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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 11, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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we knew this day w coming. that's why we boht a subaru. the suspecand e standoff. i'm believed to murdered police
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t and then k them a bay nted a at h has coveredhe stor e it broke. where it tonight? >> reporteow a homicide scene this thesuspect was firs spott him ay and this isere ended. theyellow ford s polic onow chase down h from cled back through pitthen returned to point area where all startednd old cio rubio sat in h veolver poin to. parked out the bio's brother wie. >> t b the house i he suspect in
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he identified >> a homicide pos i know h person identified a a spect. >> reporter: pnly y a maleictim was e house. e chase began a alled in a e at the describe y was not h forlice to spot negotiators we ubio to put do uround 5:45 this een eg and was bleedin he tem that accidental shot shot duhe incident back livs say there are still are e house and bod of the isl insid ome. porting live i bay an wang, abc news. thanks a lot.
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copt voterh wants build tte. opponents of pl the nity cent that. the planning c sonight and lisa amin is just taken >> dan, re few ago. the voted unanim it decisionr listening to puby t whether to f recommen archite. ey said it okayild the 64-ff muslimunitytion currentity. would note fun it set up try butthere w ponents who saw problem. they having a tal tower in i just didn't fin. our oppositis that addition of tower on t is goin
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step too fa and making pat income pitecture something think s be address >>of ourulture and our identi just the c symbolizes the chr or the temple. >> reporter: t oppositionhe prescambridge managemea bissett up acret in the muslim the complain impact had on parking d destruction landsce h flower bed center. now, that thelanning commission hlet the wer betruction we gin unl files an appeal city and ha bee e. in santa clin
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7 news. disturbi ght against as coach in the bay. in a lawsuit norm havercro accused lesting ae was ju ng body also acuit ofowing it to. thompsons once swimmer with o dreams. she beganng when she was 7 and swamvely college but sa her success was ove the pain sexuall by her of thee. think of stress. of all horrible things thatappened eting. she is now the p wsuitiledara county superio west valley swi coach norm of assault and ing fiveearsen she
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years old. re groomed ey for abusehen unger. he collar ned to during her laps. this ie lawsuits nation the rning body o u.s. competitive g r way when i to sexual abuse by certifiedes. attorneyis a disturbi a ure ofup. >> they had ge that norm ha ng girls andson ould neverave come in ntact, he been t of coaching. sa refused d statement that rea in part usa
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swimming ist a enforcement igate complai mi effor to revoke the membe an rson whos in inappropriateior. er were ignored that is why sh ant young swim able to s and t and that not et victim and if does happen that ere are goo people t g to help them. swimming says measures recent morectively agains one th that on its website it a list bannedches. that list name some of themg ti forion. norm h nam is no l he is c char t uld like to changet.
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na rusk, abc 7 n a state asse from ma his endr one ye morator onighnd ball bats. it became neer the ing body sports bannereown as co starti next season. >> this is 4. number one selling eporter: until tod this composite meta was the holer at hills all baseb ool players lo extra plate. >> anywhit in there yoult aeit. ifornia inc federati banned cf 4e in place, bats by newandarded called bb c ornt restitution. >> a reduction
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to do wt only the which wa the standard but speed th ng in and bat reacts o hits the bat and well. reporter: t comes 7ths afterere injury t gunner sa off anminum >> when hitse b be like trampoline whie ball off therder and faster it difficult r kids to see. i'm thatety trump pe hris is a coach. >> lowerrds, i have nproblem with l hoess me bats useh r: it will also courage mi pitchers ineadgear. in 2011 volunt couldbe man
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at lavado ol has already done. >> the p close. recommending te the oppoear. hink, you know s, i think tha a gi i think that no bad thing layers make t bats byring in ayers were evever them w season the cturerse up with a stickee bats that would chey tamp leasant hil laura anthony, news. the ju the case will decision tomorrow on ay on same-sex m n walker overt marriage last we butely stayd decision unt appealed hsuling. judgis expected is ruling o st can go forwar
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to between on we will tou t it ou next to inin parking ets in san franc id byeds of drivnow being a mistak mistak uncover by abc's yes and the i-team. >>usiness is slo george chen smokfrancisco to e $85 parking he ived in june c a t survivinand theet it jus th orter: he reporter: h commse which allow hise loading zon . ge knows the so closer lookat t tick >> iime is wro >>e called and we accompanie municipalsportation agency it w on o by a forward looking came
