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tv   Today  NBC  March 7, 2016 7:00am-10:00am MST

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> gogo >/>/^ng.ngngngngcts.s.s.%lili iicerlute the hearsearininfnfner first lady n ncy reagan fr her home. a furarabeing pland for later this week at the reagan prpridtiibraryr)r)e ppe'll b blaid to o stt to hehehusband. a a man being reremberededs a a devotewiwi aolititititit ``forcwhwhrerereroro olalala back ar r bnbn extraordinary fe and talk exclusively to her son r monday, mararch 7. >> aou >> a aoufromomom thisiss a ecial ition n "t"t"y"y"yem n ncycy reagan, reagan, with matt laueand savannah gut f stio 1 r rfe pla.. > llgeing sad newc cyn's s utut
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lelendndy i ic c r t lady and p pt of o o of th test lgve stories s s ur time. >> i was reflectcng on that thik many people are f fding comfort inhehoht these two wille reunitit once agn. nancy re, a picture e elegance and strgth. >> nancy@yeagan died in her home at the age of . e was lly ssna abo heand and the many cs she championed. we'll talk to heheson ron cong , but % up, but first, natalie is at t reagan presidential library in simialley, california. good morning to you. inside the r force one hangar he at the reagan presidential library, where many are e memeering nanay reagan so ndlyly
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ansensitivity.oror >> reporter: l le e nday, the hearsearryg g e fofoer f f dy's body le her h he in los angeges,s,hehe the 94-yeararld di o ocongestive h hrt failurere suayay her dauger, patti davis, releasing blog post overnight. gorl around 8:30 this morning that my mothsed away in her eep. he way she wand to g g her spokperson saying, mrs. reaganill be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library atimi valley, californ, next to her husband, ronald wilson reagan. prior to the service, there will be an opportity for memeers of the publico pay their respects at the library. ibutes are pouringn, reremberg nancy rerean a aa woman of gracend grandeur.r.shshwas s e e s nonod by a momen silencncon the debate e age.
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edsor. y' nancy's rength of character walegendary, and her advocacy, especily for alzheimer's also, , $ acacdes from her pheoved her husband, loved her couny, and at least witht ( me, shshwas always very fair a decent. reporter: president obama and first dy obama releasing a statent saying, our form first lady redefined the role in her t)me here, and wrein grateful for nancy reagan' life. thankful for her guidance and prayerful that she and her beloved sband are together again. the firslady who succeeded her, barbara bush, writing, nancy rean was totallyevoted to president reagan, and we take comfort th ty will be reunit oe more. and former president george w. sh saying, her influence on thwhe house was colete and lasting. as a woman who expandethe role
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felt far beyond washington. chael j. fox tweeting, i will always be greful to y rerean for her leadership on stem cells, class, gra and guts rest in peace. ararldldrzenegegeg f fm hoood to theheheerererer mansnsns prararararararamemememe rsrsrsrsrsrs othe teststt extraord `trinarhuman ch aonderful partn to o r sbanan to president reagan. i know wau [ ause ] -- she w wl join him now in d this le fair betwn the two of them t all over againn and i >> it is that lover thil pt of nbncy rean'sndurg legacy. coming up in our next half hour,wel ckt thr long lifi and ve t ther, a becow ncy ieo mostf usus t
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that's nic >> one of nancreagan man s hba trusd r, guing h througcisis ththughout esesen pridenenenen andrea mitchelcoree e an administrioio good morning to o u. >> goooomorning, savanh.h. she wawaone of the most coeqnt conseql fit dies mode american history. ronala reagan's life partner, chief protecr and political adviser.r. a story ght out of the movieieie that's, in fact, wre it all sttete >>eporter: she always dreamed ofofeingngn actress and, i ia - she became one, oa world e. bon n 21 i i i7iyork cy, ncy s makinger way t hollywd, lngma ror ininilil forgmgm it was there sheheet rd agan. the chistry was instantaneous. ey mrin 52 apaparing in 11 films, the young tresstarred alononone he sband 195 "llcats o the navy
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>> how could i knodid d u me e podated ichk? >> my wi, nay. >> repr: soon, s s devoted helife toxhihid his budding politicacar r fluence quklk extending beyond the home and into politics. >> thank youououy ch. >> reporter: becomomg first lady of california 1966, and then of t t nn n 1981. at f fst at first, she was crcriciz for wearing designing gowns s ring a recessioio then laud for r r anti-drug, just say no campaign. >>hen it comes to druganalcohol, just y y . reporter: but it t s thth1919 assasaination attempt that ar t tk life that prcycycy nancy reagag becamfierly otective, even consusuing anan astrologer before e heling his trips.
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firelaraely y her behest, after the iran-cona scscda >> s was ronald reagan's closest adviser. she also was among othererhings his constantrotector. > reporter: duding her eigh yeararas firststady, nancy rean chahaed wor h htkry. encouragg her husband to negotitie wiwi what he had callededhehevil emre, th etni, and it ader, gorbachev. >> he knew he could do a aeal wiwi gorbachev, he just needed be alalwetoo it. shshran th interfefence for him. him. >> repter:ftereaving t ite hoe, n ncyeaean b came an advocococfor stem cl rearchcfheimer's after the -president wrote a heart-breaking letter to the nationononsclosi he s suffering from t t disease. . >> hehdedede decision totete a leleer t to ththamican pple, and the people resnded. >> reporter:is caregiver uil his deh h 200 she remained
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husband'legacy and her own.or a >> for a of the glamr and success they experered on the world ste, thosehonenethem st sayheir favavitmentnt were alone, upstai in the ite house, eating dinnnn on tray tabs,s,atching a movie tv. best friends in life. no togogher again. mama a a snah? >> a area,hankou.. please stand by. we'l'llk with you more in a moment. >> the image of her kissing his flagrarad d ffin ->> unfnfnfttableleeaea it breaks mupup> last la nht, we had the chance to speak phone to the reaganon, ron. >> you a a i spoke after your r dad died, ani ked you a a ry sile questststthen.t me just ask`the samequestion. lle abounancy rerean. who o s she? 7ell, nancy reagan the woman o was totay dedicated p h husband, and know that thatnds, youounow, anan-feminist. i don't mean it in that way. she loved d"d"husband,e ananan
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i think thth you can make the case that e ronald reagan that we all came to know as presidentd wononoha existst without nancy rerean. >> she w seen as this devoted womameemin so finists a aually gave herer a hard time, working womem gavav her a hard time, a a she said just about everything i did in that first year was misunderstoooo >> y yh,ell, i think it s tough for her ininhe white hou because the was a lot of anger at cou that could have bebe dirted at my fatatr, b b my ther was a peon who w w a aost impossible to dislike as a human beinin she was a little more, l l's sasa complicated a personalityty than h hwas.she man easisi targe ink. >omplic >> complicated, , w w , ron?% >> my mother was m me awararof, i think,hek cornerer li and the daer aspects of f man nature.
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watch, andf i thk you're odorory husband, then you'u' got a frfrnd f f life. t if ihink you're d fofof#my husband or yououe ing hihiin somemeayayoh, you unow, u better watch out because now you ha an enemy and it's not an enemy you want. >> the e >he assassination attempt on your fher, i don't think anybody knkn uil years after he left e white housuse how closhe came to dying.but yoyo mom knew. >> yes, >>, yes. >> how did that change her pereepon of his life ie e whithouse and e bubble? had anot haother r y duri his presidency where tre wasn't someear involved. papaicicar, ofourse, when he nt out i ipublic and all. seeing h seei her spouse nnnnnnowin thstreet and havavg him almost trtrmati
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>> can y cananou tell me how your dad's passing angeheas a woman, ron? >> she was lonely without him. d id a she missed him tererbly.( cacasasathisisi#suose, she didn'tave e woror anymore about whether any her inions w wld necessasaly c csh with any of his. last two question if someone were tosk you to o describe@tove story of ronald ronald a nancy rean, how would you scribebet? once ey had bonded together, they really re inseparable. i mean, it sounds cliche. dodot thininthth theheheer spent a daapart where e ey hehete her ltell herer life alhis s fe. they were in love. ey stayed lfor,r,ou kn52 some odd d ars.
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th and learninof this s ws who is perhapspsnder the age of , doesn't really kan a aul lot ababt your mom andndoudad. >> yh.h. >> so fofo >> so for t e pelelen n at age grgrp and bebew, w what's s e most importt thg they should know about nancy y agan >> thinkhat she knewewow love somebod that would be, youw -- andyou can a lotorsehath in lif at's what t think of when i think my thnrink i think of her relationsp withth her r sban >> that's a wonderful place to leave it. ror/ thaha you so much.. again, my sincercondolences to u yo famy. >> thank you, matt. appreciaiat. >bcs special coroespondent m brokawawst t met t e reagans s los ael and`grewo knowhehewe oveve tht yearar also, le alal, let's bring back a area a .mitchell, ell. tom, tell me about the earar
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she from the very beginning, an important counselor for him. everybody said, youove to clear it with nanc or ncy belieies we oug t/tbe dothis or not thth. shuhs always kininof oard. i mb i reer w wn he was rnini for a a coerm, i was in room with a lot of tir friends. ininudjimmy stewart't'wife. she was kissg everybody around the room and got to me and went like this. i said, mrs. rea wter i have, it's n n cchin pshe e hed and leanan over and kie. that was the beginning of a personal relatiohip,p,s well. >> you mentiwnwn over the years,u stedejn totoh and became personal frirndsdsand spoke wi r ther recently.y. >> on february 6ththththbirthday i shed with the president.t.t. we talked every ye, exchanged tes. i saw hehelast summerefor tea. she was s s as responsive as i i$ hoped she'd be by february 6t sheheas responsive. this i
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everneneec always ought that most symbolically and fromom substanntnt of viewshe waalways the fir dy. she neveregavevep that titleleand peoplf resesnded to it >> areb, let's talk about her power behind the dr of the white house. not only i is of her husband'huand's view opo, bu e was soery good a uderstsnding who hehoulul trtrt. >> aolutely. one thehings out , there were three advisers who came from -- well, tm california and, of course, jimim baker brght into the circle.e. she did haha a h he impact on changi white house staff. before t tt, the campaigstaff. but she e ways herntenna out. i think that r r reaganaelud haha shshderstoto the p pplp who werereot there to o rve ronald reag. phe d d d heid n n. he wasasasgenial and led everne. he d d dt have that lil annnut she dnd she protectetehim. she was the chief prector, and
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democrats, to others, to c ce in and talk to him m h huld not f isolated in the white house. e wa shshwas responsiblbl als of f course, for the exf donald ren,n,ho was chargedorot t like lettininthe iran-contra affafa happen n der r hihinose. >> tom, don't you u ink nancy' reputation and the way this coununy felt about her changed overerhe years? in thehearly years, people were tough on herer >> they were tough on her beuse she brght her hoywooelcecend t w wlebewaof life to t t whihi house. felt shehenewh her role was. her othehepeople had ias of th rst ladies. when they first got t ectetete % said s se things in the eses that`the thought wererfar r o critical about -- not his childhood, but whehehe was a young man,e made good mone righaway and h hwaone o& the highest paid people in hollywood.
