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tv   ABC 7 News  KOFY  August 9, 2010 10:30am-11:00am PST

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♪ is east bay commuters got some good news today abou the caldecott tunnel off highway 24. >> work started to add a fourth bore which entually will help traffic dramac. eric thomas joins us from the marin side of the tunnel this is is a four-year process. >> it is indeed. today we dig though. that's what the cal tran representativeaid. that's what everybody in the east bay who commutes through the tunnel wanted to hear. they started up the drilling machine they used to break the hillside. they'rgoing to use that to bore all the way throug the hillside. today they took a couple of ceremoni swipes. that's what you're gonna hear for the next few years as they
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bore through the hillside. it was the official lach of work on the 4th bore of the caldecott tunnel. $400 million, half from the federal stimulus money, half from sales tax in contra costa county. decades in the planning they're talking about. no more reversing that middle bore and the delays that went with that. but transportation officials also emphasize today this going to mean lots of jobs. >> this is a great day for the taxpayers. for the taxpayers of ctra costa county, for the taxpayers of the united states and california. the stimulus money is what makes this project actually work. >> first of all we're going to improve safety in the future, reduce congestion. but most important it's a project that's partially funded by the recory act. we'r going to create jobs now which is very important for the economy as you're aware. >> public ground breaking you
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put up a building. that's what they call this. a lot of officials on hand to witness the construction now with the road head going on the orinda side of the tunnel. there is another boring machine that will bore its way through the hills on the other side, the oakland side of the oakland berkeley hills. in a couple of years they hope to meet somewhere in the middle, a couple hundred feet in. some work on the inside to shore things up and then by hopefully 2013, maybe 2014 traffic will move through four bores of the caldect tunnel. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thanks very much. everything ran smooly in san francisco's new temporary trans bay terminal got its first real commuter test. the temporary terminal will operate seven years while crews tear down the old structure and build a new state of the art facility.
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greyhound and muni and san tran moved to the new terminal. ground breaking on the new trans bay terminal is set for wednesday. it's scheduled to open in 201 >> san francisco police are investigating two separate shootings that left one woman dead and four peop wounded. the first at mason and gary streets. a german touri was killed and two teenagers were hurt. the second shooting happened overnight at 1015 folsom club at the market area. two women were wounded. terry mcsweeney is livin san francisco with details. terry? >> the entertainment commission here at city hall getting involved in the shootings and that's because one took place outside a nightclub, the other took place in an area where there are a number of nightclubs and we are finding out this morning th the woman gunned down was walking with her husband. she is from germany. and she was gunned down on mason at geri. a 50-year-old of germany gunned down in a high-traffic area just
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up the street from union square, the heart of 15. a 15 and 19-year-old shot, treated and released from the hospital. the shoot being took place about 9:00 last night. it's an area of hotels and nightclubs. in addition to policeand homicide investigators, the entertainment commission raced to the scene. mayor wsom is giving that commission muscle to close the nightclub sce as a threat to public safety or a source of continual violence. >> we sent staff down to that mason street to figure out what was happening. we found out that in fact nightclub that been named over and over wasn't opened and wasn't part and parcel of that violence. >> but that's the climate in san francisco right now wit regards to nightclubs. five hou after the first shooting, gunshots rang out. at the 1015 folsom nightclub, two women had apparently left that club about closing time, 2 a.m.. were caught in a crossfire a half block away.
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the women were hit in their side police have not update us on their condition. this follows a string of problems outside nightclubs. a shooting last night outside jelly's dance club in mission bay. another at the cone in the mission and there was the one at suede in north beach. executive director cain there of the entertainment commission says 95% of nightcls are on the up and up and doing a solid job but they're going to have having later this week much more power to enfoe the law on the 5% which are problems. live in san francisco city hall, terry mcsweeney, abc 7 news. >> terry, thanks very much. emergency crews are rescued a man trapped beneath a mini bulldozer. he was unloaded that bulldozer from a trailer on a steep road. you saw what happened. the machine overturningsed. they had tahoes to remo the roll cage and a safety bar that
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held the man in the operator's seat. he onlyhad minor cuts and bruises but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. investigators are looking into a cause of that accident. >> this afternoon, a livermor mother of thre will officially be chargedith sexually assaulting two teenager boys. 14-year-old christine hubs is facing 67 charges related to what investigators say was a long-runng sexual relationship with two 14-year-old boys. most related to sex acts involving the two boys but she also faces charges of contributing tohe delinquency of a minor and one count of discharging bb gun relating to an incident in june. authorities first got involved after the mother of one teen found a nude picture of hubs on her son's phone call. >> hewlett-packard tumbled after mark hurd's sudden forced resignation last week. he stepped down o friday after acquisitions that he falsified expense reports to cover up a
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relationship wit a former contractor. that woman 51-year-old jody fisher earned $5,000 per event to greet people at h. p. even and she's also an actress. this is video from fisher's acting cliff reel that's posted on she had a ief stint on the nbc reality show age of love and also appeared on a anymore steamy low-budget movies. hurd and fisher claimed they never hadn affair. >> the eths committee announced charges against congresswoman maxine waters. she faces three counts of ethics violations. she's accused of requesting and getting federal help for a bank called one united bank. the ethics violatns were raised because her husband owns stock in the bank and once served on its board. the bank got $12 million in bailout money. waters denied any wrongdoing and repeatedly asked the committee to dismiss the charges unsuccessfully.
