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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MST

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i'm jim cramer. see yotomorrow. p itt is dadmmarc coming u cong u u on "early y day. ofpleffd as s emergency personnel are on the ene. a j h awarde $55 milil toto erin arews ied kef. > aig pzez bng chigan and t rh numr r r deletes . >>nd we'reetun ts f f fr fst & lady, nangan. > and a bar sne on tashiy. "ear t t tarht nowow goomoing. i'm darown. ateast 14 peopl ju nn seriously, a aer a commmmer tra derailedouthf
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after thera hit a tree acacss theras a ournedd and plunge under to a crk. th caart of the e prs ainas1313eatstsut there weret paser acremon boal passengers havenremod fr the kmurtmmer ihe f fst c on hisho. >> i was in thirstcar. it feereal,nestst, everytht was rm. thank#g i didn't sleep, so i was a of erytng. but it shifted thegrity. thehehee t t t rt pretbadly. one member w under theheud ide, so, we were trying to dher outshe tree w w hangg. etty mhhe one portqon of e train was missing and a we
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it was t lasainn oth nirang from soseso oc. trn the line is canceled f f today. well,eronth erillionaire mich bloomberg sayst he doesn'ieeouldin and that heea hisis c gdidacy would hp er dald p tcroth oho y iz mitt t mns inng t tackckheldany say hla a oth remaining es bthe ayeooli te th lt plws d ump it a point l i chig ahftoght' primary. ejad imaries ihigandmisipp t a t lates
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sasmichigan c'raporoshingt wit. >> rooing. mimianld endp being ala stsnd for bernie e er t ter a towll in chan last night in thth toto haha. they ctinue to talk abo the auto industry and whether or not bernie sanders votgainst . he insisted he did not but that bill clud a bailout for wall street, that he s le last night he did not suppor andillary cntonki past e nomination. reaching out to gurnbernie sanders supporters saying she will work with him if in fact sheins this nomination. and the republicans competing in four stat, including michigan and miisppi. we saw donald trump yet again
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and pe to vote for h h today. ted cruzzays theherere talking to aa of trump supporters who arar stag g chang their mindnd bubuin pllflorida, o week from today, where the republicans are alreadyou lot energy- marco rubio now being btere by attack ads from donald trump. there areour causes, including idandhawaiiand wre keeping an eye on florida, hawaii and the others coming up in about a week a nashville jury has awarded networktv star erinn andrews55%% millioioinhe s s ser fcrly recorded her naked in herototo romom afterr ser ds teimim e jy onloo a m mf
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in court forrin and b itt only took senoursor this. >> the fendndt, m mhael - did theheefenhr windsor capital incorporatete --- >> reporter:hey awdedand anew andrewew $million. the decici w unanimou` and t t judge then ororrera the % cour rooeraurne o o o andrcodak tj"j".shd d r emotional stss afte aideoakener undressing iher nashvie hotel rmigigears ago went vi >> it hurstpte worst ishenrl -- hh schoollegege ee me and sayayantoe erin andre except for the
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>> reptete s s clas the te grantededbarrt's request to a reseseation. >> banks createdan bb - tresponsible for bank robbbb repte hdmteheas wr rep >> reporter: a s days oemnaimony, finally a cision >> he she can point to distress she's have b s ca p p a maryuren itnd that's whyyhe jury caca back wh ase figu and funeral arrgementnt are set for nancy regan who d ed sunday i calniaa a the a of 94. she' repose t torrow from 1:00 p.m.o 7:00 p.m. andnd sday
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firstt ladyiciclle w wl be amonghose attendidinden shee bied along sid he husbanan r reg who died in 2004 >s somebody's been lucky enough to have a extraordinary nen myife asllknowow how much she meant, not just to president regan,n,ut to thth company as a whole. >> he'sordered f lored at half staff at the@ w w houou pand alleraldings. mbs of th al-l-abaaaaaa terror gup was killed in a air strike i soli u. wasgengittsrag paor in largecale attack
