqonn n alhis m rning.... . isis iaina apopsiby r sters icbombini aragaghat killed a least people. at least another 95 we wounded 0 in theheack rhrh tarta securityckpo o of p ththentrance t tity of hillll. l l l 8 p pplararing. th i i i i onenef several atatcks s s sisiand ototr r r r r r r mimintnttataeting pupuicicreas and government buildings. toda.. the united states olympic mme a &meeting g dssa viviu-c-fmrmed@dn`feceioio@o disease adsoryup last week to helelidentify best prprtices to fight za. thsquito-bourne vivis eralons suoug 20 sum ymc gas inioe jair - whe its al wer... o garsrsayugust braz's cl ono thfe mosositpotiwill bsmsmler.. th also ey are dainspecs olympic venues. weather anaffic on t ts.
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ephen bowers is here now with al5. a a d flag w wniin eec soutasternrnrnfr 11 ato 6 pm today. is includes s s lo, huerfanono and las anim counties s st of the mountas as well as otero, crowley, bent, baca, and prowers es windl bemen e tsda e nd is ady creasini d blowowat 15-2020ph this morning. the incrsing wind overnit s held ouremperatures up in the 40s.s. ill inuet 15mph thigher gusts through 10 am before increasing to 20-30 mpwiuso 5h r on gh temrares todawilllle in the 50s and 60s.3 is mill warmm upr 30d lowe40s arouou@u amnto o e lolor and middle 50s by 10 am with hihi clouds lterg the sun. coloradodoprinbethe mid-d-0sitits in sts aund monumene a a woland p pk and 60s from pueblo to the soheastern plains. colodo springs g gs closer to beteten 2 pm and 4 pu. pupulo will warm well intthe 6060thninglondnd radodoprings, monume odland p pk maing a stower with them.
6:47 am
widespread, ananmost areas will rema dry. e highount wl recea bit moresture om a disturbance approaching from the west. . this will clsn gh evaand rain dow lower.another r orm m em rolli offff the fitoalniis rng wiri me moisisre to the mououains around
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alalght,t, brighba th the ftxings y y neeeetot knowowefore you go. and here's matt and vannnn... . with a look at what's coming up on t tay show. it's almost 7:00. re a a the five thknow
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p it'slmomt 7:00.
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a suspicus device found in the kansas r reras bn tonatete officialalinanongiving the alcleaeaearly thisis mog. poce sayay device was found sunday in the arkansasariver and brout back to a residence in the 300-blockckckrth ynolds. authities from fort carsrs's explososes unit t well as the pueblo bobb squad responded to the scsc.. to secure and detonate the devivi. 's stiti uncle we devivi was.... a ntnt sex offender is bacac hind bars this morning in coloprinin. 25-year-old "*achary whitehead" was arrested osaturday. poli say he'ededut of michigig -- - r r inintoregister as a seofndert those`warrants d not allow r t-omomte e eradition. whitehead hasbsbeneniving in colorado for the past foururears and d dn rister here eher. he's now fing felony charges. heal officicls say newewater tests in bototfountain and security widefieldldave found w ororndetettae levels of pfos a a pfoa.a.
6:53 am
onipelelesnd werks used to distribute the water either found non-detecble levels or leve that were below the susuesmits. hower.. follow u utests on two wells didshow lefels that exceed mumut thathosesebeensein w w. . peyton mni is retiring from the`n-f-l. thstar q-bs hostina pres nfcet 11moin it wililbehe first time he's spokek sincf he madehe nouncement s sday. the ve-time e v-p is one of only two quauaercks to bea every team in the nfl. hehe the oy ququte win super bobos with two teams... ananhe has plentof other records under his ltn sports director grant meech -- will be in dove valley for the press conference@and we'lle coveri ili. the colorado springs city coununl l ll be hosting an informal d dcussion to tk about sevevel marijua ordinances.. including an ordinancecehat uld prohibib new marijuana ubs. the meeting is happened this
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final recoendations to the ci councnc. her and traffic on t 5s. chief rnrnteteologist stephen bowers is here n n w wh first alert 5. st connectct with k-o-a-a dot com all day. we'l'lbe bk with your lolol news, trfic and weather durire the today show esdaing on news u todaya.. diamonds are a girls best friend.. but now doctors are finding a good use for the precious stones. . w onds arereeing used d the o-r r help patients with art problems. adib.. it all begins at 4:30 chief mornininmeteologogt t ststhen bowers joi us s w with
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stayonnected witk-o-a-dot com m l da 'll bebeack with yououlocal news, , affic and weather during
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