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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  August 13, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>> good evening an na tting catch rapuspt kinglnut cr to s anda matcholic lead to hinvicon. onight
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22-yeon acinrape crges r sees ot the d of ald in onetmt mple no resiertalyelingetornight f lauranthony. mpy to tod at se de arrtt case.>>reporter: w tat c ounty sherif nounheest ofnend 2 o e p apartme ated cekhe'srom rk rest nht meuspectfter dnasting was. ors spla next to 3 sketcheled to t. a he ce came froa >>ceived when aovided ap tone o ouratrolmen.r
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sherif veste de that se arrest warr er: the 3 att occu in the ate genc moect edhen 25 manndn wit ha he she heck wit pe on july 6 a 23 red entered h apar30man d onn and aske for a glass that away thmeef to o li n the hoptheightrson if i is comfortingnow they are off the stet.>> it's cnd it' good thi to ow poli doing reporter: a ors say they don'tow wt c mu on has to the parkncy ad u doenot stigators say a this pn't kno hes ormily
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live the.n bng hd o 12.4 n llarctwi be ra fe charges ononday. nez, 6 lonynday. , laura anthon ne >>it i a becaned so fruent. letter car forced to face down doghi they are o route. night the cy of ilays e ofieeing hurtresu. le tonight. are sendino >>reporter: dan. tr wi t i days reminding t they peey won't gil. this after arriers itten i sepatdentver ll t cas doran ou h withouashes and a none mlarrrs weouslyhey are afnly form ofprotection t car
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have o th is whsimir this mailto usis spray on inapril. 2 theee i othe her sidend t were going a. ha onsatc i w b sllerer dogwas spra theog spray >>heunnyle oling erampan to dogs insi or in backen m i dog ow conolr al remind mn sue as increaseinogtacksomese he ate postoffi thiit ith eomy meaning eopl h are he mail is red t th, theyhen outse, pd live yve, thscapes. live insunnale, news. theetteake adifference ts very. l lanes ofay 29
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t. they were clos his brush firen no cnty. the blbroke oter ing near t and quickl to 12. eo being haered s fire snear al5 homesat cldib bereened by th >> sth big d ol of ion inrn yos v the e ght. a battl themnst a number of other licoalley gias. dad lo >>rert li afreewathenternet can congfromo ma peoe li e-mails. loading watching nd veos o . the big use explodes iswhether the trcop. ogle with the w carr verizon hav taken astd antheitand hassparked a ptestsll netwhof
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determine wh on commerce get when gso i know. they e wired intern people dsl ore n everyo the same prin not apply fast growin wireless interne by , i pad and othe hand devices organiz ofotest grouplled col change.or arguwould give google ntage. ll which is wh it i absolutely itneutral rules apply deially in also appl wire protest arme 300,000 petile have inited reprto d them. s werered a chance totheir view o ve think ight be g too p lose ity torust them and even know
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e networkbecause no w acces they are governmen duty to thepublic as pr >>oogle h of publicy we po view but changing his mi >> we sewe have acouple of key protectiosal izonnd that bettertection all. er: leadin t communicat lawyerhot says googleas n >> argument th refutedg factuallyaccurate they advancin >>reporterw oppo thence from otherley as faceb facebo neandet. spokesman qu preserving ernet is innovator regardlessizesor wealth withent markderal n commi has been wrestli neutral and polic at se. rate org googlerify advise
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the issue from the to t f sanose, abconey >>ackard filed aainst the comp the n of chief maek. hurd out afte anigation into aexual nt cla had falsifiedome portsor woman haonal events. uit hurd did he parurt the edibility 9 billion doetalley ande s if heen right ins beinowed to resign. hads lawsuit but ha that hurdnot e compan sexual ment policy. hinawn are install llance camera ll even hiresecurity guardlowing they off st swners
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have security came es of thehina town commnginess o cameratside facingstreet ca potenti >> camerinting street veryccessfully helime and also it help us to take e who crime and bted itorking very w for a>>reporter: t tment says theyome the secur camer installe by store owner if his theyeel it would them a their customers >>n the investithe aist in san weekend. woman killedcross of a shoot owith d in the distleslie exp t actinstigation to toont. fearful because
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wems with the gun and i ju to sle rter: neigh describe t scene riut of arimeet . over 40 swarmerrace at 11: thursday night bloc traffic and using bull bors to take cover. >> they awe l.a. erybody to stach porter: 2 witne seem as thoue suspect.hey sat out he calling to cnobody came so theyed the blind dow and re the camet was goe housend sent in and fent in their arm drawnand search nobody wasre. rest in the part case. seized. in't know wha are. it is pagoingvestigation.rter: the ouristd on sqghtbeen aity sco police t. the 5 teachewith herand to celeb
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g anniversaryen in the fir between 2 teens. she wain the head thers were woulice initiallytook er boy noose f questioning buere later rele for ofence. teens w attending of summerrty buil on mason street acoteltourist weng. thenast night d apont and sad o and bagsf caubber glovestaking evide >>reporterce willsay exactlywhat theyected or wereokingscrews to resolhis case as soonas possible. ramp >> buead and dog is reco from woundnight volving antiocpolice. polled to home on b.stree around th offic foun armed su and rae leasice toflush him
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the soarted. was kill dog was eeck. g up here ne continues. trees are trash in's the question. someon a bett v >> preparati wayr concert ilden y neighborsaren't complainis much >> nationaln is requiri fingi'm mic 7 open side c >> accrecast sn our lat warm-u is c in t be memorable. i have det in the accu >> also here est air line you aree toabout the country. a even woman: did y bring the camera
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>> 2 people small ash in the s nevada flying from watsonvio auburn when theane w down ne ga abo. found theing theeast forkf the america identity n public and a are notvenime the hado the plad. alled monterey someon downs illegally iannual the con is bei toview from an exclusive subdivisio officials say 8 tree of some timeek at beach park.>> w h severalrees pruned cut one illegallythoutmit. er: rangers home above the beac arence it i vist benefit.
