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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 6, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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america's workers, families and small businesses, progress needs to come faster. >> president obama reacts to the latest jobs report out this mornin, one that paints a picture of a slow economic recovery. >> they are urging congress to take more stipulates to help small businesses to create jobs. july unemployment rate was 9.5%. privat employers only added
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71,000 jobs. california jobless rate was 12.3% in jun. >> employment fell f the second straight month. 131,000 jobs were lost in july as the government continued to shed temporary census workers. private sector job growth was work. romer cautioned reading too much into the report. >> it isn't as strong as what people warrant. >> the unemployment rate remains under changed indicating that frustrating factory workers may no longer be looking forwork. >> the unemployment rate shows no signs of improving. >> perhaps the economic recovery is slowing down.
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>> it's generating a rened doubt and recovery and strength. it's likely going to have an affect o wall street. >> public confidence which is low has grown sharply worse this summer. >> 92% of americans say the u.s. economy is in bad state. that is bad news for president obama and democrats who are trying to convince voters that their economic policies are working. >> for workers, families and small businesses, progress needs to come faster. >> data from th labor department shows a diffent story. reports for may and june fewer jobs were created than previously announced. >> with today's latest reports, stocks have been down. dow wn 140 points. dow down about 140. >> predent obama's chief
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economic advisor is says she'll return to teaching. romer heads the council. she wanted to come back to california so her son can spend his high school years in one place. he was frustrated by lack of access to president obama. romer said she plans to return to teach next month but tre are reports she could be named to the federal reserve board. >> investigators at oaklan international airport are looking into an industrial accident involving a southwest airlines plane that was pushing away. the plane was bees towed at the time but the accident caused a lot of concern? >> it caused concern for the tug drive. the vehicle that pushing your plane back away from the gate. somehow that tug driver became pinned betwe the vehicle and airplane. he was hostalized with non life-threatening iuries.
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nobody aboard the plane was hurt at all. this is the way it looked at 8:00 this morning at gate 25. all the fire trucks responding. this was taken by a would it who was watching from the terminal. he says the bar connecting the tug to the southwt 737 broke. the tug shot forward and struck the plane's landing gear. the driver was trapped between the vehie and the landing gear. people were apparently afraid the plane would burst into flames but it did not. firefighters fre the man and rushed him to the hospital. the passengers were quickly taken off and pout another flight to phoenix. the plane is still at the gate while investigators go over and try to determine if there was mechanical failure or operator
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error or some mixture of both. once again, a scary situation, something you denitely don't see every day. a tug crashing into the airple and injuring the driver. >> oakland police broke up an illegal marijuana operation and arrested two burglars in the process. there was a burglary at a restaurant and when officers went the they found two people throwing bags of the marijuana out of the second-floor window. police arrested two suects an confiscated 600 pot plants. officials y the same locatn was busted two years ago. the same federal judge could decide today whether to lift a temporary stay on that ruling
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allowing same-sex marriages to begin. the possibility has clerks preparing for a flood of marriage applications. teresa garcia joins us from san francisco city had hall. >> this will be one of the many locations that a very busy place if the stay is lifted. now, the thing is, if the stay is lifted, the judge will probably give them seven days for appealin the ninth circuit court. >> san francisco city recorder's office is a quiet before the storm moment, preparing for a huge influx of same-sex marriages if they lift the ban as early as tod. >> we can't wait for the judge on the high scho a. we are working with the county clerk's office. we're ppared to stay up 8:00
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tonight. >> his office along with the clerk's office would be ae to process about hundred marriages a day with combination of staff working overtime and help of volunteers. >> it shows how supporve san francisco is of couples getting married today. >> others would stay the same they are ready to issue same sex licenses if a een light is given. clerk recorder has extra staff on standby. >> it's been ready for a long time now. it's gender neutral for >> the judge made a landmark ruling to overturn the ban on gay marriages, it was appealed immediately by the other site. the judge gave today the deadline to receive written arguments as whether to ban should remain in place during itself appeals process. any marriages could be
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overturned if they reinsta prop 8. >> h didn't want to add t the confusion. he didn't want to create yet another class of people who rely on a decision an enter into marriage a who might, years down the road, have those marriages taken aw by the supreme court. >> theindow for legal nuptials could be very short if he lifts state because backers of the ban say they will file an emergency stay with the appeals court and also the u.s. supreme court. >> san francisco transbay terminal wil close at midnight for a demolition. social workers are making in and around the building hoping to convince the homeless people to leave and go to shelters. it opened to commuters in 1930s, and been a home for the homeless for many years. >> it used to be crowded,
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overloaded with people. now, it's been cleaned out. to see the few people that are left there. >> several agencies will relocate to a temporary one at main an howard street. new transbay center is expected to open in 2017 that will serve buses and caltrain and eventually high speed rail. >> the remains oa world war ii airman who was declared officially in action has been identified. he is seen in the far left of this photo that flew a bombing issue over berlin in 1944. all the soldiers lost tir lives in that mission. in 2005 they begin to excavating the ash site in germany. they identified his remains using dna testing.