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she'angry. you'lle invited to a state pdinner so you havevevefifire outut you're e in sayn e reiving line. m walk i'i'walking , , d memedith is with me, saying, whae you going to say? i haha't figured it out. i sasa, nay, back to squque one. she laughed. said to me, tom, back toquququ onen th picturerrived the next in m moffice, tographed by her, tomck to o uare one. th's how gd and nimble she was and d litical she uld be. this is sothinininkeep. >> theost surpsing part ofof thory isououad moment you didn't know at you were going to say. but it wasn't -- les b% clr, i knew i would say something. >> thank youthank you so much. andrea, thank u. the presidenenal candidates pararpayingbute to nancy reagan, inudine moment of
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debate. two contestsere he on ay.marco rubio won puputo rico's republican primary, and bernie sanders topp hillarylinton in maine.thehnews news inoall good forise campai.% nbc's kristewelker has the laten both races this morning. good mojningngo you. >> s sannah,h,ood rning to you. e caidates he e moreay bere t michihihiprimary. nders picked up winsnsver the weekekd, in adtiono mae, kans and nebska.a. but as s sretary cnt who expaed her delegate adady winning the ate of louisiaia. at settingheerdeba on nd. >> reporter:t s one ofofhe mo ruckus democratic debat yet. excuse me- talk if we'ring aueut the , let's gethe cts straight. rortede a aacki intor susuor naf, which many yn michigan oppose, and ckg g r for reverse
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>> sntisre lion on thisssss. bubuit's'sittle b)t too la. >> rorter:ntonirg back citing kanders' opposition to the 200909uto ilouou >> ]f everyby y y the way he did, i belie the ao industry would have collapsed >> if you are talaing about the wall street bailout, where som ofour rrnds deroyed this economy -- >> if you're g g g to talk, tell thwhole storor senator 0% sanders. >> let me te my oror andndou ll yours. >> i will. >> reporter: the was disagreeeents and agagements, - calling for the e governrnf chigan to sisjsj and th vg to beatrump in a neral l ection. the e p frfrtrunner made a a a pmemorable entrance at the golf championship at his own course frida. over theheeekend, called for rco rubio to e e his cpaign. >> think it's time he e ops out.
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live" findininnew w mor in the hotly y esteterace. >> e&erydydyovese.e.e. racists,gly racists, people whohdidn't know they were racists. >> trump >> trump took louisiana ntuc ted d uz hadad very strong weekend. he won kansas and maine. take a look at the d d date cocot nono tetecruz just t delegates behinl donald trump. meanwhe, our latest n c nene/wall ststet joucnalalalis po shows trump and clinton ead in michihih) >nk yououou let's t t eck ofhe weatatr r mr. roker. goornini. >> we have some severe weather for the midsection of the country with potential floin a#well... weave this slow nger vel lolocoming out of we, and a high prereurridge at isn't going tlet t is inininvevevevear.( we'rgoinavava a tutu whe e s f fm m m annito dallll, the of severe
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1616illili at riri f damaging lad toge hail. morrow, w wseseorors i l lala favavwewee e e e e eeeeee. 26 m m mon pplplat risisis @rnrn s ofof incs pououon tlittlelelek.k. soso pla some placececoulsee 10 to 12 chesf ra tetete aanans anlosisithat's wt'... wee gogog to look at y forereren n e n%xt 30 0 cond...we'r'r g gng to look at you y ararall sasleep, yet i'so awaka? did yoyoknow yououain sts? one helps keep you awake other helps u ulp.scieiee suggests when@ you havevens the wake systeteteteter brbrn may y t t ttrtrgg anyourrotrtrsmittere maoo@oivev asou try t tslee whwhhhcould d leading totyouruinsomnmn oh..m-ybe that at's s evevting ge
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lklklkyour t ttoababt ways me ururnsomni t tt't'\o l l@er.matttttttt>> a a t y y. u u mucucre on th ab life of ncycyeaea fle e the white %house, o ) ) ) )anondpop lture.
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first, this is "today" on nbc. >>just > just ahead, love a detion. nancy y d roroldldldgan'n'n'n' relalaonshsh c cturerein t artftft ererer s serer ovov teaeaeaeaea we'll take a look back at their memorable monts re on
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good mony momoing! at :26 pa hour, i'm s sll cock with this today shoho dada... big newsbroncos country this morning ----eyton manning is retiring from thf-l. tharar-b is hosting a press conferenen at 11'clohehel l ke it ficial. itiwill l l he first t the's en since he de the announceme sunday. the five-time m-v-p i# one of ly two quabacks toeat every team in the nflf... and along withther accolades, isishe only quarteteack win super bobos wi two teams. eng this aernoon.... the cocorado springs c cy uncil ll b bhosting an foal discussssn to talk about several marijuana ordinanc.. ininududg ananrdinance that t t would prohibit new marijuana clubs. aln agda tay.. a resolution declalala opposition to o e relocationf refugees.
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ty council hasasignificantsecurityonceces about t e refuges rerettnt programononconcn being the federal gogornments ability to vet incococococoees. as well the financial burdo refugees cldldlace o othe cocounity totoy's city cil meeting i i heheled fo-- one thi rnoon e pikes peak conference room. cief morning meteorololist -- ephen bors j us nonowith a look at t r local forecast... . sthen... a red flag wararng is in effect for the southeastern plainfrom 11 ato 6 p ptotoy. this includes pueblo, huerfano, and las animas counties eastf e mounins as well as o, crowley, b bt, baca, and p pwers counties. nd will increase to 20 to 30`_ mph with guststso around 50 mpmp this afterno. . hi temperaretoday be e e in the 50s and 60s. this mornini will warmrmm up30s and lower arnd i io the lowor and middle 50s 1amith ghuds filtering the sun. colorado springs will be i ie mid- 50s at t on with 40s in high spots around monume and woland p pk andp60s s om eb to thsoutheastern ains. colorado springs g%ts closer to 60 between pm d 4 . pueblo will wawa w winin the
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cololado sinksksmeme, and >e' e're we're back a a7:30. it's monday morning, the 7thf march,h,0,6. flags are flying at halflftaff rorohe count as the e tion rememberg nancy reagan this mrning. @ ahe, more on how shshsh reshaped the role of first lady, her partnersp with her husband and he may n n he me present without her i flueuee. we'e' get to at i&isend nutes. otr stors makieadlin on my morning. two two coests h hd in the presidential race on sday. florida ser marco rubio won the primary inuerto rico, while bebeie sande had a jctctctover hillary cnton i ine'e'democratic caucuses. sachd chd s sders took kansas andnd nebn inton took louisiana ted cruz and donald trump each won two ststesver the weekends.
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>> sandersnd clinton were facing off in a bate in flint, michigan, lalalaight. dudung onexchae, thehehe spard ov government bailoutu. >> hvoted against the monenethat end usaving the auto dust. i think that is a pretty zig@g@g difference. >> if you artalking about the wall street baout, where some of y yr friends s stroyed this ececomy economyh-- youounono---- >> excuse me. i'm talkin >ichihin holds its primary torrowalonwiwi missisppi. republicanontests in i and hahaha, as wetl. peyton manbing is calling it pa cacaer after8 seasons. he scheduled an afternoon ws nfnfnfce to anno hisisis retirere.. manning will step away fm e me as a o-timemeuper bowl pion with different teamam the e ague's all-time leader - in passing yards a touchdowns. manyny hohomany aleles ever g g to ca it quits while they're on to exactlylyly real on to the per bowl rininto match. on the sad paing of nancy reagan, who diedn her
7:32 am
peter alexander is in shington, d.or us. hi, s san gogogoning. nancy z agan was almost an equalal part of r r sband's political career, supportive w w w wa advocate. puic, she launched a high h profile efefrt to fight youth drug and alcohol abuse. repteorerin generatinancy reag may be wordrd just say no. >> repor r rorter: h@r ssture cause,nti-drug campaign, heed turn the first lady into a a p culture iconappping as - hehef on "differt stroke" i'm c > conrned about drug abuse, especially among the e youn i was very iressed by the e y you spout. p>> r rortete >> reporte a messasa hand dedevered to millions. >> if meone offers you drugs, at will yoyodo? >> just sasano! >> rerorter:vecelebrities joinededhe cause.