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fromthe improved view. theyrunk ep ofb and spikel climbing a wassef. body knew what doing.>> new curity atadvice now bei by 24 ho fitness some mate n outmembership card but criti it invasion st from your rter: 24 houre fingerhat willing. mbers swipe in e finger ands entry didproveeir . green no neededas well asent >> mrds stolewith meassured of withthe only re using theip. r 24 hour fitnessmembers are
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>>repoystemustlledutay area inlace a houbs by tnd yea some memberconcne>> tn't ed it the the pentagon owrence liver lab. rter: cynthia ctimf idti thttwic and scanning makes vulner >>ecaurustt t hacked and itce l to t rd n tor thumprinreporter: r members sayence al g carryi arounduff and use the f up there ay >>report electron foundation ea. hink i i aexchange conveniehe g print is a iviece oyour identy it is canace. if comp
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repoer no finl be it stem the sses downe vase the t me distaetwet pots. whaets stedlle a of numbers. theb ivi n chan the >>urth that ion iit tu couldn't d with it. is lite numbnma. weep e rter anyther ia cr hoywpracy a ys aese map petitiois aricsystemsng dollar of commo spoof seboderprtnoo ngers 80 perc
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ofhe tim ing.reporter: 2 fitness mdon't e giving th fientethe using 2 i. t 7 one. allight ono thher.not sois as etric scansed buourther departm computer aerl. lackingmising ime i report the s as wl ase tevisi stat thinkwill be in the belowrwarm. a hap about. you heardam aong. longview the hightion rf to lackingt acrossalong the earcaroward e. havegentot mh.ayerot qte sas haer andate lkcurrt teerat of0's inly the north the anove land agat ansunnale
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san se ght w . thaisourwarmest read ment h orwctually and warmer day onda thas bi warm-up. tho two iteaves town. erates d dwee satellite im seriesure to s ad eabringschan in eirsttorings attle cool downwut mder r asci wi sond pr m olng ithe ir stemwe had a litcal downarm- ain.eporn the in bom in theng. trhangcoloin faller and both phr:0 occuck otr. photo. epting theronto t l e tonight in area. eareer nd low cl g bu quiteo ns
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eae we. low rmange wo mi50s thow snt weather but no warm in th basu. highido upr0's. ne.77t. e sein acng the redwood entnlooast not ere. moon and around saf 59 denct. 62 degreein the northay mildermid pto aut 80's upper 8kiah astly clear lake. ly mid up 70ro vley 71 over turalinlall easbay s 70 t t mid0' antih prab th2potsnd ead yacht bay
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ca 80landnd gro. au- forecast col dn an sty rm-u nd mondd day inlandrouegrees. haveeen 90's 0 agrees on thet. t munge coa buter warmroun and sunday monday.>> we are glad bsol the 0's. very much g st tonight. am markstant worldnirsarnight themovement now t it naonal of th3d t thaeing usedto sdy eartuakethoutinhe w of the recovery >> so, ah, youseat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? yocan see everything ok? just sy off the freeways, all right?