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> a wdied a dd na theab o an heeler. deputiesere calledd rt ofennd arriv a the wan wundrng thiere sure why she imhe tru but the rebleox dn aer about o hours surs. >> sheasalalng aut all sorts oftingk a@iens all streee theha >>he wan takakto ststy. thth i iididid created a traffic jam hat retched for miles s > a powerful sto syste dropped b bkets of qua s sed il onmoay and they caur ai a a at takingngut another sem an nbc meteorologist bill karins is he with that forecast. e had som seree wtherer yesterday but not a big outbreak
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arting in texas. issueded until@:000 a.m. lococ timend u tointeta 20nn ilen otot o lhtng kes. couou eeail falling rom the sky. an this w wlnty s its wayards the dallas fort orth .so, here'sday'hrea ma alalown toouthtexas. and the@verere oe storms will bereat todayhan yestda at i expect mor s atat e inenhance risk froro cpsch ristie rr risti. and hardlylynything on themap. t t t tim get 100 t t ig stos corps christi anan the@ver g gwsveve more and early tomorw rning, the storms will be molyro ton. d eoy the beautiful weather,
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this is as ne as i gs for h.h. nwoo atr d ahahddwe, the'she s srmy weathehemap takininrem ne and phi ross the state ofexas and ts is rare for ndstorms al tpa through th afternoon. andkorebouthe floodihroming up it's national pcakeay an the celebrations bebet hohi mourning. >nd anzin sit o o asmalllaanngig before your ey. details in two. details . pyocacahelp pveli
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the driver miraculously susuived. and veo ofve sing down the road with h 15-foot trere in the f grill ofheirirr. phe dver was s foror dui. on island sityyameras capturee the momenen a pla f@ fromsksk pilot a a his d dghr were returning from a colleisit in rhode island when the engine died. pilot sufufre a min inju. >>e arar h hk han took the sta in h h lawsuit. he's suing a se for sho a a cret recordex tape of the wrestlele and his then best friend,ubba the love sponge. well, et's getown to
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,,,,,,,, a ticces utah as authorities pull a dogrom@m the icy waters of a resvoir she beme stranded onhe ice and kttun fromescuers an wasn'thel ug t icenndayhat
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saty.> r tough loss to lakers, the golden state warrio a bacac on track a rrrr t firir player have 300eent shotsa asononln d a record 45th saighth win at home.. anh t n slamunk chamon.. check out ts efrtlele 360 shownut not enough as t hornets tookhi away 108-103. ddhe tankedni plar failed aru te she tesositive f melel nihich wusus added to `bannnn substance listhis year. she had been legalaking it for ove 1 1 years. she's being priolly suspendould face
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and now t pto manng s emioioood bye. the winngest srtin arackkn ald away saying this.ecauauveryment e erydrop of sweat, every bleeryed ight of preparation and every frame of fmm i wated wabone thingvvverenc for t ls me. it was fun to o uarterback and i hadad great coaes playays. d it wouldn't have been possible wutth. omahah >> a a weldld expect toee i bstoo or as a pitch mama. >> and rend acdc's
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ming up... comingp. babale brock hea up...0 tveons s oko r r r r quauaererck peytyn n n nns titi. . . . peon's emoonal good- byeo 18 seasons on the field... plus.. from k ko a n n n n n gh. hohoe e een.n. isisisking to keep kofe e streres..... bebemingng force ast gangs... we a a bitooooth yestermorng temperatures in the 20and 30s. today comes wiorclou a me`epotty showersr highs will bin the 40s0snddd 50s. i wiememthe showerforouoananshowowow where they y are most likely ming up ingo mlrni, anororng o tay... itarch 8thm ircronininin and m shellene cockrell. first t t his morning.... the jojowsut obrcos c untr arterbrbk k yton m mnini... be waking up p day... ofciallyly. a rmereruababa& and now...


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