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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  March 7, 2016 10:34pm-11:37pm MST

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[ chrs& cheersrsrs applause
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ckefler center in thheart of new york ci, it's "the toght show starrg jimmy fallon." tonighgh join mmy and his guests -- ryan reyeylds,s, kae holmem, mumumul guest, thohos rhrht, and featating the legendary ros crew. qlove41 milwaukee >>tevenow,w,e i i y fallon [ chrs [ chee a a appppuse ]
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y, ie you. ohohok. lookg .weome, every. e,elcome, lcomom welcome e "thnight sh.". thisiss it! [ cheers ] this is the show to be at. thth is the one totoatch. this is it. we the samperson. we a a "e tonight show," you gugu. welcome, t you feing's'shat eryone's tki t. coue,e, w thenempe th ibig alahcaatpent the dahe srts, benenarsowhs s still waiting inhe h hlway bt w% -- - be n? coco on out, ben. [ cheers ] ben, you can go now. ben? ben, a a you- teveyeah. . >> jimmy: not only was today e e w hampshire t was also national pizza a y. >> steoo [ rs >> jimmy: r e way t kekeise ictopeec hter and it's gonna be -- is a a greaday. [ applause ] and keepingngith tradition, town called dixvilleotch
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their ballots in the new hampshire e imary. yeah. en people inville notch arli- le [ lahter ] [ a plauau ] >> steve: notch! >> jimmy: well, it seems tt asheampaigars on, the candidatesre really starti too it. in fact, j bush ntly tolpporters thahenk doldmpot "needs ap tfumwas ined t t enheh hea it wowod an hourf tag about el hs lin .--[ ] i i it. [ applause ] it all started --" ople are still talkiki about the big halftime show from super bowl 50. well get thihiead that jay-z-seeyonce 10,000000se before her pererrman at the` bo ye, jaz's onan in amicthat canend s fe 10,0oses hr hesay,what you [ laughternd applae ]
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10,000 roses." spking of roses, lt night was another great episode of & "theacher" wh nine women -- [ cheers ] yeah nine women competing f f ben higgins. lili always, it wawafull of drama. we le the sh here. but if you msed lastight's isod d'torrycaushereo nact ane - [ lahter ] -- w wh acacal lines frothehqutltle taq t r.p[ chch alause ] guys, welc >> tariq: thanks, jimmy. night, i'lbelaying caila, a 24-yr-olsoftware s ses p whwants ento qstve: and i' le t t t plthe e chelorben.>> jimgr g ggrea en youe rey. >> quest questlo: do you not tnk i'm the right person? >> tariqmaybe my mind is
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art. cae i le yore t right rs. m a usg person. [ laughter ] >> qstlove: i'm willing to siherend be confused with yo ready to find somedydy >> tariq: i kn t tt i'm falling in love becae i feelel like i'm bng understood. mei f%elstood when withou[ t t ught d u hoy ha andou t me.i fe like at'shai wa in life. i wa to feelndererood,d,nd i fe like i derstandou i a deeperer. i feel like you want othth peop t tbe loved and tt's s what i'm lookingororn life. d i feel liki want youn my life. and feel happypy [ [ uger ]th ial, thisiss >>uestlo: get . thatakes senen [ laht ] [ cheers a a applause e >> jimmythere you go. questlove.e. ack thoughgh
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questlove. plea, they spp clapping. they stopped clapping. eyeypped clappg, guys, very good.d. thank you veryuch.audice stotoed clapping. 'sery nice e en clalag.[ rsnd alae ] get that. at makes s. there was actually a ather moment fm "the bachelor" last nighi thwaetnnnn to tls to e bas, a se expected guests wndp crashing t party. a look at this. [ screrein >>s were cng me. ey s eyaiids,th eyidn't' [ screams ] >> oh, my g/d! [ sc] >> this is lbar in ll there'st ps everywhere. ug jmy n n lads,ne igcod be next bachel.