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>>. fires hale sd. 7.2 earthquak h thisng. despite theze there areof or juryand tsunamirning was neued. in le on guam en f >> meaistyi that dev anuary made iscory. urnsitt happ alo fault theyhoug
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but n f line at n onen knew existed reset ucavis are g at the haitn ing new way. th on an earth in hilthrlsaw afrmeahquaehis. ed arrow orkeows e loe repois uc davi saw vi equipnt th looks like gamusina creative imageas lig puddlestudyw rfac greak ear >> dogee logical seho th er: n fa can nevly rougramile olandn ofn th scre whic can ta fo >> if we the fldthisouldoo ke >>reporteris this new visualill impve
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ng ofltwork a better p of a f seisc ha >> data cali ea scieense atssible in california >> last time this ake was 1857 i.poer: r michael for instan how alt ceek onghe sat chged . thquake takes this dragsg the t bit more. thissy tatl the future frorecent past. dire in how theye seisrd that aff the ie on youruse or whether d a power plant. >>cool as this is and world itill doesn't do the one thing we would tell us one at uc daews. rhaps one day to when we continues
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a.>> good evenin. the half ho the gu where th president an f g thefloridaandle th wee the point man ihargehe o saitoday
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ken oil we is not. ton matexplainsals st concerned a oi >> close but not ye >> ev in ag we necesroceed he relief we d mayhave so only 40,0 oil be tweenhe inner pipe of t the ou that st effort blow pre-vept fat tallf valve failed to close the first sign of >> w a went in sck wld u in fac hatial r this stat oilnd be released >>rerter of theriorlanon r it to the surfaoving actl wha w o is t bme. mot outre in southern lo me d some scuy h the riv o sludge. 400 lestmilyillpend
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theeekend ybeach, ayityh, florida. convtourtsat theoast clear butllhe >> why don' woabout what h on saturdayhe b maybe clear of but not e gulf.>>akekid to in the beach an a sand castle oil rter: couple of week ago i went with the sacola 50s away where family will staying. t the sandd wenches of oilst laying professor sayse is n surfacehe sand doesn' mane thane. this isws, uisia. watnvil mh first everiability nt with taser
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fr sven ffermant fe damage ang tered b a with twhen he r tgea butl drunknd o hi c medication a hwas ar 2.8n dollarsbut u is sse ldts nabity. swan waters is lkinrst timeout argehousethiaters legaons violad ule repos acsed of arranut fo wherebandwns stock.ut ways was wobehalf of groupminority owned bank e tran >> i fullyisclosed al of my financmation d by house rules and fact we beyond wh was requir
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re disclosing my anmy financial joint settee hearing >>reporter: up for reelectie andnuals this i coulsince it wil likely drag at l heyear. fdaoday approv contew ntraceptionmarketednderhe br ella pvent y of aft sex. thelyergency ptive on the market i mornin after pillan t begins to lose ifectivenessthin threedays ofurse. plan thatill la is ventanted ies. er takeecause the pillcould also caus >> pl a thcountry for th ary v day end ovl ofrld war a for offici
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one thatnors generation. here'sheryl porter: theth a kisslebrated r ding ii. 26 foot statue depictin that kiss at theoss roads of wor is pare keep the spirit 45 aliveign. hat is nurse edits r sat down dthe bay. >> w ime of course of people celebratinng aboutit and soalked pebrate and all of a suddenobject holding me and me. >>reporter: died in at the aim1 but dream of a nationaholiday commemoratihe end
9:36 pm
eto know wcan do. we ach >>re jose hold a of 45 day. y >>3 years ag 2007 whe weealizedt sn't amar tha recogneatest generati >> that's merine s item a greatopportunity toir ro history. think wonderfu it are teaching ones wh o during a war >>reportrive for nation ofognition h supporess. s this august thept at andvoted on concurrent su a national spirit econd naed of augu >>heryleporting now. schedule oes planned in san san fra go our web
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si look unde see itv. autho hasot of fperhapsbigger than look. he dro 12,000 mcrossates to write t used a g logger turn onthe did he when wanted tning it of the letters. here's wice e. i iing can e seen with google eae gadget. was recorded pointsg the way to dhe pr was a if i lo fe an nonope ing th as weere toversaryf the gate ferrystem. continue y to as been riding themy firstay. amazing
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>> killing computer bight atn francisco in nowe ing today fr now oakland
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ional jo internart e tr ifappened kid. the question abo securifter fromk a t aalone. 13 and5-year-oldnted t olly ent paessee. ed theirabysitting moneyought tickets southws withoutg their pare made it th securi pr >>ey didn't say any useed up and go the >>ve dreamed kid would h gotane. did. >>reporter sing no law brok here. laof the ov t cavelh them. federal als sayeed to sho i.d. if you 18 >> different ff transportati ferry syste the the 4 reme weekend. rtainly has change
9:42 pm
all ofse yearsbut thereingt. tation reporteherplains tha the golden ga ferryn san nt thatbusiness o 15th, 19sfichlt jim garrisonwas hired the we before stillon deck la do you havehow many miles yed trip >>0 y up an andck n. i ow. >>e's deck but he prefers bosun. at 79 he noo. i lickorganization ha mada loiendhere >>porter: the k took1972 bth lalshelpferry lt reirst boardat samerted their kid
9:43 pm
gon the city a ouo ca go m. c getfree maand th. andot fe an that's okay rt: service one bay 18 but te openred 1937 ridershiindled. ser financia down i forhe bridgeonly direct ncisco and marinunty. untilad easing congestion.>> so there wer a lot o differy. second to the bd a bridge. : legislaturecleared the bridge to good in thesit business and ga wast recent adig includesmaran ime 13-year-o passenger n w's sed wyand garr 40 ca >>tty cool.>>reporter: t 7
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news. well ase continue h toniwoods got alot of attentihe t athlete torn 1 billion d long
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>> cngs you can dothis weekend first, the land festivah dr 100,00 peo last year wi hit go park. thevent polo field sto a two dis year expected draw bd and create headacr some. omas has the s >> so grabbed play andting there andving until sporter: leeparked heront of richmoict home where stay. golden gaterk outside land musilstarts tomorrohe near polo g some of t festival ex will be try to parking in herhborhood so shd klaichlt nearars. ocal people we spokerking is an issu.
