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tv   News 5 at Noon  NBC  March 7, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MST

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to e e epl t game. sot: 46: - 4i'm lucky to wititgreqeqt qb imymy life te witns someuper bwins. erers rhrhg g tter as a orororor. so thanks theud that qppreceion in a nuways sososohoed. sot: 4 400 pton mamaing. wooooo peyeymamamag otrsrs brbrght`gngnsot: 47:03 it's s s ghettoooking. . we ran out of marker but i hope they can see we've got that defense. peyton%dididid@t@t, , w & s time us to keep plinin job.b.:23 wa't'tn)my mind w wn i i i thth shirt tha he wld a cpnpnh h h ssn.n. jojojoartinez/broncofat:4646 wish we could have him f fev, s nicece himng o he d tom trujilbronco fan 45:47 go out on top whileouan. nothing bebeerern .t:6: i h gngon today so wh else am going tothan cepout hehe and enjf. ladies sot: 48:3131olme to wake r up if pe r r h he`rerererere s`eid 'r'rgokng t dovovey sot: 50:00 all the peoe e diana still love mannnnnnand d e happy y a a a
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o wewewer das p p ary issue is the rereangege itback wititusususin wh
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the stro wind and the low humidity. rev v ag warning is in efffft foebebebhuhuhad animas countnts eastf the momoand r edo,cry,z,ent, prowers, baba d owa unties until 6 pm day.yyy e wind i ialreadadat 1 130 mphv isisfternol bebe a a a wind increing ththire nger. . totorrowom wh h h colder r ananweerhang lve the detailmi ananans.s.s. your fulululcist is s m@ng up. ,, and 60s. your full forecast is coming up. new information at noon---two borfported d d d yesterday ve b bn und d fely. spnglice say a jeeee
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assososoitit1717ear-r-r- pttheadr-gegg anb h h year-oldldrother macace e e beenennd by searar@and rescue crs.ththys we alound neay anare being brought wn from the mountain poli believe thehehes s br residee e ururto go off r r i i ired jep aner the c`nn c- is agopuublo... zers o othjor juanevent from "high time`bagazine pulled their permit a a,aca from th county saturday morning. veveveor organizizs had to pusthe evevevev back to april 22 through the 24... cathtptpioiowasn't susuitted 75 d ds aheaeaof tim and the countytyadntil march 23 to ke disioio. a @haround -- that prorotersrs say was too tight to handle. hey runnini outf f me etting bdsko cketononalend s ch ando o o @ forth d d$heheought i was in tesesenreststeir
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and look at a ter date" even thougpuuulololoy y y y sheriff kirk taylor and lorado ol have e okok k nst the ent.. promotertomm jijih-done giodone"ays thatidn't t ay a factor in their decision to withdraw the application. p and he hop agaext year. happening this afternoon.... the colo springs city cocol wie stinan iniscualalt sesel rianan ordidincncnc ininan t dt t t ululprititew mararuanana gls.s. is m mtingngomt two a-a-a-a-a-m-m-juana a s# fofce gaveveheir final lecommendations to the city council. tltls tributes p p png in today y for former first laly nancy reagan. passing sunday is promomg wa of euloloes andndndmemoriall points oe lititil specec. many say reagan rerefifid at it meant to be first ly. nbc's natalie morales reports...
