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tv   News 5 Today at 430am  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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ming up... comingp. babale brock hea up...0 tveons s oko r r r r quauaererck peytyn n n nns titi. . . . peon's emoonal good- byeo 18 seasons on the field... plus.. from k ko a n n n n n gh. hohoe e een.n. isisisking to keep kofe e streres..... bebemingng force ast gangs... we a a bitooooth yestermorng temperatures in the 20and 30s. today comes wiorclou a me`epotty showersr highs will bin the 40s0snddd 50s. i wiememthe showerforouoananshowowow where they y are most likely ming up ingo mlrni, anororng o tay... itarch 8thm ircronininin and m shellene cockrell. first t t his morning.... the jojowsut obrcos c untr arterbrbk k yton m mnini... be waking up p day... ofciallyly. a rmereruababa& and now...
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who is going to llis ot?! the de broncosre othe nt to o nd d d replacement. llartnererer ews denver-r-thththam offered d ock oswuiler a-y-yr r de valat man million n llars. but... ththths s ntlylytyea who also have eir r es on brock. n-f-l sours rert thhotons a t luimy frhee high city. we'll contin to followhi os.. and gigi you any updates as we learn them ing tes fo od... after 18 seasons was not an easy ci foranningyeday he gave an emotion eech- n n ghtingngack ars s as looked baba on s ea.. record breaking g er. when i look baba on my n career i will know without a dot th i ge evev i to hp myhyms w wk ay with a win. there were oer players who weree le theas no one who could out-pre m m
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the oncos alsosoncedha mamamag wie shrinein ring of fame ifti g now.. happenindacora spngs s ty cil is expected vote e the futof rijiancls. this haseen a much talked about topic for 5 joannwise joins us live fm city hall with moron prosal jo.. good morningng. todadawill be ththfirst vote of several proposed ordinances that would ther b n cnnni . clubs ortrongly regulate all them. this cesesfter city council t for sevehours yesterday to discuss t options. among the proposals is an die creates a denition for t clulu uithin city code. othepropopals would tablish nsing and zoning requements. example,lubsldeeto maintaindor ltlts and cod not b lated wit
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, ararnter or ug rehabilitati center. e ve%bmultiple meetetgsn this matter-- and most he brought packed house... with pplelspeaking for aagainst e propedan. "do we want to be a cityf odo wwant to be a city of vice?" "reorci all thesesesuris to break laws. now they'ye going with a tiet. ey't need to come herto buy legal recreationannas d homeith a publiconti ." these proposalalcome amid moraumn licensing y new clubs til l res e esesblisd. we'll stayn top of this ststy we'llet u w ppppatay's on air and online at k kdot com. repoininlive in cololodospngs,nnnnnews. thanks joanna... deloping this morning... coraprgs m rereve hwaslas in the face with a box cutter at
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police say it happenen yesterday after anrgumenen between n o men calated the parking that's when police say thehespect... "michael sayloutut ctimimimace. coing theic report.. the inry is not life threatening. "saylolo was arrested shortltl after. there waanotr violent stngacin cado ris... thisisorning aan is facingattempd murder chaes afaer police say he stabbed a woman multiple times. investigators say the spect 60- - ararld "y ae billininley" was arrrrted d yeerday -- after police found e injured won --n thth 21-hundred bck ojetw drive. shw w trspor t hospital. t tstsxpxpted survive. .pnedada. lora sin police are looking for e suspts t tt fired shots at a famil\`\`ng a robbery. itapd@la ie 36- hundred bloc east platte avenuet thth"latino audio oror pole say twmeed into the store w wh gunsnd becamemehysilly ressive e th a family...
