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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 2, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> gooryone. judgeeast bay issu ruling ac transit l today s withbus driveosed s ago butekhe driv ontract must b pu back in lillian ith on
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for u liia >>poisig employ they c goo under the co of their old contac board ofimposed therule tos in eff tothefit. contrt wa sav15 in labor cos byal alteriover time procting -pay for caing new plan f future workers.this afterno judge ruled legal prnt posing coployee while gotiations a bus drivers h been acaging inck out new as union ndedhey dge's ruling does make onsrelatable. can now back ad at w used to
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wi able st level e that they ha been used for the 50 years. very concerni the only lookingt for. they are not looking e not looking out riders. rict be out of balance.everybody taken c can't soout peoplrs.porter: ac d directin oor session whill the judge ru they ddecision by they m back tothe old coit er red. e about 30s every wnevery week. l oaklan news.> thanks lil i don'tpalo alto cmeeting measureo decideng or the fire nt. ave gathered more tha signalify theiative on the nov balance
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city currently04s. tive would lock in the nuter aluturelayoffs. oppo say the entid have toote change tter to one firefighter. ed putting th on let0would coste city nearly 200,000llars. san jose cityers an ters union will beback at the bargaining table weey are hopingtodeal that coul arly ghters. the unveosal after all hatct over weekend. city lan falls 4 million short needs tring orkers ba >> mork. howthey do themath is perh diffe do our but ow much would this proposalnerate tuldo reinrs. ey hopeful that wecan get back fi and get all of
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s the tr company to th plan could o the laid firefighters mu concessions actually san fra drivers liy thnlys d mak budgetcoession becausethe city chart t they mus the secondghest paid tr i the emtanget y irease that ave nearlyt.almo0 do calirniaoardf edlyade inr the deadlineternn.ey r too ed newmicdic soolsha thatllow thetatee for in dera eucat he m laur >> setwillh to rd and wi er in ecion te ard of ewmic
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stt cafornhe same patherstates. t standards th to a with a-all fridays called commoncoredard rep goal set in langua art and for students in sce changes in greatemphasis on el vocabu development and d use ofphoenixin rednghrphas lea acti ad ing algebra 1as op ome argue lower than current expectat say the standa discrimin against udts.>> hyourd theclaration of o toties and lo icon't thinkforniatdard en >>reportool in we cost where the stlationrity. i think tha to that because ki are
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that th's ridiculouss it is economic. : ramseye sard but tands the concernhat they the bar infornia we want t sure th is n hap that the sthatthey oing todo going to rssitated to ha heare of . >> t stad belies t st a md th previousce. ter emphasis o criticalrialization. thet educion a cuicul tdents meet in m, abc cou rual blowo n affmati action it wosed to tuty wom rities o city tion projects ente challeng eng contractors. wn t court city mus
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dence that were purposely or inteniscriminated againsingly cityfice calledling a forw sourt hasd map fo state local gove rimination.> an rancrat in on capi hill. ethic commit the waseaking sever rules. she's the hou demoharged in the weektwo m the unusual t in bottions rter: los ang congresswoma ised of confl interest. stery ith of one ba the 2008financial crisis. and d and was a larg investor iand y after t whe unitedon dollar bailout from t feds. e banktoy. in a statemen said t ha