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substandndnzo ce- hearaf p- teteunday, the hearsrrngng l l lslslsl left her home in los angeles... whwhe th94didi aestsvevevert frere.. hedahd -atav releblog post overnit: "i got theall around 8:30 this @ mornrnrnrnrnrnrn, that my momo had died peacefullll her slee it was how s wanted too. this mor - newet a a emerginger funeral plan esesesov rsingng statatent "mrs. reagan will be bieathe ronald reagan presidential liy ini vavaeycafornrn, neneo r husband, wiln rereqe... prior toto funal service there will be an opportunity for members of theublic to r rereectsthhhhharanwhwhtributes a png rememeerererthe formrmrmrmst lalalalalalaeaeaasas w ca home for eight icon ars.presidenobama and current t fifit lady miclle ob asasg a statemensaying... "our fmer first lady redefined the role iher t t t ererer addiand d ` grateful for nancy reagan'sife, thankful for her guidance,e, prayerful th she and her took t te t# pise the former firslady: sot "she was one ogreatestst firsrses, an extrararanaryry` man bed d ch a w/wdedeulner totoer hband, toesesent agan,
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still ahead thisfternoon -- troubling`trhigh education--- 'rlooking into w w college tuition is shigh.... a warm a windy afternoon
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reflagarnini is in effect until 6 pm for pueblo, huerfano, and las animas counties east of the mountains and for otero, crowley, bent,
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conditions areavorable for fifis to sta and spread rapidly. wind is s e of the weather elements involved. a warmnd dry downslope wind was whipping at 15-30 mph with sts edgingngtoward 40 mph. e other big weather element is the very dry air. humiditys dropping t tarar10% at n/nn and d likely continue dropping this afternoon. we arearm, too. tempatures an the 50s and 60s d warmg quickly t t midday hour. hihis tollnearinin0 degrgri i ololo o rings with middle a a upper 60s fropueblo and trinidad to the utheasternrh plains. winds 20-30 mph with gusts 50 mph will be t t biggestsjssue this afterno.`` it can me driving sy and can t your visibility by owing around dust. clouds will increase as we warm ugh the 50and 60s through 2-3 pm. the bulky clouds from the north side of colorado springs to monument can contain a brief rain shower. snow will fly yp in the high country along the continental divide. thfeshowers that do velop this aftetnoonill fadecklk isisikni tomorrow will be coldewithx rain that becomemea littleleore widespread. temperaturur wililmax out only in the 40s a a 50s, so it will be cold rain with snow on thth high peaks. it could even start as snow in
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mog berehanging to rain.weesday starth some cloudst clriilta aoaoin thefrno the of w w wbemoly s witteates rminbaths
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now to a special report is afternoo-- troubling trends in higher education. ififou've ever wondered why college tuition is so high, consider this -- the number of new administrators acolleges and unuversities. as brie groves reports, even as schools claim to be baling budget crises, they're adding armi of f reaucratto their ras. trlion dollar loan debt s t colleges back in the spotlight. we know state funding cuts foed schools to get rid of extra services and raise tuition ..ut now we're seeing a different trend-- a dramatic increase in staff...and whs footing the bill...the student i don't li the fact that he students havto bear more o the cost... it's still considered by many the gateway to the american eam. but a four-year- college
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education is becoming out of reach for many high school graduates. definitely dream of y of free colge. over the past 25 yea, tuition at four-year public universities natiwide has more than doubled. and it has increased almost as fast at private schools -- creating sticker shock for my families. pam uccs- it's higher than want it to be absolutely the questi is why? it is a trend. cora zaletel represents colorado state university in pueblo. she admits the numbers around campus are increasing,ut explains it's esponse to new government regulations and student demand. when i went to college our resident halls, dorm room was fairlymall. now students have sweets with inrconnected bathrooms. the cafeteria- you ate wt th still ahead--- one estler is hoping to get the word outbout certain health risks..
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47 rcent.
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still ahead---,, one wrtler is ping tget the word out about cin health r..
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the meage he has f other in today's your healthy family... a high sool athlete is pushing for awareness..... after he says he got herpes from a wrestling tournament. now, he wants toet the word out so other students know the riskassocied with the sport. "d"da a a n" shares his stoty. --- g --- nats: wrestling tournament video weeks after this wstling urnament, high school junior david deloach startrd ticing bumps on his skin. sot: david deloach, wrestler
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because first started on my face, all right here, and it w weird because i ver had acne ininy ir." it t read to o s ear, arm, and legs. sot: david deloachchchcstler& liveveook outside right now in
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