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. of theansitlane enforcementt. me says33. 4:33 in theoon. i wasn't out there ore:00. around 2:30. >> to geottom of this filed pu t request and come back. one camera iled to for dayligme inmarch. the we onehour and tech catch it fothree mo mta issued 51 ti sed on the wro >> thi c mista got to own t it. >> the bus c were pr mayor ke the newsat the brhe new termmall. >> all theolks that tions i'morry a a complete concern that should addressed a got to own to i
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we a and les learne and make th mista again. >> and we brok news to nati is the first i'm heare towith the staff and is the cas will have to correct the prre ford also as obtained by-team in whiupervisor acknowledg technical r andshelss tations only pro estion time ssuance if people cat mta mistake. >> the wayou should handle thi 0 ti >>ve a probl ets and ver shou refund thaney if was a proble syst >> proactive >> a proactiv thf ord usffense ve ref re00 and more than $27,00 fihat are stilloutstanding. i'm now po
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po the documen cluding a list i blog. check have money coming back. e tan, abc 7 news. a morebring here this to car coming up, a plan i s to allow e vehiclge stlane. from 7 on yo s michae finn a toxicanger nce houses th to fun. m spencer ch head. er like summs t e details on t accuweath coming up political heavyweight for the grand ce newnal an promise it
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a warnin unce le t allowable are having a rty make surehat ildren wash theippens before the e the state a nounced a supplier manufacturers ofbounce apany called bay a have taken bounce house of and no longer it itsntory. calling it the grand centof the and civic l have broken g new
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y transiter. they believe i such impot economic boom wi lt of it. don sanchek rmous undertaking. >> twone. >> rdition. the officiking. te of what wile trst new hil station in the uniteds start. re is speake house nancy pelosi. >> we about a makeover. >> repor blocks and in the c tr. why don't hh s ? use we never m invest hy. >> reporow. ancisco has s. ss and the an come up with lion to start. >> we for the oject and we h i caow many p were inng halls, trades wit work and this to p lot ple to this trans- trans project s t for jo creation. >> rep0 of
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them fo the y we cor building terminal. >> it ely put work immedwork a t of the con tra anat weeen infor lastoears ct 30 years making. it has been aght r the last twoars. eporter: i t just tthis old buildig up a new inal. it is about rmation of this ne s what we eve walle lo rises. using units. fense office space. indoor offens a tallest towe st coast of anchorew hborhood witus on el vibrancy. >> a pro o n
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icance. >> reporten will be completed by md it ll the projecte completed by017. overall prith all the high ris buil lion. in san francis 7 news. okay. o this wrd w spencer told mcinating n the bay bay included, sou in broke today. that's w land espee east today 20 degr below thfor ts t isdibly cool thl hasn and is about t ch happ report is high definition bay the bridg rds the city of san francisco. low clouds and toni wern for now. it persisght. rizzle and then after that thingart to tomo
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the e 50s viin therea except for anti the highligh ebound warming contin on e weekend. and we will se finaeturning inland s we get s and this satellite ose up showss a rather vigorous and focus the onwho drizzle,ot int astioned earlier as the marine air flowsome ofhe east waycations h temperatures 20ow theaverage is neww, maximum member i new his date tha . orning with of 54 degrees recor mperature for tied. that w 2005 st ties a poolr assoc low and sh
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ard in the ught us the un cout all changing as the p cool m land and toml see warmer co beginning to old and right on through the weekend and into next week. low tempight with lots of clouds. low fog e 50sh way orth cooler. a low of 49 tomorrow ures climbing li south bay highs in th mid 70s. 77 saratoga. san jose. peninsulainly low 70s buid 74 n thecoast. per 50 and half moon bay mainly and rancisco although downtobout degrees. in tlots of mid 7 and ukiah highs in the m
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in thed to per six0se l 70s. inland 0s to 80s. mi 80s brentwood and h. 76. atures on climb. look athe accuweather seven-. sunday, in proaching 90 d tuesday mid 90s . r 70s along and low 60s on th things are bec summer li hag time to ther wil like summer b arrives. >> but jus briefly. thanksspencer. ng up next we ta scenes a as they s answershat can't be found on intern an arearcher uncovers eheds new light on t habits and m early
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with an average finance savings arou $5,800. "m whitman says she'll run california like her company." seen this attack on meg whitman? who are these people? they're the unions and special interests behindjerry brown. they want jerry brown beuse, he won't "rock the boat," in sacramento. he'll be the same ase ever was. high taxeslost jobs. big pensions for state employees. the special interests havechosen their governor. w about you?