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i neneweafafatat i me --teveah'sd. j: : d u guyseeee thischiplepologized to customers fofoclosing`downwnor a a od safety meetg during lunch hour yesterday. ansaid that if you text the word "raincheck" to them, you'll get aoupopofor a free burrito.[ applause ]d ifouat t burt u'lleeto texexe wordrd "rck" toononyoma plplwithhaoo [ ug ] [ chrs ala]usthers no w w- yo can't makehat meeting, no.( and finall a womann enan recelylyro a w wld record by r rning on a treaill for 12 houotaling 68 mil. whwhe the prprious record d r runnininthat much without pgetting g ywhere was held by jeb bush.h [ lahter ]eets [ eers alause avgrt sh iup f thecheend appe [ cheers [ cheers applause ]
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good aalways. fafati lcome, evebody. ank u,u,nk you so much. welcome to t t sw. you u ys, got some exciting stuff cong up.p. pstarting next t ndnd, , 're going totoo a week of shows om los angeles, calirnia.. th rht tewh. [ apse ] >> j jmy'rgog out sday nigh february 14th, valentine's d, 're doing a two-hour "toght niarl.eeeeeenduse ah's ahe rvieiethe mehe sofrom the ptwyeyes packed into a two-hour special that you don't wananto misiss. set your vos, setetou dv for s sda febary ththth at 90 right hen i'lbe f. [ apapse ] th's exciting. we've got a great week, so far. there's more ahead. tomorrow night, from "zoander 2," the autiful penelo cruz wi be here.. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers and applause >> jimmy: and fresf his @super bowl v vtory, we'll be lking denver oncos quarterbk peyton manning. [ cheers andndpplause ] >> steve: oa!
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also, , other sports legend, i'm a giant fan his guy. gihnwioppipg byasel [ [ eeee and applalae ] then on n ursdayayweweave isten wiig, , b odenkiki a king is pfoininne soso. [ cheers and applause ] that'll be good on trsday. bufirsrs what a great show we haveonight. i love our guests. thth guyso talend. he's so funnand he's very easy on the eyes, apparantnt. [ cheers ]frhe m," s iser. [ ch andushe's a g 's a gooma tehe's a dight. jim: ohhe a a g. >> stehe's t bt. : later in thoho`f goingplme ol s. ceohs ]wi some surisest itonna bfun. pl, she's a teteificicctress. her nemovie is called "touched with firere the lovely katie holmes is dropng i i >> s eve: yeah! rs a a ae ] >>imi i ve h, o. anaf'vgot eare sic my man omashetts re, es and ntntmen.
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jimmyi am aody uble for thomasnd r steare you u ris?>> j jmy: : th wrd t ve them bo o oe sh >>ve: that's so funny. that's a wei coincidence. >immy: yeahbecause thth other -- he's what happened. >> steve: right. >immy: i worey irt the other day, all right? >> ste: re. >> jim: i wowowo and i t itp on the cesne. s sveyeah.>>imim: beuse i ke tair y. >> steveyeahahve it. u love it. you said there nothing bette thananhe. >>immy: yeah, t e sun dries it out. nothing better than e sun. ays. also, thtl's t day i was, , u know, ing taet pctice. >> svevesure. im: bebeuse yoyoknow -- [ ates gunshots ] yosee e at- and now i'm li, "oh, i got to make my wawa back tote thomas rhett thoto shoo" >> s s s: right. >> jimmy: i dot know. so i i it grabbed it o o thehe ne.anyw tnkt okfinene no@g d [ laer i'm m m tl-- fin figure it out. good. >> s sve: you got yoyo bracelets on and everything.
