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tv   News 5 at 5PM  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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cityouncil brought it back to wowo session l lt nit and they say -- theyill continue to collect on these overdue finese the ty attorney tete us ---- nce august, the ected d more than 85-thousand dollars woh of propepepeliens. but some homeowners say the city is takg oo f. . olmawaof mto iva a titi of an unpaid lien lastptall. his 12-hundred dollar bill dated back five yeyes ago,..before he bought the homem..anansasa was the e e t he'd heard of itit i'm alfor tarevenue for the city, we need it. buit's'sustptpe wrong way to go aboututt anangoing ck as as s r r rsjust kethe city looootorribib last night -- council l&wed to continue c clecting.-- der the conditions that an appeals proceseswas set inacac intereseswas forgiviv and thoption for homers to kementntwama
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coming up toghghat six -- - we'rki citcounciciwhere this monon igoing.... ananwe'll findndut when n eb homeowners c cldee t t t und ofofototes. . live in puebeb, , na h hlnadad news five. let's talk abourureather now. a cooler day acrcrs southern loradodo-but we still found somemeeople enjoyi the oors! meteorotogisisisssica van meter is in for mi tonightht at aou tracking in first alert t stly clele tonight with in t t 20'and 30's. slightly warmer for dnesday, clim back into the 5s and low 6060. moly sununkies with a alalal ce t tdeveloloa straower ororororhroughght the sesond
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we're getting a much bettereidea tonighght whr or notot marijuana clubs will be banned in coloro springs.s. we've reporte city council isaking s first vo todaon whether to ban the pubs or a andndegulatatns o them ne 5's zach ththton is live at city hall. za, , at didid couilidid no decision yet -- c cncil is still hearinfrom supporters and ponts in a l lely public@ hearing, whichs expected t t take quite some ti. th vote will come when public comment wraps upupnd we'll let you know what t ey dece. asase've reporord, cncilma don knight pposed banning future marijna clubs d shut down exting o os
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that prorosal.l. dozens of peop showed up to spk against the proposed ban. opponts say sincncblic consumiois i iegal, pele need a p pce to bee legallllsmoke the recreational marijuana they c c now legally buy and use colorado. they also say pot touriststseed a a ace to lally use the productstshetraveled he ecifally to purcha. proponents say thelubs are largely unrelated anas they exist currtly are detrimtata the city's blicicmagege cause public sety issues, and hindnd recruitmt of n businesses. coming up tonight ten, reaction to council's decision. this i ijust t f fst vote e ththproposos and is non/binding -- a finin vote will hapapn two wewes frfr todazaz icolorado sprgs, zt news 5. . . new a 5. . commissisiererin fremont couy are considering new rerictions on pernal marijuana grows and rijuana cagiver s. the ordinance... which d its s rst readadg day. would limit ththnumb of plants caregigian grow.
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complyith acreree and d ncing requirememts. peopleith homemearijuana grows@s would also be required to have odor filtration n stememand uld not growhehe plait eathat are openlvie. commissioners us theyant toind way tourb illegag! grows.. ke the one raidedeby the d-e-a last september. but mariana patients tell us e plant cot limitstsill "hurt" their ability to "access medication." xxxx our contiing coverage... today is t t deadlinfor springs councilwoman "helen collins" to r rpond to allegations against r upheld b ba hearing officir... during h h f fmamahearing g month. thallegatis center arorod a real estate alaletweenollins and "douglas bruce" in 2014. the cityty independent ethics ss commission aegesesollili toooo nersp of pperty om --to help him avoipayi city l ln nglolong. the ununlwan d dies thai. inincialee uncil idwhetr to t c cmomo the heanggs findings... or censurereolli for alleged hical breaches against the
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t is gti r to moveinto the next ase on the masssse e e rron-25 interchange project,..whh meanangegereadfor delays. news 5 5 greredingrandis live athe sigith chchges you edlo out for. soar drirs reallhaven't been affected d d hat cdotcalled pha z zo...t asashead into ase 1 starting on suay... yoyoll art seseng t real coction begi...and`that's t forri e majort oasepepwillbe tt uth d laneof 25 and ghwa t tthe st eedsdsilllbe r ruc, concrete@e barriers will l going in, lanes ll get s sllerand will ei be shifted or a atimes shsl d& most of the workill be done at ninini....hich is great news fof businesses l le shelden's....b that doesn't mean they aren't worried.... the same is true for drivers. carrrr knee/eldens sot: 45:00 our mn cocoern is cess. its already a littttttifficult to g i iand ououof here.sot: 5 536 our les ao o go a anything that sws that
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people. cdot says they know its going g be an inconvenenncnc but t t t it could have been a a t wors...bfcfcse t ty decided d s sft the lanes, rather than justhuttthem down so get rdy f it.... ititll kicks off sunda and phase 1 will last r re than a aear with a l of anges along the y.y. l haveveuch h re on this ststy coming up 6. live i icolorado, , news5 5 i- r rpeneneabout an hour ag betwtwn glenwowo sprgs dodoero... construction crews closed d e highghghearly this morni f pairs.s. they used a helilipter to stall prottive n nting to evenenre f f fcrashing on the interstate. crews y re work is needed to restore foururay traffic to the busy hhgay. today---ers d to take a 146- milildetour... adding three houru to the trip.
