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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm MST

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is donald trumumosingh momentum? and ithis a make-or-break moments for bernie saers? violent storm. a massive system unleashing flash hldsdsraing children in their schch bnd s sttinin atateast one rnado. 262 million atisk ahe thrhrd continins for ys. mystete bullets. who fired thehe shotseard in dramatic new videoffn oregon occupier's final momts? y fbi agents are under inveveigation in the case. carbs andcancer. uld some@ ofour favorite fofos incncase youou risk of l lg cancerer evennf you don't smoke in. hecececf a sava. one dad hailed as heroor stopping a flying baseball t from h hting h h so "nightly news" b bins right w. >>nnouncer fro nbc news world headquarters i inew york, this is " "c ghtly news with lester lt.
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a new nbc@ ws/"wall streeee urnal" poll justp out tonight is shongow tight theace is forepublicann n nination for president.% dodoldldmphp lng byy just threeoints national.trtrp ist%, cruz i seconon at 27276 bnsidid the margin of errorritit johnasich and marco bio trailin bebibi... the poll comess republicans are votingay in fourstat. but it is nextweek's's p pmari in delegate-richhio and orida that man expecec could blow the gop r re wideopen. democrats, meantime,re psquaualy@ocused on today's vot inmichigan, a state keyey to beie sanders' rvival. nit o o pollws hililry clininn leaeaea s natily by nin points. we havav itll coved s srting withnbc' ky tutu >> reporte gop voter casting llotsnour statas for fou remainin caidat. but r r now it is lookiki m me like a two-mann cocoes tonight a nbc ne/"wa strt
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ump a a aed czocke in a ationally withix stateser h h h belt, t exas senator showing off hexas swawr. >> sof coue, donald is and will predict he `wiwi engagag in moreatcks, they will beoreeepersonal, t will be more nast reporte t#dight battln chigan and mississippi,i, big pindicators. both orimary states where independentstsrr democrats c cast republicanball& >> if donald trump has trouble in michiganr mississippi tonight, wll s thahathe establishment's attempts to t t and slow hisisroroess are, rkg. >>eporter: now the forr no ny knknitmney now leadgg an establishmentov to stop t toutsidid. todau this attac ad. romney also voing ti-trump robo calls for johnasich andnd marcruo i stataoting today. i i c cvinced@dn umum wiwl lososo hclinn.n. >>eporter: "the nerker trqrinhe trail f r tv feib h h ver plelele
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say invok n nierma. >>ety far the biggest crowds. til this phoall in'n' ow it t ss phone . >eporojr: a former head of the the antididn-defamatiwn league & sasa. disagrgr. tonighgh tmp hoping to kee his momomoumumn t e f fe of what could be a a changing race. donald trumpeeo win and he nes to win y. if these r rults comom i late i i anss it much clolorrace an anticipipednd4 t t attackssinst him could be rking. >> kahy,ow tthth unfoldingg democratatstory. allyess on the micgan r r wherer be sandersds elf at acial ncture. as nbc's kasie hunt reports, it uld be a keker-break nig pr h h caaign. reporter: for bernie sanders tot, vototg i michigan is a
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>>ichigan has t t opportunity to move tss countntnt for toward a political revolution. let's doit! thk you! >> reporter: todas prima lily h h l lt chance to prove 's a real coenenr. > this has beenn a very significan s ste for me and for secretary clinton. >> reportere sanders is wininng smaller ates, but s s far he's fafaen behind in the big diversese states where more delegates arere stake. >> he'sunning outff time as we get into marar 155th a important state are ing,g,he's going to have have a a unexpectct@tin in oer @o change the traractory of e racececece eporter: in michigan sanders lo the pt,, drawing huge crowdsdwdw c clege campuses and unionalls,from the w/wking cls hitard by the cololpse of t t auto dustry. people a scared. ((th yantt tonow thatir chililen are going to h he a turere >> rorter: aslslsopen, saerss wasas on d dense aftft hillllclinton accusus himf voting againststheheutut bailou
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better than typicalashington ics. >> please go out votettoy. >>epororr: hillarylinton okg ahead inhio tonigh hr hband already in illiis. and e eagag to start running in the genenal elon. theooner iould becomom ur minene theoe could begin to turn ourttention t t the republans. >> reporter: sananrs today dismissiuestionono abobobo ether hehshsuld step ase. >o8 you h any real quesons? reporter: promising his supppppprs he'll press on voters are alsoing to the polls today in miissipii, a state where clintons expected too ll. ifif that' the ceould tually aa t t t h h pledgdg delegate lead eveve if s s struggles in michchan. > l me tow@ tohuck to, n ns pitical didictctctnd oderat of "etet the press. chuck,hat should we watch tonight? >> want to see w w saturday and indication of something haeneng in the anti-trump movement are anti-trump forces