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out, m m. i got it all d de. yeah..his was good, but come on. de ijust jacked. . steve: come on. jimmy: how can n u be -- >> steve: look at that. [ cheers ] >> >teve: thatat a double dose. >> jimmy: i'm a hand model, too. >>t: : iple dose! >> jimmy: that's my hand. >> steve: thosare your hands? jimmy: those are my wrists. my wrist >> steve: oh. >>my: : 's mther that me. the e ststs alkatie. s sveoh beautifmy i befuguys, 's take lookat t sriesakheline toananweigiwhe gd d th e d. itfo con wgo. co anprnd csos apapauau ] immy: nie'll,l ta aook t pros@and nsnsf vainda [ enws ] it's this nday. 's a day of love. it's's day o ove.sot's a a the pros cs of venti's's da hehego prt'dapend with h thonu all.n,r onald trpmca that, "m." [ laughter ] >> steve: really? >> jimmy: "i lovyou, me."(. pro, givininyour crush a candy art that ss "i lovyou." get one back from s"neart, di [ lauger ] steve: wow>> jimmm: i never saw that one. [ applause ]
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pro, you and yougirlfriend's love story goteatud on a tv show. n, "te nbc."."laughter ] that'sooooooowthough >> stevet found th courts -- >> jmy: they thougug they were going on a cruise. >> steve: what they didn't reale, it was a bag of human ears. [ [ ughter ] >> jimmy: all right, all rig. prprriting love poem to your boyfrnd>> steveaw.. >> jimmy: con, trying to fina haym wit ectile dysfuncti. [ laught ] >> stevethat's hard. >> jimmy: what'st? >> s: at's hard. [ laughter jim: : at w wl rk. [ laug ] >> jimmy: prpr the holid hono st.alentinewho o s killed in 269 a.d. con, because h hgave his girlfriend a fitbit for valentine's day. you can't do`ohat. steve: don't do it. >> jimmy: why are they making @thatat >> steve: why would u do that to yououf?f? myppine'e' day, hs fitbit, no.
10:49 pm
my: nono. pro, givg soona vantin thatays "furecret " wchanr r re romant way of ngyour s s." lahter >>teve'sru [ au wa jimshshenitpr ranti will ad to reworks inhe bedroooo& steve: ooh. jimmy: con, a c cpopopoe dinnerill lead to firewos inhe b bhroom.[ laughter ] be careful with th-- >> sveye>>imim: yeyeyoke choice>>ye, it your ch. icic yeah. myyou' in america, you cacago anywher >> steve: you make thehoice. fireworks in the batoom. laughter ] super bowl! [ lalghterer j: o -- o,o,h schoolspspdi thy th theiririrds it y.con, hscolers s enng e y alllt lline'day. audien aws ]
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all by - [ laughter ] >> steve: you try to grab the mory, and that wheret ppears. >>im: ah, yeah, yeah. is it -- what is it?t? a lilile boy playing with puppies s something? >> steve: yeah, ye. p ll by mymylf don't wawa to be all la laug ] s sve: yon't toh the past >> jmy: and na p yihromtic & rds lo hear. con, "plse swipeight." [ laughtht ] ere yogo, everybody, that's the pros and cons. wel be right bacwith ryan reynolds! [ cheers and appppuse ] @e wonerer we wonerere. ananheand here. here. and here. uh, here also in here. back thtre. bebend h he. even nt to these guys, re.
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not toyo. nonordyher brd.barut. an ext , evtimeoy dve [ cheers and applause e >>my: r fit esis a tald tor ri thehehltiped new vieadpool. it's fantastic. @it hits eaters and ix this friday. ease welcome, thalalys tertaining, ryan reynolds!