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ore iply will forced to i did noto. cal he a hse sub mme can a cmittargeagai n rael f e committee accuror a defenrthe colleamr. ripping >>ur j a ially. now the comm is headed beanother s political trou fogressionalmocrats andaker peaid she's not inlved rpect did. y outp. it is colddepositionald whatever. we do know what but we resp the work t the me committee do. >>report sipe test expert pelosind off
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egards tommittee bu with not those >>yse ast coupleeeks and from tleadership dir indirectly asking the, directly askin the, beggingith try to cut a d >>reporter: professorout the lasthing thecratic wan 2 ethicn fore the novembertion. ly wir headline televisi press attentio even sti for democrat baters and rang are africa members of th house andthe congrecaucus but staff told me th didn wwas. and wherev ting on members s that arefacing ethic cha remembncyi t reprshe promisedd cultureorruption. publicans ar pickin onsue sayingled to keep
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tswamp. fessor's as that nanclosi or atic leadership mustpressure both pelosiffice is sayino shesn't. in thesroom, this is >> dn appears to isy a ign forvernor. brodhaving 23ollars in as o 30. hent rs recent 6 period. h collectin th on the loft h is now is i headquarterhe has a paid just peent republicanwhitman reportedending me has 10llion left i bank. she ed 91 mhercampaign andd a total or >> much m come thismonday nightul an of supp
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messer >> they off the job but nia scanda i over. tonight what is keepofficials fromivingmassive accu-weatherst . coste term cooend ring how t is going to i return wit lso toniation swi closed f nearly a decade in mor ways than one. cal milestone. stemell gi their voices i want you to "i'll deliver his co >>
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deadly small crash insan diegohe aircraft went dowolf course willing kill juringd 3 crashed minutesafter the planrom
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byeld. radiotower telling had he w going torn to the aine on the wa the crash. p de at san jshowing tr formerart policecer messerly g those at rally. convicted las monthinvoluntary maorting death of r oscar demonslieve the shoo an ac messer serve anyison time. uring the trialmesserly teshe pull his tas onant not his gun. messerly fatherratified see suc supp >> invaluable t to h ha friende community andly in the lawforcement wheree his >>repoth messerll i sld a simin downtown walnut creek. series of ev bay area betw now an m
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no he fac yearson. tsburgholice aman lostlife because d gang orders participate in an the 25-year-ol was to death earr disobeying ooat someonethat's ing to our med partnecontra costaes. ok place shortlybefore 1 in th at home on wayhere the victimng a room. police s susp 29man named isaachanansient long of es. sh east bay ldmarshut erred f a decadenowy richmo swimmers once thity ave it from . c report ♪ >>t byera. time enormous pub gr publere um andhise was always so
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>> durin war ii et because o the labor fo to thiprds the wateion.but plune tensions wou vanishes. >>ened 19 andchmond plung w w ce together. uil i in7 inspd cit that wasor asally t hi danger of f down.ple cld s swim bu to athei risk001 the got to be gr democrblicans of richm closed od. they aat saying use the sidouopenisk. >>repoe to life a ar toddws n in a inst time thalouch for grd in less tha weeks.s a ti wn smed ke td get
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wow : long rimond resi rusedove up on thefund ar dollar retrofit only thkss d natis. e and st a i wtt it wldet rn d puturger king g . i wao o >>portis nmentally frienn aboutopen for busine >> nam on . st. for of richmond. >>report rimond7 ne i m augus areeinol temperatu here now.unus winter chill inin francisco. but is the chilidefor so long as expeig reayis. pretty cool tere.>>iffe >>t istit to get morent.