7:33 am
offered these d dgs? i'd ll theto take a hike repepter: despite calls f fmf crit itwhbedfit5% silistst, by thehend of her husbsbd's administraraon, 12,000 clububhad en formemeworlid she was fiercely protective of hehusbsbspspially ter the 81 assassinati att thatearly tookokis life. >> e ery >> every time he went out and talked to, y know, thousands of peppl my het stopped. >> repor >> reporter: accused o o ovovovnaging her hususnd, she a foe nd`thehece wi enonos ininifnce on who rv in his adniston andnd- what polics `eursued. momootably, encoururg presesent reagan to n%gotitie with the soviet union, whichch helped end theheold war. r advocacy ner waned. >> ronone's urney has finanay
7:34 am
>> reporter:r:ititalzheimer's disease robbg r husbans memomo, mrs. reagan had a new caus a champion of stem cell research, anffort thth went against againse partof rgan. >> i d't thinkhey undersnd that it't'not taking a life, it's tryr_r_totoavcountless lis. she did have an impt on s s ma lives. the reagan libjbry says there will be an o o otutu for members of t public to p theirespects befe the ful ices. shll be bued on the she kissed her husband goobye for the last timin 2004. >> petet a >> petererlexaxaer, thank yo let's bring in presidentiaia storians, doris and d chael. good morning to bobo o oyou. >> goooomorning, matt. >or, ll sta wu. hoshe dierenas air lady? how did@she e theheole, as
7:35 am
>> thi me thth athing, as peoe ve bt et ssnateovfashhad wi her hus gave hih@a undaon of confiden and d nse of sesee of self and joringnghe pridency. the presidcy ird f f lotot e.i thihk bebeg wither aed m enjnjt,t,hich is reallyly importantntn when i r$% whenhis diary, i've never seen those authenticicocds offered beforere ss h aer s mut you know. i'i'not whole without hehe when's on a trip, i wbnt t lo andee her face. this is not st w w. that foundatgave him protecd harborort the ve beginninofisisife, whehe came fro actor to a presidedt, and then neneing e enn n e wawaso instrumentaln changing his inner ci inner circle and actually making him apologizfor an-ctra, ich h ededim o o of the slump, and the harliners f the russians. it an extrtrrdiny love story thatame a political foundation. >> o o of the top aidis said, thout nancy, theren't ha been a govern rgan, dn't have been aresint
7:36 am
as i i i maker. ep of the gacy.. >> s did it wellbt shshys c alwa claimedhe wasn't g would ta to her inater years, try to t her to talk about thth.. she'e'say, no, it waall ronnie. i had ryite e do wi but i but i thk now 'll find out a lot momo. rorold reagan camemerom this @ry emotionalal inj childhoid. soid she. afafr wod war , s film ca wasveey gotarried. e helped himimushihihif off, him a career as a a star. help him to rise in politics. e same was true of h as when she was first ladad] at the te in the '80s shs you how w ts have changed. wacriticed a r aboratorn her husband's caer.@ i think nowaways, a se wow criticized for not dog so. >> doris, e said
7:37 am
year as first lady was either misundd misreprested. exebfbfbth. > tnk w wt that mnt is thathe w wted redecorore the white house.e. she broughghin a sen of glamou butiful gowns, spent moy on china, anit was a tif ssion. the mi wasff.jackck kendy did theery sa thg du h h era.. maryryincoln was cricicid fofobrinngedececatatn t t whwhe use duringnghe civil r. she e derstood hum.wathere was a stcard that t id, fancy nancas aueen becse she e emed ral.. - she e nt before a dinner a a said, , woululnever wear a crown. would m ms mymyair. she wawaababo sosoenenhat anan become invved d d ust y nonoi think thatensef glamououou at sherouginin rained there, sheust understood it had toe softened >> two comomete expertononhe subzect. michchand d s, thank y y to both oyou. >>cot/d >>come. >>let's get a check t t % weather fr mr. roker. >> we're talkingut some wath thahais much welcomed.
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tempatures reallllllto sotarting toda the mid seseion ofhe c cntry. 6o d drees abovel.l. atlanta,0.0.waingtond.high o65 dedeeemorrow, philly, o 71. wednesda wednesday, recd his fromomhe ohio river vley to the northehet. new york city, 27 degreqs above aeragag cleleland,d,6. ttle rk, 73. green y, a hjgh of 53, 1 dedeees above aver it ctnnuesesight on to thay. that's w gt's going aund the trtrtr
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neck of the woods. tha >> that's yo latest weather. savaah al, t y y. wewekeabouitit ththorning up next, this love story stretching across the decades, from hollywo to@ththwhite housus a ok insidnancy y d ronald rean's long-sting ronc ronis a versentimental man, vererromantic man.. on mbi on my birtay, he w w w senen owerto my mother, thking her for havi me. pretey nicic hme. we asked a gro of younpele enenhey oughthey should start sa f retiremt. then we asked some older pplul en theactu did start saving. this gap betweenenhenwe shod ststt saving d we actually do ione ofhe rsoss why o mama of us an't epared for retentn just startrts early as yan. 's g gng to pay off in the future.
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into comomomab ones. their ftftftftong s s t means u n n n likikth a.d el lthis eamwalk.k., : dear freshpet, whei first t mama main gogo was to fe him aquititet i dededed e e freshphp a t... : a #huhusp of vegetableand chicken in it. raul: and, if the food is in the fridyou know it bfrfrh. patrick: he's a happy y y when he has his frhphp.
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nancreagag. he and r rald reagan sd atasn caed thehe grtest l le affaia in the history of t a arica presidency. nalie natalie isist the agan esesenenen libran liliiaia good morning again. >ood morninonce a a. we've beenalki about iall morning long. nancy rean w w her husband's most lal supuprter. his fierst protector. the romance arted not far from he in hoywywd 67 years a repor >> reporter: it was a real life stork marriqiq thahahan in the unlikeliest of places. >> that boh s thone ronnie and ways sat always it's a booth wre he proposed to me. >> reporter: from a shy d leather booth, the majesty of the white the white house, theirs was a real-liflove affair. >> i was the happiest girl i
7:45 am
>> reporter: they meover dinner in 1949. she was nancy davis, a contract actor for mgm. he was a leading man durg the golden age of film. it was love from the verstart. >> oh, he was unli any aor i had ever met. ner talked about himlf. >> reporter: they were married h 4th, 1952, athe little brown church in studio city, cacafornrn and would go on to court each otr r r more thahalf a century.muchchf whicwas memorialized pin love letters peed by e former president. >>onnie is very y ntimentata man, vy romantic mananan >> my darlin love e u very much. and i don't even mind that life made me wait so long to find you. `thwaiting only made e fiing sweeter. i love you. ronnnn. >> repter: over t e yeaes, theirirelationshipas laced wiheseuggets of love >> march 4th1963.
7:46 am
an in-betwn da s a day on whichove you 365 ys more than i did a year o, and 365 less than i w ar fro all my love, your husband. >> rorter: throughout his litical caer, fromomis gornoripf calirno his cension to the white use, she was always there, loving and ptectg. >> i ihinknk'm'm'mre of pe o arartrying t ttakekedvantage ofy huhuand.d. >> rorr:heatiop ed o o ifrt ofob t en in their public hand holdldg.g.g. her org ste. oredrompt. odng everyin can. >>tet stainethin more diffult years, even alzheimer'begato r him of f their memories. jt y a, roiestood be ynd spoor whe id m m mhist ch. at rublienti.
7:47 am
hetic. >>epter:jusaoobye heovovofhefebut to meesthlifehey shar. >> waseressetod m. >> rorter: it wawaa love tha sted a lifetetanthen some. >>ancy r nancy reagan once said upon first meetg heheroie, , e now ift was cey t t she said it was pretty clos she'll be ried next to h at the prpridential library a asisi valley. i think weweove to seendear r r e e ttererovgain itit romomcet will endur and last beyononthr lifeti. >> b, they make you feel adeqte. we have to up ougame. siously. >> a t tt, h h, how's it goingng tlthe same. >atatat, thank k coming up, nancy reagan's many a memororle ances
7:48 am
th her thouohts. first, these katiec joining us with h h thoughts mom: hm, how about...? dad: heyal, k a leuh? rl: atatud th meanslu're gog to do fantasasc. oh well, thqnk you. are youunervou honey? lilile. buenenenertetetemiija.i'gonnnnrock this thing!! : now that's the good stuff. sonoma collectonont . ke) at farme, we've seen almost everyryryg, so we how to cover alalst ything. even a stag pool party. (party mic) (splashing/destruction) (sasng/d/dtruction) (band gf covoved it, october twen-sevevth, 2014. talk to farms. we know a thing or two because
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up othe top of theouou i'm shelleleockrell with this today sh uate... officis in canon c ey vi all clear thisorni.. r sususuioio de prs residents to evacue eir homes. it happened nday night j j afafr 8 8 arhe 300-b of f rth raynolds.. poce were called o after a sidede fnd a suspicis vice in the arkaasiverfr whenicerarrived ey believ it was a thre... eay 20 nebrby resinces were ecuated. authorities fromort cacaon's's plosives unit a# well ashe pueblb bb sqd respondeto the scene... to sure and detonatehe device. residents were aowed back in their homes just after midnight. it's still unclear what the vi was.. 'll continue to bring you any updates ase learn them. lorado springs police are investigating an armed robbery at h hpeneneduring a drug deal e viims totdice thth were tryryg touy m mijuana om the s%spect in the 44 hundred block of pikik peak avenue. the victims say the suspect pulled out aandgun andhd stslulthe mone
7:57 am
chief morning deorologist ---- stephen n wersoins us s w wiwia look at our cal forocast... stephen. a reflag wararng is eect for ththsoutheasasrn p ps om am to 6l totoy. this includepueblo, huerfano, and las animas counties east of the untas asell as oro, crowley, bent, baca, andwe coununes. ndndill increase to o to 30 h with gususo around 50 mph this a aerno. high temperatures today willlle inhe 50s and 60s. this morning will warm fro per 30and wer 4040around 7 amamnto the lower d mimile 50s by 1am with high clouds p filtering the su
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
woododnd > 8 >0 is8: o o"totoy." comingupt remembering n ncy rereanan we'ltake a aookk at tlife andnd legacy of a wan w redefined the role f fst ly from her iconic sense off style to her moments here on "toy." >> you hav said in the past that your life began w wn n u met ronald regan. >> it did.- everybody madedfunf m m but -- >> td? why di ty make funfyou? on't't kind of squarere iguess. >>e'ree athe reagan prestial lrary in seemy valley. rita wilson iser t t talk health,, hllywywd, and h role asp a singer/songwgwter. and fieldf dreams? >> sorry. tight ters. oscarne salield joins us wh preview ofer new coming o@ age film, today,
8:01 am
>> >> we'ren the big appl all the wayromm pipiurgh! > itheehousus >> goomorning, kentkyky >> we'reelebebting her 21st t birtay.. >eah! >>and we're back now on this mondnd morng. little ununua ng upp insidtuo 1a,,utte'llet out there in jujujuittle e il and say hi to tho niceeoplee lg . t a lot of stars to geto in our next hour we havallyly fields here. she alwaysakes me smile. rita wilson andteve harvey. >> carsosodalyly has joinedus. star p ththe. >first wanto begin thihi lf h of course ass wve
8:02 am
membmbg g ee ofo ncyreag. a aomomreshaped at i meant t tbe firir ladydy driving foe bind one of thnation's most popop esidenenen nanali is at theheeagan ididtialbrbry. nini ai orororeu. nininininininin. utre f fodinininroalveveve the wltin ncy reanaa manynremrier for her utte devotionn toald d of 52 years.% - th/m jt thrhr days ago, by t f way, would he markheir 64thedding anniversary ananverere >>ate sunday the hehese rryi theheiririrdydydy left her home inos angeles. she will be burieieie theheonalddd l valley, cacafornia, usndso% an. shied@onuthehede$%faurursrvrvrrninppppghpttiisisp ased a blog. my mother died peacefully in her eep. it was howhe wanando go.