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lf the count it ran in the ground-brea mini series was ab african ame family ancestryd be traccan american ave. as produced wolper. he earnedountless nd golden dt nigh p ars y ofk he be ines like now a lot a u search for b are learning a lot you specific
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f has several hundred recientists o th mone r plains what th as search engines there is important that can't be answered with a few keyrokes. >> what keep visit cal to hat is why y ch ss drawn dozens of ts to silicon valley from y in . study ifitors dati wa seeki if fr uence buying >> i bel wil unaps in rstanding hu b suddsible to study behavis that you would eporter: by monito hes and talkin to use
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s mak consumers and adve o make itetter and ourors areking hard at improvin thing we exc what they doing. >> reporeople to link up withthers with interests want to conne with they are to meet up d form and feel goo abouthemselves an affilier p and find people lthem. reporter: eve sharin provides resear data. they discove destinat ondon, new so. ahoo turns 1 as aablished s alwaysfor growth opportunitiethat with research o especially inging markets overseas. in santalouie, c 7 money scop >>ews at
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od evening. here ime of the headlines wing for you ton a high
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slice and ff with an armeder susp safely bay afternoo ectred after tar gun thatointed to ningin nta clara coun allow theslimtion t minore its . felt that the 64d not i i th w rulesn baseball tea have tosted t t the speed of thes hit. lines tonigh he exclusive ren excessive ng i the california court lawmakers grill nistrative o the courts whiersees spendin anm te ght this i to are. leereports now ento. >> reportehe s dealt with t
9:33 pm
d $1.3 billion omputer s is link all of the urtsn califor work. >> how d return stment andthe efficiency you do all? can i'm not goingnture a gues >> repe hot omissions ofe administratif the courts arm jud council whic affairs and he courts. the computer syste haseen controve of its gls andlays. cramento's jud it >> iit hasn't worked been woefully misbegot execute. >> judge also system hasn amu thriceontrols. just a to the r. reporter: aoc judges in leadershsitions theeven though all of judges today
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had pris. they th repres selves and hav entitleled reporter: fletc th rageous to tak com that was talked million no $1 you still ca cost re expense. >> reportetook up the controissue. the ning the urthouses an faci mindstors werexpenses li ember a brought up. >> charges in fo cansucks fo cleaning ay. ell pubd $8,000 m from the entranc to the saccourthouse. >>r the gum and a space, not it wasn courth ide as earing r: he said it more removingum.
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>> notust gum si at so and would hat was if we the order itis much larger pt. >> reporter: a testtle blower ho was fired las month. he filed a lawsuit charg frnd abuse. >> tha ar seeks to recove dime. >> reporter: t n hearin t plac one mber told me they made a full-cour ess to it on the aond theudicial cil can't stop a legislati ccms that isd to in see, abc 7 her legal setb to tran da c judge reaffirm that a bus drt dispute mu bindi ac transit lawyersked t judge
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recon at theers encouraged ckout. more than 20 day started ca sickr ract was imposed on the judgehe hig absentee rmore ence. >> thousandsvers i hy g news about tickershat them use lanes du hours and new incenti ectric car s from cap correspondent anda sacramento. >> r a lot of californre stuck in jams, 85, s inertarids with this given a f thene during c hours. those expireths on january 1, assed out o extet six more to the delig
9:37 pm
cker who fin car you late for woave wonderful t b c the state wil creaers to in 2012 be for the next of ins the volt an tric nissan lea on the market. 0,000 of the n stickers will be m havr we should incentivize a of viduals to buy going toelp envenore. >> reporte h the origin es who were onting en will be kicke ou pool lane would have in the r lanes with t us. that is wh lawmakers ted against sal. ore carscrowding intospace and leaving th pool not a. we needto be utilizi cost a lot money and should be u to ybody. >> reporter:ly new ickers
9:38 pm
on the onsumers mighted to buy th at a time models federald or state cred >> this is an added bonus ant also tend to look a in pool lane t like ror thesecles. reporter: tto extend the o stickersnd create a st program now heads toernor's desk. if he sign will goo unl . sacramento, na 7 news. w a ove fo furloughs a o t of governo schw latest e the shots toend . ovesaying in the j right? >> right >> the expen this friday. state p n ancisco anes showing th film. itven employee a raell arn are pendable. a secondoughs was schedu
9:39 pm
this friday. it w wee y anmeda ju goveenegger is appealing s on the and house press secreta tonight, robert ng to take backme comments. talkad him out his profes fu >> tod robert gibb h to prove tha in hiot i don't plan on ere no t a an inflto my off >> secr ho scold call professiona libera have out deals to he said theye drug hey will b when ca nd we have the pentagon. that