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foutheachcamera. ookibaybrid andtet quite bit f aroundbity he uaheir anoturen the ar rrmpatureadis. inan frcisc cool. 55 to. an e thend ild ad ease andntnd tse arth ast mainand m coitio tomorrow. urng cle inndco fothe next severalter th thrnoon we sawge co again. k on shorelow coor as tt wh s heoolenoal cditis.frciscfor am pa mon je olesjuce y lstth hi preure fran70 degrees. 3rdof 7 was the fou
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mon onoal tperare ansco d of t b a well vapor ima sh st orth but it's d south w next codeepening tr by midweek bring reinforct ingd continssur inly in 50's bay aawide but up northcool clerntrosa s d fo tom inthe utay wh hi prsuren th upper 7o juste degrees and expected hig onnsula lo70's thpper 50'scoasica and a bemen rocio hi downwn. 6 s fraisco 5 e sudistct. il latilyinhe ig in ely 70's 80 at calisto
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and warmeer ansee0's id 7he a areeareinland east rweather tomorr o the 888 atch. 89 montey hig low ey carmel snd at gilr morgan acc forecast af's s c area wide cool tessing etireareaedneay t andayeven into saturdan e low 80around t high wil to re 6's od of urse near 50's on the >> >> is nice weat februaryap ig abo tha >>st. cefs. apple amazon a enjing unfairvante?>>on't jt there. come. remembering mad b
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. ouayinto se of lack ofcompetition? that's erals igating. rich ill ysple and amazom f ofringokes. he se's ntra mad co der discnt ook providersf.true urti com n comnt >> p e adyfthe 2odel and last week. rores re btw cancer at
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y pare c use toly s y ts isirst has been morecent of all sweetene to and omfromghructe sru>>ow trepo th way to grownew forpatits werner. st in t t m of stem cell b c to the parts o bo her best. >> considerera the t tache montpaulid ice. t traea of patientsncer. sing stem cell. peing just s di fi team removonor t of allssue wchdy reextthey dr stecellrom wn b m themo fa of w t befe surgicallyplanting
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thpatient. ith the hopeat those stecells wouldgerate the t yunioni t >> able tspeak, le toe wit everybod having this qualis porter: twoo heperformed first suj c h thatocess ven weeks but newocedure just hours. stemll used t t bladder. arerking on evalve otherrgans thistheginning scale tissue engieringoal is tely to combine makeces of organornre. what could be nextsc a wor using stem cell vessels, e using stood ears,eart lir.>> when we cight, we continuestonight, the w ys all.s. s be outby
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of nth.buat doesn't meyone is eth centzona immigrati law arizona immigr law, the into aion llar. lus dturb newcs about sprd childgraphy. w if who is fig >> t terfntre the lt lense dsn't go to wa were prese
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i want you to "i'll deliver his co >> [ son ]i'm a good son. dependable. i call my mom every ek. i even bought her a mputer with my new citi forward card. en one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ]
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[ groa ] and started posting ctures. ♪ ♪ and tagging me. blicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you tra points for paying your bill on time and staying within youcredit limit. [ woman ] nice tights. what's youstory? e citi forward card can help you write it. >> 8 am troops graq, troops hd in s e moh oopse. y amaise withdrawal will ourse leaving nd training f
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the detailsight s. : he klivd major romise telling grp of verans that allopill of iraq b thmo >>ade it car tt b 1 2010 n wo ad that at we are d as promisedule. when theident took offe 144,00 in i over tnd halfe has been a redu by end of this mo 5 non-orcesin. eached mi in larcausef the finalns of the lastion. just before presidt ad ops to se tny ove thenor obamaopposed. can notd is
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. licy alread tr policy that has failed >> mr. obasedge and wged would be much dif place ch worse >>reporter it therge directly he did is in tos own. se o sacri troopsnd their iraqirtners, violq contbe near thewest it has in ye : violence escalatejuly with 16 civilian killed. s at heie violence late 2006, deat d 1500 month >> value politic liberty ans do y say is a ff new. if personal on st iraq still se ha inr ddam rule. er: on note this. months afterational el is stillouty functioni government tests are un
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tonighlf of mexico if engineers should m ahead t plug of bp blown oi well calle ki nowhose tests are access heavymud pumped tt mil oilellginning to. mud will bellowed by d 2ter tomanentlyug >> thelaced sciencengineers ined it's safto wi ttion anill at thispoint. er: alsoypa stu al disbw eak the oi icilselfma ainisat is try defditse agaiy too many chemal w e oyeder o warnthspre child porthe rise. attorney er says on l l violhild victims have increasedy
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2006. tragicallyy place tha se decre isn the vi iy er: holder d n childludi tar top 500 st dangerousered hiringw for khy casescreating a n se w stacal official can thei new rt many users are nowending much more tim socialsites th th e-mail. expert are callin fa numberbility the repmericans do line. a quarter o on lineme now spent social med sites sook and mes accounteranother just amopleoenaed on socik bce an time newstudyenagers spent
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a lo time on the yepressed. one and a half t more likely. resa say spendi more 5 hours on the a day isexcessive. uthern as now throw aionger in bellng in nearly 800,0 yea which now get00 t has law in sac talk on outlandish pension st more from corresnda.>>reporterfirst dayfrom summe recess s e ruing to ades theay a sctsmallrn cifor cityof bell. wher fagero ,000 dlarsear. ben rhood of 600,000dollars a >> his the cld l forisnd ofform so gog tous
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>>reporter: 90 percent ofocag artial fst the state syem. any me rni o thpeeaes into coffer taxp pay in to make u the yea dg 4 doll i going to cal f th tgrowg ev re e all the serv people- depe exvernme to t and taxes ra >>repo is alre aralhat sion pay t 245,000 do a year. i calestigation inlary comes upupply to rizor bellolice c get more tdoars riremt ey we publ in califor citi lsn thci tual inirststem pri thatt be in underha.