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for the second yeain a row... a republican l attttpt to gun rhts i colorado... ilil. . demomoats s atateteou coittee. blocked severarabills yeyeyeday.y.among them... onthat wld havwe ealecarry h h h hs s publicchool grounds. failed, along with a bill to allow active dy military t carry concealad hagu, witht rmits. xxxx e status of vetensealth services will be t t tic o o discussion at a meeting colorado sprinononht. "concece vetans s ameri willllost the "fixing g terarahealth care" s mmit t argazers starting at:30. just lasmonth it c ce to l that somomlocavets apparently had d d t t veraeks for seseice at the v-aliniin colodo sin. toninit't'summs fr and open to o e e blicxx just a day after q qrtererck peon m mning retired....the e oncos learnjd they are losing one of their keyefensive players. tackle " " "k jacksosoweeted todath he iset to sign a 6-
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lliodollars withthhe jajasonville j,..... million guararteed. jackson is a covet player in free agency, j jksonville contntues touild t tir y yng clcl. andhthbroncos nouncetodadada thezsed ththe more playars who w rere part ofheirir superbowl l n totoup salary. tight end ow danie, guarlouiu)u)squez,....nd long snapapr aaron brewer. grant memeh withe coming u u at s shirty. stuck in high water! how stentstsanaged to get to sa--fter tir s sooooow drove into this mess on th s. d electi watch. we'll k down whe the estialalandidates stand ahead of tonight prima a caucuses. bufiherere jca in first t ert 5. clcler to average r your tuesday bubuhighs in t t 60's turn in time for theeekend
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wednesday morning onewcw5 toda.. votingngnd what it means for t
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new 5---se scary monene r 6 studts oa tetes school s day. the bubebeme sanded in aboutut ththe fefe of wawar!!!!!crews managed to c cry t kids to nearby boat thatatas on a trailer and connected to a truck. everyone made it out sely.y. xxxx we have neneinformatn on a lifornia trara deraient th jured nine peoe. we f fst told you ababt this brkitory o o o o 5 at 10 lala night. a spokesman n ys aslsle likelyweptpt treonto the trtrks----hichchcaused the train to derail into a creek. d alsoew tonht---we've lelenethe train was not eeding before ehe crcrh.h.hat happened east of frfrciscscsc fialalsay train wa trtrelinin3535iles per hohohin
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new tonight. investigators y ororonontate oopers were justifiein kiing an a aededancher at a wildlife@refuge in orgeon earlier this year. we foowedlololy for@r you---they reportedly opened firereurintrfic stop that led to theeath of "robert fini----long with e arres s several ocpationo. leaders. however, officials "w w y" that fbi ages also fired shots.v. thatortedly missed finicum... buit r rains under@r@r investation becaagagts alalgedly didn't tell investigatorthey also fire@e shs. the u.s juicicdepartmentntasasnow launched an veigation. xxx also n tonight---a maj lili thahawillllmpt the trialslsf baltimore police officers---chahaed in the death ofofreddieiera maryland's highest court rul todadathad wililil porrerewhwh was the ficer to face trial---must ttify againinin fifi other offiferchd in the case. . rterer first trial eed in hungngbababamber. followininup f you-g-gy died om a spinal injury while in n police custodyast t ar.