8:03 am
this morning a a a formidadae first ly who was a 5'4 towering fige behindnd rald regan. present aniciclle@e@ oba sasa s redefef he rolf firs lady. former prent and laura bush ernfluence on the white house complet and lastg. both sides oe pic tmpler an amaan.. hiy f f frreredent intoto an extraordinary woman. ordinary pple are s seaming to the reagan library with flowers andri slway sme sod and sweet and proper and t t waypou exue a airir lady to be. >> r rorter: but beneaea t tt dropextio soul steelarnedollowing thesssinatittempt nst t e pdet 6 i his firster tt anged evytyt. rmer reagannhi s sff jame bakereremembers han reagan's number one pority
8:04 am
shevery, very much his protecfor, )nd she could be >> i beg t think maybe you were playing a southea ciriusus `@u knew bett. . >>eporter:er role a mrs. ronald ran began in h hlylyod wherer the two acts a i&)ve. scarzeneerothe totuedalifornioverr took time te the former rst lady. >> she was one of theatrslaes. exexaordinairery h being and ch a wonderfultner wh her husband, president rean. . >> reporter: and he led the dresmsel towow eetingancygan one of my heroes. sh serve as first lady with unbelievable powewe gla and ( ace. she's also rembere with nd aecon f f the part she plalain the twilit ofovry ite presesenhehe devop eieir'ssisisis a nancy took on her most difficult and ignant re protector and soul mate foror whatle
8:05 am
ma by phone. >hehadon through aot togetherer they had l lkedd forward, you knowwhat they usedd t t refer t their golden years where they could si bac and reminisce and allf that, and she was very saddened that their golden yrsrs would be few. ortend t pububc wililil haveveheirpporornity toome here to the presidel lrary and say thehe good-byes over e ne few days. guys, back to yu.>> all right. natalili tha y y. he. e's going to join us to remember ncy reaganndnd er ny appearancesesp heren the shsh. but, first, tamamn t tther top stiessf the morning. >> let m mget y yaught upp. good morning. with just one day untnthe michigan michigan prior yormary, bernre e and hilry clilion a a a clclhing.pclinton criticized her opponent forupportingill to protect
8:06 am
>f that is t t case, then essentially your p pition is ththe should not be a a guns in america, period. >> thais like the nra position. no.. >> can i finish plea?% all right? >> althohoh senatorsders won e, , nebrasashihi ekend clinton increasas her delegate leaby ting the@ larger state of louisiana. marco rubio won the republicanri in pueo ricout still trails donald trand t crcr. trump p ckededp two more states this weeeend winng louisianaand kentntky. cuz cim victoryn ksass anmaine addinisegate count. on sununy trtrtr called for rubio to drop outo hendd cruzpou go at itd to headad formrm pre carter said he no longer needs cancer t tatmeme. hed auny school class ththis treatment has been successful. the 91-yr-old president
8:07 am
at itprdo his l lernd ain.he saiit wasonutut kept u the trerement twoore months. >> for the f time er the ke ducucssambridge anheir twongnghildnokokacatn tr as a faly of fo. photo were released this morning. william,kate, p pneend prin charlotte spepe some time in the alpspsthe's nodn w o got to thetom of the mounrst, buts far as the snowballhtkateteas ap the winner in th rent showdown. >> as we wewe sang, her ski jacket is sold onnres nd tworld. >acacac pt t point. . >> oneffhese ds that camera will takak ad picture. as we mentntned, nancy reagan was arequent and vorite gueut o ourserern "t."ysl rara aha, whr appepeg lf or byer sbsbd'd' side. . >> good morning and e, mrs.reagan. >> reporter: she wasas for in her sband'ss shshow.
8:08 am
teis, that yoyre the repo >> reporter: she was force in her husband shadow. >> when it is sstededas it often is, that yoe the power behind ththroro -- >> i am the pow behd the throne,ut i think i can sayayt sooften and people will keep sasaininit.. nothing i canano about it, bubuit's not true.. >>reporterfr onenef her rer interews on "toy" in 1980, nancy rgan at h h husband's sidand on his side. >>a kdd o o ironic m mriagef e canandates in the bkgkgund with theonstuency youou might- p>> d d y y y kw anythingut s baground? ye,indede, i kno abobo his baround. seeou ling oveve there.. >> , yes. 0 thths no-- tt's noa fair judgmt or statement. >> reporter: e role she adopt throughout his esidency. >> i think he bn a afry good prprsident.i know that'll comes a a surprise totoou. rerterngime e theehite house, h%r bibiest challenge rned d d ng u uerer a microscop
8:09 am
california for ght years. i thoughtwellsurely, you u know,'ve seen it. it can'n't any worse thanan ths. buttjt d. and it does. i ean, y'rrerelyreally in fishbowl. port: but things d g worr. - r husbaba's attempted asasassination. >> almost lost him, andeople didn't know that. porttotoer husba ttlth ahuimer. & hohois your husband doing? >> wellllhe's doi as s ll a a n be expected. i guess tt's the only way you can put i i younow,w,t/s a ogress diseasese dodosn't'tetter. repoer: alinin rfrfr husband's lecy, >> where do youinyour strengteverdada >> don't know, katie. you jt do what you have to do >> re: nancy reaganan a strtong titil and inuentiql ure iner rwnht, , th a tit not my of us willllve
8:10 am
>> it can be tougug can't i >> oh, yes, it can. yes, it can and iave grt empay for them. it's very sll little `sisrhood, youounow. >> reterter: the relationip between ronaland d ncy an llyed out ke a love story. documenby hununs love le. ronnnn wrote beautif ttete iful. rererterstamt t mariage that laste52 years. >> u have s sd ininhe past that your life gan en y t rald agan. > did. everybody madadfun of m m budud55 theyy d? yid they y ke f f oyo >> 8 8unds kinofofof ss. . >> sappy? >> ahahah >> i think it sounun really sweet. >> katie@joins us now, the globabaanchor f f yahoo! nene and she i ice enougto com back inhe sdio.o( p hi, guys. gogo to see you. >> nini te e u. >> sooving totoatchchhose inerviews. you intervieweher a lot of times, it seewhen sheheet her guard dowow
8:11 am
ofer. pwhatato you member most? >> i think k ususi met nancy regan right afr j y died in n 1998, a a a a aths afdsds whesheave m ar ofof t t reagananlililiy. thi as a resusu she fel ry protective ofe and she s alway just so caring and kind annswt. thabegaseseseral year friendship. wewetetet%ch other, and she'd wrwrwr me nonos. you kno just think e e people thought of her as icicand overly protective of her husband. i think she wasasroteive of herrusband.patthe e sk o oheown n putation. buhe was reay and nice anan f with. she loved to . e was like a girliend. sh likik to know what wawago withverybody. she l tssip >> d d hear s even gavee you dating a a ae e one pnt >>think afy passed y, she w w intntested in who was seeing ananif t t person was a aropriate or not.
8:12 am
i did an evevt at the reagan library i hadadd her that -- a reationship had cently ended with somee who o s la connderably y unger than i ias.. shsh said, wel dr,r,ometimes u have to thohohthat wawaso funny. she j% sheust sendsd very gddvdvdv throught our frieship at >> the lettets she shared with the w w f fm ronald to her, d y yharehere ois show, sometetes it was so personal d so moving, y y mmt felt le wewehouldn be ang theororeading them. l >> right.t. they were intimate. bububuhey were sbeautifufut thinknkne ofle ththgs i rember she told mis, you knw, some people questioned ronald reagan intelligence an s ability t trealal lead the country. hi this was rt of ensuring hihiage e d his gacy after he left t t whitit house. thewere so well written, so
8:13 am
someone v vy intelligent could have itten the e tterdeder st. vainin ththwewe so ar swewe, so ll and i told her, every husnd i america -- orvery wife was thihnkinin why doe't msbd write me letters like this? >> i mit have said at to husba lasr night as wwe falling asleep. saidt ininired peo fallin ep >>he said inspid peoplpl write love leleers again. >>ou two? >>etween us never gng to ppen. you respe spouses. >> sheiked tdi,p u on thinin going on,,nd alsoo wanted >> yes. >> a wteteto stay releva. they hosted a date lts year at theheean esidenal brary. reagand >> i think thlibrary was an important platform for her to staengaged. at thnnnn, , , ald obt thee01identialampaign.n. e did telmehis incredible stry of when h r husband, the e
8:14 am
and he was s ot and ie hospital, she very worried pout the lack of civily in sngtotoaht wawawainininis-a-vis t t litical durse ee ver concernedbo thisis currentclimat pecially, b b b bacacthen. d ihee saiaithat when tipip ill nt to see herusband the hohoital, he kissed him ans id i love u,mr. president andd g g dnn on s knees ait t rd's pryer. ronald reagan came very close e dyiyi.@ci she said that prenteagan an tipip'nll red the lod'd'ayayayogether.r. e was jsaying how u usual tht wawaand d w much a aececec thy had r each other.. sh w bemnini t lack of that in this day and age. >> makeyou longor it. even more so sad eventsriri you bubu it'nice to o e you. bu >>iceee you guys o. nieebebe t t t aboutnareagan. bsutely. p next, we'll lk about nan reaean's iconon senen of style.