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is it aund john kasisi? interesting thehe big wner out of ourbc newswsall street pornrnwasspoll was johnkasi. butt think t bigtory tonighgh is wth t tmp cafaf w double digits in both statess as h hshould, or have is s e anti-tru forcessedd thehe gap anan doeoehe struggle i i bothth on the democratic side, i iis al a authat kasie just rerteded can bnie sanders win? it i atata tai f sese can'tww inigan, where i iheng ton against hil clinton i i a pg ste? g testor bnisanderer tonit. thinknknkaker eak. > tens o o millionsssren alert in the south tonight f f more extre@weather. at lst one person haslready been kille by a m ofptorm system in texas. theiolent weaer leang a papa of destructiti i its we and the severweather t teat i i expected to last f ff da. nbc's janet schaman hashehe details. >> l lkk a thattuff flying
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> that's a tornado. >> repepter: the south undnd sie.26 million i ithe path of totoy'y' severe weather. at least one tornado near worth innood countyty texaxa i lookeddutside and i seenn the roof coming off. then it was swirling around. before i had to chance to go getunder cover, it was gone.p >epepter: jimmy watched lplessly from livinwn room. doben m mile homesn his nehborhood weree@e@n apart.he pululul p pplut fromiles of dedeis.. >> iidn't think iasoing to find a abodyhere alive. >eporter: the slsl-moving storm staednn texas but are moving nor carryingoisture frfrhe g g g set offinggp potentially dgero flooding.. too ala flood watch ininix ststes,,ll thehe way to illinois. in dentontetes,hildren trapped o a school bus. rescuers wading through the risingerererrise ing water to pull six of them and their driver to safet in grainpevine, an 18-wheeler
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interstata into a parkinglot. . gugus topping 70iles an`hour pulled brickckfrom the state of the union at tarrant countyy ege.e. severe weather conditions` coinuehrough ateast tomorrow and willeliver in soreasaoot o rain. >> invnvtigagirs belelve a mudslide and a dowowd t te on the trackssay heaused passenger trail to derail in soulhernrnalifornia causing the lead car to plunge i io cek bebew. at teaststineeeoe we injured, fou seriously. the aident hap aft o h h rafall. > drac new v)veoeo s o tonight showine oth s of tt aed ogo occupatioi/in ments. state officialsls s s t veigienhowsolic w we ju isingeadly foror agaiait m. bubu our pet willi rtrt theididses aew
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him, andwhen rteteelhoneideo pturesheomen t fir shs wer fired. anan reporr: oregonn inststats rea4iy, considehehe suvrive theea of e 41-day upationonf an oren wdlife . king frothe cl phonef e of those crgedn the ococpatiti, i shows h h driving barretggarar police roa block whentate police fe posehreeeeeeshot afte crashing int asnowbank,, he then gets out and repeatedl says go ahe and shoot me. go ahead and shoho. gogogo aheadnd shoot me. >> stata down.. stayay down.. stay . wn. repororr: ogonolice s officers on thecene had bee told that he routinely carried a n. policeay h%wice igned commands to g onnphe ground and twice reached for what they thought was his gu the third time, tworegontate polici oers feded tee
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are they shohosing h h? did they s sot him? >> rorter:r:triking him in the backndndnd kililng him. - aunasasasdoundn his left jacketetpocket. >> he was reaching for that loaded 9 m mlimetete gun when the oopersawfufuy u ud deayy physic force. `>> r rorter: s s unanswered@d tonighgh invesesgators say e, possibly two other shotsere fired that didot hitanyone state i i itigators saybe iled t disclose that they red them but the fbi says the agents did not fi. that's now under ininstigion, tototo pete williams, n n news, washington. an ameririnouou who was killed tod i a staing raage in israel, vanrbilt univerty s hisisames taor forest, araduee student who wasnn a sl trip. at lea teneh oers w wenjed in t ttabb telvi before thehe a qker was shot dead jobide condemned the attack on sociamedia calngt an act of terror. t of the jurors who handed