10:55 pm
>> wow! >> wow!! jimim: my m, ryaneynolds! >> tha youou at a vwarm welme thank you. >> jmy: man, oh, man, loooing ood, my friend.d& looking good. >> fng g gd.d. >> jimmy: and you d it with h this movie. oh, my god. >> oh, man, i loveve i i i amuper pud of it. >> jimmy: i can't wait the talk about it. but i goa just talk about studly you are. >> wow, thererya go. >> jimmy: the cov -- look at this. yeah,h,ea [ eersrs >> jimim: that's you and that's body. enenere's the ththg that -- - onenows this yet. i n'n'k'ow if you saw maybe briefly ba stage, t i dot kn. hea abo it,t,h.>>immy: wee gonna debut th. >h,eah, tis rigig now im, this i i happing g ghnow. ri el le caain magazi y. j jmyloagazineses i donjhem.rey? anon be the covererf eoplpl minght`heret%
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pp whoa! [ cheers andpplause ] >> jimim: sexiest guy ale. sexiesguy ale. >> come on, ght? p>>immy: that's a stud right here. comen. >> what? i me, come o o i an, honestly, scientifically s sakg, what's sexier than a mamawho foicatat, produces chiltren and then looks surprised about it? [ ght ugerer i uelyurpris. j: ahu're a litite rpd. u'e, "oh, rely?" like, oh, maybe i sho't have left the boy baba. [ l ght lahter ] >> jimmy: congrats thoho and the baby doing great? >eah, eveveone's doing eat.t. yeah, yeah. han' a aootime. always love to see y y. you know i'm mr. magine. "people" magine e y're a in coved nestand. >> jimmyi rerely am, thank u. yeah, i'm a humanewsstand. but this i ia mu nicer picture th this s s4o i youou [ light laughter ] ] >>hat't't'etty good. the e ck sto. thisisabout "deadpool." >>eah,his s cool. it's kof cool. th thing that t pp a momoer pteto m mfaceok . j: . af hedauger st herdom h taken t.&
10:57 pm
d she is -- >> jimmy: and you get drugged out. >> she is hi as a kite. jimmymymyah, yeahokay. yeah, yeahyeah, itappens. >> a she's so upset because e -- for whatever reason she thinks that she msed the "deadpool" movie. and they're -- so she's very, ve upset. >> jimmy: weave a clipip >> yeah, there's a videoeohat's pr awesome >> jimmy: here cp the girl rig after surgery in the & r. >>isdeol >> y'r'rfine. [ [ [ ng ] u'ree. >> didn't see "deadpool.""- >> yout dpl"? n i ssed i >> it's okay. >>o,s nono [ audience aws ] >> jimjajamean, she's upset t thatatat's misngdeadpool." >> i mn, her body's in the r,ut her mind is somewhere seriding a ucorn in the space-time continuum. [ laughter ]she's -- yeah. shshs -- y yh, super high, yeah. >> jimmy: so you post this. yeah. >> j jmy: d you gaveveer a a little message andnd said -- >> yeah, i resesnded back. you u ow-acause he e o
10:58 pm
l ke rerely.[ laer ]ah, h ea. >> she's really upset.t. so, yeah, i sent her@rwowo ticketto new york ----'s omomrkansas and titiets to thpremem of e movivilast ni so, , haa gogo tim[ [ eers appe ] e haa good t right >> jim: heheouh r and her.hehe shes! jim: lastig. ve that did th! that's s n, rht? >> jimmy: i love thayou did that. that's aweme that did thah. >>hat's thpower of t internet r rhthere. >> jimmy: that's what it's all about. oh, exactly, 'causepyou could see meone who's dying toee thisovie. >> just go -- wiwi the touou of a button i can force fox to pay for somethini&extravagant. [ laughter ] jmy: d joe momo4> shet . e'e'eaool"ut s juov i e moju k kits s canopetlo i think she liked that. >> jimmy: i love t ts vie. i told y y b b know, i watch iti go -- ( it just didn't sp. it like, theacin the action, the cocody. >> yeah. >> jimim: it r rlly well written. >> it's great. i mean, it's uh -- the writers of "zombieland" ote the film. i've been ying to get itade for 11earsrs [ chrs and ause ]>>immyally?>> likcraz
10:59 pm
shearteninto gt nd. i iwawawa was t wst rationshi i' ever r en in, off agai cacionalalale p gether.. just caesesetpapaan ehow, waya[e go rrd. j: yeah, actly, yeah. so, but at hped? cause you pitchethe idea. they go, "okay, cool." d theh you write it and then - - p > welel yeaea we deveped dh script six years ago, wrote thth fantastic script. itkeonline, the "deadpool" fans wewe nuts for it. so the studio grante a a small amount of monetotoake the test footage. thisest footage that we shot. th it sat t the shelf for four years, as it does. they didn't do anything with it and th a lite undeo yearstato it leaked cinto intntnet >> jimmy: acdent.. >>ell, he's e ing.the ns fed out, the "deadpool" feaead out and ovovwhwhmefox and fox basically hatoreenlight th movie.e. e prtbwas ke, thipip otage e ne fox asof gal t o, i owow us . ughter ]