9:40 pm
s haddiction or losing his many on left mr. kept on whether he an insuranc com, this bill. >> o beingive . that is the pre lear as mud. >> pe president stenjoys the overwh of but on ey, libr ham shhas been takingfor g f assumed tha stick wit but haoss the board by n his time wents >>ay to progress say this f. at is theiri'm stn november. >> i don't wil becaus what is at ember is portant to do now, wall stre stuf today fromart fin worst one e in nearly a stors sol ocks amid c over slow
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economic slowing grow w off down 265 oday. nasdaq down 68.5 los 31.5. of cre concthe unemploythe states whic is troune in countrote now job fair spabc 7 . will bed tuesday, august 3 to 4:00 p.m. at t garden inn inlle. l havepecial secti thcareorkers by way. if you are in fession. you canorenformation u see ource you. well, comi th butchers we cont area scientist vers the habits
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over a million beganobserving ra itiestn ant as a tim refl >>f th most
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finds in years testimony of derny have tool million yearslier than fhought. thisof is oftent the c ind. me to some of olde n remainsf modern's cestors. sciebeen loo clues about in this remote part afric decades major di about our ancient ancestors. they provi >> weed two bon iney have st marks on showed signs mitive stone too they were like rocks break the bone extfor fo un oldest evidence butcheringated
9:46 pm
to ion years tut 4 million year ago. meaning ma pic ols nea million r than p ght, 80 animal provide that re nor advan no able tools they meat. >> this spec ole in ry history becau the specridges the -- he find was ma from a demyoveries. the oldest omplete juvenile skele ies in 200. the e b 3.ars. emust 000 yearsguy. p now, no was tomonstrate that this
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kids in th first hand tod ly cloudiesfpossibolar power. and ra solar powered mo c s to encourag to conendly reers. paeive career training andmmunityce rtunitieslifornia's emergit omy. t's go back to the weather. spencer christ, a more friendly powered activities. >> how c. t the high temperatures oaklh of 62. set anll-time ximum tempere average ties for dateand y s how far ith a high of only 69. degrees cooler th
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avers date. tomorrow we ith the same conditions ing h e aness cloud by l t ng into the ts. accuweather seve thekend and next mid 90s and tuesday in t ar per 70s around bay and low 60s on the coast. we welcome t be wearing egot with that is like. >> lar bei 49er phonee. we know whe at but ju particip wither ing in action? zing. nobody wanted pat ts to3q
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up at 1:00. a decision to riage comes to bc 7's le an wha decision be. aretions you fromg ories and moreing one hour. la n >> i that is m m. oer problems the off t list. ntenot. the giantse utility the cubsiler. fontenot lef clubs cubhouse at walk to his new di
9:55 pm
on at second and third. pat burrell. brine. two-run single giard take a 3-0d. burrell wi astillo whic is gr ball to rrell gets b quickl dewibye's lay. giants i akes barry z to walkwayhere. ed it not forg. burrell. unties i shot . means he waswhere. turns out to b the game nner. iants. the just final. a' m lookinrs third nince the p game 's day. how little he e p. jose lopezounded into it. cocoaingle. ellis scorhatay
9:56 pm
doubleshree rbis in the fif aid one his fo te game. the dicks may b in place but y wouldn' it by t t. mers. next homers. steven poor dave s in a in 8-2 o footbal n as not done the twoars with the ot even inning camp. repoe le of anionof the na football progra conducte by is that he o tar heel pme to california tast year the him from training c monday tuesday but
9:57 pm
outence with far as i'm concerned know what he i doing e is notingbe lls are doing? i'm done wit th all concerned where the guys out >> raial davis said in a quarterbac of jimtt. will getour firstook morrow night as s open theson dalla therion, ing tohe star. d zac miller loo liningup with had a chance live witnd wen f da cited about differentn a and i think it w be fun. >> college ball. toby gerthe the offense willy heavily onuck. looking like pla happen. yea only
9:58 pm
four e onthe qbs ry this heht be on him ae howo watching ge humious and tede to and a gre mo how to handl attentg in the s >> rider cup capo angryntation the jim grey day. e subject was woods. grey ase would him spot evenif notake it qualifying het isrue be decidedil e day. >>ghten this had a conversatio jim me a fews and interpretat i
9:59 pm
incorrect. there is nhat is promis rightw. every play same wonder what we because ji national g he wou somethin mayb aind . here has been speculation e would be to join the team. >> and what happens this w nship could g a towards t oving. he needs to ei e isayingtly ve to figure t to be on the team. >> g played l week we don'theill do. >> 18par. as larry said t ave beeng thbout ti makip is amazing. for appreciate yo and u again one hour onannel 7.


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