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her trial is expected to happen this fall. >> tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of a six-year-old fremont boy hasanni campbell. members plan to meet with a member of the alameda county district attorney office to talk about developments in the case. investigators now consir it a homicide despite the fact they have never found his body. his foster father said he left the boy for a moment behind a shoe store in rock ridge neighborhood. foster parents were arrested early on in the investigati but produres never filed charges against them citing a lack of evince. >> honda recalls hundreds of thousands of family vehicles. >> a charity aid group makes a addition after ten of its members are killed in a taliban attack. >> and contradicting testimony from actress mia farrow in a war crimes trial. what she clas superdel naomi what she clas superdel naomi campbell i spend three urs on my homework --
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a christian charity says it has no plans to leave afghanistan after ten members of its medical aid team were killed trying to help afghans. the taliban is claiming to hav ambushed the convoy. their bodiesare be flown back tohe u.s. for friday autopsies. >> the bodies of the ten murdered aid workers arrived in kabul on sunday as friends and
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family mourned their tragic death. the medical workers inuding six americans were ambushed on the way back to the capil city after a two-week humanitarian mission inafghanistan. the taliban claimed responsibili accusing the group of spying and trying to convert muslims to christianity. the u.s. ambassador to afghantan strongly denied the charge. >> these were selfless volunteers who devoted themselves to providing free and much-needed alth care. >> the danger in those parts were enormous. they hiked wiout security or weapons. three weeks before the trip one doctor admitted the trek scares the livin dayghts out of me now. woo was schedul to be married in two weeks. >> if somebody needed her help, she'd be there. >> friends and family of the victims say th risk were an understood part of living when working there. >> it was work needed to be done
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and they felt called to do it. nothing more complicated than that. they we committed to helping people that need help. >> the director of the group said the traged would not deter them from their wk. >> we're not thinking of withdrawing from afghanistan. >> the group tied to afghanistan will contue even in death. five of the eigh foreigners killed will be buried the. karen traverse, abcnews, washington. >> a war crimes court today said the supermodel naomi campbell sent her a gift of diamonds. today actress mia farrow testified while at that same party campbell told guests taylor sent her hge diamonds that she planned to give to charity. both contradict the british supermodel's stateme. last week she said she had been given several dirty looking small stones but didn't know who they were from or who sent them or what they were. >> ms. campbell, my children and
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i were already eating breakfast. and as i was it, she was quite excited and said, in effect, oh, my god, in the middle of the night last night i was awakened by knocking at the door and it was me sent by charles taylor and he sent me, as i recall, a huge diamond. >> taylor is charged with 11 counts of war crimes, included murder, rape and sexual enslavement. they claim taylor used blood diamonds to fund the brutal civil war. >> set to meet with top whi house officials to talk about the recovery from the gulf l spill. the meeting after b.p. succeed in stopping the leak by forcing cement down the top of the well. crews are drillin the last 100 feet of a relief well designed to seal it for good. the company put its firs $3 million deposit into what will
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be a $20 billion fund for economic victims of the oil spill. >> meteorogist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. >> you know, the bay never seems to clear the same way every day. (laughter) >> take a look behind you guys. you saw how silver and gray it was but down the airport it's sunny. still 75-minute flight arral delays. check out our flight tracker and see how your flight's affected. we'll talk about a warming trend later into the week and possibly into the weekend. >> a new warning for parents to keep their children away from dry pet food. were prese i want you to >>
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♪ today san francisco will start expanding the number of bicycle lanes in the city just days after a judge lifted an injunction. striping started this morning at 4th and townson street. on friday a san francisco judge lifted a four-year-old injunction that kept the city from implenting part of the plan. the plan will add a total of 34 miles of new bike lanesn the city. >> all right. san francisco right now sti waiting to see sunshine in most places. >> espially downtown. startingo see as you head south on the peninsula. let's take a look at this picture. nothing doing here. another hour or so before we start to see breaks in that
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cloud deck. looking northbound from south beach this morning. let's take a look where it is sunny. look at the shark tank this morning. looking at san jose the h. p. pavilion. traffic pretty lig but so are the clouds. none to be found there. good for you. sunshine and abt 68 degrees in san jose right now. most of us in the 60s exempt for the usl spots up in the north bay, san francisco and th long the coast as has been the case the past couple weeks. you're still kind of cloudy and in the 50s. monterey bay temperures in the 50s. sunshine around gilroy, to a lesser extent salinas. going to be the coast whe we have the cloud and a little drizzle from timto time. mostly sunny and cooler than average around the bay. cloudy and misty tonight with drizzle developing along the coast. i think by about thursday, especially into the weekend, at least on model is hoing out a warming trend. i'm goidru to grab that model w and run with it. i think say lot of folks want to