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voters ifour more states will cast theirires in th2016 prpridenenal pmary election. hawaiil host the republican caucus.... d o,o,heir republicacaca prims.. tonight!nd in michigig and missisisisi... both repububcans and democrcts will take to theheotinbooth. the latest polls shodonald umis l%lng the repcan ra n nionall-- and hillary clinton isisea the democrat race. xx mostly clear tonight with lows inhe 2 2s and 30's. ightly warmeme fofowednesday, cmbing back into tt 50's and lo60's. mostly sunny skiith a smalal anceceo develop a stray shower or4two toughout the second half of thda 'll warm uintotohe 5and 60's on n ursd with lof f nsne. bright s sesontinuwiththighs in the 60's ananlow w heading into the weekend. a disturbanbe e e saturday willl brg a ance for some e olat shower chances. aside from that, thinglooko ayayry with the potential for more fire dangng
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how w hletetre pctctg themselves ahehe of thth ololpics-cominup in tonight's health wat. and lucky the e e e e un is found---juju in time for the t t tricks dayaradad hohoit got bacm with its rightful owners---right afte
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here's some nenevideo th proves human!s are dog's best friend. ( as you can see---thihipupuwa to an ice-covererervoi anfell i rescre qcklyre--onman nana to pule dodoto whthdog s froth rsesers s y y hey d doing stst endidi onlright t w. a w baba gorils making her blic debutt the denver z ^. thisisdodable new video o ows the moer a a daughte snuggling and nursing. the female babis named msms ah-deep-ah." hename translates s totogood thing"-ahe's the first of her spececto bbo at the o in1 1 ars. ththe gorilla'a'are tern lowlwld gorias--and th
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an upde to a story we firs ld yutasght.dbne!!! "luc thehe pr" " s found and return to the inpendnd center! the giant leprechaun`is part of tpe organizaon's flt for satuay's st. patrick's day parade.. and d had been olenenthe weekend.. we got wfrom the cter this rning that lucky was found in a dumpster alongnnorth prospect. he has mor damame.. bubuwill@stiti be used in saturday's parade. xxxx a live look outside e om o o studios in colorado springs. er changre movin in---jesca hasasne last check of the fecast coming up
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onigealth h tcu-u-olymymc upor 201gas inin wiwiis summer---t not withtvt some arehensioheadinin the zika virir weighs heavy y everyoyo's m md leading to the games....especially y malele athththt, who the virus apapapntly tgeor cely. ===== i would be very verygn justay, going regardle. becaususi do need to wei prpr and conbecausfafafa firit. i'm norelyonedededm reteteusususn n e coetition at weed justhe pepeen of ympi. i'llasas leave all the rrrrnr tthe mmit e entaololpic coittehas ididy n't e any y hletto thehe mes,s,uty did cr a"ydvisory group" made of medicaexpe- - wiwip atetes ostafwithirirns. w tonight t s hpririge eary g g somominteracte ti on how t ttatataare e heir eth.
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it's land of smiles eater program to@ohe students todada the "tooth w w wd" a a aplaqaq man" gave kindergarteners and first graders reminders on howrush and floss eveveday. theyope to helelthese ents formrmealthy habitnow....... before it's totolate. ether we made soso kid f fss for r e fifit time or askeke ththr pants to g somom mouthwash,e beeve e at thefafa of the matter ithat since this sw was fun,hey're going to oo home tonigig and rember that! ch stutunt also got to take home a goooo bag w wh a tototoshshtoothphp andndloss d in tight's yr healy family. apnew prograat memoriala hospital iteachingatients with art ilururhow to@oanagagag theieidisease. heart ilure doesn't mean a a art t tackck. juju that the hearisn't pumping g ood as well as it should. == my wife cacas it a heart success
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faure the classes s cus maly on educucn... ng patients what medicines they cndan't'te... heheg where thehecan t sodium out of their diet. and d commdinghey exexexse at leas@ a aew times a week. teald with a nurse at memorial whohedssses. ==== think my most important t t g isjuhat t t 'r'rnot alone and that w ware here to helthehe ananare hear to annyny questutus th they have. one he doctors at t t hoal ss the maininptoms of heartailure are figue and fluid retentio if yououounk you or someononyou know maye suffering fromomhe disease. health offials rececmend y y talklkokyour physisian. for mo healtltststies... just head toyour h hlthy" tonighat s s. a colodo woman with epilepsy.. will celebrate a birthday tommorr tt her doctor's toldlhehehee wouldndn alive f.. ave e r amazing stororof survival-and dhe m msage she wants to sha witpeople
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but firsrshere's jsicacaith one last looooat w wtherer moly clear tonight withtlows in the 20's and d 's. slightly warmer for wedndndn climbingack into the 50'an lo60's. mostly sunny skies witita sml anceo develoa stray sher tww toughout e seco half of the e thanor@ratching ne five at five. we'll see you back right here after n-b-b-b-ghtly ne, next. .
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at koaa t com. > > totoght,t, crirical nights more amerins cas t tiririr votes.
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is donald trumumosingh momentum? and ithis a make-or-break moments for bernie saers? violent storm. a massive system unleashing flash hldsdsraing children in their schch bnd s sttinin atateast one rnado. 262 million atisk ahe thrhrd continins for ys. mystete bullets. who fired thehe shotseard in dramatic new videoffn oregon occupier's final momts? y fbi agents are under inveveigation in the case. carbs andcancer. uld some@ ofour favorite fofos incncase youou risk of l lg cancerer evennf you don't smoke in. hecececf a sava. one dad hailed as heroor stopping a flying baseball t from h hting h h so "nightly news" b bins right w. >>nnouncer fro nbc news world headquarters i inew york, this is " "c ghtly news with lester lt.


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