9:48 pm
itattracted than n the past few yearsd kingsf further and drew the crowd this just theavailability o top lev talent wou the event.t it w been rter: tickets dollars. norink i polo gro but have foreal from 4 restaurants an winery the evens 1 n dollars to t citysh strappedcreation and bud ci a magnet for the city. the produ.
9:49 pm
the p. public transportati best wayto adapt. isco i'c. >> nowazz festival. from lindscians will be ate festivalday run. event llion dollars th city. t a vieconomy though orsponsors droppersorward so survivts. whher lick these out et's go back tospencer withthe . we try to'se sallit imag loop from this to thisafternoon low and fogurning up agai licens pretty much the picture all dad all weekrt tomorrow ith and ck to theonce
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ag and inlan ooler than by fewegrees. mainl 70's 60's aroyof course o the but t warmers the ac fore low t bay citiese cst a coolingednesdaysd foremeund to 90 innd. >>nut. compared ancient r charity one ular. rtune of millionze rently toda money. conct the universi
9:51 pm
in ct of usmiliar w thanks to movie tor but like mo day athlete t were timey he entere the livedto be an old man t able of 42. old foris >> tha ex >> tha don't st >> wanto seehansanchezed a pe george handb that mea i gua giants
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up tonight 7 ne ato'clock. 11:0 deadline i fingprop ope nightng the way f sexweddings to resu days. >> little boy hear ha hoping a miracl looks like h wi. th and more7 news ater on channel. shere with all well begin th show down ser with t t earl giants jose als fornamede
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make ime eries opener. jonathannchezulde baing and guar sweepfan bst place. bottom 1nts off to greatavrment huff line. d. doubl with franhe secon sanchezd not get shut down inning lacki for.ding 2 the can't d triple. es at fourth. 2 gro sehetthe pitc most runnerference namsn'tt. ger blackthe d an padrould playeof game un pr really. padr run bac go shle wid a sweep tag to get the sl grea effortit 3-2 thate stand ri made rst have ivt t
9:56 pm
ota new fi a'shit the tw 14 and somehow to lose get fieldace the open do n the gapin right center. iple s down 2-1. r in the. ngoing back. captain hang ome and ti at 2. twinsnthefourth. suici down the dannores. sota up und. 220 wit in sc positi recor fory. kevin right a lead 14 runnerson business an 4-3. howout tids? 2 w awhing series. ingn the west s therom
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rand slam. hunt h up 4 zip first.xth lly getsthe b beats out thelay rbi groundkes it 5-1. but woulded 5-2 l. on to golf. fo2 of t p.m. champ inonsin. if i sheboy withoui why. wea prr woods had oon tee ti only manas they ao and a hal hour f and down 6 fo par b at min one. johnson m charge. long distancele. johnson 4 und 68 he' un all. leader th guy mat kuscher 1 approach. feet. die. chere is 8 undr. ads
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ba over nic . 3 u and tiger tied undertillhas to finis up the is sec thissthe stunnniner camp. on top ofve man still awol ru bae feeidedtire. today. about to begin second year with the 49ers. round alabama ranr 2 2teason. was havind training o nobodyhis coming. complet surprise. coffee did foritting. butfrainers are need of tail ba racing contin next f grand pronoma. everalf the top dre a lin. onen s tobecome on track whic p wpower qualif last yearpowerecondar yell involvor crash. broke his c
9:59 pm
teking forocrats rtainly a mur this y >>bility come back beca bad timeast year annowetty good situa haar. >>reporter: ts need to getthe carr an acciden that. thanks verinallynight we haveow this. theorld largestain ofandomino more 0,000 p verykenuinness worldrecord. everyto be just rig obviy part at the r time. lotacticed training. e hour and 20 minu. he record. go it on tape for you:0


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