8:15 am
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8:19 am
wi twowoays s earn, it mes a l of other r rds seem one sideded >p 8:, back@ ts monday % moing. carson is in n e onge room with me of the tributes pouring in for nancyreagan >> goodd moinin many havav taken to sociall media to share their support and memeries. bernie sas,o matr your party or p pitical ideology, is a@aad d for arici. paul ryan adding, ronald reagan couldn't hav accplisd whatt idid without his wife.. nancy rean brought a senenh of gracnd dignity to the whihihi house.e. frfr mit romn god a aonnie haveve fally w wcomeme ahoicic soso hoho.. oplelehoosin to share pipipies.% this one from sa. the fmer firststy th the space shtl inin1982"tv ide" putting out icicic coversrs the white house posting this. rest in peace,ancy rean. justst small sampling oe amount of le've s sn t ts
8:20 am
>> rson, thankpkouy much. >al, you havee checkckf the weather? >> thas right. we're watching this area of severe weather that'll bee developingrom san antonioo dallas ler dada we're talng about a wide sth somewh a aund the range o o 1million p p peet risk.. maging winds, isolated rnadads. tomorrow, strononr rk betwe corpti to thenortrt%we're likel goio see -rnoess a torrel downpopos.
8:21 am
10 to 12 >> that' t't' youou l les weather. >> al, thank you. nancy reaga is b memeered for many things. one tt cannot beovlooked, r keenense o o style. >> reporter:nan reagan anged theace and the fashion ofofhe f fst lady. she broht hollywood gmour to theehi house.starting psidentreag's first inaugural ball, where she ned i i b b bd one sderr go. it a c coo somay spiredededed fst ladyd michee ama.a. mmmm as she calls him,, wld dresssrsrs reagaga throughout her husbansresincy. describing her sle a simplel
8:22 am
lscacade la rent nametl know o pennsvania avenue mrs. rea!v forrr high collars, finufflfl and bobo and her signaturerecolor, rean d.. asomfortableleith designers as didiitar eryccasionas a chance f her to sport high fashion oks. her expensee taste earned her thenickname queen nancy, whi she respondoo w wh humo . >> that'silly because i'd never w wr a crwwn. it messes upououhair. >eporor froroaysps a llywywd starlet to recent blic appearans, mbsbs reagagag sty and le othesas unvering. trumericancon in the fashn world and well beyo >> award winning jojojolist, edornd aututr ta b bwn e founder and @of tina own livmedididi she@ofifid rganseveval times.
8:23 am
the style o oaneaganss bstataiv she ad thihi reputatnn for being steely and crisp and a lot - had to do with how she esessed. et t tonemmededtely at theauguration, when s woreheonon jimmy go, the whihe, long tubububith elbow leng glgle. it was so eeganan di mi,ng, oong. ( aditional but with a california twist. that's the style she brougug to the white house. >> she didt s awayyrom that asasct of being first lady, of presenting yourself and prenti thi image to the world. >> s s 't't it alsoxtended to her sland of enenrtaiaing. eel that sce nancyreag w havav not really had an unapologeticociaia energy a what ittan c c c c for a pridincy. shenderstood how t create the social iconic moments. for instanan, whenhe -- whenprincess diaia cace to the wite
8:24 am
iconic mo.( hat sheid t tt evening was to tual go and tap travovovo on the shoulderr andnd say to m, at pmidnight, i'm goi to comend say to you to go and ask princessss diana t dance. she was setting u u that moment like llywood. erodyould watch it for t t rest of the time. >> all thistime, we thohtttt was a h hpycocidence. >> it was not.t. >> it wasshe hand of nancy reagan. >> choreographed the whole thing. of course, they did this dance towother, whi evebodydy remes. itbebeme k kdf a statetent abou optimism, amour, llywood, youngeets ol it wasasustwondndndndsheeeerstddly w wt wawa inin>> y y were wiwi "vavaty at t t te andndnd shot a cover with the reagans one or two titis. >> twi. . >> wt were your interactions k? >> we wenen the first te withh harryon, thereat photograph w hase many shshts. we d d it right beforor atata dinneroror presi`dent off - argentina.
8:25 am
before the dinner, in thehe eveving cloloes and take a picture. s it up. harry bensoso b b bhtit h % boom box and a castte inhoho days ofrank s satrara sinng nanch a laughinin fa. he said it'd puthem in a goo 0 mood. th reagans were already ughing and talking, always incting. yoould hear a jok he w s tellingg ander laugng. her sociaia tinkling lah.h. they come in a a immediatelyly hear t t music. sh says, ronnie, my favorite let' dance. hehe says, ncy, wan't keep th president of argtina waitingn it was a cla b vie. shsh gra him by his shoulders and tux and says to him, oh, ronn, l l wa. anddheyancedd togetherer we cald theeagan op. on the cover,r, you see her with her l kicked up wearing ts beaded gowow and he'sn a tux. e ndededeod, again, thiis
8:26 am
>> shc good monday morning!t :26 updpte.... big nen ons country thth rning eymanninis retiring from thththf-l. the star q is hosting a press cocoerenen at 11 o'clock where he'll it official. it will be ehe first time he's spokenince he made the noununment sunda e five-timv-is o o t t qrters toeat ery teamamn the nf... and d ong withthther a aolades t t only y arterback to win per bowls with two teams. happening this a aernoon.. e c lora springs city council will be hosting informal d dcucuion talk about sevemarijuana ordinances.. inudininan ordance that t uld prohibit new mararuana s. also o&othe agenda today a resoluon declaring opposision t the relocationf refufues. . thsoluoncitethat t
8:27 am
security concerns about the fuges resettlement program one concern ing the feferara vernmentntabilto vet ininmimi refugees. elelas the finincial burdon regees cou plala on the e mmunity toy's cityouil meetings scheduled for -- one thihi afterfoon ------the pikes peak conference room. chief morning meteororogist -- stepn bowers joins us now with ephen-.. red flag warng is in effect ththutheasrn pins fr 11to pda thncs eblohuergo, andns unas c of the mountains as well as otero, crowley, bent, baca, and pwers coununes. wind will ineaseo 20o 30 h with gustso around 50 mph this aernoon. highghghperarares today y ll be in the 50s and 60s. this morning will warm from pepe30s and lower 40s aroundn& into the loweand d ddlele0s by0 am with high cloudud fifiering the sun. lorado sprin will be ithe mid- 50s at noon with 40s in t high spots aund monument a woodlandndark and 60s s om pueblo to e southeastern plains. colorado springs getetoser to 60 between 2 pm and 4 pm. pueblo wl warm well intotohe 6 thickening clouds around
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
wood p the the b bls areininng i havee to get ready to go over there. >> 8:30 now,nday, m kch 7th, 2016.. we justn' getting i iee came ototot i didtnowt was cominurur way. od inileverod nice hav yalong.g.g. he o week from today, texexted, coldplayay will be here where we e standing in concert, live. >> goness. y do not wan to m this one.e. if you are able to be here, i yoyore itheareaea b b sure to@ gege here eaeay.y. >> it' going tto bebe tough. if you're lking for a placaca to stand, cl the switboarar and
8:31 am
he can hook youou up. no question. >> ghright. gh byyhe sounoard omingup, we couldn' pk more srs io thth next halalal ho if wetried. ritason is heo talk about hollywoodnd h hlth and we'll also hear a song from her ne bum. also, two- oscar winner sally field.d. looking a amazing as ever d starbibi in a new movie. has a lot of people talking. it'll make you ink, too. >e perfmer, big tatant. stevev harve opens up about his new nb show beforee he -hosts our next hour. >>fun. >> he's even answeriri some esons o viers sent? >> socititi. the way,y, cause i w w a pt of overr the weekend in florida, part of the miami project to curere paralys. they mked the o oasiohh a starartudded evenen
8:32 am
faio o the decades, a @tbull was there. we want toohahemm for hosting us. great, gatcause. checkout. 8 beforee do the weathehe we want yououo check outut this rgeous scene from our fends smith mountain l le in virgrgia. eyekingheir 50th niniary as theelel othe blue ridge, as t t lal calal it. easy to see why. leleion will l all sn ng. congtutution to youou . let'sheck out youreather for the week ah we've goe mixed precipitatnno e nortrt also iacific nororwest, rn cifornia, very wet. eeweek riod,ere weathehethrougthe l ler mid misii . rainn pacacic hwest. lattererartf th week, strong stormsid mississippi rivernd poheys. mperates wayy abo normafor theasternrn/3f th.s. w nmalut st midwee evebody i syi
8:33 am
pretty mhhe same as we end the week. that's wt's going on around the >> i >> i could b%bwrong, butut ink, savannahah we'rerere beginning to see the start o othlili sp bakak$ >> get@xcit f that. the weatherill l goodod too.@. rita wilso haseen entertaining the world me than years. from her rolls in "run away ide"nd televhoho like "theood life she a,ao has a
8:34 am
helbum outt thihi fridayarhs r songwriting debut. it's an h hestk i h rl one including sururving breast cancer aft her diagnosis a year ago. good mornrn >> great to be here. >>8you look go. u sound od. iieard the reaal for yourr songng howwo you feel? > fantastiti what couou be tterer i'mm living the life of aock st. >> you are.e. u'reike musicady now. >> it's so much n. it's reall great. i feel healthy, 100% that's the most impmptant thinin >> i@ant to talk aut the new rerere,ut i also want tomentio when y wen through e b cce ttle, onenene o o the tngsou s s s andre% ememizing t ts toman, are getonon opopion. trus y yr t. >> it's not just getting a second opinion from another doctor whi think is importan but in my ca got a second opinion on my pathol patholy. the pathologyad com in t ititas gati. >> you w to believe at. >>usad the gut.
8:35 am
breast cananr t tce suggested gettg a pathology second opion. that madad all thediffffen. >> makes m me remarkable you rerebleeo produbu this record u wrote the songs on it. knowou h collabators. i read a hilararusus quote from you. - you said it wawa like mical romance and out pops ausical baby. or stripip yourself bare andnd - - - >ou mee a complple straraer, pfaadlynlove, m mususal@ ininrcoue and g ge birth t t t a a songby. >> did you feel like you were ring youou soul? ou hav to complely exposed and y can really go to a writing session a sort of fake it. that's o o of th thingsindd so rdin about s itin alal, thethth songwriterss'm workinin and ollalarati with, ey like that,too. i feell humumed by people i've bn able to work withh bebeusushey'reraordinari lented. at thh sam time wouldn't wa to change anything. ove doi music s much.