11:00 pm
of . there's me, rhett reese, paulerni and tim miller, one of us did it. >> jimmymyokay, good. yeah, i dodot know w didt. someone should leak it i believe the idea was plantnt, but i'm 70% susu isn't me. lauger ]( immy: okay, rf l l gd.d. that'soo that's'sooooodds. but it ifunn i wld esoe e sit hihihihibuth -o'me? >>t'm millll, ye kept goioi. >> d d a great job, yeah.. >> jimmy: " ust call me e gel of theorning." it's a great soutrtrk. >> that's the first thing we put in the script six years"ago was juice newton's'sangel of the morning." j%jt ca me angel of the mning >> jmy: as y're yi ugh e shooti's f iun. livedyreat e lm. sgl gs pered ouau i igealalref it. [ ughter ] >> j: , ahah theyw whencon n d out,t, fr ospeop tt ot kndepoolane e debe h how do we e >> yh, h%hs -- wele s withhe "x-men" unse.s one ofinhe c c che'sne of ere's
11:01 pm
cacaer- teinalarancer. he gs into this@rgm, they experime on him, torture himim he comes out t other s se hideously disfigured, , t he has wolvine's regenenetive aling powers and he's insane. he'c'cust bay like, running arou ithis ctume ad to toe, 7hihi is like just a full body -- red b by condnd. [ laughter ] andnit's very ta. like, he k kwss in a movie. so he's like, making jokes he like nges aut r -men,"bo the movi owow->>mymyev thepening crcrit wd. jimmypening credits lfwa. very wl ne everyg'ty nvonith it mtmtreco. i ved it. s ea d d d oh, m, w rfr yo cae i wali, , this i so rredshen yoyon fifis nnas yre. >> o iovit. imths a rfecec g foyoi t know how mucyou improvised owhaterbu thingse ani go, "o there's way ty wrote -- that's a grere line. oh, that's's good thing. oh did that." >>obody wrote a lot of the --- some of thstuff they d dn't t write, 'cae i'm just saying vicious things a aut myselfl [ lit laughter ] horrrrle tngs about ryan reynolds.
11:02 pm
>> i had to writthose ones. >> j jmy:yyeah, it's just a fun movie and well done, man. >> thank youermuch.. >> jimmy: so happy forou. i nnshow a clilo here's ryan reynolol as deadpool. he'll l l he guy ithe red bouit. takeke a look. ougoa do a serhehe landwaor woo! supeero nding. >> you know, that's really hard on your knees. >> total impmpmpical. they all do itix >> you're a lovely lady but i'm saving myself for francis. pthat's w iimim >> i prer no hit a. plea >> iean,t'why y brbrt her? oh, no, , fi yr tw ju give us second. there yogo it.
11:03 pm
oh, i so pity the dudeho pressures her p vsex. [ cheers and applausus] >> jimmy: it's so fferent and so well done. aneynolds, everybody. eadpool" opens in thears ananimax this friday! [ cheers and applause ] whwn we e me back, ryan and i ll compete in a game of musicabeers. >> yeah! >> jimmy: : ick k oundnd that. i gonna be good. [ cheers and applala] whaha gono o yot tta ? 'm gnaavavsomeun hado youonsifun? f, tural fu i in heheen nd, lang bfrieie. steppin' in a rthm to a funkylow. ho n to t t&k when yourjust go? whatc gonna do when u get outta here? i'm gonna have so fun! fun, natural fuf! b!by! can't geunlimitetedata for your famy? other carriers either t offer it,
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[ chrs appe ] >>immy: lcba yb i he ryareyn. he srsdpoohi hierd imax on iday. now w 're ababt to play y round of musical beerse e rootot but we're going toeed one more player. plse welcome from the new movie "touch wititfire," tie holmes, ladies and gentlelen. [ cheers and applaus] p>> ie my sho o >> jimmy: ulultakeou heels s yeah. ry, to >> i j jrf he'she w the ge wos. itikmusicachairs but ininead of ding inmpmp chairs, we're grabbing these red cups of beer. whenenhe music stops, person will be left empty handed. they're out t the game and ve to hangut w wh our deejay, deejay carol spinny up ere. quesove, are y doin', buddy? [ lightplauguger ] 're e nna do five rounds -- he's so interested in this. . the last one staing ishe musical beers chamon.