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verdict aow spishgingut ingspeaking out. te sportss reporter won h h h s st yesterday agagast the stalkerer an the hotel who srey t!p!d her. as s jurorstell our mgann raord, iwa not a qstn off andrews would win, but how much she would get. >> reporter: breaking her lence. >> s s was hones as fararar as i ew. she w emotional. >> >epter:or juror like these, it wasearing from eri andrews that madee the diffffence. rin andrere isoing to get some money, regardle. it was h h much andnd where was the el atfaul reporter: whatffected you most wheu we sitting in the jury bob? >> a woman who has built her career i a man-n-minate industry and hasonewell. d i think outside ofhis incicint, h h h life, h characr, should be a role model f f everi young girl growing.andaid t t sameme
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threatatme. theyeyay i i wanan too be eri andrewsxcept for the marriott alr inin i c c't c ctrtr that. >> repter: the average civil award in tennessee last yearas just over $400,00000 andr wone this week than all o othe tennesseewards las year combined. but s sayot seeuch of it sincnc her stalker,ichael barrett, w clear thahe made the video precisese because was broke andheururays . this thisisis c wasn't lebrity. it was aut safy.y. >> it is i iortanthen we walkk a hotel or anyny public buildi t tt says they're goingngngng totoake care of us, that they . >>ow to thee urgent warnis over the zika virus inn pueo riri. alth o oicials predict 1 i 5 there could bom infected.thth fda is shippinin dow blolo er frs that lococ supplieie could bentamateded
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there calling puertrico ground zero f t t fight againstika in t t u.s.s nbc's rehema ellllasas more froro savajuan. >> r%rorte in thihi hostall mamainy c%cter in puertrico, ere iss growingeaf zizi, expectonf h heds of thound onheslsl >> no wave to tes everybyb andeatrecy >> repter: reseer lrneded zika cnspe anunborn by nynytage o o prnanc n n- ju the first trister as prious suspted. >>eporr:t thecdc direcr rampingppp battle too stoti zika sprur t tthe u.s mainland >> this is theefrontntline >> absolutely. therer are goingng to be me caseses in%prto riri thannn thee r s of the u.s. by , mama, many multiple so this is going t tbe grounun zere fororika outbreak in the u.s.
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>> we don knowow to stop deska. >> rte zika. >> reporter: pueuerico h h pespecially lard becau i has the kind mosquito carryinghe viru now becoce ing uncted b ceceain ceain@incecides. thth woman, 1 1 wks pregnant with her second child, cried when she learned shead zika. >> i got really scared.. >> reporter: her unbornbaby rl is developing nmay soo far. she's using mositooprpr and hoping for the st. >>y bre a blessinin and i'm gngng to have . so no mterhat happens, i'm goin to have thisbaba >> reporter: the risk t tntrol e virir intensies. >ptill ahead, the queststn 4 thatatavee ussausehehe we heaea pit.. is tre link bween
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questions about the foods so many of@s love to eat. > a a day at the badlparar
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reaction.. >some _ome ihportant h hlth nene tonight aboutomet in the ods lot of us eat that could a contribinfactor for lulu cancer. whilthvast majity of lung cancer ces are linketo smoking,g,eseahersay n n evidenen suggests diets i ceain carbrbmay also py a
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- nbc's tom costflxps. >> r rorter: is thleading cause of cancer deaths i ithe s., more than 150,0,pele ctct to die from lung cancer this year alone. the vast majority currt formrm smokersrsbut 15% ar n-smokers. now, surprising research has found a potential lung cancer sk factofor r em.. certain fools thth quickly eleveve person's blood sugar leveve so-called high glycemic ods. t ty tend t prossed, ne tbe wnd arrbohydras wiwiotof a@ded sug pth dentoe a lololofiber or othertststs em. eporter:.d andedede ccececentnt s sed1,0 ng ccepati. e esrp, ts who had r smokere rethan two times akeke to develop ng c ccer, y if f had ten foods gh in arch d susur,ostltlprocseseseodod including fos like whihi bread, bagelelelopcoco and
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saltines andretzels.s.searchers believe the sudden bloooosugar spike can affect the way cells grgr, someththg thth ve a ao seen in other ca >>hat t is does isist causessuli^esiststce in the ces, and these tpotentially increasing growth factors that aressociated with the development of cancece >> reporter: docrsay it's far too early to conclude whit brbrd leads to cancer, but a leaniewith plenty of fruitit vvies and lowslscemic carbs is always a hethier chcecece tom coelelel, nbc news, washington. >> we' back in a moment with a clososca that totay shocked
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tv. spsp > sprn areistancing themlves fm maria sharapova after the tennis superstar admitted testing positivfor a banned substance.. porsche and luxuxu watchmakerag heuer suspended tiei. shararova claimshe didn'tt know