8:36 am
>> i im startin mch8th. >> >> o o a bus? crs the c cntry on wheels i'lle@ the crazy person that pulls up to your towow on abus, let't' party! >> are the hotel rooms gng to be trhed? >> you believe the netflix and thingng onn the carpet chardodoay.. w,our hubb i knowe's supptive. is he into thisusic thing? did you write a a n! a a a him?m? >> yes, ididi i'dik to add some nos. 2> he'e' cinin on partf the tourithe, which i igoing toto be ntnttic. he's complety s%sportivend lovesst. he likes the songsrite about him. >> now,entioned ie beginnnng th y y've got yr sttn 1972, is that right?t? "t"t"t"t bradydy bunch."" >> i bve i have a ta,
8:37 am
>> pat conway. >> adydgang? hit it! e, o,ell me, w w a you? ree, fofo, telel m,ho is gogog to scsce? the bes. five,,six, who has thehekicks? n, ght, tell me, who is really g really great? lookthe love mshas givingnglu. >> colol should, ah >> i it fun tototookackk att that? >> i lovethat. 's surprising how many people have seent sh. that's how i got my screen actos ca. without that,ldt hav bebm able to act. >he restt is history. we'l@pear you sininn aew ments. yoyoll b b back t t perfo in a little bit. first, another talented womama therere sal is here wel talk t m#m salield in a ment.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
39.. backckowitit@t two-t- oscar winnnnnnly@yd. pe stars" a n n cini oge momie "elloloyamsdodo" playg t t titlele character who deveveps annfatuation witit a much younger man. lclce. >> let me g g oulf you wayay ow.. okayay sorry. >> oh, . m so so >>t's okay. letet me help. so sorry. i'm so >> . ris, stoppit stop. >> ok. >> y y didid tha on rpose, dn't u? no. >ye,ou did. >>no, no, ididn't yououe a lili. j not. >> okay. >>t's a gooo plala to freeze itit field, good morning. how youdoing? gogo,good. p>> l ltltl kwd? mean, fst of all, i'll mention,t's a daydream sc >> rit.
8:41 am
>> with a guy who is old enough to be yourr son? yeah,, one of my -- dedenitely. wast stsge too oot? >>te, you knowowouou s st o o owaghrthing ve??? yeye? yeah, is onlmoment.t iuess forne moment, because we knew what theourney was gog to be, max i,nd he'ssovine, isasa,st of all, i apologize.e. anyay you he age issues because, you know- awa -! >esa, , a in.. >> jusus i'm ready for ya. i did. we wereeust &@ne. >> doris is excentric. >> yes. >> coming up e. >> it's h h comomg of age i i her agag >> inn her60s? >ay late s. >> whehe i say she's's excentric, she is borderline arder. yeah. >> theirector of thth movieie doesn't likek thaha term becau
8:42 am
so she h a strongonnection her possessions. >> yeye thth's's good w o saying iti she has a lot o o borderline ersononityyisises e reayyyives iner own fantasy rld. like you say, that kind of ncyyh- t audienee dodon't know atatat but she lives i herwn little bu until s doeoe l l in that bubble ymyme. erything cng. >ominge bececse she kind o o deces herge, now whatstill te risks. >> well, l le does s ese things to you where itsvethin out fromnder yoyo at's your choice i life. you either have to -- you sy petltl whehe you are for theeses oriferou ve onon u move to thth next chapter o o yourur@ife, whatever it might be. >> are you aisk taker inl life >>t pends. not like -- i'm not g t ng o a mountain or jp out ofn airplane, but you know, moving i -- hat's the biggest risk y
8:43 am
today,y,oiisisis >> i i c'te tt big a risk. >> a moment? you knowhat?t? i t what is thst ri_k m sur i ild h hee aa mag orr soin i don't know. we won't gont that. l stohatightht there. >> let's e on a really lifting -- what isuplifting? >> wtakes y happiest these days? >> wi. >> andhen you take the ris afafr a a couplof glaesf wi. >>hen jumputnne. >> t msreat 's'suneck. id w w wwere doing one off ththhh aut u, isaid, you alws make mee smil >> oh, how nice >> sll do. hankyou. >> great to see you. ello my nam is dodo hits theaten fray.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
troducec us toa'staleeddsd ttn a mononymornins@toy" onb >e'e' > we're b bk at 45. e aanf manyents here, , . steve harvey.he's already annemmy-winning talk sw host, radio persrsality,omedian and pbest-sliauor now on his show ittleeig shots," he'sn the mission to find the biggest talent in the alstperfmer. >> this isogh. >>ready? areou lined up whe you nee be? >> yeah. >> all right. t's opop ome on!>>rely. >> ery time, hean @hat >> we, ttvery but ren w dtetnene inln'mn adadt. >> so this isike a tent show but n n a tent competition. >> no competition.
8:47 am
realtastickids. th d incredib stuff. i thought itt would b b - it was ellen's idid. sheeame u wh e . nd ell ahehe oder oe ow ac thghha wha it ing to be al. i thought she wanted me too partner in a bususessventur >>hehelikeow about you hoho tshowcacae you don't have enough shows. >> i said i don't have enough . who is going to ho shsaidldi think you can. i said, mu? sig ougu a m princie.e.@(@( tre perfectct for ts bee you do the terv tki u tk to them. you're reall goodt that. 's sle >> really y au i talkgo kidsse they're ure.. >yeah. see, their pr person can't ep em. sohey'y' pure. ey're just c andt makes rot ofu man. t ar s@ othe ts that you saw thateally imessedyou? >> this k wtheeastball
8:48 am
man, ty' gwveot kiki from a around the rld. >> nott amerin kids. . no. ere' l ltle boy f]oanan whw speaks n n enish, a a they - brt a intereter with hi wealked on e,,ctlly 25 minutes, and i nev sd a word to th ininrprerer. really? >> it t s me and him. >> found sommofcocoicg% >> f f f f o o janese word thth iught i cld pronounce. and i rolled itout. evy tim hjust leaned back, pueet in ere. wolngng laughi the mostalenteddkid, man. en y y seehaha he eses it's going to be great. >>ks likek a fun ow. >ah. > know you eorsed hililry cln. on yio ou tk litisotimes.areouat the osel realose. iovevonald trump. can't wait toear what l say next because it's crazy. >> f empmpyment f aadio
8:49 am
i me, he ishe total packe. it amazing. >> b the way, you and ih juju f out,ayay ahesa me,hat y're hosti nextur >> ahust f tha out.t. >> ously you haven't prepared. >>or have i received a chk. >> , my go you wt me to n niate for you? anything. hey, bc, higher - lk we lk forward canat theie
8:50 am
8:51 am
pemaeerm on rs this "y",,,,,,,,,, t > t cioncert ssn oday" is proly presented byy citi. . . >> wot to ct witherrlie no rit wiln is bac to sing for . >> perfrrming "angororhe ride l l ls angelemen,
8:52 am
oe 't,, mr whe w han handseeir a lhe c suc blare oawhoa, along for t ride riri
8:53 am
ving is a stami - know yoll go sanef 'tet little c czy doe doesn'tlly mterhe@ % we'r going alf the funs rolng p you handsn the ai lethe musiclare whoa celo for t ride
8:54 am
, oh oh, roll the windows wn, your hairon and let e mus p elo f ride rl tindows down, let your hr blow in thth air and lethe mumuc bla whoa, if you don't tn we won'tly ce alongorhe r r p whoa, whoa e alo f ridid
8:55 am
[ applau [ plause ] >> r ra wilson, the album com tfrid.the taus lathihi nth. >> we e backith much more of
8:56 am
ws. up o othe top of the hour, i'm shellene cockrell with this today show update... officials in cononity givingng eathor.. ter spiciouse e tuptptresint eat ths.s. it happened sunday night just after 8 ar the 3 3-block of ol.. liceere eder a sident found a suspicious device in the arnsas river. whenfficers arrived d ey believed it was a that... soearly 20 n nrbybresidees evaated
8:57 am
explosives ut asl asashe pueblo bomb squad reonded to the scene... ecure and tonahe device. residents were allowed back in ththr homes just aidnight. itit still unsleararhbt the device was we'll ntinueueo brbrg you any updas ase len th. rado sprprprice investigatan a aed robry that happened during a dru deal. viims told policthey re t ting to buy mararuana frhen 44 hundd block of pikes peak avenue. the victims say the suspect pulled out a handgun and stole the money. one w wured. chf moinmeteorogt -- stephen bowers joinss now with a ok a aour local fofocast... stephen... a red flag warning is in effect for e southeastern plains fr tom toy. this sncludes eblo, , erno, , and las animas counties east of f the mountains as well as otero, owley, b b bacndro un. wind wcrse t to o h wiustsarouou 50 h this aerno. gh temperatures today willlle in the 50s a 60s th morning will warm from upper 30s ananlower s around 7 am into the wer and midd0s 10 whihi clolo filtering thn.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
tsund monunt and od tni steve full assss uralue -hos heheigent , d aamind mak g cold la. rom sbi s suan st s .all tha andeingp ne>> annncer frombc ws is itos"ak aror, nataliera wlieget tnha.verom stu1-n efleaza.>>sda morng, mch7, . ce broro o o on the bh za we know why thehere r blly here, steve harvey@ is our special guest a cot. > didn't know unt about
9:01 am
>> no one paid you,e gedededpaoao ocheck, t or er. %>@ i/d'dorkke@ >>asot u. >idveverv, h has the new show little big sss add to the l l l off or 1 1ererngs he d dsveryry dadadadadastenengo y y yameaeaea wiwiwind fififi >>umbebebebesoso. are g gng t talk m abou littltl big shots. easo this going to be a hit -- first of al you ure so goodith the kids but it's not a cmpitio >> =rydy wi youavompeti you'r gogn to ve chin@cr. nobod w th. >>utu t all are so gteddbt atata the do - j j jtt l lhemomeeee doth thiro a a r t dde justeee fh ththndndnd and they just do sometuff, , n. veee- ppppsikikikikamamica'ss gogdd eetsts s s the darnesesesthinin. t.absosotely the b bt rt foror t t t tt acacalalinivieie ppen yosit t trend y t chdrdrdrdrdrdrdr likek ults, theveve got some realtuff for. >> you oh, yeye
9:02 am
yo know,yy d't't'tavav publicisyet. elelelou theirirusins at home, whatttom and dadadsp to. theyyaytu aboutheir papants and tentststsre theiee and t tirarents are m mfiednd@'m dying lalahing. it's theighlight ofy day. >> you have the steve harve showowhi isusttling it.t. >> youknow, i'm blessed, man. m j jt working. >> faminy feud. loongor more. >> i like jobs because i like tion when people talal aut getting d o o me g ahead. >>sjori on boardw >> no, sheaid don't sign nothing se.>> youav hilrynton coming up onnoushowow >> a a a that big,man? i'm lik- i'mim yes, you e. >> you are a king maker. . i'mng to have ump ohere on ou h h h thave him on >> i would pay money t watch youbndald trump. >> ou should. >> iknow. that's aay purvievent. it is. >> donald,d call ste. we need to g you on thathow. weweilll talal much more abt what sveveup t b weant
9:03 am
the passing of thep former first lady n n nrerean. e diei att home yesterday in lifornia. she s 94 yea d. natalies a atheeagan esidtial libibry whmore.nalie,oooomorn >> hi. good mornini to o u guys. of course, nancy reagan is being regardeds one of e most inflntial fir t tdids, so devoted d h hhusbd, president ronald rerean, but she alsosoade h hark her own wio maitiavewe tak a lookacacerlifi >> n ncy reagan iseing erededhis morning as a fofoidlest ladyy who was the 5'4" towing figure behind rona reagan. president andheheebana said she redefefed the roleef first lady. former president and l lra bush called her influenen onnhe white house completeend lastg. beneneh tha sweet andnd proper exterior was the sl ofstee
9:04 am
assassination apt against the president 69 days i his rstterm.sakememem h h nan reaganan numbebe one prioritbecame protecting ronnie. >> she`e`e`evry v v his prec she could b tough. >> s's also beingemembered bth fondness and afffftion for pa slad in the twigf herere stoit thth predent w wn he developed zhmes disease andey tookn h mos dficult % igna role asrotector and mate ft s cd the long good-bye. theee reagan'son ronon spoke t t matt by e. ( >>hey egh lott geth. they hoo frdou knkn whaheyy use t tefef as their golden years whehe they could sit bacacndnd rinisce l that a she was very saddened that their g yeyrs woulbe fe sasuch but plolostory,y,ertainly being celebred as part of her l ly here.