11:09 pm
space yourselv outnd good >> oh, boy. oh, bo record schg ] imdot m m m out beieiicic whe yothonfndentnt >> a >> ah! c ops ! [ applause ] >> i'm out! i'm out! p>>immy: katie hoes... ripping from the hands of deadpool laughter ] >> a seasoned inker. a seasoned drinker.>> jimmy: that wasasantastic! >y go >> m mgod! >> jimmy: go up there. >> rged! it's nice to be here. >> jmy: thanyou, higgins. ohohmy gosh, that was great. i dodot wanto be by ti
11:10 pm
ah sisists ] laht [ laughter and applause ] >> jimmy: i had no options! >> get out o oere. come on no >> jimmy: i had noption at all! oh gosh. tie e lmes is e queen.shfaastiat >ee herhnough >my: ohi yoyo t.pi'tc t he we herere we .. onhr cleft! rog g r kae. the gethe p. mybyb , not ye
11:11 pm
[ laughter , ke n, ep going, going! dodot a akae holmes! [ c stops s ! [ applau ] >> amazing.. jmy: u are bebebe >> she's amazizi. >> jimmyshe's the best. look at t atatup. oh, ,z gosh. she crushed it. all right, all right. katit) ce on. [ cheers and applause ] come on for kati two cups left! two cupseft! here we go. oh! ! don' t t t! muc st wgo is iigere. thiss it[ plau ]th. the fifil coown. yohad good run, man. p his hanthe table. jimim: l rit. luc pal.
11:12 pm
ipbeer@rve oh, , myosh. ! [ si mus ] chrs appppe that was aming,ugh. >> that was kind of meanan >> look how fast he was drking. that w amazing, ght? >>immm: i an, m gonna give the win to katilm rit t >> absolut>>my: a a goooo >>oly. chee andpplause ] immyyou u unlilele yououe lyly
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[ [ rsrs [ rs alaus] : is bt. our xtxtxt ia unni, astiacs whyou u see in t novie "toucd fire" wns in eate in new york and l.a. is fridadaand in select cities febru19th. do not@tlay y drinking gam with her. eryone plelee welcome the one onlylkatie hols. [ cheers [ chchrs a applaus] >> jimmy >>immy: katie hoes r rht here. [ chee and applause ] w onef the besthings i've ever seen i&imy l l not on were e u a grgrt player but you dove over i i his b butiful dss and grabbeit i rlly wantedo win. p>>immyyou really did. >> reallwa twin. >> jmy: are alal as compititas a . yewawast sing t wo gry. you pladrngam befo?
11:19 pm
to- bers and sister would play with alcohol ani played quarters. >> jimmy: oh, real and i won at th. >immy: thth's probably because you were sober. [ lalahter ] >> i waited till justhright >> jimmy: yeahen y just starting burning everybody. to say lili, leplayay- lelgs quarters.s. backstage, y yr r autiful mom. >> thank y. >> jimmymyla time you were on the show, yotalked about this, your mom wouldend care ckages jt now anth throughout theear. st to say, hi i ve you. d u open up and it's like, ju oddhings in there like e a random plate or mething that -- somo fd ickles or something. and i go, i w/uld d ve that.t. and then your mom sent m a a rereackage. 0 audice awws ] @'m serious. and i -- just eered me up. w w t best thing i ever got. and in it was -- - e of f the things was like a plple in there, a ranm plate. chili sauce from tony packo' pwhicicis le i guesa chchn by where your mom m ves. >> yes, it's aot dog chain. 's tony packo's anthey also do tony packo's pickleleand peppers which is my favorite.