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[ bell ringing ] tens of thousands of people are in hishima for the anniversy of the first atomic attack. represtatives from several major powers participated. 140,000 people were killed when a b-29 bombed hiroshima. that and the bombing of the second city prompted japan to surrender in worldar ii. it's a chance to show resol toward nuclear disarmament. >> a minnesota man is free after serving two and a half years in prison for a fatal toyo crash he insis he tried to avoid. he was sentenced to eight years in prison for vehicular
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manslaughter after 2006 crash that killed three. lee insisted he tried to stop his camry but his brakes didn't work. >> i stepped on the brake and nothing happened. i yelled to my family, brake is not working. >> his case was reoped after an investigation showi dozens of cases o sudden acceleration involving toyota. a judge grante him a new trial and he was freed. families of the crash victims they fully supported lee getting a new trl. >> a meat company is recalling million pounds of beef products after seven people were successened. they announced that valley meat company sold the contaminated meat internationally and in several u.s. states including california. beef was processed between october 2009 to january 2010. company says most of the
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products were sold frozen and they are working to remove them. they say customers should throw away the affect meat or return it to the stores for a full refund. >> we're not looking at a heat wave. three degrees warmer at sfo but despite delays of 47 minutes on arriving flights. stay tuned for warmer weather. >> and local organization helping high school students to go to colge. how you can help out.
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on january 12, a massive earthquake ravaged haiti's capital, taking the lives of hundreds of thousan of people and leaving millns more without water, food, and shelter. during our time in public seice, we've witnessed firsthand the extraordinary generosity of the american people in the face of tgedy, here ahome and around the world. and in the aftermath of the earthquake,
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once again americans came together in the spirit of our common humanity that is so characteristic of our great nation. but there's still so much to . we must continue helpin those most in need while al focusing on the long-term recovery of the peoplof haiti. please in the clinton bush haiti fund and other organizations as we answer this urgent call to help the people of haiti. give now, because there's an opportunity for the people of haiti as we answer this to build what they help want become,e of haiti. not just rebui what they used to be. thank you. thank you.
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jerry rice one the griacht 49ers of all time will be inducted in the hall of fame tomorrow. rice helped the 49ers win 3 super bowls and holds the most yards ever. he spent 20 years in the n.f.l.. he left the niners in the 2000 season and spent four season with the raiders. he was fan favorite with dancg with the stars and he finished second in the competition.
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>> congratulations to jerry rice. and dancinin the sunshine this morning. >> it's braking out in oland and san francisco. so does that mean warmer? not really. it will make you feel better. heading outside cloudy but outside our studios, brighter skies and temperatures will be in the 60s. live look from high definion emeryville camera beginning to scatter out here. marine layer was 2,000 feet deep with mist and drizzle and 20 degree spread from half on bay to antioch. 58 in san francisco. you have not hit 70 deges in over a month. we may have it on for i by the middle of next week. three degrees warmer there but look at theeast bay, three to five degrees warmer in antioch and livermore.
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every little bit helps. still cooler than average and below average for the weend. we're beginning to thin out here in the palo alto area looking at sunshine. even over in berkeley we're beginning to see hazy conditions numbers in the on a from novato and san rafael and socked in with the clouds and take longer for the north bay to clear out. everybody feeling the effect of the cool sea breeze and marine layer that has been stubborn to go away. on a there. no sunshine but look for sunny skies close to the coast with lower 60s there. south bay numbers below the average but pretty afternoon with sunny skies. sunnyvale, 73. and 70 in sanmateo. getting sunny a little sooner, half moon bay, cool, san
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francisco low 60s today and that is going to change in t ne couple days. near east bay, police department of 60s and 70s d no changes but feeling good out over the hills. walnut creek and dublin, 77 and down by the monterey bay, 80 in gilroy. seven-day forecast, below average temperatures to stay with us and you see it warmer, wednesday and thursday with numbers 90s in inla valleys. >>. popularity of taco trucks have prompted taco bell to try to go authentic. they are rolling out new tacos
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and carne, enseda. and you can get authentic tacos. >> students are getting a helping hand thanks to a scholarshiprogram thanks to a beloved member of our am. 26 students are receiving scholarships at windham hotel in san jose. you are looking winners from past years. this is the group's 20th anniversary. they have been doing for 20 years. you see my hairdo. >> and friday's perft pet. >> lisa argen
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today at 3:00, cleanse your body o toxins with delicious and healing mes. join spencer christian at 3:00 and show will also stream live. >> at 4:00, oprah a harder cleans u her life. the public company to challenge excessive toll hikes was we aware of the hefty salaries
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the city of bell. find out interest bad and blu-ray are king and we'll have those stories all coming up at 5:00. >> all right. we've got a very playful friday's pfect pet. >> lisa is going to introduce us to new friend. >> this is sasha. i got her from the local sp. >> tak about sasha. the he is very energetic. >> she is still kind of a baby, only 11 months old. she is little over 40 pounds, a lab mix and you can see, she gets along just fine. she doesn't notice she has only three election. she likes kids and other dogs maybe even cats. we'd to have to check that out. one of the favorite thing is to
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get a pool. she loves to play in the water. >> she has it going on. >> happy good-natured girl. >> what about the second chaps? >> older dogs and special needs. you get extra perks if you adopted second chan dogs or cats. >> call them to find out more informatioabout the older dogs or sasha is just a doll. lots of fun. >> she wants to come me and play with yo >> she needs someone very lofk. >> "who nts to be a millionaire" is coming up next. >> have a great day. >> bye-bye.
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