9:05 am
begd ferwo shwa amohe firir o& first dies to have a reallatform with h just so ti-d ai a ahehelsecam a rfoicend aadadcate for sm cell rrchhurinin her husbandnd lon battl with alzheimer'ssdisease. mrs. reagan w wl beurdd te on set this wee here righ nt tot husbat t e prestialibrara s ll. back to yo >> natae, thanks so ch. aci i w tng t a hisrian this morning who s sdithout nancy reagan there is no governor reagan a no president reagan. shshwas reallyy the driring force bendim getting iits d camigndn whehe%h lo 76 to tgain in '80. so in many ways she shaped this country. >> is interesting, too, h pop cre influence. for people around our age i rerember her makingn appearance on different strokes,% ( u know, andheash pununbrucer int say too campgn,hatever people may think offit it was criticized
9:06 am
ucnmome that was my recolleion o o her. >> she jusll ho s weallyy classy fir lady. t up there witit jace o. and michelle obama. i thought they were clasas. >> androro. yoha these song women who keep their identityhi sll@ suppting obviously the mos werful personn the borldworle wecaca yeery, tamronn and myselflf and lan dr for the 1nnpo pngcial olympics. >tete skingngis head alreadad >> so you are notn advocate o o going i for t polplun. you will writetehe check to donate the moy.y. >> i wililgive you t chchk. ack people don't polar ge. dot ow wha made ythinknk all idea. i'm surprised you're he. >>t was -- to j honest iwass mr's.
9:07 am
wt >>hat wass a real@ plunge. meron, y y t2i@d no ge airrwet. >>ouokw the deal. >> that's not true. herere is what happpped.. i a sick, i've beenick forthreee eks. p > likthat too. otr black pple can't stereotype. you didn'ttant to get yourp harriet. th'sthat wa >> we have plunged how many tis i different bodiesf water where my hairas- n' mi. rx th l l mute sa iou d. ears. so when i wt back, i don even remember going back plut. ususmembe wertouchingng >ndndoommnd - >> iwa azing. >> you had to get a doct's excu toolar plge. iave resratory infect of some sort. >> ly gaga was therer@b > lady gagaasere. lolo at alal >> thehe rf epd.
9:08 am
there's gaga who didteter w and she notblack. >> see, once aiount t al. >> there were other black people.. ere were. >> not on film. it's not tr. they weren' 0reay they werere th >>yfwether >> the nofoe. >> nfoote. >>s a conspiracy yes, it is.u thoht they ack. after theyot out the water theyas blue. that's not black. black and blue. >> that's not what that is. >> bbl. >>ow cold was al? >> do u u ow whatat i4)s about 38 degesndhere was no ice onh - - lt y wp 18 grnd ty y d tnk t ice. >> yeah. in thehe end $ 4.3 millipecial pympicolympic athletet. you u u still writehe check >> i'll wte aeck.
9:09 am
>>ile w tear of thth cents. >> i w wl bedot. aood tim i chag t t uc an hono thk yoyo letet take a look at this. miami heat bass cot bni -brbr his birthday lt nit,eiry apparely. during t t game against the i 6ers. it was a s to s a guinns wod record for most mascots flipperr durg the bre -- heas spose c the mascots. that's not the g. no, i don'think that'ss a gag. i think one o o themm g gging w. >> tho it wasn pue. lookt . >> h.h. e wappy abo , thou >> yeahah >> meanwhile, tha ---et you't wan to be a a mascot no re. >> which would you wan as
9:10 am
>> i i going to polar plge. you c't't do a fli ony er. that can't happenen >> a flipper onhe zipper. ( >> it's notot fpnhezip.p.nohaanpp. m aad i ve ans. do you real? >> i he a vacion i'moing on, i want to to really work t. you w to enj things. marjrj isoming ck >> willie you have nothing? jusm i tught weoue a a good time but there was a mascot -- >> all roker, don't you have somethinggo show us? xc me? , m sh. in e weath world. well, we are lookiki att some severe weath coming in, w veve this sw moving l sustem,, n noi anywhere. pressure is domiting. a ridge o high @ so pow can me ywhe a so ttteans we're goingo ha rrirmsushing on
9:11 am
antonio tdaas up tohihi and >ndhat isourr latt weather.r. >> thanknkyou, alal e,or auy whoid kno he dng thi ten min agagou'vonee p pttwellll more with steve hveve after thisisncluding yourueionsns
9:12 am
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made with reregg whis,ean cut meats,s,nd whole excellent source proin, it ferp thrg to help por thugh her morninin with jimmy dean delights, od mornings lead toreat days. i guess i nevevereally gave much thought to the acity in a a foods. never thought abt the coffee wainking hg iderawneon m it could ht ur t%tth my dentist hasold me your emel is wearing away, and that soundnd really scary to me,, and d was like well can you x it, cacayou painack k d xp wot ing at g b it'sind of one-timshotot anananhahacareort. he tolmeo use pronamel. it's gon help protecte in youree. it allowsv to o ntin to drink my ffee and to eat heahier, d itas aeal easy ito ma. > bac bk with our kh our special co-host steveve hait tim steve. ( people ste, from oplaza, randomly ct @t'startut w >>ay.
9:15 am
sadie, 12 yearsold, and they're from thomasville, georgia. gddmorning.hi,steve. >> hi& >> i would like to know, how d d rse appreciative children? > how do i raise appreciative children? >> yes. on't gehe you d't g g them thin when y do give them something, they have a lot more appreciaon forit. it's'sust toughparerti.. you know, youe g t balananng a a he t rye a lif so your hav a betetr lehan you d. he same timemeyo can g ge themeverythi. sotimes, withholding the@ ( blsing makeshe blessinggore priative >>di you coo tha er >> no, she wasn't. >> s didn'tikehaht all. mo hy a y askghm?'s not my dad.
9:16 am
next ,hie f ntreal cana.. goododmorning.g. >>d mornrng. >> hi, ste. i'i' l le t know,owo y al with intsive alsl oh. >hange the locks, yeah i d let min in yeah, thehe call. ot allll tir numbers. kw t t nuer rllereinaws,s, but veve in-laws. make fornn unstable environment when they c ceover. lili,an you r rllyy c ck rlly ? ottd. >> stop . cook dly. clean ne. yes. >>ring in se water that don't lookhealy. s.>> don't dishes. just s t t fork out there wh g o peop have a tennc to go home. >> they'll leararar >> that't' wt i . >> great advice,stev thk you.u.>> n nt up oh, da hee a@d lexixi she'sears oldndhey're
9:17 am
>>oodmorng. morning. >> at what age should your chdren beoving out othhous thiss@ myy ught, ex tell her wn s needs to leavav > lexi is 24. >> sulbene yy,,ye. you'vot to wowoer,hould the thanymort'se go i wanted mine to leave by 12, but by la i had to kp them ar, you. lkin about, i w a pant. yeah, i think 24 is t lilit. i think oe -- do o u have a -curfew? >> no. t'seooncean't t touhi tomme, you he tooo t them . >> she's ined eaeay, so i i n't tter. >> have a great kid then. she l lks like aeetheart. >> thank you. >> doesheooyththth >> my daughtean stay. my sons --o o can livee in m
9:18 am
>> you can come visit me, xi.>>ea >>lr bagge thepack >> k ander dauauter chela.a. rsldm kans. >> hi. >> asksteve. >>hi, steve. why does myeaiful daughter keep datin guysaroingng noere? iad her read yourbook. >> w. mom, mom. >> she's not kid . yav got toerstand beaul youndow deserving you are. yoveot toake guyay the rice. you ould nototomntoguy's fe to elevateis lifif unless 's eletingng yours. it c c't b b a aone-ded reet. get rid o ietet rid@f a losers that come to my house. three wor that h as ed f ysys i'll k kl u. >> o go >>ay thato th, and i i with everyib inbo. ill kl you.
9:19 am
t out of my house. that'sit.. >>we thank y vy chchch ughter]. - >> j jt r one o o 'shead. ri an eaea h had cheun while they talk. ela, aft isis the boys wlll you a i'm sure u'll be getting msages beuse you arere a knockout. autiful. >> o o shehel beeeft alon oy goo boy willall no t du,la. >> t you, guys. >> qukly, steve, you are a -- th king whent com to we tmustache. how lolw have you had your mustache? >> p pbably s s s i w . >>ly >>ah. tha ic >> no, got thic ii shaveva it off in cocoege.e. i'llll never do that again because i actually discoveved thehe didiance from the top o my lipto the t of my nose is acac foufeet. >> really?