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babaed list at the start of the year because sidn' open an e-mail link from doping ofofcials.s. a reporter from northn california almost beme news s s hiel thaen on the a a. confusing s s stionoror- ar c ce barreling g ght at alage and his camera operator, both bararmanaged toto gegeout of the way. e vehie had st been - volvlv in ananccident nding it c ceening off the road. amazgly no ono w injured, but what a close call. and ta abobo a clo cl.hoabout this astounding video caurededhe m ment t sml plane nearly landed sm a builil olong isld, new york.thfaa says t t plane los gine power and had to pupu o o o emergenen lanng with h e ane'built-in parachute moments lat the f fr and ughter inside plane can beug inside the plple can be en walkingway y fe and - sun > d one moear miss.when we come back k baseball b b mes flying at a ung fan,
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quickl na > finalltonight, t nearariss s at's making jaja drop acrosthehcoununy. a spngining basesell game erere e stest reexes weren'n'on the f fld but rather the sndeh a dad saveded
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ry. nbs joe fryer has the ststy. >> reporter: for lann cughamamho is turnin9 next wewe, ititas the ultimate early birthday gififheherip to the ballpark to catch@a springng traiaing matchup w wre t t p py of the game would be made by his own dad. >> he is a ho. >> reporor 3-0, rodrigues runs. the bat goes into the seats. >>whoa,whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. repter: youould h hr the crowd's reactionn n e pirates dio network as a bat spped om the hitter'r'hands hurtling towas e third rowhere landon w w looking dn at a phone about to send pictures to o his s m.>> i iidt t en see it so i was areded >> reporr: the images s ptured frfre by frame by th "pittsburgh trtrune review."& look at the expression thoho around lananananthen loooo ca@a reaction ofofisisather sean ose instins set ininike cablkingng wild d tch.h. iidn't have a lotf f totonk abo i it just --he only thing i can n describebet as is dad mode. >> reporte granted, this dad pled college ball and waeveneh ted by the probefore gegeing sidelid by s sulder
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nw a a refightere hisasebebl skills c ce in han one more e e time, saving his son. >> i just nd of whwhpered to him, like landon, holdour head up and tip youcaca he held his hat up a a did that t and the w`ole stands cheered a a apauded. it waseacool. he's'sike dada thahawas awesome. >> repter: as for landon. >> i asksksky dadais this what usually happens at basall games? >> repepter:e got to keep p at bat t a souounir. conser it the birtrtay gift he never saw coming. thank goodness his dad didn joe fryer, nbcs. nicsave, dad. th will dor us o tuesdanight.t. m lester h ht. for r r s nbc n t tnk yoyor watchindood ght.t.t. fusing to pay. fung t tpay. the city o opueblo now enforcingng cakekeold d nes---why so property owners say th'r
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ad lx x ase ad lib wx tease construction r rps u uononon highway 24 intererangege projecec.. that means your r ive could soonn be impacted. we'l'lll y what toatchut for. o everne and tnks for m liliydyd and i'm rob quivk. w information tonight at sixix get t adyhfor r me traffic dedeys t tough theheeartrtf colorado singsgs phase one of the c)carron ininrchange project will start on sununu. newsws's greg ngranao is live atathe construction site with what thisill do to traffic in the area. alalthe work you've beeneng so far has been conser phase zero.. but th phase 1 tha'she we'll stararseeingane chanke lane clores,s,nd reductions s& spee.. along th headaches and cons forbusisses and driver
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sot: 33:00 there will be a a lolomore o ange and white in the project th youave seen to da. and d atig be anan derstatement. t t actltlwhat driveve want to hear. frank martinez/driver t: 50:24ts frustrating no matter whereou are. whevevevou he nsucuconon it defitely gets tempers flfling g the majojopartrtf phase 1 wiwi beo south bound laneneof i-25 a highway 24 to theest.t. upupdsdsilbe red, , ncrete barrieie will bebe going in, las will get smalle andl either be shifted orort times shut down. mostf e rkrkill be d/de att night....which is great news for businesses like shdenes....but that doesn't mean they aren't worrieie carrienee/sheldens sot: 46:13 lane shifti cancreaea problem. . sometimes if they geto confusededhey st kp on goioi and ey w ce ba. cdot says its either sft the laneor shut t em down......a consididing g get so mana visitoto through that t area.a.....z went for the shift. t 37:17 it could h he been significantlwoe. ifife ststd clcling acss psints for 2-3 monons at a


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