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but luy no one w injured. e suects stole cash and persrsalelononngs from the victims. they a d dibiba itand a blalk ma in their thirty an invtigation is unrway. this. asses llon as scled at explorer r elentary in cocorado spring ter thca w put on down yesterday -- following g rererts -- o oa man with a gun on campus. sttstse he back while officers searchethe area......we're toldolice evenallyly caught up with the man they were looking for.... t -- nopreres have bee mama. . ththlockckck w lifted shororor afte new informion this mning on the viims killed in a small plancrinalmer lake lt ek. e elelaso co sheheff's's officeceas i intied the twtw men as "darrrrrrof longmont, an"jplz" f lafayette. firefighghrs fou thehei-plane and surrounding brush on fire wnesday. nt is still inveigating
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ti now f weather and traffic on t 5 5 ofologisstepn n rs i heowowitrser this morning is quiet to start. temperatures are noteabl coldhan yesty rnin thermometers are showing 20snd this morning. a cold front is seseto move ththh h hernadadis rn so the day will be oler. highs will be in the 40s and 50s. the wind may bece a bit gustas tt ldldroro mesou thor. thnd will not anything close to what it w w yesterday, and the little bit of winde hahailfade ay ee10am and nn. that cold front slides southward througuguglorado thts momoing.g. ter thcoldroles coloraanerel l essurerereculalaon w w wpa south of us this afternwon and tomorrrr. the upslsle windunun northe edgdgofofofs low pressure will help to generara some rain showers east of th mountains ansnow showers in thuntas. tuorningilryryryh that0- mph@)gu toward 2mph. temperatures wl warm from the lo30ou middlele0s at 10 am. clouds w wl incrse, and snow swersan begin
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am a noon. snow showersrsill furtrtrt develop in the mountains with temperatures in the 40s and 50s through ththafteoon. eas eaststththmoununins e more likelto he a inshows ndnd the closer to the mountains you are, tighedds ar gettttg a little bit of moisture. . the fartheheeast othe moins u u ts likelylyou are of gettg
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thisning... two emaciated greaeadaneneare in the care opueblorvices a go samaritan found thewo gs wngthe weer borderf pueblo county lastst week witno collars or microchips to identify tm. the adult t le and female are ve mnour and
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e e rst acti is ople juuticalt sta feeding them. it actuay cabe detrial oathem wh h&ododso you have tju kind of s swly introde themo a op ain.n. ve say the female has already ga 10 pounds in the papa week. eimat wilta lelet two three months for the dogs to fufuy recover.asreatanes a n cn breein po, amal l ices hope someone recognizes the dogs d can identifyheir ownwr. pueo nen isetti a positive example fororther youth inhe community. r-old eyeyeyer" s s s me an opsingorceor gangs in pueo o helping to create a safeavenent the boys and girls club. ter s ds eacday as a nioremr at t tsprague erentotong- and hanging out in the teen center that he helpemake possib. iprely wtoive e
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okinrward totgetting a good j#j outsidee of college and helpi the nex teenome into theee ro w r n his wato compete for corado's youth the yr` t t boyd girls club if he wins -- held get 1 oundolla in college horshihine. . which hean add that to his fu r re scholarship at c-s-u pueblo... that he won as the pueblcoty youtof the year. stah.. teen i iured in e kamazoo shoooong a aac.. is makingreat strides in cove..,.whyhso arereal der t t t ararnd a miracle plus... a birre enenon a texas highway..... traffic at a stand-dtill for hours... naked woman dances on of b big.
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weweomck today more tn a dozen passrs are recoverinafter @ the train n ey we ng-- ilel a lanin a cre in northern california. . auors a treel the tracac lasasnigh.. ockiki e train ofththrbil and into wate uerews wable to pu eryone out of the train.....
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officials say 9 peoplp wer injured.ur oe pele s sfe seris inries.. day th14-year-old-gi jured in t shog rampage in kalazoo m mgan. wi bleased from the hospital "a"aie k kf" was originanay pronouncedead afteteot inhe head duringngt month's tack... but she since made a progrsiveve revery e e now o oeain tube... d ableta andndk. the e en will w go to rehab e's cto or 6-mohs.... abbibis e of two iured in the shtingn.. siothers were ll. p& a weononalfufwtion h hpspslow w ama....atororcen flflid ce the sususct....34- yeyeyeldldldes c ceau u me to work yesterday with a semi- automotic pisiol.n. d ld seralalmpes "they better run.. beforepeningir. t the e8n jammed, , ic and mana eloyees wererab to ca.
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pect t tbebek! polili iay tctd killedseomts ler toy...a texas woman is behinba... after nc to an n -wheeler.... slslhitraffir houruryesterday. detin housn satheyey werealled to a aaccident and when they riri fou the ked woman t of bi rig. auauories arar't sure whshe was on top of ththsemi or whether she had inside the big rig fore a traic acrb bu..arwo, ththmama was top othe truc fifighte tri to o lk t hed coax hererow entually authorities were e le to hdcuff her and take her into custody. p a wild pice chase i# caught camerarauth caroli.. take a look... this shopoifng susus droveveve away fromlpoli wle t hd isp p blockin the windshield... and this was h viethe entntn cha
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aroundtop icks... and avoioioi pture as the chaset throh h o sepate cntie.. fiy ame aend andn thsuspecreed rpsisily... no one was injured in the melee! an emergcyanding caught t, meraneneyork! serityamam captured @the e momehis single engine plane fell from ththsky...rarains y togroundndndext ing. a pilot and his daughter were on board at the time... the pilot says thehenginindied he e e oyed t parachute and madehe emergency lanngng surprisisily no ononwas jured! time now weaernd tic on the 5s. meteorologist stephen werss here now w wh first alert 5. this m mning is quiet t tart. tempererures a a nicicy coeryestery momoing. ertere sho 2 and 30s this morning.