11:20 pm
pdogs, and to ts dayader fromhepapa now bause ve tse chiliogs. soso got to llr m th&& u. timi wake, ani give your m/m that only in ysoe veve r rpati anmeatba >>nd trehu lyananerhing& wawan. >>imshe di >>eah,heade thwhe thg oo sot anen all omy nan nephphs me or. everytytng was eaten.>> jimmy: oh, love it. i love it. vet. i'm glad that she got to enjoy . now m addicted to that chili sauce.e. we're buddies w. >> i know. i kn. it's about yuyuy-- jimmy: we're cuttout the midd man mendnhour momoare ie ririt no i'sorrrr we're bebeies righnow.w. i iave p rking so i n n epoming gnour show so you ys canang out. [ lauguger ] >> jimmy: atat all -- th p what is l about.&& thas the new iuiration -- y. >>immyand d mied y, we didn have b)susubowl pa i knoyocame by aa a coupleleeagogo weah sup bowowpaand all thki w we there in t fami. but dn't do a big yea t u wawah thpepe bo>> ts year? jim: .h n
11:21 pm
>> jim: la >> ino >> i know. i ow. >> jmygod. come on. no, no. then we wento the museum an en i lik r rht before t e e halflfme show,as like -- [ knockingng let me in. t men. bebeuse i knew beyonce w [ laughter ] >> j: yeah.. bo we all stood in fr of her tv in her apartment. wee , ohohmy god..she did nooh, my g..ohmy.and th iwa >> jimmyee >> yououno tg o e , i'not ing toit [ lalahter jimnothat od ate tryingo do whate u tryingdo>>%mn wayiyiy-we we#jusexted en w w inn though we of it. >> jimm), , ly?>> and then we cheered. [ laughter ] [ cheers a a applause ] jimmy: that's'shat she does?? i n't dohat. >> igoes like this. p>>im: i can't the -- oh, yeah. , that's good. laughter ] that's great. [ cheers and applause ]
11:22 pm
>> like you goto flip it. even if u don't ve it. >imim: exextly. oh, that's so good. you have it. e? you have it down, yeah. you can do everything.g& yocan dohat. but also drama man, oh, mana i sayou on oadway, too o well,ut i tell you, this movieere, this is a deep movie. u're so good in nhisisp it's about somne with bipolar disordernd who's a poet. >> yes, and e fallllin love with a rapper who is bolar, and they meet in the hpital. and it's this -- >> jimmyfeador her. >> it's relylyntense, because ey feel l in seply and they fin youounow, they -- they're not lonely amore because there'somebody else that understands thehe and th do fall i ilove. itit a butif le storyn jim: ye, it ae or w >> it'a lile r liet.>> jimmy: loosbad he reor's y y, soecto when i m m with him, he tolde thisisas really basesed on his lilind parts of his li,
11:23 pm
pround t tt heas ablto take these expxrienceshat were amazi andndn really papaful and a lot of suffering and d ence tn was abad to put it togegeer. and hehe really talented. >immy: we, see you do great workn the film. it's amang that you can do alalthis stuff. i want to show -- >> and i he`to say, , mmy, you are the best becse you go to every show. ken you're on broadway, it's so nice when you're tre pand you co and y y say hi. >> jimmy: ?? >> yes. >> jimmy: no. >> it's soupportive. jimim: nonono, no. [ cheers and a alause >> it's so nice. yes. so thaha. [ chrs and applausus] >> jimim: i got to be -- @>> or thehemake yoy go? >> jimmy: i didn't really -- i didn't really go. no, i didn't really go. no, i nevesaw. t's hilaous. >> jimmy: but i heard you u were -- no, i'm just kiddingng no, i me back ansaid hi. >> i know you did. i was likekewait. >immyi don't want to bother anybody when i go to see anyoyo after the shoks. but i came o and i just wantnt ty y y >> no, i4imeans so much. >> jimmy: oh, , as amazing. everybodi was s eat in that cast. i just -- i am. you know i'm a f f. i w n4 tow everyone a clip. here's katie holmemein "ucd with fire." check it outut >> i'm just tryi to fire