9:20 am
i can't shavetofof >>e w wt to see how well can recognize other fous stst rs know that e.e. >> tom. ( >>oh,, ah. >>next. >> jolin? , that'ss burt ol don' i don't know. will fereell. >> t tt's not aeal one, iit >> ron brgrgdy. >>next. >> mr.r(potato head. >> tha lookeddike sometng else. > al ke >> when had mustache. >> iooked like m potato head. steve isangingut re>> u nextlilintapletet. there'onlyne e jussttefres
9:21 am
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9:24 am
enenen innbc'snd spot. you g high-f-fg. >> you h y h u t tabc regogo. r advtu coinues.pele are obsesse wh this show, "bsp." did you see thatcoming no, i didid not. then you see the sses, into ohhepepe prom, you hope e at show isss od as t`e promotedit. >>nd iis. >> people are lovingit. >>ououaracr,oo b b too the b hehehehhisipi mystererusan pppn mes uaua. >> nakekeke covevev inoo wrt, ychacs hihi iry nas m.m. i wand to artt f thatat . kurtrts o body. we'reeettigs. i'm as cfu a i wn e% ginning. yeah. d youwwmore > no. >>usting it? > prereymuch. nrpos don't't wttt tw w goinino h h h atahe e % %
9:25 am
yo know y dl ite sese ar, i i deal w i i e be.e.e.e( >> you jt gin,, lee did wiwi hosting this sh?? >> .. i ion't k whasoingng gh now. >> thqnks for dngng t interview.whahah% t eses k you f f hanahng`gith . 00ewllatcht toge ise o oepire, budd y'll gegegethth ok not too quick n't let t t ntil i s s sov i got you... art ngh thger100% you'reoing i i whe graker oats.d ofyou gogo chobsily00 nly y yhhheeyoth zervatititi
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retireme today, a m mth aft % winng hisiseconduper bowl. helso ened the title with the indiaiapo i its 2007 the tender ofl 39 manning is t oldesttt @b to sup bowl >> o tin seening wi lead t n with the m mt career earnings of a&a play. $249 million in dorsements. that's nice. and it w s a zoo at t e box office lot offie goere checking out opia brougug in anstimated 3illion, londer
9:32 am
,,,, p>> andhat is you latttt weather. >> thank youo much it's time for a friendl competitionnn t new gra ow separatatn an pairs are put to o e ultimime test t see how wl the know each other. >> comedian eel zasclessis t- is the host. explain thee foreoe who unn andatat t t to. > t tsefhoisd a smoke peek last night. it's a s where we take exampl, b bt friends, boyfririd, gifriend a one nose that they'y' playi a game ow fof $2500, the one one
9:33 am
the one plalang for 50 thinks it's a fun internet gam ow.the quesow welel du know partner. >> is t f priri thedog? > there cl out letting pmemeave m m d d on n set. she's excit to o eree obviously. itooks like it. >> people may not know, your stand up is fantastic. you havelreadydyad o o upecial. tell uabout the nextnene >>e're ro rgd itt ri i had two netflseciaia. i had my stand up witit al. all right. le play t t game. right. let's do i i the right way. weust launcnc an ansnsr o confer?r>> no. i will tl you e ectly how it goes. welcome backo separatatn anxiy. i gotot upp at 6nd i forgot my spanx. leles g g itstarted. thisiss n n the way to p py the gameme there e no rules re al, i'm going to give you t categories ccose from and you will h he to pick for your partrtr and tnouillnsnsrr the q!
9:34 am
we wiwio realili tvr u.s. stsrsr >> u.s. history. >> you thi henows the mos ou.s hiy? >>yes. >> i think heorbos. htoha rtv. >> that makes y a good american or a b one? ift were rested b buzzfeed what would m mt@likelititd onstutio amememes u ha to read". >> is ththe a bzer? >> what is phe bill of rights? >> bill of rights. biri i rgh youin$10,000. >> all right. >> he k kw thatat >>t? er w wgo. p>> okay. > taon,, i wl t witit dikeo ask you -- >> i didn't want to -- f sd d mero would you rrect me. >> >> , i would t.- >>ruho fororve are cereala
9:35 am
>> ceal likee food? >> s, cer l)le od mass murrers orlogos. >> cereal. > go ea i'm ready. - i'm g to nl this. >> whicherealoasts i magiydelis?s? lucky charms. it's magically licious. >> 000 o the bobod. >>hey're alway a a meucky charms >> here we go. . you're dead, alal c cegorie w whavefood bibigames. >> food,plse. you aste che rre >okay. >s popularr pastry i i bally t food b of a doughnun a a croissant. >> it ishecr. thawas easy n the act they ge a lot rdrd. have one mo.. okok.onon mo
9:36 am
on o otwo. >>stevevev comeseso o s f f tamron... >> you d't want me to call uyou tam cam. >> celebrity couples or u.s. states? >> celebrity couples. i doant too -- >> you are the one that said that mississippi was - it's a long story. >> oy. back to the show. celebrity couples, how many children make up the brand jolena jolena brood? >> that's a tough one. >> i think they added a couple. >> stop. stop. they have thetwins. >> six. >> six is right. >> yay. >> i jhink that ties . >> tiesit. p>> separation anxiety premiink
9:37 am
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9:41 am
q invented the story, and isn't th what really matters? ...w$at e e eout5me?@ hehe e're goininto dgrea hi... > >> , t ts y y yarks t00 @l a aiverererthee ol plplge, which r r rs m m m m andnd awaress@oralal olpics. >> yesterday, al and took a
9:42 am
or t t t tt fewyryrrhe rsrsrsav t t $ ct@hehehe's usususitit y y s w w elslslsls owed epte oururjimm thththa suit dy gaga and h t tlwrade spspsp. cchceghan god mor tant h h f fxxxwet.ee767676 acros tr t the llinin un th plunge toaise awareness and fds for pspececll impiand d e wataeraturis, prh?? is, it wass finlylyly tutu> helpipipio raiselions of llllll for thepecialympipi. 400 a a aererryryar plunun.. y w wlt you d dit polar plun >> architectf thisdvture wasowowre tbe d. % >> tamron idea >> w ware oblated dgngn see tataon o ? my c cpadrdrdrd@ "4bdby" atat
9:43 am
> saloiddngngngngngngnt i can't touch my toes. >epororr:r:e got o oselves inin ape, y ynn t t beach a h bfa. n ndughn >> r r/rte0 sosls fromll grndnd allpptsts o o oe d. ( newzealalal >>orororor including the o ly lanbaaaa's ce,ayayay @nney.. akak the d de --%> h h hanan off avaone isisisalreadadad>>. . eporbst ogo," "c"ccaca meme ancago pdp$p$ >> i'm'm wearing speedo. it's a f feral ndate, not lowed@ to wear aspeedo. >> it wasbleeeeeing wititit gaga, tlorinnend t t pastoff hicapd."."."." >hanknkyoyo tamron. . >> thankhk f f all you door e specialal ympics.s.. eporter:ittltl did we ow,
9:44 am
i want to d this for a gat cause. >> the's not i i out ere. >> reporter: wle@edyla nksnn i were kicking offhe event -%- >>amamnn hall>> r rorter: timim to div injn >et's gogo let's go! ssgo! oh! >> oh! oh, goshsh scold >nn sh. i'm ive! i'm ive! >> did yes, we did. reportete we weren't thenly eshiveringnd reaming. al for a goodd cau
9:45 am
not asd this year. >> last year,, it was real cold. >> i havee com b bk k xtxt ?? that's ri >> , do a alogize because w w w ala had d game plpl.i i isis i g youut of ththth water. once iotnn ere, i left. >> it was like a turtle on my back help me! >> we running in a a la s like, we'll do "bay tch." thenshththt orflilht >> you did aacelant. >> fell down. >> goal of the evt, raise $1.5 million. `so far, $1.4 llion. cely . >> thank u, ,uys. you r rllidn' know was showing up. . . >> had inono -- >> ytillouldaveone . thank you so@ much p next, speakin of family, st harveyas new show
9:46 am
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9:50 am
plt. mmmm, yoplait. > in in addionn to his dayime talk show, steve harveyas a sees preuny on c cal e shots." it features performances f f f talented kids. >> some will perer for us le in a few minutes. fifit,erers steve w pint-sizedpellingwiz. mharv, please spell oiss connsseur. >> oin-a c-a- c-o-a-s-e-w-e- no, p i . >> t t kid. >> this show i i going to be huge >t' the st.
9:51 am
reeally goi to msust lete hystericaloyoy o y yrz teleleon set. because kidsre re,man.n. 'sikeouai eaea is a "khe gs" a a "aca's go nt,"utinlors pellgy, i i@tso, it scrle. i b a t rul of e elli w w so m a alking was spelng. it knoigs. ast ohe s me. >> we got some of the ks- e offofoverre thequt. er andis te.. tell a tse >> there grea they cameeinin man, their orobntle b otirstallte' o igtig>> . >> the areuay m kids.itas a ween
9:52 am
lllleeowald tf tirnds. cn a ja ey't useusicshee jt jam.m. p>> what are you going tpl? w going t pla"st u an dan >> fm walk lelesea .
9:53 am
, , >> wowow >> wow, ththjoyoyoququtet.t. u guyuyre terrrr. some wha you'llsee.e. "l"ltle bigshots" premierg this sunday at 8:8:/7:00 central here on nbc. coratulation congratutions, steve. this is going to be huge. >> yeah.
9:54 am
9:55 am
first, thiis "today" on nbc. our
9:56 am
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one more hour left for,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,>> f >>rommbcwshis iod" w whie gifford ha kot l ftu 2a rockefeerpl>>hihi ybel tunday nd, marchhe 7@,@,2016 jeanan hager is fng fohie e e. thisg i "n"" wowowo whi i perfec b eririhassss you had a good ween >>ou h h a>> w w going t t t t tk h hwo gossipseeke, , dingg why mna g emotion on stage durin her coert. a l l of p pple knono thehe's been a custody battle goioin so we're going to t tk abo that aittle bit.t. >>fou c't havavhe bod


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