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through southern colorado this ino dallll . . highs will be in the 40s and 50s. the wind m bombist hat coldesough is mng. the e ndl l anying close totohat it was yterday and the little b of wind we do have will fadeway between 10 andoo thatolfronides southwardthh colodo this morning. after thcold front clears colorado, upper level low pressure circulation w wl pass south of us this afternoon and tomorrow. e upslopwid th northerndge ofofhis w w w prsure wl help tgenerate some rain shers eaststf the mountains and snow showers in the untains. th mor wbe w at 10-0- mph wind gusting toward 20 mph. tempaturesill wa from e los arouou 7 am wa the middle 40s at 10 am. cloullinse, me snow showewe can begin developing on the higher peaks, cluding pikepeak, between am andoon. owhowe wfuher develop ininhe mountnsitit eraturesesn the 40s and s through the with temperatures in the 4 4 and s througthternoon.eaeathuntain moreikely to hava ferain
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thcler to the mountains yoare, the h hher your odds are of getting a little bit of moisre. the farther st of f e mountains you are, the less
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,,,, in t t tmorning's electiontch... todada.. voters in four m me states w w wheotn 20 presidential primary election. hawa w theubn ucus a idaho will hoho the publ primary vote. in mhigan d mississippi... epublica andndts will do the e@ting b bths. cordininto theheatest polls, donald trump is leading the re re inotat hiton n n eading mocr re inhoseeseswe wee learard the funenel l r r former first ly nancy reag
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reagananill bebeurienext to tehuand he rd,re presidential library in simi valley, california. the former first lady will lie repose for publbl visitatio morrow and thursda(( howewe fridid f ferbebed t t pubc. oror reporteerin andrews -- has been awardeded5-miioio dollarin h%h lawawit againstst coictestker a navilltel. yestdathe se came to an end... whenururs.s. tohourur to find boththheheheashvle rriottt vandndbilt -- and d ic dav b brete" " il they fou brett respovsib 5151ercee e e d hol l mpy fofo -percent thlawscentered around nu dedef andrewewcrcr taken her iher om -at the hotel in 2008. stl d... 's o othwod's grgrte mysysysesese and yelate inveveigators are still searfor answers.s.
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anniversary of missi malaysian aiesgh lcome back.... it a aomber versrsrs today... o years ago laysn airlrles flight 370 myststiously disasaearecreware e i i searchininin wckae ht.. p that invtitors believe -- may have cshed in indian oceaea plane veered off course during a flight from malaysia to chinin and vanied with 239 people on bkbk no v vtimsmsavavever bn found. ononrms jrjr
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reunion islala last year. today is also a deadline -- - r reve ticms to le for compensation -- or sue the rline. bere we get you a st check of ts morng. weave show this pair of newborn panda cubs. they're not your ordiny bears... they aei hd as a symbol of international l co-operation icanada! eir s papatribute to their birth untr the male cub was namede-h memeg cadian hohe... and the female cub was given the name yoou-a . whh mes di j cadi pri min
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timeow for weatherndndffic on the 5 teorolt stephen bowers is he wh fit t t this mornis quiet tort. temperatures are n niceably er than yterday morning. thermomersre shong 20s and 30s th morningng a cold front is set to move through southern colora this morninin so the day will bcooler. ghll n d e meca y tcold frontgh isning. thwind will t be yt close twhat it was yesterdandhe le t of nde doave ll fe awn ad . thatold ont idouwawa throh h ra thirn ter co front cles cocoradodo upp level
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ouhioo torrrrthe slwid norne thiw pressu wheo nera someshowers ea of e ins and sn shoho i the moins. isniil dit at0-15 mind gusting rd 2mph. mpurilwaroro lor s ar 7tord t le 40s a10 wilsed me sn s cin deve oe ereaks cludpipeakeen ndn. snow showers wl further vep in t mntains w temperat ie 40an50s thh afreoo ea othe moar lfew owar. clthmotas u are, tigheyours tta lile o istu. e fardher easte
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thfure of marijuana clubin lorado springs... how city couil'saking actiti today... and what this means for locaca businesses... plus... a fit tstsinbathroom aplocal l hool... hoh administratoto are w wking totoccomodate gender inclususn...were b cle yeststststmorng with temperatur in the 2020and 30s. day y mes with more clouds andsome spotty showers. highs wi be inhe 40s and 50s.s. i will te out ose shers r you and whehe e moststikely y ming un weather & traffic on the 5's. gogo mornini, anksorng usthisayni.... it's mch 8th.hp m shleneckrell. anm ircron. firsrs this rning.. ening g day-- colorado springs cityouncil iexpected to vote onhe future of marijuananclubs.s. eeeea muchalke about t pic fofoweeks.s. news 5 5 ja seoins ve fm city hwioronn e proposal joan.. gpod morngn'. dayjlle the f veral proposed ordinances that


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