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rter sta do rorm or club w s tey pnt typical more 25,000 s a yea >>t is what see. kn reaction to button crisisd woulhope that that is how pensio >>reporter: al talis t former official grave,000llarirs the salar usedate the the salary on wmakers h active ends . atcal first ters 7 news. arknown fors-immigration plicy w have aion ounty hisd. invesainst maricopa sheriff jarpaio. threa ican drug cartat wantsed accessross tthe
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yeotusual to receive thiff orspen adv immigrorcement. high humidi temperature firefighhern ia of 2 sq mile wildfir ihern cnty. crown is pa da9 peained. hope to haveroded this ev fire stro me 5ou s stursday. ghters believet ward bymee onadat 1600crir north her waslly started bcuing steelpipe. 100erced. re destroyeds, s wildfire destroy me outbuiorities sayks from t dedry brush 2 beeued missmeanorions for next. californi bord town up foror just 17
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llio >> 2nofugust. at m means? theiday shoppin seon i
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masnt. take a look thislwaysstart the se th a first form. storresponsibleingo consumer demand as deorionsr event. tey a tn the sts spit. mo thaass up way there are ds of le >> iyou ppeno have7 mid use buy an calledwn 3 states ita, . nancy kidwellounded the t her andlim in drill water,y and own w it saidrniaatch tatd me and odat.
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>>ut at own and all the busi iork ncy. 1 milonbuhtion store, rv padhome she i sellinwn nan kid weving. she safter s can't think ce she to go.ard toy imaginn francisco on the gat to thforgetting the around is responsibi at known tnment7 thomas litt that carrie big >>co waterfron was oncehe busiest portn. hub for class that unloadedtargetby happened nera ons.traiarrigoodsrom globe dest throith east. gone are s pier t e wate horse. lt
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>>ranciscosy ent pl when were running. rter: bill ilroad history n ook outxt sp >> thererademing through hand state fe ran in and arndrner, out in street. : the belt la stard the 18 90'sto moveht ship at thewharf. owned the statny oneness from having anopoly. the train pier sidio uingd throughhe early mov freight and s to and the p wart they were his num sanfrancisco crt. the state so railroad the cityn 1 >>t re herewas the businet away b theity ca dried
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all sh w to the oakland ded and state railroad down. there a feailroad you have lound offices. pi3 is a popula resting for to joggty thestretch thatasses a hat th presidewhat the fro passed windinrntown. ld soail yard bracs ul try breathe in the ra >>his was the fi th belt railwayowned. >>report chris head up the all voluntco trnon-profithat is tove frail pass. ber 4 is the current proj it wa built i 11 making itt surviving beltine trai sold the en32 becauseot
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ugh for thefreight theyng at the time. >>reporter: ain came to the tocreate treas island and went a owners the grou th numbhrain in th incarna the to putt back in the orm. . of cour rest historic analso mof engineering. locomotive.porter: they theyeep it r rings bain. ilding was severely ireit's now histoc ail museuman be i t at the site. 2 of g belte diesel locomotiv by citystillin the s codr the st purased 1940's theains are lease san francis to manac pi tcity
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rn end >>0theyre well. we want seeedd that oneuld i like se prast2 inesn erter girls unng m die- biodiesel w pollutage keeping theains pre importanc oblingtrt of rt of the inure >>reis a >>few tr ofhe be track gembarcaderouonestcarry historic t t whter the lk oere f the mostmoblef mo sic ♪♪ ♪♪ng]
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pitstheme music brid on the rive directed miller saturdare of a n ab yhim sghmitcwherthe word to ngs eredbottom of th ille ard execu procedngs for pple ch ahnny ma i tonehe was ld w♪♪ pap n it >> tens ohousands students schoolho came mrst on caool at
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. . rtingent.rnationaling ss th plasticrnswed at upcomingkeall onship ine oises too lo and thvernin bodyowed because the soe.