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see warm weather. a couple areas of low pressure stuck in this trough. this trough will remain over us at least until wednesday. that's why we have the cooler than average weather and those misty nights. for today in the south bay low to mid-70s, los gatos 78 the warm spot. 74 san jose. on the peninsula mid to per 60s for san mateo, menlo park. everybody el the low 70s. check out the coast. mid to upper 60s daly city 67. same thing with sausalito, san rafael and vallejo. more warmth up in the north bay valley low 70s and a few mid-70s. along the east bay shore everybody in the 60s until fremont 71. east bay valls mid to upper 70s for the most part. brentsod about 80. that'she warmest spot around the bay. hollister with cloudy and mid-60s around the monterey bay. cool weather all the way to sacramento. 74 with sunshine, tahoe, warm
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spot palm springs about 100. let's bring it home as the giants are back in town needing a win. and the cubs might be good for that. 7:15 that first pitches dropping through cloudy and cool 56 by the time the ga ends. for tonigh we drop to the 50s once again. the coolest weather, north bay low 50s. mid to upper 50s, clouds, drizzle. you know the rout? in the morning. we're going to break this routine but it won't probably happen until thursday with temperatures 4 degrees and then friday, saturday and sunday we can jump more with 90 inla, 80 around the bay but rather cloudy at the coast and low 50s for you. >> mike, thank you. >> you bet. >> experts are waing parents to keep young kids away from pet food. it could make them sick with salmonella. researcher at the centers for disease control and prevenon have identified the first known salmonella outbreak in humans linked to dry pet food thought to be sar than wet pet food. so far 79 people have become
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sick in 21 states, most young children. experts say the kids became infected by toucng dirty pet food dishes and putting hand in their mouth. they recommend washing hands after contact with pet, pet food and bowls. today a first of its kind tour band too effect in the south bay. fast food restaurants and unincorporated santa clara county can no longer include toys in most kids meals. the ban affects any meal with 485 calories or any meal where more than 35% of its total calories come from fat. about a dozen fast food restaurants in the county are impacted by the ban. >> honda is recalling hundreds of thounds of passenger cars because of problems with an ignition switch. it involves 2003 accord and civic passenger cars and 2003 to 2004's of the honda element. the problem with the automatic transmissions could lead to a vehicle rolling away and increase the risk of a crash.
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the recall is expected to begin in late september. owners can call the company for information. we have the nuer for you on our website, look under "see it otv." >> still ahead, one for the record books. a british man walked the entire amazonriver. why he did it and how he survived for two years. [ fema announcer ] jobs leaving.
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a budget disaster. california on the brink. jerry brown's plan? you run for office and the assumption is,
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oh, i know what to do. you don't. i didn't have a an for california. [ female announcer ] with r state in crisis, we need a governor wi a plan. you need a reallan, something i'll acknowledge i did notave. [ female announcer ] jerryrown. no plan then. plan now. meg whitman. a plan for jobs. log on. learn more. today at 4:00, oprah tells
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why she will never diet again. then on abc 7 unless you at 5:00, marriage license fees at california could help fund domestic violence shelterers. we'll be in court as the livermore mother of three faces charges of sexually asslting two underaged boys. those stories and more later at 5:00. >> a story of real determination. a former british army captain is the first man known to have ever walked the entire length of the amazon river. as he finish in northern brazil he celebrated the ends with a champagne toast. he survived on rice and beans for two years. yum! 859 days, 4,000 miles and he says 50,000 mosquito bites. >> he raised money for five charities while raising awareness on global climate change and destruction of the amazon rain forest. >> he's planning another expedition ne year and maybe
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take mosquito repeent next time. >> a lot to car. let's check with mi one final time. >> the sunshi's out. mainlyn the south bay and east bay valleys and the peninsula. the noh bay and around the bay a slow go. temperures in the mid to upper 50s along the coast. we'll hit the upper 60s around the bay and pretty much the mid to upper 70s in our inland neigorhoods. expect more clouds givin way to sunshine. temperatures will vary just a little the next couple days where you'll notice the significant warming inland over the weekend. >> all right, mike. thanks vy much. >> that's gonna do it for us. thanks for wating abc
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