11:24 pm
you kn, 'cause ion'teel like mysysf anymore, even when i goff the medication,hl don't t el like myselflf >> okay. you knowt, honey, i ththk need toetet >>'morry i shououn't have yelled. won't yell againin ( pl >> oy, y're ght. sidown. and i ha a really y od pn. u'reoing to spd the e gh enw in fir g, we'o tohehepita ant f uocak k ok? re allllhis t. >at w wn n look at likat >> howm i at?>>m cry. >> i noong rara >> noulookokg ate e keou d't'tvee >> no, honey. i love youou please d seon'tea. [ eers andndpplause ] >> jimmy: katie holmeseses "tched wh fireopin eaters inew rk a l isdad
11:25 pm
s t lejuic n'r ink ey. hohoaryoing g dath'w . readd. .. ect ese o. nah,se f my g e caneverdedech o he wantssss etso... ican expressse bl cash ydayard thanal f. cash back on pururases mynlcon n ha thiswhe we food. dog's foot iear an aum'uth. that'whathey. is clner an my mo
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, ,,,,,ps ali appeatoge fteananotr in noorries no the n chatititotah)drat0% nuralagdefyfofoais cniprovo ovidr,
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,,,, this is a chicr. this is y r. isort mas th is a car. slowar.. th ia sisi, ung, profefeional'car. aso c a hipip s. ..
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,, [ retro muc ] he w ws thisis chnnay par.. well, thlenni s brbrgs sledgehamr tohumbckck e a flamethra boe. shingsgstotja arar party. a lot of metapho but t t on youreouou's milletime my h h. h, b, kyoy. goodness smoky- bacon?? you baconon i do baclips for bacon mama beelis s r bacon! i'm gonnbeat you to bacon! (vo) what makes gs do the crazazthingshey do? beggin' because, bacon! can't get unlimited data for yoyo famy? other caiers either don' offer it, or it's o expensiv not t-mobibi!i get ree lines s unlnlitedg lte dada for just fifty bus ch,, and d t a fourth line, free! hurry. only a at-mobile. / trolng for a gigith braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control wiwi your ain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joysticic no, , m acally over at tht ge booth. we'rcrng thepera system fororndustrtr
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it's gnae thwaythe world works. ok, i'm telling my brain tell the onetoetou a cy of es um m mbe keep p han onhe conololr. ok o!! w wt, i'mus nna emit to you. yeye thahas ab saf. ok, olol [ rs andppe ]
11:30 pm
our mul t tonight isis& curry endiis3tweeetobid ngs , that rig.rfngistim si ie a h h manoff his a bum anglp,pleaelme@ thom [ cheers [ chee a alalae baby last night was hands down e of the besghts i'v at ie no douou benheottltofofind thelo in e anrvayay twece t der in p pai nd iw that can't ertell enough
11:31 pm
ier e rtight or if ngeto s teler af i yourdy hand i ild d d d a , ab abthss in me` ut t ck dss atht phe cu tst a stec it's tooto e true nhi betthan you in mwildldt dreaankn ian evevete ynoh
11:32 pm
ner g to s s t hern l l@ or if i nevev seeheheififll wer ht ohal il go is uran iny hand by i coue a m mouigi i't'teed no vaciwn nocy destsnation baby yore mymyreatsce weweould we could stay at home listen tthe radio
11:33 pm
oh if i never get to build my mansion in georgia or drive a sports car up the coastst of calififnia oif oh if all igot is your hand in my hand baby i couldld die a aappy m by i c baby y die a a ppy mama oh i could die a happy man you know i couou girl couou die i cocodie a hay ,, chrs [ cheers a a a a ause ] immy: come ona yeah! that's the wayayo do it, buddy. co on. thomashettttighththehe. omas rhetttt "tangled u "tanglgl up" is available now.
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