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let's get check our forecas ence chillyht. llier. here's a vie this afte the easthills camera looking wehe g n't e because o the deep layer400as matr of air cud flowing th cooling. okt d cong uxt seral tomorrow retive warm sme sd high in r 70's at sant atore. loens over the next coby thursday the hsanta 7 livermrom high of 87 to on thursday. he-weather day there ea wideing trendng on see high nly into t 80'sn thuday,dsaturday. o upper 60's around the ba w't change mi 50' o >> thanks.>> nowcollenkg
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at sares migh t want to kton ome out schn th ersity in the t 1 br confirs oh uenn state, wesnd ounout the top. only calif t e top 10 uc s ba la here n. thast to that pro carlostraordinarywent tnd he said th we schoas g the 8 years e. at ucsd.>> part >>sed dr>> hsaide mi to in boo bao the formeranking.nly 8 >> lonogram. it's a block part 9 never mindarty trai nut "m whitman says she'll run
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california like her compan.." seen this attack on meg whitman?
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who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behi jerry brown. they want jerry brown cause, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same he ever was. high taxeslost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests ha chosen their governor. w about you?
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>>t 11 a woman w became acorner fighto goee a rtion. eling di is bheart. ome n 1 hour on news ohannht is kicki wh ba >> startthw game ben tons of exbut the gibest to we. he takesthed. trevo hos royals
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tonig isfinite is in righ here. the can't get es beer, get that and l bettom 1. kevinputs the a o board. single1 nothing . hel davis. unloadingn bannister who the pitcshed. h oor davi kay hills kind el seventh. ses record 11 and hit sh ook a batretch. yes. paparraz ri in 6 nothing. ofment in chicago.rlos gomez gets hitd b pitche. gor a few minias 10ed to him. boy lucky elmet on. t temple th gomez we are t th hospi observatihopefully he i going to beokay. mi wogame to 1. nut cracker is b hasng holiday
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an clad i and goto otpad in second daing camp ine gle tear old school lers to ea >>e are tryingdos a fu technicsound t tha is a teamhat isgoing toin t games. cl >> report the team ispoisedome noise. to 10 defens dep raft. th plone forterback smith who omfortable quarte >> expectat have defini rise o much. expect mo success andwe have too de that.lex named in the ason and not comp for ob lake wide crab treeees
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big th as a . w when i see look a lot mor departme cain and alex clickedhisr. to really something >>retball the ultimate team sport like ner th on one. alex smith. saports thanks. startinguard ncussion a prac in the or the injured vetecould trigger in c to se who regular seaso actuallycks off. college line. orarting ack kicked off nd stanfordntend fall tis playe group s state ed in sa e upcoming season. w stanfordart thfl. art may not as kobe
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to load with j harbauhe helm exve been stea increasior theardinals. i think enning. and what it ta to win. g stepsard and becom tooing undefe first wn thepack tic also lostheir best running backto the econder than beshowed of ex downfield makingy. her the 5 decade-10itle t for the ev i think a year ca totheeowl. e ty capta even fong ist i know it's ae. i know w due. >>reut finally crew dub legenda cl te ketball shot the ankind the ont in bir the top
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ent in am, alabam go reactie just bers what you do a college c. 56eet s the way in birminghamalabama.renching for e time they a thekichlts perhap>> that does i edit news tv 20. r you can s connected 24-is he h newsl of us hfor we'l11:00ver onc 7.


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